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Comments by Jethro2

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Not sure what is going on with this pub but it seems a bit worrying that the new owners don't even wish to advertise their own bands , fail to keep up the website and give the general impression that the music side of things is going to be allowed to generally go downhill. Some previously regular bands seem to have stopped playing there and speaking to others who are there they themselves seem concerned the music may not continue. Nothing concrete as I'm not in the know but I don't have good vibes about the way things are heading.

11 May 2016 20:54

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

I like this pub a lot although gets very busy at the weekends. Although the beer range is wide, it is still often hard to identify a decent pint of brown regular strength best bitter in amongst all the 5pc plus stuff, golden ales and porters. Haven't really found the bar staff to be that knowledgeable about the ales on the whole.

16 Sep 2013 22:39

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Good ales, good bands but possibly the smelliest Gents toilets in the universe the smell from which pervades the whole of the bar.

16 Sep 2013 22:26

The Swan Inn, Old Isleworth

Serves a very good pint of Pride but there is something lacking about the place that is difficult to pinpoint. I think the tables in the main bar area are arranged very poorly and it is difficult to find somewhere you would like to sit even when there are only about 4 people in the place. Lack of any curtains means the large windows give you the impression you are sitting in a large goldfish bowl with the eyes of the world upon you.

21 Mar 2010 21:02

Henry Addington, Canary Wharf

Decent enough pub and generally a good selection of beers.

Currently seem to be in rip off the punters mode as they have suddenly stopped selling crisps and you are obliged to instead purchase their overpriced Chilli Puffs in a glass option for 1.95 !

Pubs sell crisps. It is part of the fabric of drinking culture. Will be using the Cat and Canary instead now.

21 Mar 2010 20:52

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

"magicks" comments below ring a bell.

Staff have no idea how to change a barrel (or even turn the label round to indicate the beer isn't on). "New" outside beer garden wasn't open (even on an August saturday night. (is it ever), and the pub has a clock that runs 5 minutes fast. They refuse to serve people queueing since 10.50 when their "fast" clock ticks over to 11.00.01 and then insist at 11.15 that anyone using their garden pours the remnants of their pint into a plastic glass and leaves the premises taking the plastic glass with them.(according to the Manager this tactic is purely to "get people off the premises even if they have to take their beer with them".

Not much has changed as far as I can see except the menu now has "Twickenham prices" eg "7.25 for Sausage and Mash and the staff are even surlier than ever.

Still at least it'll be closed in a few weeks for the winter. (possibly a 6 month window for the staff to go on barrel changing training and the management on customer service).

Avoid (like the plague)

28 Aug 2005 00:07

The Triple Crown, Isleworth

Picture above needs changing as it doesn't look anything like this now. Agree with the last few comments. This pub is on its way out which is presumably what the owners want. There can't be any other explanation for the way it is run.

24 Aug 2005 23:21

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Quite like the pub - interior could do with a bit of a spruce up but nice garden. (same carpet for the last 50 years I think).

Definitely an interesting selection of beers but whoever is n charge of selecting them has a definite and unwelcome bias for light coloured summer ales - in fact nearly every beer they sell is of this type.

A few more traditional best bitters with at least a quarter inch of head on them and a nice brown colour wouldnt go amiss. (and I'm not even from oop' north)

24 Aug 2005 23:18

The Albany, Twickenham

Now has the distinction of being probably the most expensive pub in Twickenham. Clear they expect the punters to pony up through the nose for the refurb)

Had the misfortune to go there on Saturday to find a poor selection of beer (even the one I chose was off) and not much else to say about the place.

Menu fine if you don't mind paying restaurant prices to eat in a pub.

Decking was nice !!! (assuming you don't mind looking at a bus terminal)

24 Aug 2005 22:38

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