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The Greyhound, Hendon

Over the last few months or so it seems to be getting back on track with the new fellow having much more of an idea on how to go about things. The ale is much improved and there is also the introduction of some modern day keg American style beers. The demise of the absurd number of draught ciders introduced by the previous incumbent is welcomed. He, fortunately for the residents of North London, has taken his particular "wrong side of the bar" style of Management to Gloucester. Ah well, fun for them at weekends "pass the nuts and cider" I wonder if he will fall on his own Sword. ;-) Will give the food a try shortly but can't be worse than fish fingers during the week and nuts at the weekend! Let's hope the Greyhound will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes! Promising start.

19 Oct 2016 16:00

The Greyhound, Hendon

I mentioned in my last review that maybe they were finding their feet. Well, they certainly have found their feet.............and done a bunk!! Thank goodness. Maybe things might get back on track again.

19 Dec 2015 14:19

The Beaufort, Hendon

Went to the RAF museum and so popped in here - against my better judgement and as the Dovecote closed - and had a pint of keg bitter which cost me £4.74!! WOW! Don't know about the private flats but the customers looked iffy to me. Then again you would need to be dodgy-dealing to afford these prices! Staffed by people with poor command of the English language - although that is now considered the norm for a UK pub, I guess.

17 Aug 2014 13:14

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