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Bartons Arms, Aston

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user reviews of the Bartons Arms, Aston

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Nominated on its own facebook entry as Birmingham's best kept secret.

I'd heard about it but this was my first visit.

A terrifying urban walk from the CIty Centre and met with an impressive victorian classic exterior. But its the inside where all the beauty is. Simply stunning tiled interior with plush red carpets leading to snob screen bars, an opulent staircase, tiling and stained glass windows.

Beer festival on - in addition to the Oakham regulars. Thai food smelled wonderful.
Mappiman - 29 Apr 2018 12:17
Hard to fault - the interior is sumptuous indeed - beautiful Victoriana with snob screens. It's also vast. We were here a busy Saturday lunchtime before a match between Aston Villa and Preston and fans of both teams mingled pleasantly. The Thai food is good and authentic and the ales - from Oakham - are as superb as usual - especially their classic Citra. I guess the only issue with Oakham is that the 'Oaka' branding may lead the brewery to become a victim of their success and we may all be sick of it come 2019.
BoehmBawerk - 23 Jan 2017 06:25
Excellent pub with a stunning interior, friendly welcome, good atmosphere and tasty, well-kept ales. I particularly enjoyed the Oakham Bishop's Farewell. The Thai food is excellent and the lunch menu is very good value. A 'must visit' - 10/10.
wobblybob - 15 Oct 2015 21:36
The Bartons is always worth a visit when in Birmingham. The interior is fabulous and the Oakham beers are generally in good condition. A beer festival was in full swing during our Saturday evening visit. Oakham beers on were Inferno, JHB, Citra, Bishops Farewell, Aston Villain, Hawse Buckler & Oaple cider. Guests were Grainstore Ten Fifty & Rutland Panther, Springhead Roaring Meg, Black Country Pig on the Wall & Fireside, Cottage Oarsome & Seven Bro7hers IPA. Cromwells Oliver's Downfall cider & Cavalier Perry were also on. Didn't have time for any food on Saturday. But the Thai meals are generally good too.
blue_scrumpy - 5 May 2015 21:29
Excellent pub as renowned for its regular beer festivals and range of ales as its OTT gothic architecture and sumptuous tiling in a largely unruined interior. Did not stay long as I was heading for another pub in Digbeth where the half pint I had in the Bartons Arms was made.
rainlight - 4 May 2014 21:56
In here last Saturday lunch time and about a dozen others present.
I got here by the number 7 bus (took 10 mins) from Colmore Row and getting off at Newtown Swimming Pool.
The pub is just behind it in front of you as you get off the bus to the right.
9 hand pulls split 3/3/3 around the bar serving 6 different Oakhams Ales which are listed by price/strenth on a large chalk board.
Prices are from £2.60-£3.20 a pint.
I tried a pint of JHB for £2.80 and a pint of Bishops Farewell for £3.00 both were excellent.
bjbrummiejohn - 5 Jun 2013 08:45
Excellent pub with well kept ales: I second most of the positive comments here.

Often surprisingly quiet though, so a great place to go in a group and take over a corner.

The Thai food is typical of the UK genre, and perfectly good after your sharpeners.
eddybeer - 3 Feb 2013 21:14
Wow, what a building. There's not much that keeps me from supping my beer but I had to go for a walkabout inside. Go see for yourself. Oakham, one of the best breweries in the country, had an amazing selection for us including a first, their porter.
Steamer1 - 10 Jan 2013 16:14
Another visit to this wonderful boozer (via the 51 bus) which still rates as one of the best in the country. Superbly immpressive exterior and interior with the "snob-screens" above the bar and the terrific fixtures and fittings. There is a strong emphasis on the dining in the rear room where most of the customers go for the excellent Thai meals although you can eat anywhere in the bar. Very well kept Oakham ales at reasonable prices and we enjoyed at least three of the range with Inferno and Bishops Farewell being particularly excellent. We got chatting to some local Villa fans who guided us to the ground from the pub ( a good 20/25 minute walk) and all in all it was a very pleasant visit - apart from the football score that is - we lost). You cannot go to Birmingham without having a couple of beers in the Bartons - it just has to be seen and enjoyed.
mcroyal - 28 Nov 2012 11:23
I don't often rate 10 out of 10 for a pub but the Bartons deserves it. It's a fantastic Edwardian building replete with terracotta, ceramic tiles and those little windows above the bar (does anyone know what they are called?) Several good Oakham beers available, all in good condition, leaving Bishops Farewell to the last! The Thai lunch is very good value at around 5.50 and the service is nice too. I think the pub could do with some more lunchtime customers, so don't hesitate to take the number 7 bus from the city centre and prepare for a long session!
16jamesdoc - 22 Apr 2012 18:03
I wish this pub would sort itself out. It has the potential to be one of the best in the country but Oakham seem content to let it drift along with minimal non-food trade and presumably rely on the restaurant to keep it going. Beer is inconsistent (sometimes okay, sometimes very good indeed) and the place often seems cold and lacking in atmosphere with barely a handful of customers once the food trade has left. Much as I like the Barton's I wouldn't fancy a night in there until it improves.

djw - 22 Feb 2012 01:57
Glad to see the idiotic rioters didn't do too much damage to this beautiful old pub. In fact, the bar staff said that the press had overstated the effect of the rioting. Our visit today found the pub as busy as usual, with the Thai restaurant section also fairly busy. Oakham beers were at the forefront - JHB, Bishops Farewell, Citra & Inferno, along with one guest - Fat Cat Honey Ale. There were also two Westons ciders - Old Rosie & Traditional Scrumpy. Still a must visit if ever you visit this area or Villa Park on a matchday.
blue_scrumpy - 14 Jan 2012 22:28
Whilst it is a fair comment that all the current range of beer is blond and some are citrus in nature don't be put off. We visited on 28th Dec and the beer was outstanding and in excellent condition. Whilst it may be lacking some variety as a real ale enthusiasts we recognised that we were onto a good thing. Yes more variety would be good but the four Oakham beers on offer were excellent and worth a visit alone, try and move on if you want to. We had intended to do just that but we're so impressed we stayed. Pub is a superb specimen, the food is supposed to be good but cannot comment from experience.
andypiebones - 4 Jan 2012 20:44
Fantastic building - can a large pub be built better than this? Beers well kept. Westons Old Rosie and Westons Scrumpy cider on draught too. So why only 8/10? Well the draught beer range from Oakham wasn't really a range. There were 4 beers all roughly the same straw colour, all floral citrus-like aromas, designed for new-comers to cask ales who used to drink pop or lager. No amber, red or tawny bitters, no winter ales, no stouts or porters or milds. That's why.
john8pr - 30 Dec 2011 18:29
Great looking pub with delicious and reasonably priced Thai food.Sadly and surprisingly the beer was a bit of let down with 4 very samey Oakham ales which were a little warm and not at their best.Worth a visit but a little more variety in the beer would be welcome.
bromsgrovebeerboy - 14 Nov 2011 21:49
According to Oakham Ales they tried to start a fire but found it difficult as there were no soft furnishings or curtains. Apparently they need to replace a section of bar, but it could have been a lot worse.
Kev_M - 17 Sep 2011 18:52
I heard that there was some damage in the riots. I hope it gets up and running again soon. A crying shame if those scumbags down such a great public establishment.
wbafc_beer - 17 Sep 2011 01:58
Bad news covman45, i hope all is well in the future as i intend to visit this establishment sometime next year!
nokegthanks - 22 Aug 2011 18:36
Premises were targeted during the August riots and extensive damage was caused .Small amount of cash was stolen and they intended to burn it down as petrol was found inside ,according to press reports.Have not visited ,so cannot verify what the state of this beautiful pub is at present.
covman45 - 22 Aug 2011 17:39
Outstandingly beautiful pub, good Thai food. But (a big but) have found the beer to be very inconsistent. More fool me perhaps, but three cloudy, indifferent (different) pints in a row is unlikely to be coincidence; that's half the range. Rather low key service too.
curioushistory - 18 Jun 2011 12:13
Wow ! great beer, nice friendly landlord. Will be returning !
OldGrog - 12 Apr 2011 12:20
Admittedly not the best of locations but what an amazing pub. The interior decor just has to be seen to be believed. We were there purely as part of a pub crawl but what a revelation! Oakham beers (my favourite was Citra) were spot on. Well worth the tax ride from the city centre.
Kev_M - 6 Nov 2010 17:05
A slightly offputting location. But well worth the visit if you enjoy seeing classic pub interiors or you enjoy Oakham ales. The tilework and other features mentioned in previous reviews are quite impressive. Similarly the beer range is impressive too. During our visit yesterday, they had Oakham Oblivion, Bishops Farewell, Rollercoaster, Citra and Inferno, alongside Hobsons Best and ABC Aston Dark Mild. Westons Traditional Scrumpy and Country Perry is also hidden away at the rear. We sampled the Thai food, which we thought was very tasty and good value for the amount we got. Service was fairly friendly. Although they could have done with more bar staff, considering there was a football match on. With just 3 of them, the wait to get served was almost 15 minutes. In addition, I noticed that one of the barmaids was fairly scruffily dressed. Although maybe the ripped undergarments would appeal to some! Despite the football business, the pub did not feel too packed and the atmosphere was fairly pleasant. There was background music. But you hardly noticed it above the conversation. Certainly one warranting a repeat visit.
blue_scrumpy - 15 Apr 2010 22:42
Standing rather incongrously besides a 6 lane dual carriageway a mile or so north of Birmingham and in close proximity to a number of council estates, the Bartons Arms is generally accepted as having Birmingham's most impressive pub interior.

The pub dates back to 1901 and has that typical red brick exterior which, so we're told, is typical of Birmingham pubs of that era. Note also the fine 4 sided clock-tower.

Once inside, you cannot fail to be impressed by the colourful wall to floor tilingin the rooms towards the rear of the pub, together with some large swivel snob screens. Of particular note is the fine ornate staircase, with a church style stained glass window hal way up showing the date of the pub's construction - 1901. Note also the tiled hunting scene near the foot of the staircase. The pub features in CAMRA's National Inventory of Unspoilt Interiors.

The front part of the pub doesn't have the riot of colour that the back part does and, although some of the etched glaa has evidently been replaced by clear glass, there is still some etched glass indicative of the pub's former bar layout. This part of the pub is not unpleasant, but the loudish rock style music was a bit offputting.

On my recent lunchtime visit, the pub was gradually starting to fill up with customers who had clearly come for the Thai Food Chef's Special Lunch - 5.95p - and it appear to me, unfortunately, that the Thai food element of the pub operation is now much more dominant that when I last dropped in a few years ago.

The pub also offers entertainment and was advertising " A Cacophony of Gothic Balls" ( I kid you not!) in the upstairs Ballroom on the forthcoming Saturday 20 March with a 5 entrance fee.

On the real ale front, beers are supplied by Oakham Ales and 5 different Oakham beers were available, ranging from a splendid pint of Jeffrey Hudson Bitter, a light dry beer with a citrus hop flavour ( 2.40p - 3.8%) to Kaleidoscope, which was a characterful dark beer with a dark roast chocolately taste. Other Oakham beers on were Inferno, White Dwarf and Bishops Farewell. Only one guest beer was on - Parish Bitter fromTunnel Brewery. The Bartons Arms has been a GBG fixture for most recent years, but seems to have missed out for 2010.

This is a real classic and you really should try to get here sometime.
JohnBonser - 24 Mar 2010 15:23
Great pints of Oakham Ales JHB and Inferno and Leeds Brewery Bitter this place knows haw to look after cask ales, and now served in Oakham Brewery glassware - nice touch
stevane - 26 Feb 2010 16:45
What an amazing place! Tiled walls, archways, mosaics and screens very impressive olde worlde decor. Crystal clear cask ales from Oakham Brewery, the Bishops Farewell and Inferno were exceptional. I wasn't sure about a Pub serving Thai food and the menu is a little daunting on first inspection but I have to say it was probably one of the best meals we have experienced. 3 course meal for about 20. This was my first visit, it will not be my last!
stevane - 18 Dec 2009 11:19
Called in after football, very busy, but got served straight away, excellent Hobsons Mild, one of the guests. Also squeezed us into the eating area for an excellent Thai. Amazing to think this was due to be demolished for road widening in the 1970's, deserves to be on everyone's list of places to visit.
sidderney - 14 Dec 2009 21:10
This is the kind of pub you just want to pick up and move it a couple of mile. Fantastic pub but shame about the area. Food is wonderful, had a giggle at my mate who opted for the 'mild' green curry - sweated buckets!! We were really spoilt for choice for the range of beers, a huuuuge book of continental bottled beers and the ales on tap were superb! Bishops Farewell my favourite methinks!
timbo77 - 2 Aug 2009 18:06
Visited with Gillhalfpint and Ray on a Saturday afternoon, I had been longing to visit this for years. Dodgy area but beautiful pub, full of interesting nooks & crannies, fantstic decoration and marvellous fittings.The staircase is fantastic. I love Oakham Beers and the Inferno was not a let down, the guest beer was Brentwood Best which was a bit avergae. I'm glad I have seen it, but with nothing else close by I wonder if I will get there again.
imdownthepub - 31 Mar 2009 19:45
Called in as I had heard there was a beer festival on, and found some friends to join for a few. It was a shame that the handpulls were not all operating - some servicing to be done, so there were not a lot of beers available from the list, but those we had were in tip top condition as usual, as was the Thai food we had. They do cellar runs, but only 2 pints at a time. OK if in a group but a lot when there is only 2 of you and you have a lot of beers you want to try. First class pub though with a wonderful interior.
gillhalfpint - 8 Feb 2009 12:07
Edwardian drinking palace surrounded by a forbidding high rise estate. This is worth the walk or bus ride from the city centre, don't be put off. The building dates from 1902 and the tiled interior is spectacular. Oakham ales and also some guests, my light beer was in top form. The pub also functions as a Thai restaurant with a seperate eating room. This does not affect the pub's ambience at all, testified to by the deserved place in CAMRA's National Inventory of historic pub interiors so don't be put off by that either. The previous incarnation has only been going since 2003 after a long period of closure but seems to be very popular despite its geographical drawbacks. A must.
Carlurmston - 30 Dec 2008 17:55
A pub that everyone who loves pubs and good beer should visit. A beautiful example of what Britain did build set in an area with some of the worst that Britain has built. Thank goodness that a preservation order was placed on this pub. Beer is fantastic as well.
aehihc - 16 Dec 2008 08:33
can't believe i've not reviewd this place before, maybe it's because nothing i can really add that hasn't been said before. It is a truly great pub with great beers and staff. The layout of the pub is how a pub should be. As people have said it's not the in the best area but all of my favourite pubs are in what many people class as dodgy areas, it's simply a greta pub and is worth travelling for. Once you're inside you'll be fine. Top pub!
mattyboy - 10 Dec 2008 12:56
Excellent pint of Supreme 5.2 % Bitter (Nottingham Brewery) - must visit pub. Amazing decor, makes it all worthwhile when you visit pubs like this.
KeithP - 24 Nov 2008 15:51
WOW just WOW..

There are pubs and there are pubs. THIS IS BEYOND BEING A PUB.

Dont let the surroundings put you off. You arrive and think you may need a security escort. Its in a very run down area and you just dont expect to find pubs like this in such areas.

Once you step inside you are in another world..

The beers are just sublime. I am not the biggest fan of Oakham beers, but I have to admit as regards to quality I havent had beers like this in a long time. If this is the standard of beers Oakham serves either I've been drinking in the wrong place or this manager knows his beers better than anyone else thats ever served a pint of JHB.

If we thought the beers were good, then the food is something else. We were given a menu and I could not believe my eyes. Being a lover of Thai food I nearly fell off my chair.

The food was just out of this world. Utterly unreal.. Whoever cooks it should be given a medal for services to Thai food.

This is just the absolute dream pub. The staff were superb. Well presented, they knew their stuff. They were pleasant and attentive without being overbearing.

Whoever runs this place should be congratulated. Its the best pub in the midlands by many a mile.

All the other reviews are 100% correct. If you have to visit one pub in the world before you die this has to be the one. Its beyond good.

I rate this pub 10/10 and I would give it 11 but the system wont allow me too.

I have been raving to my friends about this place and each one has gone themselves and each one has come back agreeing with me.

Superb.. just simply superb.
cannockchaser - 21 Oct 2008 16:31
We visit this pub regularly and live 30 miles away. It is simply the second best pub in the world; (we haven't found out where the best pub is yet). The JHB in this pub has to be the best beer in the world though.
beardedguy - 9 Aug 2008 20:05
Wonderful pub! Brilliant landlord , friendly staff, delicious ale, good food. I live five miles away and it has become my local.Cannot recommend too highly - well worth a visit if you are in Brum
fwbear - 22 Mar 2008 00:14
Visited this wonderful pub to enjoy the beer festival being held this weekend, and enjoyed some superb ales. It is a great pub to wander round and admire the decor, and the food is also something they should be proud of. A well run ship with friendly staff.
gillhalfpint - 15 Feb 2008 23:36
It is extraordinary that this magnificent example of Victoriana survives intact in an area of some "distress". Maybe being by itself on an island surrounded by three roads helps to keep the undesirable element away, although several plain windows where there surely were etched ones before bear testimony to some attack from the surrounding natives.
Superb selection of Oakham ales and several guests, excellent Thai food, quickly served even on a match day, friendly and efficient staff and wonderous decor with ceiling to floor tiling, wrought-iron staircases. plenty of etched glass, some old bell-pushes and a series of snob screens at one end of the huge island bar (although the snob screens don't look entirely original to me. They has a huge pile of new floorboards ready to lay throughout the pub, but it's such a vast and warren-like layout that you almost didn't notice the pile at all.
Fabulous example of all that can be good about a pub -long may it continue.
Gristy - 14 Jan 2008 12:14
Before I die I can say that I have done 2 things. The 1st is see my beloved Aston Villa win the European Cup and the 2nd is to visit the pub with the most spectacular interior in the world.....
blokeyinbrum - 31 Dec 2007 15:50
Absolutely perfect. Paid a visit on 28th December and enjoyed two pints of top-form Oakham JHB, scoring full marks on flavour, texture and temperature. Simply exquisite.

The Thai food was so good I made a meal of it, choosing two courses and was not disappointed in any way.

In its own way the Bartons Arms is quite simply one of Birmingham's best pubs. Visit the pub, marvel at the ornate interior, sup and savour the Oakham ales and devour the food.

Well done to the cellarman and the friendly team of staff here.
lad_newton - 31 Dec 2007 02:30
Great decor, service, food and guest beers. I don't particularly like the regular Oakham ales, but that's probably just me. This pub proves that, whatever the location, if the owners put a bit of care into running it, people will come.
daveinbrum - 28 Dec 2007 12:22
Along with the Black Eagle, this is my favourite Birmingham pub. The Thai food is fantastic, and the range of Ales is always well kept and goes down a treat. The decor is well documented - tiled Victorian Interior - fabulous. Lovely place to come for a decent evening with good food and ale.

wbafc_beer - 18 Dec 2007 23:50
Called in last Thursday to attend the beer festival, and had some good beers. As well as chosing beer from the pumps, we can chose beer from the cellar if it is tapped ready as they will do cellar runs if they can bring beer up in 2 pint jugs. It is a pub I never tire of wandering round to admire the decor. I am also a fan of the excellent Thai food. The staff are friendly and the regulars are .. well .. interesting.
gillhalfpint - 24 Sep 2007 10:19
Stunning interior. Good ales. One to visit if you're going to a game at Villa Park.
TheHistoryMan - 22 Sep 2007 13:02
Another visit to an excellent pub, beer and food was great.
beer_hunter - 3 Sep 2007 12:29
In terms of buses may I add that not only the 51, but also the 33,34, 52 and 156 all stop at the Bartons to and from town.
davver - 15 Jul 2007 15:19
Called in at the end of a CAMRA visit to Highgate Brewery and had a great time in this lovely pub. Beers were in excellent condition and it is a pub to wander round and explore the decor in the varying areas around the bar. A must and easy to get to from town. A few stops along 33.34.51 and 52 bus routes. Have enjoyed many a meal on past visits, and also hosts popular beer festivals - the next one being in June.
gillhalfpint - 15 May 2007 09:18
Another West Midlands pub well worth seeking out for its stunning Victorian interior - magnificent tiling throughout plus snob screens that put The Lamb in Bloomsbury to shame. Generally accepted as being the most impressive pub interior in Birmingham. The CAMRA National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors describes this pub as a "cathedral" among Britain's pubs. Speaking personally, I think its only bettered by The Phil in Liverpool.
This pub is also noted for the quality of its Thai food - my chicken satay wraps plus chunky chips and salad was very enjoyable and good value at only 4 - 45. The pub was doing a good lunchtime food trade on the day of my lunchtime visit.
There is a good range of real ales on offer - Oakham JHB was very palatable. The pub is actually owned by Oakham Brewery - from Peterborough, I think.
It's only a short bus ride away from the centre of Brum on the main A38, so if you're staying in Brum, there's no excuse for not getting out there.
Parking appears difficult if you're driving, which thankfully I wasn't
JohnBonser - 29 Sep 2006 17:47
Not very often a Brummie Pub is up front in a book but The Bartons Arms is featured in a new novel, THE LAST VIKING by Ron Dawson. A gang calling themselves the Aston Villains used to meet there in the 50's before they pulled off the greatest robbery of all time (kept secret by a HM secret service). Available thro usual outlets but details and signed copies are available at discount from
theviking - 22 Sep 2006 17:40
Yes it is a victorian dream, fantastic interior, good range of ales beers and bottled beverages, can be pricy though, More interested in having the Thai restruant I think, seemed somehow cold and big to me, vey high ceilings, made it seem like a church or a victorian baths, we stopped going because in the week it is poorly frequented in the early evening and the owner/manager is very very chatty and intrusive, but a must stop for a crawl, something for everyone here, especialy the sloping bar floor makes you think you are allready drunk. I like this pub and will visit again.
crseel - 2 Sep 2006 15:12
The fire damage is mainly in the cellar and the public interior is unaffected save for the smell of a wood fire!
davver - 18 Aug 2006 20:00
It's a beer anorak's paradise, and, since I am a bit of a beer anorak, I rather enjoyed my visit. Sports a full menu of fancy belgian beers and a fine array of quality ales. Really nice thai food. Fantastic interior, immaculate victorian style stuff, very impressive. I was there on Saturday lunchtime so I can't vouch for atmosphere. Although there was a cheery bunch of locals in who seemed to enjoy chanting "lager lager" whenever they wanted another drink.
Muzthing - 10 Jul 2006 12:56
A quality real ale pub in this part of Birmingham. Friendly bar staff and a good range of beer. I was interested to note that it had 2 mild beers available, which is something of a rarity when many pubs no longer stock this refreshing style of beer. I tried a pint of the Hobsons Mild from Shropshire and which I understand is the regular Mild at this pub.
A lovely drink and made a change from my more usual selection of a bitter.
Well done the Barton.

qjatnancha - 21 Jun 2006 18:21
This pub could be fantastic and probably is when there isn't an FA Cup semi-final on. However, given that the pub is mentioned on, they must be used to being heaving on match days. Anyway, whoever saw fit to have only 3 bar staff on yesterday needs his or her head examining. They also:-

*Ran out of glasses
*Ran out of JHB
*Ran out of CARLING!

Notwithstanding this chaos (45+ mins to get served) the beer was superb and the food looked fantastic.

This pub should be a gem but was let down by poor planning - I felt so sorry for the bar staff who did their best ... giving it a 7 when I would have given it a 9 probably!
anonymous - 24 Apr 2006 11:16
What a stunning pub! Loved the Bishop's Farewell ... even better than JHB! I will be back when I am in Birmingham again.
nickhughes - 17 Apr 2006 12:04
This is Birmingham's Finest!The "Jewel in the Crown"
If you want a real pub - here it is!

nalarewop - 12 Apr 2006 20:49
This is a beauty - worth visiting just to see the fantastic restoration of the Victorian interior. But there's more - most of the Oakham ales (and they taste good) are on tap, guest beers, and delicious Thai food. It's about 6 in a taxi from the city centre, or 10 mins walk from one of the local stations. Well worth the effort.
fromedrinker - 20 Mar 2006 15:51
Magnificent interior, excelent beer from one of my favourite
breweries and good, reasonably pruced thai food.

Seems to be struggling, perhaps because of its location, It can be accessed by freequent buses leaving from right outside the Square Peg in the city centre.
Uncle_Dunkel - 24 Feb 2006 15:54
Despite a rocky patch with several managers between April and Sept this year, The Bartons has once again returned to serving good ale and welcoming fans on Villa match days.

The brewery PRO gave assurances that the mistakes made will not recur.
caveman - 15 Dec 2005 12:47
Amazing building but must have gone on a bad day as it only had two real ales on. That did equal one for each of the customers though with my own member of staff as well. Not certain i'll return as it was a pain to get to from the centre and there are better pubs there.
M.Sticker - 8 Aug 2005 14:41
Excellet beer buy the oakham brewery and great thai food spot on. (Tip don't leave valuables in car)
scask - 12 Feb 2005 11:56
One of the best three pubs I have visited. The Oakhams beer is always good and a large selection. The food is also very good and good value. Lovely Victorian Pub. If you are a beer lover or a historian a good place to visit
beer_hunter - 2 Jan 2005 13:10
Oakhams second home, if Peterbororough council have their way mabe Oakhams next home.
Bishops was in good nick & very friendly staff.

No sign of any UZIs though (-;>
RU18 - 4 Oct 2004 14:02
If you want quality beer, immaculate decor, good food and a quiet, safe environment, the Bartons is the best pub in the country.

If you prefer to believe sensationalist headlines and don't think anywhere can be any good unless it's heaving, give it a miss and head for your local chain pub.

r;82 - 17 Sep 2004 16:51
'visit heaven before you die'!!!
That might be very soon. No one seems to mention that the Barton Arms is in one of the roughest parts of Birmingham, Newtown, where there is a shooting at almost every day.

The beer and food might be good but it is also empty most of the time and devoid of any atmosphere at all. 14th best pub in the country - you're having a laugh!
JKD - 15 Sep 2004 16:09
What more can I say except all the other comments are dead right
Steve - 2 Sep 2004 23:10
Visit Heaven before you die!
Bram - 25 Jul 2004 15:51
Superb beer, excellent food, great customers and magnificent decor. The most perfect pub of its type in the country and one of the great bars of the world.
deej - 20 Jul 2004 00:42
I am fortunate enough to live within 3 miles of this pub and consider it my local. The selection and quality of the beer is second to none, plus a great selection of Trappist beers.
I also agree with previous comments about the food - marvellous.

Paul & Melanie - - 7 Jul 2004 19:06
An absolute gem.

I visited this pub on Saturday and wished I could stay longer. Very friendly staff, excellent Oakham JHB, White Dwarf etc, and exquisite Thai cuisine make this a must.

A Victorian pub, built in 1901, the Bartons Arms has been very skilfully renovated (NOT refurbished), look out for the ornate tiling and snobscreens within. The pub is in Camra's National Inventory, and is well worth a visit whatever the reason you are visiting Birmingham. This is one of the best pubs I have been to in this city.

lad_newton - 22 Mar 2004 10:10
This beautifully restored Victorian pub used to be the flagship of the M&B brewery. Now, however, it is owned by the Peterborough-based Oakham Ales. There is always a good range of well kept ale, and none of the Oakham brews go above 2 a pint (JHB currently at 1.80). The other notable point is the food- delicious Thai menu that isn't too expensive. My favourite is the number 30 with beef. Wonderful.
Laura - - 8 Jan 2004 11:14
Recently refurbished pub, selling some great real ales and a wonderful selection of Thai food!
Liz - - 13 Oct 2003 13:11

got anything to say about this pub?

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