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The Airman, Feltham

Belated update: The Airman re-opened December 2019 and has a new Italian manager who has started small with authentic Italian pizzas and pastas which are proving popular and getting good reviews. A real ale is on too: Fillers Pride on tap. A welcome revival of a well managed pub. Sppread the word. Use it or lose!

1 Feb 2020 23:09

The Airman, Feltham

Sadly The Airman has CLOSED. It has hung on and is was a survivor under Greene King (serving real ale) until December 2018 when it suddenly closed its doors. Another Feltham pub bites the dust. Rating irrelevant.

30 Dec 2018 13:31

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

A shining star in gloomy Brentford. Great choice of real ales always top notch condition.

28 Nov 2018 22:53

The Red Lion, Feltham

The Red Lion is renamed KTM ROX. Nought to do with motorbikes but has a Nepalese theme I.e. KTM is the code for Katmandu airport, as is LHR for London Heathrow. No real ale but Oriental food and fizzy keg beers available.

28 Nov 2018 22:48

The Mansion, Feltham

Still CLOSED. Has been for years.

28 Nov 2018 22:36

The Mansion, Feltham

This pub has been CLOSED for a few years now. It is boarded up but looks like it may be lived in upstairs where lights are still on after dark.

5 Jul 2017 20:13

The Airman, Feltham

This is one of the last few surviving pubs in Feltham serving its locals, and which does still have one real ale on tap, Greene King IPA.

5 Jul 2017 20:10

The Red Lion, Feltham

There are consistent rumours abound that this pub is to become a Chinese restaurant in a few weeks time? I also heard it was closed for a week a few months back due to 'substance' trading. Just hope this clientele does not transfer to the Moon on the Square. Shame, Red Lion's an old pub from the good old days when Feltham was a rural settlement.

16 Feb 2017 16:15

The Green Man, Hatton

This is a popular Green King/John Barras pub serving a choice of 3 reasonably priced real well kept ales and generous pub food e.g. an 18 oz rump for £13! It has a large garden at the rear. Depending on the wind direction you will experience very low flying planes every two minutes on their final few seconds before touching down at Heathrow South runway, just 1/2 mile away. An Airbus A380 approaches from the East and literally fills the sky, gliding overhead surprisingly quietly, leaving in its wake a delayed air vortex to rustle the surrounding trees and shrubs. A novelty and a plane spotters paradise.

16 Feb 2017 15:54

The Milecastle Inn, Haltwhistle

We visited this pub while staying in HaltWhistle. It is in an advantaged location in sight of Hadrians Wall 1/2 mile to the North, and for beautiful sunsets to the West. The local ale was good and the menu extensive and compelling with all the hearty items for a cold day such as a selection of pies, steaks, haggis and other. The food is good but not as 'home made' as we experienced in the Black Bull in Haltwhistle. It does have the location though.

19 Oct 2015 14:54

The Black Bull, Haltwhistle

No reviews for a while? As part of a Nothumberland/borders tour we were staying in Haltwhistle (means 'a watch between two rivers' i.e. N & S Tyne), nought to do with trains, apparently. The food and beer is excellent. The food is certanly ample Northumberland fayre and the real ales are well kept. The starter, black pudding & haggis stack served with a whisky cream sauce, salad & seasoned new pots or chips, was to die for. The lamb shank was huge and beatifully slow cooked. The other choices on offer were also home cooked, and sauced hand made. Highly recommended if you are passing. They don't take bookings, just get there early.

19 Oct 2015 14:45

The Leeds Arms, Scarborough

This is a cosy little haunt hidden in the steep back streets under the shadow of St. Marys church. The beer is a bit pricey and not of consistent quality. I don't think the bar manager tastes it often enough and it is left for the embarrased customer to reluctantly return a twangy pint. It is changed, no questions, but, you know...

21 Jan 2015 20:02

The White Horse, Longford

The old pub is a delightful relic from times when Longford was a small country village in the middle of nowhere surrounded by flat farmland. The cosy interior welcomes but then the sting hits with its prices aimed at the un-wary Heathrow traveller shipped in from nearby hotels. £4.80 for a pint of Dartmoor Jail Ale, £4.40 for other regular ales. The beer is always well kept but is well over-priced, be warned.

21 Jan 2015 19:49

The Five Bells, Streatham

Five Bells is OK. I enjoyed a lunch time pint of Sam Brooks Junction with my colleagues from the newly refurbished PRS offices just down the road. The current food arrangement is with the deli next door so either order it via the bar or go get it yourself, and eat it in the pub.

30 Nov 2014 13:25

The Sawyers Arms, Feltham

Sadly, the Fuller's Sawyers Arms pub has CLOSED forever and is now demolished. A development of flats is replacing it.

30 Nov 2014 13:00

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

I am a regular in the Moon on the Square and it is a 'real ale oasis' in the area as the CAMRA Good Beer Guide describes it. Phil and his colleagues keep a great line up of ales continuously changing and always in top notch condition.

Now with all these forums, which include the likes of Trip Advisor, one has to read broadly and take some of it with a pinch of salt. The account by the mis-spelt 'Ferari owner' below is as authentic and believable as his namesake. It is not consistent with the general consensus here. I think anyone worth their salt will have read some of the many other opinions here and arrived at an overall summary that the Moon on the Square may be deserving of brightening up a bit (are you listening Tim Martin, CEO of Wetherspoons?) and that the clientele include a few rough and ready town characters, but that the long (and short) serving staff are always friendly, and the food and drink (especially the ale) is the usual Wetherspoons value for money. It's a well run town pub and community hub in a much improved Feltham.
From me...with another pinch of salt. Cheers!

28 Oct 2014 20:25

The Portcullis Inn, Tormarton

I think this pub is now renamed the Major's Retreat.

13 Mar 2013 18:33

The Hawkley Inn, Hawkley

Arrived at this quite remote but welcoming popular pub on a very cold February 13 mile walk for a mid-way lunch stop and were told not to worry about our boots and welcomed in. We had booked ahead for 8 and found ourselves sat around a large wooden table having chosen from a selection of 7 lesser known real ales. Both food and ale were a real treat, mine was Macaroni Cheese with crispy bacon and three cherry tomatoes served in a large white pot with a lid. My only complaint is that leaving the warm glow to face the icy blast again, was a cruel test of will power for us. Long live the Freehouse pub!

25 Feb 2013 22:40

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

Great pub tucked away at the top of the town, the original non-smoking pub. Always an eclectic range of ales in the line up, in particular for my taste the pale ales e.g. Oakhams. Oh Bliss.

20 Jan 2013 20:38

The Grey Horse, Sunbury on Thames

This old pub on the original bit of road before the railway serves real homemade food, mains £5.95 which is great value considering the ma size portions. The ales are well kept albeit invariably the London Pride/Doom Bar duo so commonly seen these days. Friendly locals and regs make you welcome without hassling. Would be good if the beer varied occassionally.

20 Jan 2013 20:24

The Mansion, Feltham

Any real ales served here?

20 Jan 2013 20:09

The Load of Hay, Bedfont

Drove by and it looks like it is open again! Lights on and a few bods at the bar with pints of lager. Good to see it is not another victim boarded up.

20 Jan 2013 19:51

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Good to see a full complement of 4 to 5 ales on the right hand side guest pumps recently as of late they have seemed a bit sparse.

11 Jan 2013 18:55

Beehive, Bedfont

This pub in on the edge of the Richmond & Hounslow CAMRA branch area. Glad to see it got a look in for the 2013 Good Beer Guide as the beer is consistently well kept here, albeit the variety is always Fullers. It's a Fullers pub after all.

11 Jan 2013 18:52

The Swan, Hanworth

This will be the last pub in Hanworth after the last one, Horse and Groom, became a Tesco. I wonder if Milhouse (below) noticed if there were any real ales on in the Swan?

11 Jan 2013 18:34

The Scarborough Arms, Scarborough

Cosy pub. Beer well kept. Just don't like the closed curtains after dark. Why, we wondered if it had closed down and had to peek through the door to see if anyone was there.

30 Dec 2012 16:33

North Riding Hotel, Scarborough

Awarded Scarborough Town Pub of the Year for 2012. 8 ales on including home brewed and guest craft beers which can be sampled in 1/3 pint measures. Always a good pub buzz here.

30 Dec 2012 16:27

The Temple Hotel, Matlock Bath

This is another town OASIS 'pub', actually a bar in a hotel, this time in Matlock Bath, somewhat hidden away higher up above Main Street. The ales (3 on) are usually local brews and are in absolutely top condition. On a Sunday this town is overtaken by motorcyclists, hundreds, if not 1000s, of them line the streets. It is a biker's Mecca for twistys and a meeting place converging from several large surrounding cities ie Derby, Manchester etc..

12 Jul 2012 20:37

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

I'm fairly regular in this OASIS, in a now improved Feltham and I am surprised at byers666 comments below about this Wetherspoons. OK, <smile> the tables are sometimes a bit sticky after a busy day, but the staff are friendly and helpful and are seemingly always running around clearing glasses and plates and wiping tables over. (Not sure who the peirced Aussi is). They usually know all the table numbers if you point in the general direction (best to make a note though), and the food isn't bad for the price, same as any Wetherspoons. As for the real ales it is (nearly) always top notch, hence a regular CAMRA Good Beer Guide entry.

12 Jul 2012 20:22

The Old Anchor, Twickenham

Sadly, this pub's demise is imminent. Young's are due to exchange contracts with Sainsbury's Local by end April 2012. Very sad. (Coincides with the same fate for Marble Hill less than a mile along the road).

28 Apr 2012 12:50

The Marble Hill, St Margarets

Sadly, this pub's demise is imminent. Young's are due to exchange contracts with Sainsbury's Local by end April 2012. Very sad. (Coincides with the same fate for The Old Anchor less than a mile along the road).

28 Apr 2012 12:48

The Charlie Butler, Mortlake

The owners have served notice that they will be boarding up from 26 February (odd date as its a Sunday): presumably means last day of trading = Sat 25/2.
The decision date for Richmond Council is 19/1 according to their website.

11 Jan 2012 11:42

The Three Magpies, Heathrow

I visited with my other half for a pint before the Italian Restaurant across the A4 (excellent pizzas). The real ales London Pride, Black Sheep, Hobgoblin and Rev. St James were well kept. The service was a bit slow but it was busy and another bar staff person needed. We didn't eat as we had other plans, but the food looked OK albeit typical chain (Spirit PubCo) fayre. The pub has a very chainy ambience, lot's of '2 for the price of one' type offers framed across the walls and sticky wood vinyl top tables. It is obviously an old pub that has survived (as has the Green Man) and good to see. I do wonder where the clientele come from; many from surrounding hotels I assume.

22 Sep 2011 14:28

The Fox, Twickenham

The Fox is closing around the 19th Sept for a major refurb re-opening sometime in November. I hope it will retain its old boozer ambience.

31 Aug 2011 16:01

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

The Moon of late has had a depleted selection of ales on, just two guests rather than the usual four or five, incl. one on gravity on the bar top. I know on occassions they get drained when the rugby is on, and Gary will not put on ales that are not ready to serve. One day can make a difference of a thin tasting ale and a full rounded flavour. However the ale or two that have been on are in good condition. Maybe more advanced ale planning is needed?

26 Jun 2011 19:34

The Anglers Retreat, Marsworth

Visited for lunch on a Saturday hike in the Invinghoe Beacon area. Big thumbs up as they regularly have Oakham ale on tap, one of my favourite brewerys. There were 3 ales on incl. an Oakham ale and they were all in excellent condition. Will return when in the area.

26 Jun 2011 19:23

The Cross Lances, Hounslow

Serves a decent pint of Fullers London Pride and good home cooked food. Real ales are well under �3 pint. Does a BBQ/Hog Roast on St. Georges Day 23 April 2011. Good to see a Landlord striving to get this pub back to its former glory days.

23 Mar 2011 19:20

The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames

Spit and saw-dust but friendly staff and clientele of mainly young age and clad in goth, piercings etc.. One real ale on which was not mainstream, and in very good condition. Small Venue at the back for small rock bands and jamming sessions.

19 Mar 2011 21:05

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

Excellent Real ales, served on gravity, brewed right next door and only �2.50 pint. Friendly service, but on this Saturday with a group of hikers, the food service was very slow even for basic (but good) menu items like large filled baps. Still, the delicious ales and the sunshine gave us no reason to be in a hurry.

19 Mar 2011 21:01

The Grey Horse, Sunbury on Thames

It has now become a lazy habit for us to visit this pub around mid-week for an evening meal and a pint. They usually have a choice of two meals which are home cooked and generous for just �5.95. Always a friendly crowd of locals and a pub you can hold a conversation in, although there is a often keen football following (albeit civilised) at the TV end of the horseshoe shaped bar.

8 Mar 2011 21:00

Beehive, Bedfont

We saw Thai food advertised on the board outside and heard the Fullers ales were well kept here. We tried and we were not disappointed. A suburban oasis in this area. Friendly locals, very well kept beer, and although I was sceptical at first, the Thai food is actually very good authentic cuisine for a pub. This and the Moon on the Square up the road in Feltham are on a par for consistent real ale quality in this area, and CAMRA Good Beer Guide Quality. Will return.

7 Feb 2011 21:03

The Lion, Teddington

Don & Myf (now in Oz) were a hard act to follow having attained the high order for these premises of CAMRA London pub of the Year 2005/2006. The recently departed landlord tried with beer festivals and kept the beer well. It's tough running a pub and especially as a tenant. Enterprise Inns are taking time to find a replacement and hopefully soon. We're thirsty.

29 Jan 2011 17:55

The Rowbarge Hotel, St Johns

Severe fire. Alas tonight (5 p.m., 22 Jan 2011) the St.Johns Road road was cordoned off by police. Fire engines and lines of hose were in abundance across the road. A fire which looks to have started in the kitchen has severely damaged the roof where a great hole has appeared at the front (right side as you see the photo above), and worse at the rear (kitchen). It will be a while before this pub re-opens. My fear is that if this is owned by a notorious PubCo, they'll take advantage and now sell the land off for yet more flats. Let's hope another community hub isn't wiped out!!

22 Jan 2011 20:14

Crown Inn, Westcott

As one of a group of walkers we found the landlord very welcoming. He told us not to worry about our boots. The landlord's German Shepherd behind the bar was soon told to be quiet and we continued to order drinks and food. The beer was well kept and the home-made food was good and generous. A great change from the soul-less chain pubs that seem to be taking over in Surrey. Recommended and I'd return.

28 Dec 2010 13:13

The Jolly Coopers, Hampton

This is a true welcoming locals local where newbies will always be made to feel welcome as they walk through the door. Nick (landlord) has for a while now ventured to 4 or 5 real ales on at one time, some on special offer, and always changing and in good condition. Of course the chef behind the scenes here has to get a mention: the seafood paella is to die for, and the other menu items never disappoint. This traditional fronted pub is one of the area's little gems.

2 Dec 2010 19:53

The Three Fishes, Sunbury on Thames

Well I have never been in this pub before, nor did I know who runs it and I can only say (I logged in especially to do so) I now know where to go locally for a good reasonably priced (�9.95) steak with French fries and peppercorn sauce, also hand made pizzas, and the pasta looked good. I like my steak rare and am always wary of disappointment, but the Italian owner/chef does it Continental style and the Rib Eye (9 oz.) was as tender as a Fillet Mignon. Topped generously with peppercorn sauce: delicious. There were only two real ales on (Ruddles and Youngs) but they were in good condition. The live music (friday) wasn't too loud and you could still talk. I will be back for another steak and a pint for sure. This was an unexpected pleasant surprise find tonight, and almost on our doorstep. Good luck to the new chef owners, but please keep it a real ale pub.

19 Nov 2010 22:31

The Royal Oak, Hampton

Pubs are struggling, particularly suburban pubs and the Royal Oak 'landlord' is trying to summon up business with Sunday Roasts and live music. The pubco owners like Punch Taverns are screwing all they can out of pub tennants who want to make a living running a pub. Times are hard and it is sad to see competition slagging each other off as we see here and in many other reviews, particularly where a new tennant/manager/landlord has arrived.
Take it with a pinch of salt and try the Royal Oak for yourself. Its not Talk of the Town exactly, but a long time local we don't want to see boarded up, along with the other 20 closures every week. Once they're gone, they're gone, and the only winners are the greedy pubco directors. Don't let it happen.

5 Nov 2010 18:34

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Confirmed: The Moon on the Square is listed in CAMRA's Good Beer Guide (GBG) 2011 !! Well done for another year to Gary AND the crew who keep the real ales spot on (well 99% of the time). Now the weather is chilling, let's have that bar top cask filled again as it is mentioned in the GBG. A gravity cask ale: nice touch.

Any trouble, which is rare (Feltham centre has changed for the better) is well managed here. Wetherspoons staff managers are trained to quickly spot and neutralise any heat and backed up by Feltham Centre Security at the press of a button. Note. The George in Staines, another GBG Wetherspoons, has two bouncers on its doors on Fri/Sat eves.

11 Oct 2010 18:02

The Bay Horse Inn, Terrington

This pub in the picturesque High St. of Terrington village has a micro brewery: Storyteller Brewery. Three of the ales were on but late afternoon we were disappointed. The ale was sour, on the turn and misty, more than a haze. The mild was drinkable. This was our first visit via the Good Beer Guide 2011, a CAMRA guarantee until now. I hope this was just a one off bad day. We do know our real ales and we'd made a special detour to try.

11 Oct 2010 17:22

The Perseverance, Wraysbury

Correction on the last comment. Food is served ALL DAY everyday. I took a few walkers in for lunch and verified this fact. First time I've used this venue. Good pub grub and the ale was in good condition. As far as anonymous' comment below goes I cannot see the link with this pub. Must be malicious competition or someone with a grudge from the past. There are many comments like this on this site. One has to take what one reads on here with a pinch of salt and get an average feel from all the comments. Pubs are having a tough time and it is upsetting to hear of some 40+ pubs closing for good every week in the UK. Lets support our pubs and our publicans who work long hours so that we might turn up at any time to enjoy a cooked meal or just a pint.

24 Sep 2010 14:53

The Saddlers Arms, Ripley

TODAY September 11th: In aid of charities SERV (BLoodrunners) and the local ScoutGroup who are running the BBQ, the Sadlers Arms is hosting its all day festival of real ales (12 local brews) and an eclectic mix of LIVE BANDS performing voluntarily in aid of charity. On all day. Hopefully the weather holds out as the met. promises.
This is a bit late mentioning but only discovered a day or so ago.

11 Sep 2010 09:45

The Harrow Inn, Compton

I dropped into this pub for a light lunch at the end of an August Wednesday hike with a small group and we had an experience similar to that expressed below. Staff were young, inexperienced, and I'd say 'dazed' and indifferent rather than unfriendly. Not particularly busy. No sign of a manager? They insisted on taking food and drink orders at the tables, but after some wait we went and ordered drinks at the bar. Again, seated, we waited some 20 mins for someone to take our food order, but were offered potato wedges in the meantime, over which there was confusion as to whether they were complimentary or not. Having tentatively eaten some (hungry), news then emerged that the wedges were �6 a plate! Having waited some 40 mins by now we decided to forget further food, get the bill and go. The bill charged us a 10% SERVICE CHARGE, which we "assumed optional", paid the balance, and left dismayed and disappointed.
Note. The quality of the food looked good (we didn't get to try it other than the wedges) and the real ale was well kept, but the service/protocol lets this place down. The young staff are trying but they seem under-staffed, untrained, unsupported, dazed and indifferent.

26 Aug 2010 14:36

The Ship Inn, Mousehole

Mousehole and many other pretty little ancient ports in Cornwall have become mere holiday maker 'honey pots' for tourists to idly come and go, to feed their half-curiosity of a by-gone age. Sadly, the locals and the local traditions/trade have been displaced by grockles who happened to be born and bred in more affluent parts of England. Mousehole is packed for a few summer months, and vacated entirely in the darker months. Property prices are now irrevocably beyond the locals who happened to be born and bred here, hence the percieved resentment. I can understand this.

23 Aug 2010 17:32

The Railway Tavern, Hampton Wick

WATCH THIS SPACE. All is not quite lost yet. Thanks to vigorous and eloquent objections from a local residents society, the local CAMRA group, and other interested parties, the application for conversion from a public house to housing has been REJECTED (July 2010).
This may yet return to a PRECIOUS COMMUNITY PUB.

23 Aug 2010 17:16

The Cock and Rabbit, Great Missenden

Passed by this pub on a hike. Lovely spot on beautiful Lee village green. The beer seemed OK, Morlands brew an ale for them especially. I believe the pub brewed its own at one time. I can't comment on the food as I did not partake.

23 Aug 2010 16:05

The Bell, Chesham

Good ale and food here and ideally on route for the Chilterns footpath network. Nice find for mid-way on a 13 mile Chiltern hike.

23 Aug 2010 14:46

The Cricketers, Epsom

To my previous comment I hastily add that the management/staff operating this pub are not Ember Inns but tenants paying exhorbitant rent and forced to buy from Ember Inns at artificially high wholesale prices, regardless of customer requests for locally supplied ales. Hence the tenants/staff are stuck between a rock and a hard place. When you tire of the same ales and the limp salad, think of the people at Ember Inns who spend their profit, our hard earned cash, somewhere, anywhere but a chain pub !

13 Aug 2010 16:08

The Cricketers, Epsom

Having stopped with a walking group here yesterday (Wed lunchtime) I had to find this pub on here to comment: alas a poor example of a chain pub. Albeit a pretty looking pub on a green, it is analogous to biting into a ripe rosy apple to find soft pulp inside.
The Young's Bitter was on the turn (distinctly sour with a vinegar aroma). The bar lady pulled some beer thru but the second try was still off. The Adnams Broadside was drinkable. The food was typical British chain pub fare, re-heated baked potatoes and a small pile pile browning limp lettuce for 'salad'.
OK, it was cheap, but still does not qualify as value for money, and few will return.
Ember Inns, Enterprise Inns and PubCos of the like are just greedy landlords, selfish people that are killing British pubs in a currently difficult market. They know they're on a winner: if the pub fails, then they'll realise its value by selling it for housing. So why would they care? I believe the Gov't is looking to change laws to sort these parasites out.

13 Aug 2010 15:46

The Horse and Groom, Hanworth

This drinking hole is fondly known locally as the 'Doom and Gloom'. I have deduced that this is due the rhyme with 'Horse and Groom', but also the perpetual tributes of putrifying flower bouquets that sadly cling to the railings outside. These remind us forever of the murder outside of a young lad some 5/6 years ago?
Knock this pub at your peril! As long as it stays open it'll keep its clientele out of yours and my pub. As does the Airman along the road.

7 Aug 2010 16:09

The Harp, Covent Garden


Congratulations to the HARP in Covent Garden which has been voted the winner of the prestigious CAMRA Greater London Pub of the Year for 2010.
This popular Free House is at 47 Chandos Place, WC2N 4HS, directly opposite Charing Cross Police Station.
For the second year in succession the winning pub�s licensee is a woman, in this case, for 2010, the landlady is Bridget �Binnie� Walsh.

7 Aug 2010 15:52

The Four Horseshoes, Chobham

As one of a group of 25 walkers we visited this pub on a Wednesday July lunchtime for its location on the green. We usually go to the Red Lion in Red Lion road opposite which has been renovated and has a good service. The Four Horseshoes in contrast seems to be run on a shoestring these days. The picture (above) is of it in its hey-day, 5 or so years ago. I have to say the Marstons ale (Pedigree and Diamond) was in very good condition and the <2 x meals for �8> deal was OK. But the overall feeling is neglect and lack of investment and interest and it would be terrible if this old pub on the green closed up or became a restaurant only.
I resist bemoaning of any pub these days as it can only push more pubs towards oblivion and the life in a managed (not free) pub is hard and long hours. SAVE OUR PUBS !!

22 Jul 2010 18:15

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Enjoyed two pints of Salopian Oracle on Sunday night with a shoulder of lamb roast with extra Yorkshire pud. Bliss. Good value and well kept real ale selection. Just wish there was a garden for the summer evenings.

5 Jul 2010 13:46

The Phoenix, Sunbury on Thames

We always enjoy a pint or two of Taylor Landlord or Black Sheep and a bag of nuts on summer evenings overlooking the river at the end of the garden.

5 Jun 2010 21:52

The Grey Horse, Sunbury on Thames

Lovely tucked away little pub with character and a friendly local regular following. Needs a bit of a tidy up but without spoiling its rickety (not quite rustic) personality. Ales are very reasonable at �2.70/pint when nearly everywhere else now is over �3/pint (except Wetherspoons of course).

5 Jun 2010 21:35

The Mayfly, Chilbolton

Over-priced: The Mayfly is undoutedly in a beautiful setting. It is a pub for sitting outdoors on a summers evening by the fast flowing Test watching the swifts swoop in for the rising Mayflies (in May), the trout snapping them up from the clear water below and the ducklings venturing out with mother. For this reason it has always been a very popular stopping point for food and drink.
HOWEVER, the proprietor/owner is PUSHING its PRICES UP to even BEYOND CENTRAL LONDON rates !! Adnams Broadside ale at �3.85 at pint?! Now that's greedy. I had to check the barman hadn't made a mistake. The food prices are edging up quickly too. The pub was surprisingly quiet for a Sunday May Bank holiday evening. I wonder why. Great setting, but folk know when they're being ripped.

1 Jun 2010 18:34

The Ship Inn, Langton Matravers

Popular pub with four well kept local Purbeck ales to choose from. The food looked OK, typical British pub grub avec big chips. Friendly landlord who made us feel welcome even though it was a locals Saturday music night.

1 Jun 2010 18:13

The Fox, Corfe Castle

This is an old fashioned quiet pub tucked away in the back street. The landlord seems to have run this place for many years and has all the real ale casks surrounding him in the bar area. Three or four well kept beers on gravity, but when we were there, they were all main stream ales: Speckled Hen, Tribute, Six X, and Abbot. Reasonably priced though, going by what we are getting used to at �3+ / pint.

1 Jun 2010 18:09

The Royal Oak, Rusper

This pub is runner-up for the 2010 CAMRA National Pub of the Year.

11 Mar 2010 15:48

The Swan, Hanworth

Keep this kind of pub open please. I don't want the fall-out migration in my pub's direction. Like the Crown and Sceptre in Feltham closing, some of its 'orphaned' undesirables are wandering and are a bit close for comfort. Thanks.

11 Mar 2010 15:41

The Albany Arms, Brentford

According to the Honslow Chronicle this pub has now had its opening hours reduced to 11.30 pm Fri, Sat and 11 pm weekdays. This is to try and appease the neighbours who have borne the brunt of many a late night brawl in the streets, to put it mildly.

11 Mar 2010 15:30

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

This pub is blessed with a beautiful protected view Westward with ample benches along the terrace across the road to enjoy a drink. Richmond is alas cursed by the jet planes continually passing low overhead on approach to Heathrow. Remove the sunsets and distant views and you have a mediocre pub serving reasonable beer and food. I'd still recommend a visit on a sunny day.

23 Feb 2010 16:16

The Queens Head, Newton

New Years Day 2010 after a sunny morning stroll, we gathered around a small table in the rustic Saloon bar, and sampled some excellent Adnams ales and feshly cut sandwiches. A friendly warm gem of a pub with not a red faced hooray Henry in sight. At least, not until I think I caught a glimpse of one in the mirror in the Gents after a couple of pints <grin>.

3 Jan 2010 16:46

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

As a fairly regular visitor to the Moon I would say that generally, there is a good turnover of variety in real ales served here, and of good quality. The majority are of the copper/bitter and golden/blonde variety, but quite often, dark, mild or extra strong ales feature in the line up, especially during Winter. There is also usually an 'on gravity' firkin on tap, on the bar top.
I believe that this Feltham branch, despite it being one of the smaller branches of 752 nationwide, is one of the top sellers of real ale.

3 Jan 2010 16:34

The Lord Palmerston (Pickled Newt), Hounslow

HOUNSLOW CHRONICLE 25th November 2009:
The Lord Palmeston pub in Hounslow could be closed for good over claims it is frequented by drug dealers.

The pub in Staines Road has been plagued by problems over the past year, including armed fights, pushers selling heroine and cocaine, and drunk and obstructive staff, according to a damning police report.

The pub has been shut since mid-September when a routine inspection found a series of potential fire hazards, including a faulty smoke alarm system and signs of an unreported blaze.

Councillors will decide on December 1 whether its owners should be stripped of their licence.

Osprey Pubs, which is part of the Admiral Taverns group,originally lost its licence in November last year following a string of assaults, in one of which a man's skull was fractured.

The company challenged the ruling and was allowed to continue running the pub provided it complied with new regulations. However, police claim the owners have failed to clean up their act and, in an application to the council's licensing committee, recommend 'in the strongest possible terms' that the licence be revoked.

In a five-page report, licensing officer PC Lindsay Cornock outlines the pub's failings over the last 12 months, which include: toddlers being allowed to play in areas where drug dealers were known to operate, police being called at least four times to fights, one of which involved a large knife, witnesses allegedly being threatened following a serious assault, staff having no idea how to operate the CCTV system, in which only five out of eight cameras were found to be working.

PC Cornock ends the report by saying: "I have made efforts to ensure that those who are operating the premises work in partnership with police and others, but they have failed to engage. I find this particularly alarming as the incidents at the premises, their nature and those involved in those incidents are still coming to the attention of police."

A notice on the door this week said the pub was closed and advised potential buyers to contact the estate agents.

26 Nov 2009 15:09

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

I can't believe this 'real ale mecca' pub will not be allowed to re-open by its greedy landlords (rent hike 15% ?!) in these times of high street pub hard-ship? . I hear some negotiating is afoot. Let's hope. A truly inspiring pub.
Apparently on the 'closing' night, all ale was clearing for �1/pint.

2 Nov 2009 19:26

The Green Man, Hatton

This very old pub, once amid farms, fields and not much else, now sits under the direct flight path of the continuous stream of large jets's descending thru less than 1000 ft, at 180 mph, and around 15 seconds before touch down on Heathrow's South runway.
With pint, sit either on the tables at the front for overhead passes, or better still, towards the back of the large garden, to watch planes approach from the East.
The gargantuan Airbus A380 double decker super jumbo jet is quite a sight to behold and will become as common as the old Boeing 747 jumbo in years to come. An A380 comes in daily from Singapore at around 7 pm ish.
Oh and the beer isn't bad either :-)
NOTE: Plastic glasses only for the garden

9 Oct 2009 15:47

Feltham Ex-Services Club, Feltham

Is this a pub? Does it serve real ale?

9 Oct 2009 15:17

The General Roy, Feltham

For beer (real ale) quality and choice I'd personally rank this pub No. 2 in the Feltham area, 2nd only to the Moon. Not a bad pub to sit outside in the summer evenings.

6 Oct 2009 13:08

The Albany Arms, Brentford

It sounds as though this pub can only get better. It is NEVER a good thing for a pub to close for ever.

6 Oct 2009 12:55

The Airman, Feltham

Too many pubs are closing. Where will folks go to be social with their local brethren is we knock struggling pubs into the ground. I pass this pub frequently and at least it shows some signs of hope now with smart new "The Airman" pub signs up. Keep our locals.

6 Oct 2009 12:52

The Crown and Sceptre, Feltham



Posted by Ed Saunt on Sep 28, 09 05:05 PM
Punters visiting the Crown and Sceptre in Feltham will be served a different tonic from now on - the ailing pub is to become a doctor's surgery.

Police had the Staines Road boozer's license revoked earlier this month following a catalogue of violent incidents and now the owners have sold the lease to a group of GPs who plan to set up practice there.

The venue has been the scene of fights, assaults on children and a rape allegation in the last few months and a man lost his eye in an attack in March in which a police officer was also assaulted.
Police had had enough so applied for its licence to be withdrawn and owners Punch Taverns decided not to fight the application and sold up.

The pub's kitchens have been stripped and the inside readied for a complete overhaul in time for a surgery to open some time next year.

Hounslow police licensing inspector Steve Edwards said: "It's unfortunate to lose a pub but with the problems we have had around it is partially good news.

"It is now an unlicensed premises and while I would not want to comment on what it is likely to become, it won't be a pub - that's for sure."

Neighbour Doreen Baker, 72, said: "It's such a relief to know it's finally shut for good. That whole corner had become a no-go area day and night and the racket they used to make there was just unbearable.

"You heard all these stories about the horrific things that happened there - it's dreadful to think that's all on your doorstep. A new surgery sounds like a great idea. I would definitely use it."

A spokeswoman for Punch Taverns said: "We can confirm that the Crown & Sceptre has been sold. As the pub is no longer part of our estate it would be in appropriate for us to comment on its future. We wish the new buyers every success."

6 Oct 2009 12:36

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Congratulations on, once again, attaining the Richmond & Hounslow CAMRA branch blessing for real ale quality served. Good Beer Guide 2010, the Moon's in it !

23 Sep 2009 16:25

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

GBG2010? Correction: Apologies, I meant GARY, not "Andy" in the previous comment.

14 Aug 2009 18:26

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

GBG2010?: wait and see. The timing of the management change might just be in favour of the Moon this time, and I'd argue that Andy has been a main influence on the the excellent real ale quality here for a year and more anyway ie GBG2009. Keep it going Andy. Get the CAMRA "We're in it" banner ready !

14 Aug 2009 18:22

The Sun Inn, Chobham

We finished here for late lunch after a short (8 miles) hike around the Chobham/Windlesham area and enjoyed two excellent pints of Wayland's Addlestone Ale and a portion of Potato Wedges. Will be back.

14 Aug 2009 18:06

The Mansion, Feltham

As of this week, 18th july 2009, The Mansion looks to have re-opened. The boarded up windows and the concrete slabs surrounding the premises have gone and the lights are on again. Just when we thought....
Any Real Ales this time round? Good luck anyway.

23 Jul 2009 12:35

The Airman, Feltham

The Airman is looking smart again with new "The Airman" signs (in blue) on each side.

18 Jul 2009 20:24

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Oh dear, this is all getting a bit public and personal for a pub review forum. Too much information! As long as the manager and staff are keeping the real ales top notch and the rest as reasonable as a Wetherspoon's can be, then they're doing alright in my book.
For the price, the food is OK. There are no Michelin Star chefs behind the scenes in any Wetherspoon kitchen, guaranteed, not at these prices.
Don't let 'em get you down Mr. Manager and staff.
Moreover, don't leave on a whim at this time else you'll scupper all the hard work you folks have done this last year maintaining the CAMRA Good Beer Guide standard for 2010! Change management before it goes to print (August) and it may get pulled.

9 Jul 2009 18:21

The Sloop Inn, Wootton Bridge

This pub is great mid-week while the kids are at school with view along the creek. Also the all-day roast carvery is good value at �3.95 with 2 yorkies and as much veg as you care to pile on. Beer (Ringwood) was good condition. For the prices I can only recommend. Kids start coming at 4ish, and I would be cautious once the schools break up. Cheap grub for hungry families is bound to attract the hoards at weekends. Still, pick your times and it's OK.

7 Jul 2009 15:12

The Chine Inn, Shanklin

We were staying in Shanklin and found this pub served good beer (Landlord and Goddard's) and was a pleasant breezy spot to while away the light summer evenings. I think (as told by a local) the owner runs this pub as more of a hobby than a livelihood. Nice pub with sea veiws, as has the Fisherman's pub immediately below on the beach level.

7 Jul 2009 15:02

The Shakespeare, Richmond

Reliable rumour has it that Young's have applied for planning permission to replace this pub with... yes, more flats. Nice little instant earner for Young's and another pub bites the dust. Watch that space (it hasn't happened... yet).

23 Jun 2009 21:28

The Rose and Crown, Thorpe Green

Stopped here for lunch today with a group of other walkers and was very impressed with the friendly efficient service, so much so that I am taking the effort to give some postive feed back here. It is part of a small chain I believe (clue: Brake Bros. catering lorry was delivering food as we left), but despite that it served real ales in top condition, and the food and service was not the typical chain stereotype. For a first visit opinion, I'd certainly return for more.

17 Jun 2009 21:55

The Cricketers, Row Town

Stopped here for lunch on a Wednesday while on a walk with a group and found the service was friendly, and the beer (London Pride, Courage Best) good albeit not the most exciting selection. The food was good value and freshly cooked, and served in good time. I would return if in the area.

10 Jun 2009 17:20

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

What a wonderful pub set in ancient countryside in a labyrinth of old lanes. We found this in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2009 and it mentioned that this was likely the oldest free house in the country. On the back of the menu sheet is a detailed history going back 100s of years.
We found a great selection of ales, generous wholsome quality food, justifying the wholesome prices. It is obviously a very old original pub building with a huge car park and large 'natural' outdoor area.
A fortunate discovery of a well hidden gem. We'll return with friends.

30 May 2009 22:43

Hole In The Wall, Brixham

Tried this pub while down for a Whitsun break and found the beer is well kept with local Bay's (hand pump) and Otter (gravity) ales on sale at very reasonable prices. This is a live music pub, so not the place for a quiet chat. The new landlord is setting the upstairs for a possible quieter area.

26 May 2009 19:50

The White Hart, Pulborough

An idylic setting on a summer's evening sipping a pint or 2 of local ale, an ancient bridge as backdrop, while watching the fish break the surface of the slow river. A pub and setting lost in time. One of my all time favorites over the years. see Good Beer Guide.

9 May 2009 15:09

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

The Wetherspoon's Real Ale festival is on and the Moon's staff have as usual top condition ale on tap, but we are now spoilt for choice too. They have even gone to the trouble to have some casks on gravity on the bar. Unlike fizzy keg beers and lagers these ales take skill to keep in the top condition I can consistently report for this pub. And for �1.79 / pint !
(75p for an extra fried egg is a bit steep though. Oh well.)

20 Apr 2009 23:54

The Horse and Groom, Hanworth

Knock this pub at your peril. As long as it stays open it'll keep its clientele out of yours and my pub. Long last the Horse and Groom and the perpetual tributes of flowers that sadly cling to the railings outside.

20 Apr 2009 23:26

The Jolly Coopers, Hampton

We used to pop into this locals pub for a pint or two before walking along to the Riverside Indian restaurant for a curry. We still do pop in, but since trying the excellent Seafood Paella produced by the Cuban chef, we haven't been along the road for a curry for well over a year now. The Seafood Paella is wonderful, well seasoned, freshly cooked, and packed with mussels, squid, prawns, peppers, chillies and if you're lucky, a linguistine on top. The ales are also usually on good form with varying guest appearances. Must try the restaurant.

21 Mar 2009 22:19

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

As a fairly regular 'real ale' local here I hope that the management and staff take comments on this site with a pinch of salt. Although there are often useful comments to be heeded, extreme comments can be made easily made helped by anonymity, both complimentary and insulting. Every pub has its share. I have seen some get a very unfair bashing from a few, and often when new owners or managers take over. I think there are more positive comments for the Moon than negative overall. Can't please 'em all.
Although the staff's hands are largely tied by Wetherspoons, the levels of service and beer quality are at the mercy of the staff. This pub has a friendly regular staff and the real ale quality continues in 2009 at CAMRA Good Beer Guide standards, credit to enthusiastic staff and training in cellar management. Looking good for 2010 in my opinion.
To prove I am not biased or linked to this pub, here's a small moan: the empty bottle bank by the emptys hatch has an ear drum bursting decibel rating when empty bottles are deposited for those sitting nearby. Where are my earplugs?

11 Mar 2009 17:39

The Sportsman 'Time Well Spent', Mogador

Good choice of beers, good food, and friendly welcome, seemingly in the middle of nowhere... look no further.

11 Mar 2009 17:01

The Three Horseshoes, Feltham

This pub has its own web-site and looks like the landlord is making some good effort to keep this an ongoing venue. I did hear rumour that it is to be lost to a development of flats. I hope this is just rumour. This pub ranks in the top half of Feltham/Bedfont's dozen or so pubs, in my opinion.

7 Feb 2009 18:30

The Old Swan Uppers, Cookham

Good friendly pub with flagstone floors. Friendly landlord and locals. Great walkers stop. Good beer. Reasonably priced food. Slightly away from the old tourist Cookham.

7 Feb 2009 18:08

The Villagers Inn, Blackheath

I am afraid that until the present "landlord" moves on this pub will be a disappointment. The ale choice is unimaginative and not particularly well kept and sells out even though the pub is no longer a popular destination. I appreciate running a pub is long hours, but the landlord here doesn't seem to want to make the effort to make customers feel at all welcome. Great location. Shame.

29 Jan 2009 19:31

Five Bells, Harmondsworth

Presumably this pub is part of Heathrow's 3rd runway, now confirmed? I painfully imagine what my conscience would scream at me if I was a bulldozer operator who will ineviatebly raise this lovely old village pub. This relic of an old English pub must be dismantled and re-built? But it is also the people linked to the bricks and mortar over centuries, to present, that will be lost forever. Heart breaking. 15 years will pass and we'll reminisce of this place in photos, like the villages under the reservoirs.

16 Jan 2009 17:23

The Crown, Harmondsworth

Presumably this pub is part of Heathrow's 3rd runway? I wonder what my conscience would scream at me as a bulldozer driver who will ineviatebly raise this lovely old village.

16 Jan 2009 17:14

The Marlborough, Richmond

We visited this pub on a week day evening and I liked the ambience and decor. Very comfortable. The real ales (Young's) were in very good condition. I can't comment on food but there is a large kitchen aperture at the back. The food served to others looked basic and the menu quite pricey, but hey, it's Richmond.
Summary: I'd visit again for a relaxed pint of good beer.
ps Agreed mpw246pl (other reviewer below) seems to have idle time to write lengthy twaddle. Give these pubs a break, we're losing them at the rate of 40-a-week in this country !!

30 Nov 2008 14:28

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

This pub is blessed with a wonderful location on Richmond Hill. Just across the road is a long wide seat lined terrace enjoying protected views WSW from Richmond Hill across the Thames towards Windsor and beyond. We enjoyed the sunset with a couple of pints of reasonably kept ale.

23 Sep 2008 18:21

The Merry Harriers, Hambledon

... and without further ado, with the sound of a motorbike engine fading into the distant countryside, and the buzz of pub conversation resuming, I ordered another pint of ale... and a bowl of... mushroom soup <smile>.

19 Sep 2008 18:50

The Old Red Lion, Staines

Cosy pub. The beer prices here are always a step ahead of anywhere else, but I only visit once a month for a club pub evening. Beer is usually well kept. I only wish the landlord would be a bit more daring and have a change from years of Fuller's London Pride and Young's Bitter.

19 Sep 2008 17:57

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

A real character unpretentious friendly pub with authentic Thai nosh ordered via a hatchway. Real ale is the theme here and it is always changing. In fact the landlord keeps a tally and has served over 2000 different ales here since 1996. Being picky I'd prefer an off-white "smokey pub" decor rather than the harsh bright white. Also the fruit machines use room for more tables. But a gem of a pub nonetheless.

17 Sep 2008 09:38

The Plough, Coldharbour

I have walked the Surrey Hills for 20+ years and have used this pub many times. I believe the same owners have run it over those years. The pub was renovated for lodging around 10 years ago and from that time the feel noticeably attempted to switch to an "up-market" tone. Half of the bar was cordoned off as 'eating only', prices increased and 'hearty Irish' portions reduced, though the home-made quality is retained. The micro brewery continued to brew good beers: Crooked Furrow and Tally Wacker. The Landlord ran the bar and the Landlady ran the catering which seemd to work well. The landlord (brewer) had recently been very ill and stopped brewing. It saddens me to read all these negative reviews as it never used to be like this not so long ago. I have to admit that I have never asked for a glass of water with a meal, or at any time. Dare I stammer such a request in defiance?

15 Sep 2008 16:33

The Chaser, Shipbourne

Well kept selection of real ales and good quality food in sizeable portions, though you pay for what you get here. This is a busy place at weekends and once served the food arrives quite quickly. Service could be quicker if the bar area wasn't clogged with folks sitting on stools. And you can pay when you order if you ask, in response to the comment below. Recommended.

15 Sep 2008 14:54

The Lion, Teddington

The current proprietor here has an unenviable task of following a top act from previous, this was CAMRA's London Pub of the Year 2007. However, after a couple of visits including the August Beer Fest and BBQ, the real ales are well kept and we still have a great local. With 5 pubs a week disappearing in the UK, local gems like these can't be taken for granted.

13 Sep 2008 13:28

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

It is great to see this pub back in CAMRA'a Good Beer Guide for 2009 after after a year's absence due to standard CAMRA policy: a change of pub management last year. As it happens the quality of real ales has continued consistently to at least the previous standard, while now regularly featuring local Twickenham ales. Well done to the new management and the ever friendly staff.

13 Sep 2008 13:07

The Airman, Feltham

This pub is currently signed up at the front as "The --RM--". Taking bets on the final surviving letter. Is this landmark pub one of the next of 5-a-week to close down to make way for lo-cost flats?

13 Sep 2008 12:50

The Bucks Head, Godden Green

Mid-walk lunch: friendly welcome, well kept beer. We had 2 large fresh whole plaice with a creamy prawn sauce and veg. Reasonably priced but just slightly overcooked. Lovely location. Recommended.

12 Sep 2008 11:31

The Crown Inn, Horton

Shame. A lovely old country pub on a small green blighted by low climbing aircraft directly overhead on full throttle from Heathrow a few miles away. The bar lady immediately warned us the London Pride (only real ale on) might be a "bit tangy", yes it was well passed its best and undrinkable. Turnover may not be sufficient to sell a 72 pint barrel in a few days. My bad timing, perhaps. Pub had loud music playing on the juke box and widescreen TV screens on.
Didn't notice any obvious gays, not that I was looking.

10 Aug 2008 17:19

The Merry Harriers, Hambledon

The pub selling 'Warm beer and lousy food' has been known to the contrary for miles around, and for many years with walkers along the passing Greensand Way. New owners have arrived (welcome & good luck) ; I hope they don't change things too much here. It has long been a rare unspoilt country backroad pub. It is also currently a CAMRA rated Good Beer Guide 2008 pub.

30 Jul 2008 14:03

Shoulder of Mutton, Wendover

An old Wendover landmark. This pub has much history and stories. The romance of such is somewhat removed when one noticed 'Chef & Brewer' signage, another chain pub serving bland heated up food that gives England its bland grub reputation.
I liked the idea that the chain is turning over a changing choice of real ales. However, they are all served in hazy condition, likely due to the un-trained un-motivated staff.

21 Apr 2008 11:46

The Red Lion, Bradenham

Stopped here on a hike in the area. Welcome friendly hostelry featuring well kept real ale and good food. Why isn't this in CAMRA's Good Beer Guide?

14 Apr 2008 10:50

The Crown and Sceptre, Feltham

Just for the record this pub does not even feature in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. However, this does not necessarily reflect on the pub in general, more a focus on the quality of the real ales served. And that depends on what type of beer/lager the clientele prefer.

9 Apr 2008 13:44

The Royal Oak, Crockham Hill

This is a welcoming pub for walkers in this area. The pub owners have left an uncarpeted area at one end for walkers and tasty lighter hot meals are served quickly. The beer is from the Kentish Shepherd Neame brewery and seemed to be kept well. The Westerham brewery is nearby, but this pub did not feature a uest beer.

9 Apr 2008 13:32

The Royal Oak, Holmbury St Mary

Although there are two good pubs in Holmbury St. Mary (the King's Head is tucked away up in the back street), this pub wins on its village green location, if not for its beer and food.

24 Mar 2008 10:20

The Kings Head, Holmbury St Mary

Lunch stop on a hike: Good old original non-chain pub tucked away in the back street of the village. Open all day. The beer is well kept and they even featured a barrel of Itchen Valley - Godfather real ale on gravity. Excellent variety quality food. Let's keep these disappearing independent local gems!

24 Mar 2008 10:09

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

I'd agree that John and Sarah were a tough act to follow. However, I think the pub has maintained its standard in a historically difficult town. The new management has certainly kept the real ales up to standard and has gone out of his way to regularly feature the local Twickenham brewery ales. It is a pub highly regarded by CAMRA. Food is standard Wetherspoon's grub. Service is always friendly. A Wetherspoons isn't my ideal pub but it is excellent value.

21 Mar 2008 12:35

The Red Lion, Feltham

This old pub has had a fortune spent on it recently. It has witnessed demographic changes in Feltham over 150+ years. Hopefully this will continue.

21 Mar 2008 12:25

The Mansion, Feltham

Shame. Money must have been spent on changing this pub.

21 Mar 2008 12:21

The O'Briens, Brentford

Excellent quality real ales, but at a price. Good food and free roasties on the bar after lunch on Sunday. Good ambience and clientele. Occassional villainous clientele apparent.

21 Mar 2008 12:17

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

re: previous comment... they say many a true word spoken in jest ;-) There is speculation over what is to become of the building over the next year or so. Notice the outside windows on the 1st floor are the only 1960s originals along the whole street. I just hope for the town's sake they keep a Wetherspoon's on that spot, even if they eventually do a complete rebuild. With its friendly atmosphere, and interesting layout with booths and split levels, and of course its all-year-round variety of low-priced real ales and pub grub, it would be a great loss to the town centre.

22 Nov 2007 16:26

The Anchor, Ripley

I was a regular in this lovely old pub from 1997 - around 2004, not so long ago, when the landlord sold out. It was a place with a friendly open atmosphere where you could have a quiet evening talking with friends over a pint and a Thai meal in the bar/pub area. There were 2 lovely pub dogs, a few real regulars, some less regular customers, some passing trade even, and it all worked along with friendly bar staff.
Since the landlord left a new noisy rough crowd (pikeys?)arrived and took the bar area over with distorted music playing loudly thru the pub system. It even affected people in the Thai restaurant area, who complained in vain. It drove many out.
I believe the owner is trying to change things back to how they were, but we'll see.
The Thai is top notch regardless. Shame.

1 Nov 2007 20:13

The Jolly Coopers, Hampton

The propietor of the Jolly Coopers has a knack of making you feel like a welcome regular here with genuine acknowledgement as you arrive and eventually set off home. The clientelle are friendly local regulars, with a small passing trade for the Indian restaurant a few doors along the road. The guest beers are always changing and the bar food is of good restaurant quality. There is an talented chef somewhere behind the scenes of this pub. I will try the restaurant at the back, Sqiffy's, sometime soon.

15 Oct 2007 12:35

The Red Lion, Thorpe

Lovely old pub from the front. Not sure what's going on beyond but looks as though some 'home improvements' are in progress. Not sure about the 6 ft high fencing for the beer garden though? 3 beers on tap in reasonable condition.

6 Aug 2007 21:04

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Out with the old, in with the new, although the new manager, Bagrat (that's his name), has featured behind the bar for some time under John & Sarah. After some weeks now, and the intro of non-smoking, and albeit following a hard act, the new manager is keeping the beer standards well up to scratch. This pub has been a CAMRA Good Beer Guide pub for some years and the beer quality, and choice looks to be continuing at very good standard.
...and generally: What a difference 'No smoking' makes !!

19 Jul 2007 13:43

The Portcullis Inn, Tormarton

This is our M4 lunch stop when travelling West (or East for dinner) due to its handy 5 minute diversion off the motorway and direction by CAMRAS's Good Beer Guide. Tucked away in Tomarton village, it serves a reasonably priced, generously served, variety of meals. The ales are well kept and the landlord is friendly with a style of dry humour. The pub seems to be in the midst of a gradual name change, to the General's Retreat to distinguish it from another Port Cullis in a town nearby. It is frequented by hikers from the close passing Cotswold Way. A great stop-off for all.

18 Apr 2007 13:42

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

A large chain town pub in a rough town and frequented by a mix of local office clientele early evening, plus some rougher local characters who seem to live there. Pub is strictly managed and any trouble is rapidly dissolved. Excellent quality, ever changing, range of real ales always on tap. Beer worthy of its Good Beer Guide status.

11 Jul 2005 17:05

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