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Comments by nigelrowe

Bankes Arms Hotel, Corfe Castle

A very friendly pub with a good landlord, passionate about his beer. Excellent Everard's Tiger, Ruddles County and Ringwood Best on sale. Good food too.

9 May 2014 17:53

The Rose and Crown, Clapham

Dropped by last weekend, and pleased to say it is still an excellent pub. Dave (the landlord) is still as charming as ever. Wonderful beer and atmosphere - what more could you want?

23 May 2011 15:53

The Old Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

I was pleasantly surprised on visiting this pub (the Rugglestone was full and no tables left for eating) after reading comments on this site. The bar staff were very friendly and excellent Fursty Ferret and First Gold were on offer. Okay, it is a barn of a place, very much geared up to the tourists; but there are quaint eating areas which add to a delightful experience. The standard Badger Menu is on offer plus some specials on the blackboard. All in all, a friendly and welcoming pub.

25 Sep 2010 13:00

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

Seek this one out! 8 unusual ales on offer, all worth a try! Maybe 1/3 pint glasses would be useful?

22 Sep 2010 17:30

The Warren House Inn, Postbridge

An interesting pub, high up on Dartmoor with extensive views. Otter Ale, Adnams Broadside and Tribute on tap on my visit. The Otter was really tasty, as was the steak in ale pie! Well worth a visit.

22 Sep 2010 17:28

The Cleave, Lustleigh

What a gem! A delightful pub tucked away in a gorgeous Dartmoor village. A charming and pretty barmaid provided the icing on the cake - what a member of staff to treasure! On my visit, Otter Ale and Bitter were on offer - in superb condition.

22 Sep 2010 17:21

The Rugglestone Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

A gem of a pub in deepest Dartmoor. A tad irksome to see empty tables in the bar marked 'Reserved' though, and no seats for drinkers - although I understand that without all of the tables kept for diners, the pub probably wouldn't survive. Beer range could show a little more imagination, all around 4%.

22 Sep 2010 17:17

The Belle Vue, Clapham Common

A good, clean pub, serving real ale and good food. I didn't visit the toilets, however....

3 May 2010 13:47

The Bobbin, Clapham

My first visit on Saturday. What a little gem.

3 May 2010 13:44

The Rose and Crown, Clapham

This is a true gem. Seek it out and you will not be disappointed. A great landlord who treats his ales with the care and enthusiasm they deserve. I live 90 miles away, but it feels like my local when I visit - I am welcomed as a local! If you had to show someone the perfect example of a British pub, then look no further.

22 Mar 2010 11:01

The Prince Albert, Camden

This is almost a great pub...almost. I made two visits over the weekend and had a pint of Black Sheep Bitter on my first visit. It was on the turn, cloudy and a hint of sourness. On my second visit I tried the Lurcher Stout. This was a tasty pint, but there was so much sediment in the beer, a friend suggested I filtered it thorough a serviette! Sunday lunch was a tad expensive, and not very hot! There was no vegetarian roast on offer, and in spite of a blackboard and table menu offering chips, they are not available on Sundays! Better cellarmanship and slightly better food supervision would make this pub excellent.

18 May 2009 11:38

The Black Horse, Great Durnford

This pub was altered considerably, a few years ago. It used to have a large bar with the usual Watney's kegs on hand, but happily had casks of Ushers PA and Best Bitter on a stillage. It had one large room, with a good fire burning in the winter. Halcyon days! It is still a good pub, although the landlord's sense of humour may irritate some!

1 May 2009 12:53

The Blue Peter, Polperro

I am very surprised to read of these detrimental reviews. I have always found the staff and management of the BP to be charming and friendly, the beer excellent and the food top drawer. However, as with most towns and villages, Polperro does suffer with a rowdy set, usually congregating outside the Noughts & Crosses, causing grief to residents and holidaymakers alike. Polperro is a small village, lucky to have so many good pubs. I hope a rowdy element doesn't spoil it.

30 Apr 2009 13:56

The Noughts and Crosses, Polperro

I am not at all surprised, njj, and thanks for putting the other side's point of view! I have several friends in Polperro, and fully appreciate that this problem is caused by a very small percentage of Polperro's population! However, I don't think many people staying for just a week will want to go down the road of complaining to the police (one of the voiciferous youngsters was about to be interviewed for the job of a Police Community Support Officer!), after all, they are on holiday! Surely the residents who live in the vicinity are the ones to complain - or are all the properties holiday lets? The fact remains, this is a serious issue and needs to be resolved. I don't think it is people who are on holiday that are best equipped to do this, it is Polperro's residents, especially the landlord of the Noughts & Crosses, who needs to get the house in order.

26 Oct 2008 12:48

The Noughts and Crosses, Polperro

I have been contacted by one of the contributors below regarding this issue concerning foul-mouthed locals. The management of the Noughts & Crosses really need to sort out this problem. It is their customers, after all, that are causing the problem. I cannot believe that this situation is allowed to continue - are the management not responsible people? I wonder if ther police are aware of this? I imagine only residents living nearby would be likely to complain to the police. I have stayed opposite a pub in Camden Town where there is not this problem. I am dismayed that the problem exists in a Cornish fishing village. The owner of Little Laney is certainly aware of this problem, but to date has allegedly taken no action.

23 Oct 2008 13:23

Tom Brown's, Salisbury

A once great pub has now got the neglected air. However, it has recently sold so here's hoping for a return to the good old days. I never had a bad pint in the late Ivor's days.

9 Oct 2008 15:30

The Three Pilchards, Polperro

A very friendly and clean pub, serving good food and great ales. A roof top garden to die for adds the icing to the cake!

9 Oct 2008 15:27

The Ship Inn, Polperro

Still a great pub - the Ship is really what a good community local should be like. Serving the only mild in Polperro, the Ship is well worth a visit.

9 Oct 2008 15:26

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

Hmm; some cellar skills need to be applied here; really dreadful Old Speckled Hen was on offer recently. How many tourists thought that this was what ale should taste like? Could be really great, just needs a bit more TLC.

9 Oct 2008 15:24

The Old Mill House Inn, Polperro

Nothing wrong with the cat! New owners since my last visit, now no longer stocks draught Erdinger. However, well kept real ales are plentiful. Charming and friendly, possibly having one of the country's most expensive internet rooms!

9 Oct 2008 15:23

The Noughts and Crosses, Polperro

Hmm, agree about the foul-mouthed locals. We were unlucky enough to hire Little Laney, immediately opposite the Noughts. Thanks (I guess) to the smoking ban, the swearing regulars seemed to spend the evening in the street, talking so loud we could hear every word. We learnt quite a bit about the locals, who'd had an abortion, for example! Little Laney is up for sale. God help whoever buys it! However, the Noughts has some well kept beers, and if nothing else, you just have to try the hand dryer in the toilets!

9 Oct 2008 15:21

The Natterjack, Shepton Mallet

Just visited it again, and still a marvellous pub. There are plans afoot to revert back to its last name, The Silent Whistle - in memory of the much lamented Somerset & Dorset line that ran past the pub. That would be the icing on the cake!

9 Oct 2008 13:17

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

Somehow, the Crumplehorn didn't seem quite so good on my recent visit - I can't put my finger on why, though. A great choice of beers, but the chips served with our food seemed as though they were last nights unsold ones from the Chip Ahoy! Maybe it was an off day.

9 Oct 2008 13:15

The Blue Peter, Polperro

Had a week in Polperro recently, and pleased to see that the Peter is still on top form. It is also good to see that Sharp's beers no longer dominate here, and a good range of Skinner's and St Austell beers were on offer. A great pub.

9 Oct 2008 13:11

Tom Brown's, Salisbury

At last my picture has appeared! Still a great community local, one to cherish.

29 Nov 2007 14:37

The Market Inn, Salisbury

A much improved venue. On my last visit, St Austell tribute was on - a great pint!

27 Sep 2007 10:33

Slug and Lettuce, Salisbury

Now a Slug and Lettuce!

27 Sep 2007 10:31

The Railway, Salisbury

Very sad. This former Strongs of Romsey house once served excellent beer. In its Whitbread days, landlord Doug Hatch kept excellent Romsey Trophy and Brickwood's Best - never a bad pint. Then Gibbs Mew took over with their bland Premium and Wiltshire, and the downhill slope commenced.

27 Sep 2007 10:27

't Brugs Beertje, Bruges

A fabulous bar in an amazing city. It is a superb bar, if you only intend to visit one bar in the whole of Belgium, this must be it!

27 Sep 2007 10:16

The Blue Ball Inn, Sidford

Pub now open!

20 Sep 2007 13:23

The Pendarves Inn, Carnhell Green

A smashing community local. Stayed for a couple of nights, recently. In spite of a board outside, saying meals available daily, the kitchen is closed Monday and Tuesday! Will's Resolve was on - at last, a Sharp's beer with some taste!

20 Sep 2007 13:19

Tom Brown's, Salisbury

Still a great pub. I uploaded a photo months ago, but it has not appeared. I have emailed BITE several times, but not had the courtesy of a reply. What has happened to this excellent site?

20 Sep 2007 13:14

The Harp, Covent Garden

A truly great pub. Really excellent Black sheep Bitter, and a barmaid that was so friendly, she smiled and said "Goodbye" when she went off duty. A great place for a drink, a gem.

7 Jun 2007 18:11

The Cornmarket Inn, Salisbury

This pub has now closed, and is now an Italian restaurant, Strada.

29 Mar 2007 14:43

Tom Brown's, Salisbury

Had a delightful chat with the landlord. He has some very interesting plans for the future, with real ale very much in the forefront! Incidentally, the bar billiards has now made way for the return of the pool table, which I understand, was sorely missed! The Halfway is a great little pub - one of a diminishing breed of community pubs that we should cherish.

28 Mar 2007 17:43

The George and Dragon, Salisbury

Very nicely refurbished now, with 95% of it non-smoking. 2.90 for a pint of London Pride soured the enjoyment, though.

10 Mar 2007 18:13

The Kings Head, Salisbury

Yes, I must agree. I used to champion Wetherspoon's, but most of them are fairly awful now. The King's Head now has a much reduced selection of real ales, and an absurdly slow queuing system to get served at the bar. If visiting Salisbury, try some of the smaller pubs for a better experience. Okay, you will pay 50p or so a pint more, but well worth it.

9 Mar 2007 14:14

Tom Brown's, Salisbury

Visited this pub again, wow, it's really nice in here. Smart leather sofas, new chairs and tables and now bar billiards.

A new landlord (of 4 days) and Tom Brown's Midnight Sun - a really fruity ale, not dissimilar to Badger Golden Glory. Well worth a visit - you might become a regular!

2 Mar 2007 16:27

The Harlequin, City

Re: my comment below. When I said "the Landlord had run out", I was referring to the beer (Timothy Taylor's Landlord), not the actual landlord!

29 Jan 2007 11:01

The Harlequin, City

I made a special journey to visit this pub. Sadly, my friends and I were disappointed. It was very smokey, and the foul-mouthed clientele were a tad intimdating. The Landlord had run out, the London Pride only dispensed water (after drawing 4 pints, the landlady said "That appears to be off!", which left Old Hookey.

Maybe this was an unfortunate time to visit; however I won't be back.

29 Jan 2007 11:00

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

What a terrible bar! However, as a music venue, this is one of the better ones, a great sound system. Heard The Cavaliers and Gambling Hearts here recently, two bands that are taking London by storm.

22 Jan 2007 10:32

Ice Wharf, Camden

Rather a bad experience on my last visit - the Abbot (the only non-guest beer on then) had run out, and no cask beer was offered with a meal deal. There were guests, but I had to pay the full price (although only 10p more than Abbot)as it's not JDW policy to include these in the deal.

I'm finding it almost impossible to use JDW pubs now.

22 Jan 2007 10:27

The Blue Peter, Polperro

Some interesting comments! I am well overdue a stay in Polperro, I must take up the Crumplehorn's offer sent to me recently. As for the Peter; I would say it is my favourite pub in Polperro. I have always found the staff, locals and tourists very friendly. As for Sharp's, I agree with biggles, give me Skinners anyday! I will hasten back!

10 Jan 2007 16:08

The Blue Peter, Polperro

I am pleased to see that the owners are taking these comments seriously. I feel optomistic that the Peter is still the pub that it was. I note the comments on Sharp's beers; if three beers are on tap, I hope two of them aren't Sharp's! (Sorry, this is only my opinion!) There is no point in saying that out of 133 beers available, 6 are Sharp's, if 3 or more are always 'on'. However, it is your pub, you are entitled to stock what you like! ;-)

I'm not particularly against Sharp's beers, but IMHO there are other wonderful beers in Cornwall too.

I really look forward to my next visit. A painting of the Peter is hung in my house, so I *am* a fan! :-)

18 May 2006 20:52

Drusillas Inn, Horton

Four of us revisited this pub yesterday. One of us had sirloin steak, which was pretty tough. There was no reduction in the bill, as most of it had been ploughed through! The tartare sauce was presented as a Coleman's jar with a teaspoon in it. The other three meals were reasonably well prepared.
The staff were very friendly (although the chef (unseen) seems to have the last word). The beer was excellent, Brakspears Bitter and Brain's Gold - rather a long way from home!
I do agree with the previous comment, they need to make up their mind as to whether this is a pub or a restaurant. All the tables were dressed for eating. Also the public bar/games room was closed for refurbishment into a lounge bar. I will return later and report back!

4 May 2006 11:35

The Blue Peter, Polperro

These comments are very pertinent. When you are at the top, it is hard to stay there - there is also only one other way to go; downhill!
If the Blue Peter is on a downward slide, let's hope it can be reversed. My only (minor) criticism on my visits, is the limited beer range (mainly Sharp's). Whilst agreeing that they are popular, a wider choice of breweries (Skinner's, for example) would be welcomed. I wonder if they have borrowed extensively from Sharp's, and are therefore somewhat 'tied'?
Polperro is blessed with many pubs, all excellent. A great place to stay.
An earlier reviewer asked, "Why drink 6X in Polperro?" Probably the same people who drink Doom Bar in Salisbury! :-)

26 Apr 2006 13:07

The Blue Ball Inn, Sidford

My wife and I are devastated at this news. We have stayed at the Blue Ball several times over the past ten years. We were planning another visit shortly. We are so sad that this will not now happen, and we are not to see this wonderful pub again.

Our thoughts and prayers got to Roger, his family and staff, who have made our visits so memorable.

22 Mar 2006 12:46

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

Now under new management since my last visit. We stayed here for three nights. Comfortable accomodation and the pub itself still really good. The ubiquitous Sharp's beers are in evidence (why is St Austell HSD so hard to find in the free trade - massively superior IMHO to Sharp's Revenge)and St Austell Tribute - so much tastier than the poor (again, IMHO)Sharp's Doom Bar. Great food still. There is still much reference to the previous owners on menus etc. which is misleading.

19 Sep 2005 15:00

The Old Mill House Inn, Polperro

A year since my last visit, but still great. It does lack a little in atmosphere though, probably because on my two visits it was almost empty. Erdinger is quite rare, a pretty good beer (and I'm a CAMRA member!!)

19 Sep 2005 14:57

The Noughts and Crosses, Polperro

This was a super pub, it seems a bit tired now. It wouldn't take much to restore it to its former glory. A friendly landlord, but it's got rather a dingy feel to it.

19 Sep 2005 14:54

The Three Pilchards, Polperro

A great pub still, probably serving the tastiest bitter in Polperro, Wadworth's 6X.

19 Sep 2005 14:53

The Blue Peter, Polperro

Just had another few days in the village. Still a great pub, but suffers through its own excellence! Very busy all day, with little hope of finding a table. Good to see Theakston's Old Peculier on draught.

19 Sep 2005 14:52

The Bull, Salisbury

This pub is closed at present. "Acquired by Clients" reads the sign.

2 Jan 2005 13:38

Drusillas Inn, Horton

I happen to like it! A comfortable longe bar with a real fire and a charming restaurant at the front, with a large public bar to the rear. A very good menu (tho the roasts could be hotter. Why do pubs serve hot meals on cold plates?) Good Ringwood Best, Fortyniner and Draught Bass on handpump and really friendly staff make this a great pub.

26 Nov 2004 12:13

The Blue Peter, Polperro

Just had another week in Polperro. This is still the best pub here (and they're all pretty good!)Excellent quality beers (2005 Good Beer Guide entry)though at the start of the week mainly Sharp's (what do people see in Doom Bar?!) by the end a much better selection. Loved Heligan Honey. Superb.

19 Sep 2004 12:02

The Pandora Inn, Restronguet

lovely situation, good pasties, great Bass

26 Mar 2004 20:08

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