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Comments by parmantom

The Albion, Winchester

Still decent but eye watering prices
Even posh crisps are double prices, it is small but now very busy
Have a monthly offer on an ale at least!

25 Mar 2014 06:35

Abbots Mitre, Chilbolton

Great pub with an authentic Italian restaurant in its lounge bar area to boot.
Good ale, ringwood, tribute and London pride
Pizza is thin crust made to order, the landlord is Italian and runs the Italian deli in Winchester
The main bar area is separate and refreshingly ordinary

They love kids and are happy to have our little ones when we go to eat.
Highly recommended

25 Mar 2014 06:32

The Fishermans Inn, Bingley

Under new management again since February
Pleasant but ordinary, ale selection improve with 3 taps
Bottled beer is. Fearsomely expensive and pints are not cheap,for Yorkshire

25 Mar 2014 06:26

The Fishermans Inn, Bingley

Under new management again since February
Pleasant but ordinary, ale selection improve with 3 taps
Bottled beer is. Fearsomely expensive and pints are not cheap,for Yorkshire

25 Mar 2014 06:26

Fanny's Ale And Cider House, Saltaire

Great ale house, smells
Better than it used to

25 Mar 2014 06:23

The Boathouse Inn, Saltaire

I paid £8.80 for 2 pints of ale and a single packet of pork scratchings! Pretty much sums up the place which is barren and empty unless it is sunny. Seriously average and seriously expensive

25 Mar 2014 06:21

Bonapartes, Bristol

Good pint of Butcombe, eye watering £3.85 a pint mind. If it wasn't for Butcombe range on tap this would be a sorry pub. Its a walkers only £3.99 breakfast travel lodge pub in all other respects. No need to try when your on a station. But grudgingly please to have a pint before travel. Cool building.

19 Jun 2013 17:26

The Westgate Inn, Winchester

Very good pub with decently priced fresh food. It is a small hotel, but you wouldn't know it from the pub area. Ring wood best and 49er plus Jennings . I had best which was excellent.
Genial landlord, very relaxing.

9 Apr 2013 13:34

Nelsons Wine Bar, Hebden Bridge

Reopened, big on home style food, windowless is a bit oppressive, focal point for local gay community in particular, no cask ale.

7 Apr 2013 07:10

The Golden Lion, Winchester

Great pub in the classic vein, very clean, tidy, efficient and welcoming. Maybe presented in a too well oiled way, but wadworths is a refreshing change in Greene king land as food is honest and tasty although approaching fancy food price points.

7 Apr 2013 06:48

The Willow Tree, Winchester

Firstly I think JOPI on this comments list must be the pubs owner - too much detail and self promotion??

In any case I support the other recent reviews, ale is well kept but boring (GK + derived pseudo brands), the style and interior is very nice indeed, very much a pub that does food than the other way round, despite the attempts to brand it a restaurant. Garden is very sweet - surrounded by water, child friendly - no complaints. Didnt eat but it looked good on paper - standard aspirational pub £10-£18 charges for mains.

26 Jan 2013 16:54

The Ferry Inn, Salcombe

Great pub, proper job feel, robust simple tasty and clean food, guiness excellent, palmers ales but only 2 to choose from. Pub is right on the water so widescreen waterside views along the top bar. This is a boozer with food not a smarter than thou food pub. Attentive staff and easy going. This was winter time mind on a Sunday....

6 Jan 2013 13:09

The Kings Arms Hotel, Kingsbridge

The hotel/b&b side of things is still under developed - but functioning if somewhat pricey for what you get. The place is a huge undertaking by the incumbent owners and is an ongoing project.

The pub part and food part are very good. It is not a tied pub so the beers are all independent and very well kept (the landlord used to own a brewery so knows his stuff). Recommended.

4 Dec 2012 08:38

The Seven Stars, Kingsbridge

Booked for a family meal in early December - ended up being there for 3+ hours due to slow service. Food was fine, but at gastro/foodie pub prices the value was below par. Whilst there were 8 plus 2 small kids in our party, an hour between courses is rubbish frankly.

The staff are super pleasant however, but no apology or awareness of the time we had been in the pub was apparent.

Ales were all St Austell brewery unfortunately, except Jail Ale which i had - well kept i will admit.

BTW I ordered the half pheasant for main course - it came looking a bit fried... and tasted as such - weird and massively underwhelming overall.

4 Dec 2012 08:34

Euston Tap, Euston

tiny beer palace outside Euston Station. Full to the rafters with Euro/US/UK beer choices mostly on tap (often insanely strong) - so thats the point of this place - pint of draught micro-brewed Hawaiian beer? no problem. It is not cheap, but if you need a good place to booze/meet mates its ideal and less likely to be full of London shouty blokes.

24 Nov 2012 07:50

The Boathouse Inn, Saltaire

Great setting - just a weird concept. Better ale and atmosphere elsewhere. This is a safe choice to take the ladies though.

24 Nov 2012 07:41

Fanny's Ale And Cider House, Saltaire

Proper Pub - ale choice and quality is fine - difficult to get a seat in the better downstairs bit, if you venture upstairs the smell gets more potent and you feel like you may have timewarped back to being trapped in old pool table cellar of the 1970's

24 Nov 2012 07:39

Old Gate Bar & Restaurant, Hebden Bridge

Huge floor area pub, expensively refurbished - crikey they even plated the long bar in copper sheet! Large and constantly changing range of 'local' ales all tasty so far - £2.80 average price so not massive relaunch price inflation. The menu did look uninspiring on opening but they have just revamped the menu and it looks more interesting. Staf are barely over 18 mostly but capable enough.

The sheer size of the place and open plan design can mean it can get quite noisy even with a few people in - not one for a quiet pint then, judging by the massive tables thats not the plan, but a godsend for Hebden on so many levels - hopefully the other places with try to compete.

24 Nov 2012 07:36

St James Tavern, Winchester

Had a fairly rubbish food experience lately - "yes the soup is homemade" then why does it taste like its heinz? It is not a cheap pub and is almost as tiny as the Albion down the road. You can almost sense this pub is managed as an after thought to the owners (who have a little empire of underinspiring pub type venues in the city). If you want a tiny boozer with atmosphere and more varied ale/spirits choice i would plump for the albion (the wadworths is good at the St. James mind). Whatever you do avoid the Green Man unless your unbelievably aspirational or pretentious.

24 Nov 2012 07:22

The Silver Plough, Pitton

A fine pub that remains a pub that does food rather than the other way round. Very friendly staff and owners, Badger based ales all round, excellent fish and chips - up there with the best of the gastro pub folks for this sort of dish - fresh and incredibly fast service. The menu is not exactly inspiring otherwise - the place is still a basic pub that is doing all the right things in terms of service and practicality. The havent ripped out the pub it is still standard carpet, dark wood classic furniture, stuff hanging from rafters sort of place. An example of how to bring a pub into the modern era without ripping its heart out. Recommended.

24 Nov 2012 07:09

The Fishermans Inn, Bingley

Recently updated, generic up market feel in terms of removed all carpets and upgraded menu. Apparently run by the son of the previous grumpy landlord, who didn't run a bad pub is was just boring. Now it's actually a decent food pub, but not gastro, think massive big sheet menus, wood floor but normal pub food and ambience. It's fine and way better than many others within walking distance

6 Nov 2012 21:04

The Pump Room, Halifax

Very close to train station - turn left out of station and walk maybe 4-5 mins, good ale house, nothing more or less

29 Oct 2012 16:46

Monty's, Beaulieu

A Restaurant separated by a weird bar to a pub like side through the hatch. Food was unspectacular which is remarkable considering the wider hotel establishment hosts a Michelin starred restaurant. Monty's is the pub bit, but to be honest is really weird, you are met and greeted like you have arrived somewhere special - when the environs suggest you actually havent, the kitchen could not cope with our family order and we were there ages in the end just to have lunch.

Staff were very pleasant it just seems to be a strange characterless space, serving normal pub menu food and just above average quality. Good pint of local 49er served.

A boring, under-developed idea of a place you might want to miss.

29 Oct 2012 16:41

The Thomas Lord, West Meon

Decent if exceptionally posh pub that is really a full blown restaurant. Food is good, ample and prompt, ales are all from the local brewery, stakes ale is the one with flavour it is also the strongest at 4.8%. Good one to impress an aspirational date especially in a rented sports car. Crap pub for fireside chat and relax.

6 Oct 2012 17:38

Victoria Inn, Salcombe

Decent seaside ye olde type pub, st Austell ales only, so ale choice a bit tiring. Busy and food focused and so behind the pub like style lies a restaurant. For a quite pint with an ale choice to elsewhere, for a friendly restaurant with some pub charm enter.

Kids play area is ace I.e not broken and easy to watch the nippers whilst nursing a boring pint of St. austell

6 Oct 2012 17:31

The Albion, Winchester

For a tiny corner pub that needs to make margin anyway it can - it is a good place for a pint. Ale is changed regularly across 3 pumps - it is independent so the range is very good - usually a weak to strong range to boot. It does have a fine whiskey and absinthe range, and yes the cafe/expresso machine is obvious - but it is a very decent place to stop all the same - if your pub is this small food is not going to carry the income on its own so it is 80% pub, and it works (not off putting to the ladies which it probably was before it changed hands either.

Excellent meeting point for Train station as you cannot fail to see it when you head to town from there

11 Sep 2012 08:30

White Swan, Winchester

trebles_all_round: the other one is the St James Tavern - its like a winchesterfication of lots of nice city pubs into four really characterless, aspirational pub shells, with below par food (tavern and cornerhouse especially). This mucky duck is basically the same pub but with high end sports screens scattered everywhere - selling greene king brands - why would anyone drink in a greene king pub when there is a choice??? I bet the owners of these pubs have alot of beige in their houses and scatter cushion strategies

11 Sep 2012 08:20

The White Lion, Hebden Bridge

a restaurant masquerading as a pub, too shiny and seemingly inconvenient for drinkers to settle easily. It is is trying to be quite modern but feels baseless and empty in style and clientele - ale is overpriced but well kept.

10 Sep 2012 21:15

The Fox and Goose, Hebden Bridge

This place is immense - smells fairly strongly of dog piss, but thats all part of its basic charm - proper ale pub, good selection and quality - community in the process of purchasing it i think - a real horse hair of a gem - not for the faint hearted though

10 Sep 2012 13:10

The Shoulder of Mutton, Hebden Bridge

Shame this pub could be fantastic - its the best pub to sit outside and ponder town with over a pint - apparently its been refurbished recently - honestly if thats a refurbishment...its just a plain crappy boozer inside with zero personality. Beer is fine, staff are fine, biker evening is Tuesday so come or steer clear as necessary.

10 Sep 2012 13:07

Hole in the Wall, Hebden Bridge

It has partially reopened as a pop up pub - but still on the market

10 Sep 2012 13:04

The Fighting Cock, Bradford

Proper Pleasant Yorkshire Pub - good ale and for that matter lager from round the world on tap selection. Ale was brilliantly priced at circa �2.50. Wood board floor, wood board chairs, wood board tables i could go on - I almost expected chickens to be scuttling about - seriously an ace ale pub - finest of the north so far found. Not luxurious so if your taking a lady she better be hardy.

10 Sep 2012 13:02

The Exchange, Winchester

Ideal for watching sport - burgers are pants, Sharps on tap was ok - without the TV's you would go elsewhere

26 Apr 2012 10:54

The Green Man, Winchester

Fundamentally serves the posh end of town - which in winchester you might think is the whole town, but its really the knitted fashion jumper, fancy welly brigade who like a wall of wine aka All-Bar-One, but in more refined environs.

an e.g: Sort of place you get really fancy nuts in bowls - now i am all for upgrading from KP/sky TV joints, but a good joint wouldnt go this wanky it would just serve better branded nuts

Staff are friendly enough but lacking conversational skills/interest.

I find the place therefore a little pretentious and trying - everyone is so pleasant there is little in the way of topical pub banter. Beer's are Greene King so boring selection and beware if you turnup looking poor.

26 Apr 2012 10:51

The Boat Inn, Thrupp

Seems to have recently changed hands - was completely dead and smelt rather weird - staff were warm but you sense the place has gone down market a tad but lets see as it was a good place to eat.

26 Apr 2012 10:26

The Turnpike, Kidlington

Why stop at a big chain pub when any of the pubs you will arrive at driving from here North through to the Black Prince in Woodstock are better and more authentic with choicer ales?

13 Mar 2012 11:49

The Black Boy, Winchester

Probably when all considered the best pub in Winchester. It is not a place for food range, because its a proper pub it focuses on beer and environs. it is large, friendly and has a good ale range - fire place, random hangings and objects - while a way some hours here is easy. Can get busy but usually large enough to cope.
The owner i believe also operates the Black Rat (michelin star restaurant) and Black Bottle (wine bar).

12 Mar 2012 13:32

The Albion, Winchester

Now reopened and refurbished - as much as you can refurbish a tiny boozer - its new decor and trimmings like flowers in window etc. have completely altered the clientele - now its more upmarket (not madly so just more 'winchester'.

Massive shock and this is probably why the clientele has gone up market rather than decor and addition of proper coffee machine is a pint of any ale is �3.70 - i nearly cried, and thought may as well round it up to �4 - sod the recession! honestly way too much and the blanket price smacks of naked greed.

29 Nov 2011 12:40

The Running Horse, Littleton

Found it to be dull, barely a pub, poorly transformed - bland even - more appropriately a restaurant with B&B rooms out back in adjoined chalet style. I stopped for a beer and whilst �2.90 for a pint of local ale (forgot name) was competitive, i didnt feel comfortable propping up the bar in a restaurant - staff seemed to be distracted/disinterested. Ale also served in those completely straight modern lager glasses - just not cricket really.

I didnt eat here but honestly if your in this zone of eating, your better off going to the pricey Plough inn (sparsholt) as at least its still full of pub character with good food

19 Nov 2011 21:21

The Three Tuns, Romsey

Considering the pub is attached to an up market restaurant in Winchester - the focus on food here is clear. This pub-restaurant is pleasant - service is excellent and the food good. I was hoping the menu would be a bit more adventurous as it consists of pie, pasta, burger, pork belly, fish and chips - fine you might say, but you get this line everywhere. Good quality throughout tho and with most just shy of �10 a dish not excessive.

Beer this week was Ringwood best, Summer lightning, Sharps Doombar - so good varied choice if not niche brewers- which would be nice for freehold's to explore/support. The summer lightning is served too cold for my taste.

No major complaint - if there is a big table in tho expect service to slow up considerably.

26 Oct 2011 09:55

The Railway, Tulse Hill

Good pub, convenient as in the name for trains out of here, beer is a decent choice, enormous and largely covered all weather out door area - food is solid, not insanely london prices - so good for a night out. Entered on a floor of full scale 1950's danceathon - but you can hide from the weekend events by going outside the back (heaters on). would recommend if in the area as there isnt much else

17 Oct 2011 12:59

The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

Lovely pub, no kids under 14 permitted, beer is good and always a local on. Food is a tad pretentious but its good fare at relatively steep prices. This is winchester so shiny old pubs are what you would expect - this is a great example provided your not bringing the family

17 Oct 2011 12:54

The Plough, Sparsholt

Great spot in Sparsholt, this pub know this, whilst it is independent and strong on food (restaurant really), this country pub will require you to up the limit on your credit card. No fear for the landlord as its busy anyway because everyone is pretty well loaded round here going by the punters - win win for them, sad for anyone who just wants to eat well and a decent price and have a pint in the english country side - damn capitalism and the way it ruins normality

17 Oct 2011 12:51

White Swan, Winchester

Fine pub, friendly and pretty bar staff, beer is fine etc. Old feel so its a proper boozer, varied crowd. I would go down the road to hyde tavern for beer, but the bar staff are way cuter here so what to do...

17 Oct 2011 12:47

The Roebuck Inn, Winchester

Completely refurbished into an off the shelf B&Q derived template pub. So now you have uniform t-shirts for the staff, corporate-quirky pen chalk signs and the ubiquitous �5 lunch meal signs that details your at a Greene king retirement home during the day style generic pub.

Beer is all Greeneking when i visited (even the GK owned sub-brands), Hooky best apparently was due soon - i had to drink lager... Staff where friendly and considerate, food as expected for a place that can do a meal and a pint for �5 was really average - must have some seriously large freezers and a tiny kitchen microwave.

Fine if you like a standard GK experience, but so unremarkable, there are many, many better pubs in a 5 mile radius - hell go into town and get a pizza..

17 Oct 2011 12:34

The Milburys, Cheriton

Proper Pub, substantial and tasty steak and kidney pudding and local pork rice dish shared by two hungry as gnats cyclists. Skinner's ale and another i dont recall on barrel - tasty and well kept, super chatty barman supported by mumbling older barman - overall charming place and couldnt have felt better that there are still actual pubs around that serve good and tasty fare with decent beer without needing to go all shiny and become restaurants. Great South downs stopping off point. Shuts sharp at 2pm mind...

31 Aug 2011 10:07

The Plough Inn, Normanton-on-the-Wolds

Very friendly and welcoming staff as well - couldnt do more for you and food was prompt

18 Aug 2011 21:30

The Plough Inn, Normanton-on-the-Wolds

Lovely proper pub, drinkers bar on one side and bar-restaurant on the other. The Restaurant is not your usual overly fancy latest shiny pub affair - it feels like a pub anywhere you go. Even the loo which is clean is just how it should be in good nick but not out of a generic brochure.

Food was pub fare, good value for money at �7-9 a main dish, tasty and robust - even the chips seemed homemade (and not stacked in some fanciful way -

beer - local golden beer and best where in good condition - why go elsewhere if you want to go to a pub in the area?

18 Aug 2011 21:29

The Royal Sun, Begbroke

The pub is in the middle of a rock and a hard place out on the dual carriage way between villages full of pubs, so what do you do to make a success, well turn it into a restaurant- this is what this pub has become-not a bad thing but annoying all the same. Food is good, service welcoming, beer range very limited but well kept, ambience of a restaurant which i find too tame to tempt me other than the occasional lunch - but food is where the money is so ce la vie darn it.

3 Aug 2011 22:36

The Albion, Winchester

looks like either the temporary people have gotten hold of this one or someone has as its in the process of changing hands-at least the slippery sofa's and crap beer has gone - still mangy though but friendly enough

3 Aug 2011 22:21

The Coach and Horses, Sutton Scotney

Odd and persistent smell, friendly staff, plain locals boozer really nothing of note worth saying or recommending a stop here

3 Aug 2011 22:14

The Green Man, Winchester

Decent drinking pub, albeit Greene king but without the usual �4.25 eat as much as you want GK tat style. Interior is quite poshed up, its clearly got a modern female influence at the tiller, large and obvious wine selection (so strong focus on the All Bar One ladies style). Ale is GK plus Black Sheep. not cheap, small courtyard suntrap terrace. Opposite the cinema so worthwhile drink venue for a film.

Part of a local chain that includes Corner House (average) also in town.

27 Apr 2011 12:19

The Black Prince, Woodstock

Ok hold the press the tinners has gone as st austell ales have realised finally that its a comparatively crap beer. the landlord has done a canny swop for tribute with the brewery. so better permanent ale choice now (2 of 3).

the newish �5 menu is fine, not if your starving, best choice for span is ham, egg and chips, but dont expect that lovely chunky ham its more the packet ham version.

Fabulous waterside garden for the summer and food overall is good

13 Apr 2011 15:17

The Queens Head and Artichoke, Regents Park

Seems ok, landlord was good, pedigree and others all on, middle of the day so quiet but nothing else to report...

13 Apr 2011 15:13

The Horse and Groom, Great Portland Street

Sam Smiths out and out.
Seriously if you want to experience a proper british pub these guys do it - no frills and friendly all with their own of everything. Ale is not the best but its by a way the cheapest

TOURISTS go here its a gem for oldy worldly properties

13 Apr 2011 15:10

The Crown and Sceptre, Fitzrovia

Large airy London Pub-the sort with the u-shaped bar in a big square room. Good ale range: Pure UBU (warwickshire), Wandle (London), Sharps [St.Austell] Doom Bar and oddly a US style Pale Ale called Kipling. Wandle and UBU in fine form. Pints not full - couldnt be bothered to request top up as it was purposefully short on every pint i saw its planned

Menu is good, burgers were exceptional but at �9.25 they ought to be. I got called 'buddy' in the bar area and 'hi guys' when food was served - which when delivered here means 'whatever i couldnt give a toss but will use 'fun' greetings to give the impression i do'. Frankly i didnt get eye contact fromany of the staff - almost felt i was privileged to be in their company which of course i was.

i did like the food and booze though

13 Apr 2011 15:07

The Rose and Crown PH, Oxford

Expensive but entertainingly quirky. Owner has had the pub for many years and his reputation is well known for having random house rules on what is and what isnt the proper way of doing or combining things served there. The food is pretty good fare and beer kept very well

1 Apr 2011 11:32

The Angel and Greyhound, Oxford

Good Youngs Pub - the even deliver a Ram and Special without confusing looks

1 Apr 2011 11:29

The Bullingdon Arms, Oxford

its a club not a pub - beer mediocre - if the music is good its fine, otherwise better places to go

1 Apr 2011 11:26

The Library, Oxford

Good tiny pub, no great shakes for ale, but sells quality lagers. Good funk night on on certain weekday eves - worth checking out then as really is too small to be fun at busy times

1 Apr 2011 11:25

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

Fine pub, in an unspectacular way, not particularly characterful these days but has history - Betty Stoggs always on and in fine form, it is the sole reason for going in.

1 Apr 2011 11:21

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Fabulous Pub if you like wonky walls, tricky corners and large well kept ale cellar - all in the city centre.

1 Apr 2011 11:19

The Cornish Arms, St Merryn

Fundamentally a restaurant with pub residue round the corner. Competitive seating in the summer, Staff are generally bubbly, on the day we visited it was helter skelter for tables, quite alot of tourists in fancy cars elbowing onto vacated tables ( all bright colours and showiness) so not altogether pleasant - but expected for the brand attached. worth it for the space, rural views and child friendly.

1 Apr 2011 11:09

The Toucan, Soho

Crap pub as its dark, dingy and tiny - Guiness is probably the best in town from numerous taps as its their specialty (nothing else to note beer wise). Avoid unless its a scorching day/nice evening and you can hang outside then its ace.

29 Mar 2011 10:40

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Great pub, good beer quality and selection, scottish humour and charm throughout - good session pub in central endinburgh

29 Mar 2011 10:31

Shakespeares, Edinburgh

Fairly average, sparse pub, poor beer selection, not much to bother with for a city with lots of choice

29 Mar 2011 10:27

The Endurance, Soho

Decent pub - is very dark, not overly fancified which is a strong point. Deuchars and guiness well kept, food remarkably good - pricey but not beyond the norm for London.

It is very dark black walled which is weird, staff attentive - basically a good london boozer if quite a bare example.

29 Mar 2011 10:22

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

I Guess Chav_Man owns a competitor pub or has a grudge with the owner - pricing aside how can you argue as an ale drinker that this has the most range and quality in town?

28 Mar 2011 16:53

The Albion, Winchester

is this the same pub everyone comments on lately - if its so nice why is it up for grabs for anyone to run judging by the massive sign outside shouting please help we dont know what to do with it! - it still serves limited range through poorly cleaned lines and is generally empty bar a few regulars who obviously drink lager

28 Mar 2011 16:46

The Kings Arms, Kidlington

Great local pub, which hasn't changed in literally years [for the better!] still run by Gerry and co in the same friendly style. If your bored of generic revamped pups clamoring for every penny or simply not up to scratch vs service this is how to do a proper home from home pub.

No frills, not in your face, good decent food at amazing prices, made by lovely dears in aprons.
3 hand pumps, well kept, bombardier, GK IPA, Tunnel Vision (Guest ale from somerset) enjoyed the latter over a massive ploughmans.
Kidlington is a place worth circumventing, but this is a pub and style that has all but disappeared elsewhere so go as much as you can before its gone

28 Mar 2011 16:39

The Westgate Inn, Winchester

Good Pub, [Marston's] Ringwood best and fortyniner, plus guest Cumberland ale - well kept. Food looked really good but didnt sample. Landlord is a genial fellow with alot of local knowledge, roomy, recently done up - good views over castle and down high street so a good place to kick back and ponder goings on from the top of town.

23 Mar 2011 12:12

The Kings Head, Hursley

You would think it a hotel from the outside but its not. Its a massive highly spruced up pub. Apparently owned by local families its a local for a posh area. If your happy paying the �8-�14 type average for a main course the food is very good, beer selection and taste more than you could ask for. Friendly if somewhat slow service - solid top end style large and airy pub. No carpets et al and not too pine wood ruined either given the hotel style feel - recommended. Loads better for food than anywhere you will find in central winchester for example

12 Mar 2011 23:43

The Haven House, Christchurch

Unbelievably average boozer in a top tourist spot. Admittedly the staff were friendly and the ringwood x2 was good to drink, but the food was just below average - such a missed opportunity for a spot like this. Assume the footfall they do get means they dont really need to try very hard, i ordered the 'home made' pie which arrived as a stewing steak stew, rich sauce and one of those dreaded pre-fab floating pie tops ditched on top of the debris. The fish and chips was just boring, deep frozen white fish, battered and the whole lot topped by those generic frozen chips.

The prices were around �8 for a main so not the �10-�12 for those restauranty pubs but even so i could cook better at little effort.

Pub is otherwise dingy, laminated baked potato style menu's usual usual usual how on earth this pub made a 7.3 ranking is beyond me as it screams i am a 4.5-5 rank pub MAX! which for the location is a crying shame (cafe next door didnt look like much either - same owners i reckon. Take a few beers and a sandwich.

12 Mar 2011 23:36

Ship Inn, Owslebury

Friendly pub on a weekday lunchtime, basic village local style, Greeneking so usual boring ale selection of speckled hen and ipa, food was affordable �7 baguette but decent fillings and sides, plus interesting mains - suspect the Caribbean influence still on the menu with jerk chicken - less than �10 for a main in general. Huge garden and kiddies climbing/tube/slide arrangement. Looks rougher than it looks for the area, but anywhere else would be a decent rural local- darts and everything. Shame its GreeneKing styled the chain just bores me.

7 Mar 2011 15:43

Bush Inn, Arlesford

Lovely spot, pottering along the river, clear water fish darting almost expecting toad of toad hall to pop out- the pub is a charming spot, good wadworth ondraft (shame thats all the choice but its a directly managed brewery pub...) Very welcoming, food looked good but �15 average main meal is the tariff. worth a punt for a sunny day but expect it to be busy and book ahead as otherwise its an off beaten track drive to a tiny hamlet.

7 Mar 2011 15:33

The Fulflood Arms, Winchester

Remains a decent pub but it is becoming one of the most expensive... Glass of ale and wine almost �8 which to a londoner isnt maybe insane but its potent for this area. House wine not an option (white) as it was really poor - so it seems the affluent area is making for affluent prices - a shame as it will affect my regularity...

7 Mar 2011 09:35

St James Tavern, Winchester

Friendly, cosy, wadworths pub - usual range - well kept, nice looking food and could imagine hanging out here (wifi as well)

24 Feb 2011 16:26

The King Alfred, Winchester

Pretty place, average food, broken kids play area/climbing frame outside, moody landlord, not very kid friendly big and often empty - beer? cant remember

24 Feb 2011 16:23

Jolly Farmer, Winchester

really really generic, avoid unless you are actually attracted by large signs saying hey our food is so cheap it isnt worth eating if you have taste buds

24 Feb 2011 16:21

The Corner House, Winchester

not a pub, its a coffee-restaurant place with a bar from previous times and one ale

24 Feb 2011 16:20

The Albion, Winchester

this one is getting worse - steer clear unless you are male and want to huddle in the corner of the bar. Ale selection yesterday was one and that is not likely to be from a clean line

24 Feb 2011 16:18

The Black Prince, Woodstock

I return to this pub frequently as it is quite easy to exist in and all the other pubs around are just that side of either oily and semi-depressing or overly pine-wooded you need shiny sunglasses. The new �5 a dish hot menu is quite good, basically smaller cooked meals from the normal menu, presented nicely (not over the top...). The great shame as from my lat last year pub post is the beer selection is still poor, still Vales Best bitter (3.7) and St. Austell's Tinner's (3.7) on permanent - neither of which lets be honest anyone would say "oh great lets stay here and come back again!" the jewel can be the revolving guest ale but this isnt always revolved quickly enough to be present. Beer is kept well mind and its a jolly place overall just lacking a bit of heart and a really good permanent ale.

24 Feb 2011 16:16

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

have to agree with littlecon if every pub served a good long island ice tea i would commit many more sins against humanity - cocktails are for bars (see town centre) and proper wonky pubs are for beer nee 1900's no? timeless. A crapper is a crapper, again if you go to the pub for a poo your mad as name a pub where the loo isnt covered in badly aimed pee? top pub - ale spread is outstanding - spirits spread is supposed to be crap as is wine and food (does this pub actually do food? i think not)

21 Jan 2011 12:01

The Boat Inn, Thrupp

Great location on the canal with no through traffic etc. Can be tricky to park, pub is old and the bar is proper enough, friendly staff overall food is good with a decently experimental specials board. Chef is totally anti using pickle on his ploughmans tho which is a good spread but deperately lacking this key ingredient. Might say something about the chef when he believes pickle is too low brow for his 'ploughmans' - my advice is take your own and leave the jar so he is overrun with the stuff as a subtle campaign...

beer is good but its heavy brewery owned fare even the seemingly 'guest' ales are usually just other brewery brands so whilst well kept it all tastes the same

21 Jan 2011 11:55

The Ship Inn, Par

The Pub is in one of the best locations around - close to Par Beach and a hill hike to Polkerris. I lived in the area for 20 years, alas the Ship inn has changed hands and is not worth bothering with at all these days. Beer is unsurprising, smell of latent cooking everywhere, the food was unbelievably poor - cheapest possible chips, those sausages that only the cheapest greasy spoon would serve and economy burgers that my dog would pass on. Seriously almost unedible. Unfortunately as the well known areas of cornwall spruce up their pubs with landlords who try, Par is a proper cornish area, and the landlord is serving to the lowest common denominator - not a good idea for summer visitors. If the food we had was done by the same freezer 'chef' as the carvery it would explain the smells. really poor and a crying shame for what should be an outstanding family pub by the seaside.

10 Dec 2010 10:18

The Fulflood Arms, Winchester

Top Pub, surprising really, but its tucked away location makes it all the more relaxing. No pretenses here, local ales (IPA the only obvious GK sign) open plan chatty local - nicely

19 Oct 2010 10:54

The Black Prince, Woodstock

Sadly since previous reviews and details of the 'refurb' this pub has become a shell of a place, with weird pseudo modern seating, a menu that doesn't change and 2 ales plus a guest - not massively appealing given one is st austell's tinner's - whats wrong with tribute at least? It does many sandwiches for �4-�5 a pop but whats so interesting about that - all in all not a bad pub for woodstock (as most pubs here have just gone the wrong way in terms of over fancifiying themselves into a generic blunder - but terribly average really. Very pleasant bar staff though.

14 Sep 2010 15:42

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Basically a gem, proper to its bones, from cask ales, to a great selection. Friendly (more gentrified than layabouts) folks,quirky place.
Garden isnt lovely exactly, but its got a fine multischaired smoking area. what a pub should be like, best in town.

13 Sep 2010 14:23

The Albion, Winchester

Small triangular pub designed for drinking in - not much room for anything else, no food, no B&B, just drinks. Four Ales: Ringwood best, Landlord, london Pride (the 4th was Summer Lightening, soon changing). Kept fairly well, but not fantastic. Ambience and other drinkers can be categorised as rough and ready, friendly bunch but drinking is the game.

13 Sep 2010 14:20

Black Horse, Nuthurst

BTW: the photo on this website page must be pre-redecoration as it aint carpeted now and that scene is unrecognisable.

9 Aug 2010 16:55

Black Horse, Nuthurst

More restaurant than pub, simple but tasty gastro-angled menu, food was slow to arrive, but not to the point of disaster, lots of outdoor seating and garden nestles a stream so its pretty enough and the building retains some very old pub wall, nook and cranny style rooms. Staff where excellent, ale choice just 2: London Pride and Harveys. Harveys was fine, but overall i left the place feeling underwhelmed as the character and pubbiness seemed to have been sucked out the place and replaced by a rather aspirational chunky table restaurant.

9 Aug 2010 16:52

Rashleigh Arms, Charlestown

Good for a big pub, locals and tourists use it, charlestown on doorstep, crab sandwiches were great, betty stoggs on tap so not just usual st austell brewery fare.

28 Jul 2010 11:07

The Mill House Inn, Trebarwith

Secluded pub- based on an old water mill, best known now for its adjacent top quality restaurant. Pub staff were very friendly, open plan with pool table at rear,gave the impression you were in a cross between a YHA common room, a cabin and a boat club. Not a traditional pub in that sense even tho its an old building as such.

Beer was fine, food below par, took ages to arrive, but the staff made it bearable. Probably good walking options from here and near to the beach.

28 Jul 2010 11:04

Napoleon Inn, Boscastle

Like many St. Austell brewery pubs the experience is generic and underwhelming - even though they have some of the best pub buildings. This one is old and fine for a pint of the usual brewery beer, the food is ok, however it took almost 2 hours from ordering to getting served (admittedly for 10 people but we had booked), plus the constant twang of rock musak the place was adequately served by a roster of local teenagers who roved from being flustered to sweaty poor chaps. Average drinking, average eating, lovely old pub

28 Jul 2010 10:58

The Noahs Ark Inn, Lurgashall

A very good gastro-pub that was an isolated village pub, very good food (we had roast dinner's top notch, spent �20 quid each plus booze and a starter - not too bad), lovely spot on massive green but not really a pub unless you find room at the bar, or - and this is crucial - its summertime and you can sit and lounge outside - lovely. Overall if your middle class and aspirational with a touch of hippy relaxedness (i.e. most of rural west sussex) it will suit you fine, if your not, or looking for an actual pub, steer clear.

4 Jan 2010 18:33

Trents, Chichester

bit of a local chain pub gone wrong as it tries to be both starbucks, boozer and restaurant all in one. In fact it is trying to be an 'all bar one' but broadly disappoints. Really too much 1995 brown leather wooden floor chic gone tired and a tad overpriced for slug and lettuce style ambience

4 Jan 2010 18:13

The Bell Inn, Chichester

chef has recently departed, so fingers crossed the food improves!

4 Jan 2010 18:10

The Globe Inn, Lostwithiel

Proper Pub with backroom restaurant, serving Skinners Betty Stoggs at time of visit (just after Christmas) which was well kept, easy going staff for kids, food is full pub prices of �10-�15 mains and was average quality - shame as otherwise its a fine cornish town pub

4 Jan 2010 14:29

The Poacher's Inn, Ide

Great choice of local ales, quality food (fish and chips was good), roaring fire sort of pub, well worth a visit.

24 Oct 2009 15:59

The Buckingham Arms, Shoreham by Sea

huge range of ales that are well kept, friendly enough, but apart from the focus on ales its basically a sky sports, shouty, pissed blokes at the bar sort of place - ales are good though.

24 Oct 2009 15:52

The Lazy Toad, Shoreham by Sea

Good Beer, friendly - as far as drinking goes this place is top, dont expect food, outside seating or any such mod-cons

24 Oct 2009 15:48

The Anglesey Arms, Halnaker

Fine over-smartened old pub, good ale and food (though not cheap) huge garden, near Goodwood so posh locals and visitors make this an aspirational flavoured drinking-sub-gastro joint

24 Oct 2009 15:36

Welcome Home Inn, Par Green

standard st austell brewery pub, meaning no skinners on sales here alas.

24 Oct 2009 15:05

The Royal Inn, Par

Good Ales, pleasant open pub. Decor is heavy on the pine, food is fair fare.

24 Oct 2009 14:58

The George and Dragon Inn, Chichester

Boring really, its part one thing then not much of anything, ale range is reasonable, fairly friendly, dark, trying to be everything at once - nothing to write home about -

24 Oct 2009 14:47

The Fountain, Chichester

Only proper and 'ye olde' pub in central chichester, has an anti-gastro pub restaurant - not highly recommended, Badger ales are the stock and trade plus guests. Not exactly well maintained, rubbish toilets, friendly but basic.

24 Oct 2009 14:44

The Bell Inn, Chichester

Proper Pub, useful for Theatre, below average food, great ales frequently rotated, very friendly, welcoming to pets

24 Oct 2009 14:39

The Earl of March, Lavant

Basically a restaurant with a pub bar, young shiny staff provide an open plan dining service experience in shiny leather and light oak surroundings - pricier than average - fish test - i.e. when i order a bass is it the fillet for �12-�15 or the whole fish, alas it was the fillet - cash cow enterprise - but if you want to enjoy a beer and good food and dont care for pub pleasantries go for it. garden is welcome in summer, fairly busy road setting...

24 Oct 2009 14:07

The Royal Oak, East Lavant

A restaurant with a pub bar, Skinner's ale always a welcome treat, over-fancified to be called a pub really, food is good generally - potent pricing a possibility - Lavant is nice enough, pub position offers little in terms of views or outside relaxation.

24 Oct 2009 14:02

The Fox Goes Free, Charlton

Basically a fine pub, roomy with plenty of nooks, 2-3 ales, proper cider, strong food prices but good food and portions, rural garden views, welcoming and a launch point for walks, thankfully not fancy even though the foodie focus might warrant it.

24 Oct 2009 13:59

The Anchor Bleu, Bosham

A good looking traditional pub, right on the water's edge with fine views if you get a seat on the small terrace out front. Rear, roadside (quiet village setting) seating is larger. Ale choice was good, not cheap, biggest disappointment was the food, although the choices are fine, only the pie was thought good but arguably not worth the �10+ dish charge, we selected a calamari starter - being near the sea but these turned out to be 'little chef' style, from frozen rings, the burger was unbelievably average (from frozen), the steak baguette was really a bread parcel with 60% steak coverage.

In summary very average pub food at strong prices, an example of a pub spoilt by location so it doesnt need to try hard in other areas.

24 Oct 2009 13:52

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