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Comments by Wheel154

Bridgewater Hotel, Worsley

Parents live nearby so visited this place a few times a couple of weeks ago.
A vast improvement on my previous visits. The food was fine and very well priced, the lager was kept well enough and the staff didn't scowl. I would agree though, that they are not the fastest people in the business and waiting to be served seems to be the norm. My only other gripe would be some of the clientele who think they're at home, sprawled over the furniture, feet on seats. Not that the management seemed to mind.
Pity, because in all other respects it's come on leaps and bounds and still worth a visit

7 Sep 2010 14:36

Boathouse, Chester

Was here a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed the visit. Stayed for a while and the people I was with enjoyed the food (albeit bar meals) which was very reasonably priced and I enjoyed the lager which again was well kept. Not been there before but would certainly go again. Once again, nice to be greeted by very friendly staff.
Nothing wrong with the location either.

7 Sep 2010 14:27

The Victoria, Chester

Was here a couple of weeks ago and once again enjoyed the visit. Nothing wrong with the ale and the bar staff were friendly enough. Worth a look in if you've not been before

7 Sep 2010 14:24

Buck Inn, Clitheroe

Was here a couple of weeks ago. Looks like something out of Coronation Street but cannot fault the lager or the friendliness of the young lady behind the bar.

7 Sep 2010 14:20

The Falcon, Chester

Visited this place a couple of weeks ago and still enjoyed the experience. The place looked a little run down since I last called in but I was led to understand that the new management team will make a real go of it. All the best to them and I hope to see the Falcon restored to its former glory

7 Sep 2010 14:18

Steamhouse, Urmston

Was here a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed visiting the place again. Staff have always been very friendly and the lager is well kept. Reasonably priced beer and unusual surroundings all make a visit worthwhile.

7 Sep 2010 14:15

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

Was here a couple of weeks ago and despite other reviews, I didn't find anything to rave about. The welcome was lukewarm and the lager moderately cold. No great shakes although I'd agree it's a "proper pub" not a bar or gastro pub.

7 Sep 2010 14:13

Barton Arms, Stablefold

Went there a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed since my last visit. Whilst the staff were friendly enough the pub was extremely noisy and we noticed that "strangers" got scowled at. The food was average, but edible and not expensive.
I would agree with drphibes last comment about the Barton losing its way. It has been better in the past and could be a lot better in the future.

7 Sep 2010 14:11

The Axe and Cleaver, Dunham Massey

Have been here a few times over the years and visited again a couple of weeks ago.
The building: Still as pleasant as ever. The lager: Well kept: The food: Decent portions and not overpriced. The staff: Superb and very friendly service.
Have never been disappointed coming here and would recommend the pub to anyone. Would be very surprised if there were any complaints.

7 Sep 2010 14:07

The Lion, Langenhoe

Called in on a hot day - couldn't fault the place, people or the beer

16 Jun 2010 12:02

The Welshwood, Ardleigh

Now a Spanish restaurant

16 Jun 2010 11:59

The Crown, Colchester

I like this pub - the location's fine and the staff have always been friendly, delivering a fast service in what is a very popular and busy venue.
However, I have to agree with the last comment. The food IS edible but they could go a long way to increase the quality and value for money.
Still, we'd go again though. 7points for the staff and 4 for the scoff

16 Jun 2010 11:58

The Sun, Colchester

You need to remove this too - now private housing

16 Jun 2010 11:53

Robin Hood, Colchester

You'll need to remove this - it's going to be ANOTHER pizza parlour

16 Jun 2010 11:52

The Lexden Crown, Colchester

The revamped Crown may do very well (and I hope it does), but yet another example of losing an old fashioned boozer and gaining another gastropub.

16 Jun 2010 11:40

The Foresters Arms, Colchester

New owners who have revamped and redecorated the place entirely. They appear to be very new to the game, a bit over anxious to please and hope to rely very heavily on their restaurant trade. A complete change to the old Foresters including the clientele and I hope they succeed. We will certainly be visiting again (as it's very handy on the way home).

16 Jun 2010 11:31

The Duke of Wellington, Hatfield Peverel

The lager has always been very drinkable, the food is excellent (and good value for money), the staff very pleasant and all in a very nice building. Very difficult to fault with the possible exception of the kiddies play area in the garden. But then I suppose it keeps the kids happy.

28 Aug 2009 12:42

The Barley Mow, Warrington

Lovely building which was being worked on (last week). Friendly barman who served an excellent pint of Carling. Well worth a visit.

22 Aug 2008 13:56

The Castle, Macclesfield

Cracking little pub full of atmosphere and a warm welcome. The pub is divided into very small rooms and the bar area looks full when there's only one member of staff behind the bar. If in Macclesfield again, I would certainly call in again for a visit.

22 Aug 2008 13:39

The Black Horse, Skipton

Fine interior which is a lot larger than it looks from the outside with good terraced area overlooking the canal. I found the bar staff very helpful and the Carling in top form. Everything was fine until we ordered some food (late lunchtime). It took very nearly an hour to have four lots of sandwiches/baguettes served with a bowl of chips. Three of us had sandwiches which contained bacon and we assumed by the portions that the chef must still be working on war-time rationing.
That said, and hoping it's a one-off, this pub is well worth a look in for more than just a quick pint

21 Aug 2008 14:58

Barton Arms, Stablefold

Very busy, but I can see why. Food was top notch, the service was efficient (especially considering the number of people waiting at the bar). Interior is warm and pleasant and the whole place has a good atmosphere.
Will certainly be calling in there again on my next trip up.

21 Aug 2008 12:53

The Bells of Peover, Lower Peover

First class service by a very polite landlord and landlady. Lager was very drinkable and the whole surroundings are well worth a look in.
Couldn't comment on the food, but by the look of it the portions were more than adequate and well cooked.
Another pub to call in if only to see the interior. A very big difference from the usual run of the mill type.

21 Aug 2008 12:49

Saracens Head, Lymm

After an absence of a few years, was very pleased to see that the superb interior had not changed and that the staff were more than helpful. The Carling was first class and I noted that they had a couple of real ales on as well as the usual commercial stuff.
A place to eat in very pleasant surroundings and the beer's well kept.
Only downside is that the garden has remained a kiddies paradise and resembles a kindergarten rather that an outside drinking area. For quieter outside drinking I'd suggest the Green Dragon further down the road.

21 Aug 2008 12:45

The Rose and Crown, Wivenhoe

Decent enough pub on the riverfront and have always found the staff friendly and very capable. The food is very good value for money and in the past I couldn't fault the portions. The lager is drinkable, and no better or worse than most everywhere else.
The pub suffers from being "over popular" in summer and at special events due to its location, and the staff really have to work hard to keep the service going.
Never had any problems drinking here and will continue to do so whenever we're in Wivenhoe.

4 Jun 2008 12:42

The Rovers Tye, Colchester

A decent enough looking pub on the outskirts of town. Nice interior and food is reasonably priced and good value for money. However, beware of the "Go Bananas" play area for kids inside the building and don't expect a quiet drink or two when families descend on the place. OK for a pint if you're passing but definitely more of a kindergarten than an adult's boozer

27 May 2008 15:55

The Hole in the Wall, Colchester

After visiting again last Saturday, I have to say that this is one of the best pubs in town - certainly on a par with the Purple Dog. Didn't eat here, but looking at the food that was being served I'd be quite happy to give it a go - especially at two meal for 7.50.
Well worth a visit.

27 May 2008 15:40

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Another one that was visited last weekend. Despite the reviews about lack of atmosphere and being grubby etc, this place still seems to get a thumbs up from the punters. Couldn't fault the lager, and lets face it that's more than half the battle

13 May 2008 16:09

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

In again last Sunday, this time with the missus for the first time. Decent drop of lager again and found the service fast, polite and friendly. Will continue to use this pub time and time again if it don't change!

13 May 2008 15:37

The Mad Hatter Hotel, Southwark

Visited last Saturday afternoon and got one hell of a shock. Two single vodkas, a single gin, two small tonics and half a lager for 14 and some loose change.
Didn't know whether to laugh or cry, which is a pity as the place was decent and the service very quick and polite. Don't think my bank manager would be very happy if we went there again though.

13 May 2008 15:32

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

First time in last Sunday and only stopped for the one. Enjoyed the place and will certainly call in again

13 May 2008 15:26

The Dickens Inn, Tower Hill

Another pub visited on Sunday lunch. Went up to the restraurant and ordered the steak while my missus had some pasta. The waiter service really was excellent, the lager very palatable and the bottle of red wine went down too quickly. The food was faultless. Personally, I thought it was good value for money when you consider location and it's really hard to find something to fault on this particular visit.

13 May 2008 15:22

The Horniman at Hays, Southwark

Visited yesterday afternoon when the weather was really pulling the punters in. Service was a bit slow, despite being the only customer waiting at that particular moment and the girl behind the bar was very unsure of what she was doing. That said, the location is excellent, the staff were polite and friendly and the pub itself is smart with a decent atmosphere.
Will certainly give it another go.

13 May 2008 15:15

The Ten Bells, Shoreditch

Was in here on Sunday afternoon for the first time and wondered how anywhere so tacky and basic can have such a decent atmosphere?? Didn't stay long but would come back for the odd lager when in the area as the drink was perfectly palatable.

13 May 2008 15:08

The Magpie, Bishopsgate

In last Friday and for some reason no where near as full as usual. Service is still as good as ever and the landlord must be one of the best in town

6 May 2008 12:12

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Went in again last Friday. Still a great pub, but did I sense a change of atmosphere/ambience now that there's new staff behind the bar? Other people I was drinking with certainly thought so. Please DON'T change the decor, music or anything else come to that.

6 May 2008 12:09

Saracens Head, Lymm

Although I haven't been here for a couple of years, glad to see it on the site. Always enjoyed visiting this pub and couldn't really fault it. Having said that, not sure that the kiddies play amenities did anything for the pub (except perhaps pull the punters in). Will be visiting in the summer and hope that the pub itself and the service remain unaltered. No grading until my next visit, but could certainly recommend it to anyone based on past experiences.

28 Mar 2008 15:09

Goat and Boot, Colchester

Always enjoyed stopping of here for a couple or three on the way home from town. But I now hear that the current landlord's throwing the towel in - anyone know when?

19 Mar 2008 15:48

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Just went in for the one pint but was impressed enough for another visit in the near future. It was pretty busy on Saturday afternoon but had no problem getting served. the lager was fine and decor impressive. Don't change it.

10 Mar 2008 15:14

The Punch Tavern, Fleet Street

Decent pint of Carlsburg Export served by friendly barstaff. Interior is interesting and might have had a couple more given the state of Saturday's weather - BUT 3.50 a pint!!?? A session in there's going to leave you with a real cash-flow problem.
A pity as everything else was fine

10 Mar 2008 15:07

The Purple Dog, Colchester

This has got to be the best pub in town. Anyone know any better?

21 Feb 2008 14:17

The Purple Dog, Colchester

This is a vast improvement on what was once the Clarence. Previous review has got it right. Also, the patio area at the back is popular both with smokers and non smokers alike. A visit will be worthwhile.

4 Dec 2007 12:57

The Rose and Crown Hotel, Colchester

Pity about typical hotel prices at the bar, otherwise I'd be in more often. Having said that, Tony the bar manager does a brilliant job and the lagers are always on form. As this part of Colchester suffers from a lack of pubs (the Goat and Boot and Clarendon being the nearest) this place does very well considering the aforementioned prices and a lack of smoking facilities. The food's a bit pricey, but from what I've seen it's not short on quality or portions. Certainly worth calling in if you're in this neck of the woods.

4 Dec 2007 12:47

The Northumberland Arms, Fitzrovia

Liked it. Decent, friendly service. Nothing special but the lager was on form and the place had a good laid back feel to it. Will be going again

3 Dec 2007 14:48

The Carpenters Arms, Tottenham Court Road

Found the place as part of a crawl on Saturday. The Carling was on form and the service was fine. Not the place you'd want to stay in, but worth a look before going elsewhere

3 Dec 2007 13:22

The Smugglers Tavern, Warren Street

Was quiet last Saturday when we called in. Not being a big place it'll be interesting to see how it handles more than 3 customers.
Very clean and tidy - but didn't appreciate the female member of staff sprawled all over the armchair.

3 Dec 2007 13:15

The Champion, Fitzrovia

Couldn't fault it really. Decent enough drink (lager), at the best prices in town in interesting surroundings and away from suicide shoppers. Service with a smile (that's a change), so will be back again when next in the area

3 Dec 2007 13:10

The White Horse, Maldon

My mate went in here last Friday. Another pub full of children and half-breeds. Avoid - there are far better places in Maldon to drink in.

8 Nov 2007 12:31

Robin Hood, Colchester


18 Oct 2007 13:31

The Clarence, Colchester

As per previous review, this has been the Purple Dog for some time. An improvement on the Clarence and this is now another pub which happily attracts all age groups. The lager is consistently good, and as a die-hard smoker I like what they've done to the patio area at the back. Always on the visiting list for a weekend session.

12 Oct 2007 13:08

The Hospital Arms, Colchester

Have never been disappointed by the quality of the Carling in this pub. Good laid back atmosphere with another good cross section of age groups.
Outdoor/smoking areas are probably the best in town and is always worth calling in for a few on a crawl round town.

9 Oct 2007 13:42

The Hole in the Wall, Colchester

Have been there a few times now that it's been completely cleaned out and smartened up since the Goth days. Now attracts customers across all age groups with decent areas for outdoor drinkers and/or smokers. Would now class it as one of the better pubs in Colchester (not that there's much of a decent choice)and is always a part of a weekend crawl.
Not a real ale drinker, but the Carlsberg was acceptable so worth a visit on a tour round town.

9 Oct 2007 13:37

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