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Comments by danbert

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

An excellent pub where the beer is kept well.

They now have beers on gravity behind the bar including Bowmans. A little bit away from the city centre but easily reached and well worth the trip along Hyde Street.

8 Dec 2008 22:22

The Green Man, Winchester

Don't know about EMO's as Quinno suggested but certainly a few charvers present.

Gk IPA passable.

21 Jun 2008 19:56

The Fulflood Arms, Winchester

If you are visiting Winchester I would suggest that you consider adding this to your itinerary. It may be a greedy king pub but there were 3 guests on when I visited so you're not obliged to drink gk.

Recently refurbished in a style that combines modern and old I'd say this pub is worth a visit. A decent addition to any crawl around ye olde capital of England (Wessex!).

21 Jun 2008 19:54

Bell Inn, Winchester

1st visit today and I can understand the previous comment about pine furniture. However, I quite liked the pub. OK it was greedy king but there was a guest on and the cricketing memorabilia was nice to see.

Not sure if it's worth a trip outside of central Winch but if you're prepared to go the distance I'd say it was worth the stroll.

21 Jun 2008 19:49

The Griffin, Brentford

As Strongers has pointed out, prices are now high. A pint of Pride was also 3.20 the last time I visited.

The Griffin (and the beer) is good but it's not that good. There's plenty of pubs around the area and indeed along the river towards London where you are not charged such a high price for your beer.

A pity but I'm no longer drinking in the Griffin whilst their prices are so much higher than other places.

24 Apr 2008 15:25

The Red Lion, Bitterne

Beer was OKish although probably a little past the sell by date. Landlord seems to want to do well but has to cater to the local clientele.

Having watched the locals inside and outside the pub I can see where my taxes go. A throughly depressing boozer.

10 Apr 2008 20:41

The Bridge Inn, St Denys

Poor example even by Greedy King's standards. Makes you wonder how pubs like this can survive. Here's a tip: get a guest ale and treat all customers as if they are important.

10 Apr 2008 20:34

The Winning Post, Southampton

Okay if you're a fan of industrial beer. No real ales on tap.

10 Apr 2008 20:30

Royal Oak, Salisbury

Recently refurbished to what seems to be the common standard and style these days.

3 real ales on when I visited. I had a pint of Bass which was fine. Price was 3 which I think is a bit expensive considering where it is and there being plenty of other pub choices towards the city centre. Having said that, the view from the pub balcony across the Avon valley towards Old Sarum is superb.

10 Apr 2008 11:48

Blue Coat , Rotherham

Having ventured into the Rhinoceros I moved on to here. Having visited before I knew that this is one of the better Wetherspoons where the staff seem to be fairly well clued up.

Surprise, surprise, the Real Ale was served at a more ambient temperature and in decent condition,therefore much more acceptable. The only disappointment was that I thought the beers on offer were not as interesting however this obviously depends on personal taste and the beer rota for the festival.

Otherwise a clean and safe feeling drinking establishment.

6 Apr 2008 09:25

Rhinoceros, Rotherham

Went in to watch the FA cup semi and because of the Spring Beer Festival.

Not all of the pumps had Real Ale on although the choices were quite good. Unfortunately whoever is in charge doesn't seem to appreciate that Real Ales have different tastes and flavours; they don't need to be served chilled as this destroys the tastes.

I tried to let my pint 'warm' a little but this didn't really make the taste improve so I took my custom elsewhere.

So all in all, if you're after Real Ale give this place a swerve. If however, your preference is for industrially produced, fizzy, tasteless cheap alcohol then this 'spoons will tick your boxes.

6 Apr 2008 09:15

The Albion, Winchester

Having visited before I quite like this pub. However, popped in last night for a quick beer between trains only to find no-one behind the bar.
I waited getting on for 5 minutes and still no sign of life so I took my custom elsewhere. Some other customers had been waiting at the bar before I arrived and were still there when I left. I wonder if they managed to get a drink?

I've downgraded my previous mark due to this recent experience.

9 Mar 2008 09:19

Honest Lawyer, Scunthorpe

Excellent pub with well kept ales and friendly atmosphere. Always first on the 'to visit' for away games at Scunny. Unfortunately there's 2 divisions difference at present so no away trips likely.

25 Feb 2008 17:12

The Kings Arms Bar and Hotel, Brentford

Perfect place to go for an early night. It shuts at 6.30pm on a Saturday!

My advice? There's plenty of decent pubs in the Brentford area who will welcome you and appreciate your custom.

Don't bother with this one.

24 Feb 2008 10:59

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

I've intended to visit this pub for ages but it doesn't seem to open Saturday lunchtime which is when I'm in the Brentford area before football.

I managed to fit in a first visit before an evening game and I'm glad I did. It's a cracking pub.
Beer is well kept, a warm atmosphere and friendly staff made me glad I'd made the effort. It was good to see the pub being fairly busy with a constant turnover of customers popping in after work.

It's about half a mile away from Griffin Park so I suppose whether it's a 'long walk' or not depends on your perception. There are however a couple of other pubs en route that are worth a visit if you are here for the football.

All in all, a pub to put on your 'must visit'(and return to) when in the area.

30 Jan 2008 17:50

Deacons, Salisbury

Great boozer. If you are visiting Salisbury, make sure you visit this pub.

Beer is always good. Pub is fairly basic but that is no bad thing in my opinion. Pub is quite narrow but it stretches back to a quieter drinking area at the rear.

31 Dec 2007 14:23

The Bird in Hand, Salisbury

Kaput! RIP.

31 Dec 2007 14:19

The London Apprentice, Old Isleworth

First visit since the refurbishment. Much nicer.

Had a couple of very pleasant pints there although it was early so not many in. The potential is obviously there if they can keep the beers well.

29 Dec 2007 22:34

The Bermuda Triangle, Parkstone

Popped in yesterday before going next door to Mr Kyps.

Having read decent reviews I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed. Three real ales from Archers and one from Downton all well kept.

Pleasant atmosphere and an interesting collection of artifacts around the bars.

If I am in this part of Poole again, this pub will be getting a return visit.

20 Dec 2007 09:38

The Wellington, Birmingham

Excellent idea for a pub to have so many brews on.I liked the hi-tech display of what was available.
Can't believe I hadn't found this establishment before. Sadly I only had time for a pint between trains but I fully intend to return when I can.

17 Dec 2007 16:43

The O'Briens, Brentford

Popped in the other week for the first time ever.

Had a pint of London Porter with was well kept. It was much smarter inside than I was expecting, unfortunately you pay for this at the pump.

I'd go again though if I fancied a change of scene from the 'Magpie'.

3 Dec 2007 19:27

The Cemetery Hotel, Rochdale

Interesting interior, good beers, well worth visiting before or after a match at Spotland.

21 Oct 2007 10:22

John Russell Fox, Andover

Cheap and poor quality. Welcome to Andover.

28 Dec 2006 15:46

The Cat Tavern, Salisbury


27 Dec 2006 13:22

The Portman, Bournemouth

Beer not kept very well. Pub got quite busy before the football so I suppose being fairly close to the ground they feel they don't have to try too hard. Running out of one of the few handpump ales during Saturday lunchtime also tends to suggest an indifferent approach to management.

I don't think I would bother returning next season.

7 May 2006 09:38

The Coronation, Bedminster

Visted before and after football when my tean was playing in Bristol. Nothing fancy just an honest down to earth boozer serving great Hopback beer.
Well worth making a detour outside of the main central area of Bristol.

24 Mar 2006 20:45

Bright Water Inn, Southampton

Horrible. The sort of place you might visit once but unless you're a big fan of 'the casual violence' vibe or you enjoy unpleasantness and rudeness you wouldn't return.

18 Mar 2006 13:35

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