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The Ship, Christchurch

There is plague of BEER FLIES in this establishment.

18 Jan 2014 22:32

The Porterhouse, Westbourne

Ah, vindicated. I knew you'd agree with me!

1 Aug 2013 20:45

The Riverside Inn, Tuckton

Oh dear. just un....... unwelcoming, unhygienic, unprofessional, underwhelming, unmanaged, underutilised (we are crying out for a decent boozer in Tucton), unsavoury and unsightly (the bogs!), finally, uniquely ungood.

6 Jun 2012 19:36

The Nelson, Mudeford

Christ! I've just seen an 'A' Board outside advertising a classic car rally. Is there room inside for this great innovation? How will the event cope with the Thai carvery afternoon tea poker night complete with Morris Dancing?

28 May 2012 09:59

The Sandpiper, Mudeford

I popped in last night after a stroll on the quay. I hadn't visited for two years. Gone were the scary tattooed types and instead, there was a nice 'family and couple' sort of clientele. The Pub was clean and well cared for - I felt safe. I noticed that a high rating of 5 had been achieved for hygiene. The food looked good.
Well done.

28 May 2012 08:32

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth

also........ why no pump clips on the Ales?

15 Mar 2012 17:53

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth

I am sure Greene King could afford to purchase some curtains.

11 Mar 2012 16:42

The Fishermans Haunt, Christchurch

Too many ales on offer and all poorly presented. Basic training needs to be given to all staff members on beer keeping and pint pouring. The pint I was served with looked like a pint of cold tea and nothing like the picture of London Pride you see in the advert. Are Fullers aware of this poor performance? I suspect that monies from room letting ensures this place breaks even - it certainly isn't from bar revenues.
No atmosphere, No management presence, No expertise, No training, No head(on my beer).

10 May 2011 20:28

The Porterhouse, Westbourne

The Old Thumper is always lifeless and flat - the head always disappears after a minute.......try one and see!

17 Apr 2011 10:23

The Avon Causeway Inn, Hurn

very pleasant, very clean..... nice dog (and I don't like dogs!)

11 Mar 2011 22:03

The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch

Smells of dog.

9 Aug 2010 18:07

The Old Albion, Crantock

Great News!
Cillit Bang Stain and Toilet Cleaner is on special offer at Sainsburys - was 3.68, now only 2.00.

22 Jul 2010 09:06

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

We had a very enjoyable afternoon here - everything was excellent apart from my Petanque! Bravo and Allez France

18 Jul 2010 13:23

The Duke of York, Fitzrovia

Well done to the Tenants. Lovely IPA . Small and comfortable.

18 Jul 2010 13:19

William Walker, Winchester

Oh dear - empty at lunchtime today! What's going on? I didn't cross the threshold.

15 Jun 2010 18:59

The Old Albion, Crantock

Have you cleaned the bogs this year (2010)?

26 Apr 2010 21:31

The Ship, Christchurch

Really nice pub especially for a drink before heading home, and much better than when it was a no-go zone and full of threatening people BUT why are most of the tables reserved for dining in the pub area at the peak time for after-work drinks? Most people just want to have one or two 'quickies' before going home and not be forced to share large tables in the window with other embarassed drinkers. The piano takes up space for quite a few tables for two!

29 Jan 2010 19:15

Bridge House, Ferndown

I am pleased to see that 'new life' has been injected into this business after the sale from Greene King. The refurbishment and concept is good.
Great views of the local wildlife from the lounge.

2 Jan 2010 08:34

The Old Albion, Crantock

Are you going to clean the toilets in 2010?

25 Dec 2009 17:24

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth

As dirty as ever. The ladies toilets will soon surpass the appalling standards of the Old Albion in Crantock. Get a grip Greene King.

27 Oct 2009 20:11

The Nelson, Mudeford

I enjoy watching the Landlord. He walks through the Pub, from side to side, and each time he carries a different coloured diary- I have only seen the red cash box though - does he have others of different colours? I'm intrigued.
A good Pub for a tea-time drink with a nice atmosphere - Thankyou.

4 Oct 2009 10:47

The Grange Hotel, Southbourne

Lovely beer - but, took a friend to the cleanest pub on the sea front, only to be choked by the smell of dog......farts. What a pity

25 Sep 2009 19:45

The Bowgie Inn, Crantock Newquay

Nice View.

20 Sep 2009 09:24

The Fort Inn, Newquay

A good 'cash-cow'. Very busy with a good mix of people and families. Well managed and controlled. The Cornish Ratler Cider and Perry were tasty and went down a bit too well!
Food menu well thought out for the market.
Well done

19 Sep 2009 22:07

The Cornishman, Crantock

Well supported by five locals. Is this a profit making venture? I don't think so. Clean and tidy. Television switched off without consultation at 10.30 p.m. by the Landlady - this was very uncaring and inward looking! This Pub is doomed - just like its neighbour. Dull and boring .

19 Sep 2009 21:29

The Old Albion, Crantock

With hundreds of extra visitors in in the village for the 'Bale Pushing' on September 11th, you would have thought that the Tenants of this Pub would have made an effort to showcase their business - BUT NO!
No Food on offer, beers and ciders running out and, TOILETS WHICH HAVEN'T SEEN A CLEANER FOR YEARS.
This Pub will fail and deserves to. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID.

19 Sep 2009 13:01

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth


23 May 2009 19:05

The Nelson, Mudeford

two,four,six eight - how many bar staff behind the bar? - and kept waiting 10 minutes for a pint.

23 May 2009 19:04

The Grange Hotel, Southbourne

This must be the cleanest pub in the area. The 'ladies' was spotless - and always is.
Nicely kept beer. A good pub to walk to.

5 Mar 2009 18:40

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth

The best host in this pub is the chef - it's good to see him serving the customers with food and drink.
I believe he has better 'innkeeping qualities' than those of his bosses - who always seem to boozing at the bar when I visit -not a pretty sight!

12 Jan 2009 19:02

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth

I really don't know what all the fuss is about with this issue about pushchairs. From a purely business point of view, this Landlord has quite a limited trading space and outdoor space, and is having to maximise its use. Unfortunately, I have been into pubs on many occasions where pushchairs have been allowed in (have you seen the size of some of them?!) and have had to dodge children who are out of control. I've also watched bar staff emerge from kitchens with plates of hot food and dodge the children too, what would happen if a plate of hot food was dropped on a child?. In these days of 'due diligence' perhaps the landlord is avoiding an accident waiting to happen. Some people like going to a pub for a quiet drink and something to eat, so a pub like the Commodore without children running around is just what they want. After all, some pubs don't allow dogs and dog owners just go to one that does, and don't make a fuss about it and go to the local paper. Why not just vote with your feet?
I agree with the previous posting that the food isn't very exciting and pricey and I think the housekeeping lacks a woman's touch.

21 Jun 2008 18:13

The Neptune, Boscombe

For a pub in such a prime site with masses of space, who is letting this go to rot? The bar smells foul - like many others before the smoking ban, there are LOTS of bluebottles, the mix of customers can be a bit threatening too. Why don't they shut it down, gut it, and start all over again with a conservatory on the front, a brighter and cleaner interior, and decent staff to keep up the standards. With all the new development and reef coming up down there, this is a potential gold mine - when will they wake up?? Not for the faint-hearted!

23 Apr 2008 20:13

The Riverside Inn, Tuckton

What a pity this establishment seems to be going down-hill so soon after the refurb. The Bar area is already looking grubby and unkempt. Popped in for Lunch - the Salad cart is always good, and opted for the spit-roast chicken with the salad cart to eat in the virtually empty bar. Only one member of staff on the bar, and even though it was not busy, we still had to wait for a while to be served. After checking, we were informed that there were no chickens and this on a Saturday before the start of a possibly busy weekend! So we left. For somewhere with such a prime site and wonderful outside seating area overlooking the river, it's a shame. Notice on the bar recruiting for staff - not surprised.

13 Apr 2008 12:25

The Spyglass and Kettle, Southbourne

Went there last Sunday for a Roast after a long day at work. Parked to the sounds of very loud music coming from the kitchen. Were served at the Bar eventually, with no Stella and a WARM glass of white wine. Ordered Beef Sunday Roasts - what came out looked awful. Deep fried roast potatoes, baby carrots and peas - the peas were the best bit of the meal, and slices of beef coated in a thick gravy. Think it must have come out of a bag, and dreaded to think what would have happened if we'd wanted the gravy separately! All in all, a very poor experience and total waste of money. We would have been better having a cheese sandwich at home. Dread to think what the neighbours in the flats across the road have to put up with all that loud music. Will definitely give this a miss in the future.

13 Apr 2008 12:16

Alfies, Winchester


1 Apr 2008 20:26

The Riverside Inn, Tuckton

Utter bollocks - the bar is a no go area for the management - dusty display of four empty spirit bottles - two Canadian Club and two Vodka. Staff congregating at the end of the bar. AVOID

25 Feb 2008 19:42

The Grange Hotel, Southbourne


22 Feb 2008 21:02

The Phoenix, Alexandra Palace

Bring back the old management team from the 1990's. Wow, the Phoenix was special in those days - I used to visit every night at dusk for a lovely pint or three of Fullers ESB. COME BACK WHEREVER YOU ARE - ALLY PALLY NEEDS YOU!

22 Feb 2008 17:38

The Spyglass and Kettle, Southbourne

It is good that there is team spirit here - however, I have found it only to be for their benefit and not for the (non-regular) customers who are invariably ignored and wait patiently for service while the 'social whirl' continues at the end of the bar (reserved for staff?).
There is a golden opportunity to practice good impartial innkeeping after the forthcoming refit - I fear it will not be taken. Are the staff managing the manager? - the chef's radio is still at full volume, god help the poor sods that live opposite.

11 Feb 2008 10:59

The Bailey Bridge, Christchurch

Flat lager and dusty chairs - two out of three ales 'off'. Managed and operated by 'twenty-somethings'. I hope their staff accommodation is clean.

2 Jan 2008 22:51

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth

The condition of the Ales has worsened since Ron left - the variety on offer is dull - 'Old Trip' has been available as a guest for months now - is it drinkable still?
Greene King need to invest in this site, there is lots of wasted space. The relief manager is keen and decent but this operation needs a mature couple with no young children in tow.

31 Dec 2007 11:01

The Greyhound, Corfe Castle

This Pub is disappointing - the staff need training in customer care and product knowledge - the kitchen brigade should get their act together and produce and send out completed orders together instead of over seven minute period as was the case with our table of three.

31 Dec 2007 10:52

The Crown and Anchor, Winchester

I pop into this pub when I am in town - it is always superb. I'm very sad to hear that the tenants are retiring - I hope the standards are maintained.

11 Apr 2007 17:07

The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

The Chiswick Ale was flat and the wine prices are a rip off - 125ml and 175ml measures only.
The school benches are uncomfortable and do not cater for groups larger than two - get rid of them!. The central heating must have been turned up to full power as it was too hot. The management should get rid of the smelly dogs which are allowed in to the bar area.

4 Mar 2007 12:57

The Avon Causeway Inn, Hurn

I like this pub, particularly during the summer months. There are Humming Bird Moths buzzing around the magnificent hanging baskets on most evenings during July/August.
I think the recent refit is good, and the variety of strong ales is great.

28 Feb 2007 18:40

The Neptune, Boscombe

Untapped potential. Are there plans to refit this pub when the Boscombe development gets underway? This area needs a good pub - I'm not sure whether the present corporate and branded offer is the best solution. A nice Free House or tenancy would be ideal.
I don't agree with anonymous postings - COWARDS.

6 Jan 2007 14:07

The Spyglass and Kettle, Southbourne

Busier as a restaurant this year (it seems)compared to previous years. More drinking punters too. Am I right? I wish the manager had the guts to turn the chef's radio off - it's horrible music and too loud.

5 Jan 2007 20:47

The Perseverance, Holborn

Sunday Lunch was good - but, the food should have been served on hot plates and the Sirloin of Beef should have been carved slices instead of a massive steak.

5 Jan 2007 16:45

White Horse Hotel, Rottingdean

Unwelcoming - closed at 6pm on Boxing Day. Two chavs (who had both been drinking in the bar, prior to the closure) both urinated on the outside terrace when they left! I'm not surprised, the toilets inside were filthy and unchecked by the management.
What a dump.

31 Dec 2006 19:20

The Riverside Inn, Tuckton

Heineken served in a Carling glass! What's going on?
Cold soup, slow service of coffee and a barman complaining of being bored rather loudly to his colleagues.
A poor show. The young age profile of the serving staff is a disadvantage to the mature clientle.

15 Nov 2006 19:47

The Blue Boar, Poole

Poole has too many pubs. This one, however, although empty at 5pm on a Monday, has potential. It is very clean and tidy and the Fullers ESB was good. Where are the customers? Does it make a profit?

10 Oct 2006 16:59

Casa, Bournemouth

I am reviewing the slug and lettuce.

Good product range(in theory) - both food and liquor..... and cleaner than Casa too. I went for lunch yesterday and was disappointed - poor and non availability of menu items and poor attentiveness of staff - I may not look like a beautiful young thing any more but, DON'T IGNORE ME WHEN I TRY AND ORDER FOOD.

26 Sep 2006 17:09

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth

Something wonderful has happened - 250ml WINE GLASSES.

18 Sep 2006 17:30

The Westbourne, Westbourne

Very grubby and poorly managed by the Greeneking Pub Company - unpolished brass beer pumps and dirty uncared for back bar areas. It attracts the Westbourne dross (myself not included!). This Pub should go Gastro.

2 Sep 2006 15:02

The Westcliff Tavern and Carvery, Bournemouth

A good idea - but poor standards of housekeeping will let this establishment down.... cobwebs, unpolished brass beer engines, dirty toilets etc.
The carvery looked tired and there are too many ales available for the present level of demand.

25 Aug 2006 18:11

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth

I enjoy the landlord's charisma. I thought I detected a "flicker" of a smile the other day when he served me. He's a good man. His Abbot is good. Thankyou.
Greene King should invest more in this pub - a beer garden, and knock the wall through and utilise the breakfast room. I'll be back.

21 Jul 2006 22:40

The Grange Hotel, Southbourne

A nice refit, apart from the plastic flower displays and canned music.
Please ban the smelly dogs and their owners! Why not appoint a pub cat or cats instead.
Very capable and welcoming staff.
The beer garden is a good spot to watch the local Kestrel hunting.

13 Apr 2006 21:32

The Punch and Judy, Bournemouth

The Speckled Hen was stale and horrible on my last visit. Friendly landlords.

23 Mar 2006 16:41

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

Cash Flow may be problem here, with the number of customer I.O.U.s (I assume) pinned up behind the bar.
I usually visit during the late afternoon - the pub is always very quiet at this time. Nearly a dozen handpumps and all fully loaded - I would worry about the condition and freshness of the product with the number of lager drinking punters I encounter at this pub. The pub is well cared for and clean. Look out for the Sparrow colony in the West Hill car park.

23 Mar 2006 16:36

The Phoenix, Alexandra Palace

Beware of the Mekon.

12 Mar 2006 18:50

The Porterhouse, Westbourne

There was a large "dumping" of vomit outside the front door the other day - such a shame.

12 Mar 2006 18:26

Casa, Bournemouth

Yes, bar flies are a problem here. Open the windows and let the Swallows fly in - they love flying insects for breakfast.

12 Mar 2006 18:19

The Phoenix, Alexandra Palace

A pub run by Haringey Council - say no more!
Great habitat for woodpeckers in the adjacent park

6 Mar 2006 15:16

The Spyglass and Kettle, Southbourne

Dark and stale inside- urgently needs a redecoration.
Only adequate for the drinker - food is king here. Ringwood Old Thumper should be sold instead of 49er.
Cut down the hedges at the front of the lawn area and give the drinkers a view - move all the food trade to the back of the pub. Tell the cook to turn his radio off and ban off duty staff from using the bar!
Good Sparrow population in nearby gardens.

6 Mar 2006 13:50

The Inn in the Park, Branksome Park

What a lovely, traditional, cared-for pub. Fine wines and ales, great atmosphere. Just like sitting in somebody's comfortable front room without feeling like an intruder. Outside seating in the summer is OK too. Will give the food a try soon and report back.

2 Mar 2006 18:21

The Globe on the Lake, Alresford

Lovely pub, log fires roaring up the chimneys, nice beer, fine wine - BUT - I wouldn't eat here again. Had to sit in the Dining area, which was cold, and for which we were charged a 'Service charge'. The food took it's time to appear, was lukewarm on arrival, and the portions were barely adequate. Maybe the Chefs should sing less and concentrate more on the food! Will definitely go back in the summer to see the birdlife by the pond.

2 Mar 2006 18:17

Brasshouse, Bournemouth

Full of chavs and the unemployable during the day - I dont venture out at night so it may improve later in the day. A vast cavern of a pub - the staff should be given roller blades. Standards of cleanliness are poor - dirty wine glasses etc. The management seem to have given up with Ales - poor availability and variety - I usually have Stella.
The only redeeming factor is its close proximity to the local aviary accross the road whose residents are much more fun.

23 Feb 2006 16:18

The Porterhouse, Westbourne

Very compact and (in my opinion) full of crusty and dull CAMRA types. A great Pub though with wonderful Old Thumper and good guest ales - Wobbly Bob 6% was available this week. The seating arrangements are a little basic. You have to negociate a space at the bar in between the "chosen few" on their bar stools in order to purchase a drink. The staff are excellent.
The smoking ban should introduce a fresh and diverse new collection of visitors.
Look out for the roosting Wagtails as you leave if you visit early evening.

23 Feb 2006 11:27

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth

A well sited summer pub. There should be more outside seating - the car park should be grassed over and some more benches purchased (they can afford it!).
Wines should be offered in 250ml as well as the present 175ml only. Greene King ales are sold as well as Ringwood Best - Ringwood Old Thumper would be a nice change and variation.
Was that a Dartford Warbler I saw perched on an adjacent Gorse Bush?

22 Feb 2006 21:07

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