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Angry young man from Dorset with an opinion about most pubs.

Username: rampantwurzel

Age: 45

Sex: male

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JJ Moons, Tooting

Sorry - may I apologise to Jack Beards for being the worst pub I've ever been in. This place smells like a combination of a changing rooms and a morgue. Impressive image I know....

It gets better. I swear the locals wash in Tennants Super and drink anti-freeze, as there is no reason why the great unwashed would turn up to this pit of despair unless they were high on the 'freeze or sniffing glue, petrol, lighter fluid, etc. serves beer. It's a Wetherspoons in Tooting, the reknowned abyss of decent hostelries. Hard to believe I lived here for 3 years with only one decent pub in the entire region....

8 Dec 2008 22:53

The Antelope, Tooting

Utter shit. Never have I set foot in somewhere that has such an unpleasant atmosphere, I'd rather go to the Norbury complex and sink some Dooleys fudge spirit.

Having read Groovehounds comments, I cannot agree more with their attitude and the schtick which reminds me of The Hill Has Eyes with some of them.

There's a Gala bingo down the road that serves better beer.

8 Dec 2008 22:49

The Ship, Croydon

This pub is not going to wow you with a massive selection of beer, nor does it give a marvellous and eclectic menu from which to savour.

Let's just face it, the pub is like Marmite - you'll either hate it or love it

1. It plays rock/metal - so if you don't like that you're going to be in trouble.

2. It has a wizard. No other pub I know has a wizard. He also has a cat. No, I was not that far gone when I saw it, and my wife who was with me would testify to this

3. Beer choice is limited to identi-kit lagers and a couple of bitters. However the price is great, considering the pubs in the nearby vicinity

4. The locals are a good friendly bunch who despite the tattoos and Iron Maiden T-Shirts are a very pleasant bunch. Never seen any trouble, unlike some pubs in Croydonia

5. It's not Yates - which in itself is a worthy bonus

So if you like rock music and beer, this is a good place. If not, you'll probably hate the place. I seem to end up here far more frequently than I should do......

8 Dec 2008 22:41

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