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The New Swan, Radcliffe

Great pub good beer good bar staff. Good Pool table,Darts Dominoes . All Games Have two teams playing in local leagues. Poker every mouth. Great Hosts

25 Sep 2011 12:13

The New Swan, Radcliffe

It has now reopened and renamed the The New swan

19 Aug 2011 17:32

Turf Tavern, Radcliffe

Closed down now its a shame

9 Jan 2011 15:34

The Royal Carvery and Hotel, Babbacombe

what a wonderful meal we had in there on Friday evening 2/10/09 very clean smart friendly staff good beer beautiful views outside will go back again when next up

4 Oct 2009 19:45

Union Inn, Torquay

Nice pub bar staff were friendlie with us enjoyed in there before going to Plainmoor for the footie match yesterday

4 Oct 2009 19:31

Bucaneer Inn, Babbacombe

great pub good beer

4 Oct 2009 19:28

Royal Staff, Aldershot

went in on the 4th Oct 08 just after 1.30pm. A nice corner pub really friendlie pub made me and me mates welcome before the football match good beer landlord spoke to us welll and very freindlie as well the few regulars who were in there found it very relaxing even their dog was friendlie as well keep comin up for a pat a big sofie too would go there again next ime the Bury lads are up

12 Oct 2008 17:05

The La Fontaine, Aldershot

A good pub when was down there with the Bury Lads good beer good bar service good laocl people when spoke to them before the match

12 Oct 2008 16:58

The Varsity, Southampton

Had good time in there when was down from Bury in Jan resonable prices for beer clean good banter with others

6 Feb 2008 21:00

Kelly's, Southampton

Jad a good nite in Kellys when we were in town good prices for beer bar staff nice people were good in there

6 Feb 2008 20:57

The Square, Southampton

Only two bar staff on went went in on the sat nite waited aged to get served but ended up walking out to the old fat cat which was better

6 Feb 2008 20:45

The Old Fat Cat, Southampton


6 Feb 2008 20:41

The Robert Peel, Bury

Going down hill this place as other pubs round the area are improving still getting same plms in there food crap nowdays dont go in much now rather be in Two Tubs now days goo and see for yourselfs

21 Sep 2007 21:12

The Two Tubs Inn, Bury

Very much improved pub over the last few months went in on a sunday night at 8pm and it was packed out with great music being on and the beer is even better now The Bomber was a great pint from the cask a very relaxing place tobe a Bury even a smoking area has been done out side

21 Sep 2007 21:08

Kro Piccadilly, Manchester

A Good place and well placed in the heart of Manchester a Good place for drinking penty to chose from % different casks beers Tim Taylors;London pride; IPA:Tetley Impairal and Teaktson. bitter; good food served Graet restursut But pricey thou 3 for a pint great list of wines as well well worth a visit;

5 May 2007 12:40

The Wilton Arms, Radcliffe

a great loacl pub with cheap beer well worth going in at weekend for chats good crowd of loacls who go in great bar staff and good landlord Dave whom now is a great mate of mine well worth a visit for a good pint of lager

4 May 2007 22:38

Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd, Nottingham

Good pint great food was in there on Sat 6th May for a pint good and all busy as the BURY Lads were in Town loacls friendly too

11 May 2006 16:12

The Bentinck Hotel, Nottingham

Went in on the saturday 6th May at 11.30 after getting off the train from Manchester with the BURY FC Fans what a great time we had great pub full off characters friendly bar staff most had a pint and went me and my mate stayed for a hour chatting to loacls in the corner we talked to a Deaf lad and two women wow from the south;
We went back after the game the 2 women were still there pissed out of their heads stay for a hour then back to Manchester with the Bury Lads;

11 May 2006 16:07

The Crown, Bury

A good pub all round great bar staff good loacls go in good beer prices are fine good pool table was in there few weeks ago for pool match they did a good buffet too car park across round hwve cctv watching it so its safe place to drink in will be going again soon

17 Feb 2006 22:22

The Lord Raglan, Nangreaves

WHAT U MOANERS its a great pub up in the hills of nangreeaves eh good beer great bar staff friendly people who go in to eat bookings are full at weekends stuff you misry guts Proud to go in too when out walking up the hill beaty area to see

28 Jan 2006 21:22

The Waterside, Summerseat

good big pub great goings on here at weekends god food dear but worth it i think so good beer bar staff are good too sreve ya well beer very good music yeah i think as am Deaf anyway heh

28 Jan 2006 21:17

Hare & Hounds, Ramsbottom

great big al round pub friendly bar staff good beer football on tv good food there too open pub great when goin for walk up the peel tower

28 Jan 2006 21:14

The Bulls Head, Greenmount

good Food beer staff just a fine relaxin place to go in to

28 Jan 2006 21:13

The Royal Hotel, Tottington

just like other pubs in the area good beer bar staff and loacls too

28 Jan 2006 21:12

The Robin Hood, Tottington

great pub alround good beer great bar staff good loacls too nobody is perfect like you expect in any pubs in England

28 Jan 2006 21:11

The Towler Inn, Bury

Its a great pub pendy of loacls go in well know place its full on most evening from wed nite - Sun nite great family pub everone welcome in to the pub am waiting to move back into the area great bar staff very friendly and loacls too good beer loads of people to sign too many old friends there cant wait to go back home aera

28 Jan 2006 21:05

The Roach Hotel, Bury

great pub togo in good staff pool table football on tv good beer friendly bar staff nice all round pub just off the M66 motorway 2nd pub towards Bury

28 Jan 2006 21:00

The Dusty Miller, Bury

great little pub good beer all round tv screen pool table in small area so bring small cues ok good bar staff and good loals too nice to chat too as well clean pub all round

28 Jan 2006 20:56

The Eastcote Arms, Eastcote

The beer was cheap when i was down on 22/10/05. same prices to the some pubs where i go to in Bury and Radcliffe its no different but agree that a refit would do it wonders for a pub of that size i will be up again at end off Feb/March for weekend again

22 Jan 2006 23:43

The White Boar, Bury

a great pub very much better now days more room open spaces big pub with great beer and staff too feels like at home when back in the area big car parkin space

6 Jan 2006 23:57

The Colliers Arms, Radcliffe

Smally big pub for radcliffe improved alot now good beer and games area staff are more friendly now so beer is better than before

6 Jan 2006 23:54

The Lord Raglan, Radcliffe

its a good pub friendly bar staff good games room with Darts/Dominoes matches every week plus pool matches good pub regs also music with tv too beer is good

6 Jan 2006 23:51

The Eastcote Arms, Eastcote

Quite a nice big pub good bar service was very busy when in on 22/10/05 God music on big games room but need improving on decor asap if this was done would have been more busy will be visiting again soon when i am up from Bury Lancs in new year

23 Oct 2005 21:01

The Trackside, Bury

its a gud palce to drink penty of choice of beers staff are great to get on with outside drinking on a good sunny day relaxing place to be on a sunny sunday afternoon watching steam trains go by during the talking to different people getting off trains laughing at station staff

12 Oct 2005 18:56

The Kings Arms, Tring

l like this pub when i was up from Bury a very good small pub great beers good bar staff food looks very good will eat in next time i am up in the area when visting my family in Tring, a very relaxing place

8 Jul 2005 13:14

The Lamb Inn, Bury

A good small pub great beers good staff pool table!!! good loacl friendly drinkers us deafies with the Walshaw lads ended our Woolford crawl in this pub before starting the night pub crawls round Bury Town centre

1 Jul 2005 12:01

The Wagonmakers Arms, Bury

A good small pub went in after the grand national with the lads from Walshaw and the Bury Deaf boozers Good bar staff good beers pool table a good small family pub well worth a visit when in woolford

1 Jul 2005 11:57

The Swan Hotel, Bury

A good pub all round good food beer bar staff always make you welcome we go a few times a year when in area but us Bury Deaf Boozers go in every Grand National day. when the Walshaw lads are out with us lot

1 Jul 2005 11:54

The Arthur Inn, Bury

its been shut down now for months

1 Jul 2005 11:45

Yates Wine Lodge, Blackpool

went in after arriving in blackpool on train from Bolton the bar staff were great the beer was great the people drinking in were good a great place to start a pub crawl in Blackpool good music if you can hear well worth a visit

1 Jul 2005 11:42

The Cricketers Inn, Bury

A great small communty pub friendly bar staff and loacls aways go there when in the area visiting family and friends good beer in there well worth a visit two good pubs near by

20 Jun 2005 11:43

The Two Tubs Inn, Bury

A great pub when out on part of loacl pub crwal round Bury Great Town!!! Good bar staff good music when on at weekends but its one of the oldest pub in town lots to see in parts of the pub lots of traditional characters has 2 bars inside of pub one on the old side of the pub the other on the new side of the pub well worth going in when you are in town (it better than the R Peel next door).

26 May 2005 16:19

O'Neills, Bury

Good Irish bar at weekends great music friendly bar staff good food during day time well worth going in on the loacl pub crawls can get packed out late in evening at weekends and can be quiet during the week but can go in for chat at all times us Bury Deafie ales"ers are in most weekends lates

26 May 2005 16:10

The Stanley Hotel, Ramsey

A good small pub well worth going in, good beer. friendy bar staff.

20 May 2005 10:48

The Corner House, Douglas

Weekend visits well worth going in its on a corner! good music great beer good helpful bar staff friendy loacls good loos Us Bury Deaf ale drinkers say come on in.

20 May 2005 10:42

The Clarendon Hotel, Douglas

A Good meeting place when getting off the ferry its the 1st pub to go to. great bar staff, good friendy loacl people, good beer, pool table, you are made to feel welcome even it a bit macho style, Us 3 Bury Deaf beer drinkers like it

20 May 2005 10:36

The Haven, Port Erin

On a day out its good pub near the steam train station
a idea to visit before getting the last steam train out of town good beer friendly bar staff

20 May 2005 10:27

The Bay, Port Erin

Us 3 Bury Deaf beer drinkers went to Port Erin on the 14/05/05.
Its a great pub to visit when in the area great views good beer bar staff make you feel welcome and are helpful with informtion for the area. one the best pubs around the island.

20 May 2005 10:22

Yates's, Bury

its okay beer is fine staff are ok the bogs upstairs!! if you fit to walk upstairs (59 steps) no thanks not for me can get packed out at weekend good place to pull young women or men

6 May 2005 11:28

The Liquid Lounge, Bury

it a great place to go when out on the crawl round Bury Lots of fit young women go in and fit bar staff great music if you can hear it!! if you are looking to pull then this baris one of places to pull,
if you in town come on in if the price is right,

6 May 2005 11:24

The Bridge Inn, Radcliffe

its a good pub (i used to go in on a sat nite but now go round great bury town centre,) good music on u know everyone who go in have a good pint staff are great at times well worth going in on a sat night if not going round Bury town,

3 May 2005 14:47

White Horse, Nantwich

a nice pub good beer food is good staff are fine right in the town centre busy at weekend nights with good music on

30 Apr 2005 10:28

The Wilbraham Arms, Nantwich

its a good pub good beer bar staff are friendly clean inside we will be going back to the place which we are in town again soon from Bury,

30 Apr 2005 10:24

Yates's, York

Us Bury Deafies like this last went in Aug 04, Cheap beer great place to end the nite afer pub crawl round york will be back in June 05,

29 Apr 2005 11:00

The Brown Cow Inn, Bury

its a great little pub with a huge beer garden go to when out for walks around the Burrs country side good tasting beer and good food the staff are friendly and helpful give this place a go when you are in town for walks or on a day out,

29 Apr 2005 10:41

The White Horse, Walshaw

its a great small pub in walshaw all staff are very friendly and the people who drink there are very friendly the drinks are served very good food too us Deafies go there every other weekend big Daft Paul do give every one a good laugh when he is around.

29 Apr 2005 10:34

The Kings Arms, York

Great place to go to as us Bury Deafies always go there when we are in York great staff great place for a pint can sit outside good views around the place we are going back in June 2005 for weekend so let us know whats it like now as last went in August 2004.

27 Apr 2005 14:05

The Clarence Hotel, Bury

A nice small pub good friendly bar staff can get a good crowds in at weekends with sound music

27 Apr 2005 13:44

S77, Bury

S77 is now closed down
SO please bring back the Royal Hotel as i remember in the good 1980,s and early 90,s a great place to go to as us Deafies used to go in at that time able to sit down and sign to each other and was a great place to go in to before it became S77 it was good at frist place went downhill bring back th old Royal Hotel

27 Apr 2005 13:30

Wyldes, Bury

A good clean place. smart good helpful bar staff and managers plus cheeky door staff to us deafies can have a laugh inside good music too

27 Apr 2005 13:13

The Robert Peel, Bury

Us Deafies say a good place for a cheap pint and to start in for all to meet up before start pub crawl round the Real Bury town centre Staff are okay but when busy it takes a long time to get served might not be best pub in town but good start off crawl from the place

27 Apr 2005 13:09

The White Lion, Bury

A good place for a pint friendly bar staff good music on at night time (Sat nights).

27 Apr 2005 12:58

Pics Bar, Bury

Good place to go to staff are friendly good music right in town centre

27 Apr 2005 12:53

The Art Picture House, Bury

A good place to be in some staff are great to us Deaf people when we all go in once a month on a sat nite staff do make us welcome and good atmosphere can have a good laugh with other people,

27 Apr 2005 12:29

Pure Space, Bury

its a good place to be can have a few laughs the staff are deaf awarness and make us feel welcome

27 Apr 2005 12:20

The Knowsley, Bury

A very good pub all round most of the bar staff are very frenidly and are good to all Deaf people who comes to the area and helpfull to all Deaf as Paul and maggie make us feel welcome and sign to us have a drink us

26 Apr 2005 11:32

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