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Picture House, Stafford

One of my favourite Spoons conversions of an old cinema, turned into a 3-level pub, with high ceiling and very airy feel. Plenty of real ales, including local Slaters.
Suffers from the same staffing formula applied to all Spoons which is that available staff reduce the busier the pub gets, meaning waits of 10 minutes to get a pint and people getting served out of turn. Feel like suggesting a deli counter machine with now serving, or post office booths with barman number 2 please. And those wanting mocha-latte-skinny-cappuchinos which take 3 minutes to make should automatically go to the back of the queue.
Nevertheless still an outstanding conversion, if you are prepared to wait for your pint.

28 Jun 2013 17:59

Raffertys/Quins, Newcastle

Without doubt the worst pub I have ever visited. Wandered in at 10.45 and was served by Biffa Bacon's mum, who had clearly made her mind up that she wanted to close up. Four piss-heads left, leaving the 4 of us. Cue then to put all the chairs loudly on the tables and tell us to start drinking up at 10:55 then followed by loudly locking and bolting the door. Have never felt so unwelcome. Seems to he a small hobbit-like bloke in charge who buggered off and left Godzilla to kick us out.
Jesus, these idiots give the pub trade a bad name. Hope they go bust as quickly as possible. Twats.

26 Jun 2013 23:46

The Shortlands Tavern, Shortlands

Visited Feb 2013 and has had a very good refurb. New management seem very friendly and have live music nights. They really deserve support as are trying very hard judging by this this visit. Great ideas with a 'choose anything off the menu and oay what you think its worth' and surely a first for any pub with knitting nights . Yep not a typo, knitting. Deserve to succed on originality alone and great to see. Doom bar pkus one other. A great little pub now. Should think about inviting Camra down to expand the ale market and advertise on their first floor for train passengers to see whats on.

25 Feb 2013 17:25

The Sun, Stafford

Excellent Real Ale Oasis - always 4-5 Titanic Ales, plus 4-5 guests in excellent condition. Good fast service, starting to get really busy now . Have eaten there twice, and very impressed both times. Recommended.

17 Aug 2012 19:49

The Mill at Worston, Great Bridgeford

Very picuresque setting with stream and resident ducks - food for ducks now avaialable at the bar! Very friendly staff, and seems to always have 2-3 ales on - recently Pedigree and Titanic White Star.
Restaurant has recently been refurbed to a very high standard and has a very good menu with a good chef - we tried the lamb with artichokes - excellent.
Good quiz on Thursdays with good prizes.

6 Mar 2012 11:04

The Ship, Lerryn

Visited Oct 2011 - picturesque location by the river and a proper traditional pub. Very welcoming, good food and beers - a bit off the beaten track but definitely worth a visit.

5 Jan 2012 12:22

The Bird In Hand, Stafford

Closed abruptly in July/Aug 2011

28 Oct 2011 07:07

The Dirty Duck, Stratford Upon Avon

Visited July 2011 and seems to have hade a bit of a renovation inside. Good service but didn't try the food. Great to sit outside but watch the falling mulberries if you sit under the tree - they will stain anything.
No luvvies spotted and seemed better-run so will visit again.

20 Jul 2011 03:30

The Hand and Trumpet, Wrinehill

Big pub about 5 miles from Keele University. Visited in the snow one dark evening and appears to have a big beer garden on the lower level - the pub appears to be on the upper level, almost on Swiss Chalet stilt-style with big wooden access staircases.

Inside open plan and airy, but very well laid out - a good mix, with mainly restaurant diners in a larger room with a huge log fire, plus a smaller annex, plus a separate bar area.

5 or 6 real ales on including Deuchars and Quaff all served well and in excellent condition. The food is the real star, and it seems booking is essential. My Venison & ham pie was excellent. Staff and srvice also excellent.

Will definitely be returning in the daytime to check out the beer garden

28 Nov 2010 17:49

The Staffordshire Bull, Stafford

Decent estate local on the Parkside mini shopping estate. Big open plan area with stage - has local bands on virtually every Saturday.
Has just the one real ale - Slaters when I was there. Friendly staff and locals and quick service.
Food very cheap 4.95 for all mains- but very good with sizeable portions.
No negatives, apart from recently it doesnt open until 4pm Mon-Thursday
Well worth a visit

20 Oct 2010 03:48

Seven Stars, Brocton

Visited Oct 2010 and apperas to have re-opened fairly recently. It's very difficult to get anywhere near a 10 from me, but this place runs 9.9 for sheer value and environment.

I don't know of many other pubs doing a really good carvery for 4.25 on a Saturday night and 6.25 on a Sunday- but this refurb fully deserves to succeed. it's a big open open-plan layout with Carvery, Restaurant seating and a bar area. Very relaxed and friendly staff and a good untroubled family atmosphere. I simply could not fault the carvery - amazing quality for the low price. Also has 30 odd other menu choices other than carvery.

Not sure how they're going to keep these standards up at these prices but this is one of the best places in Staffs at present

16 Oct 2010 20:43

Summoner, Sittingbourne

Have avoided for the past 5 years since mistakenly wandering-in for 3 very strange minutes, then quickly exiting past the massed ranks of pavement scooters.

Clientele seems to feature an experiment in inbreeding or previous Deliverance extras, none of whom appear to have ever worked.

If you've got 10 fingers, but not on one hand you'll feel out of place.

Enough said.

31 Aug 2010 02:51

The Coney, West Wickham

This is now a mountain range restaurant/pub and is refurbed in the style of an alpine lodge (skis on walls, sawn log-ends) but I think quite well done. Although mainly a restaurant, also sells cak ales (Bombadier + 1).

The food is good - and worth travelling for: one of the only places that does hot rocks (400C lava stone with your choice of raw meats, dips & rubs to cook in front of you - and very good too), fondue also on offer. Good varied menu with fresh fish special and other dishes.

Not quite sure if the previous posters are quite in tune with the pub trade now - this pub is now a roaring success, and is busy most weekdays with an pretty affluent and varied crowd. It's also rapidly become a magnet for office/brithday parties so probably best to book.

Anyone who can make a pub work in today' climate deserves praise, and this place delivers in spades in my book. OK its probably not the corner-of-the-road local it once was, but it a success. The staff were all excellent and attentive on my previous 5 visits, and the food was really good. I think they also do a loyalty card

I'd very stongly advise a visit - highly recommended and we will be back.

Try for yourself before taking previous comments as gospel - opinions are free.

31 Aug 2010 02:33

The Nags Head, Stafford

Now closed-up (Aug 2010)

9 Aug 2010 00:03

The Waggon and Horses, Stafford

Appears to have closed - locked up and no signs of life

7 Jun 2010 21:57

Redhill, Stafford

Huge restaurant style pub modelled on a Beefeater, but without a carvery.

Massive inside, could easily seat 150 and has a huge childrens indoor area, for parties. Big beer garden. Loads of parking, but beware as it is a pay & display.

Very reasonably-priced menu with many offers. Beer was all keg when I was in.

Not really a pub, but pleasant nevertheless. Would suggets the Shire Horse opposite if you are more interested in beer & ales.

28 May 2010 01:28

The Shire Horse, Stafford

Just re-opened after a refit. Situated on a corner plot between two (yes 2) Premier Inns just off the M6.

Well thought out refurb, good and very reasonable menu - Chicago Chicken was excellent. 3 cask ales on including Adnams. Very pleasant staff.

Big beer garden outside, and seems to have everything going for it, although I guess this place will get busy with the Premier Inn residents - there was a good 40+ in there on a Tuesday night.

Will definitely be back. Recommended.

28 May 2010 01:24

Stamford Bridge Inn, Chester

A big pub on the outskirts of Chester.

Stopped by for lunch - a very nice welcome, served immediately and taken to a table. Very good local beer recommended (Piffle I think), with 3 or 4 others on. Food arrived quite quickly and was excellent - home-made fishcakes plus a really good steak.cheese bloomer.

Staff really on the ball and very pleasant - looks to be a successful pub and deservedly so. A model of customer service

Highly recommended.

28 May 2010 01:13

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

A really really good pub, and well worth a special visit. Service is excellent, full range of Fullers ales in good condition. Fascinating inerior crammed with antiquities and ephemera from pre and post wartime.
Excellent franchised Thai food with separate restaurant adorned with plants and butterfly collections. Food very reasonable (everything is 6.50). I foolishly attempted a beef with chillis, which blew my head off - but the currys and stir frys are superb. Even had both Football and Rugby showing on different screens. Quite busy, almost packed.
We will be back

21 Jan 2010 19:58

The Star and Garter, Bromley

All windows blacked-out and no signs of life - seems to have closed-up.

Not really a surprise, but it does make this end of the town look really desolate with Bromleys having closed as well.

A sign of the times - pubs like this can't survive the latest recesssion - non chain pubs will have to start charging 3.40 per pint if they want to survive, and few have the custom/trade to do this.

11 Jan 2010 19:02

Saxty's Cafe Bar, Hereford

Very impressed - we all had steaks then went on to the club -dancefloor. Good staff and recommended.

20 Sep 2009 19:23

The Imperial, Hereford

Visited on a Stag weekend - I think they have just re-launched as they were handing-out free drinks vouchers. Very impressed really good interior and a superb rear covered outside area with wood-buring fire and stage. Good staff and will definitely visit again

20 Sep 2009 19:21

O'Neills, Muswell Hill

Really good conversion from church to bar - good service and reasonable priced beer 2.95 for Heineken. Food seems reasonabley priced for London.
Certainly one of the better O'Neills and well-kept. Recommended and I will be back.

3 Aug 2009 22:34

Swan Hotel, Stafford

Really impressed - the quality of the fit-out is excellent - good modern feel with leather sofas, but retaining all the old features. Very attentive staff. Quiet when we were in, but will definitely visit agian. Recommended.

29 Jul 2009 21:41

The Assembly House, Kentish Town

Very nice old pub with high ceilings. Big spacious bars.

However, 3.70 for a pint of Kronenburg is criminal - this is not the West End.

If you can afford to drink here, it seems otherwise a good pub, but way out of my price league, for what is essentially a nothing-really-special corner pub.

29 Jul 2009 21:35

The Tom Foolery, Bromley

Have to agree with Jones - we are in a credit crunch and the only pubs that deserve to survive are those that satisfy their customers, on price, beer and facilities. Wetherspoons have held prices, and even Walkabout are doing 25% off. It's now 5.45 for a pint of lager and a half of coke in here, which is an insult - what planet are these people on?
It's a really good pub otherwise, but I refuse to pay top dollar for a quiet pint - if you can afford it then good luck to you, but I'll never set foot in the place again on price principle.

15 Jun 2009 21:48

Kings Arms, Tregony

Has changed tenant last 12 months since I was here, and seems busier, nice and friendly. Tribute, Proper Job & Tinners plus Rattler, fairly typical St Austell range. Food seems busy and looked very good. Quiz on a Sunday night is very good. Recommended.

15 Jun 2009 21:40

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Jesus! 3.30 for a pint of Stella in a Wetherspoons! Its not a captive market on Victoria as there are 2 other pubs. I thought spoons were meant to be cheap? Obviously those days are gone - think I can find better places to drink as this is nothing special, and the escalators haven't worked for the last 2 months.
Toilets overflowing, and had to stand in a lake, of pee. Won't be back.

9 May 2009 19:24

The Red Lion, Bromley

4 cask ales on - Harveys, Greene King x 2 and Morlands Original. Has a nice easy feel, very welcoming, and well thought-out lived-in interior with bookshelves covering an entire wall. Good little patio outside front. Harveys was excellent and food looked good and very inexpensive. Harveys was excellent, and I will be back. Ideal for a long slobby evening on a warm night.

9 May 2009 19:16

The Oak, Bromley

Has been recently facelifted - very impressive interior with settees. Good range of 3 cask ales and very good atmosphere. Not overly expensive, and although a local, very welcoming. Hard to fault - I like this place and will be back.

9 May 2009 19:10

The Wrestlers Arms, Cambridge

This pub was one of the first in the UK to cook Thai food, and I've been visiting on and off for the last 15-20 odd years. The guy who started it all was Tom Good, who later got into the Hash House running thing, but the food has always been absolutely fantastic. Green Chicken Curry is now a standard, but you have to taste it here to make any other comparison - it is just simply the best you will taste outside Thailand. Visited Mar-09 ... Tom seems to be long gone, and is now run by Thais, but food still excellent.

Has had a little bit of money spent on it recently, but is still a good pub and not a restaurant.

Still a Charles Wells tenancy, but always has very good beer and keeps a good cellar. This is a must-visit unique place - this is where I got my taste for Thai food from (thank you).

Food a little pricey 8.50 for a GCC , but worth it all the same.

Highly Recommended.

30 Mar 2009 19:50

The Iron Duke, Victoria station

Plastic station pub with transient eastern Europen bar staff that ask you if you want crisps or peanuts every time you order beer. You need a code for the toilets, which causes great theatre watching people who haven't got the code trying to get in - well I supopose it's cheaper than 30p per slash at the station toilets.
Useful only for a sodit-I've-missed-the-train quick half, but if you want proper beer you're probably better off going to Wetherspoons. This place has a door to the outside so you can dive out for a fag if you need.
Impossible to recommend, use only as a quick in and out

25 Mar 2009 22:53

The Swan and Mitre, Bromley

Really not too sure what to say - this place obviously has a loyal local following, seeming to be mainly spotty teenage goths mixing with middle aged deep purple/nirvana/quo crowd and methadone dole queuers. Wierd mix, but very laid back and everyone seems to have a good time.
Friendly enough, beer not the best and a my Stella was flat.... Tatty and timewarped inetrior held up with joist props - but hey its different, albeit not everyone's cuppa. Food menu seems to be 4 years oldm and has been gently soaked in several pints of beer, and does not inspire the urge to order anything to eat, judging by it's cover. Rock on guys, but I think I'll leave you to it.

25 Mar 2009 22:43

Bobbing Apple, Bobbing

A hideous cross between a MacDonalds, Little Chef, Kids adventure playground and pub. Full of chav families and their screaming brats in pushchairs. Suggest a 5 mile exclusion zone.

13 Mar 2009 10:02

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Have attempted to get served here 3 times, differeen days between 4:30pm and 7pm and failed miserably. It may have the best interior for miles, but if you're stood nose to face in a tiny little booth with smug-faced I-got-here-early-and-got-a-seat-and-now-this-booth-belongs-to-me types, you'll probaly conclude that life is too short for this and go elsewhere. Sorry, can't be asked with this place anymore. Perhaps they should refurb it back to no snob screens, then we'd stand a chance of getting served.

22 Feb 2009 04:20

The Star and Garter, Bromley

Oh dear - no-one behind the bar when I walked-in. Several chavs in tracksuits/sports gear looked at me like I'd just stabbed their children. One of them dragged himself over with his cup of coffee in hand to the bar. That's just when I pretended my mobile had rung, and walked out.
Either you want to run a pub or you don't. If not, close the doors for all our sakes.

16 Feb 2009 22:17

O'Neills, Bromley

Big pub, and a Thurday and Friday night haunt for the local offce workers. This could be a great pub as it has good atmosphere, but tragically let-down by the couldn't-give-a-shit attitude of the staff.
They serve whoever is nearest, not whoever has been waiting longest.
The pub has not had a penny spent on io in the last 3 years and it shows - urinals caked with brown deposits and pictures ripped off the walls - I doubt if anyone has ever cleaned them - foul and disgusting.
Would you want to eat here ? No, probaly not. Gets by despite the criminally irresponsible mangement. Why hasn't the area manager been sacked ?

16 Feb 2009 22:10

The Bickley, Chislehurst

Bucking the credit crunch trend with an upmarket menu and prices to match. 13.50 is the cheapest Sunday lunch. Outside still has rubbish skips, and not sure if they've actually finished the refurb. Food better than average, but nopt sure it's quite worth the 50% hike ovver normal pubs prices. Service very good but had I known they would automatically apply the 10% service charge on top

I would not have sat down - I personally think this is an insult to customers, and that we should be left to tip, without having it deducted beforehand.
It's close to some very expensive properties, so I suppose they can get away with the prices - I think its more gastropub than boozer, but not sure if the food is really worth the extra. Quite a few kids in when we were there and a bit noisy.

Probably wouldn't go back straight away due to prices - I think there are better places to spend 60 on a meal rather than a pub and the cost doesn't quite justify the food. If you're rich enough not to care, then you'll probably love the place.

1 Feb 2009 16:13

The Shortlands Tavern, Shortlands

Hmmmm, going a bit pikey/chavvy - wrong crowd now staring to get in there (dogs on the seats) which is a shame.

25 Jan 2009 11:56

The Magdala, Hampstead

Well worth a visit, but not on Sundays, when it is over-run by Tarquins and Cressidas with their whining kids. Staff very good though, and does 3 real ales. Weekday visit advised.

25 Jan 2009 11:42

The Freemasons Arms, Hampstead

Visited 17-Jan luchtime Sunday. Pub full of diners. One member of bar staff making zero eye contact with anyone daft enough to want a drink form the bar. Waitied 5 minutes, then left. Ratio of drink-serving bar staff to customers around 1:200 - won't be going back - its a restuarant, not a pub.

25 Jan 2009 11:39

Bromley's, Bromley

CLOSED 24-Jan and furniture appears to have been removed - seems to have bitten the dust

25 Jan 2009 11:34

Henry's Cafe Bar, Bromley

Very attractive modern pub/lounge just off the high street. A good mixed crowd on weekdays, but can get a busy at weekends. Plenty of seating, very good food menu. Can;t believe how cheap the beer is - 3.10 for a pint of Kroenburg, nearly as cheap as Wetherspoons. No real ales, and they would really prefer to serve cocktails all day.
Only problem is getting served - not many bar staff, and those there seem to want to find anything else to do but serve drinks. If you're willing to wait, this is a good one. Recommended.

24 Dec 2008 00:00

The Tom Foolery, Bromley

The most expensive pub in Bromley - 5.05 for a half of coca cola and a pint of London Pride. Ouch.
Shame as it is quite reasonanable inside. However, have voted with my pocket and will not be back - people are not stupid and will not wear this kind of pricing

14 Nov 2008 17:48

The Cos Bar, London

Well-run pub - excellent, absolutely lovely Thai food.

Decent range of beers, but far too bloody expensive - 3.40 for a pint of Kronenburg is taking the raving P - this isn't the west end !

Get the beer prices right and this is a top place.

Poker on Monday nights I've noticed as well.

8 Sep 2008 02:17

The Partridge, Bromley

Probably the best pub in Bromley - very well kept beers (sep the Discovery) and quick service. Spotlessly clean and a good feel. Beer garden always popular on warm nights.

The exact opposite of an ASBO chav pub wish there were more of these. Highly recommended.

8 Sep 2008 02:13

The Shortlands Tavern, Shortlands

Update - the new landlady seems pretty good and really seems to takle a pride in the place. Beers are well kept. Now very friendly, and welcoming. Deserves a visit and support as the staff really do seem to care. Forget the older reviews - now well worth a visit.

8 Sep 2008 02:00

The Newton Arms, Holborn

A good honest boozer, really quick service. Busy on Friday and Saturday nights. Well kept beers, sky sports. Hard to fault.

8 Sep 2008 01:56

The Bunters Bar, Truro

Visited Aug 08. Truro has a changing pub landscape: the Old Ale House used to be the best, but the miserable landlord and no peanuts plus badly kept beer and bad food means its just not worth it any more. Shame.

The Globe used to be worth a visit but now seems to be ASBO pikey central - a terrible shame because it used to be a really good pub.

The King Bill is shut for renovations and was always loud, so this leave us with Bunters.

Always cheap, sells Doom Bar, lets you bring your pastie in and eat it, Sky Sports, always a good crowd and very friendly bar staff. Busy in the evening at weekends, but it's now my number one place in Truro and pretty much hard to fault - caters for all age ranges.

It's either this or Wetherspoons (quite hard to criticise, but its a chain) - support the independents and try Bunters - my pick of Truro pubs

8 Sep 2008 01:53

The Dog and Gun, Maidstone

Very friendly Sheps pub, with loyal band of locals.

Public bar has pool table and good juke box. Saloon is pretty good. Nice ber graden with giant chess in the summer.

Also has a networked quiz game which runs a new quiz every half hour - one of the locals won 500 recently.

Good beer and very warm welcome - a diamond and well worth a visit

9 Jul 2008 23:15

The George, Hayes

Visited March 08 - seems to have had a refurb and very well done. London Pride very good, and food excellent. Will visit again.

12 Mar 2008 08:39

The Ramblers Rest, Chislehurst

Visited Dec 2007 on a Sunday. Immediately spotted the "Most welocoming pub" award certificate on the wall, however couldn't be further from the welcome we received.

Very unimpressed - cold welcome when asked if they were doing food got a cold flat "No". Barmaid served the locals before us, even though we were stood at the bar first, whilst she munched on her sandwich.

Freezing cold, no heating on. Beer tasted like vinegar.

Won't be going back - my first post was deleted by Bite, no explanation, let's see if this one makes the site for telling the truth.

I'll award it 3 just for the outside decor.

27 Jan 2008 17:13

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Respect due to Sams for the very sympathetic refurb. Beer still incredibly cheap at 1.76 for a pint of bitter. Snob screens have divided the pub into 8 or 10 separate areas - great if it's not too busy, but doesn't quite work if it's between 6 and 7 pm - you end up extremely cramped with people desperately trying to protect their own little area. Its Ok for a 30 minute novelty, but you soon get fed up with the loud city types and having to stand in a small booth. If you want a more relaxed pint try the Newton down the road, but still a must for a curiosity visit.

10 Jan 2008 23:23

The Shortlands Tavern, Shortlands

Seems to have changed hands recently - not bad decor and two real ales - Greene King IPA and Broadside. Not sure the management quite know what they are doing yet - seems to have a couple of very loyal but very drunk locals who let it down a little, plus a clique of loud blokes who occupy the far end of the bar - harmless enough though. Generally OK - food is extremely basic.

Quiz nights Thursday seem OK.

Bit undecided - might get better will see

26 Dec 2007 07:14

The Globe, Truro

Used to be a really good pub - visited Aug 2007 and even thiugh 1:30 on a Saturday, there was just us 3 and 8 Cornish Chavs - complete with the foul language and anti-social behaviour. No wonder no-one goes in - bar staff seemed to both tolerate and encourage them - will not be going back until management and hopefully clientele changes.

18 Aug 2007 00:11

The Catash Inn, North Cadbury

Visited on a Bank Holiday Monday - just had to get off the A303 which was crawling, and very pleasing too. Excellent carvery - lamb and beef. Marstons beers in good condition. Absolutely spotless, very clean, and also has a good beer garden at the rear. Vert pleasant young staff. Recommended.

13 May 2007 22:50

Society Rooms, Maidstone

One of the better-run Wetherspoons and recently fitted-out. The actually do seem to bar undesirables, which makes for a better atmosphere - and being the other end of town it doesn't seem to attract the pikey crowd you tend to get in Muggletons. Just started quiz nights on Mondays. Have eaten there several times and can't really fault anything. Much better than your average spoons.

5 Mar 2007 13:57

The Pepper Box Inn, Ulcombe

Visited July-06 in 33C temperatures - lunchtime was pretty full, mostly 45+ crowd but a good mix. Outstanding views across to Headcorn as this is on top of the downs and must be one of the highest pints in Kent. Excellent food - try the sizzling pltters - and Sheps beers. Very pleasant beer garden and quintissential-english-country-pub-setting. A picture postcard if ever there was one. A must-visit, one you could take granny or the office secretary to and make both happy.

21 Jul 2006 12:19

The Tally Ho, Newtown

Just off Junction 14 from the M4 - stopped for Sunday Lunch - excellent. Had 6X and Henry on draught - very welcoming, friendly - very good decor and nice beer garden - well worth a visit

17 Jul 2006 13:37

The Phoenix Tavern, Faversham

Thai food pub just off the high street. Gave it about 7 out of 10 for quality, but quite small portions. Service very poor - only 1 member of staff trying to do waitress and bar whilst the govnor wandered around holding a crying baby. Waited over 20 minutes for our bill. Shame really, had Level Best and King & Barnes real ales, quite good traditional decor. Perhaps I went on an off-day.

30 Mar 2006 23:53

The Tickled Trout, Wye

Probably the prettiest situated pub in Kent - right on the banks of the Stour - big beer garden with trees. Very good traditional food, with conservatory dining area. Good range of real ales (rotated)including Incubus. Very friendly staff, good service - will definitely be back

26 Dec 2005 01:17

The Muggleton Inn, Maidstone

Having used the place over the past few years, seems to work on a ratio of about 150 customers to 1 bar staff, who are always run ragged. Decor is beginning to show signs of neglect. Prices very cheap as you'd expect. Recommend you visit in very off-peak, as the haven't got a clue how to staff a bar - you will end up getting very angry waiting 30 minutes for a drink.

26 Apr 2005 22:37

The Castle Hotel, Saltwood

Stood at the bar and was ignored for 10 minutes. Two groups of locals walked in and got served before me !!
Got a pint of Youngs that tasted like vinegar. After 5 more minutes got it replaced with a London Pride that was almost as bad... Felt completely unwelcomed and will not be returning.

26 Apr 2005 22:32

The Oak and Ivy, Hawkhurst

15th Century Heavily beamed traditional pub with huge field and 3 beer gardens, Very busy in the Summer, Excellent home-cooked food nd stunning waitresses.

3 Apr 2005 16:05

The Old Ale House, Truro

What a shame this used to be a great pub. We called in last week (March 05). The pub seems to have changed hands, staff still friendly but beer (Sharps) was probably the worst I have tasted - completely flat without any head at all and devoid of condition. My 2 friends had different brews, and both the same. Someone needs to go on a cellar course. No Sharps Doombar or St Austell Tribute- both are local bestsellers.
Food used to be beautiful with Beef and Stilton in skillets - what on earth have they done to the recipe ? Really oily and horrible. I ordered the spice island chicked - 2 mouthfulls only - it was inedible and tasted dreadful.
No monkey nuts either - this used to be a real attraction in previous years. I'm sorry to say avoid this place like the plague unless you want lager.

21 Mar 2005 13:39

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