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Comments by moclips2002

Saint Peter's Ale House, Bedford

a welcome addition to local pub scene and relief from the Greene King/Charles Wells hegemony that plagues Bedford. Beers are served incredibly flat though sometimes.

6 Mar 2016 19:25

Three Cups, Bedford

although technically a Greene King pub its now managed by the local White Park brewery which means there is now one of the biggest choices of cask ales available in any Bedford pub. Sadly as I find GK and White Park beers pretty insipid at the best of times (my personal opinion) I don't frequent as often as I might but expect to see the likes of Oakham on the bar sometimes too and other interesting breweries. Well run and friendly with well kept ales.

13 Sep 2015 16:08

Tapping the Admiral, Camden Town

Beer was ok rather than exceptional

3 Aug 2015 18:20

The Lyric, Soho

please note if you look over the bar excess beer slops are collected in glass jugs and used to top up later orders, disgraceful, the owners should be ashamed of themselves...

29 Jul 2015 21:28

The Bear, Bedford

has been operating as a "freehouse" ? been in a few times over the past six months though to be honest although the ales well kept there isn't not much choice - a permanent Greene King beer plus a guest which more often than not is just another approved GK beer - don't feel like rushing back anytime soon.

5 Apr 2015 16:45

The Lynd Cross, Horsham

somenew management with enthusiasm for decent well kept ales, from that perspective much improved of late

6 Jul 2013 19:39

Foresters Arms, Bedford

first visit in many years, worst pint of ale i had in ages - flat, freezing... dont think i'll be back in a hurry

3 Apr 2013 14:42

The Pilgrims Progress, Bedford

one of the biggest choices for ales in town but quality seems to be up and down like a yo yo of late (typical spoons)

2 Apr 2013 12:18

The Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

cant fault the beer, friendly service but atmosphere ruined on a sat lunch time by load of chanting pond life ie football fans so drunk up and left, but really do hope to come back again sometime

6 Jan 2013 13:32

The Pakenham Arms, Clerkenwell

my first visit, disappointing though for all the hype in social media hype there were only 3 beers on a friday night and that included Sharps and Marston so not much imagination either ! Beer quality was top notch, service effcient and friendly. just hope if i pass this way next time there is a little more choice of ales.

16 Dec 2012 13:56

The Hoop and Grapes, Aldgate

nice pub ,excellent beers however..... not too impressed when a regular walks in behind me gets served first then the bar lady proceeds to completely ignore me and natter for several minuteswith this bloke, not as if there was a shortage of staff on a friday evening, two other bar staff were busy serving and some bloke who i assumed was the manager just paced up and down the bar serving nobody.... Hoping for more excellent beer next time and better service...

3 Nov 2012 16:06

The Wellington Arms, Bedford

seems improved choice of ales, much better, even the foreign bottled beers have been restocked to some extent

28 Oct 2012 15:43

The Ship Inn, Bedford

probably suffers a bit from being on the edge of town but it ismy nearest pub so i thought i'd give a go for the first time in ages, quite suprised by two things - saturday night and only about 5 customers and the quality of the ale has improved considerably since my last visit, a decent guest beer policy might get me back sooner next tme

28 Oct 2012 15:39

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

update a saturday night - just one ale available

28 Oct 2012 15:36

Rose, Bedford

could be so much better..... 4 hand pumps with beers from Jennings, Marstons, Wychwood and Ushers, beer was in good condition however....... it seems whoever own this pub has taken a leaf out of Wells & Youngs book to try and mislead punters into thinking their customers are getting a real choice when all of these beers come from Marston or subsidiary companies and the fact that there is a big sign outside telling eveyone its a "free house" just rubs salt into the wound. The lager/bottled beer offerings are pathetic (read standard pub chain fodder) The pub was only about a third full on a saturday evening, some dreadful din was blasting out of the sound system at a very uncomfortable level - i recall from previous visits atleast one end of the pub had the sound turned down for those wanting to chat and not be deafened, massive tv screens everywhere but nobody actually watching them - again read standard pub chain.
I was handed a card so that if i bought 7 pints of real ale my 8th would be free the only problem was that it only ran for a month and it had already expired. This pub seems to be doing its level best to drive customers away or just hasnt got the faintest idea how to attract them in the first place.

28 Oct 2012 15:33

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

sorry but everything is slipping here... two guest beers (Marstons) real choice or cosy supply agreement? ... anyway both were well below par....expensive, poor quality... love the pub, live music was great, but i wish the brewery would stop describing this place as a "speciality beer house" because it aint....

19 Aug 2012 23:18

The Enterprise, Holborn

This is a smart pub which on a Friday afternoon was sadly over populated with shouty office types. Which when you add the unidentifiable music "beats" being blasted out was for the benefit of whom ? (the staff i guess) made for an uncomfortable ambience. There were three ales on offer of which the UBU Purity was in perfect condition. 4 a pint though is a big ask for a beer not much more than 4% but that seems to be the going rate around here sadly. The other two ale offerings were from Sharps including the ubiquitous Doombar which seems to pop up everywhere these days, a bit like a Tesco Metro.
The menu looked interesting and the cheese boards quite tempting. But, to be honest there is nothing to differentiate this pubs from 100's of others in London and so i dont really feel any urge to go back. For ale lovers the nearby Penderel's Oak is a far better option and perhaps even better the newly opened Holborn Whippet which was far more choice at much more competative prices.

19 May 2012 11:47

Quinn's, Camden

first visit in about 3 years and what a disappointment, i think the place has always been tied to Greene King one way or another so their beers were always available but so were a few guest ales and a big list of german beers by the bottle. Today just one GK ale - pretty shit, flat, vinegary, and an outragous 4 a pint and the german beer list gone, friday eve and place was virtually emply - i dont think they really care - so as customers why should we ?

13 Apr 2012 22:36

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

this pub is apparently local camra pub of the year - i was charged 4.40, yes thats 4.40 for a pint of mild... nothing special, rather flat, infact the beer was removed soon afterwards when a local walked in and tried to order it... 5 ales on offer two of which were from Adnams and Youngs - hardly inspiring. Without sounding cynical i wonder what the criteria is to be an "award" winning pub when the stupendous Southampton Arms around the corner knocks out an endless cornucopia of ales and ciders fom 2.90 an pint.... very disappointing

13 Apr 2012 22:26

The Castle Inn, Bedford

pleasant quiet pub away from the high street crowds, excellent good value meals, down side is this is WellS & Youngs house with a predictable poor choice of real ales - Guest ales tend to be products actually produced by Wells and Youngs themselves ie Courage, Youngs. Best advice if you like your ales is eat here then go to one of the JDW houses for a more interesting ale experience.

6 Apr 2012 13:04

The Sebright Arms, Bethnal Green

paid a visit on the strength of a beer festival that was advertised, difficult to be too critical but the place was stuplidly overcrowded - several hundred spilled out onto the street, the beer festival however well intentioned was very badly organised - tokens were needed to purchase the beers from a corner of the pub separate from the bar area. There was a fairly lengthy queue for the beer BUT the only indication that you needed to purchase tokens in order to purchase beer was an A4 sheet hanging below eye level obscured by customers so along with many others having queued once then had to go back to be bar then queue again. Beer from the festival casks served in plastic glasses, makes sense if your going outside but beers purchased from the bar - no such restriction. Beer lists for the festival virtually non existant, if you were lucky enough to find one a fair number of the beers were either bottles only or only available at the bar - again all very confusing. After one pint we just gave up hopped on the 55 bus to Clerkenwell and enjoyed a very chilled evening at CaskBeerCo - a permanent beer festival.

The beer festival and the pub are obviously victims of its own success so i dont want to sound too negative and i think i might just drop by again on a quieter evening and hopefully enjoy a more positive experience

11 Mar 2012 14:24

The Crown, Horsham

Horsham is pretty dreadful town when it comes to finding decent ales, so was quite pleasantly suprised to find some Abbot on in top form, however the euphoria was short lived when a nosey member of staff decided to barge into our private argument and try to provoke us for some totally unknown reason, next thing the bouncer marches over.... absolutely digraceful... shame on you Greene King (employee)

26 Dec 2011 19:41

The Island Queen, Islington

first visit, not really that impressed, like so many naive establishments they seem to think that as more punters arrrive the irritating music thats playing needs to be gradually turned up in increments, service is slow (there was someone skulking in the background not lifting a finger - the manageress?) 4 ales available (non from london despited a plethora of new brewery openings) My Landlord was very sub standard, doubt i'll be back

22 Nov 2011 20:14

The Euston Flyer, Euston

total mystery why this is in Camra's 2012 good beer guide, the beers are mediocre at best and easily the most expensive in the area, icing on the cake was having my glass swiped when still about a quarter full when nipping out to the loo ! A myriad of better options exist nearby for ale enthusasts.

27 Sep 2011 22:41

The Rake, London Bridge

the beers is always good quality, the service always friendly, and some of the imported draught beers are as expected on the high side, on a recent visit i had a UK produced IPA on keg, 6.30 a pint, quite frankly this is quite comical pricing, i have serious doubts any pub would get away with this rip off price if it were on cask, or has the price of "gas" for the keg suddenly shot up ? Even worse the beer had only travelled from Berks so a local product not something shipped across the atlantic.

17 Jul 2011 10:12

Euston Tap, Euston

Definately one of the best places for quality and choice. Just walk around to the Bree Louise around the corner and compare price and consistancy with the ales. The cask beer list is also well thought out and features some of the best new and robustly flavoured ales around. The keg selection of beers can be pricey but these are often hard to find and of high quality. Some of the bottled beers are a different matter - 7 plus for a half pint bottle of some US craft beers which are quite widely available is just plain daylight robbery - other wise i would have rated 10/10

17 Jul 2011 09:48

The Devonshire Arms, Bedford

first visit, i never seem to wander quite this far out of the town centre, initial impressions are good, smart, tidy, friendly service. A Wells tied pub with guest beers, the guest beer on this occasion being "Courage Best" which of course is Wells ! so more a friend than a guest then.... Ales are served through a swan neck/sparkler thus ensuring a flat pint and virually unavoidable short measure - sadly a trait of many Wells houses.

9 Jul 2011 22:47

The William Blake, Old Street

proper noise fest, so called "free house" but dont expect much choice... for all Wetherspoons faults your much better of at the Masque Haunt next door

22 Jun 2011 18:58

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

quite easily in the top handful of proper ales pubs in london, keen prices excellent range of ales ans ciders

22 Jun 2011 18:56

The Priory Arms, Stockwell

first visit in quite a while, ales in exellent condition, rather pricey, barmaid couldnt add up for toffee....

8 May 2011 23:15

Castle, Farringdon

great to see Thornbridge ales in another london pub, seems to have had a refurb - which everyone must be paying for in the rather expensive prices - even for this area

1 Apr 2011 19:28

Katzenjammers Bierkeller and Restaurant, Southwark

a pleasant quiet retreat on a saturday lunchtime away from the throng of borough market, good selection of draft beers though i realised i'd made an error choosing Kaltenberg - Hell - which according to the menu description has "no" aftertaste..... (great advert - so why not drink Carling instead....) The Hacker wheat beer was a big improvement though served up frighteningly cold, i thought refrigeration was a more modern invention than most german beers. Minor gripe but if you walk into a bar you expect to see someone waiting to serve you - not find the entire compliment of bar staff chinwagging in a corner only to follow you to the bar like a poodle each time you go for a refill.

12 Mar 2011 19:57

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

first visit in a couple of years, seems to be heavily food orientated, a kind of "pretend" gastro pub, good choice of ales, but service is totally shambolic, there are far better options locally but this is by no means the worst option around borugh market - that crown still belongs to the slug and lettuce

12 Mar 2011 19:39

The Queens Head, St Pancras

delightful find, away from the crowds at kings cross, the description must be out of date - no TV (hurrah) or any evidence of karaoke nights, just a night quiet friendly boozer, i'll be back

11 Mar 2011 17:37

Wheatsheaf, Southwark

been meaning to drop in herefor ages, a good move on a saturday lunchtime - as i guess the market porter around the corner was probably heaving, very impressed to find 3 dark beers on, ambience is very pleasant and cosy, minor grumble i found the ales a bit on the "chilly" side... but will definatetly drop by again.

5 Mar 2011 20:15

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

eclectic friendly pub close by kings cross and much better than most other pubs in the area, brodies 12% stout was wonderful, tasted - sitting down of course....

10 Feb 2011 21:24

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

2 visits here confirm this is one of the best pubs in north london, friendly service, excellent brewdog, thornbridge, and fynes beers, worth a trek to the suburbs

6 Feb 2011 15:29

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

finally made the trek to the suburbs, i have to say it was well worth the effort, good range of well kept ales/international beers , i'll be back..

25 Jan 2011 19:53

The Paramount, Manchester

probably the best wetherspoons i've ever been to, first rate ales, service, and breakfast, - if only more of this chain came up to this standard

23 Jan 2011 23:31

The Marble Arch, Manchester

easily the best pub in manchester on a recent visit

23 Jan 2011 23:24

The Peacock, Tower Hill

i thought one of the main attractions of this pub was the constantly changing well kepts ales, well true the quality is still superb but the choice these days is almost always the same, the needless brash loud music (presumably for the benefit of the bar staff) and a really dire choice of bottled beers/ciders its really not worth a trek across town, far better places around this area.

16 Jan 2011 10:53

The Old Dispensary, Whitechapel

lovely building/setting, excellent ales, but rather put off by that irritating habit many pubs have of gradually turning up the music in increments as if it induces some better atmosphere when actually it just has the opposite effect, i drunk up and left... Wasnt that busy even for a friday which is quite telling.

16 Jan 2011 10:44

The Brockley Barge, Brockley

pleasant pub well kept ales

10 Dec 2010 21:52

The Bree Louise, Euston

unfortunately the overall experience here has been starting to slide downwards over my past few visits, mainly its just inconsistancy i have 3 pints - 2 of which will be superb and one more often than not totally flat and obviously tired and near the end of the barrel. The Camra discount is rather disengenious as the prices are on the high side so you could argue camra members dont get ripped off as much... With the excellent Euston Tap now open around the corner i fancy i shall be making rather more visits there than here though i'll still pop in for one of those excellents pies served once in a while.

20 Nov 2010 18:18

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

always excellent range of well kept beers - prices can be high - the beer CAN be pretty strong

20 Nov 2010 18:11

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

wonderful pub, relaxed, friendly bar staff, but...... too many beers everyone i tried - totally flat... management needs to be realistic - not enough punters to support so many hand pumps.... shame as said lovely pub

30 Aug 2010 23:21

The Castle, Angel, Islington

ok pub but so variable with real ales, either a few or none, almost always that poxy doombar stuff which seems compulsory in nearly all london pubs these days, had my fair share of rancid pints i couldnt finish. They were serving some wonderful beers from Hogsback Brewery at one time but not any more it seems. Not tried the food, the pub is owned by Geronimo Inns - who also run the the nearby Betjamin Arms at St Pancras - enough said really...

29 Aug 2010 14:15

The Compass, Islington

Good quality food and very decent bar snacks - they do some awsome chips, usually 3 ales on - though its ashame they dont seem to vary very much but always well kept, a decent imported wheat beer on draught also, pricing isnt cheap but in line with the quality of food and drinks and for this part of london. Staff always polite and welcoming, highly recommended.

29 Aug 2010 14:04

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

Being on a station with plenty of passing trade you dont have to try very hard, though being at opposite end of the station to the platforms means you wouldnt walk out of your way to go there unless it was worth the effort. This pub doesnt seem to try very hard but uses its "gastro" credentials to charge even more and still not try very hard. I've visited maybe half a dozen since it opened and generally been quite diappointed. Surely the most annoying feature is the open plan kitchen which means no matter where you sit there is a strong whiff of whatever's cooking permeating the entire pub - ie fish.... Drinks wise the choice is rather poor, ales incude house beer by Sharps, Adnams and Fullers, very rarely anything interesting or over 4% The guest beer was Greene King on my last visit, how unusual (not) The pub holds occasional beer festivals which i have to say are quite good - but they dont publicise them other than at St Pancras Station - they dont bother putting anything on their web site to help spread the word. Food - i've only tried a bowl of chips and they were no great shakes and not cheap - would recommend Smithy's winebar close by to enjoy proper chips. This pub is nearly always busy - making most of its trade in its dining room from monied commuters and trapping unwary tourists. So just about worth a quick half if your gasping and passing but there are plenty of places close by that do the things this pub tries to do an awful lot better - i shouldnt name drop but the nearby Compass in Penton Street is a good example.

29 Aug 2010 12:58

'Round midnight Jazz & Blues Bar, Islington

As previous reviewers have stated its wonderful to be able to enjoy traditional jazz and blues in such a relaxed and friendly pub, only minor gripe they could try a little harder with the selection of draughts beers/cider - pretty ubiquitous/bland selection, i mean who drinks Caffrey's these days !

29 Aug 2010 12:19

The Royal Oak, Bethnal Green

Trying to place itself in the "gastro" pub category judging by the chalked menus, actually very chilled and friendly but..... lets itself down big time with a thoroughly mediocre and uninspiring selection of beers and ciders. A couple of well kept real ales (the landlord was crap on this visit) a proper imported lager/wheat beer ? Real Cider rather global pith like magners... Plenty of similar pubs in london get it right, shame this one doesnt.

7 Aug 2010 11:12

The Litten Tree, Old Street

Now renamed the William Blake

Seems to have a lick of varnish, Real Ales from Wells and Youngs + guests

Had a very mediocre Taylors Landlord

no change, doesnt stand out, ideal for the hords of rowdy office types that this place seems popular with

7 Aug 2010 11:03

The Marksman, Shoreditch

friendly local, eclectic mix of customers, Taylors Landlord (pretty average) and a Batemans seasonal ale available

7 Aug 2010 10:35

The Cricketers, Bedford

choice of 4 ales - including local ones - Banks & Taylor - all the beers were sessions beers and all atleast 3 peer pint - you can tell when your being fleeced in a large pub co's establishment

21 Jul 2010 21:29

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

cant be many stations where there is such a good incentive not to wander too far from between trains.... excellent selection of Thornbridge ales, dozens of interested bottled beers, good selection of "proper" draught international beers. Highly recommended.

2 Jul 2010 22:47

Rose, Bedford

pleasant suprise - 2 hand pumps - Abbot available + Landlord unavailable - maybe there is hope yet...

30 Jun 2010 23:52

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

now Fullers - so the ale choice has suffered - pleasing to find Harveys and Butcombe available but honestly, though quite drinkable def not up to the standards of the past and certainly nor worth a whopping 3.45 a pint. Additional "fine dining" option so it seems Fullers just in it to squeeze as much as possible from well heeled diners. Overall disappointing and not worth going of your way for.

30 Jun 2010 20:29

The Wellington Arms, Bedford

excellent choice of ales, almost always a dark/mild available - though there are some less than friendly bar staff which is a little off putting

13 Jun 2010 22:51

The Pilgrims Progress, Bedford

One of the better pubs in town for choice of well kept real ales - one of the few in Bedford to reguarly stock darker beers and more full bodied ales instead of "boys" bitters. Mid Afternoon or later in the eves are the best times for a quiet pint if you dont want to feel like your sitting in a kindergarten or having sports tv "shoved" in your face.

5 Jun 2010 13:14

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

Range of ales greater and quality much better these days. Sadly too many of your worst stereotype nightmare customers from the local pond to make it worth regular trips.

5 Jun 2010 12:56

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

Totally agree with previous comment regarding selection of real ales. A few weeks ago there were 2 real ciders and a mild. This week just 3 standard Well's ales . A total inconsistancy and lamentable choice of bottled beers. I suggest Well's definition of "Speciality Beer House" is somewhat out of step with most people's expectations. Its a shame because the pub is well run, the staff very welcoming. With plenty of music/poetry themed evenings there's huge potential - a refreshing change from the usual "in yer face" sport most of the town centre pubs inflict on their customers.

5 Jun 2010 12:49

The William IV, Islington

there is a lesson for the managment to learn - if you have a web page advertising the fact your open all day - then you turn up and its not (to add insult staff are hovering around inside keeping the doors bolted - letting in a selected "few" ) its not very good PR - i will not be returning.... especially having travelled some distance

30 Aug 2009 21:20

The Drapers Arms, Barnsbury

smart pleasant pub but then there are so many similar places around islington, personal preference i wouldnt rush back in a hurry mostly because the butcombe bitter was not well kept - freezing cold and lifeless a mistake made in so many establishments and the alternative.... Spitfire well thats inspiration (not!) isnt it...

1 Aug 2009 08:59

Fleur De Lys, Bedford

has this place shut down ?

26 Jul 2009 22:50

Princess Victoria, Shepherds Bush

great pub seriously let down by unjustified sky high bar prices - 3.50 a pint.... (for session ale)

25 Jul 2009 21:31

The Wellington Arms, Bedford

for real ale choice easily the best option in Bedford recently available :-

Burton Bridge - Porter, Batemans - Sring Goodness, Banks & Taylor - Golden Fox/Two Brewers/Black dragon Mild, ,Caledonain - Top Banana, Adnams Bitter, Everards - Tiger/Original, Bass, Dark Star - Expresso Stout, Youngs - Waggledance - i defy anyone not to find something to their taste

8 Jun 2009 22:36

The Kings Arms, Bedford

not the best quality or value Greene King served here, guest ale available

8 Jun 2009 22:30

The Ship, Bedford

pleasant pub, regular live music, passable Greene King beers + guests

8 Jun 2009 22:28

Yate's, Bedford

like a noisy tatty badly run wetherspoons.... dreadful slow service, now selling up to two real ales

8 Jun 2009 22:26

The Castle Inn, Bedford

a recent change of managment though guest beers seem to have been dropped

8 Jun 2009 22:24

Three Cups, Bedford

well run quiet pub, mild always available

8 Jun 2009 22:23

Fleur De Lys, Bedford

caught out - doesnt open sunday lunchtimes atleast - no helpful opening times on display either

8 Jun 2009 22:22

The Embankment, Bedford

a much needed refurbishment atlast, well kept well ales

8 Jun 2009 22:21

The Cricketers, Bedford

place is never open...

8 Jun 2009 22:18

Clarence (Eurobar), Bedford

has anyone been in here yet ? couldnt see any real ale (or customers) when i walked past ? doesnt look very inviting or friendly

8 Jun 2009 22:17

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

excellent well kept ales including guests - though as its Wells bar prices are little steep

8 Jun 2009 22:15

The Barley Mow, Bedford

didnt get inside the door as i noticed no real ale

8 Jun 2009 22:14

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

good for quiet daytime drink - choice and quality of real ales much improved - batemans, lees and potton brews to name a few

8 Jun 2009 22:12

The Quebec, Marble Arch

as a real ale drinking gay guy i normally steer well clear of places like this for obvious reasons - this was my first visit here in almost 20 years - and it was generally quite a pleasant experience - but as previous reviewers have stated the bar staff need to lose some their "attitude" they'd be sacked in most other places...

31 May 2009 17:24

The Pilgrims Progress, Bedford

still problems getting served if you turn up at the wrong time - ie noon on a saturday, be prepared to be 20th in a queue behind food and coffee orders - however a change of managment in the past few months has meant the real ales are more varied and much better

30 Apr 2009 17:32

The Crosse Keys, Bank

if only more wetherspoons were this good - big choice of well kep ales and prompt service even on a fri eve

4 Apr 2009 11:30

The Peacock, Tower Hill

10/10 for the best kept ales for miles

0/10 for having to shout above needlessly loud music on a fri eve which really isnt needed - wasnt that busy considering its location - maybe the music is driving punters away....

will not be back in a hurry unless the managment give out complimentary ear plugs (or until i've mastered sign language)

4 Apr 2009 11:28

The Euston Flyer, Euston

first visit in about a year, could be forgiven for thinking inflation is about 20% 3.50 ????? well kept ales but shame on you Fullers for fleecing your punters....

15 Jan 2009 21:00

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

slow service, pleace strewn with dirty uncollected glasses, bozo behind the bar couldn't quite get a pint into my glass so offered to top up with another different bitter - nil point - much better places around here to go

22 Aug 2008 23:56

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

a selection of perfectly kept ales from Bath and Skinners Brewery, very friendly staff

3 Aug 2008 22:28

The Pilgrims Progress, Bedford

no amount of cheap bar prices can take away the crap quality of the real ales here - total inconsistancy in terms of choice/availability and quality, lethargic bar service even when the place is almost empty, tables of food left uncleared for hours, on occasions an inability to keep the chill cabinets stocked with (chilled) beer and wine. The good news is apparantly this place is being demolished as part of the town centre recdevelopment (the bad news is JDW might get another site) - This place is the epitomy of a pub chain.

3 Aug 2008 22:26

Fleur De Lys, Bedford

recently refurbished 6 real ales, no TV, fish orientated menu has a "managed" feel about it but pleasant none the less, a lack of seating would make it quite uncomfortable when busy and theres a fishy pong from the kitchen permeating the place

12 Jul 2008 15:22

The Bridge Lounge and Dining Room, Tower Bridge

well kept beers, good value food and no bloody TV's hurrah !

7 Jul 2008 17:40

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

good choice of ales, a few rather obnoxious characters, maybe better to visit week days when there a bigger mix of clientele

26 May 2008 12:49

The Bree Louise, Euston

probably the best ale pub in this area, well worth dropping by .

26 Apr 2008 08:20

The Horseshoe, Hampstead

very impressed by a pub that brews it own ales, not impressed that if you have the nerve to wander in for a pint and you eye an empty table a waitress will pounce on you and politely ask you not to take a seat if not eating. This pub wants it both ways - highly profitable diners at meal times and no doubt crammed with drinkers inbetween. Is it really a pub ? or a restaurant disguised as a pub ? Look out for ludicrous bar prices too 2 for coke - concentrate that is not a bottle.

26 Apr 2008 08:19

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

certainly a victim of its own success, my last visit let down by having to pay extra for at seat service only to have my ear drums battered by screaming kids as this place basically turns into a free creche for the whole of hampstead on a sunday lunchtime, you think one of these rooms could be made child free, still great beer and food. Maybe best enjoyed at off peak times.

26 Apr 2008 08:12

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

maybe things are on the slide here - half the hand pumps out of use, disco's and football to scare people away, Wellington is a far better bet (for those of wanting choice and a quiet pint)

14 Apr 2008 22:26

The Flower Pot, Bedford

possibly the best kept real ales in Bedford - though an uninspiring choice..

1 Dec 2007 17:25

The Kings Arms, Bedford

pleasant rambling pub - though it doesnt look like its a nice place to be on a fri/sat night - unless you want the ubiquitous DJ + crappy sound system that spreads like a nasty cold over our town centre pubs at the weekends

1 Dec 2007 17:22

Hobgoblin, Bedford

saturday daytime trade is non existant (this pub in in the high street) - other pubs seem to do well, complacent managment perhaps ? poor choice of beers maybe..

1 Dec 2007 17:19

The Flower Pot, Bedford

under new managment sold by Greene King now part of a pub group ? some attempt at rotating ales judging by the blackboard outside but hardly inspirational to be honest especially given the choices at The Bedforc Arms around the corner, occasional live music

12 Nov 2007 16:13

The Ship, Bedford

well kept beers, lovely pub

13 Oct 2007 00:05

The Castle Inn, Bedford

always found the beer ok here though last time i just wa;lked out - i was looking for grub and the kitchen shut at 2 !!!! (on a saturday)???

12 Oct 2007 23:58

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

stil going strong ! though now a TV on one bar (groan) is there nowhere left for a qiet pint now in Bedford ????

12 Oct 2007 23:57

Three Cups, Bedford

first visit in quite a while, been tidied up, guest beer ! Greene King Mild available - THUMBS UP

12 Oct 2007 23:55

Castle Tavern, Luton

i viewed going for a drink in Luton town centre on a sat night with certain amount of intrepidation, was suppose to meet up my mate at Brookes (thankfully he was persuaded otherwise) Well kept ales from Greene King, a very "alternative" juke box (if punk is your thing) Deserves brownie points just for not trying to be trendy or pretentious.

16 Sep 2007 09:03

The Evening Star, Brighton

nice to see this place still going strong - nothing in the vicinity comes anywhere close

16 Sep 2007 08:59

The Greys, Brighton

friendly quiet pub (on a sunny afternoon atleast) well kept ales, the belgium beer list not that extensive but far better than your average town pub

16 Sep 2007 08:56

The Duke of Cambridge, Islington

great pub, cloudy beer - i thought maybe because it was organic - taking some advice apparently not ! rather expensive - a mixed bag but worth another visit sometime !

12 Sep 2007 19:32

The Mudlark, London Bridge

average tourist trap - suprisngly had a mild available - but so friggin cold you couldnt taste anything - so just for display puropese only ?maybe they cant actually shift it ? or is there a complete imbecile in charge of the cellar ?

12 Sep 2007 19:26

The Banker, Cannon Street

nothing stand outish about this pub , real ales freezing cold - as with so many Fullers pubs. Didnt try the food but its odd that if the cheeses/meats/pies are as enticing as they sound then surely Fullers would be singing the artisan origins from the wood beam rafters - so i suppose the grub actually comes from a generic catering supplier and subjected to a criminal price mark up.... A quiet pint is impossible as music blasts into every corner no matter how many punters there are. Disappointing.

30 Aug 2007 22:43

The Flying Horse, Broadgate

disappointing choice of ales - just 2 though quite down to earth for the area

30 Aug 2007 22:36

The Bulls Head, Shrewsbury

nothing special, slow service, typical nasty pub food fodder, 4 real ales (but being this part of the world - forced through various gizmos to froth it up and so kill most of the flavour) i was so pleased to be heading back south !

28 Aug 2007 15:20

The Bishop's Finger, Barbican

quiet local, well kept Sheps beers - if you like them

14 Aug 2007 21:49

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

lovely quiet back street pub - somewhat off the beaten track

29 Jul 2007 20:49

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

has to be one of the best and well run pubs in north london !

29 Jul 2007 20:37

The Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon

one of the worst wetherspoons in london, real ales are not looked after expect cloudy, freezing flat pints here, miserable east european staff dont help much either - avoid

27 Jul 2007 20:28

The Gate, Smithfield

couple of ales, very average, loads of braying office types, load music (wouldnt be so bad if the sound system was half decent) one to avoid unless desparate

27 Jul 2007 20:26

Millers, Caledonian Road

shabby dive but cheap

25 Jul 2007 20:18

The Euston Flyer, Euston

still poor value for money, thumping loud music all times so you cant hear yourself think, real ales are still hit and miss

8 Jul 2007 11:56

The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

good to see nothing has changed here ! useful bolt hole when the train service is shagged up !

8 Jul 2007 11:54

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

excellent as usual - though had the ask for a top up from the barmaid who doesnt seem to know what a full measure is.. experience slightly worsened by loud bunch of yanks broadcasting to the entire pub.. but i'll be back

8 Jul 2007 11:52

Quinn's, Camden

as previous reviewer stated guest ales are hit and miss - wasnt amused to have to have Greene King IPA !!!! wouldnt be so bad if they removed the pump clips when the beers are finished - that naughty policy of Wetherspoons... i'll stick with The Oxford down the road - much more reliable.

8 Jul 2007 11:49

The Black Cap, Camden

if you dont like lager your gonna struggle here, food looks of the reheated variety, one barman in particular is seemed pretty grumpy having said that its quite a relaxing place for a quiet drink but even Camden has better places to offer than this.

8 Jul 2007 11:46

The Junction Tavern, Kentish Town

great pub, interesting everchanging guest beers, eating here would be tempting - though i noted the policy of an automatic service charge which quite frankly is a bloody cheek ! Who isnt going to tip good food and service after all !

8 Jul 2007 11:43

The White Horse, Parsons Green

ales still top notch - and 2.50 u can complain for this part of london

3 Jun 2007 14:23

The Bank, New Southgate

not bad - couple of well kept ales but doesnt stand out - def a chain mentality

3 Jun 2007 14:19

The Engine & Tender, Bedford

apparently re opened now, Polish Bar ? (i think)

30 May 2007 10:06

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

very tastefully decorated, great thats its totally non-smoking, gotta be honest not the best quality ales - go to Wellington for that. The bottled beer list is not quite as expansive you might expect. Draught german beer is a welcome addition.

29 May 2007 00:28

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

i gather its now reopened - with manamgmet team from The Wellington anyone been yet ??

26 May 2007 20:18

The Sekforde Arms, Clerkenwell

quite friendly well run pub, nice to see bombardier added to the ale choice

26 May 2007 20:14

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

lovely quiet oasis - not quite sure what the dispense method actually is - obviously not gravity but beers pretty good

26 May 2007 20:14

The Dovetail, Clerkenwell

great choice of beers but pricey, piped Brazilian music doesnt exactly add to any authenticity

26 May 2007 20:12

Castle, Farringdon

pleasant pub - suprisingly crowded for a mid afternoon week day, only 2 ales but draught imported lagers make up for this, rather smokey

21 May 2007 19:35

The Brew Wharf, London Bridge

slow inefficient service, hideously expensive, hand pulled beers are just so-so - quite bland and non-descript, anyone with any sense would decamp to the Market Porter (which also sells some meantime beers on draught) - which is exacly what i did ! (good move)

13 May 2007 12:42

The Microbar, Battersea

laid back bar with good selection of continental beers, bit out of the way but worth dropping into if your in the area

13 May 2007 12:39

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

superb pub, friendly, excellent Taylor beers + guests - shame i live so far away but i'll be back for sure

13 May 2007 12:38

The White Hart, Kennington

friendly table service, sadly the food is utter crap - at the very least seriously over priced, to add insult there is a 12.5% service charged added with the bill - dont be lured by the open plan kitchen at the back. What real ales there are are served freezing cold and lifeless as in so many of londons pubs. Maybe this was why it was so empty on a saturday lunchtime. Not worth bothering with unless your local (and desperate)

13 May 2007 09:38

The Angel, Angel, Islington

checked it out as there is a JDW beer festival going on at the moment, Wetherspoons have made a great play of the fact that they have an advanced cooling system which enables certain lagers to be sold close to freezing point, i didnt realise this applied to the real ales too :-) jesting aside ales in this chain are almost always served way to cold so if Tim Martin is reading this suggest he goes on a cellarmanship course pronto

29 Apr 2007 11:03

The Anchor and Hope, Waterloo

know of this pub by reputation so dropped in to have a nose. Food looks enticing. Strangely the real ale choice lacks inspiriation - even stranger no wine list on display ??? Bar staff were not unpleasant just "mute" over all a little disappointing

29 Apr 2007 10:56

The Castle, Angel, Islington

having really enjoyed my first visit here a few weeks ago i decided to go back, imagine my suprise to be turned away at the door because the the whole pub was closed for a "private function" this was a Saturday evening ????? Managment obviously give priority to short term gain rather than any interest in a loyal customer base. Nil Point

29 Apr 2007 10:53

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

well run friendly pub well kept Shep Neame Beers - shame i dont like them much !

20 Apr 2007 22:28

The Crooked Surgeon, Leicester Square

real ale choice serously depleted since my last visit though Deuchars in excelent condition, pretty average pub - there are better options in the area

20 Apr 2007 22:26

The Duke of Wellington, Soho

bog standard gay pub, friendly efficient service, but suffers from the usual intrusive music and "minute" choice of decent beers and other drinks...

20 Apr 2007 22:24

The Crown, Soho

pleasant Nicholsons pub slightly away from soho crowds

20 Apr 2007 22:20

The Castle Inn, Bedford

only 2 ales available neither in very good condition which is a shame, i hope just a blip a genuine local worthy of supporting

17 Apr 2007 22:48

The Doric Arch, Euston

ales are not rotated like they used to be, many are served way too cold,

15 Apr 2007 10:43

The Euston Flyer, Euston

ales still hit and miss - too cold and flat and rip off price. Some soft drinks here are more expensive than a beer in wetherspoons.

6 Apr 2007 09:51

The Shooting Star, Liverpool Street

excellent well kept fullers ales, couldnt find a no-smoking area, be prepared to be short changed by sour faced eastern european bar staff so a disappointment overall

6 Apr 2007 09:47

The Hoop and Grapes, Aldgate

as previously commented upon now a NO SMOKING venue ! Well kept beers. Worth a visit. Open Sundays - not always a guarentee in this part of london.

1 Apr 2007 22:50

The Red Lion, St James

quiet friendly Nicholsons pub with rotating guest ale policy - recommended

1 Apr 2007 22:49

The Bell And Compass, Charing Cross

so-so place, thats sells those crappy marstons beers (yuck) thankfully Jennings available so redeemed slightly, nothing much to make this place stand out, mute bar staff dont help either

1 Apr 2007 22:44

The King Edward VII, Stratford

nice friendly pub, well kept ales, enticing menu, well worth a visit

1 Apr 2007 22:36

The Goldengrove, Stratford

couldnt get served - before noon to, on a sunday, sums this place up really - go to King Edward down the road for a more rewarding experience.

1 Apr 2007 22:35

The Bridge House, Tower Bridge

food orientated pub with 4 adnams beers on draught, however do Adnams realise what "crap" is being sold in their name at over 3 a pint ? the Broadside was expecially vile... Also very smokey.

28 Mar 2007 22:39

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

good to see this place still supporting the local (Potton Brewery) by selling almost the full range whatever you think of JDW

25 Mar 2007 22:40

The Bear, Bedford

didnt realise this place was open sunday afternoons, quiet pleasant pint, refreshingly different juke box, Everards Old Original available, i thought it was a Greene King Pub (not that i'm complaining)

25 Mar 2007 22:38

Spouter's Corner, Wood Green

i should have realised what i was in for when i stepped out of the shopping centre opposite, dozens of kids running around out of control, 30 coppers outside this pub searching passers by - welcome to wood green... The pub itself had 5 guest beers on display (actually only 1 was available) i asked and one by one was told "sorry not available" A very rough an unsavoury clientele in general were patronising the place this particular afternoon. Pub has nothing much to redeem itself, bad even by wetherpoons appalling standards. Dont bother....

25 Mar 2007 10:54

The Alehouse, Reading

A pleasant oasis in a sea of crappy bars that permeate most city centres these days. Constantly rotating choide of ales kept in perfect nick. Diverse and easygoing clientele add to the appeal.

18 Mar 2007 08:26

Fountain Inn, Gloucester

Rather smokey but well kept (if slightly uninspiring choice of beers) Quiet. friendly service.

18 Mar 2007 08:23

Dick Whittington, Gloucester

excellent friendly pub with constantly changing beers from near and far. Good mix of clientele.

18 Mar 2007 08:19

Cafe Rene, Gloucester

well run, during the day its ideal for a quiet drink with pleasant outdoor seating area, 2 beers on gravity + 3 ciders available. Food is excellent value and good quality. Well worth a visit if your in town.

18 Mar 2007 08:18

The New Inn, Gloucester

not very impressed, 12 hand pumps but only 4 beers on, (3 from same brewery) staff were sloppy and sarcastic, the place is an absolute tip, bring your own gas mask if you want to breath frsh air as your forced to choke on others cigarette smoke, (seems the mothers who bring their babies along with them dont mind either) and the toilets are rank, but i'd like to revisit sometime and have more favourable things to say.

18 Mar 2007 08:14

The Wellington Arms, Bedford

have to agree with previous comments - not the most welcoming pub in bedford, though there appeares to be change of managment ? Still the best choice for ales in bedford by a long stretch - even though several hand pumps seem to have been removed - replaced by Leffe (yuck)

6 Mar 2007 19:27

Bierodrome, Angel, Islington

As previously commented upon - Belgo's are in danger of being sued for misprepresentation The beer menu here is hardly extensive and prices verge on the criminal but i suppose this is Islington... I'd like to know how they justify charging the equivalent of 6+ per pint for fruit infused beers that are only 3% alcohol? On plus side the "Frites" are excellent. Just not worth making a special trip for - especially when Arsenal fans tip out of on match days days and getting served becomes impossible. Mediocre at best.

4 Mar 2007 07:52

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

Despite previous postings here this, my first visit i found this place quite pleasant. Chiswick Bitter/ Taylor Landlord on draft, good selection of foreign beers/wines. The food looked pretty dam good too. Perhaps a little small to be headed at busy times but i'd certainly drop by again next time i'm in the area.

4 Mar 2007 07:46

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

you'll either love it or hate it. (if the latter you'd have to be very unlucky to stumble on by chance as its so far off the beaten track) Real ale heaven in slightly tatty surroundings, populated by all manner of serious ale imbibers and locals. Well worth a trip.

4 Mar 2007 07:42

The Reliance, Old Street

nothing much changes here, ales now from Fullers - though quality is still pretty crap (and prices are daylight robbery) Continental beer choices look far more appealing. Food menu does not tempt - read JD wetherpsoon + 100% mark up. Quite a disappointment overall.

4 Mar 2007 07:37

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

quiet friendly local - well worth a deviation for

4 Mar 2007 07:34

Bar Polska, Holborn

very pleasant session spent here saturday eve, friendly service, good food, beer and vodka

18 Feb 2007 10:20

The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

hopelessly inadequate area for non smokers, poor beer choice - dont bother

16 Feb 2007 18:16

Greyhound, Maidenhead

good selection of cheap beers including 5 local brews from the likes of Rebellion,Loddon etc. Usual gripes as a non-smoker without children i'm not really catered for - choose which discomfort i like the least...

16 Feb 2007 18:10

The Townhouse, Ealing

seemed pleasant and quiet mid afternoon though not enough ales to wet my appetite, is this the best Ealing has to offer ? (having just been in the chandlers freehouse across the street which really was the pits)

16 Feb 2007 18:07

Champion, Notting Hill

nice to see the place is still going strong, choice of real ales and decent imported brews on draught

14 Feb 2007 22:33

The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

friendly local selling Everards and changing guest beers from small breweries. A pub par-excellence.

2 Feb 2007 19:55

The Green Man, Great Portland Street

good selection of real ales - London Pride, Adnams Broad Side, Bombardier, Greene King IPA/Abbott - but thats hardy going to win prizes for inspiritation. Definately had pub chain "managed" feel to it. Just so-so then i guess. No rush to return.

2 Feb 2007 19:53

The Albany, Great Portland Street

relaxing but not so quiet place - Taylors Landlord and Blacksheep Bitter on draught plus numerous imported beers.

2 Feb 2007 19:50

The Somerstown Coffee House, Euston

well this place certainly galvanises opinions ! i've walked past several times and its either been closed or heaving so havnt bothered, but i wandered in for a swift half today, pleasant ambience, friendly staff, well kept beers Youngs Bitter plus Wells Bombardier, and Eagle at 2.50 a pint ? Wine list looks good and not that pricey all things considered. I couldnt comment on the food as i didnt try. I'd certainly visit again. Its a shame some of the contributors feel its necessary to vent their petty vendettas on here instead of giving constructive comments and ciritcism without overloading their opnions with profanities.

2 Feb 2007 19:49

The Bree Louise, Euston

i'm sure this was a crappy courage place about 15 years ago ? 3 ales on draught, 3 more on gravity, little tatty but friendly & pleasant. Biltong on sale (if thats your thing) an alternative to the Doric Arch

2 Feb 2007 19:37

Lord Burton, Burton-Upon-Trent

passable wetherspoons - very popular with the locals it seems - interesting guest ales, usual JDW gripe - as a non smoker without accompanying children i'm not catered for ! but i guess its difficult to please everyone, is a smoke free/child free drinking environment so much to ask ?

28 Jan 2007 21:48

Devonshire Arms, Burton-Upon-Trent

excellent local boozer - dishing up Burton Bridge brews

28 Jan 2007 21:45

The Wellington, Birmingham

very pleasantly suprised and spoilt for choice ! not only about a dozen beers no hand pump - about 20 more on gravity !!!! shame i dont live closer !

28 Jan 2007 21:43

Rose, Bedford

lamentable selection of "supermarket" wines, most of the lagers of the variety where being born without tastedbuds would not put you at a disadvantage. Food which makes McDonalds look gourmet. A very sterile sorry affair all in all, pandering to the sky tv/football crowd, so there's a suprise (not) The service is warm and friendly in spite of all this. Suggest a short wander to some of the places away from Bedford high street for a slice of real life and beverages you can enjoy (and taste)

22 Jan 2007 19:35

The Slug and Lettuce, Borough

suprisingly quiet on a saturday evening, seems to be trying to reinvent itself as an eaterie - with table service even for drinks. It could just be that anyone with half a brain cell who is serious about their beer or just wanted something real rather than bland and corporate was around the corner in the Market Porter, where i'd just come from, very bad move on my part i felt.

14 Jan 2007 08:38

The Rockingham Arms, Elephant and Castle

very average - usual crap choice of beers from Greene King/Marston/Shep Neame Nothing special at all. Natty decour though.

14 Jan 2007 08:34

The Camden Eye, Camden

must be limitations with what you can do with a place this small - a definate improvment with the revamp, Deuchars/Bombardier no hand pump the former sadly dispensed through a cask breather? (sorry i'm just picky) The kitchen was knocking out some very appetising frie ups - i'll be back for one of those if not the ales. Opens 9.30am !

14 Jan 2007 08:32

The Oxford, Kentish Town

just had to pop back to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me the last time - and no ! rotating perfectly kept ales from Moorhouse/Grand Unuin on this visit, seriously chilled out place in every respect. Highly recommended.

14 Jan 2007 08:29

The Globe, Moorgate

unpretentious Nicholsons pub close to Moorgate tube, friendly service - mediocre ales, expensive crap food (but its moorgate) dont suppose you can expect any more around here.

27 Dec 2006 13:37

The Oxford, Kentish Town

very pleasant visit, perfectly kept ales from Grand Union, friendly service, top notch food, - i wish it was my local..

18 Dec 2006 21:29

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

now a Lloyds, the non-smoking area has been enlarged (about time too) Also been selling some local beer - from Potton which has to be a good thing. Ok for a brief pint if your passing.

27 Nov 2006 21:24

No.77 Wine Bar, West Hampstead

poor value even for Hampstead and what do you make of a place where you can order your a starter straight away but have to wait 45 mins for a main - hello ???? Decided against a starter which was probably made the night before - Gordon Ramsey can help out maybe ? Sausage and Mash was very average in a gloopy gravy swimming in balsamic vinegar ? Wine list is rather limited, despite all this winging the service is very friendly an polite. On balance though there are alot better options up the hill in the village proper.

27 Nov 2006 21:20

The King William IV, Hampstead

guess you will either love or hate the recent refurbishment, some things dont change - as previously who ever is in charge of the cellar needs to go on a training course (the theakstons and greene king very poor)A rather odd mix of local gay customers and "ladies" that lunch. Service is pleasant and prompt. The place is incredibly smokey, has terrible piped music. Not that great over all there are better places nearby - ie Hollybush

13 Nov 2006 20:17

The Three Guineas, Reading

initial impressions quite favourable - good selection of local ales available, friendly attentive staff, on the other hand its very smokey, piped music is of the non-descript thump thump variety (irritating at any volume) the beers are expensive and not kept that well - considering its in the 2007 Good Beer Guide. Worth dropping in for a quick one if your passing but not worth the effort of making a special journey to.

12 Nov 2006 12:29

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

dark dingy, lousy choice of beers both bottled and tapped - i realise its soho but its not worth the effort.

1 Nov 2006 22:04

The Skinners Arms, Kings Cross

great boozer perfectly kept Taylor Landlord (Greene King ales also availble) Prompt friendly service, far better option that O Neils/Euston Flyer around the corner.

1 Nov 2006 22:02

The Rake, London Bridge

this is a comment on the Rake as i doesnt seem to have a separate entry here yet - nice cosy place, has a large rather expensive range of beers sourced from around the globe - principally for novelty value it seems - i suppose there are people who would like to boast about drinking lager from Mozambique (and pay a pretty penny for the privelege) The real ales (from Hophead brewery on my visit) were in truelly awful condition so over all your better off debunking to the Market Porter - finally beware off the odd opening hours...

30 Oct 2006 21:15

Bar Polska, Holborn

lovely place to chill early eve before the crowds arrive, obe of the places to drink around Holborn

30 Oct 2006 21:10

The Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon

so you dont get caught out this place is shut on a sunday evening....

30 Oct 2006 21:08

The Queens Head and Artichoke, Regents Park

very mixed back - adnams/pedigree were suppose to be available- adnams was off and pedigree was dire (its shite beer at the best of times) the bar man was more interested in chatting to his mates than serving anyone, the main bar makes no concession to non-smokers, intrusive pointless music, however the food is dam good - atleast from the Tapas menu so some hope but there are plenty of pubs around London than can better this one in all round terms.

30 Oct 2006 21:06

The Faltering Fullback, Finsbury Park

probably the only decent pub around this area, divided into several drinking areas, London Pride on draught.

23 Sep 2006 21:58

The King and Queen, Fitzrovia

cant leave any comments other than the opening times of this place are at odds with the info in the 2007 GBG - ie no sign of life before 12 so i didnt hang around

23 Sep 2006 21:56

The Horseshoe, Hampstead

looks quite promising, hand pulled ales from londons newest brewery ? Adnams on gravity, was contemplating eating but no menus anywhere in the bar area ? do u have to book the restaurant at the rear ? i may be back

23 Sep 2006 21:52

The Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon

real ale was suprisingly good, a big plus being a totally non smoking venue and as previous comment suggested badly let down by miserable east european bar staff - a mixed bag

7 Aug 2006 20:04

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

as with the rest of wetherspoons pubs this example is typical with no-thanks rude east european bar staff and real ales of such poor quality you wouldnt even use to dress a salad,

7 Aug 2006 20:02

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush

very average, grubby place, no draught beers available on my visit which meant even the real ales were warm enough to bath a baby - i'll be back (but only at gun point)

31 Jul 2006 19:43

Albertine Wine Bar, Shepherds Bush

great wine list, fair prices (for london) let down by truely awful food, i'll be back for some wine for sure but maybe i'll stick to the nibbles/cold plates. The hot plates must be Wetherspoons rejects...

31 Jul 2006 19:40

Yates's Wine Lodge, Milton Keynes

about passable on a sat afternoon no great choice of drinks, a few brownie points for helpful bar maid who assisted with the wine list.

31 Jul 2006 19:38

Lloyds No. 1 Cafe Bar, Milton Keynes

almost the best of a bad bunch around theatreland, atleast you know what to expect

31 Jul 2006 19:35

The Rat and Parrot, Milton Keynes

walked in, walked out, nothing to tempt the taste buds ?? same owners as Yates ??? nil point

31 Jul 2006 19:31

Hogshead, Milton Keynes

retreated to the upstairs bar along with a few others after a matinee at the nearby theatre only to be interrupted byu a load of foul mouthed yobs and yobettes... people suddenrly seemed to start drifting downstairs (suprise suprise) would have some potential if not for the local pond life

31 Jul 2006 19:27

Ye Three Fyshes, Turvey

lovely pub - first visit for several years - beer choice is hardly inspiring (though well kept) menu rather formulaic - for ease of dispense rather than trying to offer something interesting, well meaning bar staff - who sadly are not on the ball at all - Mushroom Soup turned out to be Tomato Soup - didnt complain i'll be voting with my feet unless the place has a sudden turnaround.

24 Jul 2006 15:16

All Bar One, Notting Hill Gate

just epitomises whats so wrong with many bars and pubs in this country - corporate blandess without any character - you could be sitting in any UK high street.... Poor quality beers, atleast in Notting hill there must be plenty of better options ? (i'm not local so couldnt possibly comment)

19 Jul 2006 22:57

The Bavarian Beerhouse, Shoreditch

i shouldnt complain too much - i was here at on a company pissup - nice to have authentic German Lagers - though you have to have a screw loose to pay the stupid asking prices - food is crap - be warned... Had a very pleasant stay in Berlin a few years and it was absolutlely nothing like this place (you have been warned)

11 Jul 2006 21:28

The William Morris, Hammersmith

still a grotty hole - slightly less grotty than the other holes in Hammersmith ? Beers passable, but some staff training required maybe - A Duvel please ? "do you want a glass?" "Of course I *ucking do" Idiot then proceded to fill said glass up with ice cubes before trying to pour my beer. (I must try this in Brussels sometime) I'll be back - if like this visit i'm totally desparate and no other place to go.

8 Jul 2006 09:01

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

what a carry on - i'm giving this place 10/10 for the beers, the landlord, and the other customers !! Constructive praise where it is due, looking forward to next beer festival August bank holiday

8 Jul 2006 08:56

The Boot, St Albans

quiet well run pub good choice of beers, almost as good as Red Lion...

8 Jul 2006 08:54

The Pennsylvanian, Rickmansworth

very pleasant find, spacious, non-smoking, well kep beers, friendly fast service, rubbed my eyes and blinked, blinked again - yes its a Wetherspoons !!

8 Jul 2006 08:53

The Pilgrims Progress, Bedford

i hereby declare that i will never drink any real ales from this pub again - crap crap crap Atleast there is a good selection of ciders and wines to choose from and you cant get that wrong ? (or could they?)

28 Jun 2006 23:38

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

my second visit - why in the area, great pub/beers just slightly let down by a large group of "locals/regulars?" letting out their rather bigoted and prejudiced views in a very vocal manner

25 Jun 2006 11:13

The White Horse, Parsons Green

an oasis of peace and quiet (football free!) on a lovely hot afternoon, excellent beers as always but food standards are on the wane - atleast not really very good value for money any more - you can eat better and cheaper elsewhere

19 Jun 2006 22:40

The Trafalgar, Chelsea

dropped in quite by chance nothing special, been in a lot worse places, seems to have a decent wine list and selection of beers.

6 Jun 2006 21:48

Quinn's, Camden

relaxed local pub with a great selection of foreign beers - at almost sensible prices,

30 May 2006 19:17

The Oxford Arms, Camden

slow (if attentive)service, real ale not available, passable pit stop - a few notches above most of the dreary watering holes in this area

30 May 2006 19:15

The Angel, Old Street

mediocre ales rather smokey, sports orientated - possibly better alternatives in this locality depending on what your looking for

27 May 2006 17:30

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

sill probably the best pub in hampstead though i did feel like i was sitting in a creche... maybe better in the evenings

14 May 2006 08:30

The Old Crown, Highgate

stumbled here by chance after a walk on the heath, apparently the ale was "disconncected" and unavailable - fri eve and empty, with that attitude i'm not suprised

14 May 2006 08:29

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

for quality ales and a quiet drink this place is unbeatable in St Albans, will be perfect when the nicotine addicts are removed next year.

23 Apr 2006 11:14

The Moon Under Water, Watford

as previously mentioned if the MD of wetherspoons bothered to check his "local" he'd probably be disappointed - as usual its at best mediocre, almost drinkable ales, average food, now with added football as well as children (deepest joy)

23 Apr 2006 11:11

Wetherspoons, Milton Keynes

still serving a decent selection of beers, sadly on a fri evening only 3 staff behind the bar (typical of this pub company)

22 Apr 2006 07:39

Secklow Hundred, Milton Keynes

fair variety of drinks on offer, like most JDW outlets the real ale is crap

22 Apr 2006 07:37

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

pleasant pub, decent grub, well kept ales - including guests

17 Apr 2006 11:26

The Doric Arch, Euston

only 2 fullers beers available so plenty of choice, well kept beers, always worth stopping by

16 Apr 2006 15:36

The Market Porter, Borough

i'm wondering if some of the negative comments posted here are from local rival (jealous?) landlords ? waiting 45 mins to be get served really is the realms of fantasy ? did mostynclo actually go to the bar ? At 6pm on my last visit i counted 7 bar staff - its NOT exactly a large pub !! Excellent beer, service, and a friendly cross section of punters from all walks of life, long may it continue. I believe there is an All Bar One and Slug & Lettuce just around the corner if you need something different.

16 Apr 2006 10:53

The William Morris, Hammersmith

lets face it this part of london is the last place you'd look for a decent pub, my second visit here - the beers were better kept, the toilets were in a disgusting state - full and over flowing, some guy started to set up what looked like a karaoke machine or disco equipment - i made a very sharp exit probably never to return. If anyone knows a good local plumber maybe they could let the managment know ?

16 Apr 2006 10:45

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

excellent quiet haven for a never ending variety of well kept ales, - not to be missed when visiting Lewes - cant get a little crowded.

16 Apr 2006 10:33

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

very hard to beat - excellent well kept beers, friendly attentive bar staff, food looked good. Only minor gripe - as usual smokers have the run of the place.

16 Apr 2006 10:31

The Horniman at Hays, Southwark

pleasantly suprised - good quality beer, fair prices (considering its touristy location) cant comment on food as not tried, the wine list seems very competively priced - worth dropping by if your in the area - but not a patch on the Market Porter - but then is any other pub around this part of London ??

9 Apr 2006 12:56

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

an oasis of peace and quiet for a relaxing pint on a friday afternoon - give other comments i'd steer well clear when sport is showing though

9 Apr 2006 12:50

The Half and Half, Croydon

just wished there more places like this (closer to where i live) only negative point why are punters allowed to smoke at the bar ???? i realise this will thankfully cease eventually

9 Apr 2006 12:41

The Shipwrights Arms, London Bridge

comfortable pub a few mins walk from the bustle of Borough High Street, quite suprised that this is in the 2006 Good Beer Guide, its not bad but not that special either. Friendly and prompt service.

26 Mar 2006 10:27

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

well worth the trawl through deepest Deptford to find this gem of a pub, friendly attentive staff, good choice of beers and belgium ales. Food is top quality and execellent value for money - in short everything a proper pub should be. I'll be back .

26 Mar 2006 10:24

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

A mixed bag this place, the music pumped out on the middle of a saturday afternoon seemed rather excessive, attracts an up market local bohemnian type crowd, as previously commented upon you'd need to be raving bonkers to pay the askng price for the bottled beers - like Brew Wharf. The food menu seemed simple and good quality though the one item i tried to order of "off" The draught beers are good - especially the Chocolate Beer !- made my visit truely worthwhile. Probably worth an occasional diversion if your in the area.

26 Mar 2006 10:22

The Prince Albert (Rose's), Woolwich

excellent traditional friendly pub, good place for a quiet pint of interesting beers.

26 Mar 2006 10:14

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

expensive over priced gimmicky place - i thought themed pubs were on the wane ?

26 Mar 2006 10:11

The Blackbird, Earls Court

dependable place for a quick pint, food is not bad but stupidly over priced to snare unwary tourists i guess.

19 Mar 2006 18:34

The Harp, Covent Garden

considering its location this place is supringsly good, excellent beers and sausages, worth dropping by anytime.

19 Mar 2006 18:32

Lowlander, Covent Garden

very pleasant but not very cheap way to chill out for a few hours

19 Mar 2006 18:30

Champion, Notting Hill

bit of a mixed bag, the piped music was good mixture of differing sounds and not mind bendlingly loud, the beer and wine list is quite extensive - not a bargain but hey - try the Belgo/Bierodrome's of this world if you want to pay ridiculous prices. It does now sell real ale - 3 on offer, no great shakes but its a start, i watched with rye amusement as the barman proceeded to flush out a pint glass with "freezing" water before pulling me a pint... i kept stum ! Natty decor and and chilled out ambience do make this place worth visit.

14 Mar 2006 17:23

The Old Swan, Notting Hill

pleaseant quiet pub, good place for a peaceful pint, ale choice not exactly inspiritional but palatable. The non-smoking area is about as effective as a chocolate tea-pot

14 Mar 2006 16:56

Sloanes, Leicester

am not a local to the area but on a recent outing this was easily the best place visited, excellent choice of ales plus a decent wine list.

12 Mar 2006 11:25

Last Plantagenet, Leicester

Recently sold yo Marstons, - well no, not really but might just as well have been - boring and bland selection of beers. An average Wetherspoon. Much better options elsewhere.

12 Mar 2006 11:23

The Market Porter, Borough

stopped in for one and had rather more... there isnt really any serious competition around here - maybe the reason its so popular

5 Mar 2006 13:51

The Ship, Borough

down to earth local, ok beer, let down by mute unfriendly bar staff

5 Mar 2006 13:48

The Brew Wharf, London Bridge

nothing very individual about this place, a bit like an All Bar One, and as previously mentioned - some of the beer prices are outrageous, not alot going for it really - for a slice of real life move down the road to the Market Porter (for your beers atleast)

5 Mar 2006 13:46

The Euston Flyer, Euston

this place just gets better - Hophead/Dark Star - ales from Dark Star brewery currently guesting here

22 Feb 2006 22:02

The Duke On The Green, Fulham

sat down with my pint, and started to take in my surroundings, i tried to ignore the braying mares through the cigarette smoke, i tried to ignore the "thump thump" of pointless non-descript music, i chuckled at Fosters Ice on the "global" beer list. I'm struggling to find something positive to say, well the Youngs Beer was fine, the menu looks genuinely enticing, but anyway back to the present, i drank up and made a sharp exit over to the other side of the Green. There is some rumour about that this place is suppose to be giving the White Horse a run for its money, but i'm convinced it emanated from an orifice not normally associated with verbal communication.

17 Feb 2006 16:38

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

not bad place for quiet pint of youngs mid afternoon, though i notice despite the air conditioning???? it doesnt amount to much of a concession to the majority of us non smokers

14 Feb 2006 19:51

The Reliance, Old Street

real ale choice was rather disappointing and lacking in imagination - but the continental offerings look very tempting !

14 Feb 2006 19:49

The Peacock, St Albans

pleasant comfortable pub, though a serious lack of choice when it comes to beers/lagers....

29 Jan 2006 23:25

The Cross Keys, St Albans

as with most wetherspoons its a hit and miss affair... despite previous comments the choices of beers seems to be limited these days, pissed old farts in the smoking area, screaming brats in the non smoking area, just not for me - i'm obviusly a minority being a non smoking beer drinker looking for a quiet pint !

28 Jan 2006 21:29

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

taken here my friends when i was visiting the area, what a pleasant suprise, superb beers at sensible prices ! and no smoking throughout... highly recommended

28 Jan 2006 21:22

The Camden Eye, Camden

i do occasionally take a walk on the wild side and plunge into new pubs when i'm out and about - and what a mistake ! Camden is rather bereft of decent pubs and this one has to be one of the worst, was actually enticed through the door by the Batemans beer - which turned out to be flat and uninspiring (just like the pub) avoid... Go to Wetherspoons by the lock hardly a reccomendation but still heaps better than this place.

14 Jan 2006 13:03

The Euston Flyer, Euston

pleasantly suprised to find guest ales and some bottled belgium beer on offer here, defintately improving and better than most of the competition around here.

3 Jan 2006 12:14

The Bierodrome, Kingsway

rather smaller than the Upper Street branch, expensive unusual beers to savour. Why does this place insist on having inane thumping loud music pumped into all 4 corners ? the place was deservedly packed with discerning drinkers enjoying good banter... I shall return for a more peaceful session one lunch time perhaps.

16 Dec 2005 16:50

The Glasshouse Stores, Piccadilly Circus

stumbled on this place by accident, suprisingly down to earth and friendly (if a little smokey)

26 Nov 2005 09:19

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

fairly average Wetherspoons with all the pluses amd minuses that entails. Excellent quality ales and prompt service, though I could have hallucinating.....

25 Oct 2005 14:06

The Doric Arch, Euston

thankfully retained most of its character and beer range despite the fullers take over,

18 Sep 2005 13:13

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

what a real pub should be !

18 Sep 2005 13:10

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

nice little tradiitonal pub pub, well worth seeking out

18 Sep 2005 13:08

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

first visit in a while - superb friendly pub, beer range seems larger than previously, full of nice people having a good time, only sour point the ventilation could be better for us non-smokers.

14 Aug 2005 11:39

Bar Polska, Holborn

first visit in a long while - this place opens saturdays too now. Unpretentious, very friendly, and even a lengthy beer menu ! I'll be back very soon.

14 Aug 2005 11:36

Lowlander, Covent Garden

quite a find, cant comment on food. Middle of a Saturday afternoon this is a lovely spot to enjoy a couple of bottles of quality beers - table service, no music/tv screens you could almost be somewhere continental. With regard to the comments regarding price - well this is Covent Garden, a lot of the beers are approaching the strength of wine. Do you really want the 20 something lager guzzling morons who have taken over every high street wrecking this joint...

14 Aug 2005 11:33

Pommelers Rest, Tower Bridge

one of the nicest wetherspoons around - no smoking, good choice of well kept beers and slightly off the beaten track.

14 Aug 2005 11:24

The Red Lion, Moorgate

nice pleasant little pub - good choice of ale, refreshing change from the bland boring chain's that dominate this area.

22 Apr 2005 12:50

Printworks, Clerkenwell

better than average wetherspoons

22 Apr 2005 12:44

The Princess Louise, Holborn

nice pub, good atmosphere - dont really for Sam Smiths beers though....

12 Mar 2005 21:56

The Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge

unpretentious friendly local - sells beers from local micro breweries

19 Feb 2005 14:43

The Golden Fleece, Tremadog

friendly quiet freehouse with excellent good value food.

19 Feb 2005 14:40

The White Swan, Covent Garden

good by O'Neills standards

19 Feb 2005 14:38

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

seems to have under gone a transformation - real ale was seriously on form, was quiet and not full of the usual chavs etc lets hope it stays this way !

6 Feb 2005 21:57

The Bear, Bedford

seriously chilled, decent ale, brought back memories on the juke box...

6 Feb 2005 21:55

The White Horse, Parsons Green

try as i might i cant find a fault, is this the best real ale pub in the capital ?

6 Feb 2005 09:35

The Victoria, Lincoln

deservedly popular freehouse, very friendly, great ales.

6 Feb 2005 09:33

The Golden Eagle, Lincoln

excellent if rather small two bar pubs with a good selection of real ales - perhaps let down slightly by the smoke !

6 Feb 2005 09:31

The Dog and Bone, Lincoln

excellent Bateman beers, quiet, friendly - recommended !

6 Feb 2005 09:29

Peacock Inn, Lincoln

very much geared towards tv-sports and eating - i felt a bit of an outsider just wanting to have a quiet beer, rather smoky

6 Feb 2005 09:27

The Fox and Crown, Newark

nice place for a quiet pint, excellent choice of ales

6 Feb 2005 09:25

The Prince of Wales, Wimbledon

quite a pleasant pub for quiet pint, good selection of ales though one word of warning - you might have to ask for a top-up

2 Dec 2004 19:51

The Keston Lodge, Islington

now i have to admit i saw the hand pumps from the street which enticed me inside (only to discover they are fakes just for display) - someone please shoot the idiot who thought that daft idea up ! having settled down to lunch and a few drinks the place does somewhat redeem itself, smoochy jazz, nice food, good wine list, (and limited beers!) for a mid-afternoon chill it takes some beating, just a shame there is no half decent beer...

26 Nov 2004 18:12

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