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The Old Barge, Hertford

good selection of ales had 4 guests on my last visit and the time before had a cider on offer,, only drawback are the prices which probably relect its location but well worth a visit

21 May 2007 23:55

The Old Cross Tavern, Hertford

superb pint of hophead on my last visit and i am sure i saw old rosie cider on offer but i had to rush, otherwise!!!!!! local buses in the evening leave a lot to be desired alas..

11 Mar 2007 01:28

The Black Horse, Hertford

greene king says a lot which is a shame since pub is decent as are staff,,guset beer not what i'd like when i visited but others may well, but will visit again in expectation

11 Mar 2007 01:25

The Cask and Stillage, Potters Bar

someones cleaned the curtains--they stopped there

11 Mar 2007 01:18

The Oakmere House, Potters Bar

good news----its closed----bad news it gonna open again as a harvester,,yuk !!

11 Mar 2007 01:16

The Admiral Byng, Potters Bar

this place is getting worse probably owing to the average age of the clientel--getting younger by the day,,keep away on a sunday as the place resembles a kindergarten

11 Mar 2007 01:15

The Plough, Tyttenhanger

worth a visit beer, in good order, bit crowded on a friday night though considering its location, bar staff friendlier than the locals though

11 Mar 2007 01:10

The Green Man, Sandridge

reasonable beer was ok pub seems friendly just a bit too out of the way to visit too often

11 Mar 2007 01:06

The Great Northern, St Albans

rather typical of a pub with railway in its name,

11 Mar 2007 01:02

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

still a friendly well run pub despite the rather pathetic sign outside, bring back the old one

11 Mar 2007 01:01

The Evening Star, Brighton

dosent sell food ?? then what was the totally magnificent ham roll with optional side salad i had not long ago,(others available) ???? perhaps someone needs to visit the opticians

27 Sep 2006 01:19

Windmill, Stansted Airport

yes it is expensive but then all airport bars and cafe's are.,food no worse than normal for wetherspoons, as for the nearby cafe ???? where do you mean ? once you are in the airport air side you have no choice and wetherspoons nay be more expensive than normal but the rest are a total rip off ,,,,
and ps ps if you reckon most airport bars etc are a rip off perhaps you should try germany denmark france and so on .... you be better off at wetherspoons

12 Sep 2006 01:47

The Old Cross Tavern, Hertford

superb pint of hophead downed the other day , am told the landlord was just as good, IT IS hertfords best pub ,, it does hold beer festivals occasionally , a nd well worth a visit .. about 15 minute walk from train stations -- bit longer on return no doubt..

4 Sep 2006 01:44

The Salisbury Arms Hotel, Hertford

mcmullens again so no choice -- at least not when i visited staff ok pub ok beer not so ok nor price

4 Sep 2006 01:29

Woolpack, Hertford

free beer tuesday's now i know why it cost me so much on a wednesday !!!! mcmullens pub so no choice as usual.

4 Sep 2006 01:28

The White Horse, Hertford

eehhm i seemed to have picked the wrong time to visit, ale selection a little thin can only assume its normally better, what i had was decent though ,pub good staff good but need another visit to improve rating

4 Sep 2006 01:26

The Blackbirds, Hertford

looks like needs another refurb ! 7pm and giving fosters (yuk) away at 1.50 a pint but place still empty ,,, perhaps too dire even for ?? opted for bottle of becks at same price -- no bitter at all -- not even john smiths. drank me bottle and left -- enough said

4 Sep 2006 01:20

Red Lion, Hatfield

very friendly bar staff a shame that mcmullens rarely allow guest ales ...they have a seasonal (bout 2 monthly) but more often than not its just a mcmullens seasonal .... a big shame since its a nice pub

24 Aug 2006 01:03

The Oakmere House, Potters Bar

no beer worth drinking either

24 Aug 2006 00:58

The Green Man, Potters Bar

widescreen tele wow !if you want to watch football then go to the match
last time i went past this place there was a to let sign outside---says it all

24 Aug 2006 00:56

The Admiral Byng, Potters Bar

i take it thailand works for wetherspoons, i have sent emails to them and never got a reply and i know of others who have the same lack of response, as for prices all wetherspoons seem to be the same,,,,so what makes the byng special ? well i suppose it is special for 15 to 17 year olds since they can get served without any trouble

1 Aug 2006 01:25

The Rose and Crown, Essendon

seen better days

1 Aug 2006 01:14

The Woodman, Wild Hill

very out of the way .very little range of beer when
i visited which rather makes me confused as to its awards, staff ok though,the beer i had was ok but oh but,did we have to put up the the stupid children in the garden constantly ringing a bell ? nice pub though

1 Aug 2006 01:14

The Wrestlers, Hatfield

used to be on the main road (great north) till the road bridge over the main line fell down one day, and that was before jarvis or balfour days, now on very quiet dead end (bit like s-hatfield), beer could be better but ok for area,and it seems drug free which is rare in s-hatfield,

1 Aug 2006 01:06

The Hopfields, Hatfield

there is worse in hatfield so give it 1, but oh but it's not worth the effort

1 Aug 2006 01:00

The Steam Inn, Hatfield

????? no beer no lager !! no shorts no alcohol whatsoever---- no licence either ????

1 Aug 2006 00:57

The Cask and Stillage, Potters Bar

many years ago good place to drink but 10 years have passed since then if you stand outside at the bus stop you will notice the paintwork pealing, the brickwork decaying, the curtains looking like i have just wiped my arse on them and inside ???? don't bother , in fact in fact passing it on saturday evening i think everyone has got the message,felt soory for the bloke behind the bar so given a rating of 1

9 Apr 2006 02:24

The Town Inn, Hatfield

i seem to recall the police closing this place a few years ago now its open again, new staff maybe but same punters as before, mostly the druggies from the housing block across the road ,pub a bit like hatfield town centre a total sh**hole, even the local asda's close the town side entrance in the evening to stop trouble--- ps even the students from hatfield poly whoops sorry the university of herts avoid this pub

9 Apr 2006 02:15

The Henty Arms, Ferring

apa is right, also a word of warning the good beer guide says there is a footpath from the local station, true but its covered in mud and has more mr heinz would be proud of the 57 variety's of dog s**t

19 Feb 2006 02:25

Our Mutual Friend, Stevenage

a shock to the system this pub you really would not expect to find such a good beer range and friendly staff if you believed what is said about the area, but it is preety good, and cider is ok too , well worth a visit

20 Jan 2006 00:08

The Town Inn, Hatfield

only recommended if you need a quick fix,
pub is typical of the town, a total sh****le

19 Jan 2006 23:59

The Eight Bells, Old Hatfield

best pub in hatfield, beer ok staff ok , just a shame it is in such sh****le of a town, one of the few places in the area you acnnot smell pot

19 Jan 2006 23:57

The Great Northern, Hatfield

the exterior looks like something the cat brought up, inside not too bad beer range ??????

19 Jan 2006 23:53

The Harrier, Hatfield

there may be worse pubs in hatfield but i just cannot think where ? crap beer, filthy pub, staff not much better, shame the locals seem ok

19 Jan 2006 23:51

The Chequers, Potters Bar

not too bad , staff ok, garden ok in summer, shame about the beer though

10 Jan 2006 02:26

Builders Arms, Potters Bar

yes quiet pub freindly staff lack of idiots not too bad beer could be better though

10 Jan 2006 02:15

The Green Man, Potters Bar

helps to be stoned before you walk through the door

10 Jan 2006 02:10

The Admiral Byng, Potters Bar

agree with jurg, sometimes with kids under age (i know this for a fact since live in area), sometimes resembles a kindergarten,a typical wetherspoons in regard the total ignorance of wetherspoons policy in that children should have a meal (unless a bag of cheese n onion crisps is a meal), the beer range is very poor , alas though near the station so handy, mr jd (tim)needs to do better

8 Jan 2006 01:11

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