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The Chequers, Weston on the Green

This pub is a really nice pub. The food is generally really good. Higher price than pub grub but then it is high quality food. On that score I can't complain. Each meal I've had in there has always been good. Decent car park, close to major roads like the A34 and M40; spacious pub and a large bar.

My only gripe was the barman. A reasonable chap to start with when I enquired about getting a table without previously booking on a busy Friday night. I didn't like being referred to a "young man" especially given that I'm closer to 40 that 30. It isn't a compliment. He found us a table and invited us to order from the menu and then take the seat in a few minutes. We ordered food around 8.55 - 9pm. No mention of a long wait. I can understand a wait when it is busy but most tables already appeared to be eating their food.

At 9.35 I enquired as to the whereabouts of our food. I was met with "You only ordered 20 minutes ago and the chicken takes 25". Besides being incorrect, the manner at his reply was very rude. Even had he been correct, he should have pandered to the customers request and said "I'll go and find out for you, I do apologise". I've worked in the catering business many a time in front of house and in the kitchen. I begged to differ on his timing and at that point he just walked away and continued to empty the dishwasher.

I returned to my table not happy and I explained what had happened. We had lost our appetite by this point and decided we'd prefer to just square the drinks bill up and leave. Another 10 minutes went by and at 9.45 I went to the bar and simply said "Come on, it's now been 45 minutes". He responded with "Don't you want it now then?". I said no, we paid for our drinks and left. Not a single apology. Not a single please or thank you. He couldn't even look me in the eye when handing me the card machine or handing my card back. He is most definitely in the wrong job. He should return to being a doorman.

With the evening wearing on and nowhere to get food at a late hour we left and went back to ourlocal village pub.

Sad really as this is a nice pub. It doesn't take much to ruin a nice place to go. I've no idea why he was so rude or so stand-offish when I, quite rightly, enquired as to the whereabouts of my food. I've lowered my rating purely because of the poor manner of the barman. This pub deserves a better rating and better staff.

3 May 2009 11:53

The Sow and Pigs, Poundon

Great village pub. Great new landlady, Lou. Hope she does well there. A pub in a quiet location and quite a gamble to take on but it is a VERY well kept pub and very clean.

Large collection of full/empty beer bottles adorn the walls. If you want them, make Lou an offer!

25 Apr 2009 11:40

The Greyhound Inn, Marsh Gibbon

nis321, I didn't ask for "a lager", I always ask for my drink by it's name because I alway drink the premium lagers. So no, I'm not stupid. If I ask for Grolsch I expect Grolsch, not Carlsberg. That would be the barman who is stupid. You sound as if you are a landlord yourself so if someone asks for a lager by name, do you ignore their request? If you're talking to someone whilst about to pour someone elses drink, if you misheard, you would ask for the customer to repeat their request rather than make a guess at the cheap lager.

As for the closing on Mondays, I still think it is odd to close all day. I know many village pubs shut during the day hours in the week but not a whole evening.

25 Apr 2009 11:38

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