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Kings Head, Holt

They refused to fill my take out 4 pint flagon. The reason; some vague rubbish about health and safety.

17 Apr 2017 19:38

White Horse, Cromer

good beer, family friendly and they filled up my take out 4 pint flagon no problem, unlike some the Norfolk pubs.

17 Apr 2017 19:36

St Andrews Brew House, Norwich

called in again for one of their growlers, but they no longer do them, and worse still they would not fill my plastic beer flagon. Something unlikely sounding to do with health and safety. I am sure it is a really nice pub and would have liked to stay for a pint.

17 Apr 2017 19:27

The Joiners Arms, Quarndon

A large, fancy, food based pub, playing irritating music. My first pint was Landlord, and too cold, the second pint was Purity Gold, which was very good. The pizza we has was surprisingly very good as well. We found it child friendly. Not great by any means but good enough for a family meal. 6/10

6 Apr 2017 20:10

St Andrews Brew House, Norwich

I called in buy four pints of take out beer, so tried a couple. Tried the best bitter which was poor, then tried the next pump along which was good so I had that. They seem to be used to selling beer to take away, but have their own system which was broken down (whatever it was) so served me from the pump i.e. how you serve a pint, and how take out beer is usually served. They do their own take out containers which they call 'growlers'. 5/10

8 Sep 2016 20:29

White Horse, Cromer

Better than I thought it was going to be. Mostly about food and families but 5 or 6 real ales on. I only tried the Wherry and it was good.

7 Sep 2016 20:15

Kings Head, Holt

From the outside I reckoned this pub was not going to be great, but stepping inside I quickly changed my mind. Several ales and ciders on offer. i cannot remember what I had, but I filled my four pint take out flagon with what turned out to be fine ale. I reckon I am pretty good at judging a pub from the outside, but I admit to being wrong in this case. 7/10

3 Sep 2016 21:26

Sir Garnet Wolseley, Norwich

Just had time to call in to get four take out beers in the flagon. Unfortunately the bar maids decided they could not sell take out beer, something to do with the licence........ I told them I had got take out beer all over the UK, and in all probability the licencing laws are no different in Norfolk to anywhere else. This cut no ice with the teenage bar maids, so l left. 2/10

19 Jun 2016 21:14

Black Boys, Aylsham

A restaurant not a pub. Gave it a miss.

19 Jun 2016 21:06

Feathers, Aylsham

I gave it a miss when I saw the large Sky sports sign outside. Went to the Unicorn instead. Bar was blocked by locals despite the rest of the bub being nearly empty, difficult to get a beer and pay for it. Pretty ordinary wherry I had, and expensive at 3.60 a pint.

19 Jun 2016 21:04

The Red Lion Hotel, Cromer

Called in for take on beer in flagon. Cannot remember what I had but it was good enough. Atmosphere good enough, staff good enough, given where it is it is good enough. 6/10

19 Jun 2016 20:59

The Old Bell, Derby

good enough meal in the Tudor bar, nice real fire and pretty good beer. 7/10

30 Dec 2015 21:04

The Black Swan, Belper

Good enough for Belper, not as good as Arkwrights. 6/10

30 Dec 2015 21:00

Rising Sun, Matlock

From outside this looks like Ye Olde pub, but inside it is trying to be trendy. The food was quite good but expensive, beer quite good. All in all quite good, 7/10

30 Dec 2015 20:56

Blacks Head, Wirksworth

This is not the sort of place I would usually like all that much, but for some reason I do. 8/10

3 Dec 2015 21:48

Five Lamps, Derby

return for the first time since last post, much better beer. Had Tiger, one from Salopian and one from Mickleover. Good atmosphere, now 8/10

3 Dec 2015 21:44

The White Swan, Ockbrook

went for Sunday lunch which was very good. child friendly enough. Beer was excellent, can't remember what I had. Spoilt by the music that was playing, even though, to be fair, it was not very loud. Not as good as the Royal Oak but few places are. all in all 8/10

3 Dec 2015 21:33

Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn, Wetton

a reasonably adequate peak district food pub. To be fair the beer was very good, although little choice. To be even fairer, the food was also vey good, I had roast beef. Spoilt by the loud (to me at least) music and the large number of smokers in the garden outside.

6 Oct 2015 20:25

Arkwrights Real Ale Bar, Belper

a good little bar, I cannot remember what I had but 8/10

6 Oct 2015 20:18

The Hollybush Inn, Makeney

the beer was excellent, but I honestly don't find the place all that friendly.

27 Sep 2015 20:03

The Royal Oak Inn, Wirksworth

Closed when I arrived so went to the Blacks head, which I like even though the beer is not great and they play music. A few people in, nice atmosphere and friendly bar maid. Not sure why the Blacks head is not listed on BITE, but I give it 7/10.

27 Sep 2015 19:59

The Hollybush Inn, Grangemill

When I arrive on a nice warm Thursday lunch time it was closed, that makes it difficult to give a fair score. I cannot fault the table out the front where I had my pack lunch, except the table had a full ash tray on it. I thought the road noise would be unpleasant but it was quiet enough. Unfortunately my water bottle had leaked and my lunch was soaked, but it seems harsh to blame that on this establishment. I really did fancy a pint as well.

27 Sep 2015 19:53

The Broadway, Derby

really not very good at all. I suppose you can say un-offensive, beer OK, food poor and expensive for what it is. If you wan this sort of thing then the Red Cow Allestree or any JDW is a better bet. 4/10

22 Sep 2015 20:28

The Volunteer Inn, Lyme Regis

I negotiated the smokers blocking the front door and stood at the bar doing a fair impression of someone who wants to buy a drink. No bar staff in sight, so went elsewhere after a few minutes. Tried again next day, same smokers. I did get a pint this time however, Butcombe bitter, too cold but OK. I had a look round and a lot of people seem to drink lager here. All in, beer not great, atmosphere not great, score not great 4/10.

20 Jul 2015 21:10

The Nags Head, Lyme Regis

Managed to find time to call in for a quick pint of Otter something or other, which was very good. Good atmosphere too. 8/10

20 Jul 2015 20:59

The Talbot Arms, Uplyme

I called in several times during our holiday nearby, mostly to refill my 4 pint take out flaggon. Also had Sunday lunch which was very good. The beer was mixed in quality, I got served seriously cloudy beer on two occasions, although it was still drinkable both times. I also had a few really good pints there. I give it a 5/10, not enough care taken to be any better.

20 Jul 2015 20:56

Little Chester Ale House, Derby

A very good spot indeed, nice atmosphere, quiet (when I was there) small and friendly. I cannot remember what beer I had but it was Wentwell and very nice.

14 Apr 2015 20:55

The Abbey, Derby

Good historic interior but beer is not great, atmosphere is OK. All in all only 5/10

14 Apr 2015 20:46

The Royal Oak, Ockbrook

Great food, great beer, reasonably child friendly. 9/10

30 Mar 2015 21:14

Five Lamps, Derby

This pub has a good reputation and is GBG listed. Called in for 4 take out pints of Tiger last week, it was pretty ordinary which is annoying when you have 4 to get through. 5/10

30 Mar 2015 21:12

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

I had some very good beer here the other day, and found the whole place to be friendly and enjoyable.

16 Mar 2015 19:22

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Good atmosphere and good beer. 9/10

16 Mar 2015 19:16

The Hollybush Inn, Makeney

Good but not outstanding. Very nice interior, 3 open fires, good atmosphere. Nice child friendly conservatory. (Have also been here for Sunday lunch in the past, food is distinctly moderate, and expensive for what it is.) I had a pint of something from Dancing Duck then a pint of Landlord, both perfectly drinkable.

10 Mar 2015 20:30

The Brewery Tap, Derby

Used to be called the Royal Standard. A bit trendy for my liking but good atmosphere and good beer. Has an expensive reputation but I had Hop till you drop or something, at 2.90 a pint.

23 Feb 2015 20:42

The Smithfield, Derby

When I last went in here 5 or so years ago it had down at heel old world charm, in a scruffy sort of way. This time it is done up, music too loud and not even what I call proper music. I had Smithy from Derby brewing company and something from Whim Ales, I think Arbour light or something. Both we're very good. Only 610.

13 Feb 2015 19:58

Markeaton, Derby

It was crowded, noisy but good atmosphere. Beer was OK I suppose. Not great by any means, but I would say adequate and inoffensive.

13 Feb 2015 19:49

The Three Magpies, Sells Green

Stopped in for lunch and our meals were very good, there were quite a few other people dining. Good atmosphere, two open fires and friendly feel. My pint of 6X was good, I would have liked to stay for another. Not cheap.

5 Feb 2015 20:06

The Castle, Bradford on Avon

Another dining pub with annoying music. But friendly staff and the pint I had was quite good.

5 Feb 2015 19:59

Dandy Lion, Bradford on Avon

Seemed to be mostly diners but I just had a pint, think it was called Bellringer, cannot remember the brewery. The pint was good and the place was quite busy at 8:30pm on a Wednesday.

5 Feb 2015 19:54

The Bear, Bradford on Avon

I had a quick pint of 6X which was good enough. The place was quiet but friendly enough. Not bad but not great either.

5 Feb 2015 19:48

Furnace Inn, Derby

I do find this a very nice place for a quick pint, quiet and friendly.

2 Feb 2015 20:00

Queens Head, Little Eaton

I called in for four pints of take out beer, had Everard's Tiger, which was excellent. On a Saturday lunch time the place had only diners in it. The atmosphere was spoilt by the annoying and quite loud music. Not really much of a drinkers pub.

2 Feb 2015 19:54

The Red Cow, Allestree

Good enough beer, I had 2 pints of bass. Food is cheap and cheerful. It was friendly enough but the music was irritating.

2 Feb 2015 19:44

The Exeter Arms, Derby

Called in tonight for four pints to take out and one to drink in. Nice interior, good staff, very good, but not great beer and expensive at £3 a pint.

9 May 2014 20:27

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