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The Chequers Inn, Maresfield

Fine dining is long gone, the building is superb but the food is downmarket. Owned by Old English Inns.

16 Mar 2014 20:53

The Snowdrop, Lindfield

Under new management for two weeks, visited at lunchtime for a drink and to check out the food and were not disappointed. Usual pub standards both hot & cold on the menu plus specials (beef & merlot casserole, liver & bacon, pork & mustard casserole), we both had an excellent fish pie, and friendly and efficient service. Sunday roasts come in small, medium and large sizes.

Dog friendly too.

16 Mar 2014 20:47

The Bent Arms, Lindfield

Has had a refurbishment and is looking much lighter. The menu has also had an overhaul, there are lunchtime deals to be had and the food is very good, Sunday lunches remain huge with home made bread rolls. The bear is still in residence.

16 Mar 2014 20:37

The Rose and Crown, Fletching

No longer somewhere I seek out for it's food, and their cider is the downmarket stuff. Still, it's better than when we visited in Dec last year though.

4 Nov 2012 17:58

The White Horse, Lindfield

Reopened 5 days ago, nipped in for a drink and a warm up by the open fire. No food yet but the manager says a chef has been taken on & they will be doing sandwiches at lunchtimes, meals in the evenings and Sunday lunchtimes. May be having live music once a month.

4 Nov 2012 17:48

The Crown, Turners Hill

Probably need to revisit when they are not swamped with cyclists, took a long time to get served (Aspall's cider) on our last 2 visits. Sign outside mentions a refurb coming up.

2 Nov 2012 20:41

The Green Man, Horsted Keynes

Lost your specs tempest? I rated it a 7.

2 Nov 2012 20:26

The Green Man, Horsted Keynes

Enjoyed chicken breast stuffed with haggis wrapped in bacon with new potatoes & green beans for a mere tenner washed down with Aspall's cider. Amiable staff, (as always).

Can't understand Crunchy 7's comment about dirt (city boy?), hey it's Sussex, and mud is our speciality.

29 Sep 2012 23:27

The Red Lion, Turners Hill

First visit today, though I lived in the village as a kid in the days when children weren't allowed in. (Only ever went to The Crown as they had a separate dining room) Had Thatchers Gold to drink and a chunky great ham hock to eat, with proper vegetables. Drinks slightly pricier than I was expecting but I can cope with that.

Strolled round the back across the fields to see my old house...

22 Sep 2012 23:34

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

Paid 5.85 for a pint and a half of Biddenden cider at the Brewer's Arms Lewes, and the same for pint and a half of Black Dragon Cider at the Snowdrop Lewes.

So why does a pint and a half of good cider at the Standup cost 6.60?

15 Sep 2012 23:40

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

Return visit here, we always call in when in Lewes for Biddenden cider and the warm and welcoming atmosphere, didn't eat there this time but have had some good meals in the past (even on the day after Boxing Day when few places bother with cooking)

Find the remark by neil10 offensive.

15 Sep 2012 23:34

The Star, Haywards Heath

It's on the slide, uncollected glasses, sticky surfaces, bucket collecting drips in the gents, tatty signs warning of loose toilet seats in ladies.

9 Sep 2012 21:00

The White Horse, Lindfield

Hmmmmm.... the previous chef's gone, new menu rather basic & kitchen closed on a warm Saturday evening. Called in for a drink & were the only customers though a couple of blokes came in as we left.

9 Sep 2012 20:55

The Bent Arms, Lindfield

I remember the place before that pole was installed, it's all 1980s artificial beams in the that part.

Three quid wanted for a bowl of chips! Had a brie & grape salad there a few weeks back, miniscule amount of brie. Oh for the old days and the spit roasts for 4.50 and and the seafood platter for 6 which included half a lobster. I only go in to say hello to the bear and have a swift drink now.

9 Sep 2012 20:48

The Farmers Inn, Scaynes Hill

Changed hands again in August. Called in for a pint of Thatchers Gold cider. Very english menu will please those that like lots of burgers, grilled meat & pies, very blokeish & needs at least one curry or something with less fat if I'm going to be tempted to eat there.

9 Sep 2012 20:35

The Snowdrop, Lewes

Had another excellent meal here the other day washed down with cider, all reaonably priced and though the sun had brought out lots of customers we didn't have a long wait for our food. Their apple crumble & custard is big enough for two!

12 Aug 2012 18:06

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

Shockingly expensive and no longer like a proper village pub. 3 ciders on at our visit. Only Thai food available. We'll be popping into Grape & Grain in Haywards Heath for local cider at 2 pt and drinking at home. I'll have to get the recipe book out and make some scotch eggs...

12 Aug 2012 17:33

The White Horse, Lindfield

Brightened up and tidy now, have visited twice under the new management. Being a cider drinker I'd like to see a quality one available rather than the stuff youngesters drink with ice.

Food is top class, loved the home made lamb faggots which comes with sumptuous mash, gravy & red cabbage 8, Sunday roast also reported as brilliant. Home made scotch egg with homemade picallillli 3.95 (go on, you know you want one!) Pea, asparagus & mushroom risotto tasty and a big portion too (Fox & Hounds please note) & steak & ale suet pud with that lovely mash again & red cabbage was spot on. Don't expect to pay Wetherspoons prices, this is proper food.

16 Jun 2012 20:05

The Royal Oak, Newick

Enjoy drinking here occasionally, Addlestones cider on my last visit. Traditional old style pub, hasn't changed decor in years. Not my favourite for food but popular with many.

16 Jun 2012 11:45

The Globe Inn, Chichester

Quick drink while waiting for a train as it's next to the station. Sports pub. Clean, but one to miss if you don't like sport. Heaving on sporting occasions.

7 Jun 2012 23:37

The Black Lion, Brighton

Been in and out over the last 8 yrs, but only at lunchtime/afternoon. Pricy drinks but charming staff. Always had good food which is more reasonably priced. (Would like to see the loos refurbished ,though there are many worse in the city, it's not going to put us off, we remember the 70s)

Sweet barmaid gave us complimentary coffees as the cashews & sunflower seeds were missing from my lunch. Old Rosie cider for both of us today.

7 Jun 2012 23:29

The Office, Brighton

Haven't seen so many varieties of gin since we went to the Col Fawcett in Camden- 30 varieties. However, being thirsty we opeted for Aspalls cider and the guest perry (7.5%) food looked good but we'd already eaten.

Smart out front, shame about the grubby loos

7 Jun 2012 23:14

The Fountain, Chichester

Our first visit was 22 years ago when it as one of the few pubs in Chi to let kids in because they had a dining room for meals. Have had occasional visits for a drink ever since when passing through but ate there today, monkfish with mash & samphire, & lamb rump with baby veg (fennel, carrot courgette & squash) was classy but not overpriced. Bread & butter pud comes with a wee saucepan of single cream. L

oos need attention though...

7 Jun 2012 23:04

The Hassocks Hotel, Hassocks

Had a great Sunday roast here, and they even did OAP portions for our elderly relatives, staff were so kindly and attentive. There was a cider festival on, Old Rosie & Black Rat topping the bill. Full marks to all concerned,

3 Jun 2012 18:51

The Rose and Crown, Fletching

It's safe to go back folks! Had a very good game terrine starter then a tasty fish pie, and the steak and ale pie was a proper double crust one and HUGE.

3 Jun 2012 10:39

The Kings Head, North Chailey

Currently closed & undergoing a refurbishment. Looks ike someone's spending a lot of money - opening early June according to the sign outside

29 May 2012 20:47

The White Harte, Cuckfield

A proper old fashioned pub, we used to go here donkeys years ago. Had a really good lunch here, homemade chicken & bacon pie, and boiled gammon with onion sauce both with fresh veg and very reasonably priced.

29 May 2012 20:42

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

Hmmmmm....sign in the window says "Closed for re-furbishment"

7 May 2012 18:55

The Witch, Haywards Heath

Has undergone an Islington-like refurb since we last went and has the most expensive menu of any Haywards Heath/Lindfield pub - but then it's proper good food cooked from scratch, which should keep the moneyed classes happy.

Need to sort out the unacceptable toilet arrangement though - gents only has a urinal and a notice directing you to the ladies if you need the toilet! The ladies is cheap & tired and they store kiddies highchairs in there! 2 dads were taking their little boys to the loo as the gents was impossible.

7 May 2012 18:52

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

So very sorry to hear that the Stand Up has closed. 4 generations of our family have loved this pub starting with C's granny Lil who was in the darts team in the 1940s. A great blow to the community. Lets hope the premises doesn't re-open as some twee little shop - there are more than enough of those in the village.

3 May 2012 19:59

The Windmill Inn, Rustington

Elderly barman please note, these days when a couple come to the bar it is good manners to speak to them both, and not ignore the woman, especially if she is the one with her purse in her hand!

Most of the specials on the menu were off, the aged couples "enjoying" the set price menu chewed glumly and my meal appeared garnished with a piece of dead parsley. Only visited because my family once ran it...aunt Annie will be spinning in her grave.

Couldn't fault the young girl waitressing though, the only bit of sparkle in the place.

14 Apr 2012 19:09

The Snowdrop, Lindfield

Home made chicken kiev with baked beans featured on the menu on my last visit, how odd...

14 Apr 2012 18:59

The White Horse, Lindfield

Looks like it's changing hands again, there's a board up outside.

9 Apr 2012 18:15

The Talbot Inn, Cuckfield

Had some very good cider there the other day but can't afford their food. Great decor though, very different from the 70s when we first went there.

6 Apr 2012 21:34

The Steam Packet, Littlehampton

Still boarded up, alas.

6 Apr 2012 21:28

The Farmers Inn, Scaynes Hill

Have popped in for a drink and approve of the lighter brighter decor. Nice to see a coffee shop area at the far end.

10 Mar 2012 22:45

The Old Boot, Seaford

Dropped in for a drink on the way to the station, while it looked old from the outside it was chock full of imitation "old" beams made of badly stained modern wood. Decor acceptable glass of rioja and bog standard Stella were consumed.

Wouldn't dream of eating here having seen the menu. Looked in vain for the "deserts" whch the menu said would be on a chalk Gobi, Atacama, or Sahara. Luckily we had left our camel at home.

10 Mar 2012 22:29

The Ark Inn, Newhaven

Not visited for a couple of years, happy to be back. Really pleased to see local fish on the menu , their mediterranean fish stew was top class with big scallops, mussels, white fish and prawns - ingredients change every time depending on what's available.

Roomy Victorian pub with high ceilings, view of river/harbour. Some interesting artwork on the walls. They deserve to do well though might need more staff on sunny summer days.

10 Mar 2012 22:09

The Jack and Jill Inn, Clayton

Disappointing visit food wise though couldn't fault the cider. Several meals are hugely overpriced, who'd expect to pay more than a tenner for macaroni cheese? The old boy behind me was harumphing about the small size of his potted prawn light lunch & asked if he'd been given the starter instead, (no) so demanded extra bread.

20 Feb 2012 13:55

The Gunners, Highbury

I only set foot in this place because it was once run by someone in my family (when it was The Globe, in 1892, William Wimberley was his name). Basically just a drinking barn for supporters of the football team up the road.

3 Feb 2012 22:50

The Wheatsheaf, Cuckfield

We've had 2 family get-togethers here recently and had pleasant lunches. The young ladies behind the bar are both pleasant and efficient...and not one of them called us "guys".

3 Feb 2012 22:41

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

Great pub, & so much choice, but getting a seat is not always possible as it's quite small. Advancing years make this more important these days...

3 Feb 2012 21:36

Dorset Arms, Lewes

There is always good cider here, and good food. There's a proper log fire too.

3 Feb 2012 21:31

The Star, Haywards Heath

I like it here, a proper old Victorian pub among the plethora of bland bars.

7 Jan 2012 11:59

The Colonel Fawcett, Camden

Used to be the Camden Arms, the bar has moved over to the side and it feels much lighter than it was. My family used to run this place 1848-1867. Upstairs room looks great and can be accessed up the new staircase though the 19th century spiral staircase is still there (not for use if you are tipsy)

Charming & efficient staff and the food was great, I had lamb cassrole with parsnip mash & Kale washed down with Stowford cider, other half had herb crusted cod with aper potatoes, creamed leeks & shredded kale (bloomin' nice apparently) & lager.

Had to sample a gin so had a Sipsmith & tonic to toast Col Fawcett. Well done to all concerned, wish I lived closer!

30 Dec 2011 20:44

The Rose and Crown, Fletching

Oh dear. The menu was limited, food was poor and expensive. 10.50 for small fish chips & peas. Haven't eaten khaki coloured peas since I gave up school dinners.

30 Dec 2011 20:28

Bar Nun, Syresham Gardens

Rumour over a year ago was that had it that Wetherspoons were going to re-open it. Still firmly shut.

23 Dec 2011 21:55

The White Horse, Lindfield

Decor still has an unfinished look, and on our last visit we suffered from an inexperienced barmaid/waitress. Hope to see both these fixed soon.

The food is ok but they let themselves down on details, eg puddle of water at the bottom of a side salad, no cutlery brought for the dessert. Have eaten here 4 times now, roasts are faultless, sea bass with thai noodles excellent, duck in cherry sauce v good, paella awful. No prices on dessert menu.

Will go back though, as it's walking distance from home.

21 Nov 2011 21:22

The Green Man, Horsted Keynes

Unlike the previous reviewer we weren't looking for railway memorabilia, nor did we look at a website that hasn't been updated in a while but went in because we often do when in the area and like it.

Sat by the log fire, admired a glossy black dog belonging to one of the customers [not enough dogs in pubs these days], sipped our cider & lager and wished we hadn't already eaten as the venison with dumplings sounded so good. The Metrobus 270 bus stops outside so you can get there without driving, perfect.

19 Nov 2011 23:39

The Crown, Horsted Keynes

Top class food, never fails to please, well done to the gods of the kitchen. Amiable service too. My one request would be a good quality cider, Black Pig from up the road at Danehill would be a good one...

19 Nov 2011 23:22

Ansty Cross Inn, Haywards Heath

Closed down when I last passed by.

12 Nov 2011 22:31

The Jack and Jill Inn, Clayton

This is the place to go if you want a proper pie. None of that casserole with a bit of puff pastry perched on the top but a proper double crust. I had a couple of baked mackerel washed down with Westons organic cider, we'll be back. And if you go to the bungalow behind the pub in New Way Lane you can buy a stylish bird table for a tenner from an old boy who makes them.

11 Nov 2011 23:17

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

A pint of Old Rosie cider each here and a homemade scotch egg (one traditional & one chilli) & salad were the perfect antidote to the bland corporate pub in Haywards Heath that we had just been to.

27 Oct 2011 18:05

The Dolphin, Haywards Heath

Trouble getting in as there were people waiting at the (unattended) desk at the front door to be seated for table service meals.

Chose to sit in the bar area to overcome the seating issue as they allow you (how gracious of them) to order at the bar. Could overhear new arrivals asking for a table just being gestured to go down the back to find a table. Fine dining it ain't. Had an indifferent meal. Some of the staff looked scruffy compared to the previous smart turnout a matter of weeks ago.

Adjourned to the Standup in Lindfield for a quality cider and a superb homemade scotch egg as consolation.

27 Oct 2011 17:56

The Kings Head, North Chailey

Under new management I hear.

7 Oct 2011 21:44

Hop Poles, Brighton

Now re-opened under its proper name, the Spotted Dog, decor different, all change on the beer/lager front (Dark Star, Harveys) lots of new choices on everything.

Still the same good food. Well done to everyone concerned.

12 Sep 2011 21:40

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

It's got everything - good choice of beer & cider, remarkable home cooked food at reasonable prices and pleasant and efficient staff. Congratulations due to all who work at this gem.

2 Sep 2011 11:02

The Jolly Tanners, Staplefield

A proper pub for locals and vistors alike, good range of beer & cider and they have beer & cider festivals from time to time. Good home cooked food. Good for lunchtime drinking as it's on a bus route too so you don't have to drive.

2 Sep 2011 10:50

The Dolphin, Haywards Heath

Over priced because the area can stand it, it has a corporate feel. That said, I've been going on & off since I was an underage drinker in the 1970s. None of that now though...

20 Aug 2011 22:53

The Hassocks Hotel, Hassocks

Next to the railway station, has everyting you would expect fom a pub next to a railway staton, though food is better than some, they know what a vegetable is.

20 Aug 2011 22:43

King Lud, Ryde

Slightly worn, but then so am I. Went in this afteroon & delighted to find Weston's Old Rosie cider, and a home made lamb, chickpea and sweet potato curry with home made chutney.

20 Aug 2011 22:35

The Rose and Crown, Fletching

Return visit today to this nice old pub where we have had several excellent meals. Other Half enjoyed lamb with asparagus & dauphinoise potatoes, my otherwise tasty chicken balti could have done without beetroot in the side salad. If I could make a wish it would be to have a good quality cider available.

19 Aug 2011 21:09

The Gardeners Arms, Ardingly

First time visit , not so much a pub as a restaurant with bar. They seem to rerfer you not to go to the bar but order from your table., don't like that, prefer to pay for a drink at the bar then look at the menu so can walk out if we dont like it . Efficient waitress service at tables, our food - massive chicken & ham pie in an enamel pie dish with side dishes of mash & leeks, my lemon chicken in vegetable broth was good but 3 tiny pieces of new potato was a bit mean, there were some other veg but I was glad to have ordered an extra side of veg

Weird shaped bowl meant that every time I put down my knife to pick up my drink the knife slipped in and the handle dunked in the broth. Treacle tart & custard as good as my granny used to make.

Having to have a pee with Alan Tichmarsh & Monty Don's pictures in the cubicle was just plain creepy. Gent's are watched over by Charlie Dimmock.

18 Aug 2011 17:41

The Burrell Arms, Haywards Heath

It's pub opposite a station so as you'd expect it's never going to be a place for more than a quick drink before or after a journey. Always had prompt & courteous service. High fat menu, so nothing on the menu I'd eat but it's very clean since the refurb a couple of years back.

18 Aug 2011 17:27

The Rose and Crown, Cuckfield

Enjoyed tapas here one lunchtime with my son. Only go there now for a drink as the Other Half only eats English food.

18 Aug 2011 11:00

The Squire and Horse Inn, Bury

They were fully booked on a Sunday lunchtime but as we were in just after 12 squeezed us in at a table that was booked for 2pm. Superb food, and the young women working there are very efficient.

Still managed to have an area for drinkers to sit so it's not just a food pub. If only we lived closer...

18 Aug 2011 10:55

The Eagle, Brighton

We eat lunch here about once a month because the food is so good, staff are amiable and there's always some good music playing. No draught cider on my last visit as they'd run out.

17 Aug 2011 20:37

The Duke of Cumberland, Henley

This was once the beerhouse my ancestors lived a couple of doors away from, it's very far from that now as food is the focus, though expensive eg 14.95 for haddock & chips and an eggcupful of pee puree. Unbeatable views from the gardens, would drink there again just for that, but not belonging to the moneyed classes will have a packed lunch before I go.

17 Aug 2011 11:37

The Bricklayers Arms, Midhurst

Friendly welcome for 2 thirsty strangers from staff and regulars, wish we had a pub like this at home. At another pub in Midhurst had no-one behind the bar and while we idly waited a dog threw up on th floor, so we left and found this gem instead.

17 Aug 2011 11:22

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