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Comments by loveleedshatebates

The Running Horses, Mickleham

Staff dressed like waiters, exclusive food area bigger than drinking bar, shouldn't work for me and doesn't but the beer served was fine.

4 Jun 2013 17:06

The Snowdrop, Lewes

Clearly a good beer place need for the attitude from the young bar staff and defo no need for the blaring music at 11.45am on a Saturday morning. A touch on the pretentious side for my liking.

24 Mar 2013 20:33

Dorset Arms, Lewes

The pleasent surprise of the day out in Lewes, under-rated, well worth a visit.

24 Mar 2013 20:32

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

Popular, a bit dark in terms of light but still ok.

24 Mar 2013 20:31

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

Proper old school pub with a decent range of beers.

24 Mar 2013 20:30

The Swan, Lewes

Goiod place to play darts quietly.

24 Mar 2013 20:29

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

Decent, crowded when we arrived.

24 Mar 2013 20:27

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

The new version is a bit "arty" IMHO. Agree that the use of the Wheatsheaf name causes confusion, not sure why they didn't use the word "New" in front. I shudder to think what they charge for the sausage rolls they advertise on wooden boxes on the small tables.

6 Jan 2013 17:58

The Grove Inn, Holbeck

Stays decent this place, should never change.

28 Oct 2012 12:02

The Garden Gate, Leeds

Oh what would I do to move this pub into the centre, its almost perfect....

28 Oct 2012 11:59

The North Bar, Leeds

I like everything about this place, except the decor....had the Kernel IBA, cost me a fortune....

28 Oct 2012 11:58

The Ship, Leeds

It is ok, like Whitelocks suffers from space problems but not too bad.

28 Oct 2012 11:55

The Brewery Tap, Leeds

I like it, had Gathering storm which was decent.

28 Oct 2012 11:53

Charters Bar and East Restaurant, Peterborough

Difficult to get a full picture when the place is full of footy fans but it seemed a decent place.

27 Aug 2012 17:00

The Brewery Tap, Peterborough

Second visit, as good as the first, fantasic beer range.

27 Aug 2012 16:58

The Ostrich Inn, Peterborough

Enjoyed a visit to here after visiting the Brewary Tap. Looked a nice place, obviously recently done up and the beet was excellent.

27 Aug 2012 16:57

The Railway Arms, Alton

Old school pub with great beer. Look out for the three-legged greyhound.

12 Aug 2012 10:06

The Railway Hotel, Billericay

Not a bad little place if a touch quiet on a Saturday afternoon. Landlord likes the sound of his own voice but apart from that all service pleasent.

30 Jul 2012 15:21

The Malt Shovel, Dartford

Not in long enough to get a full flavour of the place but long enough to spot the idiot smoking a cig inside disgused as a electronic cig. Lazy blighter was 6 ft away from the door!

21 Jul 2012 22:44

The Rose of Denmark, Charlton

Unassuming place that is better than it looks on the outside.

21 Jul 2012 22:42

The Antigallican, Charlton

Unpleasent waste of space. Dropped in at 12.05pm on a Saturday to find a dark confused place that should no real beer. Asked the only sign of life if they were showing the test match, said barmaid struggled to work the system. Tow Guiness ordered later two other bits of staff walk in and within 3 minutes have put on some load drum and bass and turned the TV to golf....exit stage left with pal with horrid drink left behind. When Leeds play Charlton this season I recommend the mass of the Yorkshire support use the place in the way they always use pubs close to away ground and the rest of us will drink in the Princees Of Denmark....

21 Jul 2012 22:40

The Riverhead Brewery Tap, Marsden

Didn't see anything of the inside but the beer that came out of this rammed pub was excellent (Ossett Pale Gold). This pub gets "Ale Trail" treatment which explains why it was rammed.

15 Jul 2012 07:57

The Railway Hotel, Hebden Bridge

A good place to chill after a long hike. Decent ber and cozy, only slightly spolit with old crusties discussing their drug years......

15 Jul 2012 07:52

The Cock Inn, Bishop's Stortford

Spent a decent couple of hours one Saturday afternnon. A bit "locals" but still ok.

15 Apr 2012 13:21

The Surrey Yeoman, Dorking

This place can't decide what it is, young person place, county set place, foof place, beer place or just plain confused.

10 Apr 2012 19:18

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

Now 100% Nicholson branded but stillnothing taken away from its uniqueness.

7 Apr 2012 20:52

The Borough Arms, Dorchester

Could do with turning its music down but ok. No idea why the waste loads of sittinmg space with a indoor skittles pitch?

7 Apr 2012 20:50

Tom Browns, Dorchester

Scruffy around the edges but an ok place. beer decent, only pub I can remember has a school can prominant behind the bar...

7 Apr 2012 20:48

The Blue Raddle, Dorchester

Good pub, old school but pleasent with decent ale.

7 Apr 2012 20:46

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

The old place seems to have upped its game on service and so was back towards its best. A bit strange no TT in but a decent range of local ales and some from further afield.

23 Jan 2012 07:56

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Still their, still serving god beer and an interesting range. Still needs a little clean.

10 Jan 2012 08:10

The Magpie, Walton On Thames

Chav-ville, avoid. No real ale, barman didn't know what a single malt was.....

1 Jan 2012 12:59

The Weir Hotel, Walton on Thames

Cosy fire, nice old fashioned riverside pub, decent beer and excellent food.

31 Dec 2011 20:50

The Punch and Judy, Tonbridge

Apart from the biggest cobweb I have ever seen I can't fault the best pub in Tonbridge (although the bogs inserted in a cavern was amusing!

18 Dec 2011 09:19

The Man of Kent, Tonbridge

A hiddley piddley place and also given its name had only women in at 5.30pm on a Saturday! Second best pub in Tonbridge!

18 Dec 2011 09:15

The Humphrey Bean, Tonbridge

Its massive is about all I can say out this place.

18 Dec 2011 09:12

The Globe Inn, Weymouth

Popped in with a Dorset based mate last Saturday, pleasent, decent beer, a touch "local" and a hint of "frontroom" in style

8 Dec 2011 16:58

The Picture Palace, Braintree

Kelham Island obviously..doh.

20 Nov 2011 18:29

The Picture Palace, Braintree

I'm not a fan of the JDW pubs but this one passed the mustard. Staff couldn't have been more accomadating about splitting the screens for different football matches, the beer rane and quality of good, nice Kelvin Island for example and the gub was ok as well. Can see the place being cold on a midweek night given how cavernious it is but still its worth a look IMHO.

20 Nov 2011 14:29

Euston Tap, Euston

Pricey, small bogs, shabby and closes at 10 on a Sunday, despite the different beers on view it is not a patch on the Rake bar.

31 Oct 2011 07:09

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Popped in on a Friday lunchtime to see the refurb...and its a mix bag. The outside bit works, except as already mentioned its closeness to heavy traffic. The green/grey wood paint i think will look better as it fades. Liked the barrels in the front bar area, did not like the fact no hand-pulls were working in the side bar. The upstairs area is brighter and fresh with those horrid seatees gone but the Green Room has been abused, get rid of that long table!! Grapes in Surbiton, emmm.

Beer range as normal, however number of staff on even worse than normal. Waited a ridiculious time for grub to come and given the SW1 style prices they charge there is no excuse for that! Will need another visit to be sure but on this first showing they need to up their game.

9 Oct 2011 20:54

The Fountain, New Malden

Was forced into the place due to the real ale heaven down the road called Woodies having no Sky Sports 2....and it has improved a bit, decour new but plastic, hand-pulls on, which I don't remember from last time, and choice not bad (Landlord and Mad Goose 2 of the 4). Age range of customers on the bordering on legal side but a decent sized TV screen without overload volume. Still wouldn't choose to go but might reconsider it as a fall-back if required.

21 Sep 2011 14:05

Woodies, New Malden

Took a mate from Essex to see the place, he thought it a bit eclectic and a touch "60's".....Beer on form as always, service with a forced smile (but you wouldn't have it any other way these days).

5 Sep 2011 14:08

The Brewery Tap, Ipswich

A pig to find, a bit widdily-piddingly inside but worth it beer wise.

28 Aug 2011 12:28

The Lord Nelson, Ipswich

back one year on from lat visit, still as good as it was.

28 Aug 2011 12:26

The Dove, Ipswich

Great place, loved the tv's with adverts for next weeks beer festival, great beer and pork pies.

28 Aug 2011 12:25

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Sky sportsless again!

31 May 2011 15:57

The Black Lion, Surbiton

Ok boozer but a few issues. Not keen on having my beer served by a novice on first day training......

31 May 2011 15:51

The Victoria, Surbiton

The manager in this place is an idiot, people came in for the play-off final between Reading and Swansea but no-one wanted to buy (note not loan for a deposit, buy) 3 d glasses. When asked to turn the 3D off the manager refused, losing 10 customers in an instant. To make matters worse those that did stay were subjected to 80's music drowning out the footy. Brainless customer service.

31 May 2011 15:49

Woodies, New Malden

As much as I love this pub I do feel that if your going to attract people from miles around based on your footy themed walls you should prioritise the football (in this case the L1 play-off final) over a Rubgy charity game (England v BaaBaa's).

31 May 2011 15:44

The Berrylands, Berrylands

What to make of what is my nearest pub??? Well its busier than it has been for a while, the young manager has a young staff and seems to be evolving a locals pub. I got the impression that whilst the service was fine if you wern't recognised by the staff you wern't supposed to be there. Beer ok, food wise seemed to be a "all you can eat for a fiver" barbaque.

31 May 2011 15:35

The King and Queen, Brighton

Full of underagers and never grown uppers. Massive but dingy. TV screen in beer garden, which is dufferent! Beer not great.

16 May 2011 15:55

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

Went a few weeks ago on a Bank Holiday Monday, beer range decent, in ok condition, service pleasent and yet something not right. No food despite advertised and not many in. Wallpaper falling off one wall (cavonous place). Worth a second visit next time the football gods send me to Crystal Palace.

15 May 2011 07:05

The Ginger Pig, Hove

Awful eatery disgused as a pub. Pork-Scratchings at 2.50 a bowl. Clearly don't want drinkers but at least the Doon Bar was passable. They have one the most extensive Single Malt ranges ever seen in a pub but that doesn't compensate for being pushy and snotty. Suggest people go to the Sussex around the corner.

15 May 2011 07:02

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Not sure what to make of this place, looks good, proper pub but....the beer range not extensive and the Harveys wasn't at its best. The back of the pub reminded me of the Gunmakers in Clerkenwell! Bogs spotless.

15 May 2011 06:59

The Evening Star, Brighton

To think all those years at conferences drinking in garbage holes and this gem was a minute from the station! Great beer, good ambiance (place was packed at 12.00pm on a Saturday, think some Camra mob was using it was the starting point to a beer bus session), massive choice for its size.

15 May 2011 06:57

The Rake, London Bridge

So much beer in so little a space. Pricey in parts but they do try to cover all the angles, taste samples etc.

Of course it can get a bit young when the market crowd take over but nevertheless given the local competition it is a good un.

As an aside first mail pub bog I have ever found a baby change unit it!!

9 May 2011 09:24

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Nice little find, perhaps a touch contradictory for my liking, very old style inside but the pavement very studentlandish. Beers all rare finds in London and kept decent, although perhaps too many "golden" beers. Assume the carpet is listed!

16 Apr 2011 12:10

The No Sign Wine Bar, Swansea

11.00am on a Saturday isn't perhaps the best time to check out a pub but even so not bad. My pint of Whippet was fine. Place goes back miles! Bogs good, except the cubicle door opens out and the lock is broken (upstairs) so that makes for an interesting way to evacuate....

Recommend it for anyone going to football and need to keep away from the gangs of local knuckledraggers....

28 Feb 2011 17:54

The Spanish Galleon, Greenwich

Not bad if a little depopulated for a Saturday night, kent best seemed fine.

14 Feb 2011 16:46

Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Can't stand pubs that have over 50% of the ground floor laid out for dining!

14 Feb 2011 12:54

Richard I, Greenwich

One of the better Young pubs I have been in. Could do with more staff on a Saturday afternoon.

14 Feb 2011 12:51

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

A bit "young couples and baby set" for my liking. May look better on a mid-week.

14 Feb 2011 12:50

The Cutty Sark Tavern, Greenwich

Not bad place, proberbly tourist in summer.

14 Feb 2011 12:48

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Popped in after the Arsenal v Leeds game. If its closing you can't tell, it was as always.

24 Jan 2011 13:39

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Was there today at opening. No taylors but lots of choice, had the Wandle, enjoyed it and didn't turn my nose up at the plastic glasses.

22 Jan 2011 17:47

The Wych Elm, Kingston Upon Thames

Put some heating on in the day and GET IN A GUEST ALE!

14 Jan 2011 15:41

The Lord Clyde, Borough

I like this place after one visit, it reminds me of what the Wenlock would be if smartened up...Nice xmas decs up. Very busy by 6pm....however the xmas opening times suggest locals don't use it much! Only gripe was the size of my salt beef sandwich, a bit on the dinky side. Doom bar was fine.

23 Dec 2010 10:13

The Norbiton and Dragon, Norbiton

Ok place to get a Speckled Hen on draught but seems to be more a lunchtime than a night pub.

29 Nov 2010 20:57

The Canbury Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

F.A.O the manager, when your menu's say 12 is the latest for breakfast food, bacon etc, its not on to be told at 11.50 its no longer avialable, especially if you have waited 10 minutes to be served due to some problem with coffee...

29 Nov 2010 20:55

The Railway, Streatham

Maybe a cold Saturday lunchtime just as doors open isn't the best time for a visit but for me it lacked something.....

28 Nov 2010 11:03

The Crown and Sceptre, Kensington

Its always difficult to judge a pub when your only in for 30 minutes and its packed with gig goers but based on the beer (and the little I could see in the darkness of the lighting) it was ok.

28 Nov 2010 11:01

The Murderers, Norwich

Went in yesterday before the football, great place, the "theme" perhaps distracts from a pub that does great ale, good food and enough tv's to wtach games from every angle.

21 Nov 2010 12:48

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Apparently the Bricklyaers is the venue for a "Munch" this weekend which has something to do with the Alt lifestyle scene....nice.

4 Nov 2010 18:07

The Speaker, Westminster

Interesting, big political day, PMQ's, Tutition fees, etc and yet this place is empty at 2pm...?? Decent pint of some beer I'd not come across before. Sandwiches a little small but not too pricey for London. Barman needs to think about his sense of humour, his jokey comments about my friend came close to being unfunny and the barmaid needs to reign in the volume given its size!

As an aside the posters proclaiming no TV or music are a bit needless IMHO.

3 Nov 2010 22:31

The Berrylands, Berrylands

Oh and forgot to mention their version of "medium" with the beef and steak a bit of the French side.....

31 Oct 2010 19:17

The Berrylands, Berrylands

Ventured down with the wife and kids for Sunday lunch, a bit empty on arrival but started to fill it later. Had some halloween related beer, something witch, fine it was. The food was a mix bag, home made Fish Fingers for the kids, decent servings for 3.95, however the Roast (6.99) was on the mean side as was the accompanyments to the 8oz Sirlon. Redemed by the manager agreeing to find ice-cream for the kids even though not on the menu.

This pub now reflects the area it is in for the first time in years and that is ok, but the stingyness on portions isn't good. the main issue is staff, two people serving food and drink for a decent sized pub just won't do on a Sunday.

31 Oct 2010 19:15

The Cherry Tree, Kettering


22 Oct 2010 23:13

The Old Market Inn, Kettering

I have been in some dumps in my time but this place is a proper time machine, 70's dated attitude and decor, a proper Royston Vasey place.

22 Oct 2010 23:12

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Visited Friday, all anyone in place could talk about was the the impending clousure. All the staff were young, the beer fine and the jazz ok. What I did find interesting is the number of young ladies in pairs in the place.....a fitting end to a real ale pub that used to have a reputation for muck and being unfriendly has turned into a gay icon...brillient and all power to that elbow.

9 Oct 2010 08:04

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

I returned on a Wednesday night to find everything has it should be except one little thing....only Landlord or OTT on! Now I don't want to give the impression I have got a downer on the place but it was disappointing not to have a TT choice. I like Golden Best a lot! I suppose it might just have been "between deliveres" but when you have a monopoly in London in having the full TT range you should really run your supply chain to ensure you have the staples in, no?

But the rating went back to nine, I got the Landlord in glass all night ;-)

9 Oct 2010 07:59

The Swan Inn, Ipswich

Ok but not great, went in despite the massive "home fans only" signs and the attempts of the bouncers to engage conversation (a nod covered that one).

3 Oct 2010 10:58

The Lord Nelson, Ipswich

Great place, nearly didn't stop as couln't see the hand pulls but my mate quickly pointed the massive kegs behind the bar! Beer excellent, don't be fooled by the outside, its very modern and clean inside but a good modern.

3 Oct 2010 10:53

Isaac's Free House, Ipswich

Avoid, beer in thick plastic glasses, confused lay out, young persons paradise. Go round the corner to the Lord Nelson instead!

3 Oct 2010 10:51

The Greyhound, Ipswich

Second visit in 4 years, fantastic pub, good beer range served well, proper old pub made even more impressive by the "footy menu" and the Leeds shirted barman.

3 Oct 2010 10:49

The Arboretum, Ipswich

Closed on a saturday afternnon despite sign saying 11-11....disappointing.

3 Oct 2010 10:47

Duke of York, Surbiton

Name change now The Duke of York...the outside has been painted black and the bar inside moved...however it now looks dark inside and only serves Green King beers. So it was even more surprising to find it only had Abbot on at 7pm on the First Friday after reverb....bad start.

31 Aug 2010 12:29

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

hats off to the management at the W+H for setting up the pub nicely for England games, best calm atmosphere in years. Well done, hope some of those screens stay and do Sky for the new season.

28 Jun 2010 12:47

Corkys Wine Bar, Surbiton

Now reinveted as Xyite...a members pool club!!

25 Jun 2010 18:39

The Greencoat Boy, Victoria

talk about a clear obvious fake contribution to the site from cprobson..firstly he assumes all who criticised the pub for the events on Saturday are gay, wrong every decent person who heard about this incident was appauled. Secondly Punch Taverns have apologised, suspended the duty manager involved and issued guidence to all its pubs on not doing anything so stupid again. The ridiculious comments about behaviour are offensive, no evidence offered that the gruop were anything other than behaving normally and anyone who knows the people involved will testify to that. The bottom line is the manager was in the wrong and now cprobson is in the wrong.

7 Jun 2010 14:05

The Greencoat Boy, Victoria

Never like it much anyway, but to find out that they refuse to serve 100 young people who would have spent 500x more that they would normally take on a Saturday because the manager has issues on sexuality closes the case for me, go to the Cardinal instead.

5 Jun 2010 22:33

The Rose and Crown, Southwark

Not a bad little boozer with some decent Harvey's Sussex to sup, however you have to go into the pool room to watch the footy as the big screen in the other room is impossible to look at, almost white.

23 May 2010 20:38

The Blue Eyed Maid, Borough

Popped in for the CL final. Ok without being special.

23 May 2010 20:35

The Rose and Crown, Southwark

Shut on weekends...disappointing.

23 May 2010 20:32

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Two years on from my last horrid visit I popped in agsin to find whilst the service was better, the beer choice interesting and the floor swept, the "Sky TV" as advertised on here was infact not avialable, a bit of a blow when wanting to watch the Play-off final.

23 May 2010 20:31

The White Hart, Grays

having avoided this place like the plaugue in the early 00's it was a pleasent surprise to find it in good shapem, beer solid and locals in a good mood. Clearly done a lot of good work in the years I have been away. Thought the "pool room" a little basic but all in all a massive improvement. Did lose 2 in the jukebox because I forgot about the game on but lesson learnt.

25 Apr 2010 09:40

The Theobald Arms, Grays

First trip in 5 years yesterday (24/04/10) and nothing except the jukebox has changed...luckily Roy was in a good mood because one of his beer festivals was on and the sun shone so we sat in the back yard enjoying the fare. As always beer great. If only he could mearge his celler skills with the White Hart's decour.

25 Apr 2010 09:37

The Berrylands, Berrylands

That last comment shows someone hasn't been in for a while....anyway under the new Manc landlord they have flock wallpapered the lower area and removed the TV screen, which has given it the look of a cave when the lights are off, which they were the lunchtime I entered. In fact the dark meant the landlord (who lets say is a little large) didn't see me as he f'd and blinded his way through a conversation with is wife. The gents has a new strange porch added to it....The menu has been cut drastically but the beer seemed ok. Slight slip in ratings for me.

25 Apr 2010 09:34

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Second visit on my birthgay last week, enjoyed the range of ales, thought it less grubby than I remember, the salt beef sarnies still the size of doorstops and the bogs? I have seen worse. Stayed for quiz, atmosphere fine.

7 Apr 2010 13:15

The Hare and Billet, Blackheath

Like this place, decent pints of Morlands Original, nice atmosphere.

7 Mar 2010 20:11

The Princess of Wales, Blackheath

Went with a mate who counts it as his local but I failed to see what he does. First time ever I got bad Doom Bar.

7 Mar 2010 20:05

The Berrylands, Berrylands

Popped in for a xmas day pint, new manager and refurb happening in Jan, stay tuned.

26 Dec 2009 08:02

The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell

the last two comments, that has to be "bruce" they are talking about!

22 Dec 2009 21:30

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

decent place but a question, what is the point of the bizzare paging system for food when most people awaiting bar grub are within site of the main bar?

18 Nov 2009 10:46

The Windsor Castle, Carshalton

Apologies the above should read "non white face" not black.

2 Sep 2009 14:19

The Windsor Castle, Carshalton

First the good bits, good range of beers, old fashioned lay-out that uses the space the bad bits, nearly impossible to cross the road to get to, "skinhead" themed bar-staff (short hair, white tee-shirt, if I was eye-balled once aggessivily I was 20 times in just under an hour and a half), nearly an hours wait for a burger and chips (not worth the wait) and for some reason an over-riding unease of not one non black face in the place (a feeling not helped by the arrival of a bunch of wanna-bee Hells Angels sporting german insignia).

Needs some work on its public face!

1 Sep 2009 08:26

The Bricklayers, Colchester

Enjoyed popping in on 29/08 after picking up 3 points from the U's. Beer range excellent but slightly disconcerting they advertise their beer is "chilled all year round". Nice enough layout.

One issue, can't see the point of employing two bouncers in the car-park on a saturday teatime, especially if two blokes with Yorkshire accents can just say "live locally" and be believed..better to let anyone who wants to appriciate the ale after games pop in and the bouncers can relax awaiting very unlikely trouble.

30 Aug 2009 17:51

The Running Horse, Leatherhead

Decent beer range, shame the Whistable went off but the rest of the range was decent too. Food ok but a touch pricey for what you got. Charter fine, old scholl which is no bad thing, could do with a touch more light up the stairs section but hey nowheres perfect.

9 Aug 2009 13:44

Corkys Wine Bar, Surbiton

Massive "violent disorder" on Friday (31/07/09) leading to a clampdown on entry and taking drinks outside....time the owners accepted they need to move 3 miles south to please their clientel...expecting the local police to be "reviewing" their licence conditions soon.

3 Aug 2009 14:41

The Norfolk Arms, Russell Square

Mess and horrid, beer served with less care than you would rinse out a cup, had the worst Theakstons XB ever. Given its location someone needs to tell the owners that if the place wants a regular clientelle it needs to start looking after drinkers.

18 Jul 2009 06:54

King William IV, Ewell

Now an "Italian pub", which means restaurant.

8 Jul 2009 19:50

The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell

Cracking place, great beer (Landlord, Sussex, 6x,) good food anf the best "couple" running the place, Jeff who thinks he runs it and "Bruce" who does!!!

28 May 2009 07:49

Woodies, New Malden

Went yesterday for the first time in 6 months (which is criminal given i only live about a mile away), as i remember it, decent range of ales, I tried Pigswill and Hop after mssing out on Hepworth's Old Classic. Also had a good meal for a fiver!!

As an aside, big thumbs up to who ever orginally tiled and fitted the gents, great job.

21 May 2009 12:55

The Maypole, Surbiton

I like this place on first ever visit, a trad looking "calm session" pub, shouldn't work with the traffic but even the beer garden was good, will defo be back.

22 Apr 2009 19:08

Brave New World, Surbiton

Got the shock of my life the other night, a decent pint of beer (Doom Bar) was served. Still need to redecorate to lose the dated theme and decide how best to utilise the space.

I understand the closure was just for the weekend, its re-opening might have something to do with the presence of the small chap assocaited with the Waggon...

22 Apr 2009 19:06

The Rose and Crown, Southwark

not a bad little boozer.

17 Apr 2009 09:28

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Today's visit, beer fine, service good, food not bad, consideration for kids, brill....just one thing...the landlord needs to tell the twunt that thinks he's John Lennon who screamed at the kids in the back outdoor area that if he doesn't want to see kids in pubs to fing off else where.

12 Apr 2009 18:25

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

Had intended to spend a couple of hours there before the game, but it was shut due to a power cut. Went to see if it was open after and it was but oh my god their was a que at the bar. Didn't take long to realise why, staff practically statueqse, no urgency or concern. For the first time in 15 years going there I left in a huff. Am revising my score down by 2 to 8 as a consequence.

Sad day.

1 Mar 2009 19:39

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Tribute on form last night.

4 Jan 2009 06:50

The Island Queen, Islington

Didn't do it for me, staff a bit uninterested (it was just after 12 on a Saturday afternoon, decor too staged hippy for my liking but worse than that, only one beer on and that (Landlord) wasn't at its best.

19 Oct 2008 12:33

The Narrow Boat, Islington

Modern gastro pub but beer decent.

19 Oct 2008 12:31

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Popped in before heading to the Emiraties...this place shouldn't work, back end of beyond, filthy and not been touched for years, handy empty bottles on shelf should fighting break out and a Saturday afternoon crowd that suggested Royston Vasey...and yet, cosy, loads of real ales to choose from, lovely salt beef sandwich and not an ounce of hassle. Good one to see at least once.

19 Oct 2008 12:29

The Speaker, Westminster

A few years ago going into this place felt like intruding into someones front room but now it feels friendly. Good beer and attentive service, shame some selfish people monopolise the bar stools and make it difficult to get to the bar!!

11 Oct 2008 08:05

The Rose and Crown, Southwark

Great place, good beer, the suits hanging around the pubs on Blackfiers road don't know what they are missing!!!

11 Oct 2008 08:02

The Coalheavers Arms, Peterborough

Found this by accident before the match yesterday pleased as punch it was open and not employing bouncers. Nice atmosphere and good beer, recommend it to any visiting fans off to Peterbrough, just keep it a secret!

5 Oct 2008 16:17

Tan Hill Inn, Keld

To answer Leeds Stew, a bus goes to Keld from Richmond via Reeth.

2 Oct 2008 21:10

The Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Manchester

Gosh what a contrast, can be inviting with its old charector, real ale and fantasic duke box......but can also be uninviting with its smelly bogs, indifferent staff and a tendency to have more beers off than on....

28 Sep 2008 20:09

The Bear and Billet, Chester

Really good pub, excellent range, servive fantastic, food decent and all this on a busy day. Best pub I have been in for a while.

15 Sep 2008 07:47

The Old Harkers Arms, Chester

Popped in whilst visiting Chester for the Beer festival and on Friday afternoon/evening its was fine, good beer and a nice atmosphere....however on the Saturday night we had the bouncer, a man who tells you "sorry we are closed" when its 10.45pm (and people are being served) and when politily questioned tells you "we have two many dirty glasses (his accent meant that was nearer misinterpreted)". Suddendly he notices some other people have sneaked in, goes to say something and then just lets them go in....

If your going to be in the good beer guide your going to get people who want to try the beer, having a bouncer who thinks its a club isn't really the right way to carry on!

14 Sep 2008 21:17

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Popped in the other day to see the completed overall...a few comments..the sofa on the upstairs bit is far too large anfd 80's...the south sea islands theme inn the beer garden looks bloody silly in Surbiton...the gents are like walking into a supernova the lights and tiles are so bright...the scouse bar-maid needs to stop dropping glasses..but apart from that its not bad (and was surprising busy for a Thursday night).

9 Aug 2008 18:57

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Look, its fine to have a small dark pub with only students in and its even ok not to open till 5 on a Saturday....but its a basic to have at least one beer on and not run out of everything by 6.30pm!!!!!

27 Jul 2008 07:24

The Hatton Arms, Hatton

Apart from the cost side, good beer, decent food, nice views. Slightly bizarre joint enterence/gents cross over but all in all worth a visit if your ever in that part of the world.

20 Jul 2008 21:13

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

I love this place, but that's because I live 200 miles away and that sometimes blinds me to its minor faults, the top of which is variable service. Another moan is they never have enough staff on Saturday afternoon (they seem to think they are outside the Leeds fans range when they ain't). And while I'm at it, OPEN ON A SUNDAY!!

Beer mostly good, food consistant but much more importantly it looks like a proper pub and it had better stay that way.

5 Jul 2008 12:06

The Lion, Teddington

Went for the first time last Saturday and apart from the loud carpet I really liked it, good ale (Doom), decent food (touch expensive but decent amounts) and a lovely safe space for the kids. In fact all it really needs is that function room incorporated into the rest of the pub and it would be a real winner.

26 Jun 2008 10:56

The Cardinal, Victoria

Its not too bad, went in for the first time in 4 years the other day and it hadn't changed a dot. have always though it would be better with the roofs painted white....

7 Jun 2008 09:12

The Dog and Duck, Soho

Turned up 5.45pm Sunday (25/05/08) to find them out of the beers that make the places reputation, just left immedialtily, couldn't even console myself after a bad day at the football. Gonna hope that tyhe review below and my experience was a bad weekend and it will be back to normal soon!!

26 May 2008 08:22

The Union Jack, Southwark

After the adject disappointment of the Charles Dickens this was a pleasent surprise. Decent ale, decent food for a Saturday, barman pleasent, place clean, Sky sports on, just the job!

18 May 2008 07:42

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

What a dive. Arrived at 12 to find the doors blocked by chairs and the barmaid inside listening to the radio, 10 mins later 3 of us are standing in the rain waiting. Out comes barmaid, chunks two metal tables down in a huff and says "you can come in now" about as surley has she could. As ordering beer she is turning around the labels on 3 out of the 5 ales. Choose Hambildon, it was foul (couldn't drink more than a quater) and went to sit in the mucky food area, which looked like a 70's refectory with its open-plan grease ridden kitchen. I was just about to depart after making the mistake of going to the dirty smelly bogs when the two people who had come in with me got up leaving nearly full pints and left, at which point the barmaid followed them out and shouted across the street "you coming back for these". She clearly hated having people in so I gave her the empty pub she craved.

Old style pubs are fine but they are no excuse for dirt and insolence!!

18 May 2008 07:39

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

Average for a Kingston pub, half-decent for a riverside pub. Occasional irritations like the constant "in or out" question and the famous time it stopped serving because one till didn't work!!

16 May 2008 13:13

The Spring Grove, Kingston Upon Thames

After the disapointment of the Crickiters it was nice to finish the pubcrawl in a relaxed pub with no hint of hassle. Beer decent.

27 Apr 2008 09:11

The Cricketers, Kingston Upon Thames

Fwit central, snotty arrogent barstaff, thai food ok but beer awful, full of a load idiots and a constant hint of menace and that's just the girls!! Avoid.

27 Apr 2008 09:07

The Honest Cabbage, Kingston Upon Thames

Very quiet, no grub, limited beer range.

27 Apr 2008 09:05

The Wych Elm, Kingston Upon Thames

About 4 years ago me and the then girl-freind (now wife) xame across this pub on a Saturday afternoon, it was empty and like being in someones front room, 4 years on and it was exactily as remembered. Beer fine but limited choice, Landlord's no1 concern was getting his bets on....

27 Apr 2008 09:03

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

This place is like a throwback to the 70's...enjoyed a few of the ales at the beer festival, and also enjoyed the tellys, the tirapins and the wideboy in the suit....

27 Apr 2008 09:00

The Canbury Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

I like this pub, looks very child freindly and to have both Doom and Taylors in a so-called gastro pub is very good.

27 Apr 2008 08:57

The Old Doctor Butler's Head, Moorgate

Nice pub, nice beer, nice staff uniforms, shame about the clientelle.

11 Apr 2008 10:34

Ye Olde Black Bull, Stratford

Went before Leeds v Orient, not bad for a modern refit BUT the manager needs to learn how to pull a pint!! No food on a Saturday lunch, why?

6 Apr 2008 09:12

The King Edward VII, Stratford

Went after Leeds game at orient yesterday. Can only comment on the beer, which was fine and the clientelle mix which was very mixed.

6 Apr 2008 09:11

The Two Chairmen, St James's

I'm a little surprised by the negative comments on this place given that its one of the better Westminster pubs (god how this country could use some decent pubs around its parliament) and i quite like the dark limited space.

2 Apr 2008 09:36

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Thought I'd answer my own question. New landlord, pub itself looks exactily like it has done for years, except for a new jukebox, beer, slightly better range than the usual Youngs only we used to get, still decent. Looks more child friendly than it was

The Sunday lunch was nice, considering its advertised as the "best in Surbiton" and is the most expensive around those parts I expected slightly more in terms of amount but no complaints on the food nor the service. Its clearly popular based on today.

One minor point, the Waggon is a classic example of one of those pubs that have no excuse for not painting its inside walls now the smking ban is in full force, nicotine white isn't the greatest colour.

23 Mar 2008 16:42

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Rumour new landlord, anyone confirm?

18 Mar 2008 14:07

The Bulls Head, Burslem

Nice place for away fans before Vale games, decent beer and oatcakes.

16 Mar 2008 07:53

Woodies, New Malden

I like this place, despite its scout hut appearence, despite the dark interior, despite the chav attitude of some of its customers, despite the sourfaced food lady, I like it. Beer always good and varied, love the memrobilia on the walls and ceilings and since the smoking ban its worth taking the kids in.

14 Mar 2008 14:53

The Berrylands, Berrylands

In any other part of the world you'd consider it standard but in the Berrylands/Tolworth/Surbiton Hill area where the competition is so poor it stands out. Wish it would bring nthe 6x back.

14 Mar 2008 14:47

The Star, Malden Rushett

I like it, crowded on a Sunday lunch but still good service.

14 Mar 2008 14:43

The Shy Horse, Chessington

Its not a bad little place but TBH you better off heading a mile down the Leatherhead Road to The Star, much better food and ale.

14 Mar 2008 14:42

The Star Tavern, Belgravia

I'm going to be nice, the decor was great, the food not bad, the atmosphere reverant, even the completely bungling barman was amuseing and as for the bogs, posh or what's my gripe...the beer! my Cheswick was flat and tasted sour!

6 Mar 2008 21:03

The Theobald Arms, Grays

a sarcastic Aussie, ha yes its all comimg back....

1 Mar 2008 07:13

The Theobald Arms, Grays

Is Roy still the rudiest landlord in Essex?

28 Feb 2008 19:11

Corkys Wine Bar, Surbiton

Apparently after a short unsuccessful stint as an Italian Cafe, its been refurbished as "Corky's revisited"!!!

28 Feb 2008 19:08

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Enjoyed the Yorkshire beer festival (feb 08) but one little niggle, bad enough it has the smallest gents in history without some hops obcessives blocking the enterence washing here glasses!!

Will enjoy showing my fellow Leeds fans its Taylors range next season!

23 Feb 2008 09:15

The Doric Arch, Euston

Nice place to relax after arriving back in the smoke, always a decent selection of hand-pull, prefered the old name!

19 Feb 2008 10:20

The Dog and Duck, Soho

Decent beer, good prices for the area, good sausages.

19 Feb 2008 10:18

Stables Pub, Weetwood

Was a great place years ago (one of the early Landlord pioneers in Leeds) and still shines despite the effort required to find it.

19 Feb 2008 10:15

Tan Hill Inn, Keld

I got married there in Nov 07, excellent all round.

19 Feb 2008 10:12

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