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Bohemian, Moseley

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This place has just been rebranded for (I think) the fourth time in my ten years in the area. It is now called Bohemian.
Good luck to the new management, they've certainly changed the decor of the bar!
Only stayed for a very quick one whilst waiting for a lift (and to be nosey), so will rate at a later date when I've spent more time in here....
beertalk - 19 Nov 2013 15:02
Allegedly trendy local bar with a higher f-to-m ratio than in many places nearby (we got talking to two Central European girls who were nice). Having negotiated our way past the doormen, thought the woman standing near the door was actually a working girl on the lookout for clients but she turned out not to be (not that we made the mistake of asking her or anything) - it's just that kind of place.
rainlight - 10 Sep 2011 13:13
this pub is no longer called THE DRIFT it is now called THE JUNCTION
spudspudly - 29 Apr 2011 02:33
called in here today (Sunday Lunchtime). It's OK. It's a bit characterless, but the beer was OK, the staff friendly, and the food good value, if unexceptional. I'd call in again.
stymaster - 12 Sep 2010 18:51
It had been a couple of years since I went in the Junction, Drift I think it was then. The last time was a Friday night one time when me a few mates were checking out a few bars in Moseley. It was ok but nothing too special - and not the place I'd rush to go back to.
But I found myself in Moseley last Wednesday lunchtime with a friend. He suggested we go to the Junction and I wasn't totally excited. But it didn't seem like a bad idea either, so off we went.
And do you know what? The food was great! I had home made chicken pie and chips while my mate went for the chicken tikka masala - both our meals came to �10. We had a pint of lager each too which only cost another fiver! Two meals and two pints for �15 is pretty good for anywhere in Birmingham these days. Couldn't complain about the taste either - properly cooked and the beer was good too.
We also came back on the Friday night during another of our nights out in Moseley. We were planning on going from bar to bar as usual but ended up spending most of the night in the Junction, where we started!
The doormen seemed pretty chilled which is always a bonus and it was buzzing inside too. A good crowd in but not too rammed where you can't get served at the bar or can't move. No drunken idiots when we were there either - just people having a good time.
The DJ knows his stuff too. Didn't play wall to wall dance like most places in Brum these days. He threw some proper old school reggae/ska, funk and soul classics in there like The Specials, James Brown. , . He catered for everyone - pretty cool.
The Junction is way better than a couple years ago these it seems. Hope it stays like this, especially when I go back next week!
Gurdo - 1 Sep 2010 21:45
been here a few saturdays.

overzealous bouncers are the order of things here...due to it being a regular spot for punch-ups between coked-up Kings Heath and Acocks Green cliques. Not rough at all now, in fact it has a nice vibe.

Has a DJ but he places the same songs every week. He seems to have 'Valerie' on permanent loop.

Very clean. Nice smoking part. Toilets well looked after. Less Cokeheads these days too.

Service is quick and efficient and friendly...some other pubs in Moseley should take lessons in customer service. Choice of beers/spirits is low - needs improving. What beers they do have are good. Only eaten here once, food is mundane, nothing spectacular. Not a place to watch sport as TVs are way too small.

Very much a place for the older adult out on the pull.

Not a bad night, all told.
sharpey2009 - 2 Jan 2009 13:41
No longer a Hogshead, Drift or the Salisbury, now called The Junction. Its a functional pub in the style of a Weatherspoons, or Lloyds bar. Its has little or no character, not a very good selection of beers. Last time I was in there, despite billing themselves as having "real ale" there was only one electric pump creamflow on offer. Half the food on the menu was not available and again, despite advertising themselves as a cricket and rugby pub they had only one screen showing the test match with no sound and were playing late 90's dance music. It was 2.30pm on a Sunday.

Avoid at all costs unless you are after a fair few drinks and getting off with a like minded soul of a Friday evening.
bitemeimchocolate - 25 Jul 2008 17:54
Your right, Mr TOMRIGHT, I apologise for my previous rant.

Though how come any one with anything good to say about this place registers for one day to comment on this one pub?

Including tomright, night and bebeT...friends of the pub indeed?

My review earlier on this pub was not harsh, just pointed out lack of individuality at a high price..
I will pay the price when its worth my time and taste
seaman_max - 27 May 2008 10:01
Shame we have people arguing over the price of drink. i went to this bar with my wife where i was able to watch the football, relax, eat and have a nice beer.

Indeed the beers are normal but the wine selection is very good. The place is clean and well furnished. i agree with comments about other establsihments in the area being more heavy drinker places(although i wouldnt phrase in the same way. I am pleased there is now a place i can relax and doesnt smell like a brewery. But i agree not a youth place.
TomRight - 30 Apr 2008 15:10
Message to bebeT

Rant begins

Re your comments below
"And in regard to the comments below stick to if your worried about prices you obviously don't earn enough thats the reason places like Metro bar, Shimla pinks, Tu Chai, New Bond Street and now the Junction do this to keep you out and away from people like me."
"single beautiful girls like me and my friends"

Get the hell out your own arse

Earn enough to drink here? Its just about value for money especially when your a lager/guiness drinker like myself. I dont mind paying top prices when the selection and quality is there, but what you have at the Juction is nothing unusual, standard booze at high prices and if your the kind of prententious person who is happy with this then I think many ppl will agree this is not the kind of bar worth visiting

Rant over
seaman_max - 23 Apr 2008 10:01
Can't see whats changed here its the same pub, only slightly different from the drift. I think those good reviews may have been left by 'friends' of the pub ;). This pub will always be worse than the Fighting Cocks and it feels dead in the week when I went, can't see its current incarnation lasting more than a year. Carling on draft and sky sports was on, not really what Moseley is about methinks. Food was awful,expensive and we saw the waitress with supplies run in with a bag from Select and Save shortly after we had ordered. Another new owner, another crappy pub full of chavs and women with tattoos on their left breast - nice....not. If this pub was in Kings Heath it would be rammed but the competion is fierce in Moseley what with the Bull/Cocks/Cross/Kavanagh all doing a better job. Unimpressed.
marksteve - 23 Apr 2008 02:54
I completely agree. For years I gave up on moseley and always headed into town for a good night out in search of clean well kept ladies now i can stay in moseley and get the cream of the crop and good beer. And even on a sunday the place is sorted good food rugby and a cold one.
night - 18 Apr 2008 17:08
Thank God, finally a bar in Moseley that is not a spit and saw dust hole or a rosemary and chive water pretentious granny shack. I Love this trendy and chic bar. This bar/ day restaurant lounge is opulent and beautifully finished.

Prior to the Junction, we had to travel to the Metro bar Solihull in order to get away from the smelly armpits and drunken ravings of awful people. Her single beautiful girls like me and my friends can come and dress up without fear of being perved on (what a relief!), drink a wonderful selection of wine have a little wiggle without smelly armpits, spewing oiks and badly dressed cheap wannabies

The doorman keep the Wetherspooners out and the music is absolute cutting edge scratched up eclectic retro. I cant believe Moseley is so 'on touch' city.

So if your a cosmopolitan business man or lady or a yummy mummy come for food here the place is spotless, food is lovely and the plates alone show you the type this bar want to attract.

And in regard to the comments below stick to if your worried about prices you obviously don't earn enough thats the reason places like Metro bar, Shimla pinks, Tu Chai, New Bond Street and now the Junction do this to keep you out and away from people like me.
BebeT - 16 Apr 2008 14:40
Now reopened as The Junction. Decor is very similar to Drift. Food is expensive, took ages to arrive, and tasted awful. Beer not too bad but nothing very unusual/interesting. This might well relaunch/reopen as something else before long.
simonk - 3 Apr 2008 00:12
Now re-opened as The Junction.THEJUNCTIONMOSELEY.COM
Visited for a quick pint yesterday. Very smart inside and good service. No unusual beers though so might aswell go the wetherspoons and save yourself some dosh. On the other hand does open till 2am on Fri and Sat, just not sure what kind of music.?

seaman_max - 26 Mar 2008 09:45
What should be a busy, vibrant pub at the very heart of Moseley is infact a cheerless, characterless dump with nothing going for it. I would get more pleasure drinking special brew in the bus shelter round the corner. Agree with the previous poster that the manager is always drunk
Beastlyrotter - 15 Oct 2007 16:28
anonymous - 2 Oct 2007 19:39
I asked for a vase of Belgian Kwak the other day and was duly asked for a deposit so I wouldn't run off with the glass and the test-tube rack it came in.
I dunno - this country eh?
Still - its a bit different though I did prefer it about 4 years ago before they went on their frenetic chain of annual remakeovers.
londinieres - 17 Apr 2007 21:13
Described to me as being "like a coffin", this is only a tad less pretentious than the Bulls Head. I agree with anonymous: Go Away and take all of your knobby clientele with you!
johnnystoppard - 7 Jul 2006 07:52
First they turned The Bell in Tanworth-in-Arden from a quintensential English village pub into an attempt at a hotel for swish visitors from the city who want to trample all over village life, (complete with extortionate menus which are out of the price range of a typical punter), then they import the same crap onto my doorstep in the village in the city of Moseley. Go. Away.
anonymous - 12 Jun 2006 15:48
Smoky oppresive atmosphere been significantly improved by creation of new windows opening out onto street.

Quality of crisps matches quality of beer, i.e., good!
fastcar0121 - 12 May 2006 15:39
Kind of trendy bar with minimalist style interior, refurbished and renamed from The Salisbury, which was a mediocre pub with really good beer. Under the new management they still serve good drinks, including a few Belgian beers and some Greene King IPA, and the staff seemed friendly enough. However it gets very noisy and unpleasently smoky when busy. Not very well ventilated so the smoke can get quite oppresive after a while.
Muzthing - 5 Dec 2005 13:53

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