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Comments by jockthenoo1

The Green Man, Ashbourne

NoginBob! go somewhere else to vent your racist/political rants somewhere else! meantime this is a beer appreciation and pub goers concern website. Especially in these tight times!

9 Jun 2020 21:41

The Green Man, Ashbourne

Re: last review! WTF? This is beerintheevening! nothing to do with racist views on any side.

9 Jun 2020 18:46

Harveys Wine Bar, Paddington

Who is this asshole below?? he needs taking out.

15 Apr 2017 08:46

The Clachan, Soho

Who is this A sshole below, he needs locking up!!

1 Feb 2017 09:56

Camperdown Place, Glasgow

I was in this pub last week. A good range of ales on offer. But what is it with this queuing system both ends of the bar? Nonsense!

3 Apr 2016 09:44

The Bear, Burwash

I have used the pub many times and dozens around this area. Does anybody know what happened to the "Kicking Donkey" pub near here?
Also I think this website should be renamed as "Bite in the Evening" as everybody seems to rate the food nowadays rather than the beer which "allegedly" is the forum for this website.

16 Jun 2012 17:03

The Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore

Too expensive for the highlands. London prices!!

14 Nov 2011 19:48

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