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The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Very good village pub, should pick up a-lot of business from Wonersh as their pub The Grantley has been ruined.

22 Sep 2016 11:59

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

Sorry Richard , I know the previous owners and when they left they had a 4 * rating the new kitchen on there first inspection gained a 1 * rating.
The people who have it now have not got a clue how to run a village pub and destroyed a much loved one.

22 Sep 2016 11:57

The Forresters Arms, Guildford

Closed years ago

28 Aug 2016 05:40

The Five and Lime, Guildford

People are right it`s not a pub pretty soulless really, no reason for us to visit again.

28 Aug 2016 05:39

Tickeld Ivory, Guildford

Closed when I passed by

28 Aug 2016 05:36

Casino, Guildford

Pilgrim it`s still over rates at 1.1/0

28 Aug 2016 05:36

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

No EccentricRichard it was the new owners with the one star, they just kept it quiet by not putting the sticker up. I think your also being polite in calling them what you have, they have destroyed a very good village pub, what lunatics would kill the whole atmosphere of a historic place like this.
The food is very pretty but on the whole not worth the money and as for the bar prices, well take your Coutts card.
Nice to see some new ideas ie quiz on Mondays & live music on a Wed`s if they had brains look out.
It`s all money money money.

28 Aug 2016 05:30

Blubeckers at Gomshall Mill, Gomshall

Called in the other day, good range of ales, one i`d not tried before by `Crafty Brewery` which was moreish, we will return.

8 Jan 2016 19:36

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

OMG what has happened, fellwalker your spot on.

Gone forever a once great homely village pub. Lovely food was the bench mark along with local beers and a good chat.

All gone kapoot.

What a difference a couple of months mean

4 Dec 2015 18:30

The Bricklayers Arms, Shamley Green

Another good pub, good range of ales and has a dart board.

6 Sep 2015 19:18

The Red Lion, Shamley Green

Ok pub, saying that more of a restaurant.

6 Sep 2015 19:16

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

We still find this the best pub in the area by far for Sunday roasts, very good range of ales & lagers, with lovely friendly staff.

6 Sep 2015 19:15

The Forresters Arms, Guildford

Keep up NoDisgrace

10 Aug 2015 10:15

The Sportsman, Seasalter

Should read Guildford Tightarse

11 Oct 2013 17:18

The George, Soho

The George has just been taken over by Shepherd Neame, the only good thing about that is it will remain a pub.

11 Oct 2013 17:14

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Totally agree Kevmac.
Annabee comes across as one of those typical selfish parents who let their kids do whatever in public then if anything goes wrong it`s every one elses fault.
What would have happened if hot food got tipped over her child, a claim against the pub no doubt.

10 Sep 2013 11:40

The Crown, Alfold

If people in a village dont use a pub, then it`s their own fault when they shut, it`s no good using it once a year and saying it`s your local, not good enough, others be warned !!!!!!

4 Jun 2013 18:34

The White Horse, Hascombe

Even worse manager now, short dummpy guy.
Years ago this was a top pub, not anymore.

4 Jun 2013 18:23

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi

How can this place get to No.1 overnight when no comments since 2012, smelling a rat here !!!!!!

30 Apr 2013 17:53

The Rowbarge, Guildford

I think there`s good news,looked to have reopened last night.

10 Feb 2013 14:03

The Keep, Guildford

Nice little pub out of the way of the High St. a couple of real ales on Surrey Hills Shere Drop was one which was on good form,did not eat so no comment on food. 6/10

5 Dec 2012 13:07

The Ship Inn, Pitch Place

Will be houses soon I hear.

31 Oct 2012 18:04

The Fox, Fox Corner

Last 5 comments by one hit wonders, makes one think staff.

31 Oct 2012 18:02

Squire Holt, Guildford

Pure restaurant,what its doing on this site heaven knows.

28 Aug 2012 15:47

The Royal Oak, Wood Street

RIP Tony,one of the very best landlords I have ever been served by,will be sadly missed.

27 Mar 2012 16:46

The Peacock, Tower Hill

Same pubs for the last 2 months as `Pub of the Day` very strange !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Mar 2012 11:46

Bar Med, Guildford

Basic pub looks dirty from the outside,cheap drinks nothing special.
How this keeps coming up as pub of the day,it makes one ask have they paid the site for it to happen (6 or so times in last month).

5 Jan 2012 17:27

The Sir Roger Titchbourne, Alfold Bars

Not sure it`s `The Pilgrim` that has the problem,I totally agree with his comment on this pub, mike or is it neil or are they the same person ??

4 Oct 2011 15:53

Pub, Chilworth

Yes Alan your right it has and from the look of it will be closed for a good few months,wish them all the best in getting back on their feet.

27 Aug 2011 13:14

The Sun Inn, Dunsfold

Fair enough guys I stand corrected..
As for punch I spit on them and wish you all the best hope you havn`t got a certain Paul Thomas as your BDM if you have god help you.
Again wish you all the best.

27 Aug 2011 13:11

The Partridge, Partridge Green

Very petty R.English a little growing up needed.

26 Aug 2011 20:04

The Sun Inn, Dunsfold

Bozzybill/tippex are you one and the same running an Ad. for this pub??
I smell a Roland.
No rating given.

26 Aug 2011 20:03

Silent Woman, Coldharbour

Nice Ad. sunshine, beer must be crap as you`ve not said a word about it.
Beerintheevening it`s in the name !!!!

20 Aug 2011 11:33

The Famous Cock Tavern, Islington

Always pop in here after going to The Design Centre, beer always on good form on our visits and staff on the ball.

30 Jul 2011 19:00

The Blind Busker, Hove

Those Rolands just won`t take a hint.

20 Jul 2011 19:19

The Abinger Arms, Abinger Hammer

Good village local should be supported more,don`t drive to quick round the sharp bend or you miss it.

29 Jun 2011 17:19

The William IV, Albury

We do like this pub food good as is the beer,down side are the locals smug pratts who look down on non locals.

29 Jun 2011 17:15

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

Still one of our favourite pubs for both food and drink,the real ales are always well kept the Horsham Best Bitter which has been their standard ale for years is still only �2.95 a pint you will not find better in the the near by pubs.

29 Jun 2011 10:41

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Yep a bloody big roland I smell her.All had smiles on their faces are you sure they weren`t breaking wind ??
Not a very good PR job villagedrinker.

3 Jun 2011 11:17

The Forresters Arms, Guildford

Not worth the walk from Guildford.

20 Apr 2011 18:00

The Horse and Groom, Merrow

Good pub years ago not any more shame.

20 Apr 2011 17:59

The Anchor and Horseshoes, Burpham

I have used this pub on and off for years it`s very average not worth anywhere near 10/10 more like 5/10.I have never found the staff friendly or the service good.
Normally 3/4 ales on which can be abit hit or miss.

20 Apr 2011 17:57

Casino, Guildford

1.2/10 still overrated.

20 Apr 2011 17:50

The Anchor Inn, Godalming

This pub is always going to be up against it, because it`s owned by the hated Punch pub co.
It was ok when it was a `freehouse` but get Punch got involved and bang not good anymore.
I wish the people in here now well but a word don`t trust your BDM ( paul thomas) or you`ll come unstuck !!!
Bewarned many have lost money because of this guy.

15 Apr 2011 11:24

The Old Scalby Mills, Scarborough

5 stars from the council does not mean the food is good only that the management are doing a good job and the kitchens kept clean.

9 Apr 2011 18:35

The Villagers Inn, Blackheath

Now closed down.

6 Apr 2011 18:11

Bar Med, Guildford

This place looks like a public convenience & as with anything else in this awful part of Guildford should be knocked down and rebuilt.
The one thing Bridge St. does for the rest of the town it hoggs all the chav`s.

ps I hear you can eat `dirt` cheap here.

22 Mar 2011 15:44

The Oak, Aston Clinton

I agree with the `Dr` a pub in Chilworth Surrey has Cask Marque and they serve worst pint I have ever tasted so its not worth jack poo.

19 Mar 2011 11:25

The Parrot Inn, Forest Green

Location good but thats where it ends service poor, food about average, beer not bad.
As for having a wedding here i`d rather hold it in KFC or McDonalds.

24 Feb 2011 18:31

The Holly Tree, Addlestone

The last comment I take it the `We` are staff and management ??

11 Jan 2011 15:29

The Mill Tavern, Haslemere

Wingnutt it look`s like the staff got in before you could comment on your visits, as spudnik and emersondf only visit one pub I would sujest they get out more or let everyone know when they will be calling again so we all can have a good meal..
Until then we will take your advice wingnutt and avoid thankyou.

24 Oct 2010 18:26

The Red Lion, Godalming

Reduced my rating,last time we were in it was truely pants. 8/10 now 4/10

21 Oct 2010 17:33

The Black Horse, Gomshall

Good luck to who ever has taken this over, years ago a very good pub but ahell of a lot of work needs doing to it now, get rid of that ruddy great staircase for a start.

21 Oct 2010 17:31

The Volunteer, Sutton Abinger

Closed when we went passed pity lovely location.
Hall and Woodhouse hold your head in shame.
House`s on the way me thinks.

21 Oct 2010 17:27

Hush, Godalming

Now closed.

21 Oct 2010 17:23

The Star, Godalming

Have always found this to be one of the better pubs in Godalming the only thing that we have smelt in here is the food (only been in lunchtimes).Good ale selection same with ciders. 7/10
It would be better if people visited a place first before commenting on it please take note baps !!!!

19 Oct 2010 09:32

The Volunteer, Sutton Abinger

All change in here again I hear ???

23 Sep 2010 11:43

The Three Horseshoes, Thursley

Mmmmmmm it must have changed hands looking at the one hit comments below.
Not saying things don`t change but the last the food was very poor even Brakes would have disowned it.

16 Sep 2010 15:16

The Three Horseshoes, Cranleigh

Best pub in the village only real pub in the village!

11 Sep 2010 14:52

The Richard Onslow, Cranleigh

Mmmmm the `Pink Dick` is now far more a restaurant than a pub I get the feeling they just tolerate us drinkers.
sandraparker where else can you suggest this can`t be the only place you`ve been can it ??

11 Sep 2010 14:51

The Bulls Head, Ewhurst

Could be oh Beardedone but where else do you use ?

11 Sep 2010 14:47

The Prince of Wales, Aldershot

Katieb I bet its the same BRM that covers Guildford if it is he`s well know as being rubbish and could see dozens of pubs closed because he`s so bad.
Ask the ex landlord of The Robin Hood Guildford ( he was shafted after being the pub for over 10 years).
Punch come over as a useless bunch of w```````s.
Do not trust them.

1 Jul 2010 19:20

The Robin Hood, Guildford

All gone wrong and such a shame but anyone who`s had any dealings with the awful `Punch pub co`will know your banging ur head against a brick wall.The BDM for this pub has about 5/6 pubs closing down so he must be backing the landlords well NOT !!!! and they wonder why they have such a shite name.
I wish Tony all the best.

7 Jun 2010 18:59

The Plough, Coldharbour

Easy for you to say TWG lol

31 May 2010 16:05

The Plough, Coldharbour

The law has now changed or is about to where you do have to give free water to cutomers if asked !!!!

24 Apr 2010 11:45

The Richard Onslow, Cranleigh

Pic very outdated now.
Not so much a pub as an eatting house now adays,take your credit card with you, the meals are not that expencive but you have to buy a few to fill you up.

24 Feb 2010 17:19

The George Abbot, Guildford

Beer`s still very good but the food over the last few weeks has gone really downhill.

4 Dec 2009 19:02

Players Lounge, Guildford

1.2/10 is way way over rated. - 50 more like,except if your a chav.

2 Nov 2009 16:02

The Three Pigeons, Guildford

Missing reviews again I see.
Yes Mitcells & Butler have taken it back so its now a pub again not a "gastro thingy jobby" which looking at a back review had 3000 cutomers a week yea right believe that and we`re get pink snow tomorrow !!!
Hope the new people have great success and well donr giving it back its true name.
Will be in this week.

ps is there going to be a cull on squirrel`s ???? or just the one ??

21 Oct 2009 19:15

The William Bray , Shere Guildford Surrey

As already said its a "gastro pub" so expect to pay. Local beer fine (Surrey hills brewery) menu average does not have a great choice ie no chicken dishes for a main course.
Alot of money has been spent on doing the place up its clean and tidy which you`d expect from a refurb. Because of the high ceilings its hard to get a cozy atmosphere .
All in all not bad, far better than down the road.

21 Oct 2009 19:03

The Donkey, Tilford

Small bar but don`t be put off by that, beer was fine same as the food,will call again when next in this neck of the woods.

17 Oct 2009 19:11

Pub, Chilworth

Went here to meet a few friends the other night left PDQ as the place was full of travelling folk not for us thankyou.

17 Oct 2009 19:07

Pews, Guildford

Pews has just lost its ourdoor late night licence which will damage the place i`m afraid.

17 Oct 2009 10:30

Farriers, Guildford

This is so successful that it`s been taken back by Mitchells & Butler and it will go back to being a trad. pub, thank goodness its also going to get its true name back,rock on "The Three Pigeons"

Look out Squirrel your next.

2 Oct 2009 10:45

The Keep, Guildford

Not been in here in over a year,it has changed for the better,yes it is quiet alot of the time but good for a chill out drink all the same ,Surreyhills beer on which was very good and a good choice of lagers.
A good night had.

20 Sep 2009 14:46

The Keystone, Guildford

Am I dreaming or has a comment gone missing ( something about this pub fitting in well in Basingstoke ??)
As it goes not a bad place there are worse in Guildford,but I would not make it here on a regular basis.
Lager ok,service average,nothing special. Well over rated at 7/10 more like a 4.

Lets see if this goes missing too,has the pub something to hide ??????

20 Sep 2009 14:41

Scrumptious, Guildford

Cheap and nasty looking gaff.
Must be doing well its for sale !

20 Sep 2009 14:34

Casino, Guildford

Have driven past 2/3 times and the place should be closed !!!!!!!!

20 Sep 2009 14:32

Tickeld Ivory, Guildford

Have driven past 2/3 times place always looks closed ????

20 Sep 2009 14:30

The Squirrel at Hurtmore, Hurtmore

2 years since my last visit and it will be a good 2 years before we try again.It was poor on our last visit and it was the same now all thats changed is it`s had a lick of paint and the prices are much higher.Gone is the traditional pub feel, yes it`s clean and tidy but there`s no atmoosphere,much the same as the other pubs in this chain.
mylesgilbert dont say that you save pubs because you dont ,you change them (as said before by triunph) into restaurants that serve the odd beer all you care about is the number of people you get through the door not a toss about the history of the place it`s a wonder you didn`t change the name of this pub as well.

28 Jul 2009 09:18

The King Alfred, Godalming

Well at last its happened boarded up and closed,it always did have a board in one window or other but now its closed as well.
Will anyone miss this pub ??

3 Jul 2009 10:54

The Live and Let Live, Guildford

Have been told its being taken over by the same people that have The Boilerroom I wish them all the best.
Nice little olde Guildford pub.

3 Jul 2009 10:36

The Five and Lime, Guildford

Ok bar nothing great better than when it was the Carptenters Arms before the Mary Rose.
Drmilo you need to take a pill and get out more,why do you only big up the same two bars that are in the same chain more like Dr Strange.

3 Jul 2009 10:34

Crown Inn, Westcott

On our way from Dorking to Woking the other day stopped off for a drink,looking at some of the comments on here calling this pub grubby and tired i thought were a tad harsh, not anymore because that`s the case.The lager I had was ok same as the O/Juice my other half had,we would not eat here as its not very inviting.We should have known better looking at the outside of the place.
If any of the people who have tried to make this pub out to be super dooper
had any shame they would hang their heads.

ps whats monaing mean ?

22 Feb 2009 10:03

Pub, Chilworth

The last comment is suspect, reasons ? 1. only talks about this pub and its sister pub ( which can`t be doing that well,it`s gone bust) 2. why go to the second pub which does exactly the same food? 3. Why on earth eat at a pub that has been slated by the local council for very poor hygiene ?? 4. the beer is shite.
A strong wiff of another Cheap advertising campaign.
Go to one of the next village`s turn either way at the crossroads far far better. 2/10

2 Jan 2009 16:46

The Merry Harriers, Hambledon

Hang on Biker give us a lift mate.

19 Sep 2008 20:24

Barton Turns Inn, Barton under Needwood

Stopped off here while on a barge for a couple of pints and a snack,a very good stop off point.

19 Sep 2008 20:19

The Cyder House Inn, Shackleford

Just because the Advertising campaign is not going well some folk are upset Arrrrrrr shame.
Ps pubcrawler i notice you don`t Crawl that far ( a little bit of crawling going on here tho)
Tally ho

10 Aug 2008 15:34

The Cyder House Inn, Shackleford

Well well as an outsider on this soap i would say Beersupper and Biker are on the money.
This has been an average pub for years and not full-filled its potential and still hasn`t in my humble view,so when you see a glut of good comments coming from peeps only doing so for one pub alarm bells start ringing.
Good name gaudyjohn (hope it does not suit you in real life)you coming back and starting the squabbling is a bit of pot an kettle,and rightly as Biker says and i ask why only comment on one pub and an average one at that??
And sorry did i miss something i thought this was a village pub not a gastro pub !Tally ho.

8 Aug 2008 15:45

The Queen Victoria, Shalford

It`s only a pub if it`s got beer which this didn`t last week !!

4 Jul 2008 21:23

The Anchor, Wisley

An Anchor burger i`d sooner eat a cow pat mmmmm come to think of it i possibly did.How this can be rated in the top 12 pubs in Surrey heaven only knows service p.poor, beer average at best and food yuck only good feature location and just for that it should not be rated as a top 12 pub.

4 Jul 2008 21:20

The Cranley Hotel, Cranleigh

I have to say this is the standard for Cranleigh pubs and if i lived here would prob.give up drinking. So not moving anywhere near this village thank you very very much.

7 Jun 2008 17:05

Fahrenheit 55, Guildford

I do agree here Mr R bloody horid place ok if you like being pushed about alot, it should change back to a cheese shop!!!!!

27 May 2008 19:29

The Keep, Guildford

Nope don`t see it MrReasonable still looks like the inside of a scout hut to me and got to say if you dream about this place see someone about your complaint hope it`s not catching.
The service was ok it`s just the place.

27 May 2008 19:26

The Live and Let Live, Guildford

I have to agree with Beersupper the place is closed or it was last week.I had a look through the letter box and it looks as if it`s just been left to rot.
So Beersupper you don`t have to look i`ve done it for you ol chap.

27 May 2008 19:22

The Queens Head, East Clandon

Of the comments for this pub nearly all are from people who only use one place which makes me disregard them all, if the management of this chain want to advertise (and they have done the same thing for their other pubs ) don`t think we are all stupid,2 people have put something which i will take on board and thats Biker & Beersupper as they at least use other pubs and restaurants.

23 May 2008 18:08

The Green Man (Harvester), Burpham

Just been past the pub and what a sorry sight it makes who ever owns the building needs shooting,what people forget is that before it became a bloody harvester it was a very good locals pub, 2 bars (public & saloon) which catered for local needs some idiot in a office (prob. just out of school.) some where saw it had a good size carpark and was a good size building bang goes the pub in comes a crap restaurant.
To see it left to rot like this is a great shame i hope who ever has done this fails in what ever they put in its place.
Toss pots!!!!!!

23 May 2008 17:52

The Guildford Tup, Guildford

Agreed aleman one of the better places in town.
Pilgrim a bit harsh but i agree the name should still be The Spread Eagle.

17 May 2008 14:15

All Bar One, Guildford

Ha Ha iv`e not stopped laughing at the service we got in here 9 months ago.
Looks like nothing has changed.

17 May 2008 14:10

The Five and Lime, Guildford

Have been told the place has shut.

17 May 2008 14:07

The Keep, Guildford

Same ol same ol name change but still looks like a scout hut.Don`t know what it is but always get a cold feeling in here not cozy at all.

17 May 2008 14:04

The Albany, Guildford

Had a couple of pints in here last night and found it quite chilled out,much better than the last time so it`s now found it`s own level,got to say it did help having 2 lovely barmaids working both friendly.
With the`s still more of a bar than a pub saying that all in all a good night had.

15 May 2008 11:25

The Old Boat, Alrewas

Got to say it looked closed to us so did not stop.

11 May 2008 13:24

The George And Dragon, Alrewas

I think it was the bunch of chav`s outside having a puff that put us off this pub.

11 May 2008 13:23

The Richard Onslow, Cranleigh

I have heard if you like all in Polish wrestling this is the place to be!!!!

30 Apr 2008 12:04

The Kings Arms Royal Hotel, Godalming

How this place has been voted as one of the best pubs in England God only knows was Robert Mugabe in charge of the ballot papers?
Yes they have spent a wedge of money on the place but the service is poor, beer average and we would not think of eating here.
Other than that it`s fantastic.

11 Apr 2008 19:38

The Black Horse, Gomshall

Another one bites the dust.
Gone will it reopen who knows.

23 Mar 2008 17:34

The Seahorse, Shalford

They just dont seem to ever get this restaurant right(it`s not a pub) must be all the microwaves they have.Yet another referb going on but same old brakes food i`ve been told by an insider. Nudge Nudge

17 Mar 2008 14:34

The Queen Victoria, Shalford

This pub seems to be on the slide at the moment was a good little dinking den.

17 Mar 2008 14:29

The White Horse, Hascombe

Thanks for the reply JFG got to say i have read shorter books thou...

12 Nov 2007 17:15

The Stag on the River, Eashing

Dont normaly agree with an Anonymous comment but the one dated 1st Nov. looks spot on.We can totally disregard the comments by hungryqueen and pubster as they have only comented on this place which strongly points the finger at ths staff or managment doing a very cheap advertising stunt.
We have had beer and food here and its quite average for the price just the same as the other pubs in this chain (Tilford and Clandon).
Dont slate the other pubs close by inprove your own.
Its still a great location just not when its been raining coz its floods alot.

10 Nov 2007 12:54

The Little Park Hatch, Cranleigh

Anonymous 6th Nov. and 19th Sept.if you like this pub sooo much why no name or are you ashamed to admit you drink here??
Just asking as no one trusts anonymous compliments.
DO They??
Beer good landlord a dry old stick ment in the nicest way,did not eat so no comment on food

8 Nov 2007 17:53

The Three Horseshoes, Cranleigh

Sorry left out that this is by far the best pub in Cranleigh,but were`s Jeff not the same with out him.

8 Nov 2007 17:44

The Three Horseshoes, Cranleigh

All this anonymous rubbish.

Get a life stop sniffing bar stools.

8 Nov 2007 17:42

Hush, Godalming

Looks like its closed or its a doss house.

8 Nov 2007 17:33

The White Horse, Hascombe

Firstly we wish you all the best with this venture JFG.I agree you do have some dismal neighbours who`s pubs are far to restauranty or wine barish.But you also have some very good village pubs that do very good pub food which is shorely what a pub should do not all this fancy restaurant rubbish.
You say that you commonly do over 300 meals on a sunday so really speaking there is no excuse for poor service as your used to this number of people.

ps you prob. won`t have time to read this as the pies still cooking.

8 Nov 2007 11:35

The Mucky Duck Inn, Tismans Common

Love this place for its rustic feel, beers good did not eat here but pizzas looked very moreish.

8 Nov 2007 11:06

Fox Inn, Rudgwick

Way over the top on prices,sevice not good food average. If your going to Guildford try the village pubs further on Alfold, Bramley(BIT EXPENSIVE)or Wonersh.

8 Nov 2007 11:04

Scrumptious, Guildford

Went passed today looks closed.

2 Nov 2007 21:24

The Anchor and Horseshoes, Burpham

Could be a great pub and being the only one in Burphan now it should be. But its not.
It stinks of the gents loo when your in the middle of the bar,the service is piss poor and the sausages are crap.
And Joe Birney does rule OK.

11 Oct 2007 20:07

The Horse and Groom, Merrow

Another ruined by a pub chain.Used to be a top pub when it was 2 bars now a microwave eating hole.
Inside decor has got to have been the choice of a female which is awful in my book.

11 Oct 2007 20:01

The Drummond Arms, Albury

Called in on a nice crisp sunny lunch time sat outside shared my meal with the ducks and enjoyed my pint.Very relaxing.

6 Oct 2007 16:04

The Villagers Inn, Blackheath

Since our last visit the menu has changed, shame they have not come up with something new rather than copy another pub in a near by village.

6 Oct 2007 16:02

The Albany, Guildford

Good luck guys with The Three Pigeons much better suited to food than here.

11 Aug 2007 17:03

The Legion, Guildford

Place is ok nothing special i wish them luck.
But i will say how can anyone read Callums comments with out laughing he rates other pubs with rocks or sucks (a man of words )and even rates a pub thats been shut for over 18 months,the standard of staff must be quite poor....

11 Aug 2007 17:00

The Five and Lime, Guildford

Service poor says it all really.

30 Jul 2007 15:56

The White Hart, Wood Street

I have to agree with janeo on our visit we found the place has lost its pubiness and warmness for a cold restaurant feel,its also very pricey.Might work else where but not here.

13 Jul 2007 13:24

The Star, Godalming

Sorry i must be going Doolally or has another comment a landlord does not like gone missing coz i cant see a comment from thommi for you to answer "bestpubbloke"
if your going to have a go at someone leave the comment affending comment alone so the rest of us can be up with the chatter, if you have it removed it makes your reply pointless and you look a bit of a prat.
Rant over when we visited this pub we found the service good same as the beer did not eat so no comment there.

7 Jul 2007 09:52

The Woolpack, Elstead

Sorry am i missing something here what are you talking about Star76 i dont see a comment from Guildford drinker for you to put straight, i take it his comment was not liked by the pub so it was removed,so whats the point of this site if you can`t say what you think?
We visited the pub and found it average but going by some of the comments thats better than its been in the past so it must have been awful.

p s there are a couple of good pubs in the area ie.The Mill or The Donkey.

4 Jul 2007 09:52

The Blue Ship, The Haven

Called in for the 1st.time the other night and had a lovely time.Staff were friendly service good,my only negative is the lack of a good lager but thats always the problem with a Hall & Woodhouse pub they have no idea whats a good or bad one.But if you enjoy your bitter no probs here. 7/10

22 Jun 2007 14:49

Crown Inn, Westcott

Love the comments on the board outside.

7 Jun 2007 12:35

The Weavers Arms, Guildford

On a par with The Royal so don`t bother calling here.

7 Jun 2007 12:22

The Barley Mow, The Sands

We could not remember if we had been here before so thought give it a try.Well as soon as the food came out we looked at the portion size and remembered we had.Very small amount of food for a main course more like a starter (�9.50)only had a shandy so no comment on beer, but not recommened for food keep driving and find The Donkey also the other Barley Mow in Tilford not recommened
Poss. this comment won`t` last long but be warned.

31 May 2007 13:41

Fahrenheit 55, Guildford

Typical of Guildford you have to come to very small bar to get a late drink with no hassle.Bridge Street should be bulldozed along with any thing to do with Mr.Harper and let independent people be able to open bars and not always bloody pub groups.
Rant over.
Problem with this bar its just not big enough.

29 May 2007 18:33

Worplesdon Place Hotel, Worplesdon

This place has lost its way.Food average but price`s not (too expensive by far),service poor and the wait for food is very bad.
So it gets a no from us.

20 May 2007 14:14

Bel and The Dragon, Godalming

The whole chain of 3/4 Bel and Dragon Restaurants are for sale if you have a few million.
Not as good as in the past.

5 May 2007 11:54

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

Its been a year since i posted about this pub we have called in 5/6 times over the last few months and the standard is as good as ever.The ales change weekly i had the Lone wolf,Horsham & Doombar there were a couple of others on as well.The meals were very good to.
For a relaxing evening well recommended.

30 Apr 2007 14:07

Worplesdon Place Hotel, Worplesdon

I found the range of drinks good, the food is not traditional pub food far more a picture on the plate job(restaurantish) and it is on the expensive side and you have to wait an age.So it will be sometime before we call again.

14 Apr 2007 08:06

The Robin Hood, Guildford

Mucky looking bar area now i`m afraid gone down hill alot over the last 5/6 mounths possibly the landlord`s lost interest and spends too much time in the pub over the road.Rubbish cider served here as well.
Beersupper try this place now and see for yourself.

14 Apr 2007 07:45

The Villagers Inn, Blackheath

I totally agree this place is in a great setting but needs cleaning up.
We would still use this over The Percy Arms.

13 Apr 2007 18:34

The White Lion, Milford

Not very inviting from the outside so did not go in!

13 Apr 2007 18:28

The Royal Oak, Guildford

6 months since i last called in here and my what a change the place is now a complete Craphole.The bar staff are all over the place ( not sure what the short barmaid was on but was not on this planet)drinks being thrown all over the place,people just going behind the bar to help themselves.
Who the heck runs this wreck of a pub.Keep well clear if you fancy a chilled night out.
It will be another 6 years before i venture in here if ever,such a shame a good pub gone bonkers.0/10

13 Apr 2007 18:17

The Squirrel at Hurtmore, Hurtmore

I had heard that this place once won the "pub of the year" can not see it myself.
I found the food ok,
the beer ok just,
the sevice average.

2 Apr 2007 16:27

The Queens Head, East Clandon

Not a village pub anymore,just another one changed to an eating place.If you want a pub carry on to the next village.

22 Mar 2007 20:29

The Three Horseshoes, Thursley

Service not friendly,drinks ok but very smokey in the bar area.Restaurant area well it will be a victim of its small portions and over the top price`s,service was awful waited 45mins and the place was empty.
Not again thank you.

16 Mar 2007 19:21

The Three Compasses, Alfold

The Captain run`s a very good bozzer worth a visit beer well kept and food good.

7 Feb 2007 23:58

The Stag on the River, Eashing

ooops 17th Jan

18 Jan 2007 17:55

The Stag on the River, Eashing

Called in yesterday (18th Jan.) and it was closed lunch time what is going on ,has it changed hands again??Lovely setting and good food and beer normally.

18 Jan 2007 17:53

The Albany, Guildford

I have looked through all the comments and had a bit of a laugh at the cheap attempt of an advertising campaign so i will disregard the lot of them.
Saying all that the place is nicely layed out it has a reasonable selection of wines and beers and the staff where friendly,we did not eat here but the menu looked good.
It is a cross between a pub cum bar cum restaurant.

18 Jan 2007 17:36

The Kings Head, Guildford

A good cozy good ales. All in all a good atmosphere and nice place to go.

15 Jan 2007 15:14

The Little Park Hatch, Cranleigh

Icalled in to see the Landlord ,i had heard he had a bike for sale,alas no bike.Food & ale good.

20 Oct 2006 19:47

The Bulls Head, Ewhurst

Called in the other lunch time i`m sure i saw the Landlord had a hair out of place.Food good same as the beer.

20 Oct 2006 19:44

The Royal Oak, Guildford

I have been in here a few times recently & i have to agree the bar service is not that bad,(yes they do talk far to much to their friends )but the wait on food is really awful.I will not use this place again!!!! I would have given this 2 for being there but its not worth that.

19 Oct 2006 20:53

The Drummond Arms, Albury

Not the same since Den and Val left.Lost its homely feel.

1 Aug 2006 17:42

Pub, Chilworth

Have been in here a few times as friends live near,afraid to say gone down over the last year food wise, price`s gone up �5.50 for an average wine way over the top.The sort of place they want you to eat your food as quick as you canand leave so they can get more people in not a relaxing time

1 Aug 2006 17:39

The Keep, Guildford

Just changed its name again now known as Mustard,keep changing this place`s name will not make it a good pub.Lets go back to being The Two Brewers & get a good landlord in who knows how to run a good friendly establishment.Any chance i think not hoow hum

29 Jul 2006 15:48

The Seahorse, Shalford

Sorry to disagree sunny,but if Mitchells & Buttler is not a chain i don`t know what is.As a local in this area for over 40 years i am feed up with pub companies taking away our local pubs which has happened here & is happening all over where will it stop.I just want to be able to go to my local a have a pint & a chat can`t do that because of companies like the above,Punch etc.

29 Jul 2006 15:41

The Hurtwood Inn, Peaslake

In the middle of no where,stopped for a bite to eat and drink,not bad.

18 Jun 2006 19:34

The Kings Head, Guildford

Not a bad place to eat & drink

29 May 2006 09:26

The Villagers Inn, Blackheath

nice on a sunny day nuff said

21 May 2006 18:26

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

Had another night in this delightful pub today can not stress how good this place is.six very good draught ales to choose from Jennings Sneck Lifter was very moreish & the Broadside was one of the best pints i have had in a while, the food was up to the normal very high standard.What more can i say.great place.

9 Apr 2006 09:28

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