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The Rutland and Derby, Leicester

A deli first and foremost (the smell of pimentos when you walk in makes that clear), this is certainly worth dropping in after alonger session at the Criterion for a well-kept (and well-priced) Everards'. The spoof newspaper headline posters are a bit out of place, but that's probably the idea.

27 Mar 2011 14:26

The Criterion, Leicester

Tucked away - like all the best ones are. Just about the ale - like all the best ones are. No frills other than welcoming staff and a basic jukebox, and that'll do me. WIll have to come back for both the pizza and the regular international ale theme nights too.

27 Mar 2011 14:23

The Gatehouse, Lichfield

Ship-issue 'Spoons/Lloyds just on the edge of town. As always with 95% of them, worth having a look to check the ales on (good prices of course), but doesn't make much of an effort to not appear 'run-down'. Unlike most 'Spoons though, it's BBC News rather than SKY for them. Happy birthday Rupert....

8 Mar 2011 22:44

The Mudlark, London Bridge

Came across this one completely by chance after walking out of London Bridge station, and it was a stroke of luck. I agree with the comments that it comes across more of a cafe-that-sells-beer (Bland FM being piped into the main room doesn't help), but more than does the job for a comparing of snaps of the nearby Golden Hinde. Adnam's Old Ale too!

8 Mar 2011 22:42

The Princess Louise, Holborn

The labyrinthine layout and well-kept interior are a throwback to the original Sam Smiths' pubs, and are enough to keep the interest of any passer-by. You could almost be forgiven this one has been completely untouched since then (especially given the dire toilets, but thankfully that's another story). Of course, you've only got Sam Smiths stuff to choose from, but since when has that been a bad thing, particularly when kept as well as this - even the Alpine Lager tastes better here. Despite being in High Holborn, the only sound other than your conversation is that of the barkeep cleaning the glasses. This is the life!

8 Mar 2011 22:38

The Lost and Found, Birmingham

Taken on its own merits - actually not that bad. The ale selection is often interesting (good to see Ringwood get a run-out), and the building itself is impressive. The 'study area' at the back is also a good touch - complete with a choice of old books to not read.

Problem is you have 17 ales to choose from across the road, or a better 'big' place in the adjacent street. That isn't Bennetts' fault, but against that competition it doesn't stand much of a chance

15 Nov 2009 17:12

The Bulls Head, Moseley

s'alright. Hasn't really worked its balance between a 'traditional dim-lighted boozer' or an 'indie nightpub' - especially as both of those ideas seem a bit contrived. It's easy to get bored of Theakstons too. Very friendly staff mind, and being right opposite the Number 1 bus stop works in its favour too.

3 Nov 2009 23:04

The George, Temple

Popped in here on the off-chance to kill some time to heading to The Quad (for my sins) across the road on Saturday. Not bad. Sure, 'Mock Tudor' is probably an understatement - plenty of emphasis on the lowness of the beams, being able to sit on a barrel etc - especially as it is offset by the presence of two large televisions in opposite corners. But a fair pump selection (including T.E.A which seems to be a bit rare at the moment) and its proximity to Temple station mark it down as a fine round-linker - although it wouldn't be the highlight of it.

3 Nov 2009 23:00

The Harp, Covent Garden

Quite the thought that just a stone's throw from the tenner-a-caricature plastic of Covent Garden is this. Made sure I came here thanks to the earlier great reviews, and I was not disappointed. This place really is only about the beer, and as you'd expect that was absolutely superb, with a selection split between local micros and underrated 'names'. No Fuller's obviousness here...

Deservedly busy on my visit - there are no tables in the conventional sense - so took a seat by the open area by the door. Yes, there wasn't even a pane of glass there.. This pub is truly one out-of-time. Essential

3 Nov 2009 22:50

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

'Grand' architecture and Sky Sports 2 on with the sound off above the door. Yep, this is a mini-chain city pub alright. Make no mistake, it's a good one. Had no problems with the ale unlike certain contributors (had an Orkney Dark Island here that was pretty perfect), and lives its after-work feel very well.

7 Sep 2009 19:16

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

Exactly as I was hoping, this gives it to you straight. No music, no gimmicks, just handpumps(from some very interesting micros in addition to the big names), whiskies(and then some!) and a good group of regulars. Doesn't at all feel like a 'city' pub either. Result

7 Sep 2009 19:09

The Royal Mile Tavern, Edinburgh

A little on the unkempt side, a long wooden corridor with a couple of what used to be known as fruit machines in the middle. Unspectacular at best

7 Sep 2009 19:06

The Worlds End, Edinburgh

Smaller than you might think (it was postively claustrophobic on my visit, and it wasn't that busy in there!) Pretty dark too, which makes sense given half of th room is given over to being the 'relaxing eating area'. Perfectly situated too - Royal Mile either way, bridge to Waverley opposite. As such, no real reason not to nip in here for at least a quick St.Andrews Ale

7 Sep 2009 19:05

The Royal Mcgregor, Edinburgh

More of a stop-off-for-food place than an out-and-out pub(though good ales are available). The breakfast I had here hit the spot. You wouldn't HAVE to go here, but you wouldn't complain if you ended up here.

7 Sep 2009 19:02

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

At the expense of much else made sure this was the first pub I visited on my trip last week. The fact it was the last one I visite should speak volumes. Great quality grub (at decent prices too, which I found was a bit of an Old Town rarity), knowledgable welcoming staff, and the pumps were on fine form - all from th Stewart brewery on my visit. All this from a place very well-hidden, and about the size of your average front room! Liking the railway 'theme' too. Superb

7 Sep 2009 18:59

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Simple pub on a simple corner of a simple street. Doesn't try and do anything else but provide good ale - no other distractions. Millay is right, the Trade Wind in particular was bang on. Great crawl joiner from Haymarket to Grassmarket and beyond

7 Sep 2009 18:56

The City Tavern, Birmingham

If you're lucky enough to take a wrong turn off Broad Street, chances are you'll end up here. So instead of soulless chains and revival-clubs, you get this mid-19th Century building, restored pretty authentically by the new Davenports crew. Expect no fripperies - The only TV on offer is the CCTV! - just the finest Davenports, Highgate (and when I was there Teignworthy!) Breweries have to offer.

30 Jul 2009 22:02

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

I wasn't around for the supposed bad old days for this establishment,so can only go on what I've been able to to experience. Fine ale selection, weighted towards the old favourites but with some interesting guests. Decor is good without making itself a selling point - just the way it should be. One word of warning to the curious, it is smaller than you might think, so be prepared for The Crush at the bar

30 Jul 2009 21:57

The Yorkshire Grey, Fitzrovia

Dipping out of the bustle of Oxford Circus, here's yet another tremendous Sam Smiths house. Interestingly adorned with photographs of 1930s BBC Radio presenters (even Tommy Woodruff!), the condition of all the Sam Smiths favourites is as excellent as you'd expect. And of course, it's no real strain on your pocket either.

24 May 2009 12:10

The Warren House Inn, Postbridge

Ideally situated as a stopping-off point after a day's avoiding sheep dung. A true traveller's rest. An extra point for pushing the boat out a bit by specialising in some very rare malt whiskeys too. And yes, WATCH THE ROAD!

24 May 2009 12:06

The Royal Oak Inn, Meavy

When you hear the phrase 'village pub', your ideal image is something akin to this reality.Unspoilt view, bicycle bell tolling in the background.... Dartmoor and St.Austell Brewery favourites on tap, as well kept as you would expect. Bar staff who take the time to know you as well.

24 May 2009 12:04

Coopers, York

No. Point. At. All

21 Mar 2009 20:47

The Hole in the Wall, York

A little on the dingy side, this is your usual city centre Marstons/Mansfield establishment. Nothing horrible or anything, but unless you're with good company, not much to recommend it with so much quality a stone's throw away

21 Mar 2009 20:41

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

Standing out from the obviousness that marks out most of the rest of The Run, this puts the beer before the brawl. The sensaround of pumpclips from the past on the north wall is something to behold, and everything the current clips were attached to more than passed muster too. Be prepared to have to muscle past the usual Run crew to get there, but well worth it

21 Mar 2009 20:39

The Postern Gate, York

Different to your average 'Spoons in two ways:
1) Superb Foss-side view
2) It's actually LIT

Otherwise find any other review of any other said chain's establishment anywhere else in the country and it will apply here

21 Mar 2009 20:36

Ye Olde Starre Inn, York

Rightly proud of its history, this little snug is very much worth a visit. Best place for listening to the Minster chimes as well, and good pump selection. Yet there's some intangible that stops me totally enthusiastic about it, (the shrugs of the staff maybe?)

21 Mar 2009 20:34

The Punchbowl, York

All a bit 'good time', and attracts the slightly less adventurous types, but pleasant enough as a crawl-joiner. Good pint of Leeds Best

21 Mar 2009 20:31

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

The pick of the York Brewery affiliates. Even smaller than you might think from the outside, it's atmosphere doesn't feel in the least bit fabricated. The ale keeps its head better than anywhere else too. As if that wasn't enough, cracking little shop 'out front' too. Result!

21 Mar 2009 20:30

The Guy Fawkes Hotel, York

I get the real sense that locally this pub is somehat frowned upon(omitted from the CAMRA list of pubs in York for example), and having visited three times in the last weekend I cannot for the life of me work out why. Superbly kept guest ales, their own brew served straight from the barrel being well worth a dip too, No such gimmicks as jukeboxes, dartboards, or that pesky artificial lighting either. Brilliant

21 Mar 2009 20:27

The Three Legged Mare, York

The slightly showy demeanour doesn't sit all that easily with what styles itself as a beer-and-beer-only York Brewery house. Hardly matters though, as being such an affiliate means the ale itself is top-notch. Give me the beer garden over the 'tasteful' interior, and that will more than do me

21 Mar 2009 20:23

The Tap and Spile, York

Roosters Yankee always on here, plus five changing guests, the names of which are the first things you see upon entry. Now that's dedication the craft. Hugely friendly staff who clearly take pride in their work too. Probably doesn't quite get its due to it being 'out-of-the-way'(as much as is possible in York) but that's other people's loss.

21 Mar 2009 20:20

The Tap and Spile, York

Roosters Yankee always on here, plus five changing guests, the names of which are the first things you see upon entry. Now that's dedication the craft. Hugely friendly staff who clearly take pride in their work too. Probably doesn't quite get its due to it being 'out-of-the-way'(as much as is possible in York) but that's other people's loss.

21 Mar 2009 20:20

The Old Vic, Preston

Better than your average connecting-train-wait ale-house. Deceptively small, with neat selection of (local) ales. Still a bit on the no-frills side perhaps, but serves its purpose perfectly

9 Mar 2009 20:55

The Albert Inn, Totnes

Over the bridge you find this warm and welcoming gem of a throwback. The good old boys behind the bar are exactly that. Having the brewery on the premises is great too. Let it be said though the latter sentence was the one problem on my visit, as both Albert ales on were bloody 'orrible(I think due to the brewing process for that batch rather than the general flavour of them both). Anyway, still plenty of time to to get that one sorted, so don't let that put you off

21 Feb 2009 09:13

The Red Lion, Birmingham

One of the increasing number of pubs that look like part of a chain but aren't. By that I mean the price tabs on the front of the pumps (which is handy really), the ale selection being Landlord and one guest(a good Bateman's Santa's Tipple today), and food that isn't as good as the establishment thinks it is. Places like this cropping up all over the place at the mo. Perfectly fine following a walk to Hopwood and back, but all too familiar when compared with pub-out-of-time that is the Weighbridge just up the road

17 Jan 2009 15:09

The Bridge, Birmingham New Street station

It's a's actually IN the railway station!

Enough said

16 Jan 2009 00:56

The Old Fox, Birmingham

A little on the rustic side - especially given its location- but in a way that helps it stand out amongst the saccharine bistros it shares a postcode with. Some very nice surprises in amongst the guest ales too (you don't see Backyard Brewery Big Red in many city centres). Staff a little evasive, but they'd probably give you the time of the day if you asked nicely enough.


15 Jan 2009 23:55

The Island Queen, Islington

Negative: The unhelpfulness of the staff, the interminable wait for so-so food, and a major shortage of seating.

Positive: Good ales selection, and impressive choice of German lagers.

Bearing the above in mind., take your pick

15 Jan 2009 21:03

The Tom Cobley, Spreyton

An absolute triumph. The two and half hour minibus round trip from Plymouth was worth every last second. The landlord hugely affable, jovial, and knowledgable. Food close to restaurant-standard. 20 ales on offer on Saturday, all of those I tried were incredibly well kept, taking in the likes of Skinners, Wizard, Taunton, and many more majors 'n' micros. A true labour of love as they say.

Now if only I could get a transfer to the Spreyton area..

1 Sep 2008 19:53

The George Toby Pub and Restaurant, Roborough

Came here on Sunday for Roast Carvery Day, and unsurprisingly by about 1pm the place was utterly rammed. Said food reached levels of large-scale approval from this reviewer. in terms of both quantity and quality.

Oh the pub element, I nearly forgot! Understandable really, due to the bog-standard drink selection served by barspeople who think Bells is a malt whiskey. I don't quite grasp the balance between the mock-tasteful decor and the hundreds of seaside postcard that adorn its walls either.

Great for a top-notch Sunday lunch and accompanying drink then, but no more.

28 Aug 2008 09:08

The Britannia Inn, Plymouth

Yer typical out-of-town 'Spoons. In other words perfect for a midweek visit - the food is clearly superior in Wetherspoons' at this time anyway I find -, but can be approaching 'Accursed Be...' levels should you be brave or foolhardy enough to try it from late-afternoon on Friday onwards.

6 Jul 2008 12:02

The Great Stone, Northfield

Whilst very much a locals' pub - be prepared for a fair wait at the bar if you dare be an interloper - this is a well-situated, well-designed place. Just started to bring real ale into the game - a very alive pint of Old Speckled Hen greeted me on Friday. It pretty much takes Northfield honours by default - just look at the 'competition' - but doesn't seem to be resting on its laurels

6 Jul 2008 11:46

The Weighbridge, Alvechurch

The Greatest?

Ever-changing beautifully kept ale, massively portioned and supetbly cooked food, friendly welcomin staff, cheerful clientele, lovely location. And I only came here for the first time yesterday? I have some serious catching up to do..

5 May 2008 13:09

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

To use an Only Fools and Horses joke, the staff really should sue the charm school..otherwise a good example of what City Centre Chain has come to mean - large, hectic, dark(!). Fullers Chiswick I had on Saturday was fine, but looking around the tables I think I was one of the lucky ones.. Fine for a swiftie accompanied by a game of Connect Four (yours for just a fiver deposit)

5 May 2008 13:06

Hopwood House Inn, Alvechurch

Very nicely situated for 'Halfway House' purposes, and extremely pleasant on the inside (deceptively large, seating as comfortable as your favourite armchair. Limited ale selection, but the Jennings' Cumberland that was there was delivered beautifully. I wouldn't go near the food though; rubbery, undercooked, poorly portioned. Stick with the pasties at the garage across the road!

7 Apr 2008 18:51

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

Whilst not the place you'd choose for the epicentre of your crawl(there's not a whole lot actually going on inside), prob. the top place in town for a lunchtime glass 'n' grub combo, as both are of a fine fine standard

30 Mar 2008 14:39

The Wellington, Birmingham

Made my much-delayed debut here yesterday....

It doesn't matter that the seating areas are squeezed into near-alcoves meaning too many people are left standing by the bar, making geting served overly difficult.

It doesn't matter the barspeople (at least on my visit) seemed to lock all patrons with an icy and unwelcoming glare.

It doesn't matter the whole place looks like it's on the verge of crumbling in on itself(especially the tables)

Why do these things not matter? Because this place is solely, utterly and entirely About The Ale It Serves.What a rarity that is in today's Day-glo Two For One/chemical poison world.

Unlike many comments here, I found the ale to be lovingly kept and delivered too. Especially given its city centre location, what an absolute treat

30 Mar 2008 14:29

The Reckless Engineer, Bristol

Scatty-girl-who-can't-count behind the bar aside, a pretty good time-killer with acceptable ale choices. Actually quite quiet during the day, so is a better bet for a liquid lunch than the then-hustling Templar up the road.

27 Mar 2008 23:40

Knights Templar, Bristol

As a general rule the ale IS served too cold, but there is a wide-ranging selection of it - cheap too. Food handled better than your average 'Spoons as well.

27 Mar 2008 23:38

Crown, Bristol

A bit TOO rough 'n' ready, especially downstairs, but good turnover of ales make it worth occasional visits

27 Mar 2008 23:36

Revolution, Bristol

With its 'tasteful' lighting and regimental staff dress, takes itself slightly too seriously to make it a regular haunt, but absolutely fine for a pint and a plate(Moroccan Chicken I had was delicious). Bomus point for having Okocim on tap

27 Mar 2008 23:34

Mothers Ruin, Bristol

Friendly staff, plenty of seating room(including a bed!!!?), particularly excellent Butcombe and Staropramen. They also like to play full albums in here too in lieu of jukebox selections - which might put some off. I was treated to 'Exile on Main Street' last week

27 Mar 2008 23:32

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

More cramped than the outside would suggest, but otherwise a very nice place to kick off your evening in town(helped by its 'just-over-the-bridge-location'). As you would imagine, everything Fullers' related kept and served very well, even the often-temperamental Discovery

27 Mar 2008 23:30

The Seven Stars, Bristol

I expected good things. Did I ever get them! I had almost given up on finding a place like this. Tucked away - like all the best are -, a landlord with a genuine affection for his business and the building's fascinating history, and a tremendous ever-changing selection of ales. World class

27 Mar 2008 23:27

The Junction, Plymouth

Despite the barman trying to palm off our "any real ale?" request with "we do the creamy bitter", all the standard glugs on offer here are well preserved and delivered. Plenty of well-situated features(pool table, big stage) too. Soon fills up. Only a lick of paint away from getting into the big marks.

I'd rather ram my cochleae through my skull with a fruit knife than hear the Diamond Geezers (clodhopping-obvious-cover house band) again

17 Mar 2008 23:01

Mannamead, Plymouth

You mean there's a Wetherspoons out there with food cooked through, real Real ale, and affable clued-in bar-staff?

There really is you know. Top stuff

17 Mar 2008 22:54

The Fortescue, Mutley Plain

I'd heard this place described on more than once occasion as 'good old-fashioned'. Perhaps 'plain shoddy' comes closer. Creaking floorboards, diffident staff, unfunny and slightly unsettling "life and soul of the place" regulars, poorly kept ale. If this is the spirit of the tavern made flesh, you can keep it

17 Mar 2008 22:52

Sippers, Plymouth

The three-level motif is certainly interesting, though it is no surprise that the middle floor is always the most popular!As such, probably more sensible to start, rather than end, your crawl here! Good pump selection, and well-crafted food. Perfect if you want some proper ale (as opposed to watered-down Carlsberg) inside you before a gig of the Pavilions

2 Mar 2008 11:54

The Commercial Inn, Plymouth

Being so small actually works to this place's advantage, as everyone naturally assumes it will be packed, leaving plenty of room for you! As you could well imagine for somewhere this homely, infinitely more friendly and welcoming than the fatigue/fatigues-laden dens further down the Barbican.

2 Mar 2008 11:48

The Ploughboy Inn, Saltash

Never short on Doom Bar and Tribute, pleasant chatty staff, and the grub is of no mean standard either. This is a PERFECT place for a range-finder or two before a day trip on the number 1 or 2 into Plym.

I say that for a reason, as during the evening's you might get more frustrated. It understandably gets VERY busy, and if you don't want to eat you need to be prepared to find yourself compressed into an oddly small bar area.

2 Mar 2008 11:40

Tamar Hotel, Crownhill

Oddly structured on the inside, everything squashed around the outside walls with gaping holes in the centre of the main room(inexplicably not filled with extra seating!). Other than that, very welcoming and bright place, perfect for soaking up your bacon pastry from the Three Cooks over the road!

2 Mar 2008 11:33

The Brunel, Saltash

MUCH better than my last visit in July2005 (the stench of Carling, the air of menace, the very presence of a DANCEFLOOR?!), this is an all-too-rare example of new management actually stamping their authority on a place. The bars are well positioned and set-out (as odd that sounds, it IS important), the food is a quantum leap ahead of what it was in choice and quality thanks to what I believe is now a professional cooking team, and the welcoming ambience of Sky Sports News on the East wall. Best Guiness Extra Cold ever too. To the Perry's!

1 Mar 2008 20:48

The Railway, Liskeard

The regular portentous clunk of Dr.Marten on wood accompanies your every second spent here. Say no more

1 Mar 2008 20:43

The Bulls Head, Kings Norton

I hope the below posters' experience was a one-off and not indicative of the way things are now, because my appearances here last year were all broadly positive. Sensibly partitioned when you get in between main eating area, and the 'traditional' standing area with TV out back - which helps depending on what you're looking for. Sunday lunch very much 'pub'-Sunday lunch yes, but well portioned, cooked and priced. They can pour Bombardier properly too, AND plenty of grassland around to walk all it off on.

1 Mar 2008 20:41

Yard Of Ale, Birmingham

As other posters state, you won't even find a millilitre of ale here. Other than that, actually not bad despite its general pokiness. The friendliness of the locals (rare in a city centre pub) helps here. Don't expect miracles, but for a quick swig in between visits to the two Waterstones' to check out the live Saturday afternoon game, absolutely fine

1 Mar 2008 20:35

The Square Peg, Birmingham

Hurtled downhill recently this place. If the amazingly unpleasant staff on door and bar don't put you off, the clearly reheated food and inability to pour a decent pint surely will. Bottled Okocim alone can't save this..

1 Mar 2008 20:30

The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

Despite the surfeit of polka dot dresses and skinny ties (it's not 2002 anymore!!), a very underrated establishment. Surprisingly wide and variable selection of on tap, knowledgable resident and guestDJs, and a short stagger from the train station. Thumbs up

1 Mar 2008 20:27

The Red Lion, Liskeard

Nothing here being done to make this place worth the trip, even after the new management team stepped in. Not only is there a dull drinks selection on offer, but the rooms are poorly lit, lending the overall reception a decidedly frosty - almost menacing - air. This is exacerbated by the staff who must be on a 'no smile' bonus. I doubt even the locals - should they exist - ever feel welcome here.

1 Mar 2008 20:23

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

You'd count your blessings if this was your local. Living 110miles away, descending on its doors is close to Godsend-ery. An excellent selection of Hopback ales(unlike most the GFB is poured properly), staff perfectly affable contrary to some comments here, and regular appearances from Patch The Dog. Get food served here, and I'd be hovering close to top marks

2 Feb 2008 18:15

Founders Arms, Bankside

The view is indeed tremendous, but then you can walk round to the East side of the pub to see that without having to hoik out for the privilege of concerningly flat ales, over-stoic staff, and food laughably overpriced, even for the Tourist Belt.

2 Feb 2008 18:04

The Old Stag, Liskeard

Unspectacular a best, but - mainly due to being as 'out of the way' as it is- a decent place for a quick glug of Mass-Produced-Lager (TM). No more, but to be fair, no less

2 Feb 2008 17:37

Barley Sheaf, Liskeard

Ye gads talk about a necessary evil. Laughable selection of drinks, and even the snacks sail close to the 'Best Before' wind. Cramped to the gills with unkempt JSA-hoggers, and a fire with all the roaring capabilities of the mouse that didn't. Good jukebox though.

2 Feb 2008 17:32

The Bank, Plymouth

The lack of real ale is disappointing, but otherwise very little cause for criticism(other than the in-house radio's late-80s pop obsession). Staff totally agreeable, comfortable and plentiful seating, and the Deal Or No Deal game!What more does one want?

Plus there's always the chance of spotting a ZZZ-list performer on hiatus from the nearby Theatre Royal. Hayley Evetts anyone?

2 Feb 2008 17:24

The Blue Eyed Maid, Borough

"No atmosphere"..Ah yes, in other words no Carling-ed up losers missing high-fives with each other whilst hollering 'Wonderwall' hopelessly-off-key. A real loss eh?

To those of us who understand what pubs SHOULD be about, this place ticks many a top-notch box. Takes a bit of finding (like the best ones always do), a more than fair pint selection, and food more than acceptable for that of the pub variety. With two channels of sport being shown at any one time, you have it all here. Oh sorry, no aimless hollering of "OI-OI!!" Such a loss eh..?

2 Feb 2008 17:18

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