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The Greyhound, Hendon

Over the last few months or so it seems to be getting back on track with the new fellow having much more of an idea on how to go about things. The ale is much improved and there is also the introduction of some modern day keg American style beers. The demise of the absurd number of draught ciders introduced by the previous incumbent is welcomed. He, fortunately for the residents of North London, has taken his particular "wrong side of the bar" style of Management to Gloucester. Ah well, fun for them at weekends "pass the nuts and cider" I wonder if he will fall on his own Sword. ;-) Will give the food a try shortly but can't be worse than fish fingers during the week and nuts at the weekend! Let's hope the Greyhound will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes! Promising start.

19 Oct 2016 16:00

The Greyhound, Hendon

I mentioned in my last review that maybe they were finding their feet. Well, they certainly have found their feet.............and done a bunk!! Thank goodness. Maybe things might get back on track again.

19 Dec 2015 14:19

The Beaufort, Hendon

Went to the RAF museum and so popped in here - against my better judgement and as the Dovecote closed - and had a pint of keg bitter which cost me £4.74!! WOW! Don't know about the private flats but the customers looked iffy to me. Then again you would need to be dodgy-dealing to afford these prices! Staffed by people with poor command of the English language - although that is now considered the norm for a UK pub, I guess.

17 Aug 2014 13:14

The New Chandos, Colindale

I had heard good things about this place so popped in. Ale was very well kept but only three taps with one turned. Leuchars IPA and Youngs bitter. The menu looked reasonable and well priced and will be trying the Sunday roast shortly as finding a local Sunday roast is becoming more difficult. The chef appeared behind the bar for a few moments and looked professionally dressed, usually a good sign. Lovely folk evening going on and a very pleasant atmosphere. I understand from local chat that the people here are new - I don't now how new but I certainly wish them well with this enterprise.

17 Aug 2014 13:00

The Greyhound, Hendon

Oh dear! Whilst I agree that the previous management wouldn't win prizes in a personality contest they at least knew how to run a pub! The last couple of times I have been in the lack of ale has been getting worse. There are more staff the wrong side of the bar than customers and the menu...well.. what do you say about a weekend menu, advertised as "new" I may add, that is about the size of a postage stamp and advertises four different types of nuts!! We thought the young lady was kidding but nope; that's it nuts and salad and dips! Chefs special during the week...Fish Fingers! Come on get a grip.. we're not children for goodness sake!! I do hope that things improve as like many I have always liked this pub. Maybe they're trying to find there feet; let's just hope.

17 Aug 2014 12:51

The Claddagh Ring, Hendon

Hadn't been in here for a long while and was hunting for something to eat after fleeing the Greyhound where the new weekend menu consists of....nuts! Four different types mind you! The food Sunday afternoon in the Claddagh was good and plentiful. Not the cheapest roast around but very tasty and well served. Bar staff were excellent too. On this basis I tried during the week, sort of early evening for a drink and was surprised that it was very busy and the crowd were quite a pleasant lot. It seems it's all keg beer but I reverted to the Guinness which was fine. I have never seen so many tvs so it won't appeal to everyone and I have no idea about the club side of it as I saw no bouncers. However for my two visits the staff, all of whom were fairly young, were attentive and polite. Full marks to them.

17 Aug 2014 12:35

The Elephant Inn, North Finchley

This Sunday my pint was served in a glass that was collecting the drips from the handpump!! This is very bad policy and I assume that it is some sort of money saving program. The ale was tainted/stale because of this process. Goodness knows how long the glass had been collecting these drips - or maybethe ale was left over from pulling someone elses pint. This is a practice that should be discouraged!! That having been said this is still a great pub with well kept ales and pleasant atmosphere and once the pint was changed it didn't happen again.
The restaurant is also pleasant.

19 Sep 2013 10:32

Dewdrop Inn, Eastbourne

Very pleasant "proper" pub with two guest beers. Both in good condition. Nice firendly bar staff and good crowd. Could probably have done without the young drunk proping up the bar but hey, he helps to pay the rates when I'm not there so tolerable for a Saturday night. This pub and the Dolphin across the road compliment each other nicely. Recommended.

20 Feb 2013 13:03

The Railway Tavern, Mill Hill

Your description of this pub reminds me of the advert - "he should have gone to spec-savers!" By the way I hear they are selling spectacles now without the rose-tint. A Harley on the new pub sign - wow - that should pack 'em in! A bit dangerous, I would have thought, to have your customer base as "middle-aged/elderly chaps and ladies" - one good flu pandemic and you could find yourself without any customers at all!! ;-)

23 Jan 2013 16:44

The Rising Sun, Gawsworth

I booked into the Premier Inn attached to this pub. Went in here for a coffee and noticed they only had one tap on, Spitfire. Will you have anything else this evening I asked. I think so said the barman. They didn't so I went to another Pub!
I have noticed bad reviews for breakfast on other sites but can only say the breakfast was very well cooked and with good ingredients too, so, perhaps they have cleaned up their act. Good value at £8.50 too. Friendly breakfast staff. All credit to them!

23 Jan 2013 14:28

The Legh Arms, Adlington

Nice looking pub inside. Staff trying their very best but too young to fully understand how ale should be served. Cloudy it should not be. Looking at some reviews wonder if that applies to the food also! Robinsons Unicorn was in very poor condition and shouldn't have been served at all! A bit of a dour atmosphere but nevertheless was in good company so enjoyed the evening. Can't possibly recommend from a beer point of view but have been to worse pubs so if you're a lagerite you probably would get on ok here. To be fair I would give it another go if in the area.

15 Jan 2013 16:19

The Three Hammers, Mill Hill

Tried again for the New Year - and for old times’ sake. Fourteen minutes to get served. Counted six people in the pub and two of those were comatose by the bar! At this speed I have no idea how they achieved it. Perhaps they had been there for several days or possibly brought their own drinks! The barman was serving tea to someone in the very back of the pub. Japanese tea ceremonies pass quicker than this chap attempting to use a semi automatic espresso machine. As customers here are treated as a mere inconvenience to the staff, perhaps a sign outside saying "BRING YOUR OWN DRINKS" might be appropriate! The mens toilet was interesting. An overflowing bucket under one of the urinals and a window open and hanging on one hinge! Lovely view for the pedestrians and bus passengers, I'm sure. One cubicle was shut off and the whole place smelt like something had died in it! No soap and only one hand drier working. There was a wonderful sign about how their hygiene is of the highest standard! The only thing one could possibly describe as of high standard in this pub would be incompetence! Left most of the beer and drove to the Rising Sun. See you next year by which time, hopefully, someone will have learnt to change a barrel and telephone a plumber!

11 Jan 2013 17:23

Three Mariners, Hythe

Lovely little pub with quality local beers in fine form! Good bar staff and friendly crowd make this the best pub I have visited in Hythe so far.

11 Dec 2012 08:00

The Railway Tavern, Mill Hill

Oh dear! I see this going the same way as it's namesake on the Ridgeway. Yes it's been painted and yes there's a new bit of flooring laid but there it ends. Same intimidating locals, same loud rock(?) music, same one hand pump and it tasted like the same beer even though the pubs been closed!! A lot of money was spent on the Railway Engineers on the Ridgeway but when it reopened it failed to attract new customers because the old intimidatng locals were still there. If that's the same dozen or so customers that is wanted fine but the management might as well have saved the money on the paint job!

17 Oct 2012 08:12

Belgian Cafe, Ramsgate

Good selection of Belgian beers and a fair selection of bottle ales, Shepherd Neame mainly. Can truly be described as quirky with a genuine pub atmosphere. We came here late in the evening so didn't eat.A mixed age group and very pleasant time here. Recommended!

26 Sep 2012 09:13

The Foy Boat, Ramsgate

This is a pub that has clearly maintained it's character inside and out. Nice mix of people and friendly staff. If I were local I would probably use it. The ales are very standard and not that inspiring, although I concur with the reasons for that given in the review below. I would happily pay 3.80 for a pint of something different but I guess the guvnor may have duifficulty shifting it. Nevertheless it's a nice pub with its own charm and certainly worth a visit.

25 Sep 2012 17:28

The Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate

Arrived to very loud music early in the evening. There was a band playing. The two girls actually had good voices but as is often the case were completely out maneuvered by the instrument players. Employ someone to mix for you girls!! The chap playing bass guitar should of had the strings removed, then he would have sounded fine! ;-) We escaped to the very back which was strictly reserved for diners, of which ther were none at the time. The staff were very happy for us to do so.The band gave up the ghost at 7.30 so we lingered on. Glad we did. Tremendous ales on the pumps. Service was very friendly and the people behind the bar quite knowledgeable. This is a place in good hands and will return any time I am in this area. For ale drinkers I highly recommend it. Lovely!

25 Sep 2012 17:16

The Red Lion, Ramsgate

Apparently a camra pub. Gadds in very good condition. Unfortunately unbearably loud rock music and intimidating locals make it a no reutrn for us. All I can say is that it must have the clientelle it wants as a pub. Can't recommend despite the ale.

25 Sep 2012 16:59

The Marine, Eastbourne

motco had a lucky escape I would say from my experience here! ;-)

17 Aug 2012 12:15

The Mill, Mill Hill

Another one bites the dust! Originally planning permission was refused on "community" grounds then, I guess, it's pass the brown envelope time and "presto" it's going to be an old folks home. I can't see ale drinkers missing it much but it is another part of Mill Hill that will be gone forever.

20 Jul 2012 14:15

The Moon Under Water, Colindale

Not impressed one bit by the staff although this is a chain so I suppose they are down there with the rest of 'em. Ale was ok but lay out and atmosphere left much to be desired. My experience is that it is a local place for the local wineos to get wineod!

16 Apr 2012 09:54

The Greyhound, Hendon

Another pleasant visit. Ale was great and had Sunday lunch which was an excellent roast and very good value. Still by far the best pub in the area Mill Hill/Colindale/Edgware/Hendon.

16 Apr 2012 09:48

The Railway Engineer, Mill Hill

Can someone confirm if this is still open? Have been told it's becoming a supermarket!

16 Apr 2012 09:31

Ye Olde Mitre Inne, Barnet

Great pub with first class staff and atmosphere. I found one of the ales that suited and it was well kept and presented. Place was packed but jolly. If you like real ale and "proper" pubs this is a must visit.

16 Apr 2012 09:24

The Railway Tavern, Mill Hill

Had a go. If this is the new management they must be using the same hand book as the old! Ale awful. One pump and goodness knows what was in it! Loud rock(?) music and intimidating locals. The furniture deserves the clientelle! Left the beer and the pub. It was three nos from us! Absoutely dreadful!

24 Jan 2012 16:59

The Waggon and Horses, Elstree

Returned to this pub recently. It has changed - for the better. I didn't particulary like the beers Jack o Legs from Tring Brewery and Old Speckled Hen from Moorland (?) (I don't like Wychwood either so Hobgoblins a non-starter for me.) but they seem to be trying different beers so that's a good thing and not all bitters suit all drinkers as we know. However the food was fantastic pub grub and so well cooked and presented. Best meal in a pub for absolutely ages! No complaints at all from the four of us. I concur with the comments below. It is so unusual to find two such charming and friendly women behind a bar nowadays. Inside very well laid out and friendly! Try their site (waggon&horseselstree) looks like they do a bit of entertainment. I'll be back when out this way.

24 Jan 2012 15:21

The Bell at Mill Hill, Mill Hill

Reopened this week as PREZZO!

25 Nov 2011 16:25

The Beaufort, Hendon

A new pub called the Dovecote has opened just around the corner to this place. A Marstons house but had a couple of very interesting ales on that were very well kept. Friendly staff as well and the beer is not as expensive. Maybe it will encourage this place to pull it's socks up. Would not attempt to eat here after the last time; I have a microwave at home that I can cook equally badly with!

25 Nov 2011 15:44

The Nuthouse, Eastbourne

If the name doesn't put you off and the intimidating locals drawing on cigarettes outside don't put you off then you probably won't mind the even more intidating ones both sides of the bar inside! Can only be described as absolutely dreadful along with the flat beer and unkempt inside areas. Stayed long enough not to feel too threatened when walking out!! I'm staggered that places like this still exist.

14 Sep 2011 16:28

The Bell at Mill Hill, Mill Hill

Closed (at last!). Allegedly reopening as a Pizzeria, probably because there are not enough pizza places in Mill Hill Broadway at the moment!! Amongst those that will sadly miss this place are:
1) the local glaziers who will have far less work to do on Monday mornings effecting repairs to the local shop front windows.
2) the road sweeper who spent a good part of each morning cleaning the fag ends off the street which had been deposited there the previous night by the brainless morons that have infested this place since time immemorial.
3) The brainless morons!
Lets hope this place remains as dead as the Norwegian Blue Parrot. R.I.P.

3 Aug 2011 09:36

The Mill, Mill Hill

Tried the IPA. Wow! Completely off (vinegar) I can understand a barrel running low but this shows that the ales are not properly kept. The London Pride was also a struggle to drink.

7 Jul 2011 13:00

The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill

I have to review the Adam and Eve again as I did not eat here on the previous occasion. I had eaten (various snacks) free of charge on their official opening night, which was excellent. I have now eaten in the restaurant. This was a mistake. It was also an expensive mistake! Some friends booked and invited us along.
Firstly the menu is not the same as the menu on line. Whilst I accept dishes do and should change according to produce availability and for the purposes of offering something fresh but can you get any different to this offering? Please look at the a la carte menu on line. The main courses were: Steak and chips, Chicken and chips, Sausage and chips Haddock and chips, Sea bass, Lemon Sole and blue cheese salad. So, if you don't fancy fish or salad what do you have the choice of? Steak and chips, Chicken and chips or Sausage and chips in whatever flowery language you dress this up in! How very culinary! The menu was on a piece of paper six inches by 4 inches approximately, clipped to a piece of (I think) cardboard. If your eyesight is on the blink take your own magnifying glass as one is not provided. We asked was this the only menu and they said yes as it changes from day to day! With these delectable offerings it would need to!! So to the steak that was ordered rare. This was served with chips (skin on) half a tomato and one field mushroom. The mushroom was either steamed, boiled or microwaved and was pouring juice all over the plate. The tomato had said hello to the grill but unfortunately not stayed for too long! The chips were very over cooked (burnt) in oil that was clearly tainted from some other food. Now for the steak itself. The essence of a good steak rare or otherwise is to buy it well, cut it properly and to cook it correctly!!! This offensive lump of badly cut meat had been placed under a salamder/grill (or possibly on a skillet) that was not hot enough thus resulting in a steak that was not properly sealed and then had been laid to rest (IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN) in such a position that it was steamed. Having been treated in this manner the fat, of course, was completely uncooked. No steak knife was provided. So I asked for one. "We do not have steak knives as the steak melts in the mouth" was the swift reply. They clearly didn't understand that getting it to the mouth is the first requirement before it can be allowed to melt and melt it should have been allowed to do because it had most certainly gone through every other possible process since arriving in this pubs kitchen and before being unceremoniously dumped in front of me! This might sound harsh but this pubs web site needs to be read to understand that expectations would be naturally high when eating here. Also bear in mind that this steak was well over 20.00. The entire cost for four people for the night (with only two starters and no dessert, as none of us could handle it by then) 120.00 to include a bottle of house red and four other drinks. Add to this another 30.00 for two rounds of drinks downstairs and all in all this is one expensive night in a pub! There is a clear lack of supervision at all levels. Or to put it another way there is no management. My companion, for example, was sitting in the restaurant and in front of her was a bucket a mop and some cleaning rags. I couldnt see this as the articles were behind me. This is such a fundamental mistake!
If there is something positive to say it would be that the staff in the restaurant battled on bravely but they were eventually overwhelmed by the enemy within - the chef and the management team! Why, then are there so many people prepared to eat in places such as this? Because Mill Hill now does have a customer that has plenty of money and will eat in a place providing it is expensive. That particular type of customer has no idea of how food should be cooked or served or how it should taste. An open can of baked beans described as "Scatola di fagioli al forno servita con coperchio" with a 20.00 price tag would probably sell well here. I know this sounds snobbish but it is the main reason why so many of these expensive sub standard places are opening in this area. It is possible to eat far better at far less a cost quite locally and to have better trained staff to attend you and in a friendlier environment. I guess at least the young girls serving kept smiling. Sorry it's this bad but we all felt cheated. No chance of a return to this place for us.

2 Jun 2011 15:58

The Beaufort, Hendon

Overpriced flashy pub with very limited ales. Youngs house. Sunday lunch of roast beef was over cooked, so typical of most chain pubs where food is reheated in expensive microwaves. . Completely different feel to the Greyhound which is also a Youngs house. Different products too! Uniterested staff. can't find anything to really commend it. However there are people who like chain pubs so it may have a following but be warned the price is way too high for service and produce!

19 May 2011 11:57

The Marine, Eastbourne

The comments below speak volumes about the substance of management of this establishment. To attack other local businessess in the area, due to this pubs own short commings, is unprofessional. It is quite obvious that many of the commenters here are from outside the area and not connected with the pub trade. It IS overpriced please read all comments here, carefully sifting out those connected to management/area management which stand out a mile. It is arrogant in the extreme to assume that customers who drink lager cannot tell the difference between different brands. I assume when "proper pint of beer" is referred to, real ale is meant. That being the case I agree it should be tried but not in this establishment; please see my comment regarding the alleged Harveys. As to the comment "Get real" I say "get some manners" thus this pub may attract some more customers. Those of us who manage to grab the odd weekend away in Eastbourne, where there are some great pubs and restaurants, try to minimise bad experiences like this. Hence this site and others like it. Unprofessional, overpriced, poor quality drinks, arrogant and unfriendly service best describe our visit here. For these reasons my verdict remains unaltered ; If you are away for the weekend and enjoyment time is of the essence, then, this establishment is best avoided.

9 Mar 2011 12:18

The Dolphin, Eastbourne

Second visit. Brakspears in very good condition. Absolutely cracking meal. I am from London and do not find it expensive here especially after visiting The Marine. Quality, friendly and charming service and very good produce make this a must in Eastbourne.

22 Feb 2011 11:06

The Buccaneer, Eastbourne

Wonderful atmosphere. Pint of Rev.James as good as you will get anywhere. Very good pub indeed with great staff. A must visit in eastbourne.

22 Feb 2011 10:58

The Cavalier, Eastbourne

This is a very odd! The tables at the front are set with checked table clothes as mentioned and the back has two pool tables on a raised platform. The Brakspears was not on but the Harveys was in good nick. Friendly enough staff enjoyed the visit.

22 Feb 2011 09:11

The Marine, Eastbourne

The most unpleasant, unfriendly service. Price: two beers and a coke 10.00. The alleged Harveys was the worst pint I have tasted in ages. Smart mouthed woman behind the bar some what tipsy on large glasses of wine! Avoid.

22 Feb 2011 08:58

The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill

Six different ales, usual suspects including Old Speckled Hen, Abbotts, Doombar etc. Tried IPA at 3.40 a pint. It was well kept. Strange that for a place that advertises food to the fore front of all they do, that you can not get any type of bar snack or meal unless pre-booked. I was told they were too busy. There was only a sprinkling of people in the bar but the restaurant upstairs was heaving. We also found the wine to be a tad expensive for a not so generous a glass! Largely eastern european bar staff and lots of 'em! Quite a pleasant lot. Not my sort of pub, large open plan. On a Sunday lots of rugrats (4x4 types) Summed up? It's one for the 4x4 lot, which tends to be a fickle market but I accept if someone hadn't taken this pub on it would have closed. I have friends that have managed to eat here and they say the food quality is good. Wouldn't put someone off having the odd pint here.

16 Feb 2011 16:27

The Arkley Hotel, Barnet

Don't know what the genius in the kitchen was doing on my visit but it certainly wasn't cooking! Defrosting possibly!

16 Feb 2011 13:37

The Wrestlers, Hatfield

Small pub off the beaten track in need of refurb. Seats with holes in and looking generally tired. Could only find London Pride. It was ok. Told there is a cavery on Sundays which they said was good. Friendly staff if a bit slow.

16 Feb 2011 12:44

The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill

This pub reopens today....... Good luck to all who sail in her!

1 Dec 2010 09:47

The Layer Fox, Layer de la Haye

Visited recently and found four decent ales that were very well kept. Food was excellent. Very friendly staff. All in all a good experience. Could do without the pool table but hey, I'm an old codger! Will certainly visit again.

23 Nov 2010 13:29

The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill

Like a lot of people who have been subjected to dreadful chain pubs over the past 20 years or more, I am somewhat of a doubting Thomas when it comes to public houses and quality service, beer etc. and generally the motives of owners, especially when the owners invite locals in before the pub is finished. However such an invitation cannot be turned down when it comes along. It would seem 100 or so other people felt the same on Tuesday 30th September for open house at the Adam and Eve. I was a bit late so entered as a little resume was taking place by Nick the new owner. He came across as a thoroughly pleasant blokeSomewhat of a novelty for people engaged in the public house profession these days. All the chaps and girls with him were equally enthusiastic. The place looks like a building site but my goodness what a change! Completely opened out including the upstairs. It really is quite large. I enjoyed a little tour tagged on to the back of a few others with a complimentary drink to boot! They certainly have big ideas and I think this will look quite wonderful when finished. I, like most people there for the evening I imagine, wish them the very best of luck with this venture! I am pleased to score as follows:
Doubting Thomas 0
Hooray Henrys 1 :-)

1 Oct 2010 14:24

The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill

Bad luck with the sign boys. I remember that one now although I must admit I can't remember when it changed to that from the "original" I knew as a young person.

24 Sep 2010 12:36

The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill

Could it be that the development company that owns the freehold to the house which stands to the left of the Adam & Eve (as you face it) is the same company that now owns the freehold to the Adam & Eve? I ask this as I am informed that the said owns of the house are trying to acquire the wonderful walled garden, currently the pub garden, to extend the house grounds. Presumably to make it worth a lot more money. Or is this this just rumour?

3 Sep 2010 11:58

The Bell at Mill Hill, Mill Hill

Thanks for the info on the typo topboy. Looking at your spelling I feel deeply honoured! Cheer up get off to decent pub and have yourself a nice pint. :-)

2 Sep 2010 15:11

Maxims, Eastbourne

Found the ale in here acceptable. I didn't see the widescreen tv's (I don't doubt they were there). Good mixed crowd enjoying themselves and very good staff to boot! I wouldn't put people off having a couple in here.

31 Aug 2010 16:45

Terminus Hotel, Eastbourne

Went into this pub due to the louts hanging about outside the pub next door. In this place they were hanging about inside! Harveys was served in a plastic pint glass as was the flat lager. There was only about a dozen or so people in the bar so I have no idea what the purpose of this was at 7.00pm with a couple of old gits like us. There is no point in commenting on the ale as all you can taste is the plastic and it was poorly presented by the barman in any event. Loud unpleasant atmosphere, poorly decked out inside and out. Can't understand this being a camera pub and how it has a rating this high I have no idea! Left most of the beer and the premises. If you like chewing on plastic this is the place for you otherwise avoid this and the linked rathole next door!

31 Aug 2010 16:35

The Dolphin, Eastbourne

Decent pub. Tried three different ales. One was clearly not settled out. That said it was changed and the other two were very well kept and this is a busy little place. Highly recommend the food which is home cooked. The roast pork belly must be a signature dish as it is dificult to get as good as this! Atogether well worth the visit. Didn't notice the price particulary as I was enjoying the beer and food!

31 Aug 2010 13:06

The Bell at Mill Hill, Mill Hill

Oh-oh! Xenophobic topboy (thats pronounced zen-uh-foh-bic. I'm only telling you that because I see you are a Three Hammers fan aswell as a fan of this place and therefore your vocabulary is likely to be limited) is on the prowl around the class establishments of Mill Hill winding himself up as he goes it would appear! Will it be the Bridge next for the wandering topboy. The problem isn't with the customers it's with the people that (allegedly) manager these Pubs!

26 Aug 2010 16:47

The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill

So! New management already trying to seduce would be customer to his premises before even opening!! Very enterprising! This shows you may have good business sense or a good advisor! Either way most useful.
You have current experience of the game, according to the newspapers, so should have a head start. A few points.
Currently called "Bar and Eating House" what does that mean? Call a spade spade. Whats wrong with "Adam and Eve"?
Please employ staff that like people and pay those staff correctly. A wander around the chain pubs in the area will show young men and women who think they are behind bars (prisons) rather than behind bars (pubs). Most look like they are desperately seeking parole! Most are intelligent but uninspred by their management "team". Inspiration to perform well does not come from multifarious leafets placed for public viewing that tells the customer about "our enthusiastic team members" or "please ask one of our experienced enthusiastic team members" or what ever the latest twaddle is! One of my pub spies informs me that a public house not to far from your once glorious establishment has advertised for chefs by bluetacking a notice above each individual urinal! This treats both existing staff and customers with utter contempt. Always assume your customer (not client) is a fairly bright spark who wants to be looked after and entertained whilst visiting your premises. Finally have a wander to the Rising Sun and see how things can change. You will have a different format I'm sure but another good pub in the area can only be a blessing for the locals. You may however, have a more difficult time persuading Snarling_Mallard who seems to visit a lot of the pubs that I do. It goes to show we all have different preferences but on some things we all agree. Good beer and good service.
Finally please please look after your beers! Good luck and happy squaffing!

18 Aug 2010 17:06

The Greyhound, Hendon

Always wander in when in the area. Last time as a refugee from the pub up the road which, to be fair, probably acts the same way as a pond filter allowing more intelligent creatures to drift along to this place. Lot of (well behaved) students around in and out. Ale to its usual high standard. Ale drinkers delight!

18 Aug 2010 13:21

The Freemasons Arms, Hampstead

Went in on a Sunday afternoon. Concur with the other posts. Service is frightful as are the prices! I have discovered that this is a sister pub to the White Horse, Shenley (expensive) Arkley Hotel Barnet (expensive beyond belief) The Old Bull and Bush Hampstead (not tried and won't bother having read others posts) The Orange Tree Totteridge (expensive, pretentious and a once wonderful pub). I take my hat off to a management team that has kept up the same standard across all its pubs. What an acheivement. Wild horses couldn't drag me into these places again!

9 Aug 2010 15:20

The Mops and Brooms, Borehamwood

I think this is an estate pub. Big open plan McMullen house with the usual ales associated with that brewer. The Country ale was well kept and pleasant. Generally very clean bright pub. Unfortunately went in on a quiz night so it was loud girl on mike time. "Chain" feel pub that probably does its bit to keep the iffies away from the nicer pubs in Shenley Village. Can't see me going back to this one.

9 Aug 2010 11:34

The Waggon and Horses, Elstree

Went in for a pint and with the intention of eating. Difficult to get served so didn't bother with the food. It wasn't a problem with there being lots of people waiting it was more to do with this being (I suspect) a locals pub where people from 'outside' are, from our experience ignored. Very 'clicky' pub. The ale was ok the ambiance was not!

9 Aug 2010 10:50

The Cat and Fiddle, Radlett

Lovely old pub. The ale was ok. The food wasn't. If you like visiting old pubs this is certainly worth a go. Would not eat here again, the food was sort of fresh from freezer to microwave type.

9 Aug 2010 10:25

The King William IV, Shenley

Beer Greene King normal selection. Abbott was well kept. A traditional type pub with a very nice garden. Locals seemed friendly. Decent enough if you are on a crawl.

9 Aug 2010 09:45

Harvester, Edgware

Popped in on a Sunday afternoon while waiting for a lift. Wish I hadn't. Uninspiring Harvester. No ale. No Guiness. No keg. Only lager. Full of kids running about and usual parent types paying no attention to what their offspring are up to. The yesbutnobutyesbut lot. Best avoided if you want a pint. Restaurant looked busy but again plenty loud enough!

4 Aug 2010 14:52

The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill

Would you Adam and Eve it! Lease has been, apparently, bought by two ex Mill Hill School boys. Oh ya! According to newspaper reports the out going Landlord has retired. It dosen't say from what but not from working in this pub I wager, as he never ever got started! They are going to try and restore the original sign which the out going burke painted over with black paint. I hope they acheive this as it was a lovely old sign. Could be open by Christmas 2010. We will see.

4 Aug 2010 13:53

The Chequers, Hendon

Well, wandered in here on a Saturday evening. The woman behind the bar is best described as surly. No ales. No reason given. Keg Smiths available. That probably says it all! The fence on the outside just adds to the dreadful look of the place. Looking at some of the other posts here, I can only assume that the posters are either part of the local mafia or they work in the place. Discourteous service, no ale and decidedly iffy ciustomers make this a place I shall not be rushing back to.

12 Jul 2010 10:26

The Elephant Inn, North Finchley

Popped in with some friends on Sunday afternoon. Still very good ales and well worth the taxi fare from Mill Hill, which is now without a proper pub like this. Good atmosphere and highly recommended for the range and quality of ales.

12 Jul 2010 08:45

The Rising Sun, Mill Hill

Well can't go wrong in this place. Sure its geared towards eating but still friendly enough to have a decent pint of ale. Staff can't do enough for you. Youngs was fine. Not cheap. Very good atmosphere worth paying the extra for in an area totally devoid of any other decent pubs.

30 Jun 2010 11:12

The Three Hammers, Mill Hill

Well, after six months still unchanged. Now advertises ales on beer pads at the bar in addition to usual paper work cluttering up the tables. Surprise surprise, only Courage Best and London Pride available. Best was on the turn didn't try the Pride. Counldn't be bothered to ask why they only had these two yet again, (maybe I am just unlucky) was just glad to get served, this in spite of the fact only three people waiting. The pub was virtually empty. It is such a shame its in a terrific area and is just crying out for a little TLC from a landlord who understands the game. This is unlikely to happen as long as it stays with Ember Inns (their managers are not of sufficient quality). At present dull and lifeless. For anyone who likes a decent pint it is still best avoided.

30 Jun 2010 10:54

Red Filly, Mill Hill

I have not been in here for sometime. Only stayed for a pint. Changed its name. I concur with the other posts which is a shame as it used to have a friendly clientel.

30 Jun 2010 10:13

The Arkley Hotel, Barnet

Gave it ago. Pleasant inside. Tried the Cornish bitter and it was ok. All the lagers seem to be continental and are quite strong. Did eat. Bread and olives ok. Main course very so-so. The steak best described as cold! The price absolutely way above the standard of presentation/content. Tables of 8 or more attract a 10% service charge, (eh??) therefore a burger (for example) @ 10.95 becomes 12.04. What was presented was a poor quality burger for any price! In general all the food was poorly presented. I would like to know the age of the chef! The wine list is completely overpriced. There are no vintage wines here at all and yet the prices are from 17.00 upwards. Service very indifferent and has the feel of a "chain" pub, lots of staff running about like headless chickens from one computerised till to the next. What is the fascination with these tills? In every pub that one goes to now the staff spent more time with the tills then the customers. Summed up this place is lost; trying to be Italian (the menu is in Italian) but without the service or produce or cooking skills required. In short very very overpriced. I fear these tills will be soon empty.

28 Jun 2010 16:28

The Greyhound, Hendon

Excellent pint of Cornish Ale. Also tried Youngs Gold. Both very well kept. Very nice friendly pub with a number of (open plan) bars. Friendly locals and effiecent staff made it enjoyable.

6 Apr 2010 15:48

The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill

Another one bites the dust. Absolutely no effort over the last few years and is now closed. Shame really.

30 Mar 2010 16:56

The Mill, Mill Hill

The ales aren't up to much. The staff are ok but it just lacks a little atmosphere. I think as a Public House it has lost it's way a bit like so many around here. Still I had a pleasant enough time.

13 Jan 2010 16:39

The Rising Sun, Mill Hill

Still the best pub in Mill Hill. Venture to other local establishments at your peril.

13 Jan 2010 16:28

The Bridge, Mill Hill

The directors bitter served up was high as a kite. 'Sorry mate I don't drink the stuff myself' was the response. The refreshing thing about this place is that at least the barstaff are in tune with their customers. They are both confused!!

13 Jan 2010 16:26

The Bell at Mill Hill, Mill Hill

Has been dreadful for quite a while now and I am afraid remains so! No further comments needed really.

13 Jan 2010 16:20

The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill

Trudged alonf to here from the public house up the road at 8.00 pm. Wasn't open. Probably says it all!

13 Jan 2010 16:19

The Three Hammers, Mill Hill

Annual visit on a Sunday night. Only Courage best available. Others all off. Bar staff had never heard of wainwrights. Multifarious leaflets taking up untold space on the tables, along with dirty glasses,one advertising 18 or so ales. I asked which they would stock and when. Answer 'Don't think we are mate' Long wait at the bar whilst waiting for the staff to finish playing some sort of quiz machine. Didn't try the food but probably standard ember inns fresh from freezer to microwave. Ok if you like that sort thing (I don't). Hoardes of 16?/19 year olds arrived (credit card/cola brigade). I left the premises and half the beer. Never mind I will try again next year.

13 Jan 2010 16:14

The Elephant Inn, North Finchley

Popped in one Sunday afternoon and found great staff and a decent drop of cask ale. Enjoyed it, very pleasant atmosphere and the tv for football was not obtrusive in the bar we were using. All in all a good pub. Did not try the food.

28 Oct 2009 13:49

The Rising Sun, Mill Hill

Probabilmente tentato di comunicare con Topboy in Inglese, ma a giudicare dai suoi commenti qui e altrove sul sito, probabilmente pensava che fosse da una terra lontana. Gisapintalargaswiftlike....neiceupmuvverbran.......maibeeitsbecozi'malundenar....cheerup topboy - you've been spending too long in the Three Hammers! ;-)

20 Oct 2009 16:16

The Bridge, Mill Hill

Good news - It's closed for a refit.
Bad news - It's going to open again!

18 Aug 2009 16:30

The Rising Sun, Mill Hill

I will not have my smelling corected! I would piont out that I rarly make shelling mistacks! I am a spead tipist and therfor make the odd tipo!! Have a good pint! Cheers!

15 Jul 2009 09:47

The Rising Sun, Mill Hill

There is no question that this is the best managed pub in Mill Hill with quality kept beers and decent food. If you want the other pubs to improve their service, ales and food then all managers should be invited here for a training course. It is quite evident that the people running this place are:
1) Inteligent
2) Used to dealing with people
3) Happy to be doing what they are doing.
4) Caring for their own business
I don'tt see this as a pub lost but as a pub refound. I do hope this continues.

7 Jul 2009 12:51

The Railway Engineer, Mill Hill

They have tried of that there is no question. The restaurant area is a little clinical. The bitter was not good. Unfortunately it's infested with the same people as before and therefore you feel immediately uncomfortable. Imagine, four hillbilly looking females draped in various poses over the sofas in the front bar and one of them is changing a babys nappy! Would you want to eat or drink there? Will not be returning!

30 Apr 2009 11:40

The Three Hammers, Mill Hill

Totally devoid of feeling. Only employs people who do not like their jobs or customers. Poor quality ales. No improvement in the last two years. Best avoided.

23 Jan 2009 12:28

Red Filly, Mill Hill

Small but very very good. Even a dart board! Amazing for such a small place.Good staff and good beer. Worth a visit if you're in the area!

3 Oct 2006 23:29

The Railway Engineer, Mill Hill

Friendly welcome for such a forboding looking pub, toilets awful! Staff surprising friendly and lots to do. Most customers somewhere near the next life! enjoyed it funny enough!

3 Oct 2006 23:25

The Three Hammers, Mill Hill

This is an experience that should not be missed by anyone that enjoys a good moan about the standard of service that no longer exists in public houses. The average age of the staff is somewhere around 12! This would be fine except they haven't the energy of children of that age!! The food is cold and poorly served and the tables are never cleared of glasses. Would go there for a funeral as the atmosphere lends itself well to this function!

3 Oct 2006 23:10

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