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The Cross Keys, Norton Fitzwarren

Nothing wrong with Northern hospitality or beer you ignorant southern t**t!

10 Nov 2014 18:54

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Large, cavernous spoons with a very good range of ales on offer. The day I was in they were off loading ciders from the recent cider festival at £1.79 a pint, naturally your humble narrator indulged himself.

In fact all the three spoons in central Bristol are pretty decent, you can't say that about many other cities in the UK.

16 Sep 2014 15:18

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

A charmless ale house with no redeeming features, the Fuller's beers although drinkable were outrageously priced. Fuller's pubs never seem to work outside of London (the Old Joint Stock in Birmingham being a notable exception), for some strange reason.

Very poor.

16 Sep 2014 15:12

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Small one room pub that has no real character, however I found the place quite charming and genuinely friendly. The Milk Stout from The Bristol Brewing Company was deeply satisfying and the Hophead from Dark Star was indeed very fresh and hoppy, no complaints on beer quality!

All beers on a Monday are £2.50, an absolute bargain in a city that can be hard on the old wallet. I recommend this pub, will visit again if I am down the west country.

16 Sep 2014 15:05

The Merchant, Glasgow

Chain pub not unlike a spoons, my pint of "real ale" cost 2.19 but was undrinkable. Utter shite in all honesty.

1 Jul 2014 22:19

The Doublet Bar, Glasgow

Pleasant pub in an area awash with students and arty types. My pint of Red Ale, although very tasty cost nearly four quid, Rab C Nesbitt would be weeping!

1 Jul 2014 22:15

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

Went in, as waiting for train back to Manchester. Impressive selection of beers, had a stout and a couple of pale ales, priced between 2.80 to 3.50 and all in very good condition. The interior with its high ceiling and Edwardian tiling is very appealing, if only more station bars were like this.

The place can be quite boisterous at times with limited seating options, however this kind of popularity proves they are ticking the right boxes.

21 Jun 2014 13:30

The Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

Underground bar in the middle of the city centre, walked past it a couple of times before realizing what it was. As other reviewers have noted, there was an eclectic selection of real ales, complimented by the usual European suspects in bottles.

The interior is quite homely, although I can imagine it being a bit of a nightmare on a packed day or night. Full of trendies and students, which seems to be the clientele base for such an establishment. Beer was excellent, especially the Oracle from Salopian Brewery and service was curt but efficient.

27 Feb 2014 16:26

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

Comfortable, old fashioned and a bit frayed around the edges, this alehouse is a credit to the city of Birmingham. Front of the pub has a lovely marble fireplace, the backroom looked like it was reserved for diners, the clientele being mainly from the nearby Jewellery Quarter.

Drank a couple of pints of Purity UBU, at less than three pounds (Wednesday Special Price Day), good value for money and the ale was spot on. Toilets were not the best though. Do visit when you are in the Second City of England.

27 Feb 2014 16:05

The Brewery Tap, Chester

Yo dude,

Looking forward to 2014, I should be so optimistic! Will be in Belfast (obviously) for New Year's Eve, how about yourself?

Have you seen Scrumpy's reviews lately? BLAND OR WHAT!! Deffo an anorak in my opinion, no hope for the fellow.


29 Dec 2013 19:34

Calverts Court, Stockport

I think the previous review was rather harsh, even by Spoon standards. Was in the other night and perfectly acceptable, as you know the score when it comes to this chain of pubs. Drank an ale from Hook Norton which was extremely pleasant and suitably priced at 2.30 a pint.

If in Stockport you need never venture into this place, there are so many good pubs about and your wallet will not be punished to any great extent. A far better bet drinking here than in "trendy" Manchester, where prices have shot through the roof!

19 Dec 2013 18:28

Magennis's Bar, Belfast

Now called Ronnie Drews.

20 Nov 2013 22:16

The Tuesday Bell, Lisburn

Poor spoons, compared to the one in Belfast. Arrogant young chap behind bar, only two ales on, one being Abbot(groan!!), dirty plates and cutlery everywhere.

Lisburn is not exactly a boozer's paradise, very disappointing i must say.

10 Oct 2013 22:55

The Hercules Bar, Belfast

Agree with previous review, bog standard pub that caters for a local clientele. Handy enough.

9 Oct 2013 20:06

Kelly's Cellars, Belfast

Lovely old fashioned boozer, Belfast has a fair few but this is the real deal. Somewhat rustic and a bit shabby, this only adds to the charm.

Best pint of Guinness I have had so far in Belfast, can't be bad!

9 Oct 2013 20:04

The Morning Star, Belfast

Lovely pub, excellent service and the kind of convivial atmosphere your humble narrator appreciates at his time of life. No ale, but the black stuff was well poured and enjoyed. One of the nicest watering holes in Belfast.

28 Sep 2013 21:33

The Duke Of York, Belfast

Must disagree with previous reviewers, this place sucks. No ales, rude bitch behind the bar and the stench of cleaning fluid was overpowering to say the least. A shame really!

27 Sep 2013 22:30

Laverys, Belfast

As previous reviewers say, VERY DARK indeed. Grim.

27 Sep 2013 22:21

Benedicts of Belfast, Belfast

Somewhat garish interior, comfortable enough though and the service was spot on. No ales, so the black stuff had to be drunk. Worth a look!

27 Sep 2013 22:18

Auntie Annies, Belfast


27 Sep 2013 22:14

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

Tourist trap as Mallard says, beer ok but bloody dear. The building is a gem, those Italian craftsmen knew their stuff, the exterior alone is a work of art.

15 Sep 2013 23:30

Robinsons, Belfast

Very dark, tv screens predominate, no ale. Dull!

15 Sep 2013 23:16

The John Hewitt, Belfast

Authentic Belfast pub with lovely old tiling and classic furnishings, very busy on my visit and a lively atmosphere i might add. A couple of cask ales were on, sadly they were from Shepherd Neame, so your humble narrator opted for the Guinness and it was well worth it.

Belfast is certainly a city worth visiting, the ale scene does require significant improvement though.

13 Sep 2013 22:09

The Bridge House, Belfast

Two level spoons, one of the few places that will provide a choice of real ale in Belfast, at sensible prices. Not many beers were on when i visited, so settled for a Wadworth 6X and enjoyed it.

Will be interesting to see if this chain flourishes in Belfast, as it has in most British cities.

12 Sep 2013 21:56

Bittles, Belfast

Quirky pub with the previously mentioned tiered seating, posters and pictures adorn the walls reflecting some of the characters of Belfast. Interesting selection of bottled beers, tried a red ale that was tasty enough but way overpriced.

Very convivial, this pub has a lovely atmosphere and mixed clientele, just a shame you are paying nearly 4 quid for a bottle, parts of London are cheaper!

12 Sep 2013 21:47

The Dolphin, Betchworth

experiance, opion and best of all brian dead, who is he............?

Don't you just love BITE!

10 Sep 2013 15:43

The Town Hall Tavern, Manchester

Agree with previous reviewer, sterile pub serving mediocre beer at silly prices, the modern Manchester i'm afraid!

31 Aug 2013 19:43

The Bridge Inn, Sale

Ventured into this pub as nothing else nearby and regretted it. I don't touch Lees beers, they taste really awful, so opted for a Newky Brown at 3.55 a bottle, ouch!!

Interior is neat and tidy, a couple of pensioners were the only other customers. Won't rush back anytime soon.

14 Aug 2013 13:03

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

As others have noted, this pub is a fine example of what an old fashioned boozer should be, the architecture is superb. Sat in one of the rooms at the back, a lovely old copper fireplace the centre of attention.

The only drawback is the selection and quality of ales, never had a spot on pint in this establishment. The ale i had yesterday from Hornbeam was pretty iffy, left most of it. Needs improvement in certain areas.

17 Jul 2013 14:37

Spinning Mule, Bolton

Walked in, huge queue at bar with nobody serving, left without purchasing and won't be back.

3 Jul 2013 13:48

The Man and Scythe Inn, Bolton

Very old pub admittedly, the positives end there i am sorry to say. Dark and dismal, the pint of Bank Top bitter i drank being nothing better than average. For such an historic building, things could be so much better.

Bolton is a real desert of a town for good pubs, don't know why!

3 Jul 2013 13:46

The Square Bottle, Chester

Dire even by spoons standards.....

22 May 2013 01:36

The Pied Bull, Chester

Disappointing, the home brewed beers were dull, this a pub more geared towards food, tourists dominate. Quite sad really.

22 May 2013 01:32

The Old Harkers Arms, Chester

Amazingly good for a corporate pub, my pint of beer was spot on, although the price was exorbitant, no surprise there. Full of office workers on the pull, the staff are young and superficial, it is Chester i suppose.

22 May 2013 01:27

The Marlborough Arms, Chester

A total shithole, in fact so fucking awful, your humble narrator could not finish his pint. Death comes to all of us, this pub only hastens the process.

22 May 2013 01:14

The Cross Keys Inn, Chester

Very dull, beer uninspiring and atmosphere lacking, won't return anytime soon!

22 May 2013 01:11

The Boot Inn, Chester

Grungy SS house, beers cheap and the clientele bargain basement. Ok for a quickie, if you know the score.

22 May 2013 01:07

The Brewery Tap, Chester

Best pub in Chester in my humble opinion, not cheap but the quality is worth the expense!

Lovely young gals behind the bar, Peerless stout in superb condition and the offering from Batemans was very tasty as well.

The interior is quite monastic, peace surrounds whilst the ales descend!

22 May 2013 01:03

The Canon's Gait, Edinburgh

Seems the boy Farage, (he of UKIP) encountered some protesters here, hope the beer is better than his politics!

16 May 2013 19:35

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

I agree Simon, sadly this is now the trend all over our great nation. BOO!!

11 May 2013 20:55

Sportsman, Huddersfield

Extremely inviting pub, different little rooms and bar staff very accommodating indeed. Your humble narrator was somewhat pissed by the time he entered said establishment, i vaguely remember that most of the beers seemed to come from local microbreweries!!

8 May 2013 19:29

Commercial Inn, Huddersfield

Old fashioned Smiths boozer, very quiet when i called in. Drank a couple of their stouts and wasn't bothered by anybody. Very acceptable i must say!

8 May 2013 19:16

The Wheatsheaf, Manchester

Definitely a local pub for the residents who live on the estate next to it. No ale was available when i called in, lager drinkers taking centre stage.

Nothing stands out i'm afraid to say, regulars were affable enough and the bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale i drank kept me going for a couple of hours. There are far better establishments in the area, will be surprised if this is still going in years to come.

30 Mar 2013 18:01

The Salford Arms Hotel, Salford

Went in yesterday for the first time and was slightly disappointed. The pint of porter i supped was fine, the interior however was not to my liking. Leather sofas, tiled floor and assorted bric a brac are the order of the day, cosy enough i suppose if you like that kind of thing.

Will be interesting to see if it becomes a regular haunt on the real ale circuit.

8 Dec 2012 14:07

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

My first time in Liverpool for over twenty years and found this to be a decent Spoons, had a couple from a brewery called Lymstone. Both pints were excellent and well priced at two quid. Very handy for the 82 bus which goes all the way to John Lennon Airport.

28 Nov 2012 18:37

Central Commercial Hotel, Liverpool

Agree with previous poster, the interior is top drawer with the ceiling particularly outstanding, this a classic old style Liverpool boozer. Drank two pints of the Copper Dragon Porter at 2.55 a pint, good value i thought.

Customers and staff were friendly enough, no evidence of slops when i was there!

28 Nov 2012 18:27

Browarmia Krolewska, Warsaw

First pub i visited after i arrived in Warsaw, spacious and rather dark interior with plenty of seating, especially for diners. Sampled three of the brews on offer; stout, honey and wheat beers. The honey beer was excellent, stout good and the wheat beer rather average.

The Mallard makes a fair point regarding prices, 12zl in Warsaw is quite expensive, a suburban bar would only charge half that price for beer. Warsaw is a city that disappoints and the bar scene is a very mixed experience indeed!

28 Nov 2012 18:17

Bierhalle, Warsaw

I concur with the previous reviews, this is a restaurant and not a pub in any guise i'm afraid to say. Asked the young waitress for two beers on offer, both of which were unavailable, so settled for a reddish beer that tasted ok.

Pleasant enough for a foodie driven outlet i suppose, no reason to stay for an extended period though.

28 Nov 2012 18:02

The Salford Arms Hotel, Salford

Been told that cask ales are in the offing, young Tom who used to work at the Angel has apparently gone there.

Will investigate!

8 Oct 2012 17:54

Cask and Feather, Rochdale

As ROBCamra states, this was a micro brewery pub run by McGuinness a few years ago . It had a range of tasty ales at very reasonable prices.


14 Sep 2012 23:10

The Baum, Rochdale

My first encounter with the Baum and i left with mixed feelings. Very comfortable inside, the pub is indeed welcoming and the service excellent.

The ales however were indifferent, one had to be replaced and the pale ale from York brewery was bog standard. On the plus side, two Belgian bottles were drank at a reasonable price.

Beer could be improved.

14 Sep 2012 23:03

Flying Horse, Rochdale

Dire does not begin to describe this pub, a dark, gloomy excuse for a hostelry with no redeeming features.

Two ales were available from Timothy Taylor, i opted for the Cheddar Potter guest ale, drinkable and suitably priced. A bit of lighting and atmosphere would go a long way!

14 Sep 2012 22:52

Regal Moon, Rochdale

A coffee at eighty nine pence. Your humble narrator was rather pleased at the price.

14 Sep 2012 22:41

The Fifth Hants Volunteer Arms, Southsea

Boozerbill seems to have a problem with men over a certain age?

31 Aug 2012 22:34

The Mark Addy, Salford

My first ever visit here, after having lived in Manchester for a number of years. The previous reviews, mostly positive are fair enough, although i have to disagree. The pub is more of a restaurant, diners are certainly more welcome than drinkers.

I had a pint of Pale Ale from Abbeydale, not great and overpriced, although this is very common in the centre of Manchester now.

Not my kind of "pub" really!

19 Aug 2012 22:40

The Bank, Manchester

A Nicholson's pub that has been tastefully converted from a former bank obviously, it has some nice quiet corners to sit down and relax in. Service polite and efficient, the ale range was nothing special but my pint of Pale Ale was more than drinkable.

A boozer that would be good to start or end a session in.

18 Aug 2012 17:06

The City Arms, Manchester

Popped in here yesterday for the first time in ages. Still a lovely traditional pub, but prices are getting out of hand. A pint of Phoenix Plum Porter at 4.5% cost 3.40. A lovely ale but too expensive!

My trips here will be sporadic from now on.

18 Aug 2012 16:48

The Queens Head, Congleton

Very lively when i visited, mind you it was a Friday night. A pretty standard boozer that had a fair range of ale on offer. Tried one from a local microbrewery (name escapes me!) and it was pretty good and cheap enough.

Does B&B and most importantly right across from the train station, so very useful when you've had a few. Worth a quick visit.

6 Aug 2012 15:30

The Beartown Tap, Congleton

Friendly little pub, a slight walk from the town centre but well worth the effort to get there. A main bar area with two rooms either side of it and another one up some stairs, which caters for sports lovers or so it seemed to me.

A small range of Belgian beers were on display and very reasonably priced i might add, naturally the full range of Beartown beers were also available. All beers sampled were good/excellent, especially the Black Bear ale which was outstanding. The interior is rather spartan in appearence, although this doesn't detract from the overall atmosphere which is warm and welcoming and Jill the landlady is a genial hostess.

We need more pubs like this, go and enjoy.

6 Aug 2012 15:19

Counting House, Congleton

Started off here on my recent trip to Congleton, a spoons like any other, although the service was dire even by the usual standards of this chain.

When the surly creature behind the bar eventually served me, i opted for a blonde ale from Wincle, tasty enough and priced at 1.99, so no complaints there. The previous reviewer mentions the attractive exterior and i fully agree, sadly the positives end there i'm afraid!

6 Aug 2012 14:50

The Antelope, Belgravia

Paint covered workmen in Belgravia, the class system has definitely gone to the dogs!

28 Jul 2012 23:17

The Brew House, Altrincham

A pub this is not, a bar very much so, just to make the point. Much like one's living room, this small space is comforting and welcoming.

Beers not cheap, however Altrincham borders on the edge of Cheshire, prices reflect this and Miles and Jacinta need a place to chill. They stock beers from Red Willow and the Marble brewery.


21 Jul 2012 00:46

The Malt Shovells, Altrincham

A very basic Sam Smith's boozer, comprised of different rooms and as noted by a previous reviewer, a staircase does indeed exist. The usual beers on offer at sensible prices.

21 Jul 2012 00:19

The Shakespeare, Victoria

Much Ado About Nothing.

12 Jul 2012 16:25

Goose At Spinning Jenny, Leigh

Dropped in here over the weekend, a beer festival was on and had a pint of bitter from Banks priced at �1.99. Ale was decent, atmosphere ok but definitely a boozer for the sports enthusiast.

8 May 2012 13:19

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

I am constantly amazed at the amount of reviews for this pub, your humble narrator having visited this boozer back in day, when he lived in our "glorious" capital city.

Bog standard as i recall, with the usual tiresome cockney clientele hogging the bar and dispensing local witticisms and being geezerish to the point of boredom. Yawn!!

15 Apr 2012 00:10

The Angel, Manchester

This pub is now open on Sundays, as i discovered yesterday after popping in on the off chance to relieve Bank Holiday boredom. Beer fine, several pints of Pictish Maelstrom were drunk as i chatted to a couple from the States.

Still an odd boozer though, can't decide whether it wants to be a gastropub, real ale venue or something else, who knows. As previously mentioned in my earlier review, the place is scruffy and it really does need a good scrub from top to bottom, the gents being the main offender!

9 Apr 2012 16:44

New Victoria, Manchester

Entered this pub and was confronted by a colourful collection of locals. Your humble narrator ventured forth and enquired about the real ale in question, Barnsley Bitter at 3.8%, pisswater and indeed cheap as mentioned by the previous contributor.

I left without purchasing, the desperate interior and odd inhabitants leaving me in a state of depression, the weak beer on offer providing no sense of relief!

28 Mar 2012 00:28

The Black Lion Hotel, Salford

The last two comments provide food for thought, my fellow alehounds. This particular hostelry had the potential to add to an ever growing band of real ale pubs in the locality, but has obviously failed due to circumstances.

I fear it will revert back to a keg only shithole eventually, shame really........

28 Feb 2012 22:15

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Have you thought about venturing in and enquiring about her health?

I thought this was a site about beer, pubs, you know that kind of thing......

17 Feb 2012 21:53

The Marble Beer House, Chorlton cum Hardy

Once in a while your humble narrator feels the need to explore "Bohemia", where the hipsters choose to go. Chorlton being Manchester's version of such a place, I ventured in and found myself in a small space, the walls adorned by strange paintings from a local "artist".

The one room is comfortable enough and service is brisk and efficient. Drank a couple of stouts, one from Marble and a guest, both palatable. Acceptable but the Arch is a much better pub and closer to the city centre, although prices are similar!

1 Feb 2012 19:15

The Pendle Witch, Atherton

Serving more or less the full Moorhouses range of ales, the Pendle Witch is a cosy enough place, although i did get the impression of it being a local's local if you know what i mean. Drank a Blonde Witch and one of the guest beers, both well kept and reasonably priced.

Worth a visit if you find yourself in the Atherton area.

16 Sep 2011 14:40

The Eccles Cross, Eccles

Truly awful Spoons and i have been in a few over the years. Service non existent, rancid pint of whatever, full of shoplifters, plastic gangsters and a group of women out on a hen night.


16 Sep 2011 14:29

The Albert Edward, Eccles

In the wasteland that is Eccles, one searches for a suitable alehouse but it is an often thankless task. Therefore it was a pleasure to discover this old fashioned, no frills establishment on the main drag, providing ales from the Sam Smiths chain.

I opted for the extra stout instead of the OBB and at �2.05 a pint it was certainly worth it. Four smallish rooms that have a scruffy appeal, this is a pub that has aged naturally and lacks any kind of pretension, comfortable with its time worn feel. Good service and lively locals add to the enjoyment.

16 Sep 2011 14:24

Moon Under Water, Wigan

One of the dullest Spoons i've ever been in, yet it was heaving gone high noon, as i struggled to find a seat.

Drank a pint of IPA from some Yankee microbrewery, costing �1.99 and just about drinkable. I left shortly afterwards, would i return, probably not.

16 Sep 2011 14:10

Anvil, Wigan

Unspectacular boozer in a town where lager and rugby league are the norm, although this pub does cater for most sports, judging by the different screens dotted around the place. I sampled two ales, one from the Liverpool Organic stable and another whose name escapes me. Both in good condition and keenly priced at the �2.30 mark.

As the previous member says, you're best off sitting towards the rear of the pub, where it is much quieter. The Anvil would be on my list for an occasional visit, i could never be a regular!

16 Sep 2011 14:02

Wellington, Salford

Wonder if they do real ale, probably not. I wouldn't ask, for fear of being shot!

10 Sep 2011 17:48

The Gas Lamp, Manchester

Going underground, however unlike Paul Weller all those years ago, not in a good way. A cellar/urinal who knows, but awfully dank and dismal. Furniture basic and the arty prints on the walls de rigeur for such a venue.

A half pint of the house bitter cost me �1.70. I say no more!

31 Aug 2011 00:24

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Sadly my comments on 15/04/2011 were premature, prices have once again rocketed. The pub has its own brewery and is not in the city centre, therefore the prices cannot be justified.

Beer quality sound, interior wonderful, yet this nouveau riche desire to attract the "monied" flat dwellers nearby is quite disgusting. A rethink is needed.

22 Aug 2011 18:52

The Bartons Arms, Aston

Bad news covman45, i hope all is well in the future as i intend to visit this establishment sometime next year!

22 Aug 2011 18:36

The Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Manchester

Now closed!!

29 Jul 2011 15:23

The Crown and Cushion, Manchester


29 Jul 2011 15:20

The Lost Dene, Deansgate

BITE need to update this one, no longer a Hogshead but something else.

25 Jul 2011 19:05

Crystal Palace, Glasgow

Crappiest of the Glasgow spoons, dreary, shabby and a poor ale selection. Had a coffee and hoofed it!

22 Jul 2011 14:47

The State Bar, Glasgow

Lovely old school boozer with a circular bar, mostly Scottish ales on offer from local microbreweries and competent staff behind the bar. Drank a stout which was dark, deep and very tasty. The best pub in Glasgow after the Horseshoe in my opinion, although a tad pricey!

22 Jul 2011 14:42

The Ben Nevis, Glasgow

Trendy bar, full of young professionals, students etc, this old guy felt most out of place. Ales were on offer but no service was forthcoming, i left!

22 Jul 2011 14:32

The Lamb Inn, Nomansland

Lambs to the slaughter in Nomansland, probably not fit for females either.

What about the quality of ale in this wild part of Wiltshire?

25 Jun 2011 20:48

The Lord Nelson, Manchester

An unsavoury dive, that has now been demolished. No tears will be shed methinks!

18 Jun 2011 13:33

The City Arms, Manchester

Agree mostly with what realalerules says, however............

The City is a "proper" boozer, unlike the Spoons next door. More importantly, you will rarely find the type of pissed up idiot in the former, whereas in the latter it is a sure bet on occasion. Both pubs do serve some fine ales though.

4 Jun 2011 20:37

The Speaker, Westminster

jeremyb, what a waggy supper you are. �3.70 for a pint of piss in central London is cheap surely, don't southern tossers pay through the nose for everything else, why not beer then?

Well until you lot are paying a fiver for a pint, not long now.............!

27 May 2011 00:22

Micro Bar, Manchester

Get real here, a stall in a crappy shopping complex. Dull range of bottled beers on offer at inflated prices, young girl behind the "bar" not at all helpful.

Idea good, execution less so!

24 May 2011 22:23

Cotton Bale, Hyde

Spoons..... cheap pint..... no reason to stay for any length of time.

12 May 2011 19:26

The Sportsman, Hyde

Traditional pub, stocking ales by the Pennine brewery, two of which were drank. The Porter was spot on, the Pale Ale acceptable, at fairish prices.

Although the interior is old fashioned and quite interesting (check out the beer posters), the atmosphere was a bit flat, wrong time of day perhaps?

12 May 2011 19:22

Hen and Chickens, Bolton

A terribly ordinary and therefore extremely boring establishment, in fact so dull your humble narrator dozed peacefully for half an hour before catching his bus home.

Ales were mostly of the pale variety, i opted for a half of Tiger from Everards and was charged �1-45, OUCH!

Steer clear!!

28 Apr 2011 13:20

Barristers, Bolton

Bolton is a dismal place at the best of times and sadly the pub scene reflects this, with most boozers appealing to the lager/wkd brigade. Barristers does however offer momentary relief from the awfulness that is the drinking experience in this part of Grt Manchester.

A basic, no frills one room pub, the clientele are a mixture of locals, tikkers and the random oddball who wanders in. Whilst there, i enjoyed a pint of Blonde Witch and a dark beer from the Bank Top brewery. Both ales were keenly priced at just over �2 a pint and very drinkable.

28 Apr 2011 13:09

The Bowling Green, Manchester

Gone, firmly boarded up. A pub with pretensions and prices that were rather silly, even in the "new" Manchester.

Missed, i doubt it!

19 Apr 2011 18:08

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Called in this evening, my first visit in a quite a while actually. Splendid interior as always, excellent range of beers and prompt service.

Drank a pint of Marble Porter and a guest beer called True Grit, both in superb condition. Prices seem to have stabilized here, which can only be a positive sign.


15 Apr 2011 21:48

The Crescent, Salford

With a great deal of persuasion, i once again entered this pub after a two year break. Back then standards were very low and the beer was rather poor, in fact undrinkable at times.

I am pleased to say that the place has been cleaned, a lot of the crappy furniture has been replaced or refurbished. Ales on offer were mostly weak and pale, the Empire microbrewery featuring prominently. Tried a couple of them, they were drinkable but hardly inspiring. Prices were competitive though, which is always welcome in these difficult times.

Definitely improving, however the beer selection has to be far more imaginative for me to return again!

14 Apr 2011 13:55

The King's Head, Huddersfield

As a previous poster states, a tiled floor does exist. The only highlight i'm afraid, this is a cheerless dump with a mediocre selection of beers and not particularly cheap either.


13 Apr 2011 21:41

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

At this juncture your narrator was much the worse for wear, so my recollections may be questionable. A station bar reasonably well furnished, although nobody was there apart from my good self. Beers on offer were from breweries like Osset, Thornbridge and Kelham Island, had two i think and both were perfectly drinkable.

A bit pricey mind!

13 Apr 2011 21:36

Cherry Tree, Huddersfield

A Wetherspoons. Ales were on offer, however i decided to partake of a coffee and take in my surroundings. A familiar clientele came into view, pensioners eating breakfast, middle aged alkies trying to improve their shakes, young students contemplating the "delights" of a northern town.


13 Apr 2011 21:29

The Rat and Ratchet, Huddersfield

Upon entering one is struck by the relative darkness of the place, gloomy would be the wrong word but bright and cheery it aint alehounds. I ventured on and to my delight discovered a bank of handpumps, mostly offering beers from the Osset microbrewery. Sampled at least two of the aforementioned ales and very drinkable they were too, the other guest ales being variable in quality.

Ambience somewhat lacking in the late afternoon, although i have been told the evenings are far more jolly. Decent alehouse and the odd visit would suffice.

13 Apr 2011 21:19

The Grove Inn, Huddersfield

My second visit and as enjoyable as my first. Two Belgian bottles were quaffed, together with ales from breweries like Thornbridge, Gadds and Dark Star, all in perfect condition.

Without a doubt my favourite boozer in Huddersfield, basic but charming. All boozers should strive for this understated charm!

13 Apr 2011 21:08

The Magnet, Stockport

DoctorBarfly, i was under the impression that this forum was a democratic one, encompassing a diverse range of opinion and observation regarding pubs and the ales they dispense. Although your appreciation of the Magnet is touching in a provincial way, it is but one of many!

12 Mar 2011 21:51

The Railway, Stockport

Not having frequented the Railway for nearly three years, i was intrigued to see wether there had been many changes since my last visit, having heard rumours from other local imbibers.

My fears were imaginary though, the pub is exactly the same, a warm and comfortable alehouse with an impressive beer collection. Two Belgian beers were consumed and enjoyed, both at under �3 each. Very good value compared to the excessive prices charged in the centre of Manchester.

Did notice that they weren't stocking the full range of Porter ales. A temporary blip no doubt.

17 Feb 2011 16:11

The Magnet, Stockport

First time visitor to the Magnet and left with mixed feelings about the place.

Good points: A reasonable selection of ales at affordable prices. A pint of Abbeydale Smoked Porter was sampled and enjoyed. Service was swift and polite, the young fellow behind the bar appearing enthusiastic about the beer on offer.

Bad points: Zero atmosphere, tired decor and uncomfortable seating. The pub could have been warmer, a distinct chill permeated the building.

I feel this establishment is a work in progress, a visit sometime in the future may change my opinion.

17 Feb 2011 15:30

The Crown and Cushion, Manchester

Not surprised to be honest, it always had problems attracting customers i'm afraid. Still, it was reasonably convivial by Holts standards and the beer was normally spot on. Another pub bites the dust!

6 Feb 2011 17:37

The Deansgate, Deansgate

This pub now represents what is wrong with the new "Manchester". Faux upmarket interior, sterile atmosphere and worst of all outrageous prices. �3.65 for a 4% bitter is taking the you know what!

The place was empty when i called in...............................

20 Jan 2011 20:46

The Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park

What a tirade young hogson, you being a guest in this country as well i might add. Real ale is more popular than you think, even amongst people of your own age, still your comments are typical of a lager drinking lout with no sense of taste.

I am led to believe that back in the Emerald Isle some of your ilk are discovering the delights of cask ale, be JESUS!

12 Jan 2011 18:41

The Knott Bar, Deansgate

A bar that resembles an industrial unit, situated underneath the railway line, although the arches are modishly impressive in a Victorian way. Beers available from Pictish, Marble and Exmoor, none were sampled as i opted for some Belgian beauties at just under four pound a bottle.

Very modern and gloomy and definitely aimed at the younger, trendier set of hipsters. The gents leave a lot to be desired!

6 Jan 2011 22:37

The Dovehill Arms, Uphall

Flanag1, you are a wind up merchant. We've had a few on BITE in recent months, why do people like you bother?

All your reviews have been posted today, most of them negative and offensive i might add. SAD!!

5 Jan 2011 20:37

Sandbar, Manchester

As a middle-aged man, i approached this "bar" with a sense of dread and curiosity, knowing it to be a regular haunt of students, faux academics and other assorted alumni. My fears were imaginary however, as the place was empty and very quiet, almost chapel like.

A Rochefort 6 was drank and enjoyed at the price of �3.80, normal for this part of Manchester. Too modern and cold for my taste, although an interesting detour none the less!

22 Dec 2010 23:18

Lloyds No. 1, Manchester

Ventured into this Spoons Lite and found the predictable surroundings comforting in a garish way. Fairly spacious with low key lighting, this has two levels, no real ales on the top floor i'm afraid.

Supped a xmas ale from Phoenix, which for the jaw dropping price of �1.60 was more than adequate. A pub that will be worth the (very) occasional detour, only during weekdays i should imagine!

15 Dec 2010 18:36

The Angel, Manchester

This pub is a disaster. Needs a complete overhaul: more staff, space to sit down and a bloody good clean.

Oddly though, the ale is drinkable, shame about everything else!

12 Dec 2010 16:30

BrewPub K�benhavn, Copenhagen

Popped in here on my recent jaunt to the Danish capital. A somewhat unremarkable bar, dark and a bit dingy with little in the way of atmosphere. Two Belgian beers were quaffed, Westmalle Dubbel and a Kwak at around sixty Krone a piece!

You are better off heading to the "Den Tatoverede Enke" on Gothersgade, where the beer range is a lot more extensive and the bar itself far more intimate and charming. Still pricey though!!

30 Nov 2010 20:47

The Castle, Holborn

On the contrary, Anchor Steam Beer is fairly well known within these shores Pat Bateman. As for the "price", well living in London you will always fork out ridiculous amounts of money for ale!

5 Nov 2010 14:57

The Grove Inn, Huddersfield

Whoopee i say!

Basic two room pub with an outstanding beer selection. Sampled two Belgian beers and various halves of ale from breweries like Banks and Taylor, Fullers etc, all at a fair price i might add. Excellent service from a young lady called Chloe and a friendly clientele made for a memorable afternoon.

A return will take place sometime in the future!!

13 Oct 2010 21:32

The Square Peg, Birmingham

My final stop before boarding the bus back to Manchester. It is Wetherspoons, therefore the clientele being a mixture of the depressed, pissed and incompetent, the usual suspects one encounters in such an establishment.

Sampled two pints of beer from Northumberland, tasty and well kept. An hour in this pub is just about right!

16 Sep 2010 17:35

The Old Fox, Birmingham

Unremarkable but rather convivial in its own right. Sampled a couple of ales from the Backdoor Brewery and perfectly acceptable. Worth a detour!

15 Sep 2010 22:29

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

A real find in the centre of Brum, if somewhat expensive!

Spacious and ornate, this a real curiosity, a Fullers house in the grimy second city of England. A varied cliente ranging from office dollies to bohemian wannabees who seemingly cross pollinate and submerge into one.

Quaffed the ESB and Red Foxx, both in excellent condition. Go and savour!

15 Sep 2010 22:12

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

Without a doubt the most likeable and unpretrentious pub i have encountered for sometime. Run by the genial and knowlegable landlord Eddie, the Lamp is a boozer reminiscent of a bygone era. The smallish bar is cosy and welcoming, a true local in an area that is now a shell of its once proud industrial past.

Sampled the Stanway Bitter, rather thin and insipid i have to say. The offerings from Elland and Everards were better and made my visit all the more enjoyable.

Visit before it is consigned to the scrapheap!

15 Sep 2010 21:53

The Waterhouse, Manchester

Deft and intimate for this chain, the various little rooms being cosy and reassuring. Today i had the Dublin Stout from Saltaire brewery, a refreshing and palatable drink costing �1.99.

In many ways Wetherspoons represents the British class structure, the proles drinking at a discount and the great unwashed knowing their place!!

8 Sep 2010 00:12

Willow Walk, Victoria

Dropped in after a trip to Belgium last year. Very bland indeed, even for a Spoons, had a half of whatever and swiftly departed. Apart from the Jugged Hare nearby, Victoria is sadly lacking when it comes to decent pubs.

28 Aug 2010 13:48

The Fletcher Moss, Didsbury

Spot on tequila kitty, this pub is worth a visit. Cosy, welcoming and usually offering a seasonal brew from Hydes whose beers are not always to my taste. Didsbury boozers are a mixed bunch indeed but the Fletcher Moss is certainly one of the better examples.

26 Aug 2010 22:16

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

I must endorse the comments made by kernott and realalerules, this pub is now an absolute non starter. Badly managed, inept staff and worst of all no handpumps anymore.


19 Aug 2010 15:00

The Spread Eagle, Chorlton cum Hardy

Once again a post that tells us zilch about the liquid stuff on offer, just more ranting about nothing in particular.


16 Aug 2010 21:29

The Unicorn, Manchester

Strange comments from edthered, could you name some of the ales you've sampled, since i have never known this pub to provide a vast array of beers.

They always have Bass which is drinkable but only just and ridiculously overpriced i might add. The pub itself cannot be faulted though, an old school gem that has altered very little over the years, THANKFULLY!!

12 Aug 2010 22:36

The Old Queens Head, Sheffield

Beautiful exterior, but that's all one can say. Dull and lifeless inside with Thwaites brews on offer, had the Lancaster Bomber which was just about drinkable. Interchange next door which is useful i suppose.

4 Aug 2010 16:59

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Sadly the exact opposite of the Kelham Island Tavern round the corner. Scruffy, dirty interior, lacklustre atmosphere and a bloody cat that never goes away. Tried a few of the KI brews, not very tasty or particularly well kept either, i'm afraid. A pub that has probably seen better days!!

4 Aug 2010 16:48

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

A pub that is worthy of the hype that surrounds it. Spent a couple of hours in here and was extremely impressed. Sampled beers from Tower and Acorn, both outstanding and well kept. The front room is smallish but very warm and welcoming, not stupidly over decorated either, like some boozers. As a bonus Lewis the affable barman spent some time explaining the history of the pub to me, very informative and entertaining i must say.

Full marks!!

4 Aug 2010 16:39

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Popped in here yesterday for an hour. Had an excellent stout and a mild from Phoenix priced at �2.50 and �2.30 respectively. Lovely!!

28 Jul 2010 17:08

The Black Lion Hotel, Salford


24 Jul 2010 20:59

The Harp, Covent Garden

You make a valid point Pat Bateman, this bias towards pubs down south is quite unacceptable at times. Sadly though this is rather indicative of British society as a whole i'm afraid. The rest of the country will always fare poorly whilst their is an emphasis on things London and its environs!

23 Jul 2010 14:03

The Society Rooms, Glasgow

The type of establishment manic depressives go to when they are contemplating suicide, i kid you not ale hounds. Dark, sterile, lacking any kind of bite or atmosphere. Served by an anal retentive whose grasp of the english language was deeply suspect at best. Sampled a bitter by Cairngorm which was served far too cold resulting in a beer with no taste and therefore undrinkable. NEVER AGAIN....

22 Jul 2010 14:33

The Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow

A first class pub, the type that sadly rarely exists any longer. Very old fashioned, even the loos are rather quaint! Had a few pints of Dark Star which was in excellent condition, and reasonably priced at �2.29. Warm and friendly and that includes the ladies behind the bar who actually say hello and smile at you. Only criticism would be the television screens dotted about the place, you can't have everything i suppose.

22 Jul 2010 14:23

Counting House, Glasgow

Superb building converted from an old bank i believe, very ornate and spacious inside with plenty of seating in little individual rooms. Now the bad part ale suppers; service slow and surly, had a pint of Houston stout ok but not exactly thrilling, a lot of the clientele are ropey buggers to say the least, on the plus side though �1.96 for the beer. Wetherspoons you either love their pubs or..............!

19 Jul 2010 20:41

Tavern, Warrington

Horrible! No heart or soul, just dead from the waist up. Mostly pale ales served far too cold for my liking, not a porter or stout in sight. Never again.

7 Jul 2010 14:39

Porter's Ale House, Warrington

Unremarkable in appearance and character consisting mainly of one narrow long room with a smaller seating area off to the side. Beers hit and miss, the best being a quaffable ale from Rudgate called King Knut , the others either insipid or poorly kept. Whilst i was there a group of under age drinkers were being told off by the barmaid for various infringements, not something i like too see in a pub, they shouldn't have been there in the first place. On the plus side all the ales were priced at �1.80!

7 Jul 2010 14:28

The Lower Angel, Warrington

The best of a bad bunch on my recent visit to Warrington. Old fashioned pub with traditional public bar and lounge frequented by loyal regulars. Tried the Sunburst from Dark Star which although not really to my liking was indeed well kept. Ales were a bit pricey i thought, still in this day and age.................

7 Jul 2010 14:13

The Pineapple, Stockport

Agree, very average indeed!

3 Jul 2010 16:12

Bar Fringe, Manchester

Spent a few hours in here yesterday, convivial atmosphere due to the chatty and very helpful barman Rick and not a chav in sight! Sampled the Pitchfork golden ale and a beer by Phoenix, both more than acceptable. The Fringe will always have its detractors, drink elsewhere i say.

30 Jun 2010 15:29

The Pineapple, Stockport

Who the f**k suggested this mediocre boozer for the top twenty.

Get a grip for crying out loud. The Pineapple is a bog standard Robinsons house that is pleasant enough, ale drinkable but nothing special. Some folk are easily pleased.


27 Jun 2010 21:12

The Black Lion Hotel, Salford

A pub that hasn't quite taken off yet. Fair range of beers when i called in yesterday, Moorhouses and Shaws being the main ones on offer, sampled two of them and they were in good condition. Unfortunately this boozer lacks atmosphere, being far too pristine for my liking. Still it is an improvement on what was a rough, keg only pub that few people ventured into a couple of years ago.

23 Jun 2010 17:59

The Kings Arms, Salford

Hard to really sum this place up i'm afraid, but here i go. Main bar, dark and lacking in charm, although a cosier, lighter and smaller room is opposite. Range of ales tend to be from local microbreweries and usually the weaker beers unfortunately.

I don't quite understand what clientele this pub wishes too attract; students, tikkers, bohemian types, who knows? Could never drink here on a regular basis, more questions than answers i think.

15 Jun 2010 23:06

The Auctioneer, Blackpool

A Spoons in Blackpool, it makes perfect sense. This shabby and vulgar excuse for a seaside town needs one, because believe me nitrokeg and lager rule the roost. I ventured in here once a few years ago after being accosted by a homeless beggar and before that a deranged Scotsman who had forgotten to go back home after a weekend piss up. Needless to say moi was frazzled and in need of liquid refreshment which was gratefully supplied. As i recall a reasonable selection of ales were on offer in a quietish pub, not a hen or stag party in sight!

15 Jun 2010 00:35

Bar Fringe, Manchester

In response to your post wilson the dude, the crackhead you refer to is actually one of the co-owners i believe! Admittedly service can be eccentric at times, a bit like some of the clientele really. This boozer is an acquired taste for many, even i had doubts early on. Still, good belgian beers at "reasonable prices" makes me overlook the surreal nature of the place.

Patience dear boy, patience.......................................!

11 Jun 2010 19:08

The New Oxford, Salford

Was in here yesterday on one of my occasional visits. Normally a good selection of beers on and had a decent stout and an even tastier porter. Friendly enough and indeed very clean and tidy. Only problem with this pub is that it looks like you've walked into somebody's lounge!

Still worth a visit if you're in that part of town.

11 Jun 2010 13:47

The Kings Arms, Bow

Who cares!!!

9 Jun 2010 18:52

The Paramount, Manchester

I know this is a Wetherspoons and yes i would not drink here on a regular basis. Yesterday however came as a complete surprise! Friendly young filly behind the bar who served me straight away, no plates and glasses lying around as is the norm with these pubs and a good range of ales. I had two pints of Paramount Porter from the Elland brewery and no complaints. Best of all it was 6.5% and priced at �1.95, heaven.................................

9 Jun 2010 17:04

The Coach and Horses, Whitstable

I say ladhimself, you are far too clever and witty for this site. Always enjoy reading your comments.

Keep up the good work!!

9 Jun 2010 16:47

The Kings Arms, Bow

Perhaps you should open your own pub bowhammer. You could call it the "Cockney Charmer", GEEZER!!

Sadly it would be frequented by shaven headed market traders telling jokes about curry munching "pakis", and drinking pints of Fosters..................................

6 Jun 2010 13:32

The Grafton Arms, Manchester

Aah the Grafton!

In many ways a pub that the Twilight Zone forgot about. Resolutely working class with a drab and dark interior, you almost expect too see Ena Sharples behind the bar, curlers and all. Usual range of Holts beers at still reasonable prices, although a pub you would not wish to inhabit for any length of time.

Ho hum!

27 May 2010 17:54

The Ford Madox Brown, Rusholme

I am always somewhat apprehensive when i enter a Wetherspoons establishment; no doubt my fellow ale drinkers will sympathise with this point of view. On this occasion my fears were imaginary and i can honestly say that this is by no means the worst example of a variable chain indeed.

Good choice of ales, although i only sampled the titanic stout. In good condition and well priced at �1.80 a pint!

Service remarkably swift and pleasant, clientele a mixture of locals, students and the odd out of towner but mercifully chav free!! Worth a visit if you're nearby.

27 May 2010 17:44

The Trackside, Bury

Went in today for the first time and came away with mixed feelings. Beer range and quality good, although could be slightly more adventurous.

Bar itself is soulless and drab with a tired aura too it, not helped by an interior lackiing in style and design. Service was good though and the patrons seem friendly enough!

Needs someone with energy and imagination to make it worth going too on a regular basis!

25 May 2010 21:30

The Angel, Manchester

Oh dear!!

Range of ales on adequate. Now the bad part. Cramped, dirty and full of people you would rather avoid and i don't mean chavs, but southerners out of their depth and the mancunian dross.

The good part. The Marble Arch is only yards away. Take the walk!!

25 May 2010 21:20

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Do they speak real ENGLISH in Cheshire...............................?


22 May 2010 21:21

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

You make me smile blue scrumpy! A London pub full of arrogant, obnoxious types, oh dear why drink there then. So glad i left that cesspit of a city years ago!

22 May 2010 15:01

The Nursery Inn, Heaton Norris

Yes must agree with other reviews about this gem of a pub. Very cosy, well kept ales and people behind the bar who actually smile and bid you a warm welcome. Why are these establishments so few and far between?

The bowling green adds to the charm!

13 May 2010 19:08

The Commercial Hotel, Castlefield

Mostly agree with Carlurmston about this boozer. Popped in a few weeks back and was unimpressed. Shabby, lifeless interior with atmosphere to match and a less than enthusiastic publican behind the bar. When i asked if Holts was the only cask ale on offer, he replied in the affirmative but added that John Smiths was also available, by which point i had lost the will to live.

STAGE EXIT LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 May 2010 18:01

The Kings Arms, Bow

Shame on you bowhammer! If you must resort to "paki" bashing could you do it elsewhere. This is a forum for discussing pubs not an avenue for simple minded bigots to vent their racist poison!

6 May 2010 17:10

The Earl of Lonsdale, Notting Hill

Sorry to hear about your experience firsttimewalker. When i drank in this pub on a regular basis(admittedly over ten years ago), it was a most inviting boozer indeed with pleasant and efficient staff behind the bar. It boasted two handpumps serving the obb and the much rarer museum ale.

How times change!

6 May 2010 14:40

The Queens Arms, Manchester

In response to ROBCamra, yes i ventured into this establishment a few weeks ago after hearing it had reopened and what a disappointment! The same shabby, tired looking interior, two ales available one from Acorn which i sampled and left without finishing.

Once again a pub that has been taken over by people who don't understand the concept of real ale and think a pub runs itself. Interestingly Jim left rather hastily, which is a shame really as he improved the range of ales at the Smithfield.

Looks like another wasted opportunity.

4 May 2010 16:43

The Enkel Arms, Holloway


4 May 2010 15:40

The Ape and Apple, Manchester

Concur with JonW999. This pub was never the best Holts establishment and when i was last in it seemed particularly depressing. Beer generally is fair although stick to the bottled ales. Toilets were always poorly maintained and the pub itself could be cleaner but then it is Holts.....................

3 May 2010 17:41

The Enkel Arms, Holloway

The real JIM BAXTER WAS A SUBLIME FOOTBALLER. You sadly my dear fellow are a Didier Deschamps- a mere water carrier! Perhaps you should stick to the off licence, oddbins perhaps.

3 May 2010 15:04

The City, Manchester

THE PREVIOUS COMMENTS ARE AMUSING TO SAY THE LEAST. Yes this pub has had a refurb and indeed now seemingly wants too attract real ale drinkers by providing the real stuff.

Do not be fooled however as this is still the same rough and unpleasant dump it always was with its regular clientele of chavs, mad old bints and the odd bemused stranger who ventures in.

However cask ales available....... just!

2 May 2010 17:11

The Angel Inn, Leeds

What can one say fellow ale hounds. First visit for nearly six years and how utterly depressing! A lot scruffier than i seem to remember with the usual array of punters one finds in a sam smiths house. The obb was poorly kept and not helped by an atmosphere that gives a new meaning to the word redundant.

I will not be returning in another six years or ever again.......

2 May 2010 16:53

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

A pub Kafka may well have appreciated then again.................

Very strange layout which gives you a dizzy spell walking up, down and around it. On the plus side however a good range of ales with york supplying their own tasty offerings supplemented by guests from other local microbreweries. Overall worth at least one visit, although the gents was less than hygenic!

2 May 2010 16:16

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Without a doubt my favourite pub in Manchester. The beautifully preserved interior puts most other pubs to shame. A full range of their own beers is normally available with interesting guest beers adding to the variety. Prices are rather high for this part of town and it gets horribly overcrowded at the weekend but these are minor gripes on my part.

Worth a visit if you are coming to Manchester especially when a beer festival is on. Watch out for the sloping floor!

30 Apr 2010 11:46

The City Arms, Manchester


29 Apr 2010 17:55

The Orion, Withington

A typical holts pub cheap and scruffy a bit like the clientele really. Full of dodgy characters and surly staff. Next door to a rough council estate need i say more. Best avoided.

29 Apr 2010 17:40

The Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Manchester

This pub is a disgrace. Ventured in for the first and last time a week ago. A dirty little hovel with a strange smell in the air. Only ale on was something from beartown brewery which was poorly kept and vastly overpriced. Less than enthusiastic service from the bar person. How do these pubs survive!

29 Apr 2010 17:33

Bar Fringe, Manchester

A real curiosity on the edge of the northern quarter( manchester). Looks like a belgian bar but not quite if you know what i mean. An eclectic clientele add to the rather strange surroundings although they are a tolerant if somewhat aloof bunch. BEER is usually acceptable although a more imaginative range of ales would be welcome. Good range of belgian beers at fairly reasonable prices. A pub that will grow on you after a while.

29 Apr 2010 17:18

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