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Comments by rob372

The Queens Head, St Pancras

For a quick few beers in the vacinty of St Pancras this is a must (alongside the Euston Tap and The King charles). Service excellent, beer excellent (windsor and eton black ipa 5%). Beer in a proper glass with a handle ( like the southampton arms), nice relaxed atmosphere.

23 Oct 2012 22:55

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

This is near to perfection, its a must everytime i'm close to north london (i'll count bournemouth as close). John Mayalls bluesbreakers was playing on the old stereo, the beers were great, the prices not too steep. Oh yes.

26 Sep 2012 08:51

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

Blow it, went in when two of the clips were turned round. Settled for an ok pint of purity ubu then had to dash off and noticed they had just restored Thornbridge jaipur to the pumps. Nicholson pubs try to balance with the food with the beer, on this visit they were too busy serving food and not changing barrels...yes i've still got a monk on as i missed out on jaipur. will try again next time i'm town.

26 Sep 2012 08:48

The Wellington, Birmingham

Can't dispute the ale selection, no problem with the quality on this visit (a packed saturday afternoon crowd). Service was a bit slow as one of the staff was fannying around with stuff behind the bar and not serving the thirsty q of customers. Still this pub is a must on a birmingham pub crawl.

26 Sep 2012 08:43

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

An impressive building and as good a Fullers pub as you can find. Enjoyed one of the pies on offer plus a good pint of discovery. Usually 2 guests on as well.

26 Sep 2012 08:38

The Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

quirky little joint. very good service, very good beer. like it.

26 Sep 2012 08:35

, Digbeth

A building of great character of ale selection. Worth a 10 minute walk down from the city centre plus its just along the road from the HMV institute. From the few pubs i've visited in and around brum, this is the best.

26 Sep 2012 08:34

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

This is how pubs should be, a element of simple understated cool. Ale , cider , meat.

12 Jul 2012 08:52

The New Rose, Islington

The New Rose is still on my rota for a visit when in the area. Good beer selection, good music, funky trendy, nice.

12 Jul 2012 08:50

The Alma, Newington Green

Some pubs have to evolve , change to keep up with the neighbourhood. The recent reviewers expectations seem to centre around the food. I popped in for a couple of pints both were good, pleasant enough place.

12 Jul 2012 08:48

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Blimey those negative reviews get over yourselves you pernickerty beerhunters.
I hadn't been to this place since the 'change'...ooooooh change , don't like change put that down in your notebook. For whatever reason the range of beers is scaled down, the pub is the same, service excellent, beer quality excellent. Top place.

12 Jul 2012 08:44

The Queens Head, St Pancras

Now this could be on my list of favourite pubs in london. 3 changing ales, 3 or 4 ciders. Friendly service , good layout, nice vibe. So much better than the poor excuses of pubs within a half mile radius....apart from the king charles.

12 Jul 2012 08:39

The Sun Inn, Barnes

Nice ambience, smart, clean tidy , welcoming pub, well kept beers...nice price though �4 a pint, ouch ! As for the food , didn't try it but the fixed price lunch menu looked good at �10 for 2 courses and �13 for three. I'd say it was worth a visit .

12 Jul 2012 08:36

The Cock and Hoop, Nottingham

Not bad not bad. Small quirky, worth a quick pint if you are in the area.

7 Mar 2012 20:40

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

Prices have shot up, guest beers are more often off than on. Takes advantage of thirsty travellers who are early for their trains.

7 Mar 2012 20:38

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Tetchy Landlord who is fed up about peoples concerns over the welfare of the pub. Beer selection still good. There is a relatively new feature...a hole in the floor so you can see the cellar. the star wars bar on planet earth. Hope it lives on.

7 Mar 2012 20:36

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

A classic. Love the St Peters ales. Great service from the landlady I think, anyhow a busy , quirky joint, a london institution. Visit this place, mon to fri. (closed weekends)

7 Mar 2012 20:33

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

Visited this place 3 times over recent weeks. All beers were good, service good. A bigger version of the Euston Tap. Like it.

7 Mar 2012 20:31

The Stag, Belsize Park

Never experienced the old stag but I've got nothing against so called gastropubs which provide great beers and friendly service. This place has it , the landlord took time to chat to us about the beer, the music biz clientele etc. Otter bitter at �3.40 is a good pint. Guest at �4 ! (enterprise inns trying to strangle the life out of a landlords living again)

7 Mar 2012 20:29

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

For the moment my new favourite pub in london. For out of towners pop on the 214 bus nr St Pancras and it will drop you right outside the pub in 20mins !
This pub has character and charm, beer in jugs (from a fine selection of microbrews), a crackin (lin) pork roll. Music , no jukebox , but the stack of lps behind the bar q up to jump on the record player. Service usually quick good and friendly (one dodgy young barmaid who was too busy chewing to talk , just a please or thank you would have been nice) SOmeone has taken alot of effort to put together the perfect pub.

7 Mar 2012 20:25

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Totally agree with the previous comments. If the staff and landlord/lady worked on creating a better atmosphere maybe more people would enjoy the good selection of beers. Worth visiting for a quick pint...could be so much better.

15 Feb 2012 08:09

The Priory Arms, Stockwell

Fairly busy and good atmosphere on an early saturday evening. A group of beer hunters seemed very happy ploughing through the bottled beer range. Landlord was a courteous and helpful fella. Beer was very good, food on offer looked tempting. Worth the effort to find.

15 Feb 2012 08:07

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Another review from me for this pub, i always find time to visit before catching the train home. Often has brodies beers on. Small, welcoming, great jukebox, bar billiards !!!! one of the top london pubs.

21 Nov 2011 17:47

North Nineteen, Holloway

Worth seeking out, decent choice of beers, in a modern bar/pub setting.

21 Nov 2011 17:44

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

4 choice of beers and our group was allowed a little taster of each, very welcoming and charming staff, beer good, the food looked alright too.

21 Nov 2011 17:43

The Prince of Wales Ale House, Highgate

On a quiet (4 other customers) saturday afternoon we ventured into this smashing looking pub, there was a small choice of good ales to chose from. We all enjoyed the beers, the smart, cosy interior but the wet weekend of a bar staff blimey o riley! In these darkish days of rescession and the pub up the road very full you need service with a smile not with a face like a slapped .... !

21 Nov 2011 17:42

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

I'd echo 'beershots' comments below. Its would be great to grab a table for the afternoon and evening and run thru the whole range of beers. The owners have got it right, great beer, great service...simple .

21 Nov 2011 17:38

The Royal Oak, Ockbrook

I found out that the royal oak was having a beer festival on the day we travelled from kettering to alfreton (for a quality football match!) I gave the landlord a ring a couple of weeks before hand to check he was ok to accomodate our minibus crew, he was, being courteous and helpful (which some landlords in this time of recession would be best to take note ) During our 3 hour stop off we had some great beers, met with friendly staff and locals. a top pub.

6 Nov 2011 16:38

Wetherspoons, Leeds

Contrary to other comments i found the service excellent. Just getting busy for breakfasts on a sunday morning (the large fry up , the best spoons one i've had this year...and i've had a few around the country) Good selction of ales though, too early in the day to try one though (wife was with me !)

6 Nov 2011 16:33

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

No doubting the range and quality of ales. Sort of agree with earlier comments , atmosphere can vary but on a saturday afternoon with shoppers and early evening drinkers we enjoyed our visit. Staff could spend a bit more time keeping the place cleaner though.

6 Nov 2011 16:30

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

Great choice of beers, york brewery prominent, which is a good thing. I'm not one to moan about decor but blimey the toilets, must have been a sale on gaudey orange, urrgghhh.

6 Nov 2011 16:26

Myrtle Tavern, Leeds

Great choice of beers, york brewery prominent, which is a good thing. I'm not one to moan about decor but blimey the toilets, must have been a sale on gaudey orange, urrgghhh.

6 Nov 2011 16:23

The Duck and Drake, Leeds

Long may a pub like this live. Great selection of ales and a live music venue. all sorts of people in here on a saturday afternoon, long time booze hounds, ladies that shop and like a tipple. Friendly staff as well. Next time I'm in leeds this will definitely be on the crawl list.

6 Nov 2011 16:19

The Duke (of York), Holborn

Agree with the previous review totally. Loved the art deco style. Black sheep was �3.70 !!! OUCH ! 1 pint and gone.

23 Jan 2011 20:47

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

Full of characters and a few posh characters. Yep beer quality was average (youngs gold). A pub to treasure but look after the ale better.

23 Jan 2011 20:45

The Chandlers Arms, Lutterworth

Enroute to Leicester from Kettering, the slightly longer way, The Chandlers Arms is well worth the visit. Our two hour comfort break gave us a chance to try all the beers on offer. Each one was spot on particularly the regular Bath Ale 'Barnstormer and Fat Cat 'Cougar'. With a friendly and accomodating landlord and landlady a return visit is certain and we'll give the food a try.

7 Nov 2010 20:49

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

My second visit in the past two weeks and again no beer !
Sort out the stock control or scrub the real ale signs . Nice looking restaurant though.

26 Apr 2010 12:12

The Three Kings, Clerkenwell

A great looking little pub, 3 ales should have been on offer (monday lunchtime)
but none were on. Nevermind I'll have a cider (stowells)
On this visit , not impressed. I'll give it a go another time but after making
the effort to go here , before the Jerusalem tavern its not on my 'essential pub' list. 5/10 for looks .

26 Apr 2010 12:10

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Old, hallowed pub serving St Peters Ales. A must visit pub.

26 Apr 2010 12:06

The New Rose, Islington

I posted a review just under a year ago. I hadn't been since but nothing has changed, thankfully. The beer was great, I had Exmoor Stag a jar ! There were 3 or 4 others on offer including a Batemans seasonal .
The music was usually good, depending on who was selecting from the ipod.
The two gents behind the bar (at 6pm on 19th April) were friendly and polite.
Its an old pub given a funky refurb but not too funky, I will definitely return .

26 Apr 2010 12:05

The Bell, Cannon Street

Very busy post work crowd in. Good atmosphere. The usual regular ale offerings, so settled for Landlord which was good. Worth a visit.

28 Jan 2010 20:52

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Only visited this pub once before as I always have a few in the Wenlock before
moving on but tried it again after reading the recent comments posted here. The beer selection and quality was great. The landlord was noodling about on
the bar with beer clips and stuff, seriously into his craft.

28 Jan 2010 20:49

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Theres alot of shananigans going on about the Wenlock.
It does what is says on the tin, old corner boozer, great selection of beer.
They have tidied the place up by scraping up the carpet.

28 Jan 2010 20:41

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

I reviewed the King Charles on my last visit there in Sep 09.
Once again the service was great, the beer (Brodies Amarillo) was great.
Had a game of Bar Billiards, nice thursday afternoon visit.
Next time I'll stay longer and have a curry, as the pub lets you bring in your own food. The cafe over the road was doing a nice littel trade , ferrying over some lunchs.

The best pub within a few mins of Kings Cross/St P.

28 Jan 2010 20:38

The Trinity Arms, Brixton

A good pre Academy gig spot, far from the madding crowd.
Tucked away in a nice little corner, not too far from a caribbean takeway
(very tasty)

28 Jan 2010 20:32

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

Just round the corner from The Borderline, a good place to pop in on a crawl. A fair choice of beer and kept well.

12 Dec 2009 19:45

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Can't argue with the choice of beer on offer. On this visit, my second this year, I tried the Harveys Bonfire Boy (5.8%), as it was early in the day, had a half......�2.45. I know I'm in a rich area but come off it thats scandalous.
Anyway I savoured every drop , relaxed in one of the big comfy leather settees , its a sound place to visit but not for a session, unless you're minted.

12 Dec 2009 19:43

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

My second visit and my seceond review for this pub (stone cold sober this time). A quiet thursday afternoon, coal fire, comfy old leather chair, a Timothy Taylors Golden Best followed by a Hogsback Golden Ale. Great old pictures of the area are dotted around the walls. A clean smart, friendly drinkers pub. I'll raise my rating from 8 to 9.

12 Dec 2009 18:36

The Beehive, Brixton

Rubbish lay out, very busy as it was gig night at the academy.
Limited beer selction, very dull standard micro breweries .
Staff as well as punters smoking inside the doorway before the main door into the pub. Orrid.

2 Dec 2009 15:36

The Nightingale, Balham

A full range of Youngs beers, very busy at 5pm on a tuesday.
Food seemed to be going well, my mate enjoyed his sausage sarnie.
Youngs Golden Lion was very good. Like this place.

2 Dec 2009 15:34

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

A pub worth seeking out. Great beer selection (more on at the weekend), five to chose from on my visit on a tuesday. Chatted to the landlord who is well keen on keeping a good pub with good beer. AC/DC on in the background (but not too loud to upset some people), a great selection of photos all around the place, including the mens. Does have TV's so I assume they would show some sports. Comfy leather settees, a spacious place. Garden looked good. Beer festival on the last may bank holiday weekend and august. Definitely ticks alot of boxes for me.
If its as good on my next visit on a busy time then I'll give it a 9 or 10.

2 Dec 2009 15:30

The Turf Tavern, Nottingham

Ditto to the review below, what happened to this place !

24 Nov 2009 15:26

Langtry's, Nottingham

Not a bad pub but the beer selection had not changed much since my last visit , so I think the 'ever changing' policy is questionable. Flowers, GK zzzzzz.

Its a busy place in a lively spot so its o.k..

24 Nov 2009 15:20

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

The third and best pub in this neighbourhood of very good pubs (2nd 'Live and Let Live' 3rd 'The Kingston Arms') Top landlord , obviously enthusiastic about his beers . A busy and vibrant place. A great range of ales to choose from. My pub of the year so far...and I've been to a few.

14 Nov 2009 21:30

The Live and Let Live, Cambridge

Beer soaked floorboards in a beer lovers world boozer. A good local feel , friendly,accommodating (sorry we had a noisy game of cards for an hour or so first thing on a saturday lunchtime). Look forward to another visit soon...if Cambridge Utd keep up with the poppies !

14 Nov 2009 21:25

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

The Kingston Arms is in the middle of the Golden Triangle of great pubs in this part of Cambrdige. The beer selection was excellent, 12 to choose from ! TT Landlord was �3.20 compared to one of the recession busting offers Springfield Ruperts Ruin for �2. Food on offer looked good, the prices were a bit above the average. Amiable staff, colourful decor. Not quite as good as the other two nearby (Live and Let Live / The Cambridge Blue).

14 Nov 2009 21:20

The Wellington, Birmingham

A long over due first ever visit to the Weillington. A busy late saturday afternoon crowd, all loving their ale. Pick your beer from the list on the tv screens, theres 16 to choose from, order by number. Black Country beers seem to be the regulars (as per previous posts), Acorn, Burton Bridge were among the other breweries on offer.

Purely a proper drinkers establishment but I like the idea of being able to take your own food in and cutlery would be supplied by the pub. Friendly staff, quick service. The layout is a bit awkward but a fine place to visit.

One minus point, the pub cat was eating his dinner on one of the tables.

10 Nov 2009 15:10

The Harp, Covent Garden

I was going to post a more detailed review but I'll be lazy and ditto jonnysaint who visited the day after I did and drank the same beer.

23 Oct 2009 15:10

Ye Olde White Horse, Aldwych

Standard selection of ales, TT Landlord was fine. Noisy one room pub, music and chat. An early evening crowd out the front made it a good atmosphere all round.

23 Oct 2009 15:09

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

Now this is my second visit in recent months and I'm dectecting a theme afte reading other posts. This place is close to joining a vast number of other london pubs with lots of pumps and hardly any clips showing. Having said that from the two that were on, Butcombe gold was lovely. I like the raised seating around the front corner of the pub. Theres tables outside the front, the street being a relative oasis of calm from the chaos of oxford st/marble arch. I'll score it a six instead of seven for the 'naked' pumps.

23 Oct 2009 15:07

The Shakespeare's Head, Holborn

Slow service, big place, cheap beer..the Nethergate Azzaskunk was good. Alright for a Spoons.

23 Oct 2009 15:03

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

Welcome to beerhunters city central headquarters. Great selection, plenty of banter (a politcal debate between 8 students way above my head) , a couple of notebooks getting beer updates. The loos are upstairs, bit of a pain but then I supose alot of other london boozers usually have the gents in the basement down some creaky stairs. Good pub.

23 Oct 2009 15:02

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

Eclectic , eccentric, pricey, priceless and a bit of a poncey pub. Its important that establishments like The Seven Stars exist. 2 Adnams and 2 Dark Stars seem the standard output. The dark stars were lovely.

23 Oct 2009 14:58

The Wig and Pen by Milestone, Sheffield

After enjoying the previous 2 hours in the Fat Cat and K.I.T I read about this place in a local camra publication, pub of the month , local beers etc.

The beer was fine, a Sheffield brewery number...�2.95 though. Its more of a gastro joint, tapas looked good.

If your on a crawl , worth popping in for a quick one and stitch one of your mates up with a pricey round. I wish I had had another in the K.I.T. though on my short stay in Sheffield.

3 Oct 2009 16:30

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Great range of beers, excellent service, inviting pub . Smashin' atmosphere on a sunny september saturday afternoon, beer hunters , pub crawlers all happy with their ale. One of the best pubs I've been to.

3 Oct 2009 16:26

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Beer was good and cheap. Although didn't attempt the 10.7% on offer at �2 for third of a pint. I felt like I was in a time warp, a real old pub feel , great pictures of bygone Sheffield scenes. I'll join in the KIT v FC debate. I'd happily claim this pub as my local but the KIT is more inviting . With a 8/10 pub just round the corner from a 9/10, what a problem to have. Shame I live 3 hours away.

3 Oct 2009 16:23

Marquis of Cornwallis, Bloomsbury

Black sheep on offer, bit of a snooty young crowd in, the marquis doesn't feel inviting. I think its more geared up for the local hoorahs on the import fizz.

15 Sep 2009 08:28

The Lord John Russell, Russell Square

Good feel to this place. Tried a caledonian organic guest beer. Waited for the bloke in front of me to pay for his pint with his credit card ! I would say its worth popping in, much better than the snooty marquis of cornwallis down the road.

15 Sep 2009 08:26

The Bree Louise, Euston

Six weeks since my last visit so I wasn't going to post another review but its worth mentioning the sullen neutral service provided by a moppy haired herbert behind the bar. Not a please or thank you or a hint of a smile, he held his hand out for the money looking the other way, not a word. The beer was great, Nethergate Essex Border. Must of been the wrong time of the month for the barman, 1 point off for that.

15 Sep 2009 08:23

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Ok so I was the last one to review the King Charles but as I was in the area and the beer was brilliant heres another few words. Brodies 'Special' 4.5 was excellent but on the bar and out of the barrell was Brodies Superior London Porter 7.8%, blimey it nearly made my hair curl. It was very busy due to the nearby 'Scala' hosting a sold out gig. There was just the one barman, he coped superbly with often 4 or 5 people waiting to be served, he did it all with a smile and please and thank you's. Something that a moppy haired herbert at the Bree Louise could learn to do. Good music , good crowd, up a point for me.

15 Sep 2009 08:18

The Harp, Covent Garden

Great place , always a good range of ales on. People out fron with the windows open, always been a good crowd here on my recent two visits over the past two months.

13 Sep 2009 17:49

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Lovely looking pub, all brass and mirrors. Good pint of landlord in an obviously busy part of town. A good few tourists trying a pint.

13 Sep 2009 17:45

Prior John, Bridlington

The only busy pun I visited in Brid. Friendly staff, nice pint of Edmunds Ale, although other choices limited..and nothing local . OK spoons joint.

4 Sep 2009 22:16

The Hook and Parrot, Bridlington

No ales, caters for the John smiths and fosters crowd, chaacterless, shabby. Urgh.

4 Sep 2009 22:14

The Hare and Hounds, Staxton

Blimey can't believe there are no reviews for this fine place . Its in the good beer guide. 6 local brews on at the time of my visit. Tried 2 copper dragons but was well impressed with the Wold Top Brewery A4 amber. I didn't have room to fit in another Wold top beer, Big sky bitter, because the food at the hare and hounds is top notch as well, big portions, good prices.

4 Sep 2009 22:07

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

This was No 8 on our 10 pub crawl. (after The White Horse, Parsons Green). High end , gastro-ish type of place, lovely looking place, plenty of wine and champagne on tables but still a good selection of beer.

13 Aug 2009 08:29

The White Horse, Parsons Green

'Wills, racquets tomorrow , yah, my porsche is on the bloody blink, have you seen tabitha today, I say. Choc full of beers, posh types, very large pub, very busy on a saturday afternon. Very happy to find 'Old Hooky'.
Prefer the relaxing contrast of the Bricklayers, a 20min walk away.
Still its a place to re-visit.

13 Aug 2009 08:25

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Another re-visit, worth it for trying the Brodies beers, 'Wit' on this occassion. Any pub with bar billards and ale gets an 8. Just 10 mins walk once you step of the train at St Pancras.

4 Aug 2009 07:49

The Bree Louise, Euston

Not my first review of the Bree but worth another mention as it has now gone up a notch in my ratings. Visited on a warm friday evening , post work crowd, busy outside and in with a good atmosphere. The consistently excellent range and quality of beer means a return visit for me just about everytime I go back to London.

4 Aug 2009 07:46

The Green Man, Putney Heath

Pub No 5 on our all day crawl. The weather was foul but still enjoyed the excellent beer garden sitting under a massive brolly. Tried the Youngs 'Kew' brew, and very nice it was too. Well heeled (not high) friendly staff, the average punter was similar too. Inside was large with various rooms. A good pub to combine with the Bricklayers, just hop on the 93 bus, especially when its pouting down.

4 Aug 2009 07:44

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

I finally got round to visiting this place, this was No 6 on our pub crawl around London. A fine looking establishment from the outside. I was expecting a more traditional interior but it was stripped floorboard stlye, big old wooden tables with old photographs of olden times. Anyway the beer, all the TT range plus four guests I think. Like it.

4 Aug 2009 07:40

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

What would you expect from a pub at a station. Well I think it suits the revamp of St pancras , its trying to offer something a better than the average. The Sunday roast looked great. Didn't try the ale this time, went for the Aspells ciders which was great, sat outside and admired the architecture. Remember this sites former incarnation, urrgh, enjoy the new style.

29 Jun 2009 08:37

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

Now its a sunny saturday, the Lions on telly, theres a Neil Young concert on at hyde park, you know this pub offers a good range of beers so if you were the manager you would expect it to be busy. Its was rammed , nearly all the pump clips turned round, just Harveys bitter and Acorn bitter on offer, waited five mins as the whole bar was surrounded impatient punters, gave up, went back up to the Masons arms, just a hop and a step back up the road. Shame as I was looking forward to re-visiting a fairly regular haunt.

29 Jun 2009 08:33

Windsor Castle, Marylebone

What a great place, stuff full of character . Great pint of Addlestones cider, sitting out the front in the sunshine. (adnams was on one of the ale pumps). Definitely worth seeking out, places like this should have a preservation order stuck on them.

29 Jun 2009 08:28

The Masons Arms, Marylebone

I like this place. Friendly service on a fairly busy saturday, well kept pint of Badger 'Lemony Cricket'. Seating outside, just off a busy stretch, and a good stopping point on the way to marble arch / hyde park.

29 Jun 2009 08:22

The Sussex Arms, Paddington

Lively , tv's, jukebox. I wouldn't call it a proper pub, bombardier was ok as far as that goes. As it was the end of a saturday night they were keen to close by 1130 . Its a one square room place, (i think, didn't venture to the loos at the side of the bar) with the bar at the back . Good place to be noisy in.

29 Jun 2009 08:17

The Dickens Tavern, Paddington

A pub devoid of character, it feels like it used to be a shop. Howver the beer was in good nick, Hopback Taiphoon I think it was (with lemongrass).
Slow staff and a manager who seemed like she'd had a long day didn't add anything to the place. Would not make the effort to go here again but if passing it would be worth a quick pint.

29 Jun 2009 08:11

The Star, Highgate

Didn't try the food, just the beer. A great pint of TT Landlord (pipes had just been cleaned) Nethergate Umbel was just going on. I was the only customer and had chat with a nice fella who was either the landlord or head barman.

They were busy preparing for a group of 70 coming in for a quiz night.

The Star is more geared up for food but the ale is theret . Now I won't knock all gastropubs as they do have their place but the Star seems a great spot to try a couple of beers and gather round one of the many large wooden tables on the stripped wood floor in the old wooden chairs. Yes its got that usual look yet it is not too polished or doesn't feel pretentious.

Good background music, soul , The Specials, Devandra Banhart ...niicce.
I'll certainly go back to the Star again

10 Jun 2009 10:52

The Hercules Tavern, Holloway

Full of Scarey Marys and Bulldog Bills. Walked in, spun round , swift exit.

10 Jun 2009 10:43

North Nineteen, Holloway

Friendly landlord who is obviously keen to succeed with good beer and food. Happy with the Skinners beers, Ferrymand Gold was also on offer alongside Fullers ESB and Banks.

Very modern and expensive looking interior but I would feel comfortable
spending an afternoon or evening here. A previous comment mentioned it could become the 'Wenlock' of N19, that it won't ever be and it doesn't need to . Certainly worth encouraging people to pay it a visit for a drink or three.

10 Jun 2009 10:41

The Golden Lion, Camden

A lovely place, very quiet, ornate old style pub... but no hand pumps sadly. Friendly landlady. Worth a visit to keep these places alive. I'll rate it 7 out of ten even though it has no ale.

10 Jun 2009 08:08

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

I can't believe I haven't been to this place, just a couple of mins from the Forum. Big brewery mirrors, nooks and crannies, small garden, conservatory. A great mix of punters, work boots, cravates, gig goers and geezers. The regulars take the front stools at the bar just inside the front door, so a bit cramped when you enter, although there is a side door. What about the beer, I think there was five on, including Sharps Doombar, Adnmas Regatta and Kingstone Humpty's rumpty (that puts hairs on your chest). Another few visits and this could be in the running for one of my favourites. They also have a Thai food menu.

10 Jun 2009 08:06

The Bell House, Camden

I'll echo the comments of the previous entry. A great feel to this pub , traditional but with a some modern bits. A great garden, plus bar-b-q area. Beer well kept (mauldons pucks folly). The best option in the immediatte vacinty (The Prince Albert just a little up itself, although a couple of good beers)

10 Jun 2009 08:01

Mugs Ale House, Brooklyn

Staggered into this place at the end of a long Brooklyn pub crawl just over two years ago. Great selection of beers, I think it had a jukebox , anyway the music was loud , the place was busy. Plus it had a pinball machine, thats an extra point from me for that.

3 Jun 2009 22:29

The Black Lion Inn, Derwenlas

Stayed in the area for a week and pitched up here twice . The food is great both lunchtimes and in the evening. The service is excellent. As for beer ,the Brains Rev James was good, unfortunately 'Butty bach' on the other pump wasn't quite ready. Small, countryside garden at rear. Tables out front to take in the views.

3 Jun 2009 22:24

The New Rose, Islington

Not being lazy but the review below is pretty much spot on.
3 beers on offer, including one from Mordue brewery (all advertised on a board outside) Close to the excellent Flashback record shop ( +cds !)

16 May 2009 12:46

The Angelic, Islington

Friendly service, nice beer (4 on offer at the time inc Brakspears Oxford Gold) , large central bar, big windows good for watching the world go by.
But the prices ain't so nice, again as in step with the area �3.40 a pint plus posh nosh for posh prices. I'd visit again when I'm feeling flush.

13 May 2009 09:46

The Boot, St Pancras

No ale. Big square room, plenty of people in there tucking in to some standard pub grub, although the portions looked good and prices were o.k.

13 May 2009 07:54

The Skinners Arms, Kings Cross

Not a bad pub, usual greene king stuff plus a guest. Food looks o.k.
A better option than O'Neills down the road or The Boot round the corner.
Better places like Mabel Tavern or Bree Louise 10 mins away.

13 May 2009 07:51

Carpenters Arms, Bethnal Green

The comments below pretty much sum this place up. A bit of off the beaten track. Landlord and a Adams on offer, once again the prices reflect the neighbourhood. �3.40 a pint. The prices of the bottle beers are something else though, e.g Dorothy Goodbodys Golden Ale �4.10 a bottle.
O.K you can allow pubs marking stuff up a bit but c'mon you can get 3 bottles for the same price at tescos. Can't say I would make such an effort to get to this place again, its just another one catering for the folks with larger wallets or more style than sense.

13 May 2009 07:49

The Narrow Boat, Islington

The beer is now �3.40 a pint, a Hogsback and Adnams were on offer.
Another 'pub' designed to cater for the better off. Friendly girl behind the bar. Big comfy chairs to sit in, a couple of small balconies overlooking the canal, quite nice.

13 May 2009 07:42

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Like this place. Small , full on wooden interior, quirky decor, good beers, stinky small loo. Apart from the beer the other great attraction to this place is the Bar Billiards table - fantastic ! Tables outside as well, nice chatty boozer .

13 May 2009 07:38

The Duke of Cambridge, Islington

Pretty much agree with the comments Freebornjack posted. I've visited on a quiet tuesday afternoon. The lady behind the bar was very friendly, I tried one of the 3 Pitfield organic beers. There was also a St Peters on tap as well. Lunch menu looked good but yes the prices are probably according to the neighbourhood and the organic bent of the place. Spacious open square 'pub' with tables outside.

13 May 2009 07:34

The Bree Louise, Euston

I think the previous comments about the interior are a bit strong. I've rated this pub before and yes the inside does lack character and charm. Very happy with the beer selection last week, there were 9 straight from the barrel. Can't knock the selection and quality.

11 May 2009 10:55

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Not my first post regarding this place. On my latest visit a few days ago it was a busy early evening session, a good sixities soundtrack in the background. I had two top-notch pints and the place is as good as ever.
Theres a new 'Wishing well' in the gents.

11 May 2009 10:52

The Crown, Islington

Lovely central oval bar and internal features. Nice quiet location , not too far from the main drag. Happy with my Fullers porter. Service was pants, not a word passed from the lips of the barmaid. (I was one of 6 people in there on a thursday afternoon)

11 May 2009 10:45

The Mug House Inn, Bewdley

Great beers, serving Bewdley Brewery beer plus Milestone / Wye valley and TT Landlord . Grub was good. Smashing sitting by the river with the sun shining. Friendly service as well.

27 Apr 2009 08:29

The Little Pack Horse, Bewdley

Needs a bit of effort to find, no pub sign either. Its worth discovering though with Black Sheep and a guest on (Rev James on this occassion). Food looked good. Snug inside, modernised without spoiling the character. Outside space is limited.

27 Apr 2009 08:13

Black Boy, Bewdley

This picture shows the Black Boy Hotel. These reviews are all for the Black Boy (which looks much nicer than the hotel). I'll echo many of the comments already posted. A clean, tidy, friendly little local, serves Banks original plus a regular changing guest. A tidy featureless garden at the back but with a great view.

27 Apr 2009 08:10

The Woodcolliers Arms, Bewdley

Cosy pub with a good selection of local ales. Careful crossing the road as its set on a dodgy junction.

27 Apr 2009 08:03

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

Plastic Paddys joint, naff.

7 Mar 2009 15:53

The Hogshead, Leicester Square

This is the 'Crooked Surgeon', its pants !

7 Mar 2009 15:49

The Crooked Surgeon, Leicester Square

Whats happened to this place since my last visit ?
Changed its name, lost its ales (yep its one of those pubs with lots
of pumps but no beer). It was a wednesday afternoon, quite a few Juve fans in town for the game with chelsea. The staff seemed to be stressed.
No beer , no cheer.

On the plus side, if you are out with a crowd, its a roomy place.

7 Mar 2009 15:47

The Masons Arms, Fitzrovia

Agree with previous comments, very clean, polished and shiney place.
Just Pride and Deuchars on. Deuchars was spot on. Friendly service.
Not a place to get your feet under the table for the night but a decent pit stop.

26 Feb 2009 08:37

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

It is a busy place, which is not a bad thing these days, a good chatty atmosphere. Lovely pint of Hopping Hare (one of three Badger ales on offer). Good pub (s).

26 Feb 2009 08:34

The Bree Louise, Euston

A great selection. 5 pumps and 5 straight out of the barrel...out of the barrel, just the way I like it. The place seems to have tidied itself up a bit inside, I used to think it was a bit plain and cold.

Always the best option for me on the way back to the station or at the start of a London adventure.

Offering the choice you used to be able to get at the Doric Arch
( Head of Steam ).

26 Feb 2009 08:31

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

Worth poppng in for a couple , especialy if you fancy a well kept pint of Shepherd Neame , my Invicta ale was good enough. This place has got a little bit more of a character than the regular run of the mill London boozers with half of their pump clips turned the wrong way round..

26 Feb 2009 08:24

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

Like a spoons pub but clean , no smelly old codgers on an all day soak.
The beer is fantastic.

4 Feb 2009 08:54

The Vat and Fiddle, Nottingham

A welcoming, friendly proper pub. The beer is good value, as most of the selection is brewed out the back, and what a selection it is. We tried 8 of them ! Recommended by Poppies supporters (from 'Vinces Corner')

3 Dec 2008 09:11

Beeswing, Kettering

Well kept Everards beers. Decent grub. Large, modern and clean boozer.
Worth a visit.

29 Nov 2008 13:07

The Wellington Arms, Bedford

Great Beers, a good pub to settle in for the night.
The odd beer snob may be evidence but where else would they go.
Like it alot.

29 Nov 2008 13:04

The Bree Louise, Euston

Looks like another neutral review is required.

No doubting the choice of beers, especially as 5 of them come straight from the barrel. So it is well worth a visit. The place just feels a bit spartan, white walls, not alot of decor. The staff could pay a bit more attention to clearing and cleaning the tables.

I'll still go back for the beer though (haven't tried the food) 7/10.

29 Nov 2008 12:58

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

It has been a few months since my last confession..... visit to the Wenlock.
Nothing has changed, although I think there was a scabby carpet that has been scraped off the floor.

Anyway, the beers are excellent, the atmoshere is great, especially after 4pm when starts to get busy.

29 Nov 2008 12:53

The Speaker, Westminster

Suits and boots corner pub . Genial landlord who knocks out some good homemade cooking. Obviously takes pride in his beer, the Hogsback T.E.A (�2.75) was spot on. Not open on sats. Probably the best ale pub in the area , i.e not a place that sloshs out a london pride for �3.00+.

7 Dec 2007 13:05

The Bree Louise, Euston

Shocking service. I was served by a mute 'i need the cash but don't really want to work' muppet, more interested in his mobile phone. Now it doesn't take much to offer a hello and thank you etc does it.
Anyway the beer, decent pint of Doom bar. The usual suspects were also lined up , Deuchars, Abbott, nothing out of the ordinary, 5 on display plus 2 from the cask (couldn't see where they were).
The pies �7 inc mash and veg, didn't try em' but they looked good. Nice looking pub from the outside, o.k inside, bit scruffy around and behind one of the bar areas.

6 Sep 2007 09:02

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

A pub worth finding. Just a few mins from St Pan/KC. Two good beers at the moment (Deuchars /Spitfire at time of visit). The landlord (nice fella) is looking to add 1 or 2 more beers.Great jukebox. Nice mix of clientele.Support this kind of boozer there isn't many left.

25 Jul 2007 09:09

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Last visit saw Pitfield Stout, Nethergate Mild, Great Oakley uuumm, one of the great oakley beers anyway plus others.
The beer is as varied as the punters. Come and see the dust on top of the dust on the top of the bar.
You get more than just a great pint here !
Just stay as you are Wenlock Arms.

18 Jul 2007 19:17

The Doric Arch, Euston

Still a decent place to visit for a good pint but it doesn't have the range of beers it used to boast.
Then again there aren't that many places that do.

18 Jul 2007 19:11

The Ward Arms, Guilsborough

Welcome to the new landlord who is gving this pub a great big real ale kiss of life. 8 beers on at the weekend , 4 during the week. Watch this pub get better and better.

23 May 2007 08:26

The Fish, Northampton

A good selection of well kept standard ales.
Worth a visit.

23 May 2007 08:24

The Malt Shovel, Northampton

Loads of beers, great pasties. Smashin' place.

23 May 2007 08:23

The Old Windmill, Coventry

A pub to rank alongside the Whitefriars for choice of beer. The beers I tried were all in good nick.
Large, old pub, ideal for a session.

23 May 2007 08:20

The Whitefriars Olde Ale House, Coventry

Rickerty old joint, plenty of character and a good selection of beers. Recommended.

23 May 2007 08:16

The Alexandra Arms, Kettering

The best place in Kettering town centre for a belly full of well kept,proper beer. More varieties than you can shake a stick at. Friendly place, front bar non smoking. A fine drinking emporium.

23 May 2007 08:12

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Quite possibly my favourite pub . Why ?
Well the most important reason, theres always a great selection of well kept beers. Also big lovely sarnies.
Great music, recent visits I've heard The La's / Black rebel motorcycle club / Trojan records mix / The Who. Very eclectic. Theres always a good bunch of locals and beer hunters present. A proper corner boozer, may it stay that way forever.

23 May 2007 08:06

The Harlequin, City

I made a detour on my usual route to visit this pub for the first time. Looked pleasant enough to sit outside and enjoy the sun with a decent pint.
Inside there were two dogs roaming around, the carpet and floor covered in dog hair. I ordered a pint of landlord. Must be a special version as it came with bits. I will not return.

23 May 2007 07:57

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