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Comments by slugboy

The White Horse, Harborne

a very good pub with bags of 'proper pub' atmosphere.
beer is varied and well kept. especialy the real ales.
best avoided when a game is on as it gets incredibly crowded.

28 Jan 2007 07:16

The Green Man, Harborne

this pub has the atmosphere that you take in with you, otherwise just another chain pub which in most ways does not have its head above the ramparts and doesnt even try.
the main redeeming feature is a well run pub quiz on tuesdays. varied in topics covered whilst having a few regular features such as the picture and music round, beware tho. there are a couple of very regular teams who i have yet to see beaten.

28 Jan 2007 07:13

The Goose At The OVT, Selly Oak

the words that allways come to mind when i am in this pub are cheap and cheerful.
i dont mean this in a bad way, the food isnt amazing, but it isnt bad and is an affordable to snack and drink.
the drinks selection again isnt amazing but again has that affordable edge to it.
i dont think i would go here alone but it does make a good meeting place for a group of friends. it is an easy place to while away a few hours with friends without breaking the bank

28 Jan 2007 07:02

Goose on Two Streets, Kings Heath

whilst this pub is reasonable in its prices, it lacks in all other departments, and from what i have seen in the evening it is best avoided after 9. this is one of those pubs that seems to have bouncers for a reason.

28 Jan 2007 06:53

Bristol Pear, Selly Oak

after the rather hit and miss service at the bar, where choice of drinks is very limited. you will find the seating is disjointed and irregular, not really conducive to groups larger than 3. food is below par for the area and the pool tables do not have enough room surrounding them. music selection is good however and mirrors the student population that makes up the majority of patrons.
it has a strange, almost snobby atmosphere where the drinkers are seemingly in competition to be the 'coolest' there. whilst not aggressive it does not lend itself to a comfortable drinking environ

28 Jan 2007 06:45

The Country Girl, Selly Oak

in the main friendly staff and a pleasent atmosphere, given its location near the hospital/student housing/ large estates it can get crowded, but efficient bar staff means there isnt normally too long a wait for service. drinks choice is good, especially for ales, of which there are regular and varied guests.
the food is standard chain pub fair, but is prepared well and comes in a reasonable time. both outside and inside seating is available.
I would avoid the pub quizzes held here. bizarre rules governing the marking and scoring of rounds make it nigh on impossible to understand how anyone is doing and how they did, also the potential for cheating is great.
aside from this, the beer is kept well and many an evening can be pleasently spent here.

28 Jan 2007 06:26

The Highbury Inn, Moor Green

i have only utilised the bar side of this pub, so cannot say what the family lounge is like.
however, the bar side has a good down to earth pubby feel to it. the beer selection although not very extensive is kept well and served with a genuine non corperate smile.
it is always a good sign to see the owner in a pub, especially one that says hello and goodbye and not just to regulars.
the pool tables are well balanced and there is a reasonable amount of room around them.
one nice touch are the daily general knowledge questions chalked up by the bar.

28 Jan 2007 06:10

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