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Humble Plum, Bitterne

Two years ago I posted a review about how this once great pub had gone way downhill. I am very happy to report that a mate had said he'd heard a new landlord had turned it around and we went there, he had. The Humble Plumb is back to its old welcoming self. It is clean and tidy, the gents' doesn't smell and has all new fittings - let's face it, if you drink, you're going to have to let it out somewhere!
Keep up the good work!

26 Apr 2017 19:20

The Fox and Hounds, Southampton

My friend and I have been coming here for several months having abandoned another pub near-by. He was familiar with this boozer but it was my first visit and I was not disappointed. The bar staff are friendly and there is a variety of beer on offer, though not a huge selection, enough for me. We were there last night and both tried "Wainwright" by London Pride - a pale ale that was very good. There is a crowd of locals who all know each other, including Alfie the dog, but we were not treated like strangers and made to feel welcome. I think the landlady's name was Susan, and she was friendly without being nosey or over-bearing: the perfect mix. We shall definitely be going back there.

22 Jun 2016 13:27

The Cerdic, Chard

We went there for a late lunch on a Saturday afternoon in August. There was the usual Wetherspoons crowd of very young and very old drinkers who'd had plenty, as well as a sprinkling of other guests. The food was very good, especially the chips. I cannot understand how they can serve food at those prices: I had a wrap and a soft drink which when purchased as part of the special, were less than half the cost they would have been had I purchased them individually. I know that there is a mark-up in pubs, but that is ridiculous!

11 Aug 2015 15:03

Jubilee Inn, Pelynt

We went there for dinner on Saturday night and were told there would be a one-hour wait for food, despite our having booked. There was only one other couple in the dining room besides us, but two other parties arrived soon after. When we ordered, the waitress said it would be a half-hour wait, which it proved to be. The food was excellent. Prices were about average for pub grub, which is not bad for Cornwall in August. The only disappointment was when we wanted to pay. We asked for the bill, which was brought to us, then the waitresses disappeared. You would think having brought the bill, they would return fairly soon to collect it. Apart from that hiccup, a very good evening. Your order your drinks at the bar - a good variety of Cornish ales on offer.

11 Aug 2015 14:59

Humble Plum, Bitterne

Pubs are rarely in pristine condition in terms of furnishings, but I noticed the carpet was unusually worn and the walls dirty when my mate and I went in there last night. Towards the end of the evening, I heard a man saying “F this” and “F that”. I didn’t like to turn round and stare as I’m quite happy with my face the way it currently is, so I asked my mate what was going on. He said the landlord was just abusing his staff and appeared to be completely wasted. When we left, the landlord and landlady were sat on our side of the bar, and the custom when you leave is the staff say good night and thank you. The barmaid did, but the landlord and landlady said nothing. Sad to see this once nice, quiet boozer has gone quite a way downhill.

20 May 2015 08:22

The New Inn, Buckby Wharf

We were here two nights in a row whilst on a canal boat holiday. Four and then six of us had very enjoyable meals. The beer was good as were the other drinks. The portions were very large so we certainly didn't go hungry. The only complaint is that they ran out of several things on the menu - this was at 7pm on a Friday night. We'd definitely recommend this place.

16 Apr 2015 16:04

The Red Lion Inn, Crick

Six of us went there for dinner one night the week after Easter when we were on a canal boat holiday. The pub had been recommended to us by the canal boat people. We had great food and great company. The publican was friendly. The food was very good - we all had something different and it was all very good. We'd definitely go there again.

16 Apr 2015 15:56

The Barleycorn, Hedge End

The summer menu has been superb - my wife really loves the salads. The prices are excellent, you cannot beat them anywhere. The staff are friendly and come and ask if everything is all right with your meal.

5 Sep 2014 15:06

Prince of Wales, Eastleigh

This is now a Tesco Express

5 Sep 2014 15:04

The Fountain Inn, Hedge End

This pub is indeed now flats.

5 Sep 2014 15:02

The Greyfriar, Chawton

Sorry to say I was very disappointed in our visit yesterday for Sunday lunch. Again, it was meeting family half-way between Southampton and London. I had the roast beef which I thought was priced at £13 on the menu but when the bill came, was £14. The beef was undercooked, rather fatty, and the gravy was a strange orange colour. For fourteen pounds, I expected much better. I had a double espresso after, and that was £3.55. The staff were friendly and attentive, but the prices were horrendous! The total bill for five people (4 starters, 3 roast dinners and two "child" portions, 2 puddings, one drink each, one coffee, one tea, and my espresso) was £112.90 ! Outrageous! In August, eight of us paid £106 for a similar meal in central London.

19 Nov 2012 13:37

The Greyfriar, Chawton

Great pub in a great village. Atmosphere counts as if a place looks dodgy on the outside, it is usually dodgy on the inside. We went there for Father's Day. They were very accommodating when we had to change our booking less than 24 hours before.
The food was excellent: a good choice without being so extensive that you know it just comes out of the freezer and into the microwave.
The pub is dog friendly, there were several present when we were there.
Great place to meet friends / family from London (we live near Southampton) as it is about half-way. Will be back again!

5 Jul 2012 14:57

Queens Head, Fishers Pond

We went there Sunday lunchtime - the service was terrible. The carvery ran out of both beef and turkey so all we had was gammon. The grandmother in the lengthy queue behind me was trying to console her grandchildren that they would love the Yorkshire puddings - she wasn't desperate enough to persuade them they would love the broccoli, I guess!
The worst was yet to come. We made the mistake of ordering pudding: 2 portions of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and 1 large Rocky Road brownie. Half an hour, still no sign of our dessert, and they couldn't blame ey being busy because most everyone had left - we were the only ones still in our room. First my wife went to enquire then my son's girlfriend. She was told: 'they were made up, I don't know where they went.' When the ice cream arrived, it was very soupy. We didn't complain because we didn't want to waste even more time.
This pub used to have a bad reputation for service, then it changed hands and the reputation improved. It must have changed hands again, and is back to its old reputation. After we had finished our main course, I asked if the dishes could be cleared before our puddings and was told by the frosty manageress that they always clear tables after the main course. Yes, they eventually came and cleared the plates, but not the empty drinks glasses, which remained till we left.

1 May 2012 13:50

The Crown and Anchor, Winchester

We were disappointed to find this pub has lost its charm: the dcor has changed from traditional pub to modern wine-barish. Gone are the carpet and comfy chairs.

24 Feb 2011 12:41

The Horse and Jockey, Curbridge

My wife & I went there for dinner the other night, and again, were NOT disappointed. The food and drink were great. Ales on offer are from George Gale & Co, I enjoyed a pint of HSB with my excellent plate of bangers and mash. The staff were friendly and attentive; the food was piping hot and just the right quantity.

24 Feb 2011 12:28

Brigadier Gerard, Horton Heath

I live in Hedge End and had to be in Eastleigh for a meeting at 7.15. A friend visiting from Germany suggested a pub meal. Since the Brigadier Gerard is on the way, we called in. We told them we were in a hurry, as they don't serve food till 6. We had fish and chips and it was delicious. The portions were large, the fish was cooked to perfection. The service was great: attentive waitresses who checked that everything was OK.

In terms of drink, as I was driving, I had a non-alcoholic Bitburger, my friend had a Strongbow. There were ales on offer, as well.

I recommend this pub for its garden, inside atmosphere, food, and drink.

6 Jul 2010 08:46

The Hen and Chicken, Upper Froyle

The telephone number given is incorrect, it is for a pub in Derbyshire!

19 Sep 2009 13:26

The Bucks Head, Meonstoke

Needing a meal in a hurry before attending a local theatre performance, I rang the pub in the morning to ask what time they served evening meals. They said from 6.30 so I explained and they said no problem. My wife and I turned up at 6.05, the barman asked was I the gentleman who phoned earlier, took our order straight to the kitchen, and by 6.20, we had our food, and what food it was! I had a mountain of scampi, my wife had fish. The food was piping hot, well presented with peas and a large salad garnish. The barman brought us fixings. The beer: I enjoyed a pint of "Old Speckled Hen". The service, food, ambience, and beer were all excellent.

3 Jul 2008 13:01

The Barleycorn, Hedge End

Custom seems down at the Barleycorn of late, I hope this is not an unwelcome portent of things to come. Even later in the evenings, there are still seats available. Has anyone else noticed this trend at the Barleycorn?

BTW, I have upped my rating, as it is less frenetic than it used to be and seems cleaner.

25 Apr 2008 10:46

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi

We stumbled across this when we were driving to North Devon from Hampshire. We prefer to take the road less travelled, and were very happy to have found the Rose and Crown. On subsequent holiday travels to the West Country, we always try and time our journey so that we are here around lunchtime so can stop in, even if it isn't exactly on the route we would normally take to get to our destination.
No bar? that is part of the charm.

25 Nov 2006 15:26

The Chilworth Arms, Chilworth

Note that this is now The Chilworth Arms and Eatery.

25 Nov 2006 15:15

King Rufus, Chandlers Ford

Food is OK but dcor is a bit bland. One of the first non-smoking pubs, which makes it to the top of the list in my book.

25 Nov 2006 15:14

The Old Forge, Otterbourne

We went there with friends last night for dinner, and were not disappointed. Great ale, great food (generous portions). Lovely atmosphere with fireplaces and old forge items hanging on the walls.

25 Nov 2006 15:13

The Crown and Anchor, Winchester

Great pub: great food, great ale, friendly staff. A must on a cold winter's day.

25 Nov 2006 15:11

Royal Oak, Winchester

Escape the modern bland pub on the ground floor and go downstairs (almost underneath the High Street) to the old part where the ancient walls are visible. It is peaceful and quiet down there, a great place to enjoy your pint.

25 Nov 2006 15:05

The King Alfred, Winchester

One of my favourites. A traditional pub with no pretenses. Great beer, and great food.
The only downside is it can be too popular with families who let their children run amok.

24 Nov 2006 16:58

The Barleycorn, Hedge End

I give this pub high marks for its traditional setting of a working man's pub -- no customers with their jumpers slung across their shoulders.
I dislike the smokiness, however, and shall be very curious to see what happens when the new legislation comes in next summer.
I don't find it a particularly friendly pub. This is not to say it is unfriendly.

24 Nov 2006 16:55

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