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The Birkbeck Tavern, Leyton

Great backstreet boozer, with a lovely beer garden. Seemed to have a decent ale selection and they serve food, which, while I didn't eat, looked good from what I saw others eating.

Like the previous poster, I don't see this making a top-20 list in London, much less the UK, but its a great pub all the same and well worth a visit.

20 Apr 2015 12:38

The Coach and Horses, Leyton

Must have been a sight to behold in its day. You can still see the line in the ground where they opened up the lounge and the salon bar. The massive back room was most likely a billiards hall, now with horrible laminate flooring. I still found some evidence of nice stained glass on the back windows and in the toilets, and also what looked like a blocked-up dumbwaiter. The central bar area survives and is very attractive.

Overall, this pub is well worth a visit if you are in the area. I was in there on a Saturday afternoon (Leyton Orient must have been playing away) and there were about a dozen friendly regulars dotted around, reading newspapers and watching football.

I for one hope this place remains how it is, as I love nothing better than a crossword and a pint in a pub like this on a Saturday afternoon.

20 Apr 2015 12:35

The Boleyn Tavern, Upton Park

Was in here on Friday just gone for the first time. It's a stunning place and well worth a visit. Was quiet for a Friday, which is a shame, as I'd hate to see this place close down, especially when it takes the hit on match-day takings next season when West Ham move to Stratford.

Had a great time, locals were friendly. Check out the ceiling on the billiards room at the back- there is nothing else like it in London.

1 Mar 2015 15:20

The Central, Upton Park

Lovely old big Victorian pub with three bar areas. I spotted two original fireplaces, one of which must have been expected to heat the massive ballroom type area to the back!

This pub is the middle of what I call the "Three Sisters" on Barking Road- The Denmark Arms, The Central and The Boleyn. These are all massive Victorian corner pubs which I would image were built around the same time.

Unfortunately there is a planning proposal to turn this into flats. It has been, quite predictably, approved by some greedy, corrupt official in Newham council, so this place won't be around much longer. 150 years of serving the community gone at the stroke of a pen. Such is London in 2015. Grab a pint here while you still have a chance.

1 Mar 2015 15:15

The Hungerford Arms, Shadwell

I have a simple if idiosyncratic system for rating pubs. It goes as follows.

All pubs automatically get a five out of ten, just by virtue of the fact that they are a pub and they are still in business.

Corner pubs automatically get an extra point. There is something about the light from the double aspect and being able to watch people go by on two streets that I just like.

Estate pubs also get an automatic extra point, by virtue of the fact that there are not many left.

The only pub that doesn't automatically get a five is a pub that has been turned into a gastropub or a yuppie bar. They automatically get a four, even if they are on a corner.

I'm giving the Hungerford a seven. It automatically gets a five, plus one for being on a corner and another point for being a proper East End boozer.

I was in here at 12.30 in the afternoon. There were about ten people in there, all East End geezers. Playing pool and drinking before lunchtime. Excellent!

Landlady was friendly as well, and there is a nice pub cat (Persian long-hair I think)

This place won't be here much longer. I advise you visit sooner rather than later.

25 Feb 2015 13:02

The Dog and Truck, Aldgate

Charming estate pub, decent homemade food and a nice outside area.

23 Feb 2015 14:27

The Redan, Westbourne Grove

Nice corner pub with big windows. Food was OK. Was there 22/02/15 and the toilets look to be fixed. They smell of talcum powder!

23 Feb 2015 12:24

The Black Lion, Bayswater

Sold for luxury flats. Shame on whoever facilitated this. 300 years of history. Pure greed.

23 Feb 2015 12:21

The Top Up Bar, Barking

Same pub as the Barking Arms.

19 Feb 2015 10:43

The Barge Aground, Barking

Closed as far as I can tell.

19 Feb 2015 10:41

The White Horse, Barking

Still closed, and not much of a chance of it reopening I'd say. Such a shame.

19 Feb 2015 10:41

Barking Arms, Barking

Nothing nice about this pub really. A bit smelly, loud music, funny crowd and horrible signage outside. Still, I hope it improves and stays open as Barking is down to just four pubs now.

19 Feb 2015 10:37

The Bull, Barking

Closed down unfortunately. I have a feeling this has been earmarked for "development" (read- crap apartments or yet another Tesco local). I have written to the planning officer voicing my objections as I don't believe any real attempt has been made to re-open this pub.

19 Feb 2015 10:35

The Hobgoblin, New Cross

Was closed (hopefully just for renovations) last time I checked in January 2015. Hopefully it will open again soon, as London can't afford to lose anymore pubs.

19 Feb 2015 10:33

The Marquis of Granby, New Cross

Went here for a Milwall game (not a fan but live nearby and wanted to see what all the fuss was about) in January 2015. It looks a bit like a pub from a football hooligan movie, but there was no need to worry, everyone was really nice. Bar staff were friendly and the beer was good. Can't wait to go back again on match day.

19 Feb 2015 10:31

Quinn's, Camden

This was my work local and I drank here four nights a week for five years. Yes, the owners are old and a bit crazy and there is a family soap opera playing out behind the bar, but that’s part of the charm. Staff are lovely when you get to know them, and the crowd is different every night, which is perhaps what is so great about this place.

Fills up on a Friday and can stay open lateish. It’s away from the madness of Camden High Street, but still close to the action. I’m going to give this a slightly biased 10 out of 10.

17 Feb 2015 17:17

The General Havelock, Ilford

I’m a sucker for run-down East End pubs. This is the last proper pub left in the centre of Ilford, so I've got a soft spot for it. Always a very attractive bar lady behind the bar. Well worth a visit.

17 Feb 2015 17:12

The Denmark Arms, East Ham

I love this pub from an architectural perspective. It’s an absolute cavern inside- high ceilings and still retains some original features. I like to sit here with a pint on match days, especially when West Ham are playing at home.

It gets noisy here at night, and men get searched on the door coming in. Never a good sign. However, if you want to experience a real East End pub with plenty of charm, this is it.

17 Feb 2015 17:08

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