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Comments by dry_riser_inlet

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

Excellent pub, nothing wrong with the beers I had, in fact I thought they were very good value. Good range of customers and all seemed happy. Cheery staff and more interesting food than most. A bit frayed at the edges but I prefer that to a pubco makeover.

14 Sep 2015 11:22

Drum and Monkey, Whaley Bridge

Nice local, small range of ales but a very nice dark beer among them. Dog friendly, chatty locals. Very pleasant.

14 Sep 2015 10:57

The Peacock, Bakewell

Four pounds for a pint of substandard, if not so bad you could send it back, Chatsworth Gold. This pub does what it does to attract the bakewell tart crowd so I suppose good luck to the business. But a decent pint in Bakewell seems very far off. Amazing, considering Thornbridge just around the corner! Demoted from 7 to 5 because of beer quality.

29 Mar 2015 18:27

The Town of Ramsgate, Wapping

Hmmm, I really wanted to like this pub but I think it may only be fun if you are regular. Perhaps if I had stayed for quiz night things might have got better! It's got a nice unspoilt exterior, but beer, while not horrible, was nowhere near perfect. Food looked like overpriced micro ready meals - could be wrong of course! Staff, while not frosty, were not exactly engaging. Just a pub ticking over, not trying too hard. 5/10

27 Mar 2015 11:34

Dean Swift, London Bridge

Good bar in the 'modern beer style'. Popped in eight-ish on a Monday night and a good mix of regulars and visitors. The Redemption on cask was spot on, and the lad behind the bar knew his stuff. The keg selection was a bit underwhelming, but plenty of good London bottles to get stuck into. Food looked snacky and nice. Not cheap but where is round these parts. 8/10

27 Mar 2015 11:28

The Cluny, Ouseburn

Not bad but suffers compared to free trade and cumberland for beer range and quality. I'm getting on a bit now and it wasn't really my thing. But the young uns seemed to be enjoying themselves.

14 Mar 2015 14:06

The Cumberland Arms, Ouseburn

Lovely pub, a bit less 'beer club' than the free trade, but not as young person oriented as the Cluny. Fair dos to Ouseburn though, they have a good trio of pubs.

14 Mar 2015 14:04

The Free Trade Inn, Byker

Pretty much a perfect pub for those that like the 'fancy beers' in non fancy surroundings. Nice staff, punters and it's all about the beer. 10/10

14 Mar 2015 14:01

The Buxton Tap House, Buxton

This is a pub, but it doesn't really look or feel like one at first. Lots of people having coffee and food but a couple of lone beer enthusiasts were enjoying the excellent beer. Axe edge was the best I have ever had it, jaw gate on keg was great too, as was the stronge extra stout. If you like Buxton beer this is the place to come. Mind, it is expensive. 3.30 for moor top is 'toppy' to say the least. 4.40 for axe edge is fairer at 6.8%. The best beer in Buxton but possibly not the best all round pub

25 Jan 2015 14:16

The Buxton Tap House, Buxton

This is a pub, but it doesn't really look or feel like one at first. Lots of people having coffee and food but a couple of lone beer enthusiasts were enjoying the excellent beer. Axe edge was the best I have ever had it, jaw gate on keg was great too, as was the stronge extra stout. If you like Buxton beer this is the place to come. Mind, it is expensive. 3.30 for moor top is 'toppy' to say the least. 4.40 for axe edge is fairer at 6.8%. The best beer in Buxton but possibly not the best all round pub

25 Jan 2015 14:16

Pig and Whistle, Cartmel

Terrific attempt to blend old fashioned hospitality with good beer and fancy food. Very dog friendly, interesting food, very nice locals propping the bar up and some decent regional beer. Good beer garden, no frills although some might think raw venison on the menu is a bit over the top, but this is just a proper pub at heart. Fantastic pink-haired bar lady on when we there and nice feet-on-the ground pensioner (but still working) couple chatting away like the intelligent and pleasant barflies they were!

12 Sep 2014 15:21

The Cambridge Bar, Edinburgh

Great pub! Specialising in chips and burgers and hot sauces. what more do you want! Decent range of beer if not hanging bat, but good staff and friendly customers make this a more attractive prospect than the slightly austere Oxford Bar along the road

17 Aug 2014 19:18

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

Weird reviews! Always fine when I go in. Food fine, beer decent, friendly staff, tourists looked after but drinking fellas looked after too. Solid 8. They do a half portion of haggis too for under a fiver which is nice.

17 Aug 2014 19:16

The Barony Bar, Edinburgh

Nice looking pub but one of those edinburgh pubs that shouldn't have so many handpulls. Not great cask. Have a bottle instead.

17 Aug 2014 19:13

The Windsor Buffet, Edinburgh

Good pub. Clean and tidy with decent ales and good staff and friendly customers. Just the job

17 Aug 2014 19:11

The Brass Monkey, Edinburgh

Pub has some great bottled beers and plenty of comfy seats and decent looking food but somehow lacks a little X factor. I would take my missus here but perhaps not my mates.

17 Aug 2014 19:10

The Pond Bar, Leith

Some interesting bottles, but a bit too much quirkiness, reminds me of the Tamourlet - fish tank and all. No ale to speak of, Probably nicer at night - I went in the day.

17 Aug 2014 19:05

Teuchters Landing, Edinburgh

Perfectly decent, and popular, bar. All rounder. not fantastic food, not fantastic beer but pretty good and would appeal to most. Good value on the whole and also shows sport. Solid 7 (and a half really)

17 Aug 2014 19:00

The Vintage Bar, Leith

One of those modern craft beer charcuterie bars that serves beer in 2/3 schooners and all manner of small plates of meat and cheese. And there is nothing wrong with that! Interesting beers as guests - at least 4 of them, plus jokers ipa as a regular. Really good meats and cheeses, friendly staff, handy for the bus stop, a great 'bar'. Ok, not really a pub. But Leith is lucky to have it

17 Aug 2014 18:54

The Malt and Hops, Leith

Good pub. Perhaps one too many hand pumps on but cask ale pretty good for Leith. But also Green Devil IPA on keg for 2.30 so not really complaining. Friendly bar staff who appear to be pub regulars too. Solid 8

17 Aug 2014 18:51

Nobles, Leith

Not objectionable, but pretty dull. Didn't eat here. Perhaps it's better if you do? Didn't go with someone who doesn't like pubs. Perhaps better if you do? Comfy sofas. Perhaps I went at the wrong time? Probably nicer at peak hours when it is all buzzing. Not for the traditional pub person really. But probably a nice bar for a works lunch something like that.

17 Aug 2014 18:48

IsoBar, Leith

About time this bar had a new review! This bar does not look inviting from the outside - it lacks the trappings (dark brown wood etc) of a 'traditional' pub and has no killer beers. However, once you are inside you are in as good a pub atmosphere as any in edinburgh. Friendly staff and customers just a great place you would want to be your local. Just wish there were one or two more fancy beers and it would be perfect.

17 Aug 2014 18:45

The Rook and Gaskill, York

Surprised at some of the negativity, I found this bar very pleasant. A local atmosphere but with plenty of craft beer and real ale. Food was weird though. Burgers looked nice but the cheese board we ordered was remarkable in that it was three massive, and i mean massive lumps of wensleydale, cheddar, and red leicester for a fiver. It did the trick and 'put us on' but it was like no other cheeseboard ever! Very hospitable and a great place to watch a bit of football and have good beer. 9/10

6 Jul 2014 21:45

The Maltings, York

Stalwart from the days when it was difficult to get a decent pint in York. Has kept up with the times. Had a great half of accomplice by roosters/odell. The toilet is still there ( you know what I mean) and the pleasantly beery touristy atmos is a winner. My perfectly pleasant and sober mate was refused entry at 11 on a saturday evening but that could just be York/England. Good chips.

6 Jul 2014 21:40

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

Pleasant bar that ten years ago would have been a world beater! Beer i had was absolutely fine and staff were fine and other customers were fine and food looked fine. Fine.

6 Jul 2014 21:35

York Tap, York

Now I am not comparing this place to other pubs, but to other taps! A great station bar with a vast cask range. Not cosy - can feel a bit hectic and noisy at times. The bottle selection is not extensive (again, compared to other taps not other pubs). Staff friendly and punters generally good natured - a good bar but not a great one. But still my first port of call on arrival at York!

6 Jul 2014 21:32

Pivo Cafe Bar, York

One of the greats. A pub in an English city with the atmosphere of a continental bar and the beer range to match. Savvy and friendly staff keep a steady stream of varied customers happy. Crazy house style upper floors but that's york. 10/10

6 Jul 2014 21:28

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

Surprised to see some of the negative reviews. I visited Saturday night ten o clock and it was absolutely fine. Good beer, good singer, and friendly staff and clientele. It may lack some of the wow factor of some of York's recent beer offerings but this is still a damn fine pub.

6 Jul 2014 21:23

The Stag, Kimberley

What a great find near ikea, good beer and a friendly welcome. A punch pub but not too bad because there is a great landlady at work here. Knowledgeable and hard working. I shall be back, almost makes a trip to IKEA a pleasure!

4 May 2014 18:10

The Anglers Rest, Bamford

Now a free house (owned by members of the local community) the beer has improved in variety and quality and value. Beer aristocrat Kelham Island Pale Rider was on for 2.90 last week and was on top form too. Black Sheep and Doom Bar seem to be regular beers, and there are one or two guests. Piped music was a bit gloomy (David Gray I think) but that's carping. A great stop-off for a pint.

3 Dec 2013 16:26

Fanny's Ale And Cider House, Saltaire

Great pub. Makes me want to move to Saltaire. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic barman, friendly punters, fantastic labyrinthine pub with a great selection of local ales, plus good foreign lagers and as a bonus Sierra Nevada pale ale was on draught at, admittedly the going rate, of a just under a fiver a pint. But the ales were well priced and the place is just, well, magic. 10/10 without question.

25 Aug 2013 22:15

The Boathouse Inn, Saltaire

There are many worse places in riverside/park settings than this so I count my blessings! The strong Saltaire US IPA I had was not cold enough but the Blonde was absolutely fine. The place is comfy enough and a very nice place to orient yourself on arrival in saltaire. Only 6/10 though, cos it could be so much more given the custom that must come its way. Inoffensive.

25 Aug 2013 22:07

57 Thomas Street, Manchester

Steep? Pricey? Must be a different pub. The nice pints of Pint and Bitter were around the 3 quid mark - is that expensive these days? Especially for Marble beer. Served directly from the barrel which is not to everyone's taste but makes a nice change for me. Food is the sort that doesn't need a knife and fork (cheese and ham and pork pie etc) - I have a slight problem with the marble arch and its diners detracting from the drinking atmosphere! Smashing place to watch the world go by during the day. Imagine it gets a bit hectic at night.

26 Jul 2013 22:48

Harlequin, Sheffield

This pub goes from strength to strength. The Shakespeare may have deservedly won pub of the year but this place must have pushed it close. I would say beer quality better here, there is some strong quality control going on. Great staff, great landlady, and very reasonable prices. But they also have some fancy craft beers too, always undercutting the likes of the tap and dada. This is pretty much my idea of the perfect pub. 11/10

24 May 2013 12:52

The Brewery Tap, Leeds

Great pub in the 'modern style'. Lots of cask, half of which are house brews. Not quite fernandes in wakefield standard but pretty good all the same. Served a trifle cold which is better than a trifle warm I suppose. Still, that's carping. Cheery attractive helpful staff. A must stop off and meeting place in Leeds.

28 Apr 2013 12:46

Douglas Vaults Hotel, South Shields

Halfway between the maltings and the steamboat you can do worse than stop off here. Only one ale but it is well kept and there is a better than average selection in the fridge. Lively place, usually some music on a weekend evening, one of the better places in central Shields.

28 Apr 2013 11:50

The Fernandes Brewery Tap and Bier Keller, Wakefield

Perfect drinking pub five mins from the station. Beer in perfect condition. Friendly landlord and clientele. Pubs don't come much better really.

28 Apr 2013 11:48

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Good place to wait for a train with all the other hungover blokes on a sunday. A good beer range but the one I had was not in perfect condition. Perhaps reduce the number of pumps and a get a bit more throughput with the remaining ones. A great breakfast stop - much preferable to a Wetherspoons.

28 Apr 2013 11:46

Henry's Cafe Bar, Green Park

Doesn't try, doesn't need to. Enough passing trade. Passable ale, but food being dished up did not look inspiring. Head down to Shepherd Market and follow your nose. Only come here if you are meeting someone at Green Park.

21 Apr 2013 20:41

The Shepherds Tavern, Mayfair

This place seems to have got a bit better. Nice guest beers from Tiny Rebel and Saltaire (even if it was their choc beer) and friendly service in this simple london boozer. Didn't try the food, there are more interesting options around, but as an ordinary pub pretty good.

21 Apr 2013 20:35

The Roebuck, Borough

Terrific pub. Very civilised. Great euro easy listening playing last night. Beer, while decent, was not quite as good as you might hope for. But that is partly due to Londoners being spoilt so much these days. Food was good, I had a bar snack of sliced ox heart and it was a revelation - why do we not eat it more often? Friendly staff and customers, top place all round.

12 Mar 2013 15:38

The Queens Head, St Pancras

Excellent. Chatty and knowledgable gaffer, good ales, both real and craft keg and lots of great bottles. Just leave enough time to get to st pancras platform for your train.

12 Mar 2013 15:34

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Inn, Castleton

Last year there were beer quality issues. These seem to have been sorted out. Excellent thornbridge white swan last time I was in. However, the peaks has set the bar beer-wise in castleton recently. Cheese not far behind if it keeps this improvement going

12 Jan 2013 20:37

Ye Olde Nags Head, Castleton

The beer I have had here (Landlord and an Abbeydale) on the last two occasions has been subpar. The staff have not been particularly friendly or clued-up either. it is a shame - the bar itself is very nice and this could be a smashing place. Perhaps I went at the wrong time (winter lunchtime).

12 Jan 2013 20:35

Bulls Head Hotel, Castleton

Twohalves has it right. Pleasant without being excellent. Good staff, for a Robinson's pub the beer is ok and a steady stream of nice customers keeps the whole place quite civilised. There is old tom in a barrel too for the more adventurous.

12 Jan 2013 20:32

The Bell Inn, Cromford

Cromford seems to be a bit spoilt for good ale, with the Boat around the corner and Barley Mow at Bonsall a five minute bus ride away. The Bell has good beer and a really nice 'social club' feel to it. 9/10

29 Oct 2012 21:26

The Boat Inn, Cromford

Good pub with good ale and a mix of locals and visitors. Didn't try the food but it seemed to be going down well. Friendly helpful staff. Good allrounder.

29 Oct 2012 21:20

The Barley Mow Inn, Kirk Ireton

Amazing pub. The ladies behind the bar are more clued-up and charming than they might seem at first. The from-the-cask ales are great (a bit headless for some) - Whim Hartington IPA was the best we tried. You can forget about the outside world for a couple of hours in here, the pub just puts you in a good mood. 10/10

29 Oct 2012 20:52

The Barley Mow, Bonsall

Excellent pub just a short bus ride from Cromford. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Beer spot on, food untested. Seems to be a thriving local and long may that continue. 10/10

29 Oct 2012 20:19

Shakespeare Hotel, Sheffield

This is an outstanding pub. It has a local feel yet it is in town. A mixed and friendly clientele, cool bar staff, wifi, amazing 'In de Wildeman' IPA from Flying Dog on draught and plenty good micro real ale. Get yourself there!

28 Jul 2012 13:46

The Harp, Covent Garden

Almost as good as a pub can be in central London for real ale drinkers. But get there early to get a seat so you can enjoy the beers in comfort. It gets very busy and I think that would definitely affect your experience here, even if the staff do cope heroically.

21 Jun 2012 12:33

Euston Tap, Euston

Fantastic range of beers. And a good range of customers too. This is a great bar. Not one I would take my wife to, just not comfortable enough. 10/10 for beerhounds, 9 flor pubgoers

24 May 2012 20:24

The Clockhouse, Clerkenwell

Sort this page out please. This is one of the best beer places in london. I would give it 10 if it were not for the high prices but they would not stop me going back. Premier league beer house alongside the cask in pimlico, and the sheffield tap. But 4 quid a half is just that little bit too much, even for the amazing beers they have on.

24 May 2012 20:21

Wheatsheaf, Southwark

Popped in today, very friendly staff and a great choice of beer, both real ale and some good kegs like Anchor Liberty. Looks to have the sport on, and food (untested) and a great choice of ales. Sort of place where if you got a bad pint it would be changed without question. Not everywhere does that. 8/10

24 May 2012 20:17

The Globe, London Bridge

Hmmm. A place resting on its laurels as being a decent pub in an area of poncy places. I don't buy it. Popped in today, good decor - old tiles and a nice pub. Miserable staff and very poor ale. Got to sort that out - there is a lot of good quality beer round and about and delivered with a smile. May well be good when the dj is there but was not good in his absence.4/10

24 May 2012 20:14

The Bull At Broughton, Broughton

Slightly chaotic with staff sorting out bills at a till in the centre of the main room rather than behind the bar. Food looks good and there are plenty of dining customers on a sunday. Beers are ok, dogs welcome, not bad but not brilliant. 7/10

13 Apr 2012 18:31

The Maltings, South Shields

Friday lunchtime, sorry, dinnertime visit. Perfect pints of Orkney Raven ale and Acorn Old Moor Porter. I had had some Jarrow beers the night before and they were great too. Blue Scrumpy has high standards and his comments are valid, but, hey, I grew up in shields and this pub is better than I would ever have imagined in this location!

13 Apr 2012 18:16

The Prince Edward, South Shields

Municipal pub. Very bog standard.

12 Apr 2012 17:16

The Vigilant, South Shields

Decent local boozer.

12 Apr 2012 17:14

Peacock Inn, Chesterfield

One of the best of the many pubs on this stretch of road into chesterfield, good ales, dog friendly and the sort of place it's easy to strike up a chat with the locals or the staff.

1 Apr 2012 22:26

The Red Lion, Brampton

Friendly local boozer - one of the many good places to watch satellite telly in the chesterfield brampton area. Not a great selection of drinks but a general cheerfulness about the place that makes me think the staff are doing something right.

1 Apr 2012 22:23

The Barrel Inn, Chesterfield

Friendly and local football-oriented boozer. No real ales but some interesting bottles in the fridge, Leffe for example. I get the feeling someone is making an effort with this place and I wish them well.

1 Apr 2012 22:18

The Old Ship at Harton, South Shields

A boring locals pub that seems to make not much effort, compared to the Vigilant nearby. Comfy enough if you are local and are meeting mates there but not so good if you are just passing by

30 Mar 2012 18:42

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

Staggeringly good beer temple. One of the best beer ranges in the country, De Struis Black Albert, and Mikkeller Apollo and De Molen Heer and Veen on when I went. This is premier league stuff. Amazing. Also, sales of 'fancy beer' at half price for take away - and not even past their best before date. Nice atmos and very friendly staff that seemed to know what they sell. 10/10 without question.

30 Mar 2012 18:27

The Rake, London Bridge

Very good example of the new breed of beer temples. If you do not really like beer ( ie only like strongbow fosters and john smiths) please keep away, you will not like it here. Like the craft beer co, the sheffield tap, the cask pub and kitchen, the port street beer house. this place is for beer nerds who realise that abv and distance and rarity means a beer will cost more. Clued-up staff add to the 'beer chemist' feel, and you would be surprised how cosy it feels of an evening when everyone is in there just having a good drink. 10/10 no question

30 Mar 2012 18:23

Castle Inn, Bakewell

My experience is slightly different to Gristy's! Perhaps I went at a different time. This is the best pub in Bakewell. It has the Greene King straitjacket, yes, but Abbeydale Moonshine was on when I went in which is a hint that the management are making the effort. The lady that has served me the last two times I have been in has been lovely, fellow drinkers have been friendly. the conversation last time was about Shane Meadows films, and the previous time I was allowed to temporarily adopt a dog and play throw-ball with it. This is an excellent locals and visitors pub due to the efforts of the staff, none of whom I know or am related to!

30 Mar 2012 18:14

The Church Inn, Ludlow

No sign at all of any grubbiness. Perhaps they have taken note of these reviews. And I really like the timewarp aspect, there are far too many modern refurbs of pubs that are awful. Great beer here, mainly local but a couple from further away. A variety of styles too. An unusual pub, and the better for it. 9/10

10 Mar 2012 17:57

Katzenjammers, Southwalk

I have to agree with German in London the food is terrible here! But I enjoyed the beer, perhaps I am a german beer novice but the choice and quality were great, and staff were fine. And the atmosphere was good, a change from the traditional english pubs nearby, and from the ultra modern beer pilgrims venues like the rake. Treat the place as somewhere to try proper lagers that you might not have had before and steer clear of the food unless you really must have a hotdog.

21 Feb 2012 13:02

The Porter Cottage, Sheffield

Excellent pub. It was a good pub when they only had tetley on, now they have a range of well kept ales and still that great jukebox. Staff are exemplary and the landlady is a delight. 10/10

28 Oct 2011 17:06

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

Very lively and a warm welcome. Much more comfortable than the more feted Circus nearby. Decent beer at the right price and perfect to whet your appetite before red Chili next door!

9 Oct 2011 13:27

Dry Bar, Manchester

All a bit municipal really. Not terrible. Not great. Just a bit dull. Stripped of any Factory DNA, this is a very ordinary pub.

9 Oct 2011 13:25

The Cask Bar, Castlefield

Smashing little bar. Good range of beers and great jukebox. Nice staff too. Ideal stop-off between castlefield and Deansgate.

9 Oct 2011 13:24

The Jolly Angler, Manchester

Best place to start your manchester pub crawl but difficult to not stay too long! And for a change the Port Street Beer House is not far away. Good impromptu guitar music, great Hydes and a proper taste of Manchester. If you are tired of 'bars' and want a pub, come here

9 Oct 2011 13:21

The Derby Tup, Whittington Moor

Great pub. Friendly staff, clientele and an amazing range of beers - styles and strengths. From the bargain champion beer Harvest Pale to lovely things like Sarah Hughes mild. Related to the New Barrack in Sheffield but I think I slightly prefer this one...10/10

25 Sep 2011 22:25

The Victoria Hotel, Cleveleys

Weird pub. Big pub, interesting architecture and the beams inside seem out of place in such a large place. Didn't test the ale as not a fan of OBB, but stout was fine. Seemed a bit lifeless. Not long for this world?

5 Sep 2011 11:17

The Auctioneer, Blackpool

Bog standard Spoons. A bit unloved by the looks of things.

5 Sep 2011 11:14

The Shovels, Blackpool

It's a shame it is so far out of Blackpool but then perhaps it would not be the same pub. Lucky locals have a smashing all-rounder here. Decent, if not stellar, ales, plenty of pub food, sky sports, a good community local.

5 Sep 2011 11:12

The Ferry Boat Inn, Church Laneham

Long time since this pub was reviewed so due. Safe to say the 2004 review stands! Lovely pub. Local brewery, good barman, good food, interesting beer. 9/10

29 Aug 2011 19:38

The St Vincent Bar, Edinburgh

Staff are great, pub is great, just sort out the beer quality and this will be 10/10. As it is just 7.

10 Aug 2011 20:23

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

Proper pub. Not for everyone though - a little basic. Great beer though and you meet genuine pub people in here.

10 Aug 2011 20:21

The Jekyll and Hyde, Edinburgh

This is a nice bar but is hamstrung by the lack of decent beer. 4/10 would be 7 if at least one proper ale.

10 Aug 2011 20:19

The Auld Hoose, Edinburgh

Great pub. The most amazing goth metal thrash hardcore juke box. And smashing beer. Service great too. 9/10

10 Aug 2011 20:16

The Dagda Bar, Edinburgh

Good beer and good jukebox. Need any more? 8/10

10 Aug 2011 20:13

Doctors, Edinburgh

Not bad at all. Beer fine, nice refuge from the hideous udderbelly plastic glasses of magners. Not exactly cosy but ok

10 Aug 2011 20:11

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

Terrific pub. Great beer quality. No rip off prices, friendly well-informed staff. 9/10

10 Aug 2011 20:09

Lord Bodos, Edinburgh

Basic bar but friendly staff and nice prices. Good place to pause and sort out your next edinburgh fringe move as it is opposite the Stand 1. Can't give more than a 6 due to no interesting drink but the staff and the music were absolutely fine.

10 Aug 2011 20:05

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

I had about fifty drinks over a period of four days in Edinburgh and the best quality ales were here. Kelburn Cart Noir was perfect. Service is excellent if you are having food, tea, or just beer. Great place and could teach the place next door a thing or two about beer quality control and service. 10/10

10 Aug 2011 20:02

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Hmmm. I must have been here on an off day. I approached the bar to be greeted by a barman with his arms folded. I thought they taught them not to do that at bar school. Dragonhead Stout is one of the great beers. Not here it wasn't. There is no point having ten pumps if you don't keep your beer well. It appears this place may be resting on its laurels. Or perhaps I just ordered the wrong pint on the wrong day? Cafe Royal showed how it should be done later in the day.

10 Aug 2011 20:00

Harlequin, Sheffield

Have visited in the evening and it was great. Had Harlequin bitter which was lovely and only 2.20 a pint. Unbelievable value. We went on quiz night and thoroughly enjoyed it, the questions were perfect and we nearly won. Staff are excellent, there is a lovely local feel about the place, can't fault it!

28 Jul 2011 21:00

The York, Sheffield

This place is fine! Beer is good quality. Yes, it does cocktails and fancy wines and is aiming for the continental 'Grand Cafe' but you can still just pop in and get a pint and a friendly chat from bar staff or regulars. I had food and it was pretty good, but restaurant prices, but I did get restaurant service. Beer was local and spot on. I will be back with friends.

28 Jul 2011 20:56

Harlequin, Sheffield

Another great no-nonsense beer pub in Sheffield. Our dog and us were made very welcome by the lovely lass behind the bar. The Raw Dark Peak Stout was outstanding, wish I could have stayed longer to sample the other ales. Will return very soon for a proper evening session. 10/10

12 Jun 2011 14:30

Dukes 92, Castlefield

Not really my sort of place - I prefer my bars more traditional but of its type this is pretty good. They definitely do real ale - there were three on when I went but they are not served via a traditional pump so it can be easy to miss them if you don't clock the cask ale menu on the bar. My pride of pendle was fine. Snacking food is great - chicken wings with a lovely coating, you could eat dangerously many. 7/10

12 Jun 2011 14:26

The Station Inn, Whitby

Terrific pub near the station - if only they were all like that. Well kept ale, welcoming to children and dogs, a mixture of locals and tourist. A great pub.

29 May 2011 16:43

Crown Hotel Suddaby's, Malton

Wonderful, welcoming pub. Great beer, chatty staff and regulars. Afantastically eclectic off licence too. Worth a trip to Malton just to go to this pub. 10/10

29 May 2011 16:36

The Clachan, Soho

Good pub. Excellent range of ales and the one I had Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted was just right. Busy, as you'd expect but staff cope well. This is a more pleasant street to wander down than nearby Carnaby Street.

8 May 2011 10:37

The Glasshouse Stores, Piccadilly Circus

Nice soho bar with a surprisingly local-ish feel. Not a fan of the ale but I enjoy the bottled beers. Good service too. Worth popping in if passing if not a destination pub. 7/10

8 May 2011 10:33

The Ship, Soho

Ah, after a couple of hit and miss west end bars we bumped into the Ship and were thankful we did. Good fullers beer, varied customers, not too loud music. A reliably good all rounder in an area where going into a pub can be a bit of a gamble. 8/10

8 May 2011 10:29

The Old Coffee House, Soho

Blokish pub with unusual ales for London. Service from a character-filled faced barman is a bit grumpy - is it affected? I am not sure. My wife wouldn't like this bar but I don't mind it. 6/10

8 May 2011 10:27

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Not bad given the location - it could be terrible! Decent ale, the Doom Bar was under three quid which surprised me. Bit of character, multiple rooms, a pretty good place to meet people but then plot your trip to Soho or somewhere else with a few more quality bars. 6/10

8 May 2011 10:24

The Peaks Inn, Castleton

Good pub - beer appears to be a from a list but when that list includes doom bar and landlord and they are kept well you are not too bothered. Friendly service from a 'geordie/mackem?' lass and a bunch of friendly regulars elevates this place above the other pubs in castleton. Nice outdoor area too.

6 May 2011 23:25

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Inn, Castleton

Not great. Lots of ales on but the one I chose was not in good nick. Bit of a gloomy interior that could be atmospheric but isn't really, could do with a few locals to liven the place up a bit. Perhaps I went at the wrong time. Not a bad place but not a good place.

6 May 2011 23:21

Lord Nelson, Sheffield

4/10? Clearly wednesday-ites have been on here. The term backstreet local could have been invented for this place. Beer better than you would ever expect, and a refuge from the world in which to read the paper and have a quick pint.

3 May 2011 14:28

The Prince Of Wales, Iffley

This is a great pub - my only problem is the Wadworth beer which I am not a fan of. However, the wine and the food and the good old-fashioned hospitality are all excellent. If more pubs showed the imagination that this one does the world would be a happier place. Makes you weep for all the pubs that have suffered pubco makeovers... 10/10

1 May 2011 14:09

The City Arms, Oxford

Not as bad as the out of date reviews suggest. It is still quite a 'bog standard' pub, if you want a pub ready meal a pint and to watch the sport then there are not many alternatives in the area. 6/10

1 May 2011 14:05

The Magdalen Arms, Oxford

This place is brilliant. It is unashamedly a gastropub; just drinking here is a waste. They do real ale, and you can have three 1/3 pint tasters for 3.10 GBP which is not bad. The food however is exceptional. For the first time ever I envy people who live in Oxford. Service is friendly, the chef is amazing, the clientele are happy. Seems odd reviewing this place here though. I wouldn't really go for a beer in the evening if you know what I mean.

1 May 2011 14:01

Castle Inn, Bradway

I do like this pub. The unrefurbished tap room is a very pleasant throwback to the days, well, when tap rooms were the norm. Landlord was very nice, farmers blonde not so great. And one member of staff was a bit uninterested but this is a minor gripe. I would not mind if this pub were my local.

30 Apr 2011 00:03

The Bulls Head, Manchester

This pub is immaculate. I treat it as a station bar since Manchester is lacking a decent station bar unlike say Huddersfield, Stalybridge, Dewsbury, Sheffield, Cleethorpes and many more these days. So I compare the prices with the rubbish bars in the station and don't think they are too bad. Friendly and attentive staff, no wifi but staff happy to check train times on their work laptop. Mixed clientele, decent range of beers, a lovely bar. Just a good all round pub. A solid 8/10

29 Apr 2011 23:57

Henry's, Sheffield

This pub really is a mixed bag. Friday night was busy and the beer quality control was missing. However, Monday afternoon the beer was back on form, very good value, and the staff absolutely charming. Food is again inconsistent, stick to the burgers rather than the salads and you won't go far wrong.

18 Apr 2011 19:43

Sheffield Waterworks Company, Sheffield

Bog standard. Not bad. Not good. You know what you are getting. Preferable to the Benjamin Huntsman round the corner mind.

18 Apr 2011 19:36

Windmill Tavern, Clifton

Smashing pub on the low road from Preston to Blackpool. Bar food was spot on, restaurant menu looked very appetising, but most importantly Lancaster brewery beer was excellent. Great service too. 10/10

18 Apr 2011 19:33

The Chesham Arms, Homerton

I had high hopes for this place. I do like backstreet locals and I liked the exterior and the interior. Staff were fine, but the beer 'Reservoir Dogs' was not great. And there were no nice alternatives to the standard smiths/strongbow/fosters. I suspect if I went back at a busier time and got a better pint I would give it 9 but just a 6 for this visit.

13 Apr 2011 14:20

The Royal Inn on the Park, Victoria Park

Well, this is a tricky one. It is not an all singing all dancing pub by any means. But I think it plays a couple of decent tunes very well. It is a very sociable place, the beers are decent including the non-real ales - the czech lager is nice enough. Staff are pleasant. It's a great place to meet your mates. On a sunny day get there early and forget about that walk in the park. I wouldn't trust the food, especially when it gets busy but if you're hungry go to the Lauriston for an excellent pizza. 8/10

12 Apr 2011 19:35

The Lauriston, South Hackney

Nice modern bar, playing Reel around the Fountain when I went in at 7pm on a Tuesday - smashing. No ale but posh lagers and good looking 'proper' pizzas. Charming and genuine staff, well behaved dogs and children welcome this is just one of those good modern bars that a lot of drinkers (a bit like me!) are sniffy about, but with my wife and child and dog it would be 9/10, on my own 7/10.

12 Apr 2011 19:11

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

I got off the bus at Hackney Downs and popped in the nearest pub and how lucky was I ? Half a dozen beers by the Milton brewery, a very tempting food menu - priced right by the looks of things. A mixed clientele. Groovy girls and guys but also older drinky types like me. Friendly but no-nonsense service. This pub is a credit to Hackney. 10/10

12 Apr 2011 17:04

Bungalows and Bears, Sheffield

Went downhill about three years ago. Arsey manager would not exchange three clearly substandard pints of Budvar, refusing to taste even. He relented eventually but only cos we know our rights but made it seem like he was doing us a favour. Shame cos it is a good bar. Old House down the road is the choice these days.

25 Mar 2011 18:55

The Seven Oaks, Manchester

Went here to watch the rugby, it was ok but a bit underwhelming. Not enough people watching the tellies to generate that much atmosphere really. Ok beer. Ok staff. All just a bit 'ok' really. 6/10

20 Mar 2011 09:34

Micro Bar, Manchester

Wonderful place. A true oasis on the edge of the arndale. Beer is good value and very good. The bottled selection for off sales is great too - Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout is keenly priced at 2.86 GBP (4.50 in the Sheffield Tap for instance). Boggart beers are well kept - a little warm for some tastes perhaps but that's carping. Nice well informed bar staff. This is 10/10.

20 Mar 2011 09:32

The Unicorn, Manchester

Manchester still does this sort of pub very well. Mother Macs, the Hare and Hounds, The Grey Horse are similar I think. However, the ale lets this place down. It used to be the finest bass in town but sadly no longer, and Saturday afternoon there was no ale on at all. This may be why it escapes the GBG radar. Friendly staff, customers of all ages, a pub for pub people. Apart from the beer which is shame. Still worth 7/10 though.

20 Mar 2011 09:26

Katzenjammers Bierkeller and Restaurant, Southwark

I really like drinking here, it was actually relatively quiet in here on a saturday afternoon compared to the overflowing pubs around borough market. Plenty of space and plenty of beers (no real ale but that's not the point), wasn't impressed by the food though. Good place to meet friends and either move on or stay for an extra beer or two. I can see it getting busier as the evening wears on.

8 Mar 2011 14:21

Pivo Cafe Bar, York

Terrific pub from this amazing chain (Sheffield and Euston Tap are younger siblings I think). Great Brew Dog cask ale and interesting keg beer too. Right next to the shambles, charming staff, a must visit when in york. Along with the maltings, the last drop, the yorkshire terrier...

24 Feb 2011 12:37

The Last Drop Inn, York

Apologies - they do more than sausages, they do sandwiches, platters etc.

24 Feb 2011 11:47

The Last Drop Inn, York

This is an excellent pub. A great all rounder. You can be on your own with wifi and a pint of perfectly kept beer during the day or you can even bring your missus here in the evening (tongue in cheek smiley). Food is limited to sausages but that is a good thing - large menus in a pub are suspicious, how fresh can it all be? A great place to while away the time while others shop and wait in museum queues. 10/10

24 Feb 2011 11:39

The Ox, Castlefield

I can't really judge this as a drinking pub. But as a casual hospitable restaurant that serves great food I think it does a great job. Children very welcome, a wide variety of food at many price points. You an easily drop in for a sandwich and a pint, or have a full three course, quite fancy, meal. Good stuff

22 Feb 2011 10:40

The Knott Bar, Deansgate

This bar is spot on. The only fault I can find is they ran out of two light beers at the same time, leaving only the stronger ales available. But they were beautifully kept. Straddles being a real ale pub and a nice modern bar perfectly. Excellent,. 10/10

7 Nov 2010 13:53

White Lion, Leigh

Popped in on the off chance on a saturday night and a great band were playing. Ropey beer choice but that's probably the pub company's fault not the manager's. Friendly place although everyone was my friend this particular evening!

7 Nov 2010 13:51

The Ale House, Leigh

Can't give more than a 7 to a place with no real ale. But what a warm welcome, and amazing beer prices. Staff and fellow customers were really friendly. The atmosphere is that of an old-style social club, everyone knows one another and everyone's nicely merry.

7 Nov 2010 13:48

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Great pub. Really friendly service. Good beer. Nice clientele. I wish I lived nearby.

24 Oct 2010 16:53

The Temple, Manchester

Smashing pub but not for everyone. If you're put off by a bit of a squash and some dodgy toilets then don't come here. You'll bring the atmos down! Great bottled beers, reasonable draught (Krombacher) and an all round nice vibe.

24 Oct 2010 16:49

The Manchester and County, Manchester

An average spoons. The english beer drinker's macdonalds. But on a sunday morning at 10am with a hangover you could not fault it. Fry up and pint for a fiver. I can't knock it.

24 Oct 2010 16:45

Mother Macs, Manchester

They say the best places in cities are slightly off the beaten track and this is true of Mother Macs. Perfectly situated near Cafe Marhaba - the best chicken kebabs in Manchester I reckon - it has an olde worlde pub charm. If you took your lass there she'd say 'Aren't there loads of pubs like this?'. There aren't, treasure them!

24 Oct 2010 16:43

Boythorpe Inn, Chesterfield

Good pub, takes its pool seriously. The cues for general use are of much higher standard than usual. Food looks good - proper pies, not just meat gravy and a puff lid. Sport shown but does not dominate. Beer ok but greene king is not great. However, landlord is imaginative with his other choices. Staff in general are exemplary.

4 Oct 2010 10:50

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

Grand pub. We arrived at 11am so were largely unbothered by 'suits'. Excellent, slightly old-fashioned (in a good way) service, and a decent ale. Sort of pub you can bring your missus to!

23 Aug 2010 10:32

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Charming city centre pub. Quirky, with a mix of customers and some good ales on. Can't knock it really. Pricy but where isn't these days except 'spoons and you don't just want to drink in those now do you?

23 Aug 2010 10:30

Thomson's, Edinburgh

Great one roomed city pub. Minimal food, which I prefer to those all-singing all-dancing all-frozen menus. Friendly staff. Great place to sit and read the paper or have chat during the day. I imagine it is a different creature by night.

23 Aug 2010 10:28

The Mercat, Edinburgh

I was a bit wary of this place on stepping in - it appeared very much a 'bar' rather than a pub. However, we were well looked after, beer was fine, the place was comfortable. Can't argue with good old fashioned hospitality.

23 Aug 2010 10:26

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

Great pub. And only a couple of minutes from the train if you know where you're going. The haggis absolutely did its job and the beer was decent too. First stop whenever I'm in Edinburgh.

23 Aug 2010 10:24

The Packhorse Inn, Bakewell

Tremendous pub. Arrived with my black labrador on a friday night at 8pm and could not have been made more welcome by staff and clientele. Good very local ales, and enticing but untried food. 10/10

5 Aug 2010 11:41

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

A great Hydes house. Bitter, mild and seasonal (Loose Cannon) all on today. Very welcoming staff. Love the outside lavvy. I like the Circus but this place is just so much more like a proper pub.

30 Jul 2010 00:03

The Jolly Angler, Manchester

Great pub. A perfect example of not needing loads of real ales to be a good pub. The hydes is perfectly ok for what it is, and at two guineas who is complaining! Friendly staff and clientele. A gem.

29 Jul 2010 23:58

The Angel, Manchester

I agree with nokegthanks. This place is not really trying hard in some respects. Amateur service, although the beer I had was great. Is it relying on people coming here when the marble arch is full? Just lacks a bit of character. Could do well though with a more visible landlord presence/pub identity.

29 Jul 2010 23:54

The Marble Arch, Manchester

This is such a good pub I can't believe the 7.2 rating. I have never had a bad pint in here, actually I have never had a less than perfect pint here. The food looks great, but they have not forgotten the beer. All round 10/10

29 Jul 2010 23:49

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

The beer here is simply perfect. Some of my friends can't understand why this place was pub of the year twice running. 'Aren't there lots of pub like this?' they say. Well, perhaps there once was, but this place is a celebration of the great british pub. ten out of ten all the way. It's even got a good beer garden. Top of the Sheffield tree.

6 Jul 2010 01:28

The Milestone, Sheffield

My experience reflects most of those below. Sometimes you get it spot on here, sometimes not. Food is wildly inconsistent - if only they could maintain the quality provided to Jay Rayner upstairs in the restaurant downstairs in the bar. They sometimes do, but not always. Posh lager (Veltins) was great, lamb burger was too, but bavette steak sandwich for well over a tenner was a disgrace. A nice environment but still a bit of a gamble and I will stick to the early bird menu in future.

6 Jul 2010 01:24

The New Barrack Tavern, Sheffield

Great pub. Seems to have upped its game in the last couple of years. Went to the comedy night lately and had a great time. Very high quality acts ( much better than the city hall comedy club for instance) and harvest pale ale at 2.10 a pint to help the laughs along. The landlord is doing very well indeed. 9/10

6 Jul 2010 01:18

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

Good beer, great value, spotless, near the tram. An essential stop on the ale tram route.

6 Jul 2010 01:14

The Peacock, Bakewell

Not bad, the ales are good. There are a couple of books about beer on the bar to help the beer enthusiast pass the time. A little bit boring during week days. I imagine it is very lively in the evenings. No sign of any grumpy landlord!

17 Jun 2010 22:07

The Queens Arms, Bakewell

Best of a not great bunch in Bakewell, but I wish the pub company would let them have one guest beer on. Nice bar staff this afternoon, and the football was on two very good screens. I imagine this place is very different in the evening. Ale that I had was ok Jennings Cockerhoop. 7/10

17 Jun 2010 22:04

The Plough Inn, Hathersage

Revisited this place after a couple of years and I'm impressed. It is still expensive but the quality is better than previously. It still lacks some pub atmosphere in the actual building but there is nowhere better in the area to while away a sunny afternoon with a few friends and drinks. Food is ambitious (tries to be all things to all people, posh food but toasties too!) and pretty good, but not as good value as, say, the Samuel Fox in Bradwell. Welcoming service and food all day told me someone is serious about making this place a real success. Good luck to them

17 Jun 2010 21:59

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

Good pub for the young at heart. Always seems to be something going on. Nicely ramshackle and quite dark (like a real pub should be!). I agree with some of the beer comments and while it is not a purist ale pub it does have a more than decent range of drinks. I'll be back. 8/10

28 May 2010 10:45

The Wellington, Birmingham

Wonderful pub. The Black Country mild was delicious and the lady with the red tights is a perfect example of what a pub landlady should be. The beer range could be intimidating but just ask for a pint of something that most people have and you will not be disappointed. 10 out of 10.

14 May 2010 10:57

The White Bull Inn, Great Eccleston

Excellent beer - St Austell's Tribute was on fine form. Food is of the reasonably priced decent pub food variety and served by a charming helpful older lady. A nice mixed crowd in there, and very welcoming service. A solid 8/10.

24 Apr 2010 23:07

The Gladstone Arms, Borough

Charming pub. Admittedly a bit boho but the less young less hip crowd made to feel welcome too. High quality drinks selection. Ales kept perfectly. Staff are variable but the ones that are good are very very good. 9/10

23 Apr 2010 13:04

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

Not only is there an excellent real ale selection (not uncommon in Sheffield), there's a great draught lager selection. The unfiltered Bernard was a bit of a revelation for me. Other draught beers such as Sierra Nevada and L'Achouffe bring back memories of holidays abroad. This is a really good pub in itself; as a railway bar it is absolutely outstanding. One thing I would like to see introduced is pub food of the scotch egg/sausage roll variety. But nothing that you need a knife and fork to eat. The "high turnover of thirsty travellers" atmosphere is part of this place's appeal. 11/10 if I could.

12 Mar 2010 10:41

Arkwright Arms, Chesterfield

Great pub. Passed it completely by chance on the way to the castle. And what a find. I can't wait to go back - well worth a taxi/bus from chesterfield railway for a decent session sampling all of their ales. Well chosen bottled selection too. Friendly staff welcoming dogs and children. Not austere or grumpy like some ale pubs can be, there's even a pool table and a telly. An easy 10/10.

25 Jan 2010 12:40

The George, London Bridge

Oh dear. I bet this pub was great a few years ago. Dreadful beer selection. Wines looked good, mind. Resting on its reputation. Very sad. This place could be so great.

12 Jan 2010 23:47

The Royal Oak, Borough

Lovely pub. If the beer is not great it's likely you're not a fan of the southern way of serving beer. Friendly staff, good range of beers, a bit of a local feel. Varied clientele. I will definitely be back

12 Jan 2010 23:43

The Trinity, Borough

There is just nothing to recommend this place. Dull decor, dull drinks range. If you're going for the gastro pub /bar look then you should have a great drinks range. This pub doesn't. Greene King possibly to blame?

12 Jan 2010 23:40

The Lord Clyde, Borough

What a lovely pub in an unexpected place. Beer was fine. Staff welcoming. Clientele mixed. Compared to places like the trinity, light years ahead. I'm a convert and will be visiting this place regularly. I thought they'd closed down all these pubs!

12 Jan 2010 23:38

The Hare and Hounds, Manchester

Well, where to start? After the trendy bars in the northern quarter we were brought back down to earth with a bump, cushioned by the 2.10 a pint perfectly served Holt's. Great exterior and interior - you could use this as a film set if you got rid of the becks vier fount (is that what they're called?) Friendly staff and punters. Spotless and beautifully tiled. A bit of a gem really.

30 Nov 2009 10:40

Trof Northern Quarter, Manchester

This is definitely a 'bar' and not a pub. But it is the real deal I think. Great range of bottled drinks - Coopers Sparkling Ale fron australia I had - and it was nice and cold. Some other bars could learn from this. Good service too from the lady from Liverpool if her boss is reading.

30 Nov 2009 10:33

The Rutland Arms, Sheffield

Well, this pub just warms your heart. I hope Quinno below is as delighted as I am to see this place back on its feet. If he/she has not returned yet, please do. This is a great example of a pub being run down by a pubco then being sold to someone who really cares about pubs. They have turned this place around. A couple of chain ales from marstons are on but never mind - 3 or 4 local ales on and the two I had were top notch. Back to its best if not better.

4 Nov 2009 21:17

The Maltings, South Shields

Cracking pub upstairs and brewery downstairs. Great selection of Jarrow beers as well as some guests, all in excellent condition. Sport is shown but does not dominate the pub. Staff are happy to discuss/recommend the beer and offer a taste. First port of call whenever I'm back in Shields.

14 Oct 2009 12:12

The Nottingham House, Sheffield

Fine. Imposing landlord (I think he was) serving perfectly acceptable Timothy Taylor landlord. Food is pies only which I approve of. Far too many pubs have lengthy menus. Fresh food? yeah, right. Clean and tidy, I imagine this is a very pleasant place to spend an evening with a few pals. Perhaps an interesting guest ale would liven the bar up. Wines looked very good value.

16 Sep 2009 15:45

The York, Sheffield

Very good. If a pub get its wrong, like they did with my bateman's xxxb today (old, sour), they should replace it without quibble. Which they did. Not everywhere does. Quirky interior, lots of books and games and a very tatty simpsons pinball. Food, beer garden, music all feature. I hope it does well, but I hear it does not from the sheffield forum. Get yourselves down there!

16 Sep 2009 15:40

The Fox and Duck, Broomhill

A good pub. Given they allow takeaway food, the place is surprisingly spotless. Agree about the occasionally less than focussed bar staff but most of the time they're fine. One question though, Magnet and John Smiths on cask? Is there really a market for those beers ? Especially given the current strength of sheffield brewing.

16 Sep 2009 15:31

The Cremorne, Sheffield

Good bet in this area. Could be better and really make a name for itself. But what do I know?!

15 Sep 2009 22:43

Dulo, Sheffield

Unfortunately this place has closed. I am sure it wasn't because I stopped working near here a year ago... I'll miss the plaster breasts on the wall, the toy robots, no beer on monday, and just the democratic collection of drinkers that used to go there.

15 Sep 2009 22:34

The Smithfield Hotel, Manchester

This area of manchester has such an eclectic range of pubs. This is the old fashioned pub with excellent range and quality of ales. Friendly staff and punters and quite cheap beer too. With bar fringe up the road, marble a little walk away, you've got a smashing choice.

15 Sep 2009 22:21

Bar Fringe, Manchester

This place is great. If you like pubs you'll like this. Keep off the real ales and sample the bottles and continental draughts and forget all about the afternoon...

15 Sep 2009 22:16

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Fantastic beer. Food untested but does seem to have taken a front seat. Great jukebox has been moved? Hope the pub atmosphere is not under threat. That would be a shame but I understand the management's need to attract new custom

15 Sep 2009 22:13

The Honey Pot, Oxford

This 'bar' just gets it right. So few places do. By a million miles the best place near the station. Civilised clientele of all ages and friendly staff. Work groups, courting couples, solitary drinkers waiting for a train all welcome. Excellent.

15 Sep 2009 22:06

The Old Tom, Oxford

My experience is that this place is just fine for a quick pint or two before getting on the bus. And there's nothing wrong with that . Certainly more pleasant than St Aldate's which can be intimidating to the pub-shy. Nice little bit at the front to get cosy with a pal or the newspaper. Friendly staff

15 Sep 2009 21:59

The Bear, Oxford

Aside from all the tourist stuff, this is a very good pub, one of the best in the poorly pubserved central area of Oxford. Beer's great, food untested but menu was small and fresh looking. An easy place to spend the whole afternoon I reckon. And a great place to meet visitors.8/10

15 Sep 2009 21:50

The Nags Head, East Leake

Hey, what's with the low rating? I thought this a very good local. My dog and I (just visiting) were made welcome by staff and regulars on a crowded saturday evening barbecue/football watching. Beer was just pedigree and abbott but was nice enough. A rambling characterful pub where the staff clearly work hard to maintain their undoubted success. I have given an artificially high score (10) to bump up their average, although the pub is worth an 8. Just one interesting guest beer would make a lot of difference, but I know that the pubcos are not always so cooperative in this.

13 Sep 2009 11:41

The Hinton Arms, Cheriton

Pretty much a perfect pub. A large coach party were in but the staff made sure we were sat down for food within half an hour. Time to sample the nice locally brewed ales, all under 5%, and one of them with an elderflower flavour that really hit the spot on a warm day. Food exceeded expectations: the steaks, while expensive, were as good as you get, and accompaniments top notch. A great english pub 10/10

7 Sep 2009 16:58

The Queens Head, Lichfield

The best pub in Lichfield by some way. Great ale, and nice good value, home, not gastro, cooking. Plus pate, cheese and bread as nice beer food. Check out their swapshop bookshelf - there's actually stuff worth reading on there. Nice mixed crowd in there too. Only docked a point for not having all that varied a range of beers.

25 Feb 2009 13:08

Riverside, South Shields

It's not that bad. And neither is South Shields. My only problem with this pub is it is a bit dull. It serves reasonable beer, in reasonable surroundings, but it most definitely lacks the X factor that, say, the Steamboat round the corner has.

12 Feb 2009 10:20

The Mash Tun, Victoria Station

3.6/10 come on! Where's your sense of humour?! As a little bar before you get on the gatwick train for your short boozy break to Europe this is perfect! Miles better than a coopers type place, and , yes, have that packet of crisps or nuts, treat yourself. I'm giving this place an artificially high mark just to up its average.

12 Feb 2009 10:11

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Outstanding. Great pub to while away an afternoon in. Pie and chips food was just the job and the clientele was varied including some 'posh but friendly' folk. A happy pub. 10/10

25 Dec 2008 15:08

The Angel, Manchester

Good. Someone is trying hard but it's so tricky getting the balance between drinking and eating.. Beer not as good as food.That's why only an 8!

25 Dec 2008 01:34

The Marble Arch, Manchester

One of the best pubs. For people like that like pubs. Simply can't fault it. Ten out of ten

25 Dec 2008 01:31

The Queens Arms, Manchester

This pub has converted. No real ales. But a really good screen showing football for friends of the landlord. It's up to you.

25 Dec 2008 01:29

The Jolly Sailor, Waterfoot

Dog friendly pub. Decent ale, good ordinary pub, and I don't mean that in a bad way. Friendly bar staff means a lot to someone not from the area. Wonder how many teachers/pupils from the grammar school next door pop in?

14 Oct 2008 14:46

The Three Acres Inn, Shelley

Is this really a pub? I suppose you can have your pint outside in the car park. But I think the tables in the bar were all reserved for diners, leaving a few stools at the bar for drinkers. Beer was well kept if unadventurous (landlord, black sheep). But the food is the star here. As well as the excellent quality control by the bosses, apart from one miserable young lady at the bar. The slightly gruff but helpful barman was great though.

14 Oct 2008 14:41

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

I overuse this phrase on this site but 'if you like pubs, you'll like this one'.One good beer is better than five crap ones. I think I saw a photo of Barry Cryer on the wall. Friendly, accommodating and unusual, this is one of the greats.

17 Sep 2008 14:03

Dog and Partridge, Sheffield

Once upon a time, there were many pubs like this. It is sad that there is only one left. It's almost an accidental 'theme' pub in that its theme is 'good old fashioned pub'. Multi room, limited but good real ales (nothing worse than five ales on, all crap), good guinness, and proper pub people in there. Always worth a visit. If you don't like this place, you don't really like pubs.

16 Sep 2008 09:05

The Wig and Pen by Milestone, Sheffield

I was glad to see the expansion of one of Sheffield's longest serving 'adult' bars. Things like Sola and Boho have gone but w+P still appears to be going strong. My 'london type' friends never fail to be impressed by it. Interpret that how you will! Bitter is not a strong point, but budvar on draught is nice. Will try the serrano ham tapas next time. 8 out of ten I reckon.

16 Sep 2008 08:52

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

A good allrounder - the sort of pub you can take your family. Service on the ball, food served until quite late (pretty average I have to agree with earlier post). Very good selection of ales albeit 'the majors' - Landlord, Tribute etc - get a micro brewery in!). But the best thing is the look of the pub - in an age of chain bars they've modernised this very sympathetically. 8/10

27 Aug 2008 17:33

The Prince Albert, Southwark

The new ownership appears to be Greene King, and an insipid pint of IPA I was served the other day. Should have gone with the Tyskie lager I think. Sport was on but with no commentary, just loud music that no one really seemed to be listening to. Very blokey. Not exactly unwelcoming but I can imagine the more timid being put off.

27 Aug 2008 17:28

The Mad Hatter Hotel, Southwark

Very good. Service was impeccable on my visit. I could watch Newcastle Coventry in a comfy settee on a big screen telly, not a projector, and with the volume on (cf Prince Albert not far away). And excellent beer too. Food untested but I imagine standard fullers ale and pie stuff. Nearly docked a point for wifi in the bar not being free (and quite expensive) but sure that's company policy and unfair on the staff.

27 Aug 2008 17:24

The Showroom Bar and Cafe, Sheffield

Handy for checking your emails after you've just got off the train. Although I know that shouldn't really be a criterion for judging the quality of a bar... Food and drinks are patchy, but service is pretty good - I've sent drinks back with no quibbling from them. It's a good place to take my London colleagues when they've come to Sheffield for a meeting.

27 Aug 2008 17:17

Little John Hotel, Hathersage

I like this pub. It is the most 'normal' in Hathersage. While service can be comically poor on occasion and this can add a certain eccentricity to a pub, it is not good for a hotel, so I sympathise with the last post. But the beer range is usually interesting, and food is, well, filling and cheap for the area.

1 Jul 2008 12:29

The Plough Inn, Hathersage

The food is very variable here. Some of it quite extortionate - a run of the mill steak for instance at 17.95. Fish dishes seem better. This is a restaurant really. Decent ale though, and a nice glass of argentinian pinot noir. Slightly harassed and miserable staff. Could do with a bit more all round quality at these prices.

1 Jul 2008 12:21

The Anglers Rest, Bamford

Great to see this place back on its feet. It's a great local, and passing trade can only increase with the positive word of mouth exemplified by the last two reviews. Food is good and very flexible - you can have a three course meal or just a burger and chips. Old-fashioned hospitality is the order of the day. And the quiz night on wednesday is a really good laugh.

8 May 2008 14:58

The Skinners Arms, Kings Cross

People seem to be getting very excited about what is a very middle of the road place! It's a perfect six I'd say. A 'safe' pub which is not great value but is not a rip off. Staff are not 'really friendly' but not 'off'. Ale is available, but Greene King. Not as nice as the Lord John Russell but better than the Boot!

4 Apr 2008 11:52

The Lord John Russell, Russell Square

A terrific pub, and I echo Clissold345's comments about the flowers and the budvar. There's a nice old-fashioned pubby atmosphere, it appears to be run by londoners. The landlady (I assume) actually blushed when I said what a nice pub it was as I left. Well worth the walk from Kings Cross. And food is proper pub food too 'corn beef hash' 'pie' 'fish and chips''burger' but with more unusual beer absorbing additions like falafel and hummus. And none of it expensive.And none of it comes with a fancy wipe clean plastic menu description either. Excellent. Nine out of ten. Only lost a point cos of no real interesting real ales.

4 Apr 2008 11:38

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Marvellous pub, I'm a bit mystified by the low rating of 7.4. Food is even good. Varied customers. Terrific place to read the paper and work your way through the ales.

5 Mar 2008 14:38

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Great pub. Eclectic choice of ales. Enthusiastic landlord. Unspoilt. Great if you're fresh off the train.

5 Mar 2008 14:34

The Olive Branch and Beech House, Clipsham

Remarkable. Again, not really a pub, but the quality of the food is excellent, the lunches are varied, you can have a sandwich for six pounds or you can have the tremendous value, but admittedly short on options, set lunch. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with the house beer called 'Olive Oil'. A true great for those travelling on the A1

4 Dec 2007 21:11

The Fleece Inn, Haworth

Decent local/tourist pub in the heart of touristy Haworth. Cosy, food looked simple but nice. Complete Taylor's range. We dashed in out of the rain and thought 'Yes, this is just right'.

18 Sep 2007 16:10

Haworth Old Hall, Haworth

Hmmm, I think everybody who has contributed so far is right! Bar staff are sweet but very variable in competence. Beer is fine, food perhaps a little overpriced and the menu contains ludicrous phrases like 'chipped potatoes'! Off peak I reckon a great place for a drink, it's a characterful building with a handy car park.

18 Sep 2007 16:07

The Dog and Gun Inn, Oxenhope

Lots of pluses and some slight minuses with this place but I can understand the minuses. We were with our three year old and were ushered away from the main bar area, which you can eat in, presumably to keep the noise of a child away from those drinking at the bar. Can understand that, though. Taylor's suite of ales available and, although I hate the word, their 'branding' is spot on. A large portion of devilled, and pink (not for the squeamish), kidneys on fried bread for under a fiver was fantastic. Steak ordered medium came sub-rare and although rectified I feel there could have been more of an effort to compensate considering how wide of the mark it was initially. Still, better to be underdone than overdone. Chips are "fat chip shop style". Beer good, as was house white. Chatty landlord and (some) locals lend a nice atmosphere, although there were a few snobbier ones in. Eight out of ten, deserves to be moved from the little section of the good pub guide to the big section.

18 Sep 2007 16:03

Fox & Coney Inn, South Cave

Friendly and helpful staff, decent beer, reasonably priced nice food, pleasant locals, in a thriving village. A worthy stop off on the hull to goole road!

3 Sep 2007 15:51

Willy's Pub and Brewery, Cleethorpes

Great place. Very good value. Very good ale. Interesting and cheap food. Well-behaved away fans welcome. The best pub in the area by a mile. And great fish and chips next door too.

20 Jul 2007 14:10

The Two Chairmen, St James's

Such a shame. This pub is potentially a great little work local in an area of pubs devoid of character. It's always been expensive, but some of these reviews show a pub with no steady hand at the helm. I'll keep popping in though, just like to give the place a chance!

20 Jul 2007 14:05

The Abbey, Westminster

There have been umpteen bars on this site in the last dozen years, this one, depressingly, seems set to last. The office workers of Westminster are either so undemanding or so pub-starved they pack this place out. Staff could not cope with the crowds and there was plenty of disquiet at pushing in. Lunchtime is marginally better but offset by the overpriced pub food that, admittedly, affects most pubs in the area.

20 Jul 2007 14:00

The Anglers Rest, Bamford

This pub has changed hands many times since last review. The current landlord has improved the beer selection and quality but is capricious with opening hours. Has been known to close early because only one or two customers in.

7 Jul 2007 23:05

The Banner Cross Hotel, Sheffield

No review for a while, but still the best local in the area. Possibly the only local. Beer is not what you'd call great but is not expensive. Food straightforward, and a great pub for tv sport. An essential pub in the area.

7 Jul 2007 23:03

23, Sheffield

Don't know what has happened here. First time I went had the best cocktail I'd ever had, a whisky sour made with maker's mark and eggwhite. And a brooklyn beer too. But since those heady days it's all gone a bit wrong. 10/10 for 18 months ago, 5/10 now.

7 Jul 2007 22:53

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Not commenting on any other reviews. This is one of the best pubs in London. I popped in with two mates who had never been and both agreed the Orkney Stout that was on as guest ale was one of the best beers they had ever tasted. Pub food is limited but appropriate. Toasties, pork pies, pasties, and definitely no side salads! As the chain pubs take over, long may this place continue I'd go so far as to say this one of the best pubs in the world.

7 Jul 2007 22:36

The Fox, Sandford-on-Thames

The latest landlord is trying hard, and succeeding. I, a stranger, attended on quiz night and was made very welcome and even adopted into the bar team. The pub is a proper local and if I lived in the area I would choose it over all others.

7 Jul 2007 22:23

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