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Username: lobster56

Age: 67

Sex: male

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Picture House, Stafford

One of my favourite Spoons conversions of an old cinema, turned into a 3-level pub, with high ceiling and very airy feel. Plenty of real ales, including local Slaters.
Suffers from the same staffing formula applied to all Spoons which is that available staff reduce the busier the pub gets, meaning waits of 10 minutes to get a pint and people getting served out of turn. Feel like suggesting a deli counter machine with now serving, or post office booths with barman number 2 please. And those wanting mocha-latte-skinny-cappuchinos which take 3 minutes to make should automatically go to the back of the queue.
Nevertheless still an outstanding conversion, if you are prepared to wait for your pint.

28 Jun 2013 17:59

Raffertys/Quins, Newcastle

Without doubt the worst pub I have ever visited. Wandered in at 10.45 and was served by Biffa Bacon's mum, who had clearly made her mind up that she wanted to close up. Four piss-heads left, leaving the 4 of us. Cue then to put all the chairs loudly on the tables and tell us to start drinking up at 10:55 then followed by loudly locking and bolting the door. Have never felt so unwelcome. Seems to he a small hobbit-like bloke in charge who buggered off and left Godzilla to kick us out.
Jesus, these idiots give the pub trade a bad name. Hope they go bust as quickly as possible. Twats.

26 Jun 2013 23:46

The Shortlands Tavern, Shortlands

Visited Feb 2013 and has had a very good refurb. New management seem very friendly and have live music nights. They really deserve support as are trying very hard judging by this this visit. Great ideas with a 'choose anything off the menu and oay what you think its worth' and surely a first for any pub with knitting nights . Yep not a typo, knitting. Deserve to succed on originality alone and great to see. Doom bar pkus one other. A great little pub now. Should think about inviting Camra down to expand the ale market and advertise on their first floor for train passengers to see whats on.

25 Feb 2013 17:25

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