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The Rambler Country House, Edale

Can the people who keep leaving false reviews about The Ramblers please stop it?.
Most people aren't stupid enough to listen to your adverts for the pub, because the adverts you keep putting on are way over the top.
I have travelled the length and breadth of the British Isles many times and have never come accross such badly managed, and over hiped pub in all my life.
Everything from food to accommodation is over priced.
The meal we had was terrible and as ive said before the only reason the pub can exist at all is because of the location.
The get consistently good reviews your pub has to be up to scratch, if it isn't it will keep getting bad reviews. A lot of work needs to be done at The Ramblers

3 Oct 2007 17:43

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

This pub deserves a much better rating than it has. It is a Sam Smiths pub, so it sells Sam Smiths beers. why do some people expect mass produced over priced beers ??. If you want to pay for the advertising of other brands go elsehwere.
We want this pub to remain CHAV FREE !

9 Sep 2006 14:43

The Jolly Sailors, Brancaster Staithe

One of my favourite Norfolk pubs, great seafood, and good value compaired to other pubs in the area.
Nice large enclosed garden at the rear

16 Aug 2006 07:12

Butcher and Beast, Heighington

good little pub, and well worth the walk from lincoln

16 Aug 2006 07:05

The Monks Abbey, Lincoln

nice handy pub for the local chavs to hang out

16 Aug 2006 07:02

The Thorold Arms, Harmston

The Thorold Arms is a real refreshing change from other pubs that all seem the same.
Very cosy, great food, and friendly locals.
and totally NONE SMOKING

16 Aug 2006 06:51

Crown Posada, Newcastle

A great little pub, we were so pleased that we found it. We could here ourselves talk, and we just chilled out.

4 Sep 2005 17:33

Fat Ox, Whitley Bay

This pub had 8 hand pumps, 7 of those and nothing at all to offer. all they were selling on hand pump was Old Rosie.
The Fat Fox has a serious management problem.

4 Sep 2005 17:27

The Lincolnshire Poacher, Nottingham

A really good pub, the choice of beers and lagers is fantastic.
The draught Leffe was superb.
And nice seperate drinking areas.

30 Aug 2005 17:58

The Newshouse, Nottingham

A very good pub

30 Aug 2005 17:44

The Hard Rock Cafe, Nottingham

Nice interior, friendly staff, but bloody expensive

30 Aug 2005 17:43

Dogma, Lincoln

Certainly one of the best bars in the city centre, not so many yobs as others in the area.
But of course this comes at a price.

27 Jun 2005 17:46

The Pyewipe Inn, Lincoln

The Pyewipe Inn is situated on the Fossdyke navigation, just outside Lincoln.
Contrary to other reviews is very easy to get to.
Situated on the national cycle network route 64, it takes just minutes to reach by cycle and just half an hour on foot from the centre of Lincoln. and very easy to get to of course by either car or boat.
But the food is rather expensive, and I would now class the Inn as a resturant not a pub.

27 Jun 2005 14:58

Windmill, Stansted Airport

Vastly overpriced Wetherspoons bar.
The food is awful, go to the nearby cafe if you are hungry.

24 Jun 2005 16:06

The Old Hall Inn, Hope

The Old hall serves a decent range of beers, is quite large due to a recent extension.
But bar staff we encountered needed to be a bit more friendly.

19 Jun 2005 15:10

The Cheshire Cheese Inn, Hope

A good real ale pub , with friendly landlord and staff. I'm looking forward to visiting again.

13 Jun 2005 18:29

The Nosey Parkers, Lincoln

This place is really just for families and isn't actually a pub, more a resturant.

9 Jun 2005 15:36

Martha's Vineyard, Lincoln

The last time we came here the beer really was undrinkable. And it was definately the last time .

9 Jun 2005 15:34

The Jailhouse, Lincoln

This place really is a dump, and you could hardly call it a pub.
Attracts the kind of people you'd expect to find in a Jailhouse.

9 Jun 2005 15:32

The Duke William, Lincoln

This used to be a good pub

9 Jun 2005 15:28

Chicago Rock Cafe, Lincoln

Awful beer, awful place

9 Jun 2005 15:27

The Cheltenham, Lincoln

An absolute tip

9 Jun 2005 15:26

The Castle Hotel, Hope Valley

Really good food is served in this hotel pub. Its worth walking here from Edale rather than eating in any of the pubs there.

6 Jun 2005 18:35

The Old Nags Head, Edale

The Nags Head is positioned pefectly for the start of the Pennine way. Having a quaint old charm to the place when you first enter, and of course rambler friendly.
But it all goes down hill from there, the food is very very bland, no imagination whatsoever, I found the staff very abrupt, but they were quite busy.
The choice of beers is ok, but only just.
The two pubs in Edale are very dissapointing to say the least. They have gone down hill rapidly in recent years, it doesn't surprise me at all that they have the same owners.

5 Jun 2005 21:06

The Rambler Country House, Edale

The Ramblers is a very over priced Hotel pub,
the food is expensive and absolutely awful. How they charge the amount they do is beyond me. I'd heard it was'nt up to much, but when you are backpacking in Edale you hardly have any choice.
If the Ramblers had any competition it would sink like a lead brick.

5 Jun 2005 20:51

The Royal William IV, Lincoln

Another pub that has gone down hill in recent years

31 May 2005 12:01

The Slug and Lettuce, Lincoln

An absolute tip

31 May 2005 11:56

George & Dragon, Lincoln

This pub has gone down hill so much recently, and the choice of draught beer is pitiful.
proberbly the most unfriendly landlady you could ever meet.

31 May 2005 11:52

The Reindeer Hotel, Lincoln

Oh dear' what happened ?

30 May 2005 15:20

The Shakespeare, Lincoln

An awful Karaoke bar, give the place a wide berth, and watch out for flying glasses.

30 May 2005 15:19

The Kings Head, Bristol

Cozy unspoilt little pub, with a friendly atmosphere, a real Victorian feel to the place.

30 May 2005 15:04

The Cornubia, Bristol

Nice little boozer, hidden behind awful modern developemnets. We were made to feel very welcome by the locals, and this cheered us up after another play-off final defeat for Lincoln.
Well worth seeking out.

30 May 2005 14:55

The St Ola Hotel, Kirkwall

Newly refurbished Hotel with two bars, one for oldies and one for younger people.

19 May 2005 18:02

The Torvhaug Inn, Kirkwall

The pub seemed ok to us, but we were the only ones in at the time . As is usual in the far north, not much of a choice in lagers.

19 May 2005 17:59

The Scalloway Hotel, Scalloway

Hotel public bar, serving really good bar food.
Friendly and clean.

19 May 2005 17:52

The Kiln Bar, Scalloway

Not a bad boozer but very cliquey.

19 May 2005 17:43

The Lounge Bar, Lerwick

Good pub, and certainly popular with locals and tourists alike. Located right in the centre of Lerwick.

19 May 2005 17:38

The Mid Brae Inn, Mid Brae

A good friendly pub, with very good value food, but Brae is hardly a wasteland.

19 May 2005 17:34

The Pierhead Restaurant and Bar, Voe

Good traditional pub, in lovely location.

19 May 2005 17:30

The Princess Louise, Holborn

A really good value pub, and theres not too many of those about in London.
And for those who don't like Sam Smiths, why go in there in the first place,
very strange.

11 Apr 2005 17:42

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

One of my favouriet London pubs, looking forward to visiting again, and again.
Well done to "Sam Smiths.

11 Apr 2005 17:36

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

A great boozer, and the landlord is a good geezer.

11 Apr 2005 17:33

Blandings, Lincoln

This is more a resturant than a pub, and hardly anyone goes here just for a drink.

11 Apr 2005 17:24

The Sloop Inn, St Ives

Nice little pub, the best we found in stIves, and so very popular with tourists and locals alike.

11 Apr 2005 17:09

The Dog and Bone, Lincoln

This pub is a great one to seek out, well worth the effort.
Batemans mild, XXX and XB, quiet friendly , easily one of my favourites in Lincoln

26 Dec 2004 10:54

The Victoria, Lincoln

One of the best pubs in Lincoln , certainly in the top three. For such a small pub it can't be beaten for the choice of real ale.

26 Dec 2004 10:49

Portland Arms, Lincoln

Always serving a selection of real ale, a nice retreat from the city centre pubs. Nice comfortable lounge.

29 Nov 2004 17:50

The Golden Eagle, Lincoln

Good little boozer, south end of Lincoln high street.
nice little lounge, and a lively bar. A Tynemill pub, selling a good sellection of real ales and good Lagers.
Be warned can get very busy on match days, and absolutely packed on friday quiz nights.

28 Nov 2004 13:17

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