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Username: JohnM776

Age: 43

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The Bull and Bush, Torquay

I always liked this pub when I used to come down fron Glasgow. It was always friendly even though a bit of a dive, but still had a decent duke box and the bar staff were pretty sound. I remember seeing a bloke standing against a wall actually sound asleep and I never knew that could be done, but it was harmless fun.

Will visit again when down next month

17 Jul 2010 17:56

Abbey Inn, Buckfast

I remember visiting this pub with my mate back in Auguat 2008 after a vintage train journey to Buckfastleigh and we loved it. We came in in really early and the place had just opened and the place was quiet (hence the time). The ales are immense and we had our first pint inside. My mates a smoker and we had to go outside into the beer garden and we could not believe the sceneary we saw from the outside. The pub looks right on to the river dart and the sound from the river is so relaxing you wouldn't believe it.

I hail from Glasgow and I will definately be paying this place a visit when I am back down this August. The only real gripe is it doesn't do a real traditional cider for a devon pub, but I will still give it 10/10. If your in the area you should also try the Cott Inn along the road in Dartington. That is one of the greatest pubs I have ever been in and Trevor thr barman is a real gent and the foods outstanding.

Best wishes John

17 Jul 2010 17:47

The Village, Shawlands

This used to be a good pub back in the nineties and early 2000's. Had a bit of a problem with neds (chavs) from the s/side, but apart from that it was okay and full of drunken young birds. Sort of shame its gone now and I almost forgot all about it till I read about it here. Good memories of that place..

17 Jul 2010 17:36

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