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The Wey Bridge, Alton

needs a bit of work done on it..........🤓👍

23 Oct 2016 10:39

The Eight Bells, Alton

testing innit

21 Oct 2016 21:16

The Horse and Groom, Alresford

Glad to hear its picked up. Spent many happy days in the doom during my youth!

23 Jan 2011 18:07

The Bell, Alresford

Bring back corky (raises glass!)

23 Jan 2011 18:02

The Anchor Inn, Beer

not a bad pint of Otter. Crab sarnies after a stroll up to Beer Head were top notch tho.
Agree with previous post about the bar staff......not exactly the life and soul ofthe party on our 2 visits.

6 Oct 2009 19:59

Dolphin Hotel, Beer

recently returned from a mini-break in Beer and loved the place. Would have no hesitation in recommending the Dolphin both as a place to eat and of course to drink! Very friendly and welcoming staff. My partner had seared scallops with bacon and I had home-made steak pie (gotta love a pie & a pint!)
Both dishes were of a very high standard and portion size was huge. If you're after fairly priced grub in an un-pretentious setting then look no further. oh almost forgot beer sampled was Dartmoor.......very good ;-)

6 Oct 2009 19:51

The Queens Head, Alton

oh forgot to mention they sell mild!

30 Aug 2009 18:49

The Horse and Groom, Alresford

hurrah for the doom & groom!! at last a decent review............

22 Aug 2009 20:28

The Wey Bridge, Alton

lol 'drinkable' is a top result for the beers in this place!!

22 Aug 2009 20:06

The Queens Head, Alton

totally agree, deffo one to sit al fresco on a hot day. beer pretty good (and) cheap on my last visit.

22 Aug 2009 19:56

The French Horn, Alton

BIG UP the bears

22 Aug 2009 19:50

The Railway Arms, Alton

Best pub in town......apart from the Eight Bells!

5 Apr 2009 17:55

The Eight Bells, Alton

Best pub in town....apart from The Railway Arms!

5 Apr 2009 17:54

The Cricketers Inn, Kingsley

aah Bordon, is it still twinned with Beirut? lol

1 Feb 2009 20:29

The Bear Hotel, Havant

Good name though..........

1 Feb 2009 19:35

The Bear and Ragged Staff, Stonymarsh

A bear welcoming establishment ;-)

1 Feb 2009 19:34

The Albion, Winchester

10 punters in this place and it's

1 Feb 2009 19:27

The Railway Hotel, Alton

True BigAle but what a hell hole!

20 Nov 2008 19:55

The Railway Hotel, Alton

Now shut and rumour has it will be turned into a pub!

12 Nov 2008 19:15

The Running Horse Inn, New Alresford

'pulled some off'...........fnarr fnarr

12 Nov 2008 18:59

The Railway Arms, Alton

Smelly bus or smelly pub................discuss! ;-)
From my experience I have never noticed a bad smell in here but then maybe my olfractory senses have been dulled by too many pints of Moondance.

28 Oct 2008 22:07

The Market Hotel, Alton

Good welcoming pub for a lunchtime 'lemonade'. Not tried the nosh but haven't heard any negative comments.

28 Oct 2008 22:02

Brave New World, Surbiton

Rumour has it Aldous Huxley drinks here

28 Oct 2008 21:51

The Rising Sun, Winchester

Agree with last reviewer wholeheartedly! A few years ago I ventured in this august establishment, almost as a kind of suicide fact finding mission. An hour ad 2 pints of recycled toilet water later I left with all my limbs and extremeties intact. In truth ,although the general ambience was akin to the bar in Star Wars (Odi Wan, light sabre,arm dismembered etc) I was pretty much left alone to enjoy my 'lager'. This was no doubt due to the fact that the clientale were concentrating all their attentions to some resident mr blobby wannabe who sat in the corner, belched & farted with a tedious regularity and liked to refer to everyone as a faggot!
Will give it an 8 for getting out alive

6 Aug 2008 21:32

The Railway Hotel, Alton

Open,shut,shut,open,shut......who cares??
The only problem is that all the retards come over the road when it's shut!!

6 Aug 2008 20:57

The White Horse, Alton

Average town boozer. In the absence of kroney blanc its true colours of mediocrity are revealed ;-(

6 Aug 2008 20:50

The Bargemans Rest, Newport

Two words....Caps lock

6 Aug 2008 20:29

The Railway Arms, Alton

Get in there and try a pint (or two) of Alton Pride.....Champion Beer Of Britain 2008! Failing that maybe one of the several other fine brews on offer. Generous seating at rear and back coupled with friendly staff and a relaxed ambiance equates to a must visit pub. Well done to all involved.

6 Aug 2008 18:47

The Crown Hotel, Alton

Good honest pub nosh and Sheps Neame Spitfire 2.60 a pint......fine & dandy!
Be sure to say Play up Pompey to Big Geoff.....;-)

27 Jul 2008 17:03

The Barley Mow, Alton

will up my rating to 5 as on a couple of recent visits I haven't seen Mr & Mrs Unwelcoming behind the bar!!

27 Jul 2008 16:58

The Royal Oak, Lasham

Have just returned on this sweltering day from visiting this pub for a recce. It's a lovely setting for a country pub and I wondered if that would be reflected in the price of the menu,drinks etc. At first glance mains averaging 13 seemed a bit steep for the purse so mrs bear & myself opted for roasts (turkey & beef)@ 9.50 each. In my opinion the roast is a good barometer of the general food standard in a given pub, so here goes.
Meals duly arrived from the friendly efficient member of staff 15 mins or so after ordering. Everything on the plate (plus cauli cheese as seperate dish) was lovely and worth every bear penny!
I must confess that I can't comment on the beer quality as due to the strangely clement weather I was drinking Guinness but I think there were 4 real ales on tap. To conclude this pup gets the 'bear stamp' of approval for food and convivialty....happy days

27 Jul 2008 16:36

The Eight Bells, Alton

Would disagree about the the variable beer quality Gazza but know what you mean about the grumpy old gits! Would hazard a bet that you called in at lunchtime??

8 Jun 2008 17:02

The Ship, Alresford

Never seems to be open.....any news??

8 Jun 2008 16:45

The Bear Hotel, Devizes

A furry friendly pub........bears rule ok

8 Jun 2008 16:38

The Bear, Wilton

Big up any pubs that contain the word 'bear' ;-)

8 Jun 2008 16:36

The Chequers Inn, Well

Good beer, overpriced food and on our recent visit staff miserable barstewards.....pity

27 Jan 2008 21:09

Bush Inn, Arlesford

Mr pedant here, correct spelling is Alresford

27 Jan 2008 21:04

The Bakers Arms, Alton

It's not too bad for a swift one in daylight hours! Also it opens at 10am so therefore handy for an early hairy dog

27 Jan 2008 20:50

The Anchor, North Warnborough

Went there last monday lunchtime and twas shut ;-(
Will hopefully return in the evening some time!

27 Jan 2008 20:37

The Danebury Hotel, Andover

Not a place for the faint-hearted!

20 Dec 2007 12:29

The Home Tavern, Eastleigh

Used to work in Beastleigh, it was effing terrible but at least you could don yer tin helmet and risk an arf before escaping on the train.

19 Dec 2007 19:20

The Globe on the Lake, Alresford

Don't be too harsh on it, at least it's not an antique shop or [email protected] boutique

19 Dec 2007 18:50

The Railway Arms, Alton

Now refurbed with another bar area oot the back.....lovely job. Normally 6 real ales on (four Triple fff brews plus 2 guests?) Bitburger and Fruli for the 'fruitheads'. Happy days

19 Dec 2007 18:44

The White Horse, Alton

Never mind, it was only singing the praises of Kroney Blanc..........lush ;-)

9 Dec 2007 19:46

The White Horse, Alton

Where did my last review go???!!!

9 Dec 2007 19:44

The Swan Hotel, Alresford

.....and the fact that you need a torch to navigate your passage to the bar! ;-/

9 Dec 2007 19:31

The Eight Bells, Alton

Up the main drag and turn left by the Crown Hotel past the church and then on yer right........job done. Cracking selection of beer, always well kept and always a varied selection. Beware 'crossword corner' and political bores tho! ;-)

27 Nov 2007 20:23

The Barley Mow, Alton

Terrible! Used to pop in a couple of times each week due to it's handy location en route from work. Came to my senses and realised that is run by ,quite probably, the most unwelcoming and rude couple to ever 'run' a pub.
If youre a pikey benefit grabbing waster who spouts bigoted twaddle at the bar then you'll be right at home..........avoid at all costs being the general idea!! ;-( rant over
p.s It's a shame because the beer I've had there(between stares) has been well kept and cheap

27 Nov 2007 19:55

Bar 36, Guildford

hello hello.......this is a test!

27 Nov 2007 17:19

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