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The Goldhawk, Shepherds Bush

My post criticising the dubious entertainment of tarot readings, book writers clubs and monopoly competitions at this pub has now been removed, so I think everyone is perhaps best advised to take the collection of overwhelmingly positive reviews here with a pinch of salt. Not saying they're not genuine mind, just that there's been a bit of cleansing going on.

13 Feb 2008 16:14

The Hawley Arms, Camden

The Hawley Arms is indefinitely closed as of two hours ago.

9 Feb 2008 22:15

The Lounge, Shepherds Bush

An odd place that seems to have used the badly refurbished Bushranger over the road as a template. Lots of high tables and stools, but a tiny bar but with a decent selection of beers. Was a bit late so didn't notice the price, but I can only guess they were high. looks like a wine bar but then advertises Sky Sports everywhere.

I will eventually go back, but in no hurry to do so. If it lasts.

17 Dec 2007 15:24

The Prince Albert, Camden

Five people posting very complimentary reviews on the same day and it's all their first and only pub review on the site.

I think I smell a rodent.

Been meaning to go here since it reopened, but can't resist the nearby Constitution. It doesn't look too bad to be honest, a bit gastro'd up perhaps, but almost certainly an improvement on what was there before.

17 Dec 2007 15:01

The Golden Egg, Kilburn

(Whoops, added to this comment to the Good and Granite - for some reason the new pub name has inspired a new BITE page)...

This pub has worked its charms on me, despite having little to no charm at all. It's huge, can always get a seat, the beers and shots are absolutely absurdly cheap (pint of Brains smooth for less than 2 quid), Sky telly for those that fancy the cricket or snooker or whatever, and most remarkable of all it has one of those juke boxes with a big hard disk in it, so I can find some obscure old indie music like Daisy Chainsaw to play on it.

Good place to tank up before heading to the Good Ship or Luminarie for a gig or club. Still has the atmosphere of an airport lounge though.

6 Jun 2007 20:20

The Good Mixer, Camden

Complete turnover in staff and manager within a couple of years (although same owners apparently) but very little else has changed. Same beers, same punters, same pool tables, same layout, same good prices, same top pub.

Actually, something else has changed. A new juke box. And which charges an absolute criminal 3 plays for a quid. No coincidence that you end up hearing long absences of music as a result. A juke box shouldn't be seen as a way to make money, it's a way to add atmosphere to a pub.

6 Jun 2007 20:17

The North London Tavern, Kilburn

Haha, spot on. "Pre-tipple nibble" indeed! And for FIVE (5!) POUNDS!

Don't know what's wrong with "crisps" or "nuts" in a "bag" for "50 pence".

6 Jun 2007 19:54

The Goose and Granite, Kilburn

I've got to correct my comment of nearly 3 years ago. This pub has worked its charms on me, despite having little to no charm at all. It's huge, can always get a seat, the beers and shots are absolutely absurdly cheap (pint of Brains smooth for less than 2 quid), Sky telly for those that fancy the cricket or snooker or whatever, and most remarkable of all it has one of those juke boxes with a big hard disk in it, so I can find some obscure old indie music like Daisy Chainsaw to play on it.

Good place to tank up before heading to the Good Ship or Luminarie for a gig or club. Still has the atmosphere of an airport lounge though.

6 Jun 2007 19:36

The Hawley Arms, Camden

Anyone have any idea at all how this pub suddenly became the alleged cool place to drink? One celebrity goes there, a couple more follow, and then the hoards of hangers-on and fashion victim twits descend en-masse?

It was only ever an average place to begin, perhaps too over-polished. Now you have trouble even getting space to stand up there. They're all welcome to it.

6 Jun 2007 19:20

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

After years and years of looking, the impossible has been achieved - a decent pub in Kings Cross exists! And as far as I'm concerned, it's one of the best in London. Ales, superb jukebox, pinball machine, proper pub decor, and the chinese takeaway around the corner will deliver food for you (on a plate and all).

If you're really lucky, the landlord will personally entertain you with a story or two. Top fella, had us in stitches.

6 Jun 2007 19:07

The Bell House, Camden

A pub that's a pleasure to have as a local (assuming I ignore Murray's and the Camden Arms - both horrid pubs but at the opposite ends of the spectrum). It has everything for me - a choice of ales including a guest one, a pool table, a beer garden, lovely staff, great layout, a couple of tellys for when the need arises, and a fair juke box.

Every pub should be unique but the world would be a better place if they were based on this place...

Hmm, I think I need a beer and a fight after rereading that last pretentious overbearing statement.

20 Sep 2005 22:10

The Good Ship, Kilburn

This place has now reopened with the name "The Good Ship" and the governer is a good mate of mine so I'll avoid waxing lyrical about the place with a heavily biased review that's so often a plague in pub's comments on this site. But OH! MY! GOD!!! This place is the best place ever!!! I just can't believe you haven't been there!!!!!

Well, it couldn't be more different from its previous incarnation anyway, even if the layout is much the same - the promised PJ Harvey poster can't come soon enough. Top jukebox, a top pint of pride plus other bottles of ale available, a late licence, friendly staff, tellys for football, bands on the agenda - basically lots of things I like or I probably wouldn't be mates with the guy in the first place.

No mad bonkers bouncer on the door anymore though.

16 Sep 2005 17:28

The Intrepid Fox, Soho

A real dive of a place. Full of people drinking there because it's their tribal pub, rather than actually having anything enjoyable about it. Any alcohol out of the tap is pretty much undrinkable. Even the music is phoney - I've heard rubbish like Oasis in there. Loads of metal tourists who don't know any better. Loads of regulars who love the place and tolerate the load of crap that it actually is. Don't know why I've ended up there so often - good for people watching I guess. But doubt I've ever stayed for more than 1 pint.

4 Apr 2005 03:26

O'Neills, Soho

I can't believe people even go here, let alone pay to get in. What are you people thinking? It's an O'Neills, which is bad enough, and then for it to be an O'Neills in Central London makes it suicidally bad, and then for it to be the old Wag club is just inexcusable.

4 Apr 2005 03:14

De Hems, Soho

A place to visit every 2 years for the Netherlands games in the World Cup or Euros. If they qualify. Great fun, a superb friendly atmosphere (even if some obnoxious Germans turn up - and you realise that Brits actually love the Germans compared to the venom some of the Dutch lads were spitting) and everyone spills outside and drains the nearby off-licence rather than drink from the outside bar they have set up.

Have to manage to get inside the place sometime.

4 Apr 2005 03:07

Yates's, Leicester Square

You'll have a more authentic experience drinking in a Pizza Hut.

Good that it exists though as it attracts all sorts of twits who otherwise might be in danger of going somewhere I might go to.

4 Apr 2005 02:58

The Harp, Covent Garden

Small pub (with two entrances I think??) but friendly and with top ales. Thankfully never find myself around Charing Cross that often, but it's a place I certainly want to try again. If given the chance. Eventually.

4 Apr 2005 02:53

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Don't go here much more than once or twice a year, but it's pretty much the only pub I trust in the Covent Garden area. Very popular when the offices empty, so popular in fact that it can be hard to find a place to stand let alone sit. Ales are good, although the place isn't cheap.

Slightly hidden away. Good luck trying to describe how to get there to someone.

4 Apr 2005 02:42

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

Undeservingly popular place - as shown by the massive amount of reviews here. I was trapped here once by a mate's birthday, and was suffering so much I had to make my excuses and escape to the Lamb and Flag.

The beers are massively overrated. Some people are impressed by anything, as long as it's not a generic lager (witness the amount of rave reviews a Sam Smiths pub gets despite their house beers tasting like muck) but the tap brew here is horrible. Which leaves you with the overpriced bottled stuff, which I'm sure people are excited about because they're a novelty and not because they actually enjoy them.

The best thing about it though is that it's in Covent Garden. It suits the area perfectly. Horrible.

4 Apr 2005 02:32

The Crown and Anchor, Euston

Way too full of office types, and an area even had a reserved sign on all the tables for a group of them, which is something that plainly should be outlawed in a pub.

I'm guessing it's one of those Barracuda pubs, as it has those generic menus and the same posters advertising 2-for-1 bottled shite and cheap Fosters nonsense. As a result, it's pretty bland and don't expect any surprises.

But on the other hand, the ales are decent and the prices are good, and it's excellent meeting place for all the cracking Drummond St curry houses.

4 Apr 2005 01:55

The Market Porter, Borough

A pub that's almost impossible to say something bad about, as the 50 reviews here show.

Nothing more to say really, the place is superb, and so many great real ales to choose from, and it's right next to Borough market with all the mouth-watering delicious food. Almost a shame summer is upon us, as sitting in front of the open fire here with a stomoch full of some exotic meat, and a guest beer in hand is one of life's erection-inducing moments.

4 Apr 2005 01:45

Phibbers, Islington

A big sprawling pub that was still less than half-full on a Saturday night, so I'd hate to see how many people are in there on a weeknight.

These Tommy Flynns pubs are creeping me out. They'd be otherwise decent boozers but the pub-chain effect manages to get them bland, sterile and boring. And you just know you're in a phoney Irish pub when they have no Irish beer beyond Guinness. It's not that hard to have some Caffreys available. Or hell, go crazy and get some Kilkenny or something.

At least they had Magners. Whoopee for small mercies.

4 Apr 2005 01:37

The Hawley Arms, Camden

What an obvious bunch of phoney reviews obviously written by someone who obviously works there and/or has an interest in the place. I don't know why these people bother. It's pathetic.

Don't believe any of this hype. The Hawley is an average boozer with average ale. Bit overpriced too, but it's OK for an occasional visit. I'd hate to think anyone would go out of their way to get there based on the reviews below.

16 Feb 2005 15:36

Roxys, Fitzrovia

Thankfully with a new moniker after having the horrendous name of "The Office" and they now seem to do indie nights for students all week long. We got there after 11pm, so no idea what's it's like in the evenings or if it's even open then, but I dragged mates here for a birthday last Tuesday and everyone enjoyed themselves - not always a guaranteed thing at a midweek indie club. Excellent music (not just tedious indie anthems, but new stuff like The Futureheads) and an excellent layout. Long may it continue.

Still had to drink botted lager piss though, but at least it was half price.

7 Dec 2004 17:12

The Dog and Duck, Soho

Overrated desperately dull place. Full of tourists - it must be hyped in one of those tourist bibles for rich american tourists as being "authentic" or something, and so they arrive in packs of four after seeing some equally overrated West End musical and the ugly kids are wearing "University of Florida" shirts and they all drink a half pint of Carling or some bullshit. Or even better they arrive after 11am and look bemused when they're told it's closed.

Madonna even drank a Timothy Taylor Landlord in here once. Give me strength.

7 Dec 2004 17:04

The Toucan, Soho

Don't think I've ever been drinking inside this place, but have often done so outside in the summer where the crowd gets so big it overlaps with the big crowd outside the Nellie Dean 30 yards away. A handy occurance as this place doesn't have ales and so you just sneak one out of the Nellie instead.

It's also another one of those places which claims (or has people claiming anyway) that it's the smallest bar in London/England/UK/Europe/etc. Why pubs want to brag about that I don't know.

7 Dec 2004 16:55

The Nellie Dean of Soho, Soho

A top pub, one of the best in Soho. Always busy downstairs, but less so upstairs where there's an excellent pool table and good juke box hidden away from the masses. Probably until now when some fool has seen fit to mention it on a public website.

7 Dec 2004 16:49

The Havelock Tavern, Kensington

Gareth has called this place perfectly. A great place to refer to your Mum and Dad as "Mummy and Daddy".

You'd have to drag me kicking and screaming here if it wasn't anything to do with having a beer during worktime.

The ales are good. Praise to the Almighty for small mercies.

7 Dec 2004 16:25

The Priory Tavern, Kilburn

Have now made amends and have visited here again. Pleasantly surprised too. It has loads of irrelevant tat on the walls which I really like in a pub, but was hideously quiet for a Friday night. Has a fair approximation of Courage Best on tap at more than fair prices. Well, it was once the dozy old barman gave me the correct change. He short-changed me outrageously - not just a case of mistaking a note for another note - and then refused to believe me. He only gave up once I could give a description of the fiver I gave him. Luckily it was one of those old ones that had been thrown back in my face by supermarkets etc all week...

7 Dec 2004 15:57

The Hope and Anchor, Islington

Bill Oddie was down in the basement here the other night watching a gig. Bill Oddie! No idea what the band was like as had only ducked down there for a late drink.

Billoddie hell, eh?

No, I'm not just writing this review to make that joke.

Well, maybe.

7 Dec 2004 15:39

The Old Eagle, Camden

And if you go on a Friday or Saturday night (and maybe even other nights), you can follow the staff down the well-worn trail for a late one at Quinn's. I love staff who enjoy their alcohol just as much as their customers, and on occasions can be even drunker than their customers. Too many pubs, especially London pubs, are run by control-freaks or people who want to be big-time charlies and boss people about before then sleazing onto the women patrons. Basically a revenge for being bullied at school. They probably don't even like alcohol. I think I've digressed somewhat.

7 Dec 2004 15:26

The Devonshire Arms, Camden

They get some real dim bouncers on the door enforcing the dress policy here. Unless you look like a stereotypical goth who's just landed from Transylvania, you may get them questioning you or just plain refusing you entry. My girlfriend was once wearing clothes covered in skulls, and has dyed-flame red hair, and creepers on, and this was somehow not good enough because there was also a pink cardigan. Ok, so maybe it is a bit more suitable attire for the nearby Elephant's Head, but Jesus. Luckily the Brandon Lee/Crow looking fella that works here was hovering nearby and he overruled the man's impeccable judgement and let us in.

Great pub though. I've slagged off the quality of the alcohol before, but have since discovered the excellent Scrumpy Jack. Don't know what it tastes so much better here - maybe the lines never get a chance to get dirty with all the snakebite consumed.

7 Dec 2004 15:10

The Defector's Weld, Shepherds Bush

What a nonsense Time Out quote. You can go to the Walkabout or O'Neills and not feel you're on Shepherds Bush Green. And why? Because those places have exact replicas everywhere. Boring boring boring. And that's what this gastro pub is - yet another bland unindividual characterless anti-community pub for people who don't like pubs.

And thanks to Time Out it will be full of sulky people crying into their red wine because they're somehow trapped in horrid ghastly Shepherds Bush. But at least the pub makes you feel like you're not there.

1 Dec 2004 17:29

The Defector's Weld, Shepherds Bush

This place is now called "The Defector's Weld" and has been reopened now for a couple of weeks. A cute enough name, but everything inside is a clone of the Lock Tavern in Camden, right down to the same dreary colour scheme, and a bunch of foolish looking blokes sitting around a coffee table drinking red wine.

The staff are a bit clueless when it comes to the football, the guy on the door would first ask "are you football fans" and then when some people said "yes" in a broad London accent, he asks if they're Wigan or QPR fans. Take a guess fella.

Unlikely to find out much more about the pub as the London Pride costs a breathtaking three quid.

23 Nov 2004 13:52

The Doric Arch, Euston

This pub has slowly and sadly decayed over the past year. Usually a real ale haven, I've been in there at times when there's only two available - although admittedly that's two more than many other places, whilst the toilets are rank (I think the security code on the door is to keep the overwhelming piss-smell in), and the staff are indifferent, unknowledgable, unfriendly and ever-changing.

There was a guy in there claiming to be the manager with his "name above the door" no less, despite having never seen him before in years of going there semi-regularly. He was so utterly disagreeable, he had to be seen to be believed. He's graduated from that offensive 11:10pm tactic of snatching your beer before you've finished it, to actually lifting your chair up whilst you're sitting in it - and did it to a woman no less. Unbelievable is the only word I can think of in hindsight, although I did let fly at the time.

1 Nov 2004 13:04

The Prince Of Wales, Kilburn

Big pub with nothing to recommend it. If it wasn't for the two pool tables in there, I would never have been anywhere near it. The beer is also undrinkable.

The cemetery next door has more atmosphere. Livlier patrons too.

28 Oct 2004 10:41

The Good Ship, Kilburn

Kilburn's long-running alleged night spot. Abysmal music, absolutely abysmal. That sort of R&B/garage nonsense - even if you like that sort of thing, you should hate it here. The regular band calls themselves "South of Houston", and with a rubbish name like that, you know the treat you're in for.

How desperate I've been for a late drink at times.

The bouncer on the door is as mad as a box of frogs.

28 Oct 2004 10:37

The Kingdom, Kilburn

So Irish that you wonder why it (and the people in it) bother being here at all. Often has that awful Irish music blaring out of it with twee nonsense about whisky in the jar. Eeeuuugh.

They also play the Irish national anthem every night where the regulars stand up and get misty eyed about "back home". So bloody pointlessly patriotic.

Seem to regularly hear about violence in here too. Which I'd no doubt be next in line for if I dared express any of these opinions in there. Coward.

28 Oct 2004 10:31

The Goose and Granite, Kilburn

Ha, an airport lounge. Great description. It's relatively busy irrespective of the time of day, but for no discernable reason beyond being full of people spending their dole money.

28 Oct 2004 10:22

The Coopers Arms, Kilburn

A surprisingly ok pub when I was in there one St Patrick's Day. Not that I've ever been back. Much better than it looks from the outside.

28 Oct 2004 10:19

The Priory Tavern, Kilburn

Very much a local. I think this was the second pub I ever went to in Kilburn, but I don't think I've been back. Not that it's particularly bad or anything, I just haven't.

What a helpful review, eh?

28 Oct 2004 10:17

The Bridge Tavern, Kilburn

Used to be rubbish, but at least it had two superb pool tables. Now it's just rubbish.

Nice layout for a pub, just a shame about everything else in there.

28 Oct 2004 10:14

The Old Bell, Kilburn

Cheap and cheerful. Except for the cheerful part.

Has Courage ales, and ales on the High road are near-impossible to find.

Have a meal in here if you're hard enough.

28 Oct 2004 10:12

The Red Lion, Kilburn

An awful place full of hideous people. The pool table down the back is its only redeeming feature. The excuse for a disco they run on weekends is notable for the quality of scum it attracts.

Not sure if it still happens, but a mate of mine went about a year ago and it had strippers on, complete with a dancing performance with an alight candle hanging out of her *suggestive whistle*. Naturally, my mate was disgusted by this exploitation and left as soon as he finished his fourth pint.

28 Oct 2004 10:09

The Warrington Hotel, Maida Vale

Just to add an important point to my post below. The other day, for the first time in 4 years of occasionally going here, I went into the back bar, which actually turns out to be the main bar. Big surprise. Has about five Fullers ales on tap and there's a phenomenally popular Thai restaurant upstairs. All very recommended.

28 Oct 2004 09:54

The Royal Exchange, Camden

A pub that resembles (or should that it past-tense now?) a squat party. Friendly staff, and a pool table, but loads of dull punters with dreads from the continent having one drink but hanging around for hours. As long as it keeps them out of other pubs I guess.

Amusing that the bloke below blames this website for the place getting raided. Like the cops are that stupid that they get their tips off the internet. Everyone in the area knows what went on at this place - the cops just busted it when they could be bothered.

25 Oct 2004 13:56

O'Donoghues, Shepherds Bush

Whoops, my review below was meant for the nearby unlisted Shepherd and Flock, so please disregard.

O'Donoghues is actually a large pub with a couple of pool tables in the front (last year they actually roped in Ken Doherty to play people for a fiver) and a stage area out the back where I've seen Madness tribute bands and QPR legend Stan Bowles give a Q&A. It's all aimed at the older punter, but full credit to them for putting on entertainment rather than just letting people fall asleep in their Guinness.

25 Oct 2004 12:53

The Compton Arms, Islington

I didn't realise pubs like this existed in London. And not only that, it's inner zone 2 London. It's a tiny old pub with low ceilings and lots of charm, but it's not up its own arse, and will still have tellys for football.

The bartender actually came up to my table and asked if we wanted another round. I was lost for words. I thought you had to go to tiny villages in Kent to get this sort of genuine friendly service.

Absolutely fantastic, cannot wait to go again. It's only the second pub out of about a hundred on this website to get a 9/10 from me.

20 Oct 2004 14:18

The Victoria, Camden

The best pub in London? That's hilarious.

It's an ok pub. I'm curious as to when it's popular as I was last there on a Sunday afternoon when most backstreet pubs like this are jammed to the rafters with people feeding their fat little faces. Even the nearby Mornington Arms had twice the amount of people in it.

There was a pub dog in there, the name of which escapes me now. He was the best pub entertainment I've enjoyed in a long time.

20 Oct 2004 13:57

The Hope and Anchor, Camden

Yes, most likely the best pool table in the area. Courage beer is as good as Courage gets - which doesn't say much. Was a good place for a quiet drink and/or to watch some football. Am interested to see what it's like on a Friday or Saturday...

20 Oct 2004 13:49

The Angel, Angel, Islington

Last time I was here an old couple was having a major domestic complete with physical violence. It's that sort of pub.

As with all weatherspoons, the ales are superb and cheap, and the food is abysmal and cheap.

This one has the added quirk of nearly everyone either being under the age of 18 or over the age of 45.

14 Oct 2004 10:44

The Nags Head, Islington

A lazy place that I've been to too many times because it's opposite the tube station. It reminds me of a touristy soho pub. Average booze, average food, a few suits, often hard to get a table. Make the effort to go somewhere better like the Camden Head, not too far away across the road.

14 Oct 2004 10:39

The Kings Head, Islington

A pretty good place, especially when compared to some of the trash around it. Didn't realise it was open late, will definitely be saving that in the memory.

"Best pub in north london" though??? Stone me.

14 Oct 2004 10:32

The Florence Tavern, Islington

I was in this pub at the start of the year and everything about it was quite forgettable. Literally so. All I can remember is there was no ales, and the strongbow I had was horrible.

14 Oct 2004 10:23

The Hope and Anchor, Islington

Christ, another one of those pubs where all the reviews are from people just whoring their band name. Like you're actually going to go and watch a band/singer/whatever based on these ridiculously biased recommendations.

Anyway, the Hope and Anchor is a decent boozer, unless you're there whilst a gig is playing and the place will be vibrating and your pint will run towards the edge of the table like a lemming.

Oh, and go and see my band The Concrete Dildos!! Don't miss it!! My mum says we're the best!!

14 Oct 2004 10:18

The Famous Cock Tavern, Islington

An above average next-to-a-tube-station pub. A statement that would still be true if I was to give it 3/10.

But I'll give it 4/10 because I'm so bloody generous. It's a bit dingy and generally rubbish. A similar (but different) atmosphere can be achieved next door at the weatherspoons for half the price. Otherwise there's a couple of other decent pubs nearby. Go there instead, your mate will have a mobile phone, you don't have to wait in the pub next to the station...

14 Oct 2004 10:05

The White Swan, Islington

Massive hideous weatherspoons which should only be approached if you're watching your pennies. And that's probably going to be the case if you're about to head across to The Garage for a gig. It now costs �38.70 for half a pint of strongbow there.

14 Oct 2004 09:53

The Bailey, Highbury

A good pub with first-class thai food, friendly staff, and an excellent choice of ale in 6X.

One thing I don't understand though is why it has sofas all around the place which are a right pain to eat from. Sofas in a pub are a nonsense anyway, but it's the thin end of the wedge having to eat off them...

14 Oct 2004 09:46

The Mitre, Islington

"Charmless" is a great word for this pub. It really is rubbish. Why do Scream pubs all look the same in this dull dull way. You'd think students would be into non-conformity or something... Obviously not.

14 Oct 2004 09:41

The Camden Head, Islington

A great pub, a proper pub, a place where you go and say to yourself "this is a pub!"

Excellent jukebox, good ales, great layout, and what more do you need? Justifiably busy, Angel doesn't deserve a pub this good.

They have a comedy club upstairs, one of the nights Time Out has been hyping for years. I went once, and maybe it was an off night, or maybe Time Out are just easily amused. Whatever, ignore it, just enjoy the club.

14 Oct 2004 09:25

The Beaten Docket, Cricklewood

I once paid �5.20 for a round of three beers in here. Daylight robbery.

11 Oct 2004 17:03

The Crown, Cricklewood

A big place with a stupid amount of bars. It does well to rise above the slum of an area it's in, and to go there on a Friday or Saturday, you actually meet people who have travelled from far away to get there. Well, Wembley mainly.

But none of that means I like it. Wouldn't have hurt that out of all those ridiculous wads of cash they must have spent on this place, they could have seen fit to have a real ale or two served.

11 Oct 2004 17:01

The Star, St John's Wood

Yeah, a lovely pub. The Bass is a bit bland, and the jukebox a bit ropey, but have easily passed a few hours here.

11 Oct 2004 16:45

All Bar One, St Johns Wood

If you're ever thirsty in St John's Wood, then chances are you might end up here. The area is absolutely desperate for a choice pubs...

This is an All Bar One. This is all you need to know.

It gets absurdly busy when there's cricket on, as it's very near one of the main entrances, but don't be fooled into thinking they might put on extra staff.

Make the extra effort to go to the nearby Star. That's a proper pub.

11 Oct 2004 16:34

The Warrington Hotel, Maida Vale

A big old pub that can get absurdly busy in the summer. The London Pride is drinkable, and it looks like a pub, which shouldn't always be taken for granted these days.

God, I sound like I'm about 50.

11 Oct 2004 16:21

The Clifton Hotel, St John's Wood

A nice little pub if you can find it. Can't imagine it anyone other than locals drinking here as it's tucked away so much. I lived in Kilburn for nearly 4 years and came here twice in time - would've liked it to have been more.

11 Oct 2004 16:17

The Queens Arms, Kilburn

Quite a decent Young's pub at the start of Kilburn. Probably one of only three places on the High Road that sell ale. Deserves a lot more business than it gets.

11 Oct 2004 16:14

The Cock Tavern, Kilburn

This place has two pool tables and a very cheap approximation of an ale. Big and cavernous. Can't think of much more to say.

Oh yeah, a mate of mine once got thrown out of here for skinning up some wacky backy. Political correctness gone mad.

11 Oct 2004 16:12

Southern K, Kilburn

"Coldest Beer in Town" the incredibly stupid sign says outside. So you go inside and everyone is drinking snakebite.

I really can't work these places out. Allegedly an "Australian bar" but there's no bars like it in Australia. And yet it's full of Australians. What's the point?

And what are all the flags for? Does everyone salute it whilst singing the national anthem at 9pm or something? Oaaar yearrh maate, it brings a tear to the eye.

11 Oct 2004 16:07

Powers Bar, Kilburn

This place used to be excellent years ago until the manager Michael packed up and shifted to Australia. Since then it has been on the downward spiral, mostly caused by a succession of different managers, swift turnover of staff, and general neglect and tight-fistedness from the Mean Fiddler owners.

It really is a shame, as it used to be a great night out (and not just as a local night out) but now you walk in most nights and it's desperately empty.

To top it off the Caffreys, which was once first-class, now tastes worse than John Smiths. And the famous DJ Maurice, a Kilburn legend, seems to be on the way out.

11 Oct 2004 15:58

Brondes Age, Kilburn

I thought people only went here because it's open late, but seemingly not. What planet do you people live on?

Oh, there we go. Australia.

11 Oct 2004 15:43

The North London Tavern, Kilburn

Easily the best pub in Kilburn...

Hang on, let me start again...

Easily the least worst pub in Kilburn.

I generally wax lyrical about the "old days" in this pub - before it shut down in Jan 2004 and reopened as the current gastro version. Not sure why, I only used to go here a few times a year and that was only to do things like watch the Snooker final with mates.

Now, it's been given a good polish and has kept the original layout - a tremendous shape for the pub - and the London Pride is first class. But that's about it. A nice enough pub, but a crime that it's the best in the area.

11 Oct 2004 15:39

The Black Lion, Kilburn

Used to go here reasonably regularly before it had its makeover about a year ago. I didn't like it then, but I can't stand it now. I'm glad lots of people here seem to love the place because it means they'll be nowhere near me.

God it's horrible. A place for people who don't like pubs.

11 Oct 2004 15:19

Father Ted's, Kilburn

An OK place, I've enjoyed myself a couple of times in here with a few mates, but I did live about 50 yards away for about four years. Has picked up since earlier this year, when the old boss from the nearby Black Lion moved in, and a late drink isn't a rarity. The juke box is also free, and there's a decent wide range of stuff to choose from, if you can get in before the staff fill it up with Irish dirges.

Can be dodgy on occasions - some of the poisonous stuff I've overheard from people in here can be a bit disturbing.

14 Sep 2004 18:24

The Corrib Rest, Queens Park

The main football pub for the area, it can be stupidly busy for England, Arsenal and Chelsea games - easily standing room only in a massive pub. But it really saves itself for QPR games where it gets literally a dozen people in there... grumble, grumble, stupid area not supporting its local team...

It's a decent pub with a top pint of Caffreys, a pool table, and a collection of staff that can range from the very friendly to the exceedingly miserable. Strangely, it is open later (until 12) on Fridays and Saturdays despite often being busier on Sundays to Thursdays, and the absymal covers bands they get in on the weekends must bear some of the responsibility for this.

And what mustn't go uncomplimented if the complete lack of hassle you get at closing time. A lesson for all other pubs, especially knobby ones which might happen to be a little up the road.

14 Sep 2004 17:59

The Tulse Hill Tavern, Tulse Hill

Ended up in this place late on a Saturday night a few weeks ago enroute to a house party, and I quite enjoyed it. Two people have already mentioned the phrase "rough around the edges" and that is very true, probably for the pub and the people. But everyone was friendly and easy-going, noone gave a monkey's about the bags of off-licence we were carrying, the ales were good, the jukebox decent enough, and it was serving late.

I must have been enjoying myself because I normally hate karaoke, but I was even smiling at the ramshackle one in the back room.

14 Sep 2004 17:33

The Long Room, Queens Park

I really wanted this place to succeed, just to spite the nearby Salusbury (or at least give it a bit of competition), but gave up long ago. It's one of those places doomed to be empty no matter what they try, and they certainly seem to chop and change it often enough. It feels like it closes down once a year only to open again with a different name but the same indifference from the neighbourhood. I think I stopped feeling sorry for it when it got rid of its real ales.

NEILBARRET (below) is doing a tremendous impression of how echoey and shouty people sound in there.

14 Sep 2004 17:19

The Salusbury, Kilburn

Don't know why, but a few years ago I quite liked this pub. Maybe I was just blinded by the fact it's one of the few places in the Kilburn area with ales, and that it attracts more than its fair share of women.

Anyway, I've since woken up to the surly staff, the pretentious patrons, the sheer rudeness once the bell strikes 11, the difficulty in getting a seat, the zero space to stand, the pointless beat in the background which counts as music, the absurd price of food, the poor layout, the way people travel for miles to get here, and the way the place empties for cold feet or whatever nonsense middle-class sitcom is doing the rounds.

Other than that, it's OK.

14 Sep 2004 17:04

The Liberties Bar, Camden

Living all of about 50 years away, I tried to like this pub, but have utterly failed. Yes, the Pride is above average, but there is just something intrinsically dull about the place, even if all you want is a quiet drink. It could do with a couple of old soaks to liven up the place or something. That would certainly help more than the TV news being on mute.

I'm still going to give it a 5, just because that it's a dull mark as well.

14 Sep 2004 14:47

Tommy Flynn's, Camden

I'm going to completely cut against the grain and call this place a phoney. It's not an O'Neills, but it's not too far off either. I'm sure the guvnor is sound and there's probably loads of people with Irish grandparents drinking in there, but it just reminded me too much of a place where clueless idiots will go and talk about how great the "craic" is and how it has the best pint of guinness they've ever tasted.

14 Sep 2004 14:37

The Cobden Arms, Camden

After moving into the area a month ago, and trying (and failing) to enjoy Liberties up the road, I have fast been warming to this place as my "quiet local". It's a proper Irish pub - no shamrocks or twee sayings on the wall - and it feels like it has its own character, unlike the artifical Tommy Flynns across the road. Loads of old soaks at the bar - like I say, it's a quiet pub, don't come expecting to meet your future wife or husband.

Most impressively, they have a machine to clean the ale pipes, and the Pride is well recommended.

Average thai food is also available. And the music could do with some fine tuning too - as in turned off altogether.

14 Sep 2004 14:27

The White Hart, Bishopsgate

Walked in, saw all four ales were finished, walked out again.

Bravo, White Hart, Bravo.

14 Sep 2004 14:11

The Shooting Star, Liverpool Street

For whatever reason, the barman certainly wasn't forthcoming with one, this pub closed at 9pm on the Sunday just gone. But I'm too devoted to Fullers to lay into it here, so will let it pass.

I won't be so forgiving next time. Until then, it gets a big fat zero.

14 Sep 2004 14:05

The City Darts, Whitechapel

Easily the best pub I found in the scout of at least half a dozen in the area. Two (2!!!) pool tables is a pleasant sight, although it somewhat feels like you're playing in your parents' spare bedroom given the lack of space at times. The juke box was a bit desperate, but the Courage Best was perfectly drinkable, and that's not always something I admit to.

14 Sep 2004 13:49

The Gun, Shoreditch

An excellent layout for a pub, absolute first class, it even has carpet with The Gun inn sign in the pattern. So why by 8pm on a Sunday had the place nearly run out of alcohol? All they had left on tap was Kronenburg - not even any Strongbow or anything. I can go to a bad house party if I want to be left with that dilemma. Poor show.

14 Sep 2004 13:17

The Coal Hole, Strand

I must it's a very entertaining read of user comments, and I can only confirm all the critical ones. Went here first in 2000 and it was good enough that when I was next in the area in April 2003, I took a bunch of workmates here and it had completely changed. The ale was literally undrinkable. I only happened to be looking at this page because this website still has it noted as having a cask marque - something that I find a very untrustable award as it is, but at least (according to the post below) they've seen the light with this shithole.

11 Sep 2004 18:45

The Crescent, Mornington Crescent

Quite a spacious layout and I'm impressed to see a pool table in the corner. However when it came around to choosing a beer, the ale was off (not sure if it's ever on), the Staropramen was off, and the John Smiths was off. Unbelievable - I eventually settled for a Strongbow.

And then left.

3 Sep 2004 15:13

The Golden Lion, Camden

I'm pretty sure this is the pub on the corner of Pratt and Plender, although the map as it a few minutes walk away. It's one of those inner London locals with little in the way of redeeming features. The pool table is tiny and seems to be monopolised by 10-year olds. It has an air of loneliness. It sounds very patronising, but you come out feeling sorry for the place.

3 Sep 2004 15:07

Bartok, Chalk Farm

Very bland and boring in that trendy wine bar style. I'm guessing it's full of people who fancy a change from the Lock. At least it doesn't pretend to be a pub.

3 Sep 2004 14:38

The North Pole, North Kensington

Has an atmosphere as cold and detached as the name would suggest. As all the other comments suggest, it's a bizarre location for a pub like this. If you live or work near it, you've probably been there, and if you don't do so, then you never have a reason to.

3 Sep 2004 14:28

Pavilion, Shepherds Bush

A massive pub that you could park a train in. Has a couple of pool tables and a couple of ales so I'm happy going there, but it's quite out of the way.

Has proper pub nights (Ladies Darts Night) and proper pub food (tasteless fish and chips).

3 Sep 2004 14:24

The Station, North Kensington

This is my work local and we go there as little as possible. The beer and food prices are out of this world (I think they're trying to keep out all the smelly working class people who live in the area) and whilst the beer garden is large, it's full of annoying midges and gnats. The closest to an ale they have is a vaguely drinkable Boddingtons. Go there if you want to watch BBC News 24 on a poorly focused TV or listen to people talking loudly about their job from the nearby record company.

Hidden gem my arse.

3 Sep 2004 14:17

The Queens Tavern, Shepherds Bush

Went there once and couldn't leave. But only because my feet were stuck to the carpet. Will never go back. Don't think I've met a QPR fan who has been there more than once in the past 10 years.

The nearby bog-standard off-licence is a more worthwhile place to drink.

3 Sep 2004 14:09

General Smuts, Shepherds Bush

This looked like a very scary and miserable pub on the one time I popped in to drop off some flyers. I'm reasonably sure it's closed now. Probably fallen down.

3 Sep 2004 14:05

The Queen Adelaide, Shepherds Bush

Large big pub full of bloody-ruddy men. You'll be refused service on football days if you're not wearing Burberry. Probably.

Seems to attract more than its fair share of trouble too. Or maybe it's its fair share.

3 Sep 2004 14:00

The Crown and Sceptre, Shepherds Bush

For what it is - a tarted up gastropub - I actually quite like the Crown and Sceptre. It has a half-decent layout, the ales are good, the beer garden is a nice surprise, and it has a classy nod of the head to QPR with a vintage 1967 poster on the wall (or has that gone?)

The only time I've chatted with the staff was about a year ago and they were socialible and amusing. However since then, I've heard a few people saying they're quite snooty, so maybe it's changed.

3 Sep 2004 13:54

The Anglesea Arms, Hammersmith

Out of the way place that was nice enough until the stroke of 11pm when all the bar staff turned into a pack of incredibly dislikable people. Seemed to be seriously paranoid they'd be thrown in jail because we were still in there at 11:25pm. Memorable quotes include "we'll be given a ten thousand pound fine" and "the police will shut us down". Idiots.

3 Sep 2004 12:02

O'Neills, Shepherds Bush

It's an O'Neills. And this one certainly doesn't break any new boundaries. What more do you need to know? Why are you even reading reviews of an O'Neills pub?

3 Sep 2004 11:57

The Goldhawk, Shepherds Bush

A tolerable enough place which because of its size is a good football pub, even despite the lack of a telly and the stubborness of the staff to have it treated as a football pub - I'm almost surprised they let you in with football colours.

The ales (usually Pride and Bombadier) are nice enough but judging by the prices, the food must be laced with diamonds.

3 Sep 2004 11:50

The Stinging Nettle, Shepherds Bush

I'm so offended by what's happened to this place that I don't even know where to start. It used to be one of my all-time favourite pubs and then they closed down over the past summer and it has turned into a crime against, well, everything. Someone report it to the police please.

They've basically refurbished it into a bright white elephant that's trying to imitate a stainless steel soho wine bar. It's just unbelievably horrible.

Why? Why? Why? Why?

3 Sep 2004 11:41

Belushi's, Shepherds Bush

Ugly looking place that I've begrudgingly been to a couple of times because of its proximity to the tube over the road.

It's a long way from the worst pub in the area, but that's only because the existance of Edwards, Slug & Lettuce and the Walkabout.

3 Sep 2004 11:32

The Slug and Lettuce, Shepherds Bush

Completely indistinguishable from the nearby Edwards, so I'm just going to paste the same comment:

Nonsense place that sums up the general quality of pubs in the Bush. Bland, characterless and utterly pointless. I fail to understand why anyone would choose to drink here.

3 Sep 2004 11:27

The Defector's Weld, Shepherds Bush

Nonsense place that sums up the general quality of pubs in the Bush. Bland, characterless and utterly pointless. I fail to understand why anyone would choose to drink here.

3 Sep 2004 11:25

Walkabout, Shepherds Bush

Awful. And yet I still go there about once a year. The curse of being a QPR fan.

My god, it's awful.

3 Sep 2004 11:23

The White Horse, Shepherds Bush

A real pub with so much character that you can scrape it off the walls - with a scrubber. No women or middle/upper class people allowed. Probably.

Cheap and cheerful - I think the near undrinkable IPA is still under �1.50, but the big bottles of magners are under �3 (which is very rare) and I'm told the Guinness is superb.

It also has what is definitely the best pub pool table I've seen in London, and possibly the best in the country.

And one of the worst juke boxes.

3 Sep 2004 11:21

The Green, Shepherds Bush

I time for the new season, this pub has gone QPR-loopy, with loads of blue and white posters and shirts everywhere. Which makes it the best pub in the universe. Well, not really, but as everyone says it's one of the better ones the Bush can offer. The ales are indeed superb, but there's just something a bit artifical about the place. It's like a posh weatherspoons or something. Needs a bit of seediness perhaps.

3 Sep 2004 11:14

Crown and Goose, Camden

Another pub that's hidden off the usual Camden trails. It's one of those pubs that's more a restaurant than a pub or even gastro-pub. Probably because of that I don't hate it as much as most gastro-pubs. It doesn't indulge in sofas or any of that nonsense either. Lots of wonky chairs and tables instead.

31 Aug 2004 17:27

The Spread Eagle, Camden

Traditional English style pub in that fully carpeted and claustrophic manner. Hard to get a seat inside when I've been there although in the summer there's outdoor tables great for watching people go by.

The ales are superb, and the more I think about it, the more I can't think why I haven't been there very often. Note to self: sort it out.

31 Aug 2004 17:21

The Camden Eye, Camden

Yeah, not the best of places. I've got stuck talking to too many annoying drunken soaks in here and I tend to avoid it. The Halfway House is more than an apt name - maybe it's not a pub at all.

I think it's just been done up, although can happily stand corrected if that's not the case. Based on what normally happens to Camden pubs though, a refurb will make it infinitely worse.

31 Aug 2004 17:15

The Black Heart, Camden

One of the best things about this pub is the way it's hidden and avoids being busy when the markets are on. It has ales and is probably the best pub for TV sport in the area. There's even a pool table upstairs, although it does a very good impression of a roller-coaster with the bend in the table.

31 Aug 2004 17:08

The Rat and Parrot, Camden

One Sunday I decided to have a Camden pub crawl comprised of pubs I rarely or never go to. I even managed to go to the horrible NW1 across the road, but once I walked into this one I had to admit defeat and live the life of a broken man.

I guess it will be between this one and the Belushi's on Camden High St for the last Camden pub for me to visit for the first time.

31 Aug 2004 17:03

The Worlds End, Camden

A real tourist's gaff, and is full of people who don't know any better. It's like a Walkabout for Europeans. That's not a criticism of them (or the pub either I guess) as I end up at some pretty useless places when overseas as well, but just be warned.

31 Aug 2004 16:56

The Prince Albert, Camden

A decent enough local, although I don't recall any ale when I visited sometime last year. I sat outside too, so am gutted to learn there's a good jukebox to be found. The leader of the local Hells Angels was drinking in there when I was there (my girlfriend knows who he is from a previous life as a barmaid at another pub) and his stunning bike was parked outside. The best bit though was two disgraceful old drunk slappers who decided to sit on it. I was watching through my fingers and waiting for it all to kick off but he didn't see them and I didn't witness a murder.

31 Aug 2004 16:47

The Camden Brewing Co., Camden

This pub is good, but nowhere as good as the hype present on this page. The ales are good, but too many sofas and too gastro-expensive. A bit out of the way as well, I guess if I was to walk past it regularly, I'd drop in more often.

31 Aug 2004 16:32

The Old Eagle, Camden

Funnily enough I was there with John (below) on the day he mentions and have just discovered his comment now. I'm happy to back up my old chum all the way on this one.

31 Aug 2004 16:27

The 3 Lions, Camden

A few years ago, this was a half-decent boozer with a couple of pool tables and it was all quite easygoing.

So naturally enough, let's tear it down and refurbish it. It always seems empty when I walk past. Deservedly so.

31 Aug 2004 16:18

Quinn's, Camden

Nice for an occasional visit. Massive range of foreign beers and a couple of ales as well. Tends to stay open until 2am, and most remarkably they don't charge you to get in late, and nor do is there any bouncers on the door. Here's hoping that scum don't read this website and get wise to that fact.

31 Aug 2004 16:12

The Abbey, Kentish Town

If this is the one I'm thinking of, then it's the one where I begrudgingly walked in, saw both ales were off, and happily walked out again. Typical horrid gastro pub nonsense.

If it's not, then I apologise.

31 Aug 2004 16:08

The Sir Robert Peel, Kentish Town

I think I got there before the landlord left (see below) so it may have changed already, but there really was no beg-your-pardons about this place. Quite rough, and not really my cup of ale, but it's certainly not aimed at me so who am I to comment. A decent sized crowd was there for a Saturday afternoon so it's doing something right.

31 Aug 2004 16:05

The Haverstock Arms, Belsize Park

I was there about noon on a summer Saturday for a pint and realised there was a rugby match on the telly. The barmaid was happy to put it on for me, and the combination of decent ale and one side of the pub being opened up for the weather had me rating it as one of the best experiences of watching sport in London pubs.

Not sure what it's like at any other time.

31 Aug 2004 15:59

The Sir Richard Steele, Belsize Park

Yeah, a nice pub with so much tat on the walls that it makes the nearby Enterprise look like the Wine Bar. Flowers is the ale on offer here, and it tastes like Flowers too, which is nothing to write home about.

They've been doing some sort of Oriental BBQ so far this summer in their standard London-type concreted beer "garden".

31 Aug 2004 15:55

The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

A great pub. Full of tat on the walls and a sizable range of belgium beers. Which is handy as the tap ale (Green King IPA from memory) is more than a bit whiffy. I like it, I like it a lot.

31 Aug 2004 15:50

The Queens, Primrose Hill

The best pub in Primrose Hill, but that's not saying much really. It had Smiles ale on tap when I was there. And that by itself will have me making a repeat visit if I ever happen to accidentally wander into the area again.

31 Aug 2004 15:46

The Lansdowne, Primrose Hill

I know it's easy to just sit back and criticise, but it's too easy for the place. Full of people with too much money who think it's trendy to dress like a tramp with idiot trucker caps and nonsense canvas slip-on shoes. I got so annoyed by this place that I started pissing up and down the walls of the toilet. This is something I should be ashamed of, but I don't.

31 Aug 2004 15:44

The Pembroke Castle, Primrose Hill

So so very bad. The place was full of people who cannot pronounce the word "Yes" and talk about Big Brother way too much.

Never again.

Unless I'm paid.

A lot.

31 Aug 2004 15:35

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

Used to be my favourite club until I got thrown out (unfairly, as of course everyone claims when they get thrown out from a club) and I barred myself. Now I only go back for gigs.

I can't think why anyone would want to treat it as a pub, even allowing for the cracking jukebox. It really is only for a club night or gigs. Beer is expensive and feels like it's watered down - or at least that would explain why it seems so much harder to get drunk in here than other clubs.

31 Aug 2004 15:31

The Lock Tavern, Camden

I'm on Carol's side here. The people here are unbelievable. It's one of those horrible trendy pubs which hates football until the Euros/World Cup comes around and when they go football-loopy with posters and inflatable footballs on the wall.

Not that I'm even much of a fan of football in pubs, but the hypocrisy is hilarious.

And yes, they do have London Pride. Well, they've had it once out of the five times I've been here. Forget it. Go to hell Lock Tavern. You hear me? GO TO HELL.

31 Aug 2004 15:22

The Monarch, Chalk Farm

I go here quite often because of gigs at the barfly, so much so that I take to ducking out in between each band. The ale is excellent and cheap (recently had a special on Old Bob for 80 pence) but the people can be on the scary side of clinically insane, whilst the old guy who blew his nose and then deliberately let his snot run off his hanky and onto the floor is surely one of the most distrubing things I've witnessed.

Also, only eat here if you're a gambling person. Have an accumulator on 1) how long it will take to get there 2) how many times you'll have to take it back 3) how often the staff will apologise 4) how edible it is and 5) how sick you'll get.

Despite all of that, it still gets a 6 out of 10. Just for the range and quality of the ale.

31 Aug 2004 15:16

The Hawley Arms, Camden

I've been here a few times without ever being too sure why. It's one of those long bars without too much room, although it's rare for a long pub to have its long bit parallel to the road.
I guess the ale is OK, and there was a nice dog asleep on the sofa there once.
I gave it a pat.
And then left.

31 Aug 2004 15:07

The Buck's Head, Camden

Have walked past this place hundreds of times. Walked in once, and that's probably enough. "Dull" is a great word for it.

31 Aug 2004 15:04

The Devonshire Arms, Camden

Gothic, that's the only thing you need to know about the place. And it's not phoney gothic like that ridiculous Ben Crouch place in the west end.

A lot of people will be scared by the people and music in here, but they'll probably be just as scared of your white trainers. Me, I was just happy to hear some Pop Will Eat Itself.

The beer is near-undrinkable. But people don't come here to be beer connoisseurs.

And there's usually some tremendously drunk continentals to be found asleep at the bar.

31 Aug 2004 15:01

The Oxford Arms, Camden

Very plain boozer - it had a needless refurbishment - but has quite drinkable ale. Late-licence that used to sting you for a couple of quid entry for little return (the Dublin Castle may do the same but they at least have a shambolic indie disco out the back). Not sure if they do that anymore.

31 Aug 2004 14:52

The Elephants Head, Camden

Dodgy Courage ales, slightly expensive, and probably in the minority for the area for not having a late licence. Very much a pub full of tribal gatherings -Rockabilly's not dead. Luckily there's no bouncer to refuse you entry for not wearing creepers.

31 Aug 2004 14:45

The Caernarvon Castle, Camden

More bloody people talking about their band and not the pub.

One of those places it's easy to walk past. Gets full when the markets are on, but pretty empty a lot of the other time. I've looked through the window and seen more people on stage than in the audience. And it wasn't the Polyphonic Spree playing.

31 Aug 2004 14:39

Ice Wharf, Camden

A weatherspoons, so very cheap, but full of very young townies - maybe it's pretty lax about checking for ID, although the bouncers are pretty vigilent about everything else.

Not very nice basically. Go there if you like ales and/or laughing at lads with gelled fringes.

31 Aug 2004 14:34

The Edinboro Castle, Camden

Yes, I'll back up what Jason says below. Excellent beer garden, so good for summer, but pointless in the winter when you have to sit in the over-designed interior.

The pool tables are now gone. Always a big no-no in my book.

31 Aug 2004 14:28

The Good Mixer, Camden

One of my favourite pubs ever and easily my most visited this year.

Pool tables, good jukebox, sound and friendly staff (although it's tediously 100% male - apparently they dissuade prospective female employees by insisting they can carry a keg), two perfectly drinkable ales on tap (3B and Old Speckled Hen) and a late licence.

The celebrity-spotting mentioned here is very overhyped. General people-spotting is more rewardable, such as the time I saw a gothic chap using hair-spray in front of one of the mirrors near the pool table.

31 Aug 2004 14:21

The NW1, Camden

Soulless place with a soulless name, but incredibly it's not the worst pub on the street (the Rat and Parrot gets that award).

The name change from the Windsor Castle 3 or 4 years ago is incredibly ugly. There's proper stories and history that revolve around the four Castles in the area (Dublin/Edinboro/Pembroke being the others) and this sort of pointless name change says so much about how pubs are being ruined for little effect in business.

31 Aug 2004 14:09

The Dublin Castle, Camden

Can everyone please stop telling how great their band is?

This pub has an excellent late licence (1am or 12ish on Sundays) and because of that it would be one of my most visited pubs. Rarely have I been there before 11.

The beers are gunk but the music is good. However, now at closing time they have this incredibly offensive and annoying looped message telling you to please leave quietly. It should be banned as a form of torture, and it will surely only be a matter of time before I snip the speaker wires.

31 Aug 2004 13:58

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