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Mabel's Tavern, Euston

Very enjoyable pint in this nice, quiet pub. Service good, beer well kept.

3 Sep 2007 13:03

'Round midnight Jazz & Blues Bar, Islington

Was pleasantly surprised when I visited this place. Had a couple of bottles of beer one Saturday early evening. Nothing spectacular but did the job alright.

23 Apr 2007 15:16

Jay Cubed, Angel, Islington

Gone downhill rapidly. Draft beer is disgusting, bar staff unfriendly, place generally unclean and very overpriced. Oh dear, oh dear.

23 Apr 2007 15:13

The Alma, Newington Green

Feel obliged to post a fresher comment, given than none has been made since my last. I was in here very recently with a group of friends and the place has been transformed - friendly staff, good service, great atmosphere and a lovely little beer yard/garden. I'm not sure what happened but it's certainly been for the best. It's still a little on the expensive side, but worth a visit and one of the best in the area.

30 Aug 2006 15:20

The Kings Head, Barbican

Bland is the word. Went in for a drink on a Monday evening with a mate and was neither impressed nor unimpressed... just bored. A bit smoky too.

3 Aug 2006 16:09

The Snooty Fox, Canonbury

Quite a nice pub. Was quiet on a Saturday nights at about 8pm when myself and herself popped in for a drink. Only stayed for the one, but it was fine as was the little beer terrace on the side.

29 Jun 2006 12:12

The Ramble Inn, Tooting

The best pub by a mile in the area and one of the finest in London. Really friendly staff, great service, good beer, decent clientelle. A gem.

24 May 2006 16:29

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

This place has gone to the dogs. Was in there recently for the first time since last year. Barman poured me a pint of IPA, and it was digusting at first mouthful. He then proceeded to dump the rest of the barrel down the sink right in front of me! Used to be a great spot when it was the Craic House, but I know loads of people who've stopped going there because the beer is absolutely rotten.

24 May 2006 16:13

The Salmon and Ball, Bethnal Green

Nothing wrong with this pub. Spent a Sunday evening here with a couple of mates and it was grand. Beer ok. Clientelle was rough, but no-one bothered us.

24 May 2006 16:11

The Duke of Argyll, Soho

Great pub. Was in here on a Sunday afternoon; initially quiet but gradually got very busy. Excellent beer at really cheap prices. Would recommend it for a sensible drink in the den of iniquity that is Soho!

22 May 2006 11:06

The Kings Head, Shoreditch

A clean, decent Irish pub towards the city end of the Kingsland Road. Bar staff very friendly, a few nutters about, contstant Irish music in the background. The only pub I know where GAA takes absolute priority over all else.

13 Apr 2006 13:20

The Alma, Newington Green

Expensive. Beer not that good. Staff very slow. It has a nice ambience, perfect for couples.

14 Mar 2006 16:32

Three Compasses, Hornsey

A fantastic selection of ales. Very comfortable pub - something for everyone. Barman was a bit grumpy, but what's new in London. Well worth a visit - if just to look at the pub interior.

14 Mar 2006 16:31

The Compton Arms, Islington

Small, good beer. Not particularly welcoming bar staff.

13 Feb 2006 16:40

The Kingsland, Kingsland

Not nice. Have tried it a few times and it is unclean, the beer tastes like shit and it has a strange mix of local scum and old Paddies. Give it a miss.

13 Feb 2006 16:38

The Nobody Inn, Newington Green

My local and a damn fine one it is too. Clean, modern, homely, local, friendly all at the same time. The beer is good and they always have a few ales on. The pool table is unforgiving! Bar staff friendly. Sometimes one thanks God for small mercies, and having a good local more than makes up for the other miseries the day inflicts.

13 Feb 2006 16:37

The Angel, Angel, Islington

Went here last Friday evening after work and I was very pleasantly surprised. The beer was good, and there was a wide and varied selection of it. Cheap and clean, it wasn't the worst by a long way.

13 Feb 2006 16:35

The Harp, Covent Garden

Quality. A fantastic range of real ales - the Titanic is superb. Friendly bar staff, nice and relaxed atmosphere, all in all it's one of the best.

13 Feb 2006 16:32

The Tarmon, Caledonian Road

Good pub. Ordinary boozer and clientelle, decent beer, friendly staff.

17 Jan 2006 15:22

The Lark in the Park, Islington

Not a fan. Food awful, beer not too far behind.

17 Jan 2006 15:21

The Castle, Angel, Islington

Not bad. Can get quite busy. Good beer and friendly staff.

17 Jan 2006 15:19

Anam, Islington

Great bar. Expensive cocktails but well worth it. A good night out, every so often.

17 Jan 2006 15:19

Jay Cubed, Angel, Islington

Really good pub; a bit more expensive but then you get what you pay for. Good music, good vibe, good night.

17 Jan 2006 15:17

The Barley Mow, Westminster

Bar staff were friendly enough. Went in with a few mates to watch the rugby - intimidating enough if you're on your own though. Good selection of ales.

17 Jan 2006 15:15

The Surprise at Pimlico, Pimlico

Not bad. Was much better a few years ago, both in clientelle and staff.

17 Jan 2006 15:13

The Pride of Pimlico, Pimlico

Not a bad local pub. Nothing to go crazy about.

17 Jan 2006 15:12

The Railway, Finsbury Park

Fine little pub. Quiet, unpretentious, efficient - all the things you want in a good pub.

17 Jan 2006 15:09

The Princess Alexandra, Crouch End

Good selection of ales, cosy locals pub with no music, etc. The barmaid was a tad on the slow side but all in all a pleasant experience.

17 Jan 2006 15:07

The Fitzrovia, Goodge Street

I have never in my entire life experienced such awful service, incompetence and downright rudeness in any pub in London. Ordered food during a very quiet period on a Sunday afternoon, waited 30 minutes for it, when it arrived it was stone cold. Brought it back to barmaid who said she would warm it up and bring it over! No thanks. I asked for a refund and she very rudely refused. She then rang the Manager who authorised a refund which was slammed on the table. No apology, nothing. To add insult to injury the beer was crap.

28 Nov 2005 11:18

The Quays, Holloway

A really good pub. Enjoyed the GAA in here during the summer, and the Sunday dinner is good too. Bar staff are very friendly, good service. A few Norf Landan chavs about but sure that's life. Bit pricey too.

1 Nov 2005 13:34

The Alwyne Castle, Islington

A nice attractive pub. Getting served takes a while.

1 Nov 2005 13:31

O'Neills, Soho

Not the Mae West. Bouncer was an ignorant dog. Very busy, predominence of arseholes.

1 Nov 2005 13:29

Waxy's Little Sister, Piccadilly Circus

Quirky little pub with a good selection of whiskeys. The bar staff were a good laugh and it has the intimacy and non-boorishness that you don't get in Waxy's proper.

1 Nov 2005 13:28

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

A good downtown venue. Lots of young Irish; gets very busy on a Sunday. Hard to get a seat but the beer is fine is a little pricey.

1 Nov 2005 13:26

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

A really great place for a drink after work. Does get busy but cheap as chips and superb location for pre-theatre/downtown drinks.

1 Nov 2005 13:24

The Bok Bar, Covent Garden

It's great to be able to get the various SA beers, etc. but the place is slightly tacky and full of loud Dutch farmers and ugly women.

1 Nov 2005 13:22

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

I still like this pub - the traditional music session and the beers are fantastic. The only thing that pisses me off is that for a bar that bombards you with their 'only genuine, authentic Irish brewery' claim-to-fame, they don't show the Gaelic games. Arranged to meet with some friends to watch the All-Ireland hurling semi-final and they weren't showing it! Unhelpful barmaiid too. Went to Waxy's to watch it - which was packed full of people doing the same. The PorterHouse is definitely losing trade on a Sunday.

16 Aug 2005 12:04

The Corrib Rest, Queens Park

A good pub. One of the few decent, friendly Irish pubs left in this area. Beer is fine, prices are good and the people are sound.

28 Jul 2005 10:27

The North London Tavern, Kilburn

Quite like this pub although it can get quite smoky inside. Takes a while to get served. Good selection of drinks.

28 Jul 2005 10:24

The Black Lion, Kilburn

Pricey. Not too many seat available. A nice old boozer nonetheless, clientelle is a bit more upmarket (in Kilburn terms) because of increased prices. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

28 Jul 2005 10:18

The Hemingford Arms, Barnsbury

This is a great pub. Reasonably priced drink, friendly bar staff, brilliant atmosphere. One of my favourite pubs in London.

20 May 2005 15:01

Millers, Caledonian Road

This pub is a fine spot for a drink with mates, to watch the football and play pool. Never had any hassle in this place, good mix of people and the staff are sound. Opens late as well.

26 Apr 2005 16:14

The Masque Bar, Kings Cross

I wasn't sure whether or not this was a gay bar. Not bad regardless, staff are ok, drink is reasonable. Nothing special.

26 Apr 2005 16:13

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

Good for a laugh. Drink the bottled beer at all times. Trust me. The smell of sweat and piss doesn't really do it for me, but it's an experience nonetheless.

26 Apr 2005 16:12

The Golden Lion, Kings Cross

Used to hate this pub, but it has improved immensely in the last six months. Good beers, nice staff, plenty of room. Only annoying thing is those quiz nights they sometimes have. Good place to start the evening off.

26 Apr 2005 16:09

Cubana Waterloo, Waterloo

This is a great spot in the summer - lively, fresh cocktails and fantastic music. Some of the staff a bit sour, but most are sound as a bell and the service is grand. The Mojito's are something special - just what you need on payday after a hard weeks work!

18 Apr 2005 16:58

The Amersham Arms, New Cross

Great pub for watching the famous Glasgow Celtic. Ended up in Lewisham on a Tuesday drinking with a mad Scotsman after going for one pint with a college friend on a Sunday morning.

18 Apr 2005 16:51

The Hobgoblin, New Cross

I dislike this pub immensely. Haven't been in it for about six months, but the last time the bar staff were arrogant bastards, the juke box was shite and the beer was stinking.

18 Apr 2005 16:49

The Marquis of Granby, New Cross

A great pub, one of the things I miss most about New Cross. Good for afternoon and Sunday drinking, munching pork sctatchings and watching the older clientelle grumbling about the students. Staff are good craic, live horse-racing, good drink. Ace pub.

18 Apr 2005 16:47

The Lion, Archway

Was in here on a Sunday night - it's a decent pub for a drink and a bit of craic with Irish friends. Plenty of sound people about, always good fun to laugh at the Irish country music, reasonably priced drink, oh and the Archway crowd of the 1990's seem to have upped sticks and moved in here. Good service as well.

18 Apr 2005 16:43

The Archway Tavern, Archway

As one of the new generation of Irish emigrants, I was a bit disappointed with this place. Didn't at all live up to it's billing as thee Irish pub in London - my pal who reminisced about watching World Cup '94 in there was equally gutted. Barman was dead on, clientelle a bit chav, beer OK.

18 Apr 2005 16:41

The Boogaloo, Highgate

Not bad at all. Weren't too many people around on a Saturday afternoon/evening, but a friendly waitress a good drink. If you sit at the end of the seats facing Archway, and there's no one else in the pub, you get a good view of suicide bridge and St. Paul's Dome. So there.

18 Apr 2005 16:38

The Woodman, Highgate

Went in for one drink on a Saturday afternoon. Friendly barman, outside seating, reasonable price. Did the job for a quick thirst stop.

18 Apr 2005 16:35

The Queens Hotel, Crouch End

Sound pub, went in here for a few vodka's one Wednesday evening. Live jazz band who were very good, local yokel customers, friendly barmaid and decent priced drink. Grand job.

18 Apr 2005 16:30

Kings Head, Crouch End

Quite smokey and seating is at a premium. Good selection of beers, friendly staff. Nothing special.

18 Apr 2005 16:28

The Harringay Arms, Crouch End

A fine and decent traditional pub. No pretensions, good beer and friendly staff. Definitely and after-work-with-the-Evening-Standard pub. Relaxed and sound clientelle.

18 Apr 2005 16:27

Phibbers, Islington

Not the best. Definitely not the cleanest. Alright for a quick pint to kill an hour, nothing more. Live horse-racing though, which is always a bonus...

18 Apr 2005 16:24

Cuba Libre, Angel, Islington

Great happy hour - be warned the combination of lime and rum cuts the shite clean out of you next morning. Snotty staff, but good cocktails and a decent place to kick start you evening!

18 Apr 2005 16:22

The Kingdom, Kilburn

Give me a rope. Depressing during the day - definitely not a pub for a bit of craic and lively entertainment. They do have Setanta Sport and Magners though.

18 Apr 2005 16:19

Powers Bar, Kilburn

A fine pub in which to pass a Sunday afternoon and evening. A great traditional music session starts at 4pm. Good service, friendly bar staff, great music. Toilets leave a bit to be desired, dut otherwise a grand pub.

18 Apr 2005 16:17

The Globe, Moorgate

Not bad. Very busy on a Friday evening - the barmaid consistently managed to choose the time when the bar was most busy to clear ashtrays.

18 Apr 2005 16:15

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