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The Chequers, Weston on the Green

This pub is a really nice pub. The food is generally really good. Higher price than pub grub but then it is high quality food. On that score I can't complain. Each meal I've had in there has always been good. Decent car park, close to major roads like the A34 and M40; spacious pub and a large bar.

My only gripe was the barman. A reasonable chap to start with when I enquired about getting a table without previously booking on a busy Friday night. I didn't like being referred to a "young man" especially given that I'm closer to 40 that 30. It isn't a compliment. He found us a table and invited us to order from the menu and then take the seat in a few minutes. We ordered food around 8.55 - 9pm. No mention of a long wait. I can understand a wait when it is busy but most tables already appeared to be eating their food.

At 9.35 I enquired as to the whereabouts of our food. I was met with "You only ordered 20 minutes ago and the chicken takes 25". Besides being incorrect, the manner at his reply was very rude. Even had he been correct, he should have pandered to the customers request and said "I'll go and find out for you, I do apologise". I've worked in the catering business many a time in front of house and in the kitchen. I begged to differ on his timing and at that point he just walked away and continued to empty the dishwasher.

I returned to my table not happy and I explained what had happened. We had lost our appetite by this point and decided we'd prefer to just square the drinks bill up and leave. Another 10 minutes went by and at 9.45 I went to the bar and simply said "Come on, it's now been 45 minutes". He responded with "Don't you want it now then?". I said no, we paid for our drinks and left. Not a single apology. Not a single please or thank you. He couldn't even look me in the eye when handing me the card machine or handing my card back. He is most definitely in the wrong job. He should return to being a doorman.

With the evening wearing on and nowhere to get food at a late hour we left and went back to ourlocal village pub.

Sad really as this is a nice pub. It doesn't take much to ruin a nice place to go. I've no idea why he was so rude or so stand-offish when I, quite rightly, enquired as to the whereabouts of my food. I've lowered my rating purely because of the poor manner of the barman. This pub deserves a better rating and better staff.

3 May 2009 11:53

The Sow and Pigs, Poundon

Great village pub. Great new landlady, Lou. Hope she does well there. A pub in a quiet location and quite a gamble to take on but it is a VERY well kept pub and very clean.

Large collection of full/empty beer bottles adorn the walls. If you want them, make Lou an offer!

25 Apr 2009 11:40

The Greyhound Inn, Marsh Gibbon

nis321, I didn't ask for "a lager", I always ask for my drink by it's name because I alway drink the premium lagers. So no, I'm not stupid. If I ask for Grolsch I expect Grolsch, not Carlsberg. That would be the barman who is stupid. You sound as if you are a landlord yourself so if someone asks for a lager by name, do you ignore their request? If you're talking to someone whilst about to pour someone elses drink, if you misheard, you would ask for the customer to repeat their request rather than make a guess at the cheap lager.

As for the closing on Mondays, I still think it is odd to close all day. I know many village pubs shut during the day hours in the week but not a whole evening.

25 Apr 2009 11:38

The Red Lion, Stratton Audley

Well, what can I say. The pub had improved greatly over the last couple of years. Was a nice little pub with good food. I still think the food is good.

Whatever you do, don't get on the wrong side of the landlord, Frank. Little short man with a serious dose of little-man syndrome. I won't be going back after last nights escapade.

Bought a drink, sat down and was then politely asked to move by the manager to a different table. The other table on offer was not a nice table so I declined the offer to move. I was told it was because someone wished to eat. I pointed out that there were 3 empty tables in the restaurant part of the pub, to which I was told that he didn't wish to put them there.

It was at that point, Frank, the bad tempered landlord stoved in and told us that we couldn't sit there. Very aggressive little man. After much raised discussion from him, he told us that he would refund out money and we could drink elsewhere. We took him up on his offer and left.

Nice pub. Absolute nutcase of a landlord with a bad temper and a horrible attitude towards anyone not eating. It isn't the first time I have witnessed him telling drinking customers off for petty reasons. I would avoid this place in the future.

28 Feb 2009 13:08

The Swan Inn, Bicester

Thankfully closed down. The manager in there can go back to his obvious employment as a doorman. this time he can take his fireplace with him and stick it up his arse. Poncey place full of poncey people with a manager who retains that doorman mentality we know and love from our childhood days spent getting denied access to nightclubs and has all the heirs and graces of a smack in the mouth.

26 Feb 2009 19:42

The Acorn, Bicester

It's a Hungry Horse pub. What could you possibly expect? It has cheap food, noisy kids and surprisingly expensive beer. I was shocked to see their "pricebuster" drinks. Pint of Strongbow a whopping 3.10. Quite how they decided that was a pricebuster is beyond me. More of a girobuster!

26 Feb 2009 19:39

The Acorn, Bicester

It's a Hungry Horse pub. What could you possibly expect? It has cheap food, noisy kids and surprisingly expensive beer. I was shocked to see their "pricebuster" drinks. Pint of Strongbow a whopping 3.10. Quite how they decided that was a pricebuster is beyond me. More of a girobuster!

26 Feb 2009 19:39

Red Lion, Brill

An ok pub. Itwas refurbished a couple of years back and the furniture that was put in looks like a mish mash of things bought from furniture stores rather than pub furniture that can stand the test of time.

The beer is good and reasonably priced. Can't recall if they do food or not. I used to preferd The Pheasant to this pub but since the disastrous refurb The Pheasant has had bestowed on it, I think I'll come to this one instead.

It's a village pub that appears to be trying to cater for too many markets. On one hand it's trying to be a village pub and on the other hand it has live Sky sports blaring out every now and then and it tries to entertain those members of the drinking public that go for the likes of Yates or the Litten Tree type holes... sorry, pubs.

Overall it isn't a bad pub but it could do with shaking off the type of image that sticks to most pubs that proudly have the "Live Sky Sports Here" type banners covering the outside walls. As it is the only other pub in the village it has suddenly become the better pub of the two.

6 Jan 2009 12:29

The Pheasant Inn, Brill

Well, it has reopened. It has turned into exactly what I had hoped it should not have done. A poncey wine bar. Could someone please explain why a village needs a poncey wine bar?

It is cold in there as they have opened up the ceiling to show the exposed beams. They opted for slate tiles on the floor and those coupled with the opened ceiling means the entire room is VERY echoey and the place is VERY noisy when there are only a few people in. When anyone moves a chair across the floor the noise is so intrusive as to be able to deafen a conversation out completely.

Had a pint in there and the girl behind the bar couldn't pour a pint if she tried. She said there was a problem with the gas. Having worked in pubs and bars many times it was obvious it was more of a training issue as her ability to pour a good pint is on a similar level as to what I would expect from a goat.

Haven't tried the food. Prices were too high for me to bother. The seats are not comfortable. The bar is slightly bigger than it used to be but still suffers from the fact that the locals congregate around it blocking it off to most people who wish to buy a beer. The girl behind the bar, albeit a different girl to the one before the refurb, still preferred to talk to the locals rather than engage the paying customer.

So to sum things up, the staff are still very poor. I can't comment on the food. The new look *looks* nice until you realise they have ruined a village pub in favour of making it a poncey wine bar. Seating is uncomfortable. It is cold in there. There are no seats in the garden although I imagine this is because it is winter rather than them forgetting there is a beer garden with an amazing view. The smokers still don't go far enough away from the door so when they come back in off the balcony the smoke from their last puff comes straight in with them.

On the plus side, the beer prices don't appear to have gone up and they have replaced the wooden balustrade on the balcony with glass so when you sit on the balcony you can see the great view easily.

In short, the only reason I will go back is during the summer when I can sit outside in the beer garden. It will now never be a pub that I will choose to go to in the evening any longer. A very sad change to what was a reasonable village pub.

6 Jan 2009 12:22

The New Bulls Head, Stratford Upon Avon

Went in here and stood at the bar next to some poncey people. Waited for some service (there were 2 staff and the manager behind the bar). Waited some more. Noticed that one of the bar girls had spotted a chum come to the bar and she went to talk to him and serve him. Waited a little longer. Ponce next to me finished his beer and turned to the barman (knowing I was waiting for service) and shouted over to the manager whom he obviously knew and asked for another round. Manager came scampering over and served him without acknowledging me being there. Waited a little longer for the manager to see me even though I was waving over to the two bar girls who were busily trying to flutter their eyelashes at some bloke who was buying champers. The manager notices my attention seeking arm waving motions. He completes serving the ponce next to me and wanders off and then goes to get himself a drink and starts chatting to the bar girls. I finally walked out.

Bring back the sportsman... I always wondered what happened to that big fish that was in the tank by the door after the refurb. It was there for most of my life a suspiciously disappeared the moment the pub was ruined... sorry refurbished.

9 Sep 2008 10:26

The Hole in the Wall, Stratford Upon Avon

"anonymous" does know what he's talking about and I still do. It's still a poncey place full or pretentious people. Pizza was reasonabl priced although mine was a touch on the crispy side. Beer is still badly served with far too much head on it. Staff take note... a lager doesn't need an inch and a half of head on it.

Staff are about as responsive as roadkill. The music is a load of toss and far too loud. Noone can talk to each other, you have to shout in each others ears.

The one thing this place has which I forgot to mention in my last post is the open air roof terrace which I have to say is very nice when the weather is good and there aren't too many people on it.

9 Sep 2008 10:12

Embargo, Stratford Upon Avon

Closed. Thank god.

9 Sep 2008 10:07

The Pheasant Inn, Brill

The pub is currently closed for a much needed refurbishment. I hope this doesn't mean it'll turn into a poncey wine bar. Hopefully the young lady behind the bar is being refurbished for a faster model. Her problem was she was too busy talking to her friends and the locals to notice there were usually people behind the locals trying to get to the bar and also nobody in the pub was very quick at clearing tables. Having been in there for a couple of beers one evening we noted that 3 tables hadn't been cleared of the leftovers, plates and glasses and an hour later they still hadn't. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that you need to keep the place tidy, but then I don't think many of the staff were genuises. Still a nice pub in a nice location. The food is reasonable but a bit pricey for what it is. Still need to ask the staff to give you the other half of your pint when the head has died off it.

Looking forward to it reopening again to see if it has improved. Hopefully they'll have a decent premium lager instead of the dreadfully flavourless rubbish called Carlsberg.

9 Sep 2008 09:36

Chandos Arms, Oakley

This is a great pub. It has it's locals but if you're not a local like me you don't feel as if you're intruding. The beer is good, the food is incredible and it has a large selection of fine malt whiskys.

9 Sep 2008 09:30

Maison, Stratford Upon Avon

Garbage. I think you're being a bit optimistic saying that anyone with an IQ over 120 wouldn't like it. More like an IQ of 20, somewhere between an earthworm and a mildly retarded chicken.

Trying to be a nightclub but not big enough. Appeals to those members of society that have a pack animal mentality.

28 Aug 2008 13:49

The Baraset Barn, Alveston

Poncey food. Insane prices. Poncey wine bar look. Pretentious staff. Nouvelle cuisine (for those that don't know, this means tiny portions of mediocre food presented in a way thats more akin to a design on a plate to take your attention away from the fact that you're being ripped off with medium grade food cooked below par). This isn't a pub, it's just a restaurant that just happens to have a bar licence. Oh and if you want a drink you'll then be financially raped for a cab to get away from there.

28 Aug 2008 13:46

The Greyhound Inn, Marsh Gibbon

To be fair I was not asking anyone to agree or disagree with my comments. I still go in the pub as it is a nice pub. Huge grounds. Nice pints, still a good price. Not had any "mispoured" pints recently. I wasn't suggesting the landlord was a rip-off merchant, merely pointing out that my beer was mispoured on a number of occasions. Food is still fantastic. Big portions and still better than the Thai in the town.

It is weird that the pub is shut Mondays simply because even if the landlord has a day off, he still has staff to cover the day off like all other landlords. I'm guessing he feels trade isn't worth it on that day. Shame. After a bad day ot work on a Monday this would be a nice place to go.

Pity more isn't made of the grounds at the back as they are nicely kept gardens.

28 Aug 2008 12:02

The Bull Inn, Launton

Having been in there a number of times since my last review I have to say the place has not changed one single bit; not even the landlords tie, shirt and surgically fixed smile. He has no charisma whatsoever and is generally a very dull landlord. The food is still over priced, badly cooked with tiny portions and a never-changing menu.

Beer prices are exceptionally high although for a while I think the message got through about the 3.20 for a Kronenbourg. It was reduced to 3.05 for a while but it has now crept up. I think it maybe back to 3.20 again now which is still pricey but not too bad in the current climate.

Quiz on a Sunday is ok every other week. The music quiz is rubbish as it is too niche.

Still a nicely kept pub, very clean... The loos have to be the cleanest loos I have ever come across. The garden is well kept and everywhere is spick and span. The sort of place you could take your granny for a Sunday roast after church without fear of any unsociable behaviour.

28 Aug 2008 09:29

The Kings Arms Hotel, Bicester

The staff in there don't seem to care less whether you are buying anything. The refurb makes it look better although the gents is still pretty vile. Haven't tried the food in there since the refurb. Barmaid didn't listen to my request and screwed the order up even though she was not talking to anyone. Warm glass made the beer taste nasty. Generally a poorly run place. Dropping my rating on this since the refurb.

28 Aug 2008 09:20

Yates's, Bicester

Well, at least the Litter Tray has gone. Not a bad thing. On first impressions the you wouldn't know if it was a Litter Tray or a Yates pub as they are pretty much the same thing. Cheap beer and cheap food. Hardly culinary excellence but then what do you expect? The beer was ok but most of the staff are mildly retarded and don't look old enough to drink let alone work there. Not sure what the reputation is like for the weekends but I suspect it can't be too different from when it was the Litter Tray. I feel though that my rating must increase since it has changed hands.

28 Aug 2008 09:17

The White Horse, Bicester

It's back as the White Horse again. Crap chav pub. I spent 20 minutes waiting to be served one evening. The music was so incredibly loud I physically couldn't talk to anyone. One evening there was a fight in the car park and the landlord was too wet to go out there and deal with it. Didn't even call the police. Rubbish pub. Can't say anything about the beer as I walked out after a 20 minute wait.

28 Aug 2008 09:09

The Hundred Acres, Bicester

Well, having been in there a couple of times this year, my impressions haven't changed a great deal. The beer is good and because it is the only pub on the estate it tends to have plenty of regulars. It's clean and tidy. Not had any food there. The thing that surprised me alot is that there was a pram park in the pub situated on the dart board oche. When I went in there one Wednesday evening there were at least 6 prams parked on it. Says a lot!

28 Aug 2008 09:07

The Elephant and Castle, Bloxham

Was all set to come here as it had the best review of all the other pubs in the village on this site. I didn't come to this pub in the end because I phoned ahead to see if I needed to book a table for Sunday lunch and was told "Sorry, we don't do food"!

Probably won't be bothering to drive all the way to Bloxham just for beer. Can't understand a village pub that only caters for the village people and doesn't want part of the passing food trade.

22 Jul 2007 16:54

The Red Lion, Bloxham

Came here because the "best pub in the village (The Elephant & Castle)" doesn't do food! I have to say the pub is very nice. Quite airy, nice layout. Trying to be a bit too poncey but not bad. Drinks are nice and not too badly priced. Food is very nice. Need to be a bit more generous on the veg side dish they give. It's not like veg costs much but I would like more than 12 peas (really, there were 12). Wide variety of food and it all looks good. Nice location. If this pub is full, there is always the Joiners Arms next door. May well come back. Staff were nice.

22 Jul 2007 16:48

The Black Bull, Launton

This pub has got so much better now it is smoke free. Food is still great. Big menu. Friendly staff. Locals are friendly as well. More of a boozer than an eating pub. Garden still needs work. Prices are still great.

22 Jul 2007 10:56

The Kings Arms Hotel, Bicester

Too smokey on busy nights. Can get rowdy sometimes but generally alright. It's the sort of place where the Friday/Saturday night pub crawl starts. The bloodstains on the front door that were there for about 2 months shouldn't put you off too much. Not a great place, but the beer is generally good and quite cheap. Seating is not usually a problem as there aren't that many people in there most night. Food is so-so. Occasionally it is very good but for the most it is mediocre but reasonably priced. Staff are a bit hit andn miss whether they are in a good mood.

26 Sep 2006 15:13

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