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bar s1, Sheffield

Absolute crap. Really. Some of the worst in Sheffield. Crap selection, music, and patrons. Hell.

21 Dec 2007 22:58

The Boardwalk, Sheffield

Barely a pub. In fact, not a pub. I've not been during the day, but the music's not great, the floor's sticky, and I don't like the staff. Good arcade machiens and fair outside spaces.

21 Dec 2007 22:56

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

A LOT of real ales. Nice atmosphere, knowledgable staff, but a bit expensive.

21 Dec 2007 22:54

The Green Room, Sheffield

Expesve, but really chilled out, nice decor, good staff, and live music. Ticks all the boxes. Except on price. And totally lacking in ale. And totally lacking in draught beers at all, actually.

21 Dec 2007 22:53

The Fox and Duck, Broomhill

Awesome pub for real ales... unique in the area for allowing you to take your own food in, providing knives and forks etc... The non-student locals proves the real quality of this pub.

21 Dec 2007 22:50

The York, Sheffield

Rather loud, but a fair selection of beers at nice cheap prices make it my second local, next to the Tavern, conveniently situated just round the corner. Not bad, it must be said. I have yet to sample the food, myself, but I should imagine it's on a par wit Wetherspoons fare. Nice friendly staff.

17 Feb 2007 20:29

Sheffield University Bar 1, Western Bank

Rubbish inside, nice in the garden. OK-ish selection of beers, though lacking real ale. Fairly friendly staff, too, but always ridiculously loud.

17 Feb 2007 20:27

The Broomhill Tavern, Broomhill

My local, currently. Friendly staff. Good quizzes on Monday and Tuesday, and a good-sized telly for the sport. Awesome jukebox, too. 2 for 9 selections certainly isn't bad.

17 Feb 2007 20:25

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

Pricey, but worth it for the incredible range of beers available and the quality of the atmosphere.

17 Feb 2007 20:21

The Clarence, Colchester

Completely closed, in fact. It's now under different management, and known as "The Purple Dog."
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17 Feb 2007 02:21

Bar 33, Colchester

2 beers on tap, last time I went in. All you need to know.

17 Feb 2007 02:16

The Albert, Colchester

Basically, one of the Beefeater chain. Nothing more.

17 Feb 2007 02:15

The Brewers Arms, Colchester

"Beer not always top quality" indeed. Pricey. (2.30 for Newastle Brown) Not bad to pop into of an afternoon, but I wouldn't want to stay for more than a couple of pints.

11 Apr 2006 16:08

Kings Arms Hogshead, Colchester

Nice, but pricey.

11 Apr 2006 16:06

The Hospital Arms, Colchester

Friendly? Really? Not the impression I've received on my visits, suffice to say. Pricey, with no eccentricities in terms of the beer selection. More busy than it deserves to be, of a Friday night.

11 Apr 2006 16:04

Waffles Bar, Colchester

Who writes these reviews? Late night on a Friday, it was empty.

Worst toilets I have EVER seen in a pub.

The clientele weren't too bad, though the landlady wasn't terribly welcoming.

I wouldn't go back. It's not worth the trip down the hill. If you're around here, walk to the bottom of East Hill and go to the Goat and Boot, a FAR nicer establishment.

11 Apr 2006 16:02

Bar 33, Colchester

Moody staff, a poor range of beers. (i.e. only 2 on tap.) Small.

I only ever go in of a Friday afternoon when the place is empty and sit down and relax with a couple of friends in the very pimp upstairs lounge area.
So, OK, if you know when to go in. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.
The "over 21" appears not to be terribly stringent, by the way.

11 Apr 2006 15:58

Goat and Boot, Colchester

Becoming a little bit pricey, but a good enough range of beers, with nice staff and atmosphere, and a jukebox which has every song ever. Good basic food. Nice crowd, provided it's not about 10 on a Friday night, when you start to get a bit of run-off from further up the hill. My personal favourite pub in Colchester.

11 Apr 2006 15:54

The Clarence, Colchester


11 Apr 2006 15:49

The Castle Inn, Colchester

Nice little place, in a good location, with a few ales and a nice atmosphere. Not toooo pricey either. I'd go back.

11 Apr 2006 15:47

Ha Ha Bar & Canteen, Colchester

Not too bad, but the music's not to my tastes, and when it's busy, it's VERY busy, leading to slow service. An OK range of beers, though the closest you'll come to an ale is John Smith's. A bit pricey. Sticky bar. Levels of staff friendliness vary. A bit too "modern/edgy" in its styling for me. I'll go if my friends are there, but I'll steer them away after a pint or two to somewhere more welcoming.

11 Apr 2006 15:45

Twisters Cafe Bar, Colchester

A really nice place to go for a night out, a fair selection of beers (though no ales), no chav-related trouble, and good enough music to accomodate even my preposterously specific tastes. "One of Colchester's best-kept secrets" indeed.

11 Apr 2006 15:39

The Odd One Out, Colchester

Brilliant pub for an ale-drinker such as myself, a wide range of good ales, regional ciders, and so on. Very nice. A welcoming feel to the place, with nice staff, a range of papers, and no music.


11 Apr 2006 15:35

The Playhouse, Colchester

Cheap ales (e.g. Theakston's Best Bitter - 1.45). That's the major up-side to this pub.


Slow service, and often very few available seats. Sticky bar. Dirty Glasses.

I can't talk about the food, but my friends seem to think it's passable if you've already been drinking.


Alright for a pint or two in the early evening when it's not too busy, but I wouldn't want to spend a night out there.

11 Apr 2006 15:33

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