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The Leather Bottle, Belvedere

Under new ownership as from: 26/9/2012

28 Oct 2012 13:59

The Old Crown Inn, Messing

I think they should re name this site- ' food in the evening' I think this would fit the bill nicely.

Can't you all go and find a site on food, people are not interested in places where you go and stuff your faces with a dozen screaming kids in tow.

Their pubs for christ sake...saddos

25 May 2012 08:22

The Royal Alfred, Erith

Closed up.

20 Feb 2012 18:31

Great Harry, Belvedere

Currently on the market

15 Jan 2012 11:21

The Lord Kitchener, Welling

Is this site in the, or what.

If food is what you want, then cook it at home! stop harping on about it.

It's people like you whingeing tree huggers that are - or have, killed the pub trade.

16 Nov 2011 11:50

The Lord Raglan, Erith

Strange pub this one.

Decor wise; the bars, including the floors are decked out in laminate flooring...poorly finished and in some places not even finished.
Service was prompt, albeit there was only two people in there at the time of my visit.
No casked ale was on offer at the time, so i opted for a pint of euro fizz of which was flat.
So my marks for this pub are primarily for the service and the friendly landlord.

16 Nov 2011 11:27

The Birchwood, Abbey Wood

Re-visited last week, and was amazed at the asking price of �3.25 for a pint of fosters.
i can fully appreciate that we all need to make a living, but for that area, i found it a bit over the top, particularly nowadays when people are finding it hard.
If publicans want to keep there customers out of the off licences and supermarkets when buying there booze, i suggest they hike up the costs of peanuts and crisps.
But it's still a good pub despite that.

16 Oct 2011 10:41

The Abbey Arms, Abbey Wood

Gave it a second try last week, and the review i posted in 2008 still applies.

16 Oct 2011 10:31

The Leather Bottle, Belvedere

New tenants again, did surprise me when i noticed that they were senior citizens though.
But everyones entitled...

16 Oct 2011 10:01

Running Horses, Erith

I must admit, that my opinion regarding this pub many moons ago still hasn't changed much.
I did however, give it the benefit of doubt and revisited it several times over the last six months or so, just to satisfy myself.
Unfortunately the land lord and landlady are not suited too the leisure industry, despite my constant use of the words please and thank you's, i was treated like an alien; they are extremely rude....never a smile, a greeting, or even an acknowledgement...that's when they are behind the bar (very rare), but they do not go unnoticed, you can find them at the end of the bar with the rest of the clique, just follow the foul language and you'll spot them easily.
Shame really, it's a great pub (architecturally), just needs a slice of passion injected into it.

28 Jun 2011 08:58

The Belvedere Hotel, Belvedere

Couldn't have written it better myself, even if i was the landlord!

24 Mar 2011 08:40

The Jolly Marshman, Abbey Wood

Steer well clear, if you value your life!

24 Mar 2011 08:19

The Cross Keys, Erith

Pub ceased trading. police closed it down due to trouble with the local travellers causing chaos with their horses up and down the high street.
They even took one inside the pub!

24 Mar 2011 07:42

The Royal Oak (Polly Clean Stairs), Bexleyheath

New owner now, if you can get through the door, go!

23 Mar 2011 18:53

The Foresters Arms, Welling

Wine bar effect refit, popped in for a quick pint last week, beer pleasent enough, but unfortunately their was only 2 people in there.
No atmosphere, but early days.

10 Aug 2010 08:32

One Bell, Crayford

Jimmy bullard's pub, bought it for his dad.

Clean and tidy, beer OK, but going more down the gastro route.

10 Aug 2010 08:24

The Royal Oak (Polly Clean Stairs), Bexleyheath

Spoke to the brewery last week, and they said that the pub is being refurbished, a new owner will be taking over as soon as the refit is finished.

10 Aug 2010 08:15

The Eardley Arms, Belvedere

Up for sale again... But at least it is going to remain a pub and not a kebab shop!

26 Apr 2010 17:21

The Belvedere Hotel, Belvedere

New owners again (leasee's) not managers.
That last holding managers really did kick start this pub, but unfortunately a buyer came in and they had to move on, much to the annoyance of the majority of the patrons.
Let's wait and see...

26 Apr 2010 17:17

The Ball Tree Inn, Sompting

So, we are splitting hairs are we fab?... can i suggest that before you start picking people up on their grammatical errors, that you enable spell checker on your's not that DIGFICULT is it

3 Sep 2009 08:07

The Ferry Inn, Horning

RE: Horrified, sad to say, but yes you are right, a great summer pub, unfortunately the summer months alone will not sustain the pub over the quieter winter period, rent and rates still need to be paid.

Top cat, i totally agree with you regarding the gastro effect, pubs are in decline all over the UK because of it.

We need the good old boozer, with a good selection of real ales, euro fizz for the kids, no food other than bar snacks.

If people want to eat, then go to a cafe or mcdonalds, stop harping on about the quality of food in pubs, they are publicans not trained chefs, and before you say, employ a chef....they cost an absolute fortune, and in most cases they tend to be journey men.....rant over

23 Aug 2009 09:35

The Fanny On The Hill, Welling

Best described as a creche.

27 May 2009 11:18

The Old Mill, Plumstead

Agree with the comments, but on my first visit...the stench of food being cooked was eminating throughout the whole pub, and as a consequence was making me feel quite sick.

I'm of the disposition that a pub is where beer and ale is served, but i also fully understand that plenty of publicans cannot get by on wet sales alone, and need to supliment their income with a food offering.

So unfortunately, unless it was just them cooking for themselve's, it's not for me.

But the beer was first class, no complaints there

27 May 2009 10:58

The Ball Tree Inn, Sompting

In most industries throughout the UK, you will always come accross people who makes comments about a particular working sector, that they inveriably have never been involved in, or have no first hand experience, or no knowledge of whatsoever, but still insist on saying that they know all about it, for example: Fabian....AKA the wally.

Firstly; Pub company's don't give pubs away( even if you are unemployed)
Secondly, 5 out of 10 pubs are not owned by the brewery.
Thirdly, you don't just "acquire a lease".......simply because, not everyone can JUST drag up 40 grand, can they fab.

So right then, this is how it go's Fab.

If pubs are falling short of there targets, and can no longer sustain the costs of running it, they can hand it back to the pub company, or re assign the lease (contract permitting), if the pub company can't re let it on a lease, a tenancy or a freehold basis, then they will put a holding manager in there, but he will have to pay a rent, depending on the pubs trading figures, it could amount to anything upto a thousand per week, the pub CO's just want there rent.
Normally the holding manager will have to clean the pub up (get rid of the riff raff) once he as established the pub as a viable business, the pub Co can re advertise the pub for sale, or even offer it to the holding manager.

Most Leasees and tenants of pubs are tied, which means that they can only buy their beer and other products from the pub CO's they are leasing the pubs in essence, when the price of a pint go's's not the owner who is doing it...Fab.

So theres 4 ways in to the pub game.
Holding manager, rent and rates plus stock �5/10.000 ingoing
Tenancy 3/5 year term �15/30.000 ingoing
Lease 10/15 term �25/ 100,000 +
Freehold, the skys the limit, you own the lot, but lets start at around half a mill as a now nip down to the local job centre and see what's on offer.

I hopes that sorted that one out.........

17 Apr 2009 12:00

The Rose Revived, Hadlow

Agree with your comments (corach 1 cymraeg) about the service being un acceptable for a restaurant; but, it's not a restaurant is it!

Instead of whingeing on about pub food, why don't you go and find a proper eating establishment to sate your appetite, publicans don't want to serve food, they only do it to suppliment the ever decreasing wet sales, and the ever increasing rises in rent, rates and beer prices.

"Amazing potential" what you mean like turn it into a gourmet restaurant, with perhaps like jamie oliver cooking the food, it's a pub damn it.

The pub trade needs people like you mate.

Most people who eat in gastro type pubs are tight fisted, and looking for a cheap night/day out

3 Apr 2009 09:25

The Duchy Arms, Kennington

Thanks for that extremely honest opinion Bertrand, i shall be nipping over there post haste...............

30 Mar 2009 19:19

The Chequers, Walton On The Hill

" At least the J20'S Back" i bet the governor loves you HHGTTG,

14 Feb 2009 10:34

Warwick Arms, Worthing

Look! stop whingeing on about food, it's a bloody pub, if food is your bag, then go to a cafe with your screaming kids and eat.
Remember this: if the publican had he's way, he would'nt serve food at all, it's only done to supplement the loss of wet sales, and the extortionate rents the brewery charge.
Im fairly sure that if he could afford to employ gordon ramsay to prepare food for the lazy people who cant do it for themselves, then i'm sure; that just to appease the gastroites he would, he's a PUB landlord for christ sake Not a restraunteur, get over it.

Gastro pubs and the no smoking policy will be, and is the demise of our local as we know it........and it's your fault.

11 Feb 2009 19:57

Warwick Arms, Worthing

Look! stop whingeing on about food, it's a bloody pub, if food is your bag, then go to a cafe with your screaming kids and eat.
Remember this: if the publican had he's way, he would'nt serve food at all, it's only done to supplement the loss of wet sales, and the extortionate rents the brewery charge.
Im fairly sure that if he could afford to employ gordon ramsay to prepare food for the lazy people who cant do it for themselves, then i'm sure; that just to appease the gastroites he would, he's a PUB landlord for christ sake Not a restraunteur, get over it.

Gastro pubs and the no smoking policy will be, and is the demise of our local as we know it........and it's your fault.

11 Feb 2009 19:57

The Robin Hood and Little John, Bexleyheath

Re- visited just before christmas, and nothing as changed what so ever.

Friendly and polite staff, excellent service, great beer, and a credit to the pub industry.

PS: When asking the landlord about the real ales, he promptly gave us some free samples to see if we liked it, now that's what i call service.

3 Jan 2009 13:25

The Resolute, Poplar

Currently up for sale

3 Jan 2009 13:00

The Drayman, Bexleyheath

Grape vine........heard that is was closing down, will confirm later this month.

3 Jan 2009 12:57

The Chequers, Belvedere

In the process of being developed into flats............sad

14 Dec 2008 12:14

The Nordenfelt Tavern, Erith

Pub closed, up for sale.

30 Nov 2008 10:01

The Lord Raglan, Erith

I was one of three people in here on a thursday evening, beer reasonable, but no real ales....quite expensive as well for slade green.

30 Nov 2008 10:00

The Leather Bottle, Belvedere

Now up for sale.......

30 Nov 2008 09:55

The Fox, Belvedere

Absolute dive....enough said....unless you don't mind chavs and the smell of curry eminating throughout the place.

30 Nov 2008 09:54

The Belvedere Hotel, Belvedere

New managers AGAIN, it does't matter if they have another fifty managers, the place is to expensive, albeit nicely decorated and friendly.

It is still up for sale, and reduced by half, this say's it all really, the rent is extortionate for this area, but at least it's still a pub, and i'll do my bit (despite the cost's) to keep it that way.

30 Nov 2008 09:50

The Volunteer, Plumstead

Visited last sunday to watch the football (spurs) their was probably five people in there at max, the old photos on the wall of west ham would indicate to me that the landlord was a fan of the east end club.

Landlord actually sat and chatted with the patrons, of which as we all know is a rareity these days.

But overall, a nice small friendly pub, run of the mill beers, a bit pricey but worth the visit.

PS: Although it was my first time in the pub, i was acknowledged by the customers and the landlord, another rareity.

29 Nov 2008 11:06

The Railway Tavern, Limehouse

Was always a decent pub for a quick pint when getting off the train at stepney east station (re named Limehouse) particularly when Alan owned it.

8 Mar 2008 07:59

The George Tavern, Stepney

Despite what everyone say's about the George, the main thing is, that it's still a pub, albeit not to everyone's taste- including mine i hasten to add.

But whilst they are selling beer, they are not redeveloping it, the pub industry in the east end, and in general, is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.....Just remember, a new proprieter can change the pub around, but once it's turned into flats, it's gone forever.

8 Mar 2008 07:51

The Belvoir Tavern, Belvedere

Pub as now fallen to the developers

8 Mar 2008 07:37

Running Horses, Erith

Just as i thought it could'nt get any worse after getting soaked to the skin walking from the ship up the road to this pub,and looking like a drowned rat as i entered, an incredible 4 minutes went by and i still wasn'nt approached, so off i toddled,or should i say waddled to the white hart, where i was promptly served and offered a towel to dry my self off.

12 Mar 2007 19:09

The Ship, Erith

Visited this pub sunday just gone, could'nt be bothered hanging around anymore to get served, so i decided to leave and get soaked to the skin outside.

PS: It is still a female gay pub, but nice just the same.

12 Mar 2007 19:01

The Leather Bottle, Belvedere

Now under new ownership, previous owner left after getting beat up, (nice friendly pub )

25 Oct 2006 20:32

The Robin Hood and Little John, Bexleyheath

An excellent chav free pub, offering a wide selection of guest ales and good food.
Bar staff extremely friendly and knowledgeable (No need to hold back on the diction ) on entering this pub we were greeted by the barmaid with a very warm and welcoming smile and was served within 20 seconds of our party entering ( and yes it was busy )it's no wonder this house as won so many awards.

25 Oct 2006 19:40

The Belvedere Hotel, Belvedere

Re visited this pub recently and it is just about keeping it's head above water, We're talking saturday night here, and there was me and the holding manager propping up the bar and trying to figure out where it all went wrong. Currently up for sale at a ridiculously high price for a lease.

25 Oct 2006 19:27

Victoria, Belvedere

Update on the vic.......... it is now under new ownership and appears to be continuing to do quite well. The new owner is an ex copper.

25 Oct 2006 19:20

Who'd a Thought it, Plumstead

I agree with you about the external decor, primarily because i personally always judge a pub by the way it looks from the outside before venturing in, but i have to admit, last year i parked up by the small parade of shops nearby, went in and was pleasently surprised to see a few middle aged gentleman watching the cricket on one of there numerous t'vs, so i promptly sat down and joined them and was made to feel extremely welcome, needless to say i required the services of the local cab service to ferry me back home, but overall a pleasent pub,albeit a midweek afternoon.

16 Sep 2006 04:19

The Birchwood, Abbey Wood

Agree with KMD, but if your an ex con, you may want to think twice,as it is frequented by the screws from the nearby belmarsh prison.

16 Sep 2006 04:08

The Duke of Northumberland, Northumberland Heath

F.A.O. beer me up, Try the prince of wales down the road, and the victoria round the corner, both excellent pubs, see the reviews in the upper belvedere area.

16 Sep 2006 03:44

The Good Samaritan, Whitechapel

Chris,did you say bangladeshis, "What in whitechapel"

16 Aug 2006 01:28

The Powder Monkey, Greenwich

Visited this pub last week thinking it was still the cricketers,unfortunately it is now a gastro pub with no atmosphere what so ever, mind you the beer was'nt too bad though.

16 Aug 2006 01:11

The Drummonds Bar, Canary Wharf

closing down very shortly..........

4 Aug 2006 00:34

The Princess Alice, West Thamesmead

A recent addition to the thamesmead area, very modern decor with a family orientated theme, the only problem being is that the surrounding area is notorious for it's chav culture and travellers alike, could'nt say that i'd like to take my kids there,the door staff (bouncers) look very menacing, heard that several fights had broken out during the first three weeks of opening.
Needs picking up and moving several miles up the road... shame.

15 Jun 2006 09:35

The Camel, Bethnal Green

Youv'e mentioned orange juice and a pie, i thought this was a pub, what about the beer, or was you really in a cafe.

25 May 2006 12:00

The Widows Son, Bow

All the pubs have potential,it's the clientelle thats the problem,There isn'tenough to go round in the east end now.
Reason- See The "George" stepney posting.

7 May 2006 11:43

The Tenterden Arms, Bow

Not a lot you can say about this pub really; Currently up for sale at a silly cheap price,it was and still is situated between to very busy pubs(back a while)so therefore was just a mediocre place to go if the bricklakers and widows son were too busy.
Frequented now by quite a few un-desireables apparently.

7 May 2006 11:38

The Royal Duchess, Stepney

Still managing to keep it's head above water despite other locals falling to the developers.
Small friendy public bar,mainly father son,regulars haunt, large saloon bar,entertainment week-ends.
Newish looking exterior,but been there for donkey's years.
Used as a starting pub for the week-end circuit way back
couldn't tell you about the beer or staff,haven't visited for some time,but pass by every night,still seems to be doing O.K.

7 May 2006 11:23

The Greyhound, Sydenham

new owners now with intimidating door staff who ask you for a fiver to go in. un-real.

3 May 2006 22:33

The Black Horse, Stepney

used to be a real pub. "good grief whats the world coming too with all the irons"

3 May 2006 22:15

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

Extremely busy circuit pub a few years back, always rammo at week-ends,Bar was central,DJ.booth on the right as you walked in,back in the 70s and early eighties no one gave a toss what the twins did, we were hardly ever reminded,and there was never any memorabilia plastered on the walls either,just good loud music,always stunning birds behind the ramp(saturday nights,six staff behind the bar,and they were pushed) Great days believe me; you's chav's and chavesses dont know what you missed,Honest.

3 May 2006 22:10

The Gun, Coldharbour

visited this pub hundred's of times over the years,thought i'd take a trip down memory lane last week and pay it a visit; pulled up in the cab and told the driver to do a u turn out of there. shame.

2 May 2006 20:11

The Morgan Arms, Mile End

Now Now children, If you was to scan through several pages relating to pubs in the east end,you will come across quite a few of my postings,you may also notice that i am anti-food in pubs orientated,primarily due to the stink that food produces.
The main reason that the majority of gastro-pubs exist,is the fact that landlords cannot live solely on the sale of wet products alone,not purely to satisfy the new breed of pub goers like yourselves,but simply to survive in a trade that is slowly declining, i'm sure that if they could get back the old east end drinker in there pubs, you'd be out on your ass.
Before someone posts the old chestnut about villains in the east end contributing to the rise in popularity
of the pub trade around london- Be warned, that canary wharf as probably more crooks per square inch,than anywhere else in england.
Go to a nice cafe or restaurant, fill your face,then go to a nice pub and have a nice glass of what ever it is you people drink,get a cab home,and talk about it at the office for the next four days or so. Luvely jublly.

27 Feb 2006 09:59

The Rogue Trader, Canary Wharf

FOOD,FOOD,FOOD, is that all anyone thinks about when they go to a pub now days, How can people drink with the stink, This is not a pub anymore,its an indian restaurant with a bar.
The blacksmiths arms;as it was known pre:locust days,
was an excellent pub, with good people,good beer, friendly governor(peter) and extremely popular with the locals, it wasn't broken,why? has it been fixed, i pass by several times a week,and the place is always empty, a waste of space if you ask me.

But all is not lost, the estate agent opposite is waiting in the wings like a vulture, i see flats looming, what shall we call it, rogue wharf apartments; crying shame. Still, at least reidy has managed to hold on to the pole round the corner.

27 Feb 2006 09:04

The Grapes, Limehouse

Pablo: I'm Not knocking the grapes as being a good pub- Far from it; It was always a busy little pub even back in the late sixties- early seventies, But what I'm trying to say is, That the east end is slowly losing the battle to hold on to the remaining few good locals that still exist in the immediate and surrounding areas.
The grapes; Was popularised even more so, When; Dr David owen and Janet street porter moved in next door some years back.
And now may i add, That the new no smoking policy coming in to affect in 2007, Will be the ruination of those last few pubs that still remain; The introduction of food(gastro pubs) was largely due to the bill going through, So the wine drinking, tree hugging, sandal wearing idiots,(of whom have never been in a real pub in there life) have got there little way again. a pub is for beer, restaurants are for food.What next? i ask. Believe me when i say; "the rot has truly set in" This government are slowly eating away everything that democracy stands for, and we like good citizens stand by and let them do it. Congestion charge, Parking fines, speed cameras,increased poll tax,fuel costs, just about anything and everything they can throw at us, just bring it on and we'll pay it. Oh i nearly forgot to add red light ken livingstone to the governments list of things bestowed upon us..I sense a revolt.

24 Feb 2006 10:05

The Steamship, Blackwall

Always used to be good for a late drink going back a while- being so isolated as it was.
Had live music at weekends; with one of the best "neil diamond" sound a-like vocalists you could ever wish to hear outside of caesars palace,u.s.a.

16 Feb 2006 09:52

5b Urban Bar, Limehouse

RE; The urban bar, When posting my review on this pub, I mistakenly put in the "old house at home" being opposite booty's wine bar; In fact the pub was called; "The house they left behind" apologies.

16 Feb 2006 09:44

The Brunswick Arms, Poplar

Brunswick; Runs one of the biggest angling clubs in london- Known as, " The brunswick brothers". Been established for many a year.

16 Feb 2006 09:39

LHT Urban Bar, Whitechapel

The london hospital tavern, As it was originally called, Was an extremely packed circuit pub Thurs- sun, Mainly 18s plus, good DJs, and very loud.

11 Feb 2006 03:23

The China Hall, Surrey Quays

RE: The 60 year old criminal types, They probably spend more money in one sunday's drinking session than you spend on house wine and alco-pops all year.
If the local pubs had to rely on one of your big night's out, They'd all be flats and kebab shops by now.

11 Feb 2006 03:14

Oporto, Canary Wharf

Unfortunately this pub along with two others by the dock gate; "Charlie browns" and the "Blue posts" Both now gone, never really lost the stigma attached to this part of limehouse, Back in the 60s 70s the area was synonymous for on-leave merchant seamen,So you can imagine what took place after dark. When charlie brown died, It was reputed to have been the biggest funeral the east end had ever seen.
Althought the "oporto" Has had several new owners in as many years; It as never really reached it's full potential and being so close to canary wharf, one would have thought it's only a matter of time.

11 Feb 2006 03:01

The Queens Head, Limehouse

PS: The queens head is in stepney not limehouse; stepney east station, Now limehouse, was changed several years back, I Suppose stepney harbour does'nt sound right really Does it. Bloody yuppies.

11 Feb 2006 02:46

The Brewery Tap, Limehouse

The "Tap house" was always a bit hit and miss going back a while, Largely due to it being surrounded by 20 or so others to choose from, including the catholic club next door almost, (and always cheaper)
It never really got that busy, and relied mainly on foot-fall, as opposed to a regular locals haunt, However it did have it's moments.

11 Feb 2006 02:38

Kitsons, Bow

The "Bricklayers" Like plenty of pubs in east london kitsons was only a nick name and it stuck.
This pub along with two others; Namely- the "queens head" york square stepney, and The "fish and ring" old road stepney, Were owned and ran by two of the most successful publicans in the east end; Mr Harry and Daisy white, Where ever they went, Hoardes followed, They were peoples people, Hard working, And new what the public wanted, There were no lock ins, No special offers, Just solid entertainment, Weekends live music with a regular offering of local singers, (NOT KARAOKE) Good singers. Exquisite beer, Impeccably
clean,And most importantly, a tremendous sense of humour. Unfortunately all those who entered the pubs they left,never had as much success. Says it all really.

11 Feb 2006 02:28

The Bancroft Arms, Stepney Green

A.K.A. The "top house". was always busy at weekends, mainly 40s plus back then, a two piece band at weekends with regular sing-a-longs; never really had a lot of local competition (Bearing in mind that people used to walk to there locals back in the seventies and eighties) There nearest competitor, Exluding the fountain next door,of which was built much later, Was the prince of wales, A.K.A. kate hodders and the new globe mile end road, bow.

11 Feb 2006 01:58

5b Urban Bar, Limehouse

This pub was always considered to be, !off the beaten track! By the locals, who much preferred the old house at home, opposite booty's wine bar.
It's original name was; The, "five bells and blade bone" And I'm fairly sure that the original blade bone and five bells still hang on the ceiling, More often than not it was frequented by the local wino's from the churchyard opposite.
Have to give them credit though; - most of the old neighbouring pubs are now flats.

11 Feb 2006 01:40

The Dickens Inn, Tower Hill

This was another one of those pubs just of the curcuit in the eighties, Always good to chat a tourist up, and have a laugh before moving off to the circuit, Was quite expensive back then even by a locals standard, Good fun though.

16 Jan 2006 20:47

The Palm Tree, Mile End

always was a good pub, even back in the seventies, Had plenty more competition then though;

Ie:the " aberdeen arms" Opposite, By the traffic lights. And the " beehive" On the canal bridge

16 Jan 2006 20:35

The Salmon and Ball, Bethnal Green

Excellent pub when Bobby moore owned it, (then mooro's) and back to it's original name when he sold it, Mind you quite a few footballers owned pubs back in the 70 and 80s. Rammo weekends.

12 Jan 2006 02:37

The Florist, Bethnal Green

The camel,Florist and the greyhound all in the same road, and all rammo at weekends going back a while, Dont talk to me about pie and mash, you couldn't live with my knowledge of it, or the east end pubs; TA TA.

12 Jan 2006 02:32

The City Pride, Isle of Dogs

Was one of the first gay bars in east london; Circa 1970,
Changed it's name several times, But originally called, the city arms. next door the rogue trader, originally called the blacksmiths arms was extremely busy through the week and weekends, so was the anchor and hope next door, All the pubs on the island were very darts orientated.

12 Jan 2006 02:23

The Scarborough Arms, Whitechapel

Used to be a regular haunt for the local wino's.

12 Jan 2006 02:17

The Grave Maurice, Whitechapel

Q Bar my arse; IT'S THE GRAVE MAURICE, Doesn't matter how you dress it up, If it's wine you want, Go to sainsbury's, sit at home watching jerry springer and get thoroughly pissed, But dont make comments about pubs you know nothing about! The G.M. was probably one of the busiest pubs in that area, And I'm talking standing on tables dancing to the blues brothers (original) Because you couldn't see the floor through people, Atmospherically, It was the nuts, Boy did you yups and chavs miss out.

12 Jan 2006 02:14

Running Horses, Erith

Friendly atmosphere, Your'e having a turkish bath mate'' There is none due to it always being empty.
Apart from one day a year during the erith festival. A total waste of space, Needs an injection of lots of capital and new proprietors.

11 Jan 2006 11:21

Victoria, Belvedere

I think the new landlord took a massive gamble in taking on this,off the beaten track pub; But having visited it several times over the past year or so, I think the gamble is paying dividends.
The landlord and he's mrs are very sociable and friendly, The beer's good and reasonably priced, And he's building up a nice regular client base thank you very much.
The problem nowadays is, That if you can find a nice little pub out of the eyes of the roving chavs, youv'e cracked it; Because soon pubs for the locals will be soon gone forever; So the Benefits will go to the last man standing.

11 Jan 2006 11:14

The Leather Bottle, Belvedere

If food's your bag, then this is the place for you;
Personally i dont think the two mix, Particularly the stink of food when your'e trying to drink, A pub is a pub, not a restaurant, Although most pubs cant get by nowadays with wet sales only, they should then go for a cafe instead.

PS: Extremely cliquey, Probably the most expensive pub in the immediate area, loads of pikeys and elizabeth duke wearers.

11 Jan 2006 11:04

The Royal Oak, Charlton

Visiting this pub today, Sun/8/01/06.

watch this space.

8 Jan 2006 11:48

The Antigallican, Charlton

Rough on the outside, rougher on the in. thought i saw six people coming out, but was later told it was a staff fire drill.

8 Jan 2006 11:12

The Prince of Wales, Belvedere

I moved into Belvedere about three years ago, and the first week was consumed by a reconnaissance of the local watering holes, The P.O.W. was probably the third or fourth pub i stumbled upon; I cant speak for everyone, But i certainly always take my first impressions of a pub from the external decor, The hanging baskets,warm internal shelf lights glowing through the windows, clean net curtains, and a neutrally painted exterior, the entire exterior was cleverly illuminated including the signage; On entering, I Found that the outside decor had been transferred to the interior. An extremely clean, bright and welcoming pub,Although some may say a bit cliquey, i can assure you that it is definately not the case, Bar staff very smart and friendly,Beer spot on, glasses,mirrors, tables, and virtually everthing you can see is spotless, No live music or karaoke,they dont need it. lunches served at very reasonable prices,mainly business people during the day.

Oh yes, no damn pool table.

8 Jan 2006 09:42

The Eardley Arms, Belvedere

Re: the eardley, what you must bear in mind, this pub is directly opposite the, Prince of wales, probably the best and busiest pub in the area, so unfortunately beggars cant be choosers, they have to take what's on offer despite there character or up bringing, the pub as undergone a refit over the years,and had several different owners in as many.

But all is not lost, I Forsee a new owner in the not to distant future who will turn it around and put it back to it's deserved state.

Agree about the pool table though, very imposing.

8 Jan 2006 09:17

The Belvedere Hotel, Belvedere

This is a nice pub,with entertainment, (karaoke) weekends.
needs an injection of character to get more through the door though.
has in my eyes, plenty of potential with the right operator.

8 Jan 2006 09:07

Ye Olde Greyhound, Eltham

I Was threatened; Can i have my rolex back now.

6 Jan 2006 11:42

La Luna, Mile End

Used to be a good pub A real pub.

6 Jan 2006 11:29

The Grapes, Limehouse

Is'nt it strange; no other pubs apart from the narrow sreet yuppie bars are really reviewed in the limehouse section, if is good enough for tristrum and julianna it's good enough for me type of attitude, Did you lot know, that this area was once known as the !Dark End ! and wasn't meant to be visited after dark by any person's from the west side, Let alone drink in the local hostelries through fear of being pressed, mugged,or even worse murdered.
So do me a favour, have a look around, There's more to the east end than canary wharf and narrow street.

6 Jan 2006 11:23

The Greenwich Pensioner, Poplar

contrary to your assumptions roger,We are all entitled to our opinion, and i'll make you 100% right about the unfortunate demise of the east end pubs including the greenwich pensioner, But let me just add; If you were'nt around in the late seventies and eighties either through age or that you lived in a different part of the country, The pensioner was an extremely busy local pub, As was all the others around poplar, stepney, limehouse etc; So unless you were around at the time and actually using the pubs, dont assume that they were always cynical designer pubs; Because your 10/10 wrong. PS: If your unsure of the reasons that east end pubs have declined so rapidly; May i suggest you have an amble through stepney some time. cheers.

6 Jan 2006 11:04

The Old Globe, Stepney

Nice to see the pub getting good reviews, Because let me tell you boys and girls, this pub was probably the busiest pub in the east end bar none, in the late seventies to late eighties this pub was sardines, thur- sun There was a couple of others equally like it, The rose and punch bowl, carpenters arms, jug house, prince regent to name but a few. those were the days. you dont know what you missed.

6 Jan 2006 10:41

The Star and Garter, Bromley

Had the misfortune to carry out some repairs in this pub's domestic quarters,.... what a complete pig sty, filth everywhere, Not much difference to the bar areas either.

6 Jan 2006 10:27

The Cross Keys, Erith

plenty of,Do as you likeys, Beer not to bad, generally busy at weekends with live music and karaoke.
sunday lunch time best for live music, bar staff slightly moronic but friendly as long as you dont overdo the diction.

6 Jan 2006 09:54

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