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The Cross Keys, Great Bedwyn

This pub is now closed, according to reports, following an unsuccessful appeal from the village populace to keep it open.

26 Aug 2019 08:22

The Warren House Inn, Postbridge

A superb rest-break on the A3212 on one's Dartmoor excursions. The Ploughman's lunch is wholly recommended - the Cornish Yarl is exceptional, when coupled with the ham. The beer is well kept and was served at the correct temperature upon our visit this weekend. The pub was busy, as one would expect on an albeit squally July afternoon, but the service was efficient. We were on a busy schedule, so our visit was brief. The visitor with children would be wise to note that the landlady / bartender is tough on enforcing their licensing obligations in that no under 14s are allowed in the main bar area. There are side rooms a-plenty but it would be worthy to either get there late or early for lunch... Overall, excellent.

19 Jul 2009 23:34

Three Crowns Hotel, Chagford

"'ello love"... nicely sums up these beautiful looking buildings... and the Gremlins inside. Gorgeous original facade and superb architecture on the suface but criminally ruined on the inside with a hollow, wooden, souless lounge bar and a totally inappropriate "sports" bar complete with pool table and widescreen footie! The beer sampled (Jail Ale) would have tasted nice a few degrees warmer. The service was friendly, if slightly sinister... bleary-eyed bartenders kitted out in white shirts and black bow-ties. This large pub was almost empty, probably due to the weddings in the area but the experience was one of a true Dartmoor nature - oddball, strange, eerie but gratifying in that sense. A must visit - albeit a quick one!

19 Jul 2009 23:11

The Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton

Tried this weekend to get in there twice during a stay in Chagford but were met with disapproving looks and a wedding (I think) on both occasions, even though we're a handsome, young and earnest couple driving a lovely Audi... Really! :)

19 Jul 2009 22:57

Berkshire Tavern, Newbury

Used to be called the Hatchet. Totally unremarkable town centre pub with almost no atmosphere or spirit.

14 Mar 2008 16:39

The Tradesmans Arms, Cove

Should you wish to visit a pub for a few naff beers and a few fisticuffs then the Tradie is pure pub heaven. Otherwise, cross the road calmly and go to the Courty instead - without making eye-contact with anyone across the road!

26 Jul 2007 18:38

The Queens Head, Farnborough

It has obiously been like this for years then! Went to this pub with a few driends on a karaoke night back in 1999 and it was completely full of w*nkers! Some bloke who reckoned himself to be "David Beckham" tried to start on us for no reason but soon sorted him out!! Sorry to hear it hasn't changed. Could be a decent boozer with different management and clientel!

26 Jul 2007 18:28

The Waggon and Horses, Hartley Wintney

Lived in Hartley Wintney for 5 years until 2002. Whenever I go to see friends in H/W, we frequent this establishment with rampant fervour owing to it's excellent ales, excitable staff, superb landlord and terrific weekend atmosphere. A real treat for the discerning pub goer!

25 May 2006 10:52

The Bird in Hand, Little Sandhurst

This is a pub near where my brother lives and, although I've only visited this place a few times, it serves decent beer and there is a lively but importantly friendly clientel. Should be a scream during the upcoming World Cup in the Sports Bar!

23 May 2006 09:01

The Bell Inn, Ramsbury

Went to this pub for the first time on Saturday night. Excellent Ramsbury beer on tap, friendly, smiley staff, snug and clean surroundings and a charming atmosphere. Will be returning!

10 Apr 2006 13:37

The Pelican Inn, Froxfield

Nice looking roadhouse from the outside, this pub underwent a facelift inside that has helped transform the bar area into the completed article - a hotel lobby! Cannot comment on the food but the beer itself was reasonable.

10 Apr 2006 13:33

The Wheatsheaf, Alton

I haven't been to this pub for a few years but the beer was always good and well kept and the atmosphere was fun and lively. Happy memories!

27 Mar 2006 16:59

The Prince Arthur, Fleet

I don't normally go to pubs like this these days (country dweller) but I went to this pub back in Feb on a Saturday night. Massive queues at the bar. Quite noisy. Decent idf not amazing beer. It was understaffed in the bar (or so it appeared) so they were stressed but polite and hardworking.

27 Mar 2006 16:38

The Falkland Arms, Great Tew

I have only been to this pub once (about 5 years ago) but my memory of it has not faded. Superb to say the least - great beer and terrific atmosphere. Snuff said!

27 Mar 2006 16:10

The Cricketers, Hartley Wintney

Completely agreed with anonymous. I lived in Hartley Wintney for years and spent many happy evenings at this pub. Went back there a couple of weeks ago for the first time in about 4 years and it's had it's heart removed and is run by what I think are a couple of Antipodeans - friendly ones though! What happened to Big Dave?

27 Mar 2006 15:19

The Red Lion, Avebury

Had a nice pint (Green King IPA) at this pub a couple of weeks ago but the food was pretty dismal - cold chips, empty condiments, irritable staff, naff menu were a bad start. A jacket potato arrived quickly but would have glowed in the dark from all of the radiation fired at it from the microwave!

27 Mar 2006 15:09

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