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Comments by JohnM776

The Bull and Bush, Torquay

I always liked this pub when I used to come down fron Glasgow. It was always friendly even though a bit of a dive, but still had a decent duke box and the bar staff were pretty sound. I remember seeing a bloke standing against a wall actually sound asleep and I never knew that could be done, but it was harmless fun.

Will visit again when down next month

17 Jul 2010 17:56

Abbey Inn, Buckfast

I remember visiting this pub with my mate back in Auguat 2008 after a vintage train journey to Buckfastleigh and we loved it. We came in in really early and the place had just opened and the place was quiet (hence the time). The ales are immense and we had our first pint inside. My mates a smoker and we had to go outside into the beer garden and we could not believe the sceneary we saw from the outside. The pub looks right on to the river dart and the sound from the river is so relaxing you wouldn't believe it.

I hail from Glasgow and I will definately be paying this place a visit when I am back down this August. The only real gripe is it doesn't do a real traditional cider for a devon pub, but I will still give it 10/10. If your in the area you should also try the Cott Inn along the road in Dartington. That is one of the greatest pubs I have ever been in and Trevor thr barman is a real gent and the foods outstanding.

Best wishes John

17 Jul 2010 17:47

The Village, Shawlands

This used to be a good pub back in the nineties and early 2000's. Had a bit of a problem with neds (chavs) from the s/side, but apart from that it was okay and full of drunken young birds. Sort of shame its gone now and I almost forgot all about it till I read about it here. Good memories of that place..

17 Jul 2010 17:36

The Bay Horse, Glasgow

Not a bad wee pub. Out the way a bit from the rest of the shaws road, but does a good beer.

17 Jul 2010 17:31

Bairds Bar, Glasgow

I really like Bairds. I am not a regular, but I go in every now and then when I am down that end of the city for maybe a pint or two. I agree both with the contrasting reviews both posted by brambles and sparky21, but you know what you expect when you go to this place as the pubs folklore in this city and known for what it is. It has all sorts of charachters from all walks of life, but it's a football pub.

I was in a few weeks ago one Saturday afternoon and the live enetertainment was good, the bar was busy as always and the lagers pretty decent. The pub could do with a refurb, but that would only take away some of the charachter. Overall, it's good pub. Also love some of the really old pictures of Celtic they have on the walls. Interesting..

17 Jul 2010 17:15

MacKinnon's, Glasgow

I was surprised with this little pub. I had a bit of a bad day recently one morning and I ended up heading in this little place for a few beers around 9 ish in the morning. To be honest, the bar staff were lovely and it wasn't very shady considering the area it's in. You do have to have one roll & sausage (costs 25p) with your first drink as the licensing laws in Glasgow state that an 8:00 am licence must serve breakfast.

I would recommend this wee bar if you ever need a curer in the morning. Nice staff, was busy early in the morning and wasn't full of down and out's like some of the other early opening pubs in the area.

17 Jul 2010 17:01

The Spirit, Glasgow

Probably the worst pub in city by a mile. Previous review was right about shit lager, down and outs from all the local hostels. Everyone that's barred from almost every other pub in the city will still get served in here. It used to advertise carlsberg at 1.50 a pint, so you can only imagine what that's gonna attract??

17 Jul 2010 16:54

Sir John Moore, Glasgow

Okay pub

17 Jul 2010 12:54

Waterloo Bar, Glasgow

Poofter pub

17 Jul 2010 12:54

The Star Bar, Eglinton Toll

Was in this pub one Friday afternnon December last year and it's like going back in time. I suppose that's what I liked about it and it feels very traditional and 70's decor. I think it was 2.50 for a soup, fish & chips and the lager was good. I hope it's a pub that never changes and keeps it's traditional side.

17 Jul 2010 12:51

The Mission Bar, Glasgow

This pub no longer exists. Was shut down after it was flooded. It used to be excellent years ago (pre 2001), but it was allowed to be run into the ground and ended up a complete dive.

17 Jul 2010 12:46

The Beechings, Cathcart

Was in here two weeks ago before a night out in Shawlands. It's actually quite a nice wee pub one your in the place. All local drinkers though.

17 Jul 2010 12:44

The Florida Park, Glasgow

I used to drink in hear yeas ago and haven't been in for ages. It used to be a dive, but always done a really decent pint. Was always quiet during the week, but the bar staff were aways nice. Has a lot of competotion in the area to contend with.

17 Jul 2010 12:42

Old Smiddy, Cathcart

Cheap as chips a good pint and the food is excellent. Nice staff and spent many a lunch hour in this place. Managed to sink four pints in 45 minutes that's impressive.

17 Jul 2010 12:39

The Clockwork Beer Co., Glasgow

Good pub and many a good night in this place over the past 12 years. The beer & food is good.

17 Jul 2010 12:36

The Langfield Inn, Cambuslang

This pub is now demolished (R.I.P.) and had many a great time in this little boozer. Was great in the summer and it had a messy wee beer gardenout the back, but a great little sun trap. Also had the best pool table in the area and a decent duke box. Gone four years now and sadly missed. RIP Langfield!!

17 Jul 2010 12:28

Dr Gormans, Rutherglen

This is a good pub, although it has came up against some competition recently in the area that it never had before. They now do 2 for 1 meal deals throughout the week and the food is good and it's probably cheaper to eat hear than it is to make your dinner at home. The pubs split in two parts and has a lounge that serves food during the day and live entertainment at weekends. The bar is full of older regulars, but pretty comfortable and the lounge if full of younger folk at night. Very decent lager and nice bar staff too. The manager is also pretty cool and enures the place i well run. In fact, its better than the recent competition and probably the reason it's managed to maintain it's customer base.

17 Jul 2010 12:24

Finlays, Cambuslang

Not a bad wee pub. Plain, traditional, clean and does a good pint.

17 Jul 2010 12:17

The County Inn, Cambuslang

This is the worst pub in the whole area and the mens toilets are disgusting and the beer on tap is absolutely awful. Most fold who are barred from the surounding pubs usually frequent this dive.

17 Jul 2010 12:15

The Victoria Bar, Rutherglen

This pub has been an on/off local of mines for years. It has good regulars and always excellent service from the bar. It's absolutely jam packed at the weekends and there is no way it could ever serve food as the place is too small and busy, but the lager is top class and cheap although the beer selection is pretty limited. The locals are also really friendly and for a pub that's busy you never seem to get any trouble. Also excellent for live sports because they have loads of tv's, but its became more of Rangers shop over the last few years and that's a bit of a dissapointment when an old firms on.

17 Jul 2010 12:05

The Leighton Arms, Kentish Town

I haven't been in here for a while, but used to visit now and again when I was down from Glasgow and I was living in Tufnell Park area just down the road. Always found the Leighton Arms was okay. I was only ever in on week nights, so I found it pretty quiet.

17 Jul 2010 11:58

Crown and Goose, Camden

Was in here last year and it was a decent little pub. Never stayed long and it wasn't ultra busy, but the beer was fine and I think it would be an okay local for someone who lives in the area and looking for a few beers after work. Bit hard for me as I live in Glasgow, but I vist Tufnell Park along the road quite a lot and like trying out the pubs in the Camden area.

17 Jul 2010 11:55

The Boston Arms, Tufnell Park

This is a great pub. I come from Glasgow and I have been visiting this area from 1996 till now on a regular basis. I use this pub as a local when I am in Tufnell Park because its just round the corner from the place I stay when I visit. It's just a traditional pub with no frills, but it's great to watch the football, especially when the champions leagues on during week nights. They also show the Celtic games live on ESPN which is a bonus for me. Never had any trouble with the locals or bar staff and the prices are excellent. Cheaper for a beer hear than it is in Glasgow. Hope this place never closes and it's my last port of call for a few pints before I get the train home from euston.

17 Jul 2010 11:43

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