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How I love the fine ales of Merrie England, and its most universally-praised of institutions, its pubs.

Far be it from me to question the patriotic credentials of those who follow The Beautiful Game For Children, but if you ask me, then these types have done rather more than anything else, to blight the above-mentioned, most-beloved-of-English-institutions, by demanding Murdoch's utterly conversation-knobbling football TV in them all.

I can hardly bear to remind the poor loves of it, but the EU never did anything quite like that, now did it?

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The Corner Store, Covent Garden

The beer here is undrinkable filth, probably toxic, but at least they don't serve short measures.

7 Mar 2017 08:09

The Carpenters Arms, Polzeath

On the sombre topic of short measures kind gentlefolk, I invite you to picture this scenario. You are in a pub early in the evening. There are few other customers. It is one where you go often, and where your custom is a fair part of its aggregate trade. You ask the landlord for a pint, and he serves you a short one. You ask for it to be topped up, and he does so without complaint, but equally without any cheerful bonhomie. After half-an-hour or so, you ask for a further pint, and again you receive an incomplete one, and repeat the procedure. Even on a third visit to the bar, you do not get a full pint at the first asking. This time though, when you ask, the landlord cheerfully affects surprise, with "oh, want some more, do you?" I invite suggestions, from you many wisely-seasoned pubgoers, for a suitable reply to such a man, so that I can compare them with my own.

5 Mar 2017 17:57

The Carpenters Arms, Polzeath

The beer here was invariably undrinkable filth, probably lethally toxic. Still, at least the blighters didn't have the damned cheek to serve short measures, so it's a bit of a pity to see the bIoody place close really.

5 Mar 2017 15:23

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