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BITE user comments - graham2

Comments by graham2

The Falcon Inn, Arncliffe

Completely unchanged old Dales pub, like walking onto a film set, with local "characters" as well. Be certain to visit if ever in the area.

2 Jun 2014 13:07

The George Inn, Hubberholme

Pub under new management, only nipped in for a quick pint before catching the bus from Buckden so can't comment on much other than the new management is keeping the pub open all day except Mondays.

2 Jun 2014 13:04

The Fox and Hounds, Starbotton

Landlord still going for the title of "Most miserable landlord in Yorkshire", almost worth going just to see him (if you can find a time when he opens the pub of course!). Apparently pub up for sale and he can't wait to leave.

2 Jun 2014 13:01

The Kings Head, Kettlewell

Pub has reopened but aiming firmly at the gastropub market. Not really any space inside for anyone wanting a drink but not food.

2 Jun 2014 12:58

The Racehorses, Kettlewell

Excellent Dales village pub - no more to be said.

2 Jun 2014 12:56

The Blue Bell Inn, Kettlewell

Stayed for a weekend, staff very friendly and helpful. Good choice of beers and room to sit down even if not eating. The breakfasts were huge, didn't need to eat again for the rest of the day. Room a bit tired but they are in the process of renovating. Only negative was trying to get in and out of the guests carpark!

2 Jun 2014 12:54

Fox, Woolmer Green

Very pleasant proper pub, tucked away down a side lane. Far enough away across the fields from Stevenage to build up a thirst.

13 Nov 2012 16:51

The Pied Piper, Stevenage

Apparently this is the only pub in the world to have been opened by the Queen! Apart from that the only positive thing to say about this estate pub is that it is not the Man in the Moon.

13 Nov 2012 16:47

Man In The Moon, Stevenage

Avoid unless you like expensive lager, drunken skinheads and loud music.

21 Jul 2012 15:35

2Dry, Stevenage

Perfectly acceptable pub, McMullen real ales only but always in good condition and usually a choice of three. Plus free peanuts!

21 Jul 2012 15:32

The Robin Hood and Little John, Rabley Heath

Went in on Sunday, seemed a decent village pub but difficult to tell as was packed out due to showing the Stevenage v. Spurs game. Will try again on a normal Sunday.

20 Feb 2012 10:45

The Goat Inn, Codicote

Previous reviews are spot on, reasonable village pub.

20 Feb 2012 10:40

The Globe, Codicote

Went in here Sunday lunchtime and I was the only customer. Poor choice of beers, including the lagers. Soon to be an Indian/Chinese/Thai restaurant I would guess.

20 Feb 2012 10:36

The Ship Inn, Caister on Sea

One of those pubs that looks very pleasant from the outside, and may well have been if I could have sat outside but once again it was raining in Norfolk. Inside was dingy rather than characterful. Had a pint of Olde Trip, one of two handpumps, which was rather unpleasant but not quite bad enough to take back. Perhaps I would have been more generous if the sun was shining?

27 Aug 2011 16:10

Green Gate Inn, Caister on Sea

Very strange pub, landlady (I assume) kept me waiting a good 5 minutes while she had a convoluted discusssion with a rather drunk customer about the name of a pub in Great Yarmouth, also seemed more interested in playing crib on the bar that actually serving anyone! Large pub with lots of rooms but only one seems to be used at all. Once again Doom Bar the only real ale. Seem to be some very strange folks in Norfolk.

27 Aug 2011 16:03

The Kings Arms, Caister on Sea

Tired looking roadhouse type pub, hard to believe it was refurbished not so long ago. Very strange bunch of customers. The ubiquitous Doom Bar the only real ale.

27 Aug 2011 15:57

Troll Cart, Great Yarmouth

Typical Weatherspoon's, says it all. Busiest pub in Great Yarmouth presumably because it's the cheapest. Smaller choice of real ales than usual in a Weatherspoon's.

24 Aug 2011 14:46

Earl of Beaconsfield, Great Yarmouth

Within a second of entering this pub I knew it was going to feature in the top 10 worst pubs I have ever visited. From the outside it looks derelict, a theme that continues inside. Interesting posters on the wall about a pool league since it dooesn't have a pool table. Only three different drinks available, John Smith smooth, Woodpecker and Fosters - nothing else. No white wine. No customers. If I ever visit Great Yarmouth again I fully expect it to have been replaced by sheltered housing! I'm only giving it 1 point rather than zero because it was open!

24 Aug 2011 14:40

Gallon Pot, Great Yarmouth

Bit of a tired 60s decor inside and a bit gloomy, but 4 real ales on handpumps and the oneI tried was well kept. Mmenu looked good so I might revisit.

24 Aug 2011 14:32

The Market Tavern, Great Yarmouth

Typical town center lager pub, only one real ale on (Courage best) but didn't try it as no one else was drinking it. Full of OAPs having a cheap lunch. No dogs allowed so marked down 1 point.

24 Aug 2011 14:28

The Red Lion, Westminster

True London prices! Over 10 for a pint of beer and a glass of wine.

6 Aug 2011 07:19

The Boars Head, Bishops Stortford

Pub has now reopened, the new owners have got rid of the pool table and the grotty formica tables. Seems to be aiming for a more upmarket clientel. Two real ales on but I'll see how long that lasts before rerating.

28 May 2011 12:56

The Queens Head, Allens Green

Beer festival on the Bank Holiday weekend plus BBQ and live music.

22 May 2011 16:22

The Hoops Inn, Much Hadham

Slight correction, the Adnams bitter is on keg not draft. Also they've got rid of the marquee you can see in the photo, so if it's raining there's nowhere to sit outside (which matters to me as I'm usually with the dog). Been here a couple of times since it reopened and it's pleasant enough sitting in the sunshine but I'm glad I've never tried to eat here as the staff don't seem to have slightest idea what they are doing.

15 May 2011 10:01

The Prince of Wales, Green Tye

Big beer festival this weekend, I intend to be there tomorrow.

30 Apr 2011 12:23

The Jolly Waggoners, Much Hadham

Still closed.

30 Apr 2011 12:20

The White Hart, Debden

Sorry to say that this is no longer a pub, now a Indian-Nepalese "fusion" restaurant with some poncy name.

30 Apr 2011 11:52

The Plough, Debden

Big boo for this pub, got here at 2.05 on a Bank Holiday friday with everyone celebrating the Royal Wedding and the place was SHUT!!!

30 Apr 2011 11:49

The Cock, Henham

Big hooray for this pub, arrived at 11:30 and was expecting to have to hang around until it opened at 12, but it had opened early for a Royal Wedding party. Sat in the garden with an excellent pint of DoomBar and avoided the nuptuals!

30 Apr 2011 11:47

The Ewe and Lamb, Bromsgrove

Went in Friday lunchtime just after 2pm, pub was heaving. Bar service could have been a bit quicker but had a couple of pints of the excellent Wye Valley HPA. Ordered a snack lunch, the "posh hot dog" which came quickly and was so huge I couldn't finish it! Found all the staff to be friendly and helpfull Large garden area which looks like it could be vert pleasant when the weather warms up.

2 Apr 2011 07:55

The Cock, Henham

Walk to this pub with the dog, it's about 8 miles from where I live so makes a nice first stop. Dogs are barred from the main dining area but are allowed in the two smaller bar areas (what in the old days would have been called the public bar or the snug) so you can eat without fear of dog bollox licking!
Walk from here to the Fleur De Lys in Widdington, then on to the Coach and Horses in Newport, then get the train back.

1 Apr 2011 08:03

The Cock, Henham

Given it an extra point as it is dog friendly.

27 Mar 2011 12:23

Fleur Dellys, Widdington

Sorry got it wrong, it's The Fleur De Lys. Went back again yesterday and they remembered me from my last visit over a year ago! Four real ales available and, although I haven't tried the food it looked very good.

27 Mar 2011 12:20

Fleur Dellys, Widdington

BITE have got the name wrong, must be using some voice recognition software, it's the Fleur D'Llys :-)
Excellent pub, well worth a visit if you can find it, us an OS map.

22 Feb 2011 22:12

The Cock, Henham

Pleasant Essex country pub, keeps the balance between a community pub and an eating establishment. Good real ale choice, food good quality and reasonably priced and good and friendly service. Popular port of call for cyclists in the summer.

22 Feb 2011 22:09

The Salisbury, Manchester

Blimey brings back memories - used to spend many hours in here when I was a student in Manchester back in the 1970s. In those days there was a choice of Watneys Red Barrel, Guinness and Fosters.

22 Feb 2011 22:01

The Black Lion, Bishop's Stortford

Went in recently to see if there had been any improvements - I stand by my review of 10-Jul-2006!

22 Feb 2011 21:56

The Fountain, Bishops Stortford

Haven't been in since it reopened but my partner went in last night on a girls night out and she reports that is it a pulling place for sad losers.

13 Feb 2011 12:29

The Half Moon, Bishop's Stortford

Been redecorated so no more lumps of plaster falling of the wall! Otherwise still the best pub in Stortford.

13 Feb 2011 12:25

The Half Moon, Bishop's Stortford

Been redecorated so no more lumps of plaster falling of the wall! Otherwise still the best pub in Stortford.

13 Feb 2011 12:25

The Red Cow, Bishops Stortford

For some reason only known to CAMRA members this is the only Stortford pub in the 2011 GBG. How this crap pub got in above the Half Moon, the Jolly Brewers and the Cock Inn is beyond me, all three are vastly superior to this dingy pub.

13 Feb 2011 12:21

The Nags Head, Bishop's Stortford

Been in a couple of times since it reopened - have to say the refurb is fantastic, McMullens have done a really good job, it's like being in a 1920s ocean liner or a Poirot episode. Three real ales, unfortunately all McMullens and no guest ales, but kept well.
It's been heaving each time I've been in (around 7pm midweek) so if you want to eat I would recommend booking.
Going there this lunchtime for a family birthday so will report back on the food.

13 Feb 2011 12:17

The Rose and Crown, Stansted

Excellent pub on the edge of Stansted, always has a selection of real ales on, people and dog friendly. Deservedly in this years Good Beer Guide.

31 May 2010 12:53

The Gibraltar Castle, Batford

Found this gem of a pub purely by accident when driving back from Luton and looking for somewhere to have lunch a bit more upmarket than MaccyD's. Attractive exterior and the interior is covered with military memorabilia, but looking natural rather than contrived. Food was typical pub food, large portions, not messed around with and well cooked. Service was good and friendly. Prices towards the top end of what I'd pay for pub grub, 50+ for four of us. There looked to be 3 real ales available, but as I was driving I couldn't sample them, so haven't rated this pub (only rate pubs when I have tried the cask beer).

13 Mar 2010 13:48

The Sutton Arms, Little Hallingbury

Sad to say that this is yet another decent pub that is now an Indian restaurant, called "The Elephant" or something equally stupid. Will there be any proper pubs left??

28 Feb 2010 16:11

The Half Moon, Bishop's Stortford

Beer is always good quality though, which is something in this lager town.

7 Feb 2010 21:47

The Half Moon, Bishop's Stortford

Beer is always good quality though, which is something in this lager town.

7 Feb 2010 21:47

The Tanners Arms, Bishops Stortford

Went in to see if had improved under new management - has actually got worse! Can't be bothered to list all the crap aspects but my hearing still hasn't recovered after being subjected to the ear bleedingly loud music.

21 Jan 2010 21:18

The George Hotel, Bishop's Stortford

Got it wrong, according to the local paper it has been bought by an Italian restaurant chain. C'mon Wetherspoons we need one of your pubs in this overpriced town.

21 Jan 2010 21:10

The George Hotel, Bishop's Stortford

This pub is now closed and boarded up. The rumour is that Wetherspoons is intersted in buying it.

16 Jan 2010 18:51

Broads Haven Tavern, Potter Heigham

yep, can't remember the name either but I did walk up to it, took about 10mins, looked very nice but was closed :-(

3 Jan 2010 22:38

The Falcon, Shanklin

About the only pub in Shanklin that is a pub and not a sports bar or restaurant.

29 Aug 2009 14:02

Billy Bunters, Shanklin

serves a reasonable draught Bass, but other than that a characterless "Sports" bar with eardrum bursting noise levels (even when it's empty).

29 Aug 2009 14:00

The Spanish Galleon, Greenwich

Perfectly OK pub. Got served quickly, no smell of piss. Tried the Spitfire and the Bishop's finger, both OK (without being outstanding). Didn't try the food so no comment.

3 Aug 2009 20:49

King's Arms, Greenwich

Perfectly OK pub, although a bit touristy as you would expect from the location. Good choice of beers. Didn't try the food, so no comment.

3 Aug 2009 20:38

The Nags Head, Bishop's Stortford

I understand it's actually going to reopen as a McMullens pub.

15 Feb 2009 22:13

The Nags Head, Bishop's Stortford


Drove past on Saturday and the whole place was boarded up, with a "To Let" sign.

26 Jan 2009 13:29

The Castle, Bishop's Stortford

Still open, the Council has refused planning permission for the developer to build flats on the large car park at the rear of the pub.

23 Jan 2009 14:36

Bar 11, Harlow

Now closed for refurbishment, will be re-opening as a "venue".

23 Jan 2009 14:34

The Star, Bishops Stortford

I'm telling a lie, 2 handpumps have just appeared one of which produced a decent pint of Bombadier.

10 Dec 2008 18:08

The Star, Bishops Stortford

Went in recently, no sign of any difference and certainly no sign of any handpumps!

6 Dec 2008 14:36

The White Horse, Chedgrave

Excellent pub near Loddon staithe. New management making a real effort to keep it up to GBG standards. Everone was very helpful and friendly. Good choice of real ales. Large ouside seating area on decking and in the garden. Pub was hosting Morris dancing and a BBQ the evening we visited. Food was excellent, if a little on the pricey side, no delay in serving even though the pub was very busy.

11 Aug 2008 17:56

Kings Head, Loddon

Went in here looking for somewhere for our group to eat later that evening. This pub seemed ideal, centrally located in attractive village, good choice of real ales, well kept, large outside seating area, separate games area with pool table. All seemed well until I went in the games area and found it infested with photographs of Manchester United, so we went to the White Horse instead.

11 Aug 2008 17:46

The White Horse Inn, Neatishead

Old fashioned village pub about 5/10 minutes walk from the nearest moorings. Still split into several different roooms, some for eating and some for drinking - dogs allowed in front bar. Good choice of real ales - sadly I can't remember what I had now! No beer garden but outside courtyard area for smokers/claustrophobiacs.

11 Aug 2008 17:35

The Ash, Burton End

Country pub nestling against the perimeter fence of Stansted Airport. Extended, extensive, restaurant area. As with most country pubs in this area the focus is on food but the original bar area has been kept as a haven for drinkers. Usually has a choice of real ales. Large outside seating area, with children's play area, ideal for plane watching.

11 Aug 2008 17:10

The Wheatsheaf, Bishops Stortford

Perfectly average small town pub, Greene King house but Speckled Hen is available. Outside patio area, pool table. Gets an extra point for allowing dogs inside.

11 Aug 2008 16:55

The Tanners Arms, Bishops Stortford

This pub always leaves me feeling disappointed, it should be a decent boozer. McMullen's house so always a choice of real ales but they always seem to be in that grey area of being slightly "off" but never bad enough to take back.
Outside seating area, pool tables, food served (but I've never tried it), restricted opening hours.

11 Aug 2008 16:49

The Red Cow, Bishops Stortford

Small pub much frequented by the horse racing fraternity. Ocassional real ales available. Small outside seating area. It used to get very smokey inside but I haven't been in since the smoking ban - will try at the weekend.

11 Aug 2008 16:35

The Fountain, Bishops Stortford

Bit of a cheek posting a review as I haven't actually been in. Former rough pub reopened as poncey bistro so I haven't managed to get past the bouncers yet.

11 Aug 2008 16:31

The Boars Head, Bishops Stortford

Yet another potentially great town center pub ruined by overpriced lager, neandertal customers and crap staff.

11 Aug 2008 16:28

The Star, Bishops Stortford

This could be a fantastic pub - full of original features, long rambling building, exposed original wooden beams but unfortunately it's a real ale desert populated by lager swilling chavs taking a break from the betting shop opposite. Plus the lager is about the most expensive in town.
Still if you're looking for a fight on a Saturday night this will do until you go to Chicago's.

9 Aug 2008 13:19

The Castle, Bishop's Stortford

Went back for old times sake as I heard it was due to close. I asked the bar staff and she said that it was closing in October. Thankfully they have 2 real ales back on again.
I never could understand how this pub made any money as it was never busy and normally the number of staff (all of whom seem to be related to the landlord) would outnumber the customers. Even so it will be a shame to lose yet another pub in this town.

9 Aug 2008 12:55

The Bricklayers Arms, Bishop's Stortford

Went in for a pint after taking a photo but all the real ales were off except for vile Greene King's IPA. So left and went to the Half Moon instead!

9 Aug 2008 12:50

The King Street Run, Cambridge

It's hard to find a crap pub in Cambridge but this one certainly fits the bill. Avoid.

9 Aug 2008 11:12

The George, Little Hallingbury

Pretentious "gastro pub", you know - the type that serves ostrich etc. Beer is crap Greene King but don't even think of going in if you are not "dining". Luckily the place is shut most of the time. They won't even let dogs into the garden.
You're much better off going to The Three Horseshoes in Spellbrook or to The Sutton Arms.

8 Aug 2008 15:15

The Hoops Inn, Much Hadham

Pleasant country pub situated next to the Henry Moore sculpture park. Large outside seating area part of which is under a marquee. More interested in food than beer but still normally has at least 2 real ales available, kept well but make sure they top up your glass! If you want to eat here it's advisable to book at the weekends as can get very busy.

8 Aug 2008 14:49

The Old Crown, Much Hadham

Average pub with average beer. Small outside seating area.

8 Aug 2008 14:43

Sutton Staithe Hotel, Sutton

Yet another attractive riverside pub! Situated at the end of Sutton Broad. Small outside seating area but there is a large expanse of grass in front of the pub leading to the moorings. Good choice of well kept real ales. Didn't try the food so no comment. Worth a visit.

8 Aug 2008 13:51

The George Hotel, Bishop's Stortford

Apparently the 3rd oldest inn in Hertfordshire and the toilets smell like it. Used to visit it occassionally as it was the only place in town selling draught Bass but alas no more. As others have said the place needs new management and a good clean.

8 Aug 2008 13:43

The Three Tuns, Bishops Stortford

Dingy, smelly pub with overloud music. Has the obligatory Greene King handpumps but they are never used as everyone in this pub drinks lager (and it's expensive!). Small outdoor patio area.
Only points in its favour 1. it's the closest pub to the station if you're desperate for a drink .. er, that's it really.

8 Aug 2008 13:37

The Lion Inn, Thurne

Strange place. First visited on a Saturday evening on the same day as the village fete so the place was heaving. Having said that we managed to grab a table in the garden and ordered some food. Food came reasonably quickly and was really good and very good value BUT there were loads of staff dealing with the food but only one person on the bar and customers were literally queueing out the door waiting for drinks. Gave them the benefit of the doubt and went back on a Friday afternoon when all was quiet and this time nobody was serving at the bar! Could hear the barmaid arguing with the chef/owner round the back and had to wait a good 5 minutes before anyone deigned to come and serve me. Be interested to hear anyone elses experiences here.
BTW attractive pub 100 meters from the end of Thurne dyke so can moor up almost on the doorstep.

8 Aug 2008 13:23

Beauchamp Arms, Buckenham

Large pub in the middle of nowhere with riverside location. Has its own moorings. In new ownership since March so no idea what it was like before. Smallish outside seating area. The pub itself is attractive and has been recently redecorated. Good choice of real ales including Caledonian's Lemonale - which is an aquired taste and one I haven't acquired.
Worth a visit.

8 Aug 2008 12:40

The Bridge Inn, Acle

Should have said that there is also a shop and tea room attached.

8 Aug 2008 12:29

The Bridge Inn, Acle

Large pub situated on the river bank with its own moorings and substantial public mooring nearby. Large outdoor seating area with both outdoor and indoor childrens play area. This pub is firmly aimed at the family food market, but having said that it is still a pleasant pub to visit and the beer, although not much choice of real ales, is perfectly OK. So don't go out your way to visit but well worth dropping-in if you are in the area.

8 Aug 2008 12:28

The Ferry Inn, Stokesby

My favourite pub from my Norfolk Broads holiday! Attractive pub located directly on the river bank with its own moorings, also more public moorings alongside. Good choice of real ale. Large garden with outdoor seating. The staff were helpful and friendly. A large group of us, adults, kids and dogs had a meal (well not the dogs) and although the pub was busy the food was served promptly. Nice menu and food was well cooked and not too expensive. There is also a little park with childrens play area just across the road.
Shame I only managed to visit the once.

8 Aug 2008 12:10

The Town Hall Tavern, Leeds

This pub used to be one of my regular haunts many years ago when I lived in Leeds. Back then it was a Tetley's pub serving one of the best pints of Tetley's bitter in town. Visited a couple of years ago and it was still an excellent pub albeit now a Taylors pub - probably just as well considering how downhill Tetley's has gone.

8 Aug 2008 11:48

Broads Haven Tavern, Potter Heigham

Rubbish pub, no real ale just lager. Food menu looked like something from the '70s but can't comment as I didn't see anyone eating here. Only reason I went in was because I had to wait somewhere until our boat was ready.
It's a shame really because the pub is in a beautiful location - on the river bank next to the old bridge at Potter Heigham.

8 Aug 2008 11:33

The Jolly Brewers, Bishop's Stortford

Now does accomodation in the form of a chalet type block built next to the pub.

8 Aug 2008 11:15

Three Horse Shoes, Spellbrook

This pub is aimed fair-and-square at the family food market. Having said that it's quite a decent pub to visit for a drink when the weather is nice. Large outside seating area with some tables covered by a marque in case of rain. Always has a couple of real ales on, which are always in good condition and reasonably priced for the area. Food is typical "family fayre" but usually adequate and not too expensive.

6 Aug 2008 22:00

The Coach and Horses, Bishops Stortford

This used to be a decent pub but is now crap. They've taken the kids play items out of the garden. They've also fenced off the garden so you have to go through the pub to get to it, so you can't take a dog into it. Service is crap - I waited over 5 minutes to get served while the barmaid chatted to a friend on her mobile phone. Has a choice of 3 real ale handpumps but the beer is always off. This pub is only interested in you if you are ordering food but the one and only time I actually went there to eat the kitchen was closed!

6 Aug 2008 21:54

The Harvest Moon, Thorley

Took the dog for a walk in the spring and stopped off for a pint, sitting outside. All of a sudden a hail storm started and the miserable git of a landlord wouldn't let me, dog and kids shelter in the side entrance! Said we were blocking a fire exit, as if we wouldn't have been the first ones out if the place caught fire.

6 Aug 2008 21:47

The Marne Inn, Thorley

Perfectly acceptable pub provided you go in when not too busy. Smallish outside garden area. Probably the cheapest pub in the town - certainly is for the Speckled Hen which is also a decent pint.

6 Aug 2008 21:42

The Kings Arms, Ludham

Had a meal here last Friday (last day of our boating holiday) and found the beer to be good, the pub itself very pleasant and the food well cooked and reasonable value - well I think it was as it wasn't my turn to pay. Place got very busy but no delays on service.

6 Aug 2008 21:34

The New Inn, Rockland St Mary

Very pleasant pub in beautiful setting, with good beer. They let us take our drinks over the road to the staithe where we were having a picnic so didn't try the food so no comment.

6 Aug 2008 21:04

The Dog Inn, Ludham

Pleasant pub with large outside seating area. Good choice of real ales. Didn't try the food so no comment.

6 Aug 2008 19:26

Lulworth Cove Inn, West Lulworth

A recently refurbished pub right at the main car park for Lulworth Cove and the path to DurdleDoor. Reasonable choice of real ales, large outdoor seating area. Didn't try the food but the menu looked varied and reasonably priced and the food that came out for other customers whilst I drank my pint(s) looked good.
Visited here about 20 years ago when walking the South West Way and it was the pits, so great improvement.

5 Aug 2008 11:22

Smugglers Inn, Osmington Mills

Visited in May on a busy Sunday evening. Found the staff helpful and able to cope with a large group at short notice. The food was good, albeit at the top end price-wise for a "pub" meal. My only gripe is that the whole place is only concerned with food orders - if you go to the bar to just buy a drink you can wait forever while food orders are taken.

5 Aug 2008 11:13

The Nothe Tavern, Weymouth

Visited in May on a busy Saturday in Wemouth (some festival going on), found the beer to be good, the patio area to be very pleasant (the sun was shining for a change) and the staff very friendly and helpful. A large group of us had turned up at short notice (about 20 including kids) and they set up a table for us no bother. Found the food to be typical "pub" food but OK and certainly very good value.

5 Aug 2008 11:07

The Golden Lion, Weymouth

Found this pub when looking for somewhere to watch the Leeds v. Doncaster play off final. For a sports pub with lots of large screen TVs it actually has a good choice of real ale rather than the usual ranks of lager pumps.

5 Aug 2008 11:00

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Excellent pub, but do try and visit when it's quiet so you can actually see all the details of the decor.

5 Aug 2008 10:51

The Castle Inn, West Lulworth

Visited in May so fairly quiet. Pub nice but nothing special. Beer average, and dogs not allowed in. Didn't try the food. Like other people I cannot understand why a pub in prime tourist area shuts in the afternoon.

5 Aug 2008 10:47

The Sailors Return, East Chaldon

Visited in May, place was very quiet (it was about 3.30), found the staff and customers very friendly, with a good range of well kept real ales and the dog was allowed inside.
Didn't try the food tho'.

5 Aug 2008 10:40

Duke's Head, Somerleyton

Excellent pub about 400 m walk from the river moorings at Somerleyton. Good choice of real ales. large pleasant garden. Didn't eat here but the menu looked good and the plates of food being brought out were impressive. Worth a visit.

4 Aug 2008 22:49

The Maltsters, Ranworth

Pleasant staithe side pub in quiet village in the Norfolk Broads. Poor choice of real ales. Visited early so no idea what the food is like.

4 Aug 2008 22:42

The Library, Woodhouse

Dire place - even when it's empty you can't get served and the tables are full of crap. Even students deserve better.

3 Aug 2008 19:54

Hare, Harlow

One of the few (or only) decent pub in Harlow. Still has a country atmosphere despite being 200 meters from the town centre. Usually has three real ales (although McMullen so can't win them all). Large garden to sit out in during summer.

3 Aug 2008 19:46

The Berney Arms Inn, Berney Arms

Very friendly pub in the middle of nowhere, arrive by boat - decent beer, and I tried several! Don't know what it was like before the previous comment but seemed to be full of character to me. Can't comment on the food as I didn't eat there.

3 Aug 2008 17:56

The Castle, Bishop's Stortford

Someone sent me a message after my previous comment about this pub - how do I reply to him including the text of his message?

24 Jul 2007 17:19

The Castle, Bishop's Stortford

This pub has become a racist haunt - it was the headquarters for the recent BNP election attempt in this town, thankfully unsuccesful.
Also the beer is crap and the bar staff still smoke behind the bar.
Shame really as this used to be my favorite pub (it was me added it to this site) but I wouldn't go there any more.

7 May 2007 23:17

The Harvest Moon, Thorley

Back in last year, round about October I uploaded around 15 pub photos which I had taken in my travels (one of which was for this pub). None of them has appeared on this site. I did try to email the BITE team but never got a reply.

Anyone else had this happen to them?

I have lots of pub details and photos I can add to this site but why should I bother if they are not used?

7 May 2007 23:07

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

Worth a visit just to look at the decor, but the beer is also good and the service is OK (provided you aren't trying to get served when the orchestra nips over from the Town Hall for a drink during the interval!)

8 Oct 2006 18:55

The Wrens, Leeds

Not an old man's pub but definitely old fashioned! Good choice of beer and some interesting theatrical memorabilia on thewalls.

8 Oct 2006 18:52

Palace, Leeds

Largish pub for the City centre, not quite as crowded as some of the others. Excellent choice of beer and not too smoky or noisy.

8 Oct 2006 18:49

Whitelocks, Leeds

All time classic pub, but very small and does get very busy. Try and visit when it's quiet so you get a change to check out the decor.

8 Oct 2006 18:46

Wetherspoons, Leeds

Visited in April 2006 so must have seen the old version which was pretty dire for a Wetherspoons pub.

8 Oct 2006 18:44

Prince Of Wales, Leeds

Changed quite a bit from the 1970s when it was a John Smiths pub and the HQ for the local National Front!
Better beer and less objectional clientel.

8 Oct 2006 18:41

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Excellent pub close to station. Can get very busy in the evenings and at weekends. Good choice of beers.

8 Oct 2006 18:37

Bar 11, Harlow

Now called Bar 11 - otherwise unchanged, except that the pool tables have gone.

There are notices up saying that the place is going to be refurbished, wait and see.

16 Sep 2006 20:12

Game Cock Inn, Austwick

Small village pub with small bar area and separate dining/restaurant area. Garden at rear with aviary and children's play area, seating at front overlooking the green. Restricted parking. Choice of real ales. Restricted opening. Ideal base for walking in Crummackdale.
Bit of a strange place as when I was there the landlord (?) closed up and locked the pub dead on 3 pm. and zoomed off in his car leaving people sitting outside with their drinks!

19 Aug 2006 10:08

The Black Lion, Bishop's Stortford

Sorry, meant loud music :-)

14 Jul 2006 00:37

The Live and Let Live, Cambridge

Best pub in Cambridge - can't believe it's only averaging 7.0 in the user ratings! Gets a 9 from me (would be 10 but for the restricted opening hours).

10 Jul 2006 23:54

The Jolly Waggoners, Much Hadham

Another country pub that concentrates on the family food market. Having said that it's still a pleasant pub to visit just for a drink with a choice of real ales, large outside seating area with childrens play area, large car park.

10 Jul 2006 23:38

The Black Lion, Bishop's Stortford

From the outside looks a very attractive old pub in a small market town. On the inside - load music, large screens, ranks of keg lager pumps. Bouncers on the doors at weekends. For lager louts and chavs only. Previously called Scuffy Mac's.

10 Jul 2006 23:22

Moorhen, Harlow

Don't go unless you are taking kids under 10, in which case it's a great pub. Can be very pleasant in the summer sitting by the Stort Navigation watching the boats go by, even though the beer is mediocre at best. Food poor unless you like overcooked reheated pub "fayre".

10 Jul 2006 23:13

The Harvest Moon, Thorley

"Newish" Greene King pub in converted farm building in middle of "newish" housing development. Choice of real ales. Family friendly with large outside seating area and childrens play area. Very popular on sunny weekends. Popular for meals but I've not eaten here so can't comment on the food.

10 Jul 2006 21:59

The Castle, Bishop's Stortford

back street pub that's hard to find unless you already know where it is! Stuck in a time warp with 1950s decor, and the grumpiest landlord in the world. Don't be put off though, decent beer with choice of real ales, friendly atmosphere (no trouble here) and pleasant beer garden. large car park.

10 Jul 2006 21:51

The New Inn, Roydon

Previous review spot-on. Child friendly pub. Best pub in Roydon.

24 Jun 2006 11:45

Crusader, Roydon

Reasonable pub with good choice of beers and food, but parents be aware that children are not allowed in at any time.

24 Jun 2006 11:43

The Cock Inn, Bishop's Stortford

Now reopened following refurbishment and amazingly it has actually improved the place. There is certainly now a better selection of beers and the whole place seems roomier.

24 Jun 2006 10:09

The Nags Head, Little Hadham

Very much a "food" pub and I would normally recommend that booking was essential at weeekends, however went in at 12.30 last Sunday and it was empty! Other points: the Green King beer is served by gravity dispense, there is a separate small public bar with TV and dart board, and a small outside drinking area (but no garden) for walkers, cyclists and dogs.

12 Jun 2006 22:13

The Robin Hood, Bishop's Stortford

Now called "Chutney Joe's" - mind you it was never much of a pub anyway.

10 Jun 2006 11:43

The Jolly Brewers, Bishop's Stortford

Popular friendly local (although can be a bit cliquey at times). Regular choice of real ales, with Taylor's Landlord permanently available. Separate lounge and bar areas. Pool table and darts team. Small garden area. Parking very limited. Thursday evenings is cheese night! Pub newspaper is the Guardian. New entry in GBG.

10 Jun 2006 11:11

The Prince of Wales, Green Tye

Popular village pub which brews its own beer and has regular beer festivals. Used by walkers, cyclists and pony-and-trap enthusiasts! Very child friendly. Only has small garden but you can sit on the village green. Has only recently started doing food. Regular in the GBG.

10 Jun 2006 11:01

The Nags Head, Bishop's Stortford

The architecture is the best feature of this pub - very atractive art-deco building. Tries hard, offers a choice of real ales most times but doesn't always keep them well. Separate lounge and bar areas with the lounge mainly given over to food. Large garden and children welcome. Handy for a pint if walking up Dunmow Road to Woodside Park to watch Bishop's Stortford FC play.

10 Jun 2006 10:41

The Willow Beauty, Harlow

No real ale, service terrible, full of knuckle-draggers, food at lunchtime took over one hour to appear and then was cold! Avoid.

10 Jun 2006 10:33

The Cock Inn, Bishop's Stortford

Currently closed for refubishment - I'll go and have a look when it reopens.

10 Jun 2006 10:28

The Queens Head, Allens Green

Excellent pub, good range of real ales. Very popular with walkers and cyclists during the summer. Regular beer festivals and BBQs in the large garden during the summer. I have to admit I've only ever walked to this pub from Bishop's Stortford so I've no idea what it's like during the winter.

30 Apr 2006 09:40

The Three Willows, Birchanger

Good points - lovely building, real ale, good food, large beer garden.
Bad points - VERY child unfriendly, no children allowed inside, limited range of beer (all Greene King) and not open all day at weekends.

30 Apr 2006 09:29

The Half Moon, Bishop's Stortford

Previous review spot on - the best pub in town. Long standing entry in the GBG. Only drawback is no food, although they will order you a chinese takeaway from the place across the street.

30 Apr 2006 09:17

The Falcon, Bishop's Stortford

This pub was always the worst in the town, no real ale and the home to whatever nutters a small town like this can generate. However it is now CLOSED. No current information as to the likelyhood of it ever reopening.

30 Apr 2006 09:12

The Bricklayers Arms, Bishop's Stortford

This pub has recently been redecorated and the main bar now loks like some 70s bistro.

30 Apr 2006 09:09

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