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Comments by oldandmild

The Duck and Drake, Leeds

Visited a couple of weeks. Good as ever and great pint of Old Peculier.
Theakston's,Sam Smith's,Timothy Taylor's. Three great Yorkshire breweries.

26 Jun 2019 02:26

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

Just back from a few days in Manchester.

Hard to think 2 years have past and no change at the Grey Horse.
The microwave and pies which appeared a couple of years back,now gone.Not needed.

Old Indy, really Dark Mild on the bar as usual. Had 2 or 3 pints most days of my stay.Excellent!

26 Jun 2019 02:19

The Sun Inn, Buxton

Had a very nice lunch here a couple of weeks back.Just the place for lunch on a rainy day.The radiators were on so nice and cosy.
Nice couple of pints of Pedigree.

26 Jun 2019 02:12

The Swan, Buxton

Great little pub in a really great town.
Love the sign above the bar" No card payments accepted,Cash only."As it should be.
Nice pint of Tetley's too.

26 Jun 2019 02:02

Commercial Inn, Huddersfield

Traditional Yorkshire town pub.

Several rooms so you chose where to be comfortable and enjoy Sam Smith's Cask OBB at 2 pounds a pint.
At that price can't go wrong.

24 Jun 2019 06:31

The Old Packet House, Altrincham

Last week in May.Arrive in Manchester and it is true Manchester weather so off on the tram to Navigation Road and the Packet House.

Timothy Taylor's Golden Best as good as usual plus a huge lamb shank with all the trimmings followed by jam rolly poly and custard.

Never mind the weather.

Nice staff too.

24 Jun 2019 06:25

The Trackside, Bury

Visited on a Saturday earlier this month.
Can't fault the beer.Had 3 excellent pints of Timothy Taylor's Golden Best.There was also a dark mild on from Dunham Massey and a number of bitters.
But the kitchen was closed due to staff shortage.
Saturday,the trains are running but no food at Trackside. Strange business model.

24 Jun 2019 06:12

The Piccadilly Tavern, Manchester

Have avoided this pub for some years due to boring beer choice. Last month decided to give it a try. Delighted to discover on tap 2 days running a Ruby Mild from Ilkley Brewery. New to me and very nice too.

Westons Old Rosie on handpump also very pleasant.

3 Jul 2017 03:12

The Buffet Bar, Stalybridge

No reviews since my last visit in 2015. This time unlucky on the beers. Nothing dark and no real cider so a pint of something not to my taste.Never mind still a delightful place.

Did not order black peas this time as had just consumed an excellent hot black pudding muffin from the local Tripe Shop.

27 Jun 2017 03:26

The Albert Hotel, Douglas

Always try to visit on my infrequent visits to the Island.

Okells Mild is no more but Bushy's Ruby Mild as sold here is even better.

Still has Guinness off the shelf and is now listed on CAMRA Heritage Pubs website.

Long may the Albert prosper.

24 Jun 2017 12:11

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

Just been back for a trip to Manchester. The Grey Horse same as ever,one of the constant things in my life. Owd Oak is now Old Indy, but everyone knows it is Hydes Dark Mild and that is how it is sold at The Grey Horse and it is as well kept as ever.

Stay as you are Grey Horse.

24 Jun 2017 08:48

The Old Packet House, Altrincham

Made a point of going here for lunch on Monday to try the lamb shank. Highly recommended. Comes with mash and 4 veg lashings of gravy and freshly made mint sauce. Good value.

Excellent Tim Taylor's Golden Best.Always find it to be extremely well kept here.

24 Jun 2017 08:27

The Town Hall Tavern, Leeds

Visited a couple of weeks ago. As others have said very pleasant and cheerful staff .Full range of Tim Taylors ales. I had a nice pint of Golden Best followed by a pint of mix, Golden Best and Ramtam. A real old and mild.!

It was nice to see the mix of lunchtime customers. Oldsters,office staff and aging barristers with their bottles of claret.This is Leeds legal area.

24 Jun 2017 08:12

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Last couple of times I have visited Leeds totally forgotten the Scarbrough. Anyway went in a couple of weeks ago and to my delight there was Rudgate Ruby Mild on the bar.

Have to say the pie list looked really good and I was sorry I had already eaten. A venison pie would have gone down nicely.

24 Jun 2017 07:47

The Duck and Drake, Leeds

Theakstons Old Peculier is a regular here and a great pint too.

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon it was a nice pub for the first pint of the day in Leeds. I had completely forgotten that the gents are outside across the yard so it was a quick dash across and back.
Still has a pub piano real old time "Joanna".

24 Jun 2017 07:01

The Roebuck Inn, Burton-Upon-Trent

Another friendly Burton on Trent pub. Nothing special just comfortable and a good range of mainstream ales. The Bass was OK,but one doesnot expect too much from Bass nowadays. Theskstons Old Peculier very well kept considering it is some way from home. Before you catch the train good place to visit.

24 Jun 2017 06:54

Devonshire Arms, Burton-Upon-Trent

Nice pub,after a crap experience with the insolent landlord at Coopers Tavern glad to enter this welcoming pub.Pint of Burton Bitter followed by a couple of of country wines put me back in a good mood.

All I can say is the sloe wine is not slow!

24 Jun 2017 06:47

The Eagle Hotel, Buxton

After a trip around Rowsley and Stanton in the Peak back in Buxton and immediately saw this Hydes pub and there on the bar masquerading as 1860 "a classic bitter" was Hydes Light Mild.This and Hydes Bitter the only ales on handpump.Plenty of kegs,fake lagers and Guinness. All are catered for!

The mild was good and the feel of the pub also. The toilets problem remarked on in the past appears to have been fixed.

24 Jun 2017 06:34

Flying Childers, Stanton In Peak

Superb village pub and worth the walk up from Rowsley, what a walk!

The regular beer is Charles Wells Bombardier as the locals like it!Well kept pint to say the least.Food is simple excellent pork pies and homemade cake went down very well.Another customer remarked to me his blackpudding slice was excellent.I visited 2 weeks ago but should like to return in the winter and sample the game cassarole for which the pub is famous.

24 Jun 2017 06:16

The Coopers Tavern, Burton-Upon-Trent

Now has a bàr counter and the very unpleasant landlord makes sure yòu know it. Donot think you are going to wander around and enjoy the pub like before.
Never mind the Devonshire and Roebuck are nearby

11 Jun 2017 06:54

The Crown and Sugarloaf, Bride's Lane

Nice interior including a marble bar counter top.No real ale.Sam Smith bottled beers,which are very good,but outrageously priced at over a fiver for a bottle of IPA.

16 Jul 2016 10:20

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

A veritable classic.Nice pint of OBB,much more expensive than in Yorkshire but that is to be expected.

Amusing to see the American tourist ask for a pint of Stella then the wifi password.
Humphrey Smith doesnot do free wifi.

16 Jul 2016 10:14

Duke's Head, Crawley Down

A restaurant selling Doom Bar,nothing else.I think it is owned by GK,but doesnot sell their beers.

16 Jul 2016 10:08

Black Dog, Northgate

June 2016 Closed

16 Jul 2016 09:56

Apple Tree, West Green

It is a pub again.The Irish ladies who had been running The Black Dog are now here.No real ale.Only English style beer,John Smith's.Seriously high cholesterol chicken nuggets and chips.That is the menu.

Only part of the building is in use,the old saloon bar,the rest of it is locked up.I had forgotten how large the 1950s build pubs were.They were big and used to be full.

16 Jul 2016 09:53

The Swan, West Green

Visited last month.Cheerful and friendly as ever but since visit in 2009 the beer selection had deteriorated.London Pride and Youngs Special,which was not at all Special.

16 Jul 2016 09:47

Golden Pheasant, Biggleswade

Small Charles Wells pub,jam packed on a recent Saturday afternoon.Nice pint of Wells IPA.

1 Jul 2016 06:58

The Cock, Broom

What a gem and to think this survivor from an earlier age was nearly lost,
Had a marvellous day out on a recent Saturday visiting first Jordans watermill then the Cock.

A couple of pints of Woodforde's Wherry hit the spot with a substantial portion of cottage pie.Busy pub and nice to see the youngsters playing on the hood skittles table.

The other pub in the village tied to Greedy King is shut .

1 Jul 2016 06:55

The White Horse, Broom

As at June 2016 this pub is closed

1 Jul 2016 06:47

The Royal Oak, Borough

Visited last month.How nice to walk into a pub order a pint of mild and be asked if you want light or dark.Apart from a few Tim Taylor's and Hydes houses this doesnot happen nowadays.I stuck to the superb light mild as it is a seasonal.On the food front ham,eggs and chips filled the plate.Good home cured thick cut ham not processed slices.Still has 2 bar and offsales layout plus a shelf of books for sale,proceeds for the british Legion.A real gem.

1 Jul 2016 06:39

The White Hart, Crawley

Had the dubious pleasure of spending 3 days in Crawley recently.Only real pub left on the High Street.Stuck to a couple of pints of Harvey's IPA each evening.Not unpleasant and compared to the general run of Crawley pubs the pub is fine.

1 Jul 2016 06:29

The Red Lion, Turners Hill

Last month visited this pub first time for more than 40 years.Apart from some opening out much the same as it was then.Delightful!Still sells Harvey's mild as it did back then,a great pint.
Nice friendly landlord who has served at other pubs in this area including the now closed Gate at Ifield Wood.

1 Jul 2016 06:15

The Bull Inn, Redbourn

Believe this is closed.Not sure if the brewery looking for a new landlord or up for sale.

25 Nov 2015 06:47

The Buffet Bar, Stalybridge

Visited on a Saturday mid September,first opportunity for 3 years.Really nice to run one's hands along the marble bar top once again.Oh yes ans a nice pint of porter from Stockport Brewery.Always a pleasure and I was lucky not too busy.

26 Oct 2015 07:50

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

Earlier this month first visit to Manchester for 3 years so back to my old favourite which is as good as ever.Just 2 Hydes beers on plus 2 or3 guests.Owd Oak mild as good as ever.Every Monday 50p off a pint of cask beer.

26 Sep 2015 09:44

The Trafalgar Hotel, Ramsey

Cheerful harbour front pub.Choice of bitters from Okells and bushys plus Moorhouses Black Cat mild.Probably only pub in Ramsey with a regular mild.

26 Sep 2015 09:32

The Whitehouse Hotel, Peel

Excellent stop off after a walk around the sights of Peel.Choice of several bitters plus Bushys Mild.Couple of pints of mild and off to the bus back to Douglas.

26 Sep 2015 09:26

The Whitehouse Hotel, Peel

Excellent stop off after a walk around the sights of Peel.Choice of several bitters plus Bushys Mild.Couple of pints of mild and off to the bus back to Douglas.

26 Sep 2015 09:26

The Crown, Glossop

IGood old Sam Smiths pub,OBB GBP1.80 a pint.No food,TV and music just a beer drinkers haven with darts and pool.

26 Sep 2015 09:18

The Gardeners Arms, Bilton

Lovely old pub in an excellent setting.Surrounded by land owned by Woodland Trust.Nice to see the sign "We donot sell food or hot drinks."A real pub not a licensed restaurant.

Visited on a beautiful September Saturday.Plenty of families with children and dogs out in the pleasant garden leading down to a stream.Outside toilets add to the rural feel of the place.

Sam Smith OBB at GBP1.80 a pint.Love it.

26 Sep 2015 05:08

Railway Inn, Broadheath

Classic old back street boozer,although the backstreets have gone!It is Holts Mild or Bitter.The mild was very good.great to see a drinkers pub like this survive and doing well.

26 Sep 2015 05:00

The Old Packet House, Altrincham

Visited earlier this month.Nice pint of Tim. Taylor's Golden Best.

26 Sep 2015 04:56

Hales Bar, Harrogate

Historically interesting pub.Worth a visit.Shame the Bass was finished when I visited last week.

26 Sep 2015 04:53

The Lord Nelson, Ipswich

Could see it from my room at Premier Inn.When I visited it seemed more like a restaurant,but it still has some of the pub features.Nice staff and Adnams bitter straight from the cask,most acceptable.Visited 3 times over a three day stay in Ipswich.Relaxing place.Shall give a 7 score as not much beer choice,only Adnams and no mild.

9 Jun 2015 04:05

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Made sure I visited when in London last month as it supports Mild in May.Not disappointed.Three milds on when I visited from Batemans,Enville and Hoskins.Tried the Enville and Hoskins offerings,both most acceptable.Pretty unique for a London pub to have outside gents.

7 Jun 2015 05:09

The Calthorpe Arms, Holborn

If you are near King's Cross/st.Pancras Station donot miss this one.Friendly locals pub with an old time landlord.Stocks young's bottles including their light ale.How nice in 2015 to be able to go into a London pub order a pint of "light and bitter" and be understood.Long may it survive.

7 Jun 2015 04:58

The Dove, Ipswich

What is there not to like?Good range of ales and country wines.Didnot check the cider list.Had a couple of pints of GK XX Mild on a recent visit.Sad that GK donot wish to acknowledge what a superb beer this is.

7 Jun 2015 04:50

The Nutshell, Bury St Edmunds

Worth a visit as a curiosity.GK IPA not a favourite of mine but I have to say it tastes much better in Suffolk than elsewhere!

7 Jun 2015 04:44

Rose and Crown, Bury St Edmunds

It is friendly and traditional.One of a few GK pubs still selling the superb XX Mild of which the landlord is a firm supporter.The old fasioned jug and bottle is a pleasure to still and apparently does well particularly during the summer barbecue and party season when locals need some extra bottles or even a jug of ale.
Tasty solid lunches.Excellent ham,egg and chips at a good price.

7 Jun 2015 04:40

Ye Old Bell & Steelyard, Woodbridge

If you love old pub games this is the place.Bar billiards,table skittles,shoveha'penny,you name it.Long may they survive.Good pint of GK IPA too.

7 Jun 2015 04:31

Cherry Tree Inn, Woodbridge

Good range of Adnams beers plus Elgood's mild seems to have become a permanent guest.

7 Jun 2015 04:28

The Cock, Broom

Let us hope a private individual or perhaps a small local brewer comes forward and saves this pub.GK lost its soul long ago and the beancounters hate this type of pub.

6 Dec 2012 02:34

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

So funny to see Hydes Light Mild being sold as a classic bitter!

9 Oct 2012 04:36

The Bulls Head, Manchester

Visited several times last month.I like this Banks/Marstons pub.Range of bitters from the Marstons family plus Banks Original[mild],which apparently sells well.
Substantial lunch time meals.

9 Oct 2012 04:34

The Coach and Horses, Salford

A very sad place.The nearby Grey Mare is closed and how this one keeps going who knows.Sam Smith's but no real ale,very few of the excellent Sam's bottled beers,just some keg and that's it.Customers?Not many of them either.

8 Oct 2012 07:35

Boars Head, Leigh

Fine old structure.Two Moorhouses bitters,at the right price,usually available.Unfortunately the mild is Theakston's keg.Not very nice.

If in Leigh worth a visit.

4 Oct 2012 05:10

The White Lion, Bury

Real traditional pub,friendly and a nice atmosphere.But only one hand pump.On a recent visit it was a Brains beer.A couple more handpumps and some choice and this would be a great place.

2 Oct 2012 04:44

The Two Tubs Inn, Bury

Well here I thought"A Thwaites pub.Probably only keg and certainly no mild".How wrong I was.Full range of Thwaites cask beers including Nutty Black mild.The food portions looked huge and it is a great old pub in one of the oldest buildings in Bury.

2 Oct 2012 04:40

The Rovers Return, Douglas

I enjoyed my pint of Bushy's mild and my 2 friends confirmed the bitter was excellent.I liked it but got the feeling it has known better days.

27 Sep 2012 04:54

The Bridge Inn, Laxey

On a very recent visit 2 pumps on with Bushy's mild and bitter.Both in good shape.The guest,a Moorhouses beer was finished.
I liked this pub and felt very comfortable.

27 Sep 2012 04:47

The Albert Hotel, Douglas

Seems to be just about the last pub in Douglas with Okells mild.Also bottled Guinness "From the fridge or off the shelf?."How civilized bottled beer served at room temperature,as it should be.
The beer is really good here.

27 Sep 2012 04:41

Royal Oak Hotel, Eccles

Worth a visit for the building.Friendly,but the mild is nasty keg.

25 Sep 2012 04:29

Lamb Hotel, Eccles

Classic Edwardian Holts pub.The mild idsuperb,best pint during 2 weeks in England recent visit.I am sure the bitter is just as good.

25 Sep 2012 04:26

The Albert Edward, Eccles

A friendly,cosy sam Smith's pub with lots of history.OBB at 1.80 a pint and it is very well kept

25 Sep 2012 04:23

The Wishing Well, Heywood

On a recent Sunday visit,no Phoenix beers and Taylor's Landlord at 3 pounds a pint! Expensive for Lancashire

25 Sep 2012 04:18

The Engineers Arms, Heywood

In a town of mostly keg pubs this remodelled Sam Smith's pub is refreshing.OBB in good shape

25 Sep 2012 04:15

The Blue Anchor, Helston

Really amazing,not in 2011 Good Beer Guide.What have they done wrong?

2 Sep 2011 03:44

The Dalesman Inn, Sedbergh

Visited last month.If you like Tetley's its fine and its friendly.Much better Red Lion on Finkle Street,a Jennings house with full Jennings range except Dark Mild.Sedbergh not much of a town for drinking,donot forget this was a Methodist and Quaker stronghold.

9 Oct 2010 05:18

The Duck and Drake, Leeds

After walking around Leeds superb traditional markets,this old time boozer is just the place to pop in and drink a pint of Theakstons Old Peculier,always in stock.For those interested the urinals in the gents are of the old full height style.Long may Leeds markets,Theakstons and the Duck and Drake survive.

5 Oct 2010 04:29

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

Worth a visit.Avoid Saturday afternoons,because busy,busy.

3 Oct 2010 06:37

The Blue Bell, York

If you only have time for one pub in York make it the Bluebell.
Totally delightful,cosy and friendly.Rudgate Ruby Mild has replaced Tetley's mild.Delicious!

3 Oct 2010 06:31

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

Now keg only.Had a bottle of Taddy Porter on my last visit as out of Oatmeal stout.Not oging back.

30 Sep 2010 08:26

The Piccadilly Tavern, Manchester

This place has improved immeasurably over the past couple of years.Generally 3 ales on though sometimes one pump is a Westons cider[no complaints].Tim Taylor's Golden Best a regular visitor.

30 Sep 2010 08:22

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

As always a pleasant friendly little pub with outside toilets.Hydes mild and bitter in good form.

30 Sep 2010 08:16

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

I should like to have seen it before the fire.On a recent visit only 3 handpumps in use,but one was Black Gold a mild from Copper Dragon,so I was happy.

30 Sep 2010 08:13

The Crown and Anchor, Manchester

Have to agree with the recent reviews,the interior is a let down after the excellent exterior..Holts mild well kept,I am sure the bitter also.I tried a Holts Manchester brown ale which was excellent a real 1960's taste from the days when all British breweries produced tasty bottled beers.

30 Sep 2010 08:10

The Howden Arms, Tadcaster

Now 1.43 a pint still good value.
It is a delight to see this Sam's pub across the road from John Smith's substantail brewery.

30 Sep 2010 07:59

The Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster

With OBB at 1.43 a pint you cannot go wrong.

THe pub has a nice atmosphere and you have the view out to the brewery yard and the stables.

Just past the brewery offices is a delicatessan/off-sales with full range of Sam's bottled beers including the fruit beers from Melbourne's brewery in Stamford.

30 Sep 2010 07:56

The Station, Oxenholme

A brisk walk up from the station in the drizzle.Lots of literature in the pub about Tirral and other local breweries,but the beers on offer didnot include any local ales just rather boring Adnams,Charles Wells and Black Sheep.No food late afternoon,as the chef was out.Overall it looks nice,but not terribly impressed.Mind you better than sitting in the station.

29 Sep 2010 04:41

Tapps, Dewsbury

I enjoyed a recent visit to this pub.Substantial home cooked food at a good price.Staff pleasant and cheerful.Only one real ale,a bitter from Leeds Brewery.Well kept and served at the correct temperature.Well worth a visit.

29 Sep 2010 04:34

The White Bear, Knutsford

Good place for lunch.Theakstons bitter was on last week.

29 Sep 2010 04:30

The Lord Eldon, Knutsford

Well kept pint of Tetleys.

29 Sep 2010 04:29

The Angel Hotel, Knutsford

Visited last Friday.Well kept Holts mild and bitter.I didnot eat but meals looked good and staff helpful.Interesting tiling in the Gents.

29 Sep 2010 04:27

The Old Three Crowns, Bolton

Substantial well cooked,reasonably priced lunches are a plus.When I visited last week only 2 real ales on offer, but as one was Theakstons Old Peculier I was happy.

29 Sep 2010 04:23

The Britannia, Barking

Sorry to hear it has closed.Have fond memories of it in the sixtees.Never an over busy pub,but had a regular local following.

I agree with jockthenoo,the clientele just is not there anymore.

1 Feb 2010 03:01

The Frog And Nightgown, Faygate

This marvellous pub used to be known as the Royal Oak.It was the last pub in the Horsham area to have a restricted beer retailaer's licence.It was beer or nothing,also the only pub in the area with the ring the bull game.Long may it survive even with its new silly name.

10 Dec 2009 07:41

The Spice of Life, Cambridge Circus

Visited back in May,first time for many years.Used to be very smokey,now much nicer.

McMullen's beers not particularly to my taste,but AK,although now marketed as a light bitter is in fact a light mild.So hard to find mild in London,so it was better than nothing.

22 Aug 2009 08:58

The Bear and Billet, Chester

I visited back in May.Okells IPA plus 4 others also Cheddar Valley cider on handpump.I tried the cider,very tasty.I may be wrong but my impression was the focus is food.

10 Jul 2009 08:23

White Horse, Silverstone

This is a busy pub any afternoon or evening.Greedy King closed the other pub in the village a few years ago.This Everard's house carries 2 Everards' ales on handpump plus a third pump for a guest.

i didnot try the food but have had it recommended to me.

16 Jun 2009 07:27

The White Knight, Pound Hill

This pub is quite OK.Pool is very popular as it seems to be in most Crawley area pubs.Friendly.London Pride only real ale.

16 Jun 2009 07:23

The Plough, Three Bridges

This was always a Brickwoods house.The Locomotive was the Watneys one with beers from Tamplins brewery in Brighton.

This used to be the grottiest of the Three Bridges pubs,now the best but that is not saying much.Two handpumps for Harvey's bitter.

16 Jun 2009 07:21

Life Bar 1, Three Bridges

Not any more my friend.Maid pub sign gone.Some kind of wine bar full of the type who would not know a glass of wine if it bit them.

16 Jun 2009 07:17

The Swan, West Green

Believe it or not this pub looks much better than it did in the 60's.Better use of space and no more visits to what were very smelly outside toilets.Has retained 2 bar layout and the pool table seems as popular as bar billiards was year's ago.

There was a porter on from a Hertfordshire micro.Tasty but not cheap.

16 Jun 2009 07:12

The Old Punch Bowl, Crawley

Very depressing place.Greene King IPA,that's about it.

16 Jun 2009 07:03

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

Three pubs in a row on this part of Portland Street,this is by far the friendliest of the three.Hydes mild,bitter and a seasonal.Whenever I visit Manchester its my local.

16 Jun 2009 06:35

The Crown and Anchor, Manchester

For a Holts pub quite nice.Holts mild,bitter a seasonal plus bottled Manchester brown ale.Not as busy as its neighbours The Wellington and the Sam Smith's pub and all the better for it.

16 Jun 2009 06:31

The Passage House Inn, Topsham

Last month I had a Sunday lunch here and it was good,but the staff seemed stressed and it seemed understaffed to me.

Otter ales,not very exciting.

15 Jun 2009 06:21

The Bridge, Topsham

Only pub to have official visit from the Queen,could not have made a better choice.I visited on a beautiful day in May.Several ales and ciders available,all on gravity.I tried a really strong Spingo ale from Blue Anchor brewpub in Helston.It was black and seriously good.No problem walking back up the hill after this brew.

15 Jun 2009 06:18

The Railway Inn, Newton Abbot

When I visited last months 3 handpumps on.Two for Courage Best,the third for a guest bitter.

Engraved windows,City Brewery[Exeter?],outside toilets,very pleasant barmaid.Just the place to wait for the train.

14 Jun 2009 04:31

Union Inn, Newton Abbot

I recently had breakfast here before doing a tour around Tucker's Maltings.Substantial and reasonable price for what is a tourist town.

After the tour went back for a quick Bass while waiting for the Cider Bar to open.

I may be wrong but I have the impression this is a restaurant that sells beer rather than a pub.

14 Jun 2009 04:28

The Cider Bar, Newton Abbot

What can one say?It is great,may it last forever.Parsnip wine,dangerous!deadly hangover.

14 Jun 2009 04:24

The Buffet Bar, Stalybridge

Great place for a quiet afternoon tipple.Black peas,excellent.I was surprised to see Flowers IPA,which I thought had disappeared years ago.

14 Jun 2009 04:21

The Posada, Wolverhampton

A neat little pub in what is not exactly an inspiring City centre.Very pleasant lady behind the bar.No mild but a pleasant dark beer from Titanic was available.tasty too!

11 Jun 2009 08:41

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Well worth finding.Great staff,quick and efficient.I visited last Saturday,there was a wedding reception going on but service still brilliant.A Holden's house with full range including well kept mild.Also has a pump for Batham's bitter,which in fact seemed to be the best selling beer.

11 Jun 2009 08:38

Swan With Two Necks, Stockport

Stockport has no shortage of good old fashioned boozers and this is one of them.The mild was off the day I visited,so I had a half of Old Tom.Serious stuff at 8.5%,to be honest a half was enough.

11 Jun 2009 08:04

The Queens Head, Stockport

Visiting Stockport on a recent Wednesday afternoon I wondered where the people were.Turns out in the Queen's Head,absolutely heaving.Four handpumps for OBB working overtime and still only 1.36 a pint.

It is located within sight of Robinson's brewery,which I found rather amusing.

11 Jun 2009 08:01

The Borough Bailiff, Knaresborough

Substantial well cooked meals at a reasonable price.After wandering around Knaresborough on maket day just the place to head for.Only OBB on draught,but has sam's bottled beers.i tried the Oatmeal stout and have to say it was fine and reminded me stout as brewed in the sixtees.

11 Jun 2009 07:55

The Albion, Hanley

If I had not read kaktus comment I should never have known it had been "tarted up".I visited maybe 2 weeks ago.Could do with tarting up by Banks Original[mild] and Banks bitter both at 1.70 a pint I shall not grumble.

11 Jun 2009 07:50

The Jolly Porter, Exeter

Oh dear,it was a long weekend in May and they ran out of real ale!

Basic meals at reasonable prices.

11 Jun 2009 07:46

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

For accomodation the rooms are adequate and reasonable value.Has up to 18 handpumps of beers mostly from obscure micros,some good but some practically undrinkable.

11 Jun 2009 07:44

Seamua O'Donnell's, Exeter

I visited several times when visiting Exeter last month.No real ale,keg John Smith's BUT three ciders on handpump including Weston's Old Rosie plus a couple of farmhouse ciders in plastic containers.The farmhouse ciders are seriously strong.It looks like an utter dump but is in fact very friendly.

11 Jun 2009 07:40

The Falkland Arms, Great Tew

Visited on a rainy day in May and very pleased I did.Dangerous damson wine!A tasty and filling steak and kidney pie good pint of Wadworth 6X.They have a pump for Weston's traditional cider.The barmaid said it is very popular.Highly recommended,but no mild which is a shame as so close to Hook Norton.I rate it 8,if it had mild it would be 10.

10 Jun 2009 06:27

The White Bear, Masham

After a recent tour around Theakston's brewery,followed by a pint of old and mild in the Visitor Centre thought I should try out Theakston's only tied house.No mild so a pint of Old Peculier and a ham sandwich.All was fine.

The public bar has a nice traditional public bar feel to it.

10 Jun 2009 06:20

The Dolphin, Plymouth

I visited in May.Bass and St.Austell Tribute on gravity.A real old time boozer.Great!I had forgotten how good well kept Bass can be.

10 Jun 2009 06:15

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

Visited early May.A York Brewery pub,but no York beers when I visited!!!Never mind,Elgood's Black Dog mild went down nicely.

10 Jun 2009 06:12

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

Has nice features.Tried the bangers and mash,OK.Visited several times during a recent trip to Leeds.

How times have changed!Tetley's mild more expensive than Tetley's bitter.Strange new world.

10 Jun 2009 06:05

The Town Hall Tavern, Leeds

Nice pub,not open Sundays.Has full Tim Taylor's range except Dark Mild also a pump for Weston's Perry,unusual for the area.Golden Best not so good but Ramtam,a strong dark ale,well kept.

10 Jun 2009 06:00

The Railwaymans Arms, Bridgnorth

What can on add?Just a great place.
The mild was from an obscure micro so I preferred not to take a chance.So I went for Batham's bitter.Is this really a bitter or a light mild?A superb drink,just the thing on a very wet Saturday morning.

Pleased to see 2 Three Tuns beers were on.Bishop's Castle is not the easiest place to get to,so it is nice to see their beers available in other parts of Shropshire.

10 Jun 2009 04:47

Friars Inn, Bridgnorth

I visited last Saturday.Three pumps on.A bitter from Salopian plus 2 milds!!!

I had a pint of Holden's mild with an excellent gammon and chips lunch,then followed through with a pint of Pardoe's original,a light coloured mild.Apparently the Pardoes is now a regular feature and the cask was changed whilst I was there.

10 Jun 2009 04:41

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

Well worth visiting just for the artifacts,also has shove ha'penny,not something you see very often nowadays.

I enjoyed a couple of pints of Merrie Monk,which used to be Marston's best mild but now is just tarted up Pedigree.

10 Jun 2009 04:36

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

I visited at the end of May,the mild was finished but never mind had a nice pint of Three Tuns XXX and an excellent Sunday lunch.Pleasant helpful staff.

10 Jun 2009 04:31

Junction Inn, Otley

Brilliant.Visited early May.Three Theakston's beers were on bitter,mild,Old Peculier.I was actually able to have an old and mild.Landlord grumbling about the weight of the wooden casks,makes you wonder which century you are in.Interesting old brewery memorabilia,including ads. for long gone Timothy Taylor bottled beers.

10 Jun 2009 04:25

The White Hart, Crawley

A Harvey's pub,probably the last one in Crawley to sell cask mild on a regular basis.I visited last month,mild was fine and a very busy Saturday afternoon.

10 Jun 2009 04:17

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