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The Catherine of Aragon, West Byfleet

Currently being renovated. Outside brickwork painted white with grey around doors. Totally rebuilding the inside. New name will be "The Station". Forth name for this pub. Was The Byfleet hotel up until late eighties, then The Claremont (nickname the chavmount) until about 2010 when changed to The Catherine of Aragon. I suspect this is going to be an expensive gastro pub which will then die within 5 years and then become flats. A wetherspoons model is what is needed for this pub. Where computers can pop in and have a quick pint and snack after getting off the train. Sadly, I suspect it will just be an ego trip for someone who wants to cook fancy expensive food. before becoming unviable in a few years time. So lets see...

17 Jul 2015 17:16

The Black Prince, New Haw

Recently been redecorated to appeal to a thirty something age group with a coffee shop feel, loose cushions and distressed furniture. Not my scene, but guess they hope to attract a younger clientèle. Not sure there is the market and might have been better to stay as a traditional boozer.

They would sell more food if had menus on every table and the bar, including the non restaurant areas. Wasn't obvious they do food when I was in pub one weekday afternoon and I assumed they were not serving any until I asked.

Food pricey if eating on own, but good deals if buying for two or three people. Weekday 12-3 £6.95 for two main courses or £8.95 for three main courses. At other times or if buying just one main, meals start at £5.99 for ham egg and chips (ouch). Cod and chips £8.49, mixed grill £10.49. Bit expensive for a pint and a bite to eat for one.

The refurb doesn't suit me as well as the way it was, but that's progress. I wish them well, but not convinced its going to get the trade to pay for the upgrade and enough future customers to survive long term.

My only serious gripe is they have painted over the brickwork outside. It looked in character with white at top and the nice brickwork below. Now the whole outside is white and frankly it looks cheap and chavy. Such a shame.

2 Mar 2015 17:20

The Travellers Tavern, Victoria

Popped in for a pint at 1030am while waiting for my coach. London pride in good condition and no complaints at all, which is unusual for a grumpy sod like me.

Staff polite and friendly, toilet reasonably clean. Pub pretty empty on this rainy Wednesday morning which was nice for me. About 8 people in there. Music was ok for me, playing Bowie and reasonable volume that wouldn't interferer with conversation.

I'll be going back for a pint of my next trip. Pride was £4.25 which is about £1.25 more than I pay in my local, but it is SW1 so expected. Food too expensive for me. I think the Cod and chips was around £11. Burgers over £6. Too rich for me.

29 May 2014 12:52

Wibbly Wobbly, Surrey Quays

Quirky pub on a barge in Greenland dock with a nautical theme. Friendly staff. Bitter is keg but I can put up with that for the experience of the pub. Pontoon outside wobbles gently while you chat and drink. Very relaxing and I'll be going back. Greenland pier is a short walk and we went for a trip on the Thames Clipper up to the London Eye and back. Cost 4.95 on an Oyster card.

11 Aug 2011 13:08

The Black Prince, New Haw

Still excellent. Very friendly staff, food very good and Pride and Best kept very well. Courage Best 2.67, Pride 2.85

13 Mar 2010 21:08

The Catherine of Aragon, West Byfleet

Currently closed. Seems to be near end of building work so should be open again soon. Outside still looks the same.

13 Mar 2010 21:00

The London and Rye, Catford

Used to drink here most weeks but seriously gone down hill over the past few months. Mates told me its one to avoid recently but had to try myself and agree 100%. Bad atmosphere and Columbia's main export being sold and used on premises. I really hope Spoons clean up this place as it was my favourite pub.

30 Aug 2009 22:26

The Black Prince, New Haw

Courage best and London Pride both well kept. 2.59 pint for best. Very clean and well kept pub and food is excellent and with three different menus to choose from. 2.99 menu, 5 menu (12-4 Mon-Fri) and a full menu. Even the full menu is still reasonable with prices around 5. The only difference I can see with the full menu is that its prices are slightly higher for Sat/Sun and I think evenings? Same meals are cheaper at other times. Been in three times now. Twice in evening for a pint and once at 3pm for a meal with friends. They were all very impressed with this pub.

Has got three screens showing TV but they are very low volume and doesn't disturb. Has pool table and darts round the back bar but its tucked out the way and wouldn't bother people eating or wanting a quiet pint. Gents is fairly clear but could do with replacing the corroded metal urinal. I'm told the ladies nice and clean.

Has to be a 9 rating from me and that is saying something as I'm a miserable sod, diffuclt to please and always moan about something where service is concerned in this country. This pub has it just right.

30 Aug 2009 22:19

The Queens Head, Byfleet

Popped in for pint about 8pm on Tuesday and was impressed. London pride was clear and tasted great. Good atmosphere and bar service. Food was being served. Didn't check menu or prices, but appeared good standard.

24 Jun 2009 13:25

The Queens Head, Byfleet

Popped in for pint about 8pm on Tuesday and was impressed. London pride was clear and tasted great. Good atmosphere and bar service. Food was being served. Didn't check menu or prices, but appeared good standard.

24 Jun 2009 13:25

The Catherine of Aragon, West Byfleet

New to area so gave it a go as only 30 seconds from house. 7pm on Sunday and only me and a few staff. Bar staff jumped up from seat very quickly to serve me and pleased to see London pride. Not as clear as I would like it but was fine. 3 a pint a bit steep for my pocket though. Told by bloke its a young persons pub and they don't get enough pride throught the pumps.

Sat in corner and enjoyed 3 pints. Old couple came in and stayed for half an hour, but by 8 a few of the afformentioned chavs started to appear. The sound system started to be tested with the customary "one two" and I felt it would soon be time to leave.

Good condition decor and furniture and looks ok inside. 3 snooker tables in the far bar and a punch bag machine. Toilets very clean good condition. I'll go again but only because its very close to me. Wouldn't travel to it.

22 Jun 2009 10:16

The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

A proper traditional pub. Brilliant pint of London Pride. Best in South London I'd say. Very large garden with nice well looked after flowers. As it's an Irish pub you will always get a bit of horse racing on the telly, but not a big problem. Bogs could do with some work as a bit old and smelly. I always like to pop in here if passing and usually stay longer than I intended with is a good sign. Best tradition pub in SE London.

26 Mar 2009 17:51

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Bitter not always available. The Spitfire tastes a bit keg like when it is on. Pricey (3.50/pint) and I tend to need a small loan to drink there more than two days running. Food prices are only for the rich. It's good stuff, but 6.50 for a burger in a bap with chips and a bit of salad is too rich for me.

26 Mar 2009 17:45

The London and Rye, Catford

Like most Spoons pubs the tables are always sticky with spilt beer. Staff very friendly and food tasty. This is my favourite pub for kicking back and relaxing all evening without having to worry about my pocket. Just a nice gentle drink chatting to friends for a few hours chilling out and a bite to eat if it takes my fancy. Hardly even seen any trouble, but staff are good at spotting problems before that get serious and march the person out of the premises. I've been drinking here for 5 years now and find it a pleasant and relaxing place to spend an evening.

26 Mar 2009 17:40

The Catford Ram, Catford

I always like a pint in The Ram when I come down to London. It's the best pub in Catford, even if it does limit me to Youngs bitter, which I am not a great fan of. Food is tasty and reasonable price and tables and bar are clean. Staff very friendly and seem please to see you, which is probably the case as not so many get in there since the smoking ban. Beer prices on the high side. A pint of Youngs ordinary was under 3. I cant afford too many pints so end up in The London and Rye (Spoons) after one or two.

26 Mar 2009 17:35

The Brewery Tap, Wandsworth

Oh, the history...I read about this happening in Sept 2006 and and as no one else has done so, I thought I felt I would write a few words about its passing.

Its a shame when any pub closes, but this place is such a landmark and the history goes back over 400 years (1581). Closing on the day it company's chairman, John Young was buried solidly marks an end of an era. I often remember the shire horse carting the barrels around Wandsworth one way system. That sounds like I was born before the war, but they were still doing it in the 80s and I think the 90s too.

I pray that an enterprising company or individual buys the whole site (brewery and all) and keeps its original character inside and out. At the very least, the brewery should be a monument/heritage type site. It is the oldest brewing site in the UK and for that reason alone surely should get a heritage organisation to buy it.

Now all the beers are brewed in Bedford and in my opinion not quiet as good as they were. Winter Warmer is still a delicious beer, but something is different and lacking in the recent batches.

11 May 2008 13:35

The Blythe Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

An absolute GEM and I try to pop in every time I am in the area. Traditional pub and great atmosphere. The London Pride tastes great.

15 Jul 2007 12:16

Windmill, Sydenham

Used to be my local 2002-2005 and still pop in when I visit London. Bar staff always helpful and seem happy in their work. Beers always crystal clear and nicely cool, but not chilled too much. Never had a bad pint of bitter in there. Can't say the same for the many new gastro pubs in the SE23/SE22/SE15 area who usually sell bitter, but don't keep it well. They renewed the tired upholstery in 2005 and looking a bit better now, even if the pattern is a bit loud for my taste. Lots of old boys supping ale all afternoon watching Countdown, but the bar staff won't need asking twice to turn it down as drives then nuts too. If you catch the 176, 187 or 122 it will drop you precisely outside the door. Just 4 steps and you are inside :-)

Food its traditional tasty English grub that leaves me well satisfied. The most expensive on the menu is the 8oz steak at 6. Highly refreshing compared to the upmarket gastro pub prices, where you cannot get soup of under a fiver. There is a food/restaurant area towards the back of the pub and perfect for families and children ok till six. Decked area out the back ok for a breath of air, but not a place I stay for long. Its tidy and well maintained, but prefer inside.Toilets clean and to high standard too.

15 Jul 2007 12:07

The Little Gem, Aylesford

Now this is what I call a pub. My favourite, traditional, plenty of horse brasses and in this case very low ceiling and beams. Tiny little pub with the claim of the smallest pub in Kent (but that may not now be the case after reading other posts here).Of course I hit my head on one of the beams while coming out of the toilets, but count that as a "getting to know you" baptism. They had three of the six hand pumps going with Black Sheep, Youngs special and Adnams Broadside. This part of Aylesford is stunningly picturesque with choc-box style houses and a wonderful stone bridge over the river. Well worth the visit and hope to go back again soon.

21 Oct 2006 14:04

Herne Tavern, Forest Hill

Popped in again Wed lunchtime to see how things are going. Very friendly bar staff but not a soul in there apart from us. Reason - obvious. Cost us 12 for 4 drinks. Followed by 6 odd for a pint of pride and a small glass of wine. Phew!

The decor lacks any atmosphere and although a fortune has been psent on the garden (18 grand I believe), but rough toilets have been left untouched. While there they were humping a second hand and ropey looking fridge into the kitchen. With the money spent elsewhere, using a second hand fridge seems a bit tight.

Bring back the carpets and the curtains AND THE LOCALS.

11 Oct 2006 18:52

Herne Tavern, Forest Hill

Just reopened and not the old Herne we all grew to love. Aimed at trendys with plenty of money. 13 for a steak and chips and 10 for three drinks. No smoking anywhere inside pub either (not that I smoke), but it never bothered me). Smoking only in the garden. I give it 6 months before this place closes as they will not actract the rich and trendy people they want as their customers in this part of town. A big thumbs down. I'll see you in the Forest Hill Tavern.

11 Sep 2006 18:56

The Brewers Tap, Lakenheath

Nice friendly pub, welcoming to non locals. Good beer with two to three guest ales on hand pump. oh, If a group of Americans are blocking the path to the bar, shout excuse me loudly and you might get a free pint from the landlady.

13 Aug 2006 14:32

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