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Age: 47

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Bohemian, Moseley

It had been a couple of years since I went in the Junction, Drift I think it was then. The last time was a Friday night one time when me a few mates were checking out a few bars in Moseley. It was ok but nothing too special - and not the place I'd rush to go back to.
But I found myself in Moseley last Wednesday lunchtime with a friend. He suggested we go to the Junction and I wasn't totally excited. But it didn't seem like a bad idea either, so off we went.
And do you know what? The food was great! I had home made chicken pie and chips while my mate went for the chicken tikka masala - both our meals came to �10. We had a pint of lager each too which only cost another fiver! Two meals and two pints for �15 is pretty good for anywhere in Birmingham these days. Couldn't complain about the taste either - properly cooked and the beer was good too.
We also came back on the Friday night during another of our nights out in Moseley. We were planning on going from bar to bar as usual but ended up spending most of the night in the Junction, where we started!
The doormen seemed pretty chilled which is always a bonus and it was buzzing inside too. A good crowd in but not too rammed where you can't get served at the bar or can't move. No drunken idiots when we were there either - just people having a good time.
The DJ knows his stuff too. Didn't play wall to wall dance like most places in Brum these days. He threw some proper old school reggae/ska, funk and soul classics in there like The Specials, James Brown. , . He catered for everyone - pretty cool.
The Junction is way better than a couple years ago these it seems. Hope it stays like this, especially when I go back next week!

1 Sep 2010 21:45

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