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The Catherine of Aragon, West Byfleet

Currently being renovated. Outside brickwork painted white with grey around doors. Totally rebuilding the inside. New name will be "The Station". Forth name for this pub. Was The Byfleet hotel up until late eighties, then The Claremont (nickname the chavmount) until about 2010 when changed to The Catherine of Aragon. I suspect this is going to be an expensive gastro pub which will then die within 5 years and then become flats. A wetherspoons model is what is needed for this pub. Where computers can pop in and have a quick pint and snack after getting off the train. Sadly, I suspect it will just be an ego trip for someone who wants to cook fancy expensive food. before becoming unviable in a few years time. So lets see...

17 Jul 2015 17:16

The Black Prince, New Haw

Recently been redecorated to appeal to a thirty something age group with a coffee shop feel, loose cushions and distressed furniture. Not my scene, but guess they hope to attract a younger clientèle. Not sure there is the market and might have been better to stay as a traditional boozer.

They would sell more food if had menus on every table and the bar, including the non restaurant areas. Wasn't obvious they do food when I was in pub one weekday afternoon and I assumed they were not serving any until I asked.

Food pricey if eating on own, but good deals if buying for two or three people. Weekday 12-3 £6.95 for two main courses or £8.95 for three main courses. At other times or if buying just one main, meals start at £5.99 for ham egg and chips (ouch). Cod and chips £8.49, mixed grill £10.49. Bit expensive for a pint and a bite to eat for one.

The refurb doesn't suit me as well as the way it was, but that's progress. I wish them well, but not convinced its going to get the trade to pay for the upgrade and enough future customers to survive long term.

My only serious gripe is they have painted over the brickwork outside. It looked in character with white at top and the nice brickwork below. Now the whole outside is white and frankly it looks cheap and chavy. Such a shame.

2 Mar 2015 17:20

The Travellers Tavern, Victoria

Popped in for a pint at 1030am while waiting for my coach. London pride in good condition and no complaints at all, which is unusual for a grumpy sod like me.

Staff polite and friendly, toilet reasonably clean. Pub pretty empty on this rainy Wednesday morning which was nice for me. About 8 people in there. Music was ok for me, playing Bowie and reasonable volume that wouldn't interferer with conversation.

I'll be going back for a pint of my next trip. Pride was £4.25 which is about £1.25 more than I pay in my local, but it is SW1 so expected. Food too expensive for me. I think the Cod and chips was around £11. Burgers over £6. Too rich for me.

29 May 2014 12:52

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