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Comments by stanpetrov19

The Tollgate, Dartford

This is a ghastly pub. The second time I was in I got threatened by some local troublemakers. Go over the road to wetherspoons - a definitive nostars

8 Apr 2009 16:26

Belushi's, Shepherds Bush

Was in this pub after a trip to Loftus Road with a couiple of mates.

Would normally would hate this sort of boozer but it had some redeeming features. Got a booth with a TV for the Setanta match, The plate of Nachos was massive and the young French girl serving the shots was lovely.

Having said that the beer is cr-p and well overpriced

8 Apr 2009 16:19

Republic Bier Halle, Glasgow

Expensive but worth paying the extra as the choice is cracking and a nice warm friendly atmosphere

Good 2 for 1 offer on the Pizzas, which were top notch!

Defo visit if in the centre of Glasgow

23 May 2007 10:43

Hogans, Darlington

Hogans - brilliant

Cheap cheap beer and big massive screens, you cant get rid of your money. gon the Hogans

17 Apr 2007 16:23

Crown, Liverpool

6.40 for 4 pints and 6 for 2 meals. Whats not to like? Bar staff pretty friendly too and beer was passable. Will revisit when back in the pool

10 Apr 2007 11:51

The Lounge, Newcastle

Went in here for a few beers before getting train home to Edinburgh

Was about 730 on a Saturday and was laid back with a good atmosphere. Loses a point for the Guinness being off!

10 Apr 2007 09:29

The Maltings, Edinburgh

Another fave. If you are prepared to go off the beaten track in Newington you will find this little hidden gem.

San Mig on draught, comfy seats and a good jukey. What more do you want?

My advise, avoid dodgy boozers like the Abbey and the Junction and pop in here.

23 Mar 2007 16:31

Centraal, Edinburgh

Really like this pub. Big comfy sofas and an amazing selection of quality lagers (staro, cruzcampo to name but 2).

Bit pricey but when you are so relaxed enjoying quality drink, it just doesnt seem bad at all.

Highly recommended Southside pub

23 Mar 2007 16:28

Milnes Bar, Edinburgh

This boozer has gone downhill quicker than Franz Klammer. Used to love going to the pub but now comes into the "one to avoid" category (specially if the DJ is on)

23 Mar 2007 15:56

The Ivanhoe, Edinburgh

What a goddam awful pub. With it being so central and with so much choice close by, why would you want to go in here? A generous 2 out of 10

23 Mar 2007 15:51

The Basement Bar, Edinburgh

Bit pricey but very relaxed place (not to mention central) for a few drinks.

23 Mar 2007 15:44

The Cask and Barrel, Edinburgh

Interested to read silverusbaskus comments about the bar staff.

Although the Cask is a good pub, there are two fat rubber faced barman (think they maybe brothers) who are incredibly obnoxious and myself and my mate boycott the Cask for a while because of their attitude. This is a shame because it is a good pub for watching footy and a good pint.

If these two clowns arent working it gets an 8 out of 10!

23 Mar 2007 15:36

The Phoenix Bar, Edinburgh

Broughton Street is a great wee street for drinking in with the Cask, Barony and the Basement but in my opinion the Phoenix is the best of the bunch

A bit on the small side but a good mix of people, friendly bar staff and a decent pint make this a great place for a few midweek beers or before going into town at the weekend

23 Mar 2007 15:29

The Crabtree, Hammersmith

Really liked this pub. Even though it's not far from Craven Cottage if wasnt overly busy after the game and my pint of Guinness was nice.

Nice view, imagine it will be a great place for a drink in the summer.

12 Mar 2007 15:37

The Puzzle, Hammersmith

Popped in after a recent visit to Craven Cottage. Good for watching the footy and beer was Ok, only annoying thing was a group of Villa fans who were eventually asked to leave.

Good for an early evening pint, not sure about a Friday/Saturday night?

12 Mar 2007 15:34

The Hufflers Arms, Dartford

Stayed in Dartford when visitong my mate. Went to the Hufflers on the Sunday afternoon and didnt find it too friendly. Barmaid was friendly enough but not sure about the locals. Guinness was Ok though

12 Mar 2007 14:07

Westway, Sheffield

San Miguel on draft was good but lacked atmosphere

5 Nov 2006 17:37

Yates's, Sheffield

Just spent weekend in Sheffield. Liked this Yates's compared to some others. Got a seat on a Saturday night and good ratio of women to men added to the appeal

5 Nov 2006 17:35

The Barrels Alehouse, Berwick upon Tweed

Nice bar, if a bit on the small side. Far better than any of the other Disco/Karaoke bars that I had the misfortune to visit in Berwick

The Erdinger on draught was good too!

10 Apr 2006 09:26

Milnes Bar, Edinburgh

Gone badly downhill and unfortunatley would appear to have a DJ on a Saturday night.

Like most of the Rose Street pubs has suffered from the emergence of the George Street pubs

29 Mar 2006 17:11

Hop Step and Jump, Edinburgh

Its shut (again)

29 Mar 2006 17:06

The Hebrides, Edinburgh

Went in on a Sunday afternoon for a few beers.

IPA was awful and the barmaid was rude, wouldnt go back

29 Mar 2006 17:00

The Castle Tavern, Edinburgh

This pub used to have an alsatian dog on the roof

Rough as hell!

29 Mar 2006 16:57

The Iona Bar, Leith

Good wee pub but very busy on match days

22 Dec 2005 21:28

The Hop Step and Jump, Edinburgh

My local! fairly unspectacular but Ok for a few pints, beer is Ok and a big screen for sport

22 Nov 2005 13:24

The Moat Bar, Edinburgh

Good early evening drink offers but can get a bit rough later on. Beers not bad though

22 Nov 2005 13:20

Sportsters, Edinburgh

The beer in here is absolutely dreadful, 2.70 or so for flat cooking lager. Also when there is a sporting event on all the big screens are at the bar, making getting served a nightmare

22 Nov 2005 13:18

The Arcade Bar, Edinburgh

Awful cliquey little pub! Go to the Malt Shovel or the Jinglin Geordie instead

22 Nov 2005 12:46

The Windsor Buffet, Edinburgh

So So Boozer

14 Sep 2005 13:14

Greyfriars Bobby's Bar, Edinburgh

Bit too many loud pretentious students for my liking. Bar staff would rather place was full of students drinking a pint every 2 hours rather than real suppers. Gave us some real attitude when we'd had a few!

Good video jukey is only redeeming feature. Bar staff were well pissed off when we put on Londons Calling for the 15th time

5 Sep 2005 19:33

Corstorphine Inn, Edinburgh

Great boozer for a few beers or for a bite to eat. Looks smallish from the outside but is in fact a bit of a tardis with loads of room inside.

If you want chavs and neds venture up to St Johns Road but if you want a few good relaxing beers and watch the footy go to the corry inn

5 Sep 2005 19:29

Robbies Bar, Leith

Best pub in the Walk by a mile. If your not a Leither best not venturing too far down the walk anyway!

Good beer and great mix of people. If staying in East Edinburgh get off the beaten track and pop in here for a few swallies

5 Sep 2005 19:25

The Partridge, Bromley

Always visit this one when visiting my friend in south London. Cracking wee pub with a good atmosphere and tables for the better weather

5 Sep 2005 19:23

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