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Comments by drumandmonkeyfan

Victoria, Ware

have seen 3 owners come and go and thankfully it a lovely couple who now own this - pie and mash to die for nice and clean def worth a visit!! X

19 Nov 2014 23:18

Finley's, Enfield Wash

The pub has changed its name again back to the prince albert, Great pub defintley worth a visit xx

26 Sep 2014 10:29

The Crooked Billet, Nazeing

the fabulous Jodie stone will be singing in here tonight xx

29 Aug 2014 13:48

The Red Lion, Enfield

catch the brilliant Jodie Stone in there this Saturday singing all your fave tunes :)

15 Aug 2014 12:57

The Dutch House, Tottenham

great pub, got karaoke with JODIE STONE every thursday 8 - 11 :) xx

10 Aug 2013 15:02

The White House, Enfield

UNDER NEW MANAGMENT , was in there last night a lovely little friendly pub. Everyone welcome, karaoke every friday

10 Aug 2013 15:00

Woodbine Inn, Waltham Abbey

What a lovely pub. friendly staff and a lovely landlady :) Reasonably price, good quality food available. Entertainment every fri and sat night with karaoke and singers. Brilliant pub xx

27 Mar 2013 14:11

The Royal Oak, Chingford

Nice pub, friendly atmosphere. The karaoke host who plays in there on some occasions is fantastic :) her name is Jodie Stone xx

26 Mar 2013 15:19

The Royston Arms, Chingford

really cheap drink, great entertainment with jodie ston. what more could you ask for!!

6 Dec 2010 13:14

The Royston Arms, Chingford

going there on friday to see the best karaoke host ever jodie stone

17 Nov 2010 10:02

The White Swan, Hoddesdon

going there this sat (6th nov 2010) for karaoke with jodie stone xx

4 Nov 2010 09:13

The White Bear, Broxbourne

brilliant pub, excellent karaoke host :)

5 Oct 2010 13:41

Finley's, Enfield Wash

Love this pub, great atmosphere. There a karaoke comp starting in there this fri (8th oct 2010) should be fun. With the best karaoke host around Jodie Stone :)

5 Oct 2010 13:38

The White Swan, Hoddesdon

was in there last sat fab nite, karaoke was brill. Jodie is in there the first sat of every month so come check her out she the best host by far x staff and locals are friendly too lol

5 Oct 2010 13:26

The White Swan, Hoddesdon

brill pub i am going there 2mora to see jodie,the best host aroundxx

5 Mar 2010 18:37

The Marlborough Arms, Romford

What a brilliiant pub I love it in there. Jodie Stone is the best ever host. The customers in the pub are so friendly and the staff are great

1 Feb 2010 22:52

The New Moon, Tottenham

This a brilliant pub. Staff freindly and the karaoke host is fantastic

2 Aug 2009 19:27

The Phoenix, Edmonton

Absolutley love this pub, nice friendly staff and the regulars are a nice crowd too. It is also a wicked nite in there wen there is karaoke in there with jodie stone

2 May 2009 14:46

The Beehive, Tottenham

nice little boozer especially wen there is karaoke in there with jodie stone .

27 Apr 2009 17:06

The Lordship, Wood Green

this pub used to be good wen there was karaoke in there

18 Nov 2008 16:56

The Roman Urn, Cheshunt

R.I.P ROSS (part owner)

18 Nov 2008 16:53

The Three Horseshoes Inn, Great Parndon

went there a few months ago and they had karaoke and a live band it was fantastic. The karaoke host was JODIE STONE she is the best host around.

18 Nov 2008 16:51

Maltsters, Cheshunt

jodie stone was in there the other nite and it was a fantastic nite xx

16 Jul 2008 14:28

Keenan's, Muswell Hill

do they still have karaoke in here does anyone know?

12 Jun 2008 03:32

The Drum and Monkey, Archway

niall does need to get the karaoke up and running again

12 Jun 2008 03:24

The Westbury, Wood Green

this is quite a lively pub especially wen joey stone is in there

12 Jun 2008 03:22

The White Swan, Hoddesdon

wicked pub especially wen jodie stone is in there, she is a brilliant karaoke host.
she is bak in there on the 31st may

21 May 2008 13:04

The Goat, Ponders End


23 Apr 2008 10:45

The White House, Highbury

it is a good pub wen jodie stone is in there doing kaaoke

23 Apr 2008 10:43

The Sporting Green, Enfield


8 Feb 2008 13:51

The Dutch House, Tottenham

a nice friendly pub, its a good nite wen the karaoke host pompeii is in there

25 Jan 2008 15:09

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

nice pub i thought, a proper party place

25 Jan 2008 15:07

The Robin Hood, St Albans

brilliant pub, reaaly friendly staff. it is a good night wen karaoke host jodie stone is in there x

25 Jan 2008 15:01

The Adam and Eve, Homerton


5 Jan 2008 16:20

The Robin Hood, St Albans


5 Jan 2008 16:17

Skolars Sports Bar, Wood Green

this is a great pub, mandy is a top gal. Karaoke is brilliant 2, i know both of the hosts jo and joey.

15 Jun 2007 14:14

The Turkey, Enfield


16 Mar 2007 17:07

Plough, Cheshunt

everyone come in there on sat night its gonna be an xfactor night in there

19 Feb 2007 14:06

The Green Dragon, Waltham Abbey

a nice friendly pub, it is a great nite wen my mate jodie stone is in there doing karaoke she is in there on the 2nd march, and wen joey stone is in there(jodie's brother).

19 Feb 2007 13:58

Vine Inn, Waltham Cross

a nice decent pub

19 Feb 2007 13:54

Maltsters, Cheshunt

haven't been in this pub in ages but when i walk past from wot i can see not much has changed.

19 Feb 2007 13:50

The Enkel Arms, Holloway

this pub is good especially when there is a party in there.

15 Feb 2007 11:30

Bar Ab, Waltham Cross

went in there the other day and it was empty.

15 Feb 2007 11:23

The Turkey, Enfield

it is a really friendly pub the manager is a really nice bloke, its a really warm pub.
It has a good friendly atmosphere

23 Jan 2007 11:29

The Lordship, Wood Green

went in the lordship about a week ago the staff r really friendly and the customers r friendly too.

23 Jan 2007 11:26

The Drum and Monkey, Archway

went in the drum last nite it is a nice relaxing atmosphere and niall is a lovley bloke

23 Jan 2007 11:24

Henleys Bar, Wood Green

great little boozer, friendly crowd and excellent karaoke host joey stone.

4 Jan 2007 13:00

Plough, Cheshunt

this is an ok pub, been in there a couple of times

7 Dec 2006 14:16

The Avenue, Barnet

they have changed the pubs name again to the dandelion.

4 Dec 2006 17:29

Bar Ab, Waltham Cross

i havent actually been in there yet but it looks really nice, i really did like it wen it was the happy pig though.

13 Oct 2006 11:25

The Victoria, Cheshunt

been there a couple of times i suppose the pub is ok, its nothing special

13 Oct 2006 11:14

The Drum and Monkey, Archway

nice pub and friendly staff and locals

10 Oct 2006 13:41

The Crab and Lobster, Bembridge

brilliant pub

10 Oct 2006 13:28

The Freemasons Arms, Wood Green

nice little boozer with friendly bar staff

10 Oct 2006 13:24

The Green Man, Potters Bar

i done karaoke in this pub not so long agi and wot a result the regulars were friendly and so were the staff.

10 Oct 2006 12:57

The Mortimer Arms, Bloomsbury

a nice litle voozer been there a few times

10 Oct 2006 12:53

The Lord Nelson, Holloway Road

the only time this pub is good is wen karaoke anton is in there on a sunday and monday night.

10 Oct 2006 12:08

The Lordship, Wood Green

new temporary managment have take over i say being back the old managmnent and all the old bar staff things arent the same since they left.

10 Oct 2006 12:03

The Avenue, Barnet

come down on the 24th of oct, the best karaoke host around is gonna b in there, jodie stone.

9 Oct 2006 11:52

The Rose Inn, Ventnor

went there last fri really good night

9 Oct 2006 11:50

The Enterprise, Holloway


28 Sep 2006 11:49

The Old Anchor, Cheshunt


28 Sep 2006 11:46

The Avenue, Barnet

I went in there for the first time on tuesday night 1.25 for a cocktail plus they had karaoke in there, well they got karaoke in there now every tuesday night with giddeon and jodie stone, wot a result!

28 Sep 2006 11:33

Maltsters, Cheshunt

great pub but they need karaoke jodie stone in there.

1 Aug 2006 13:48

The Roman Urn, Cheshunt

This is a fantastic my all time fave pub, music every weekend including the best karaoke host(jodie stone). Bouncy castle in the garden for the kids. Brilliant. Food everyday from 10.00- 2.00

1 Aug 2006 13:40

The Red Cow, Cheshunt

Really nice pub but they need jodie stone in there she is the best karaoke host around

1 Aug 2006 13:35

The Windmill, Cheshunt

I agree now they need jodie stone in there

1 Aug 2006 13:33

Woolpack, Cheshunt

needs karaoke jodie stone in there

1 Aug 2006 13:30

The White Bear, Broxbourne

This is a nice little boozer but they need karaoke jodie stone in there she is a wicked host she does the roman urn in cheshunt, and the green man in waltham abbey.

1 Aug 2006 13:26

The Green Man, Waltham Abbey

Its gonna b a really good nite in there on august 11th its a pyjama party come down and bring ur friends

1 Aug 2006 13:18

The Moon and Cross, Waltham Cross

Quite a nice pub if ur hungry its agood place 2 go for cheap booze and a munch

28 Jul 2006 12:41

Woolpack, Cheshunt

Nice little boozer, friendly atmosphere

26 Jul 2006 12:32

The Red Cow, Cheshunt

nice little boozer actually went there for the england match the other day.

28 Jun 2006 13:48

The Green Man, Potters Bar

nice pub a bit rough though

6 Jun 2006 21:55

The Windmill, Cheshunt

a nice little boozer , it gets packed wen karaoke caz is in there.

6 Jun 2006 21:42

The Green Man, Waltham Abbey

a nice boozer especially wen karaoke jo is in there it is a right laugh.

6 Jun 2006 21:41

The Old English Gentleman, Waltham Abbey

this is an alright pub even better wen karaoke jo is in there.

6 Jun 2006 21:40

The Wishing Well, Palmers Green

great little boozer, staff friendly.

27 May 2006 13:35

The Wishing Well, Hackney

this pub is a total dive

27 May 2006 13:33

Keenan's, Muswell Hill

this pub is a really friendly, had some good nites in there, especially wen the karaoke is in there.

27 May 2006 13:32

The Dolphin, Hackney

the manager is horrible if she is still there.
it was really good wen caz was doing karaoke in there.

22 Mar 2006 16:31

Phibbers, Islington

a right good livley pub

22 Mar 2006 16:27

Nambucca, Upper Holloway


22 Mar 2006 16:22

The Plough, Upper Holloway


22 Mar 2006 16:21

The Great Northern Railway Tavern, Hornsey

great little pub, bar staff really friendly.
had some good nites with the karaoke in there.

22 Mar 2006 16:14

Mollie Malone's, Crouch End

livley little pub, great wen there is karaoke in there.

22 Mar 2006 15:26

The Jolly Anglers, Wood Green

great little pub, love the karaoke wiv joey he is a great guy.

22 Mar 2006 15:24

The Goat, West Green

good pub, full of friendly locals. bar staff r really nice.
The best nights i have had in there is wen there is karaoke on.

22 Mar 2006 15:19

The Lordship, Wood Green

Brilliant pub especially wen karaoke jo is in there, she is a laugh and knows how 2 get the crowd going.
bar staff r really nice and friendly.

22 Mar 2006 15:17

The Rose Inn, Ventnor

nice pub really dood wen karaoke is on

9 Feb 2006 21:17

The Adam and Eve, Homerton

really great pub, lovley manager and bar staff.
cheap drink.

9 Feb 2006 21:11

Big Red, Holloway

i don't like this pub at all i feel very un comfortable in there, like everyone is watching me.

17 Nov 2005 14:34

The Arsenal Tavern, Highbury

great pub, fantastic if the footie is on. would def reccomend it

9 Nov 2005 11:49

The Mitre, Islington

cheap pub but always a fight either in or outside.

7 Sep 2005 12:42

The Lord Nelson, Holloway Road

nice friendly pub, but can get a bit rough though.
Karaoke is good on a monday nite.

7 Sep 2005 12:39

The Jolly Anglers, Wood Green

the anglers is a good pub, the karaoke host on a thursday is a really nice bloke.

4 Sep 2005 18:23

The Force and Firkin, Cheshunt

very livley pub, great atmosphere but dont like the govenor much.

26 Jul 2005 17:22

The Beaconsfield, Harringay

this pub is a friendly pub, really fun when the karaoke is there.

25 Jul 2005 21:25

The St Johns Tavern, Archway

this pub is quite good but drinks r expensive

24 Mar 2005 15:07

The Charlotte Despard, Archway

this pub is ok if u like that sort thing

24 Mar 2005 15:06

Moorhen, Harlow


24 Feb 2005 10:49

Maddigans, Hackney

the pub is ok

24 Feb 2005 10:48

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

this pub is really livley. the karaoke host is a nutter.

24 Feb 2005 10:40

Maltsters, Cheshunt

Fantastic pub, the staff are really friendly and funny.
There is a juke box, live sport on 3tv's, karaoke machines.

24 Feb 2005 10:23

The Green Man, Barnet

good livley pub

24 Feb 2005 10:21

The Albion, Barnet

nice friendly pub

24 Feb 2005 10:20

Veronicas Bar, Playa de las Americas


24 Feb 2005 10:15

The Leighton Arms, Kentish Town

it is a nice and friendly pub.
i havehad loads of good nights in there.

24 Feb 2005 10:14

The Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park

good pub for the football

24 Feb 2005 10:12

The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor

The food is beautiful. the drinks are nice. staff r not at all friendly.

24 Feb 2005 10:08

The Volunteer Inn, Ventnor

A nice and friendly local pub.

24 Feb 2005 10:06

Scruffy Jacks, Sandown

i love this pub right near the beach, a laugh in the summer.

24 Feb 2005 10:05

The Lion, Archway

it used to be alright til they refurbished it now it looks like the palmerston posh.

24 Feb 2005 10:02

The Bailey, Highbury


24 Feb 2005 09:59

The Whittington Cat, Highgate


24 Feb 2005 09:58

Millers, Caledonian Road

good pub i like the atmosphere

24 Feb 2005 09:57

The Dartmouth Arms, Dartmouth Park


23 Feb 2005 14:10

Tufnells, Tufnell Park

this is a real good pub. especially wen its open micnite

23 Feb 2005 14:09

The Boston Arms, Tufnell Park

absolutley brilliant pub. i love the club next door too(the dome).

23 Feb 2005 14:08

The Bull and Last, Gospel Oak

nice and friendly

23 Feb 2005 14:07

The Old Oak, Gospel Oak

nice little local pub

23 Feb 2005 14:06

The Coconut Tree, Finchley

love it

23 Feb 2005 14:03

Red Filly, Mill Hill

kerrigans is a good old irish pub. i love it a great atmosphere. staff r friendly. booze is cheap.

23 Feb 2005 14:02

The Mill, Mill Hill

nice pub to go to if u want food but a bit boring if u want good nite out

23 Feb 2005 14:01

The Vine, Kentish Town

brilliant pub i have been going there since i was a kid with my mum.

23 Feb 2005 13:58

The Gloucester Arms, Kentish Town

a really friendly pub

23 Feb 2005 13:54

The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town

quite a nice pub

23 Feb 2005 13:53

The Admiral Mann, Kentish Town

a small but friendly pub

23 Feb 2005 13:52

The Glass Works, Angel, Islington

it is a fantastic pub u know everyone in there

23 Feb 2005 13:48

The Brunswick Arms, Poplar

nice pub

23 Feb 2005 13:44

Point 101, Bloomsbury

i love it especially on a weekend

23 Feb 2005 10:58

The Five Bells, East Finchley

brilliant pub especially in the summer

23 Feb 2005 10:53

The Gatehouse, Highgate

cheap drink, cheap food a all round good pub

23 Feb 2005 10:52

The Whittington Stone, Highgate

this is a very livley pub.

23 Feb 2005 10:50

The Mother Red Cap, Archway

good old irish pub

23 Feb 2005 10:48

The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill


23 Feb 2005 10:45

The Black Horse, Upper Holloway

nice friendly pub. its one of those pubs you walk in to and you will know everyone

23 Feb 2005 10:44

The Unicorn, Kentish Town

good pub

23 Feb 2005 10:42

The King James, Cheshunt

i like the pub you walk in there and u always c someone u know

23 Feb 2005 10:34

The Prince Alfred, Upper Holloway

nice quiet friendly pub

23 Feb 2005 10:31

The Lord Palmerston, Holloway

don't like it the pub is too posh

23 Feb 2005 10:30

The Landseer, Holloway

really posh pub its more like a wine bar.

23 Feb 2005 10:29

The Holloway, Holloway

really rough pub, good pub to go to if you want a fight

23 Feb 2005 10:28

The Hercules Tavern, Holloway

nice pub.

23 Feb 2005 10:27

Angies, Holloway

nice pub but the lasger is nasty and flat.

23 Feb 2005 10:26

Three Compasses, Hornsey

the pub was good wen sean had it but now it has gone downhill.

23 Feb 2005 10:24

The Enterprise, Holloway

a very small pub. it is a horrible pub.

23 Feb 2005 10:22

The Crown, Upper Holloway

the bar staff are miserable, the manager is moany the pub is crap.

23 Feb 2005 10:21

The Happy Pig, Waltham Cross

i think the pub is a really nice pub. staff really friendly. music good. cheap drink and 2 pool tables.

22 Feb 2005 12:22

The Assembly House, Kentish Town

this pub is quite rough.

22 Feb 2005 12:12

The Royal Oak, Upper Holloway

the only time wen this pub is goos is wen the karaoke is in there.

22 Feb 2005 12:07

The Enkel Arms, Holloway

i love this pub it has a great atmosphere. cheap drink. 3 pool tables. the manager is really friendly and so r the bar staff. a brilliant pub.

22 Feb 2005 12:06

The Quays, Holloway

the quays is a livley pub.

22 Feb 2005 11:56

The Old Ale Emporium, Harringay

i like the old ale it is a really friendly pub. It is really good when there is karaoke in there the place is buzzin then

22 Feb 2005 11:54

The Archway Tavern, Archway

the archway is shit but i like the club on the side of it called cheekos.

22 Feb 2005 11:51

The Railway Engineer, Mill Hill

the railway is a good pub i like all the pool tables and the big screen. its cheap drink which is good.
it needs karaoke or something in there though.

22 Feb 2005 11:50

The Cock Tavern, Hackney

the cock tavern is a bit of a dive most of the time. the only time its good is when the karaoke is there i mean caz not faye.

22 Feb 2005 11:48

The Drum and Monkey, Archway

The drum is a fantastic pub. The dj on a friday night is brilliant. i have been going there now for 15 years well since i was a kid and i wouldn't change one thing about the pub.

21 Feb 2005 12:26

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