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The Portsmouth Hoy, Poole

Pleasant pub, nice staff and an excellent drop of Badger beers. Food looked good value too

7 Sep 2019 17:37

The Poole Arms, Poole

Tried to get in at around 6.30 on a Thursday evening - but all tables were reserved except for two - and people were sitting, eating at those two. More of a restaurant which happens to serve (apparently) good beer than a pub. We went next door, to the Portsmouth Hoy instead.

7 Sep 2019 17:34

The Rusty Bike, Exeter

Still closed - see

2 Aug 2019 17:02

The Imperial, Exeter

Never enough serving staff, given the size of the pub. Customers have an irritating way of queueing in the orangery by standing back from the bar - you sometimes don't know if they're in the queue or just standing there. If you want to eat, DON'T eat outside because your food will be stolen by herring gulls - they're a menace (probably a health danger too) and Wetherspoon's should do something about them.

2 Aug 2019 16:59

Country House Inn, Exeter

Still demolished and still private houses built on the site. Sometime I wonder why I bother.

14 Jun 2019 15:11

The Vine Inn, Honiton

Nice friendly pub (staff and customers), the sandwiches looked good but we were only here for the beer. 2 from Otter, well kept and good value

18 Mar 2019 22:08

General Sir Redvers Buller, Crediton

Visited on a Sunday afternoon. Nice pub, not too busy, one of the better 'spoons in my opinion. Might be different in the evenings, though.

29 Jan 2019 22:22

The Plough, Clapham Junction

This is now a rather nice place called 'The Plough Bar & Kitchen' and bears no similarity to the old Plough which used to be on the same site. Nice pint of Winter Warmer, friendly staff too.

13 Jan 2019 13:14

The Junction, Clapham Junction

Abbot was OK, food decidedly average.

13 Jan 2019 13:03

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Didn't like it. Huge cavernous place, lots of men talking too loud so you couldn't have a conversation. There were a group of men shouting, f-ing and c-ing, staff didn't bother to ask them to tone down the language. Beer was ok even though the barmaid served me the wrong beer. Was thinking of having a meal here but it seemed to be a drinkers pub so didn't bother. Left as soon as possible.

13 Jan 2019 13:01

Panniers, Barnstaple

Popped in here one lunchtime for a quick beer & a bite before going to the theatre opposite. Fairly typical Wetherspoons, it was busy but we were served quickly and the food came quickly too.
Some interesting local beers, nice friendly staff as well, couldn't fault it at all.

7 Jan 2019 18:48

Pony and Trap, Cullompton

Highly recommended by a colleague, large selection of real ales (8 when we visited) plus at least 3 ciders.
My wife didn't appreciate the man at the bar discussing his prostate with the lady behind the bar. We didn't need to know about the catheter inserted up his penis before going to bed to drain the bladder, but it's nice to know that it only hurts when the catheter accidentally hits the prostate. Fortunately we weren't there long as the pub closed at 2 in the afternoon on the day we were there so only had 10 minutes to drink our beer before having to leave.

10 Oct 2018 17:37

The Windmill Inn, Bembridge

This pub is now called 'The Spinnaker'

24 Jun 2018 11:46

The Old Village Inn, Bembridge

Nice pub, good selection of beers and keenly priced. Food looked good but it was during the football world cup when we visited and, with TV screens all over the place, it looked difficult to find an eating spot where we wouldn't be distracted.
Why do publicans think that all of their customers want to watch football - particularly when they're eating?

24 Jun 2018 11:45

The Crab and Lobster, Bembridge

Pleasant enough pub, 5 real ales on offer when we visited but a bit pricey for the area (£4.50/pint) compared to under £4 in the 2 other pubs in Bembridge which we visited. Good views and nice food too.

24 Jun 2018 11:41

Old Star Ale and Cider House, Shoreham by Sea

Excellent, if small, pub. A nice selection of beers and friendly owners. My only complaint would be that - it's a small pub and when we visited it was very busy - we were lucky to find a seat. Only to be moved a short while later to make room for the live musicians.
A small pub, so full that some people were drinking outside - turning customers away so that you can fit in a couple of musicians - why? You couldn't have fitted any more customers in anyway, so why the live music? Not to draw in more customers, that's for sure.

10 Jun 2018 18:40

Royal Oak, Exeter

A change of landlord since we last visited - beer still as good as it was, and a good range too - Otter Bitter and Amber, Tribute, Wickwar Bob, Jail and Young's Ordinary when we visited.

25 May 2018 18:06

The Rovers Return, Douglas

Can't deny the quality and range of real ales and the staff were friendly enough, but it's a manky place - the sort of place where you want to clean your trousers after sitting down (and even the soles of your shoes after walking on the carpet). The gent's toilet is disgusting, part of the ceiling falling down where there's been a water leak sometime in the past, mould - yuk.

2 May 2018 17:30

The Rusty Bike, Exeter


18 Apr 2018 16:02

The Jolly Porter, Exeter

This has now closed as a pub. It's now a Chinese restaurant called 'Hometown'

3 Apr 2018 18:07

The North Bridge Inn, Exeter

This has now reopened and is called 'Iron Bridge'. When it's been added to BITE under that name I'll do a review

3 Apr 2018 18:03

Mill On The Exe, Exeter

No comments since 2013?
This is a popular eating place, the beers seems to be almost incidental. Looking at other review sites, they seem to be having a few consistency problems with their food recently, but the beers when we visited for their recent beer festival was excellent and the manager very pleasant too. He''s been there since November 2016 so earlier reviews about service, staff etc. probably aren''t too relevant.

3 Sep 2017 19:09

The Craft Beer Co, Brighton

Excellent pub with a huge range of beers (cask & keg). We found it difficult to find a seat - upstairs there were plenty of spaces at tables but when we went to sit down found that they''d had been ''saved'' for people who were apparently coming along later.
If you can find a place to sit, grab it and enjoy the quality beers.

3 Sep 2017 19:03

The Victory Inn, Brighton

A nice pub with 4 fairly unusual ales on tap. We were a bit put off by a very peculiar woman who came in & eventually sat down, consumed 2 bottles of water which she''d brought in with her then eventually left. The staff seemed unconcerned, probably knew her. I''d guess that she might have been on drugs? Very odd, the sort of person you steer clear of in case they pull out a knife and stab you.
They do food here but it''s either vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or possibly all three. Nothing normal.

3 Sep 2017 18:58

Brighton Beer Dispensary, Brighton

A pretty basic pub with a very good range of beers (both cask & keg) at very reasonable prices (for Brighton). My wife said that the only clean part of the women''s toilets were the seat & cistern.

3 Sep 2017 18:52

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

This pub is in CAMRA''s Good Beer Guide. Well, I couldn''t fault the quality of the beer or the friendliness of the staff, but the pub? The best I can say is that it seems grubby. There were odd beer mats on the floor, our table had, among other things, the remains of a magazine/booklet stuck to it where it it had been put on a wet table and allowed to dry, the fabric of our seat had that crustiness which you get when many thousands of bottoms had sat there, mixed in with the odd spilt beer, crisps etc. The gents? Nasty, lots of deodorant blocks in the urinals, a liquid hand wash propped up on a waste pipe. (Although to be fair my wife reported that the women''s toilets were spotless.)
I didn''t care for some of the customers, either. One group of 6 plus 2 children managed to effectively push a woman off of her table by sitting near her then gradually encroaching on her space until they were practically sitting in her lap. She moved to another table eventually. They parked a push chair in the doorway, effectively blocking the way in. They seemed at home there so might have been regulars.
They do food here. It''s meant to be good but I didn''t want to risk it unless the table had been sprayed with a disinfectant spray first - something which seemed unlikely to happen very often, given the state of the table in the first place.
The whole place didn''t look like it had had a good clean since they brought in the smoking ban. They could do with taking all of the old tins off of the wall and giving the whole place a good pressure wash.

3 Sep 2017 18:49

The Regency Tavern, Brighton

Very pleasant pub, hard to find. Nice decor. Only the one beer (Shepherd Neame Spitfire) but the one I had was kept well.

1 Sep 2017 17:36

Courtenays, Tiverton

Lovely little pub. We dropped in one afternoon after a walk from Bickleigh and were greeted as if long lost friends. 2 beers on gravity (a third had just finished), loads of ciders & gins too.
Clean, friendly, good value & good quality. Wish we had somewhere like it in Exeter.

23 Aug 2017 20:06

The Thistle Park Tavern, Plymouth

A bit out of the way and, as the Sutton Harbour footbridge has been out of action for ages, it's currently a bit of a trudge from the Barbican (20 mins at least to walk all the way around the harbour). As a result, it's worth the walk as most people can't be bothered to walk all that way. Pleasant staff and customers, good priced beer but possibly could do with a bit of a tidy up. Live music most Fridays & Saturdays. There is (apparently) a well regarded Thai restaurant upstairs. The South Hams XSB which we had was excellent.

10 Aug 2017 22:08

Maritime Inn, Plymouth

Compared to most of the other pubs in the area, pretty quiet when we visited during the fireworks. Beer was OK, not too expensive (£3.80/pint) from Tavy Ales. A reasonable choice if you like to sit down in pleasant surroundings while drinking.

10 Aug 2017 21:58

The Gog and Magog, Plymouth

Most of the pumps weren't on when we visited. Came back a couple of hours later, still the same. They need to employ someone who knows how to change a barrel. Bigger choice at the Dolphin down the road.

10 Aug 2017 21:53

The Bicton Inn, Exmouth

Very much an old fashioned, locals sort of pub. A very good selection of mainly local beers (6 out of 8 handpumps on when we visited mid-week) at a selection of strengths. I believe it's been in the Good Beer Guide for years - probably rightly so.

1 Aug 2017 18:59

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

A vast improvement since we visited last year. The horrible carpets have at last been got rid of (hopefully burnt), there is new flooring & furniture and the drinking area has been decorated & updated. 5 beers on when we visited on a Sunday afternoon, a good selection from Exeter Avocet at 3.9% up to Dartmoor Jail at 4.8%.
There are still a few improvements to be made - the toilets are pretty much the same & my wife reported that once you go upstairs the decorations are unchanged & the ladies toilet is still pretty naff (tap still drips too) - but I do believe that we might start visiting again on a reasonably regular basis. Beer quality (as always) was good.

16 Jul 2017 17:47

The Weir Hotel, Walton on Thames

On a hot day, this is the place to stop for a beer while walking beside the river between Hampton Court & Walton on Thames. Loads of outside seats, beer (Greene King) a little expensive but I suppose they have to allow for the bad times when the weather is bad & no-one goes there at all.

19 Apr 2017 22:40

The Greyhound, Weston Green

3 beers on, all from Sharpe's if I remember correctly - I drank the Atlantic which was nice if a little cold for my taste.
Pleasant enough pub, it seemed to me like it was still trying to find its 'niche'. The barmaid needs to learn how to pull a full pint (but this seems to be fairly common in some parts of London, in my experience).

19 Apr 2017 22:36

Country House Inn, Exeter

Demolished ages ago and now houses. Check on Google

6 Apr 2017 17:41

Beer Cellar, Exeter

When the Beer Cellar first opened we used to visit it regularly but haven't been there for ages now. The last time we went it was bitterly cold inside - I started shivering after a while (drinking cold beer didn't help either - cold inside & out) & so we went along the road to George's to warm up. Prior to that they'd just made some new seats - very uncomfortable. We've intended to go in more recently but it's generally very busy and I don't drink beer standing up. Shame as they have some interesting beers & the staff & most of the customers are very friendly.

6 Apr 2017 17:35

The North Bridge Inn, Exeter

Still closed

6 Apr 2017 17:26

The First and Last Inn, Exeter

Closed and turned into flats

15 Mar 2017 17:38

The Jolly Porter, Exeter

I don't think that this is a pub any more. Although the bar is still there and there are handpumps, I don't think that they are used. I certainly haven't seen anyone sitting at the bar drinking. it is currently a Chinese restaurant called 'Hometown'

15 Mar 2017 17:29

The Cornish Arms, Bodmin

This place closed years ago. Now demolished (for the second time, I think)

28 Dec 2016 16:38

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

It's been over 4 years since we last visited the Great Western but, encouraged by the way the outside was being improved, we made another visit.
The inside is just as shabby as my last review in 2011. The carpet doesn't look like it's been cleaned since then and one of the CAMRA posters on the wall must surely be a museum piece. The faded curtains look the same. The ladies toilet (upstairs) had a dripping tap - my wife is sure that it was dripping 4 years ago too.
The place smelled dirty. There were a couple of old codgers inside who were presumably unable to walk up the hill to the Imperial. One person behind the bar who also had to check people into the hotel and clear up spilled beer. I felt sorry for her.
The place is disgusting. We'll wait until we can see that the decorators have been inside as well as out before venturing in again.
And get rid of that horrible carpet - please?

22 Dec 2016 17:09

Royal Oak, Exeter

Nice thatched pub in Heavitree with an excellent selection of cask ales - usually 6. A couple are usually from Otter which seems to be pretty rare in Exeter seeing as the brewery isn't that far away. Friendly locals, too. There is an excellent Italian restaurant just over the road which we like to frequent so it's a good choice for a couple of beers before your meal. My only gripe would be that often the Otter Ale at 4.5% is the strongest on offer (at least when I go there) and I prefer something a bit stronger.

2 Jul 2016 16:05

The Blue Anchor, Helston

Only ever tried the Spingo beers at festivals up 'til now, but finally managed to get to the Blue Anchor at last.
Loved the Middle - really nice to get it fresh and a wonderful pub. Could have happily drank here every night we were in Helston if I'd been allowed. Didn't get a chance to try the others on offer - next time.

8 Jun 2016 17:32

Rodney Inn, Helston

A very pleasant pub. Surprisingly, for what is meant to be a St Austell pub,there were no St Austell beers available - but the Hobgoblin which we drank was very nice, the staff & customers pleasant and we were given free snacks- I think that this is probably the first time that this has happened to me in the UK. Worth a visit if you like an unpretentious pub

30 May 2016 19:15

The Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village

It's a long while since I've been served such short measures without the barman automatically offering to top them up. 3 pints of Ordinary, one must have been an inch short of the brim and the other two about 1/2 & 3/4 inch short. People in the area probably so well off they don't care.
Sunday roasts looked good but expensive.

11 Apr 2016 16:03

Exeter Inn, Topsham

A good, old fashioned unpretentious local's pub with 2 television screens, pool table etc. Beer's always in good condition and it's the only place outside Cornwall where I've seen Sharp's Special regularly available (so much better than Doom Bar).

21 Mar 2016 17:47

The North Bridge Inn, Exeter

Still closed...

19 Feb 2016 15:30

The Thatched House, Exwick

Oh No! Not another steep price rise?
£4 a pint for Abbot, up from £3.60?
£3.60 for Avocet (only 3.7% ABV)?
By anyone's standards, a price rise of 11% is a bit on the high side.
I can't help but wonder if they really want our business!

18 Feb 2016 14:52

Royal Oak, Dorchester

Pretty standard 'spoons - selection of ales up to scratch and the food was to their usual standard - we had no complaints. Table service was friendly, too.

Our only gripe was that it was too cold - someone needs to turn down the air conditioning. We moved, trying to find a table which wasn't under the A/C and saw others do so too. I wore my jacket to eat and didn't linger after, whereas we might have stayed longer if it had been warmer.

11 Aug 2015 19:11

The Borough Arms, Dorchester

Friendly place with a good selection of beers. It was fairly crowded when we visited at around 6.30 on a Friday. Turns out that this is 'happy hour' and they hold a free meat draw at 7!

A lot quieter after 7 as many people seemed to be there just for the draw and then went home.

A nice pub and good beer - our favourite in Dorchester, from the few we visited.

11 Aug 2015 19:06

The Blue Raddle, Dorchester

A fine selection of draught ciders plus a perry.
We were going to eat here as the food looks good but were put off by the rather mediocre selection of mainly 'session strength' beers - the strongest was Spitfire at 4.5%. That's the sort of strength I start at and work my way up!
Odd opening hours - doesn't open until 6.30 in the evening. Go over to Goldies while you're waiting for this place to open, if you're thirsty.

11 Aug 2015 19:02

The Thatched House, Exwick

Recently had a complete refurbishment and now has 8 handpumps, 7 real ales and 1 (sometimes 2) real ciders. 3 craft keg beers and 5 more lagers. ciders etc. including Pilsner Urquell. Plus a selection of bottles including the superb 'Double Hop Monster'.
The house beer is made for them by Greene King and the house lager by Belhaven.

5 Jul 2015 15:30

The Hour Glass Inn, Exeter

Popped in to see if it would be worth eating at this Good Beer Guide pub sometime in the future. Charged £3.70 for a pint of indifferent Bath Gem in pretty shabby surroundings. Don't think we'll bother to try the food. Friendly staff, though.

22 May 2015 16:45

Village Inn, Exwick

Dying on its feet. There's a huge catchment area and the one real ale (Doom Bar) is well kept. So why aren't there more customers?

22 May 2015 16:42

The First and Last Inn, Exeter

Been closed for years. Currently there's a planning application (Exeter City Council application no. 14/4821/03) for "Change of use from existing public house and one first floor dwelling in to three dwellings plus an additional new build dwelling and associated ancillary facilities"

22 May 2015 16:37

The North Bridge Inn, Exeter

Still closed

30 Mar 2015 17:07

The Jolly Porter, Exeter

Currently closed. It is rumoured to have been bought by someone to do with the Great Western opposite. Work started on some internal redecoration in 2014 but little has been done so far this year. Whether it'll ever reopen is questionable. (Probably go to student flats like nearly every other closed pub in Exeter.)

30 Mar 2015 17:07

The Clifton Inn, Exeter

Recently taken over by the same people who run The Thatched House in Exwick Road. Two handpumps serving Otter Ale and Bombardier, very well kept. The manager told us that he would be getting a third handpump in the new year. No food when we visited (apart from the Sunday Carvery) because the new owners were going to replace the kitchen equipment, again in the new year. If the food is similar to that provided in the Thatched House, I would expect it to be good quality, typical pub fare when they start serving again.
2 pool tables, darts, loads of TV screens showing sports - well worth a visit.

28 Dec 2012 09:05

The North Bridge Inn, Exeter

Currently closed and the freehold is up for sale

28 Dec 2012 08:56

The Racehorse Inn, Taunton

A very pleasant St Austell pub with friendly landlord and locals. In (at least) the last 3 Good Beer Guides and from the quality of the Proper Job which we drank, deservedly so.
Well worth visiting if you're looking for a proper pub.

27 Dec 2011 18:49

The Well House, Exeter

Nice place with well-kept beer and a couple of good ciders on handpump.
Convenient for looking at the tents on the Cathedral Green.

27 Dec 2011 10:18

George's Meeting House, Exeter

A bit more 'upmarket' than the normal Wetherspoons - both the beer and the food are a bit more expensive than you'd expect. This doesn't deter the sort of seasoned topers which you tend to find in all Wetherspoons, although there are probably a few less than normal. Fortunately, there are plenty of places (such as upstairs) where you can get away from them.
The beer which I drank on Boxing Day was pleasant but way too cold - if there had been a microwave behind the bar, I'd have asked them to put in in it for 20 seconds or so, to bring it up to the right temperature, so that I could taste it. Shame, because it's probably the most pleasant Wetherspoons in Exeter, otherwise.

26 Dec 2011 20:45

The Twisted Oak, Exeter

I was going to go in The Twisted Oak but there was a large poster from the Devon & Cornwall Police on the door saying that it was a condition of entry that I might be searched for weapons or drugs, and I would be denied entry if I refused.
If it's the sort of pub where someone might pull a gun on me, I don't think it's my sort of pub.
Gave it a wide berth and carried on over the bridge into Ide instead.

14 Sep 2011 13:50

The Travellers Rest, Exeter

Took a long walk out to The Traveller's Rest from Exeter St David's, along the country lanes.
It's a very nice pub, good selection of real ales, and it's a good job that it was a nice day and we could sit outside, as the pub was full of people eating the Sunday roast, so the food is obviously very popular. It certainly looked good.
Well worth a visit.

23 Aug 2011 11:24

The Bear, Oxshott

The Bear is obviously food-orientated. It's very nice, but there are few places to sit if you just want a drink, and the propensity of some locals/regulars to treat those few seats like home, sprawled out with the Daily Telegraph and the dog by their side, reduces the seating still further.

Still, it was very comfortable, the Ordinary which we drank was fine and very reasonably priced, especially considering the nice surroundings. The staff were friendly, too.

If you don't want alcohol I was told by our driver that the orange juice and coffee were first class.

23 Aug 2011 11:19

The Bear, Esher

I'm always wary of a pub which has bouncers on the door on the assumption that, if it's the sort of pub which attracts the sort of people who need to be kept out by bouncers, then it's not the sort of pub which I'll be comfortable in. However, I was visiting The Bear with friends and had no option.

It is comforting to note that my misgivings were correct. As you enter The Bear, there are bare floors, no seats, just a few tall tables to put your drinks on while you stand drinking. Even worse, the beer was served in plastic disposable cups. I've not had beer in a plastic beaker since 1997, in Qoma's Tavern in Kwazulu-Natal, and that certainly wasn't Young's Ordinary I was drinking then. Young's Ordinary deserves better than plastic.

They have a small list of overpriced food (at least, I think �10-95 is overpriced for 'Bangers and mash' in a pub). I doubt if the chef is very busy, as there are some very nice restaurants nearby serving better food at a cheaper price. The beer was similarly overpriced - about 7% more than in another Young's pub which we visited earlier.

We did manage to find some seats in a remote corner of the pub, but my visit to The Bear was not one which I want to repeat. The only good thing about it was that the staff were very friendly, and the beer was fine, if you can ignore the edge of the plastic beaker moving when you drink.

23 Aug 2011 11:12

Seamua O'Donnell's, Exeter

Now totally demolished. When are BeerintheEvening going to mark it as 'closed'?

12 Aug 2011 18:28

The Royal Oak, Ifield

A flight from Gatwick again and so time for another visit to the Royal Oak. Still a very nice pub, 3 beers on tap and the London Pride which we had was fine, but just a bit too cold for my liking.
The food was good, basic pub food, very reasonably priced. Happy to find 6 years on from our last visit that it's still a pub which is well worth visiting.

25 Jun 2011 15:00

The Grove, Exmouth

Conveniently located between the marina and the beach, they do an excellent pint of Ordinary here. Shame they had no Special, but with Ordinary this good, who cares? Good staff, too - all in all, a very pleasant place.

24 May 2011 21:45

The Thatched House, Exwick

It's been over a year since we last visited the Thatch, and it's nice to be back, eating and drinking in pleasant surroundings. After a while, the shabbiness of the pubs over near St Davids station gets you down, even though the beer's cheaper on the other side of the river.
The Thatch has 3 well kept beers, all Cask Marque approved - IPA, Abbot and a changing guest (currently �3). The food is excellent, too. Well worth a visit.

6 May 2011 22:12

The First and Last Inn, Exeter

I suspect that the First and Last is suffering a bit from the Wetherspoons down the road - the range of beers was reduced to 3 when I visited recently (plus a draught cider). They were still very good, competitively priced (as always) and the pub is still well worth visiting.

6 May 2011 21:56

The Masons Arms, Bodmin

It's a few years since I've been in the Masons. The new landlords have only been there a few months and seem to have settled on 2 regular beer (Cornish Coaster and Sharps Own (so much better than the far more common Doom Bar, in my opinion)) plus a constantly changing guest. There had already been over 70 when we visited, so they must be getting through them at quite a pace. They do basic, good value pub food - steaks, burgers etc. in a nice dining area out the back with views over the Jail.

6 May 2011 21:55

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

The Great Western follows the trend of the other remaining pub in the Red Cow area of Exeter, i.e. near St Davids Station, by being distinctly shabby. At one time this was excusable to the committed drinker, as there was a decent selection of ever-changing beers, but whoever does the ordering now has a serious lack of imagination and the range of beers has now been reduced to around 7. As an example, over Easter they had O'Hanlons Yellowhammer and Port Stout, Brannoc, RCH PG Steam and Pitchfork, Courage Best and Dartmoor Dragons Breath. A few days later the Dragons Breath was changed to Dartmoor Jail Ale, and that seems to be the trend recently - 6 or so regulars and alternating 2 from Dartmoor. Sometimes they have one guest beer.

There are 9 handpumps on the top bar and another 9 down in the Loco Bar, but it's many years since I've seem those in the Loco Bar used and they're purely for decoration now.

The carpet in the areas around the kitchen entrance, gent's toilet and at the top of the stairs to the Loco Bar is in serious need of a good clean, and the toilets are distinctly scruffy, too - missing tiles where the paper dispenser once was, wobbly taps, missing soap dispenser.

I cannot deny that the beer is always very good, and the food when I've eaten there is OK too, but I just wish that there were a bit more variety in the beers and better surroundings in which to drink them.

6 May 2011 20:34

The Jolly Porter, Exeter

The Jolly Porter was done up on the cheap by the brewery a few years ago, and the quality of the workmanship is now beginning to show - wallpaper coming off the walls, flaking paint, rotting windowsills. The landlord is obviously trying to improve matters on a limited budget, new curtains and a lick of paint, but the place is still shabby. I can't understand why they can't get a glazier to repair the windows, rather than crudely screwing a piece of plastic to the frame. Still, at least it's better than the bits of old crisp boxes which used to cover the holes.

A particular attraction is the toilets - missing tiles where various dispensers once were, taps which only turn off when pulled up, occasionally working (for a few seconds) hand dryer. A favourite diversion of mine is counting the disinfectant blocks in the urinals - the maximum I've managed to count in one urinal is 28. I can't understand the need for so many - perhaps it's to save water? I've never tried, but the sideways leaning toilet on the sloping floor must be a challenge to use as well.

Part of the pub is occupied by a Chinese restaurant, which is very popular with the local Asian community. The takeaways are good, and you can have a beer while you're waiting! Unfortunately this has severely reduced the seating in the pub itself.

They generally have 3 beers, Deuchars, Doom Bar and Abbot. I suspect that the turnover of the Abbot is not very high, as it often has a definite 'tang' which is sometimes (but not always) cleared after they've pulled through a few pints. Although I've never been a fan of Doom Bar, on the couple of occasions when I've drunk it here, it's been fine.

6 May 2011 20:30

The Poacher's Inn, Ide

The landlord was strangely surly when we visited (but perhaps someone had annoyed him, or maybe that's part of his charm) and served the regulars before us strangers. Couldn't fault the range of 5 real ales and the 3 that we tried were excellent. The beer garden is nice but it is shared with two boxer dogs so beware where you walk.

23 Apr 2011 17:37

The Bridge Inn, Dulverton

Visited early on a Saturday evening. It's quite small inside and things were not improved by the number of reserved tables - taking up about 3/4 of the available seating. Luckily we found a table before it got too busy.
3 beers were chalked up on the blackboard behind the bar but only 2 were available (why didn't they rub out the one which wasn't on?)
The food was very good - my benchmark meal for testing the quality of basic pub food (ham egg & chips) was superb - ham was home cooked and hand sliced, free range eggs, chips thick and chunky.
If you don't like real ale they have a range of the more common bottled Belgian beers and also Leffe blonde on draught, which makes a pleasant change.
If you plan on eating, particularly on a Saturday, I'd suggest ringing and reserving a table.

21 Mar 2011 21:51

Woods, Dulverton

Most people go to Woods for the excellent food, but there is also a small bar with 3 St Austell beers served on gravity. The HSD which we drank before our meal was as good as I've had anywhere and, being served on gravity, lacked the excessive head which is so common nowadays. It was also very good value, at �3 a pint.
Some previous comments have been critical of the owner, but we found him very pleasant and helpful in suggesting a wine from the massive wine list to go with our meal. I can only assume that a diner must have asked for some HP sauce or done something similar to annoy him.
Altogether a very pleasant place.

21 Mar 2011 21:39

Ye Olde London, St Pauls

Encouraged by the Cask Marque, dropped in on a cold damp Saturday afternoon after looking round the City.
The beer was fine, a choice of 3 upstairs and 5 downstairs. We tried the Doom Bar & Youngs London Gold, both very pleasant and (for a London pub so close to a major tourist attraction) remarkably good value.
If you sit upstairs you can watch the tourists going by on the open topped buses, all cold and wet while you're sitting in the warm enjoying a very nice pint.

21 Mar 2011 21:20

The Crediton Inn, Crediton

Beautiful old-fashioned pub - a good selection of beer, friendly and with a lovely atmosphere. No televisions, no fruit machines, just good background music and people talking. Well worth the train journey and 15 min walk from the station.

31 Jan 2011 20:49

The Albert Inn, Totnes

I tend to agree with daveinbrum. A very nice pub but the BSA which we drank on our visit was definitely poor quality, considering that the pub is the 'brewery tap'. I suggest that anyone visiting should stick with what the majority of the regulars drink (AA), which will have a good turnover, and you'll be OK.

29 Dec 2010 18:36

The George and Dragon, Burpham

A 'not so well kept secret' sort of place which is a nice walk from Amberley with some good beer to make the walk worthwhile. Remember to carry a spare pair of shoes if you walk there, as they (probably quite rightly) don't like muddy boots in the bar.

25 Dec 2010 18:49

The Double Locks, Exeter

So, nothing to say about the Double Locks, then?

Could we have some information about the pub here, please?

25 Dec 2010 18:34

The Double Locks, Exeter

Dear oh dear. For anyone wondering what darkestdevon and littledrummerboy are on about when they go on about Smiles, I can inform them that Smiles was a Bristol brewery during the last century. They sold all of their pubs, (apart from one) including the Double Locks, to Young's about 10 years ago and closed down a few years ago. And it doesn't do to complain that there are too many of Young's beers in a Young's pub either - they own the pub - they make their own beer - why shouldn't they sell their own product? (As an aside, I can remember when the Double Locks was possibly the only Young's pub in the country which sold a decent range of beers apart from their own.)

15 Jan 2010 22:38

The Cap in Hand, Hook

One of the nicer Wetherspoons. I thought that a early Friday evening, just before Christmas, might be pretty horrific in any pub in the UK but the Cap in Hand was very pleasant with a very good selection of beers and nice, attentive staff. It was still nice when we left just before 7pm.
Of course, two hours later it might have been horrible - but when we were there it was really good. I can see why it's in the Good Beer Guide.
(I'd suggest that Oakman100 and arkaye try visiting The Cap at about 5pm on a Friday.)

13 Dec 2009 20:29

Seamua O'Donnell's, Exeter

Just when you thought that the fake 'Irish Bar' had finally died out, Exeter catches up with the rest of the world - The Artful Dodger has reopened as 'Seamus O'Donnells - The Irish Bar'.
It says that it is Exeter's No. 1 Irish Bar - that's because it's the only one in Exeter, if not the UK.
It is difficult to imagine the mentality of the marketing people who came up with the idea of an Irish bar in 2009. The last one I can remember in Exeter was what is now The Farmers Union, about two marketing reincarnations ago.
I suppose it will have ice cold (i.e.too cold) Guinness, like they drink it in Ireland. Maybe Harp lager and that horrible tasteless Caffreys as well.
It's unlikely to be able to compete for the custom of the real ale drinkers or those looking for cheap beer - there are the Imperial and the Great Western nearby - but it promises live music every weekend so it might just succeed with those who don't want to venture over the river to the Village Inn in Exwick.
I give it a year before it changes to something else or closes down.

4 Dec 2009 22:02

The Lazy Toad, Shoreham by Sea

Easy to miss as it's not obviously a pub from the outside. But inside, a wonderful place with half a dozen beers all on gravity and some rather unusual (!) paintings of frogs on the walls. Well worth a visit.

4 Nov 2009 20:04

The Duke Of Wellington, Shoreham by Sea

How nice to find a pub with a bar-billiards table!
The beer was nice as well. Very pleasant experience all round.

4 Nov 2009 20:00

The City Gate Hotel, Exeter

Encouraged by Robski's comments, we paid another visit. It is a vast improvement on when I last visited 2 years ago, the food menu looked interesting with some nice specials on the chalkboard, the staff were friendly and the Ordinary was very nice. Well worth a visit.
(They're in the 2010 Good Beer Guide, too.)

25 Oct 2009 11:29

The Farmers Union, Exeter

Now reopened as "The Farmers Union" [the lack of apostrophes is nothing to do with me - that's what it says on the sign].

23 Oct 2009 18:00

Hog's Head, Exeter

I repeat my comments of September 2009 - The Hog's Head doesn't exist any more. It is now called 'The Chevalier Inn' and it is a Wetherspoon's Lloyds No 1 pub. It's about time BITE updated their records.

21 Oct 2009 21:26

Crown Rivers, Heathrow Airport

It's nice to be able to get a decent beer on the airside of an airport. The house beer, called 'The Crown Rivers', is quite pleasant (brewed for Wetherspoon by Loddon) and is not bad value at �2.59 a pint.

14 Oct 2009 20:23

The Pheasant, Harlington

Very good pub if you're staying in one of the Heathrow hotels nearby. London Pride was excellent and a very reasonable �3/pint, especially for the area. Food was also excellent and extremely good value - the portions are huge. ( I had scampi - Imagine a plate one foot square and divide into quarters. One quarter was scampi, one quarter was salad and two quarters were chips, all piled high.) It would probably have been enough for two people, so bear this in mind when ordering.

14 Oct 2009 17:59

The Thatched House, Exwick

It seems that I'm the only person who can be bothered to write anything about the Thatch!
Haven't been in since they upped the price of Abbot to �3 a pint a few months ago, and I won't be in again until the price of similar strength beers in other local pubs rises to match it. It's only a short walk to the Great Western, which does the similar strength 'Jail Ale' at �2-80 and for those of us on low incomes, that's a big difference.
[They're doing a special deal on the IPA at �1-99 a pint at the moment - surely the rise in the price of Abbot isn't to subsidise the cheap IPA?]

9 Sep 2009 21:48

Village Inn, Exwick

4 months on and the price of Jail Ale in the Village doesn't seem so bad compared to the �3/pint for Abbot in the Thatch.
Meanwhile, the landlord has stopped his Sky subscription so you tend to get a nicer class of customer when the football is on, as the fans are elsewhere.

23 Aug 2009 22:47

The Imperial, Exeter

I can hear the music from the Michelmore's Charity Run over the other side of the river.


2 Jun 2009 20:33

The Anchor, Ripley

I would suggest giving this place a miss on a hot Sunday afternoon. It's far too popular.
The queue for the bar was out of the door (for beer, not just food).
We walked on to the Half Moon in Ripley and were probably served there before we would have been if we'd stayed in the queue at the Anchor.

27 May 2009 21:26

The Half Moon, Ripley

A very pleasant pub, just a short walk from the cricket pitch. Only a couple of beers on but the Surrey Hills Gilt Complex was very nice.
Unfortunately we had other pubs to visit otherwise we'd have stayed longer.

27 May 2009 21:22

The Sussex Oak, Warnham

The sort of village pub which people dream about.
Had a couple of lovely pints of Pilgrims Progress sitting out in the sun in the garden at the back. The only low point is that I can't afford to live near there.

27 May 2009 21:17

The Ditton, Long Ditton

A revisit to the Ditton and I have to revise my earlier opinion of the Ditton.
3 beers on, Youngs Ordinary, Sharps Doom Bar and Hop Back Summer Lightning all at a reasonable (for the area) �3-20 and all were very nice. The landlord and staff couldn't have been more pleasant and helpful and it was a very nice place to have a drop of well-kept beer on a hot Sunday afternoon.

27 May 2009 21:13

The Thatched House, Exwick

I really like The Thatch - the new licensees seem to be doing well. There are 3 beers on - Abbot, IPA and a guest of around 4% and they're all well kept. The food is excellent - the chef really knows his stuff and I find I'm eating there far more often than I should, considering my income.
If you're feeling hungry they advertise a 56 oz steak on the menu (but they need advance notice) and at least one person is known to have eaten one!

19 May 2009 20:36

The North Bridge Inn, Exeter

Seems to have re-opened.

19 May 2009 20:16

The Jolly Porter, Exeter

Seems to have re-opened, but without the nice Thai food. There are 3 handpumps (Deuchars, Doom Bar and Pride) but looking through the window on my way past, they rarely seem to be all on at the same time. Doom Bar seems to be the most commonly available - one of my least favourite Cornish beers, Deuchars is too weak and I don't think Pride travels well outside London, so I haven't been in to see if they're kept in good condition.

19 May 2009 20:15

The Poacher's Inn, Ide

It was a nice day so we took a walk over to Ide via the Lamb at Longdown. There's no change at the Poachers since our last visit. Still 5 beers on with a nice variety of strengths ranging from Branoc at 3.8% up to Cotleigh Buzzard at 4.8%. A nice pub, always worth the walk out from Exeter.

12 Apr 2009 19:26

Lamb Inn, Longdown

Very pleasant and worth the walk out from Exeter. There was Bombardier and Doom Bar on when we visited, plus the usual range of fizz beers and ciders.
The pub is split into two parts - a dining area on the right and a very comfortable seating and drinking area on the left, with real wood fires. The food menu looked good but we were just stopping for liquid refreshment on our way to Ide so didn't stop to try it.

12 Apr 2009 19:20

The Mitre, Paddington

Just a 10 minute walk from Paddington station, you can get an excellent pint of Special at the Mitre. They also had Ordinary and I think Deuchars and Bombardier as well if they take your fancy. They had some nice looking snacks, too, although we were only there for the beer.

The pub is a bit odd - they've left a lot of the original internal doors and some of them don't open. It would have been nice if they'd improved on the Victorian toilets and brought them up to 21st Century standards as well. Just two very intimate urinals and one sitty-down jobby is a bit antiquated (two in the lady's, I am told) for such a large pub. But it's still a very nice place to have a pint or two while waiting for your train back to civilization.

5 Apr 2009 18:26

Village Inn, Exwick

A few weeks ago, Bombardier and Jail Ale were both �2-75 a pint. Now Bombardier is �2-85 and Jail ale is �2-95.

A 20p increase in one go is a bit steep, I think. How much more will it go up after the budget?

I really don't think I can afford to drink at the Village any more.

5 Apr 2009 18:14

The North Bridge Inn, Exeter

The North Bridge seems to be closed. I was told that the Landlord finds it uneconomical to open at the moment.

4 Mar 2009 18:49

The Hub, Exeter

Hub is currently closed.

4 Mar 2009 18:47

Seamua O'Donnell's, Exeter

The Dodger is currently for sale (according to an article in the 'Express & Echo', 12th Feb 2009)..

13 Feb 2009 21:24

Seamua O'Donnell's, Exeter

Doesn't seem to be open anymore. I've heard a rumour that it's closed 'for refurbishment'.

9 Feb 2009 19:04

The Jolly Porter, Exeter

Seems to be closed, although there's nothing externally to say so. It hasn't been open whenever I've been past during the last couple of weeks, no matter what the time or day.The only difference is that the piece of paper at the door giving the opening times has been removed. Shame if it's permanent - they did nice Thai food, too.

9 Feb 2009 19:02

The Farmers Union, Exeter

Currently closed and available to let.

30 Jan 2009 20:07

The Thatched House, Exwick

The Thatch has re-opened and initial impressions are very good. Nice, friendly landlords and staff, the beer was good and the food menu looks interesting, generally using local ingredients.
It might take them a while to draw the old regulars back, but on first impressions they should succeed.

15 Jan 2009 21:19

The Double Locks, Exeter

Like many other Exeter residents, a Boxing Day trip to the Double Locks is part of Christmas - so I wasn't too surprised to find a rather long queue at the bar.
What was a bit surprising was the small notice on the bar to say that the toilets weren't working.


For those that don't know, this is a pub where the nearest public toilet is a good 3/4 hour walk away, on Exeter's Quay.
What do they expect their patrons to do, use the canal?
To be honest, I am surprised that a pub (or anywhere serving food and drink) is allowed to operate nowadays without working toilets for their customers.
We hurried back to the Quay for some relief, before finding somewhere else for out Boxing Day pint.

26 Dec 2008 16:34

The Ditton, Long Ditton

Rather pricey beer. I have not eaten there but my brother-in-law & his wife have, and they think that the food offers poor value for money.

24 Dec 2008 17:37

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

The best Christmas tree in Exeter!

24 Dec 2008 17:29

The Red Lion, Godalming

I originally went to Godalming to visit the Star but it was heaving (beer festival) so escaped round the corner to the Red Lion. Around 7 or 8 beers on, plenty of room to sit, very nice and comfortable. It was a bit messy, looked like they'd had some sort of Halloween party the previous evening and not tidied up. Beer was fine, though. If you don't like Great Danes, best give it a miss, though.

7 Nov 2008 20:37

The Star, Godalming

Picked the wrong day to visit this famous pub - a wet day when they had a beer festival on. Nowhere to sit and it was a bit cramped inside. The beer was good but I don't like standing to drink so only had the one. Will definitely return, though.

7 Nov 2008 20:32

The Prince Of Wales, Westcott

Very nice pub. Obviously recently done up, we were only there for the beer but others were eating and the food looked good and good value.
Very attentive landlord. The Pride was very good, too. If only he'd fill the glasses to the brim...

7 Nov 2008 20:27

The Garland, Redhill

Why this pub has been left out of 2009's Good Beer Guide, I can't imagine. Perhaps the new Landlord & Landlady annoyed the local CAMRA crowd. I had an excellent drop of 'Bonfire Boy' last week. An excellent pub, and a 'must visit' whenever I visit Redhill.

7 Nov 2008 20:24

The Home Cottage, Redhill

Well, we returned and it was much improved. Food was good, good service and (if you don't fancy Youngs) they had St Austell Tribute, too.

7 Nov 2008 20:19

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

As soon as I say that it's a bit shabby, they do up the Loco Bar. I wonder if Raj reads this? The green colour grows on you eventually - it's quite pleasant now - more like a cocktail bar!
If you don't like an excessive head on your beer, try and get one of the female staff to pull your beer rather than the main barman. Just because O'Hanlon's Port Stout is a stout doesn't mean that it has to be served up like a pint of Guinness with an inch of froth.
So, now that the Loco Bar's looking nice, can we have some new seats in the top bar as well, please?

19 Oct 2008 20:47

The First and Last Inn, Exeter

What an odd comment to make by krs360. I wonder if they've ever been inside? I've never noticed any druken fools in the road when I've passed by on the bus.

2 Oct 2008 22:47

Brass Monkey, Teignmouth

Took a trip out to Teignmouth recently and the Brass Monkey is as good, if not better than ever. Very nice drop of HSD, the place seems cleaner and lighter now that the smokers are all outdoors. If you've invested in a Devon and Cornwall Railcard it's only a couple of pounds return from Exeter, so it makes a good alternative to some of the Exeter pubs as it's only about a minute from the station - as long as the Last Great Western trains are running reasonably to time.

2 Oct 2008 22:40

The Thatched House, Exwick

Currently closed and available to let. Let's hope the new landlord (if anyone eventually takes it on) does a better job than the last. It'd be a shame if it closes for good.

2 Oct 2008 22:31

The Thatched House, Exwick

Rapidly going downhill and I wonder how much longer it can remain open, considering the lack of customers. The beer (when they have it) is fine, but more often than not there's none on. Likewise, the food is OK, but the landlord doesn't seem to care anymore.
We were in there on a Thursday evening at 8pm - only 4 people in - then the only beer on (Speckled Hen) ran out, no more beer 'til tomorrow - so we went home...

11 Sep 2008 22:18

The Gog and Magog, Plymouth

Unlike nearly everyone other reviewer, I thought this was a very nice place (and I'm no great fan of Wetherspoons, either). Visited late on a Saturday afternoon, the family area was very busy, only two people serving but we still got served quickly and pleasantly. The Jail Ale was as good as I've had anywhere else, too. Maybe it depends on the time of day when you go there, but I'd definitely visit again.

30 Aug 2008 22:48

Maritime Inn, Plymouth

Very pleasant. Only two beers on, but both of a good strength (Abbot and Summerskill's SQB). Pleasant service and the food menu looked good value too, so it's worth checking out if you're on the Barbican.

30 Aug 2008 22:38

The Fisherman's Arms, Plymouth

Oh no! The Fisherman's Arms is now a gastropub! My main reason for visiting Plymouth (for a good pint or three of HSD in pleasant surroundings) has now gone.

They still sell HSD but it's gone up from �2.50 to �2.95 and I can't really see the diners opting for a strong, characterful beer with their meal, so how long will it stay?

I'm sure that the new landlord/chef means well, but I really do question the need for a smart food-orinetated pub in the middle of a council estate. Why couldn't they have picked a run-down dump to do up, instead of a Good Beer Guide pub like the Fisherman's Arms?

A totally different clientele, and all the character has gone from what was once a really nice local. What a shame.

30 Aug 2008 21:37

The Imperial, Exeter

The choice in the Great Western was pretty poor, so we thought we'd take a walk up to the Imperial instead, to see what they had to offer.
It reminded us why we stopped going here, many years ago. I suppose that it's a bit better, now that there are some orderly queues for the beer - but really...
The only reason I can think of for going here is if you're too mean or poor to go somewhere better.

29 Aug 2008 22:50

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

Although I only visit it once a year (when I'm on the annual trip to London for the GBBF), I still maintain that it's one of the better Wetherspoons, and one of the few that I'll willingly go into.
If you fancy a decent meal rather than the usual 'spoons fare, there's a very good Thai restaurant just a few doors away, too...

29 Aug 2008 22:43

The Home Cottage, Redhill

Like many (but not all) of the Youngs pubs I've been in recently, they don't seem to care that much anymore. A poor selection of food (compared to in the past) and what we ordered took an age to arrive as well. The beer was good, and we'll probably return later this year in the hope that the Home Cottage gets back to being as good as it once was.

29 Aug 2008 21:48

The Inn On The Pond, Nutfield

A nice setting spoilt by over-priced beer. I think that �3.10 is a bit much for London Pride, but they're obviously charging what they think the market will bear. We only had the one before moving on.

29 Aug 2008 21:36

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

Excellent pub. Obviously very popular, when we visited there was a (well attended) quiz night soon to start at the back and some Hash House Harriers setting off from the front. The Special was good and I was told by the brother-in-law that the Ordinary was well up to scratch as well. The staff were extremely attentive - all-in-all we had a very good evening.

29 Aug 2008 21:32

The First and Last Inn, Exeter

I wouldn't like to drink Hop Back beers all of the time, but they do make a welcome change.
The First and Last is quite obviously a 'locals' pub, where you feel that the second time you went there you'd be remembered and welcomed.
There were 5 Hop Back beers on when we visited, plus a guest and draught cider, and the two that I tried were excellent. What makes it even better is that they must be the cheapest in Exeter (apart from Wetherspoons). It seems like a long time since I've got change from a fiver for 2 pints. Plus points are that there is an excellent fish and chip shop opposite as well!
Well worth a visit.

29 Aug 2008 21:01

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Seems to be getting shabbier by the minute. The handpumps in the Loco Bar are now purely for decoration (even if some of them do have pump clips) and all real ale is now pulled from the top bar pumps, so go up to the top bar to see what the full range is and order from there.
It really needs some money spending on it in order to attract the customers back (the bucket's been under the sink in the gents for ages). At one time recently, my wife and I were the only two people in the Loco Bar, at 9pm on a Saturday night - even though there were 9 beers on tap. Shame, really.

30 Jul 2008 20:58

Ebrington Arms, Braunton

Excellent pub. The Ebrington Arms is about a half hour walk north of Braunton and is definitely worth it. Excellent food, good beer and friendly staff. Couldn't ask for more!

22 Jun 2008 19:18

Mosaic, Exeter

Butlers is now called 'Mosaic'. According to a front page article in the local paper (The Express & Echo, Feb 4th 2008) the management have barred a regular for no other reason than the fact that he wasn't posh enough (he has a shaven head and tattoos on his neck). Apparently "It's now a high-class wine bar-cum-restaurant and it's expecting people to fit into that." Chris Davis, a spokesman for the pub's owners TCG, said "You can exclude anybody from a licenced premises and don't have to say why."
It's not the sort of pub I'd bother to frequent anyway, but I thought I'd warn people that if you've got a shaven head or tattoos, you probably won't be allowed in.

4 Feb 2008 18:34

Heavitree, Heavitree

The Horse & Groom is now called The Heavitree

2 Nov 2007 10:37

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Things are looking up at the Great Western. A full range of 9 real ales including 4 unusual guests these last few weeks, plus they've a new chef who produces some excellent bar meals.
Some years ago their restaurant was very well regarded - if the bar meals that we've eaten recently are anything to go by, it might be worth checking out Brunel's Restaurant again - the menu certainly looks interesting.

2 Nov 2007 10:34

The Poacher's Inn, Ide

There's a new landlord at the Poacher's, so we took a walk over there to see what it's like now. It's now open all day (including Sundays), which is useful after a long and thirsty walk from Exeter via Longdown (and the Lamb, which was shut). There were 5 beers on when we visited (Branoc, Yellowhammer, Barn Owl, Dorset Gold, Otter), and the O'Hanlon's Yellowhammer which we had was very nice. The food menu looks as good as ever and we'll be over to check it out for our wedding anniversary.
Still an excellent pub, possibly even better than it used to be - I only wish I could afford to live in Ide.

2 Sep 2007 22:33

Village Inn, Exwick

It's been a few years since I've visited the Village Inn. It obviously places heavy emphasis on live music and televised football as there are live music sessions (by quality local musicians) every Friday and Saturday, and what seemed to be every available live football match showing on the large screen television at the back of the pub. A game was on when I was there on Sunday afternoon, but it wasn't intrusive and it was still possible to have a normal conversation at the front of the pub.
There were two beers available - Otter Bright and Wadworths 6X. We had the Otter which was very nice.
There is a very large and well sheltered smoking area out the back. If you're a smoker the smoking area could be very important in your choice of pub, and the Village Inn is better than most that I've seen in this respect.
The Village Inn is about a quarter mile from Exeter St David's station - come out of the station, turn left, through the car park, turn left again over the level crossing and river, carry on for a few hundred yards and then turn right at the church.

12 Aug 2007 21:26

The Queens Head, Hammersmith

The Queens Head is part of the 'Chef and Brewer' chain. It's very pleasant inside, like a country pub and hard to believe that you're in London. The beer was fine, with a choice of Greene King IPA, Wells Bombardier and Old Speckled Hen when we visited. We had originally intended to just have a few beers and then move on to a restaurant to eat, but it was so pleasant in the Queens Head that we stayed. There was a good range of specials on the menu board, the food was fine, typical Chef & Brewer - nothing fancy but reasonably priced, the staff were friendly and we had a very good evening.

10 Aug 2007 20:21

The Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith

I can confirm the experiences of stevecole. When we went in and were scanning the handpumps for (nonexistent) Young's Special, we were approached by a waiter offering to find us a table for two. When we asked if we could get our own beer at the bar, he replied that 'we come and serve you at your table'. We made our excuses and left.
I don't know what Youngs are trying to do with their pubs, but our experiences of them since they stopped brewing and became just a pub owning company have been almost totally bad.

10 Aug 2007 20:12

The Fisherman's Arms, Plymouth

This is a particularly nice St Austell pub, as UlricVonBek says, tucked away in the back streets of the Barbican. I haven't been here for nearly 10 years, but it hasn't changed - quiet, good beer and friendly locals. The HSD was good and the cheapest I've had for some time. It's in the 2007 Good Beer Guide and well worth seeking out over the more obvious pubs on the Barbican if you fancy a quiet pint.

22 Jul 2007 17:32

The Queens Head Inn, Tirril

Stopped by here on the way back from a very thirst-making walk by Ullswater. A disappointing selection of beers from 'The Home of Tirril Brewery' - just Tirril 'Old Faithful' and Jennings 'Cumberland Ale'. The barman wasn't particularly friendly but the 'Old Faithful' was very nice anyway, pleasantly hoppy and served with a thick creamy head which made it very smooth. It's a pity that they don't use oversized glasses when serving beer this way, so that you get a pint of beer and not 9/10ths of a pint. Still, we were sufficiently impressed with the beer to get a 4 pint takeaway - and it was just as nice with no head on it later that evening.

12 Jul 2007 14:27

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

It might seem a bit churlish to complain that there are only 9 real ales available, but when you consider that just 2 of these are 'guest ales', it makes more sense. I can remember when beer buffs would come in to see what was available, consulting their palmtop computers to see if they'd tried them before - not any more.
Still an essential stop if you're anywhere in the vicinity of Exeter St David's Station, but it dearly needs a cellarman who is more interested in getting in some variety rather than the standard Archers and Cottage fare.

10 Jun 2007 11:37

The Old Fire House, Exeter

A very nice pub. When I first went in here I thought that it didn't sell Real Ale as I couldn't see any hand pumps - but they're at the back of the bar rather than the front, for some reason.

On the Sunday when I visited there was unobtrusive live music being played in the background, the food looked good (I'll be back later to try it) and the beer was good.

Well worth seeking out if you're in Exeter.

9 Jun 2007 18:08

The Hub, Exeter

The Three Fat Fish is now called 'The Hub'.

9 Jun 2007 18:02

Mill On The Exe, Exeter

Seems to be improving all the while and is now well worth a visit, even if they don't sell HSD. The 'Proper Job' is one of the better IPAs that you're liable to find in the UK, nice and bitter and well hopped and it's worth going to the Mill on the Exe for it alone. Let's hope they continue selling it. The food menu is varied and well priced, too. It's a pity that St Austell beers are expensive (not only in the Mill on the Exe, but in all of their pubs), but that's the only downside to a very pleasant pub.

9 Jun 2007 17:57

The City Gate Hotel, Exeter

There seem to be less and less reasons to visit the City Gate recently. The food menu used to be small but good with some very nice specials - now it seems to be based around pies or sausage and mash. There is a nice beer garden out the back which may come into its own when the smoking ban arrives, but as far as I'm concerned the only reason to go there is because it's about the only place in the city where you can get Young's Special - and even that tasted a bit unusual last week - almost like they'd forgotten to dry hop the cask. Have they changed the recipe again?

If you're not after Youngs beers in particular there are better options nearby.

9 Jun 2007 17:46

Chumleys, Exeter

Now closed. The building will become part of the 'Pitcher & Piano' bar chain from 16th March.

15 Mar 2007 16:27

Powder Monkey, Exmouth

A fairly typical Wetherspoons. The tables where we sat near the entrance were messy, covered in paper which looked like it had been left out in the rain - turned out to be the menus and paper place mats advertising the Sunday roast. Never did find the toilets and ended up using the ones in the bus station (just by the railway station) over the road instead.

The beer was fine, cheap as you would expect and the staff were friendly. With just one train an hour on Sundays, it's a good place to sit and wait with a beer if you've got some time to kill while waiting for the next train home.

26 Feb 2007 09:21

The City Gate Hotel, Exeter

If I didn't know that the City Gate is in the Good Beer Guide and in my experience is usually very good I could have got totally the wrong impression last Saturday evening. The music was over-loud making it difficult to have a conversation, the beer was served through tight sparklers (sparklers on Youngs beer? In a Youngs pub? Not if John Young were still alive) producing an excessive head which the indifferent staff were reluctant to top up, the Ordinary was cloudy. Terrible, and embarrasing to take my beer connoisseur friends there as well. How can a pub vary so much? It was excellent just two days earlier. I'd suggest that you go on any other day but a Saturday evening.

15 Jan 2007 13:53

The Devon Arms, Teignmouth

Popped into The Devon Arms Hotel looking for somewhere for a Sunday meal and a pint. It's a large pub, the main bar area was nice and cosy with a warm fire. There were 2 beers on - Spitfire and Princetown Dartmoor IPA. Both were served through a very tight sparkler, giving an almost 'creamflow' effect to the beer. Maybe that's the way they like their beer served in Teignmouth. Nevertheless, both beers were very nice. The food was cheap but good and lots of it, too.
There was a notice at the entrance saying that the Teignmouth Folk Club meet there. If you like singing with your beer (and if you don't) it's probably worth checking out what nights they meet.

15 Jan 2007 13:38

The St Kew Inn, St Kew

As far as I am aware the St Kew Inn is the only outlet for St Austell beers which are served straight from wooden barrels. The HSD served this way is glorious - thick, sweet and utterly delicious. The only downside of the pub is that you ideally need transport to get there. Try and find someone to drive you there and back, you won't be disappointed.

10 Jan 2007 15:03

The Blisland Inn, Blisland

The Blisland Inn is near Bodmin, just a short distance off the A30, on the edge of the only village green in Cornwall. It reminds me of how pubs used to be - a nice selection of beer (and cider) in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. One of the beers (or cider) is usually at a special price - I understand that this can vary throughout the day, so watch the prices prominently displayed on the pumps.

Well worth a visit.

10 Jan 2007 15:01

The Double Locks, Exeter

A year ago I said that this pub was 'a great disappointment' - primarily because it was the only Youngs pub I've ever visited that didn't have Youngs Special.
Well, I can report that it's still the same. The only Youngs beer that it had on this Boxing day was Ordinary - No Special, no Waggledance, no Winter Warmer, no Christmas Ale. As far as I'm concerned, as a Youngs pub it's still a great disapointment - John Young is probably turning in his grave. I returned to Exeter without stopping and had some excellent beer in the City Gate instead.

26 Dec 2006 22:48

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

A lot quieter than when I was here a year ago. No problem finding seats on a Friday or Saturday night (but then we were the only people in the Bombay Mix Indian restaurant down the road on the Saturday night as well - has something happened recently in Kemptown to keep people away?). The Old Trout could have been a bit fresher, but that didn't stop us drinking 5 pints.

7 Dec 2006 13:33

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

A nice, traditional friendly local - nothing fancy, plain wood-panelled walls, good Badger beers, very pleasant.

30 Oct 2006 13:58

The Garland, Redhill

More like a club for connoisseurs of Harvey's beers than a pub. Very civilised and friendly, the beer was excellent too. A choice of 8 were available when I visited, including the delicious 'Star of Eastbourne'. (I understand that if a Harvey's beer is available, then you'll be able to get it here.) The only minor grouse is the high cost of the seasonal brews (�2.90 for Star of Eastbourne, �2-95 for Bonfire Boy).

30 Oct 2006 13:52

The Churchill Inn, Churchill

You could easily miss the Churchill Inn as you pass through Churchill on your way to Bristol Airport, but it's well worth visiting.

They have 2 real ales (Greene King Abbot and Butcombe bitter when I visited), both at �2-40 and both served straight from the cask. (There is a special, cooled area behind the bar where 4 barrels are kept.) I only tried the Abbot, which was delicious and served just the way I like it - full glass with just a lacing of froth at the top.

There are two distinct areas, the main (smoking) part of the bar and a no-smoking area which is used as a restaurant - although you can eat or drink in either side if you want.

The food is exceptionally good. The French chef does a full � la carte menu, but if you want something a bit simpler and cheaper there is a good selection of '2 for �10-95' meals. For the pastry lover who despairs at the typical pub version of a pie (usually no more than a stew with a ridiculously thick slab of puff pastry perched on the top), I can report that the Beef and Guinness pie is a proper pie, has a thin, shortcrust pastry top, sides and bottom and is delicious.

There are many bed & breakfast places in Churchill, which is only 10 minutes from Bristol Airport, so if you've got an early flight consider staying in Churchill and having a meal and a few pints at the Churchill Inn before you fly.

26 Sep 2006 16:53

The Exeter Arms Hotel, Exeter

The Exeter Arms is a large, rambling pub/Toby Carvery/hotel near the Devon & Cornwall police headquarters at Middlemoor.

It looks tatty both inside and out and could do with a bit of money spending on it - either that or being demolished and rebuilt.

Most Toby Carveries have a local beer available but the pumps had no clips on them when I visited. Never mind, they do a perfectly acceptable wine at �6 a bottle.

The carvery was remarkably cheap and although nothing fancy was again, quite acceptable, so if you're travelling on the M5 and want some refreshment it could be worth your while turning off at Junction 30 and travelling the three quarters of a mile to here rather than using the Sandy Gate services.

There is a lot of new housing going up in this part of Exeter and there are no other pubs for a quite a long way. If you're thinking of buying a house in this part of the City and your local is important to you I'd check it out before making a decision to buy - you might want to look in another area.

21 Aug 2006 16:00

The Salutation, Hammersmith

My problem with the Salutation might not be anything to do with the pub - it might just be Fuller's company policy. If so, I apologise to the Salutation.
It's many years since I've been in a position to enjoy an evening in a Fullers pub. The problem with Fullers beers for me was that I was brought up on Greene King Abbot and later Young's Special, so I prefer my beers to be around 4.8% ABV (this was before the strengths of both beers was changed). London Pride at 4.1% is what I'd call a 'lunchtime beer' - a bit too weak for evening drinking. ESB on the other hand, is a bit too strong at 5.5%. Then I discovered the wonderful drink called 'Mixed' - half a pint of ESB and half a pint of London Pride in the same glass. Not only do the two beers blend together wonderfully, but it's just the right strength for me, too.
So I was suprised when the barmaid didn't understand what I wanted, and was then told by a man (the manager?) (in a rather gruff manner, I thought) that they don't do mixed, because I'd been looking forward to a few. Oh well, so it had to be ESB after all.
Now I've been drinking pints of beer for nearly 40 years. My hand has got used to a straight pint glass and I don't expect my beer to come in what can only be described as an oversized wine goblet - even if it does hold a pint and has got ESB on the side. It's not comfortable to hold and I don't know where I am or how much I've drunk with a goblet. I suppose �2-70 a pint is typical London prices for beer of that strength, but I don't enjoy my beer when it's that sort of price, even though it was an excellent pint of ESB.
What a shame. After one pint I deserted the Salutation in favour of the Plough & Harrow up the road, where my excellent pints of St Austell HSD were served in a nice straight glass and were only �1-79 as well.

7 Aug 2006 12:00

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

There are two Wetherspoons pubs in Hammersmith. One is a dark and dingy hole, all that is horrible about Wetherspoons. The other is The Plough & Harrow, which is all that is good about Wetherspoons.
It's big but not too big. It was busy but not too busy or noisy. The staff are friendly. The beer was served well and the food was nice. And it's cheap, of course.
It's the first time that I've seen a TV in a Wetherspoons - but it was silent with subtitles, so it didn't intrude unduly.
I can't think why people drink anywhere else in Hammersmith.

7 Aug 2006 11:52

The Ring of Bells Inn, North Bovey

The Ring o'Bells is that sort of idyllic country pub you dream about - thatched roof, beams, deep in the Devon countryside only reached after negotiating ridiculously narrow lanes with undergrowth on either side concealing large granite boulders to damage the door panels of unwary drivers' cars.

They had three beers when I visited, St Austell Dartmoor best, Otter Ale & 6X plus Grays cider (from Tedburn St Mary) on draught. I think that the Otter alternates with Bass. They also do food.

Unfortunately I didn't like it. It's the sort of pub rich people go to for a Sunday lunch. Many of the tables were reserved when we arrived (presumably people have telephoned and ordered their meals beforehand, because the tables were still empty and still reserved when we left). The beer was expensive to my mind (�2-40 for the 3.9% ABV Dartmoor Best and �2-55 for the others) and the price of the food matched the price of the beer. Personally, I think that �8-95 for liver & bacon with mash is a bit pricey - I mean, how expensive is liver in the butchers? The whole pub somehow lacked atmosphere - but maybe it's different in the evening.

If you don't want to damage the sides of your car or are not too confident about reversing up narrow lanes, North Bovey can easily be reached on foot from Moretonhampstead, which is on good bus routes from Exeter, Plymouth, Newton Abbot & Okehampton - just walk along Pound Street opposite the Co-op supermarket and follow the signs to North Bovey. It takes about 45 minutes.

24 Jul 2006 10:18

The Jolly Porter, Exeter

This is the first time I've visited the Jolly Porter since its refurbishment earlier this year. It was certainly in need of tidying up and they've done a good job. The Jolly Porter is grade II listed and they've taken care to make it nice without ruining it's character. It's now very attractive both inside and out and is a very pleasant pub in which to have a drink.

There was a good range of beers available, Theakston's 'Best', Sharpes Doombar, London Pride and Abbot were on when I visited and I believe they usually have Courage Directors too. The Doombar was excellent and reasonably priced, too.

There's a lot of choice of drinking places near St David's Station. I think the Jolly Porter is the nicest and is well worth a quick visit if you've time to kill while waiting for your train.

24 Jul 2006 10:13

The Plymouth Inn, Okehampton

During the summer Devon County Council tries to encourage the population to use public transport by sponsoring the 'Dartmoor Sunday Rover'. This is a �5 combined bus/rail ticket which enables you to travel around Dartmoor and the surrounding area on the buses and trains. They also run a special train from Exmouth to Okehampton (buy the ticket from the conductor on the train, not available in the station ticket offices, cash only). So a pleasurable Sunday can be had touring many of Dartmoor's pubs, if you're that way inclined.
There's not much to do in Okehampton on a Sunday, unless you're a walker or cyclist. The only thing that seems to be open (apart from the pubs) is Okehampton Castle (English Heritage, �3 entry), so after working up a thirst climbing to the top and admiring the view take a walk back into the main part of town, turn left and you'll find The Plymouth Inn just over the bridge on the other side of the road.
When I visited they had 2 beers direct from the stillage behind the bar, Sharp's Doom Bar and the lovely Skinner's Betty Stogs, both at an extremely reasonable �1-90 a pint. Pleasant banter from the locals made it all the more enjoyable, and I can't think of a nicer way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Allow at least 20 minutes to get back up the rather steep hill to the station.
The Plymouth Inn is a lovely pub. As well as excellent value beer, they have a nice restaurant, a pleasant beer garden out the back and do takeaway pizzas, too. Well worth a visit.

17 Jul 2006 16:13

The White Hart Hotel, Exeter

VERY expensive beer when I visited. Full of students, who are probably the only people in Exeter who can afford to drink there. Fortunately, I was there for a function upstairs and didn't have to pay for anything after the first pint.

11 Jul 2006 13:59

The Mariners Arms, Braunton

If you just relied on the 'Good Beer Guide' you'd think that there were no decent pubs in North Devon. I can only asssume the the CAMRA people want to keep them to themselves and discourage the rest of us from visiting them, because the Mariners Arms is an excellent pub. When I visited they had 5 beers available, Courage Best, Exmoor Ale, Exmoor Gold, Bombardier & Speckled Hen. I only tried the Bombardier & Speckled Hen - both were very good. I'd guess that the pub has recently been redecorated because everything looked nice and clean and fresh - it was a particularly pleasant place to have a few beers. Considering that it was a Saturday night, it was fairly quiet, too.

There was a section of the pub which seemed to be dedicated to food and the meals that I saw others eating looked very nice, but I was only in Braunton for one night and I really wanted some of the famous Squires fish & chips, which I haven't had for quite a few years. They're still some of the best you'll ever eat.

10 Jul 2006 13:53

The Passage House Inn, Topsham

A very pleasant pub to wile away the time on a Sunday afternoon. They have a large open air seating area by the river, just over the road, where it's nice to sit and drink your beer and watch the world go by.
There were 4 draught beers when I visited and the Otter Ale, which is served directly from the cask, is very nice too.
Food seems to be served all day as well, an added bonus.

2 Jul 2006 19:05

The Bell, Moretonhampstead

I find it odd that a pub in such a well-known tourist area (Dartmoor) should stop serving food at 2pm on a Sunday in the summer, and call last orders at 2.30.
The St Austell Dartmoor Best Bitter was very nice, but a bit rushed. Pity we missed the food.

2 Jul 2006 18:57

The Red Cow, Exeter

Red Cow's gone!

28 Jun 2006 20:01

The Red Cow, Exeter

The Red Cow is currently in the process of being demolished, so I think that it's reasonable to assume that it won't be opening ever again and remove it from the database. The owner wants the site for housing, although planning permission has been refused so far.

1 Jun 2006 13:58

The Buccaneer Inn, Gunnislake

A large pub dominated by a pool table, obviously a local's pub but still very friendly towards us strangers. There was only one real ale available, but that was (the fairly unusual) Black Pearl from Truro brewers Wooden Hand and at a very reasonable price as well.

24 May 2006 14:06

The Boot Inn, Calstock

There are 3 pubs in Calstock and it's easy to miss out on the Boot Inn in preference to those on the more picturesque Quay.
The Boot is well worth visiting, though. The pub is centuries old and has been updated inside in a very civilised manner. Pleasant jazz was playing in the background and the Sharp's Doombar that I drank was very nice indeed.
I have heard that they are well known for their food as well, but I was only there for the beer.

24 May 2006 14:00

The Edgcumbe Hotel, Bere Alston

A large, friendly pub with 2 bars and a beer garden. Two Sharp's beers were available when I visited, Eden Ale and Doombar. The pub is about 20 minutes walk from the station and worth the detour if you are passing through.

24 May 2006 13:51

The Masons Arms, Bodmin

The Masons is a regular appearance in 'The Good Beer Guide', and it's easy to see why. The beer is consistently good and they serve good food in the restaurant round the back (down the stairs, mind your head). The last time I was in there they had 3 barrels on their stillages on the bar, kept cool with ice packs. I don't know if this is to be a permanent arrangement, but the beer was good - glass full to the brim, no head, just like I like it.

24 May 2006 13:44

The Olde Plough Inn, Bere Ferrers

The Olde Plough is one of the pubs on the 'Tamar Valley Line Rail Ale Trail', which encourages you to travel on the scenic Tamar Valley Line from Plymouth to Gunnislake and visit the many real ale pubs on the way. You need to plan your itinerary carefully. Do not make the same mistake that I did and arrive here at 3.03pm because the pub is closed from 3.00pm to 7.00pm, and Bere Ferrers on a Saturday afternoon is as exciting as a Welsh Sunday. Even the tiny village shop/Post Office is closed and there is little else to do in Bere Ferrers during the 2 hour 24 minute wait for the next train but walk to Bere Alston (about 50mins), have a couple of pints in the Edgcumbe Hotel and get the train from there. If you look back during the walk there are some fine views of the Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge and the Tamar Valley.

22 May 2006 11:40

The St George and Dragon, Exeter

This pub is one of the 'Vintage Inns' chain from Mitchells & Butlers so the emphasis is on a good selection of pub food. Nevertheless, the beer is also excellent. They had St Austells Tribute and Bass available when I visited and the Tribute was the nicest pint of Tribute I've ever had. The glass was full to the brim, too.
The food was also very pleasant.
The pub is on the main Exeter to Exmouth road, just by the turn off to Topsham and is well worth visiting, particularly if you want a nice meal with your beer.

15 May 2006 09:56

The Wheatsheaf, Harlington

What a nice pub. Friendly staff, good beer (they had Courage Best & Palmers Copper Ale when I visited recently) and an excellent selection of good value food from as little as a toasted sandwich to a full roast meal.
This pub is only a few minutes walk away from the many Heathrow hotels in Bath Road (or get a 140 bus) so make a point of visiting the Wheatsheaf instead of the hotel bar if you're using the airport and staying in any of them.

12 May 2006 13:43

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

I've been drinking here for over 8 years. While it might not be as good as when Trevor was manager, it's still an amazing place for real ale. What other pub can you go into to be greeted by a row of 9 handpumps, with another 9 in the 'Loco Bar'? Recently they seem to have settled on 6 regular ales (Branoc, Landlord, Bass, London Pride & O'Hanlon's Yellowhammer & Royal Oak) plus up to 6 guest ales. I can forgive the rather tatty decorations when I've got a choice of 12 different beers to drink!

3 Feb 2006 13:38

The Thatched House, Exwick

The landlord has spent quite a bit on internal and external decoration and new thatch, so the pub now looks very nice - you'd expect it to be out in the country rather than in a city. Speckled Hen has gone and been replaced with Ruddles County, so there is a better spread of beer strengths.

The food has gone up a bit in price but it is a very popular place for meals (If you don't want to sit for a meal there is a good Chinese takaway about 100 yards away). There is a separate no smoking area which is good for some, too.

The darts board, darts team and football teams have gone, taking some of the locals with them, but it is still very much a local's pub. It is also dog friendly, which is handy for those that walk their dogs around the playing fields nearby.

27 Jan 2006 13:35

Marshals, Barnstaple

Marshals is the only pub in central Barnstaple in the 'Good Beer Guide' - yet it seems to be quite a 'locals' pub. There are fines (for charity) for using a mobile phone so remember to turn yours off (or at least keep it silent) before going in.
When I visited, there appeared to be 3 beers on handpump - but only 2 pumps (one handpump had 2 clips). Possibly one of these was gravity dispense? Bass seems the regular beer, although I tried one from Archers (Archers seem to brew so many different beers that I've given up trying to remember the names of them) which was very pleasant. They do lunchtime meals if you're in Barnstaple shopping, so it's a worthwhile stop for a rest, a beer and a bite.

27 Jan 2006 13:21

The Beer Engine, Newton St Cyres

The Beer Engine has recently been taken over, but the beer is still the same and it's still an excellent pub to visit - good beer, nice open fire in the winter, nice places to sit outside in the summer. I'll be back to try the food later in the year.
I tried the Piston Bitter (4.6% ABV) and the Sleeper Heavy (5.4% ABV) - both very nice. The Sleeper Heavy had an unusual pricing on the board behind the bar - �1-25 a half or �2-60 a pint. Not sure if it was a mistake or what. The beer is also served in lined glasses so don't make a fool of yourself and ask for a top-up.
The pub is only a few yards from Newton St Cyres station (first stop from Exeter on the Exeter to Barnstaple line). Most of the trains which stop there are request stops, so you have to tell the ticket inspector on the train that you will want to get off, and you will also have the pleasure of standing on a (possibly) dark platform with your hand out, trying to make sure that the train driver sees you when you want to go home. It is not a platform for the elderly or infirm either, as it's about a two foot step down from the train - after a few pints of Sleeper Heavy the memory of how we got back up later that evening are a little vague....

26 Jan 2006 14:35

The Wig and Pen, Truro

You'd be forgiven for thinking that you'd walked into a cafe or restaurant when you enter this pub - they seem to specialise in good value food - not only the regular type of pub fare but a good selection of home made meals as well. It was pretty busy with eaters when I visited so the food must be OK, but I was only concerned with the St Austell HSD which was very nice indeed, glass topped up without being asked, too. I enjoyed it so much that I had to have another. They also had Tribute & IPA when I visited but I can get those closer to home so didn't bother to try them.
Definitely a pub worth visiting if you're in Truro.

20 Jan 2006 13:21

The Double Locks, Exeter

A great disappointment. A boxing day walk to the Double Locks has been one of our family traditions for years, but going by today's experience we'll be looking elsewhere in 2006. The food menu seems to have been vastly reduced (not that I could really afford to eat at the Double Locks anyway)as has the beer range. I can't comment on the quality of the food, but it's one of the few times that I've been there when more people seemed to be drinking than eating. The toilets are still a disgrace - I thought that they'd applied for planning permission to put in some new ones years ago?

The most damning thing, however, is the lack of Young's Special. Once before in my beer drinking life I've been in a Youngs pub where they didn't have Special because the bar staff were incapable of changing the barrel, but this is the first one that I've ever been in where they don't actually stock it.

If you are passing by you might want to stop and have a beer here, but I wouldn't bother making a special trip to what was once a magical pub.

26 Dec 2005 21:29

The Ranelagh, Brighton

Went in with the intention of ordering a beer but the atmosphere made my eyes water before I could even get to the bar. They could certainly do with some smoke extractors! If you don't smoke you probably won't like it here.

12 Dec 2005 14:03

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

I tend to stick to the Olde Trout here. I've found that all of the Kemptown beers have a very strong flavour - Fine if you start on them, but if you come here after drinking something a little less robust it can take a few pints to get used to them. The Hand in Hand is small and always seems full whenever I've visited, but I've never failed to get a seat. An essential stop when I go to Brighton.

12 Dec 2005 13:59

Mill On The Exe, Exeter

I think that The Mill on the Exe is probably St. Austell's most easterly pub. I haven't visited it for a while (not since they stopped serving HSD). There were 3 beers on when I visited it yesterday - Tinner's, Admiral's Ale and Tribute.

They use sparklers to dispense the beer, which I think ruins the flavour of St. Austell beers. If you want to be pedantic you could ask them to remove the sparkler, as my Cornish friend does (he's not very popular in some of St. Austell's pubs because of this). Watch out for the barman who seems to be unable to pull a slow pint and gives you an inch of froth. They're Cask Marque approved, so don't be afraid to ask for it to be topped up.

The beer is outrageously expensive for Exeter and the South West. My pint of Admiral's Ale (4% ABV) was �2-50. If you're not that concerned about watching the canoeists on the river, walk back into town where (for example) you can have an excellent pint of Young's Winter Warmer (5% ABV) in The City Gate for 5p less.

21 Nov 2005 14:19

The New Prince, Surbiton

Very nice Gales pub. Nice & smart & clean. 4 beers on handpump - the HSB I had was very good so didn't try the others. Worth seeking out.

31 Oct 2005 15:55

The Maypole, Surbiton

Definitely an old mans' pub. Big TV screen and people playing cards (looked like brag?). A bit scruffy but no worse than many. Only 2 beers on tap when I went there (Youngs Ordinary & Flowers). Had to ask for them to be topped up - but there again, when the barrel ran out & they were cleaning the pipes, the barman went & drew 3 pints from the barrel for us to save us waiting. One major advantage - No children allowed!

31 Oct 2005 15:51

The Wyndham Arms, Salisbury

I was put off this place - My wife & I were standing at the bar being served and 3 women just walked in and stood in front of us - no 'excuse me' or anything - and started chatting to the man next to us. Despite what other people have said, I didn't think the place was particularly friendly - and I don't much care for Hop Back beers either. These pale straw coloured beers which they seem to specialise in always seem to to me to be a bit lacking in character.

26 Oct 2005 12:33

The Pheasant, Salisbury

I went in here on a Saturday night and the place was dead - about half a dozen (Thai?) women eating and about four men, plus a couple sitting in the corner. It seemed odd because the place is huge. There were 3 real ales - London Pride, Ringwood Best & Courage Best. The Pride I had was fine, but a bit expensive (I think) at �2-60 a pint - but then Pride always does seem to be expensive for its strength anyway.

26 Oct 2005 12:19

The Fox and Hounds Hotel, Eggesford

This is a large country hotel just a few hundred yards from Eggesford Station (on the Exeter to Barnstaple line). When I visited it there were 3 real ales on - the delectable O'Hanlon's Firefly, Royal Oak and Bombardier. Plus, for the cider fans, the excellent Sam's medium on draught (the nearest thing to the old Inch's cider you're likely to get).

There are some nice forest walks nearby so it's a handy place for some refreshment before going home, and the hotel has access to the River Taw if you want a riverside stroll. They do fishing packages if you want to fish for trout, salmon etc as well.

The bar is very plush and comfortable, and the beer that I tried was well kept.

2 Sep 2005 18:02

Brass Monkey, Teignmouth

One of the few St Austell pubs in Devon. Usually 3 real ales on tap, including HSD (which seems to be getting harder to find nowadays). Has a large screen TV & is Cask Marque so the beer should be in good condition. A nice, friendly pub. If I lived in Teignmouth I'd make it my local.

5 Jul 2005 13:44

The Blue Anchor Inn, Teignmouth

This is a right 'rough and ready' pub. One half of the pub is dedicated to a pool table, all the seats and tables are crammed into the other half. I can't say I cared for the sort of people in there and the language they used (including the women). The beer range is fine, there is a good selection of real ales ranging from 3.6% to 5% and they were well served. Pity about the customers, though.

4 Jul 2005 09:31

The Rose and Crown, Wimbledon Village

I stayed in the hotel part of the pub for 2 nights recently, so naturally I drank there. The Special and Ordinary were up to scratch, and even though it was extremely busy on the Friday the staff weren't fazed by my order of a coffee for the sister-in-law. The Rose & Crown seems a bit 'nicer' than the Dog & Fox just down the road, where they had HP sauce on the tables.

The food is pretty good for pub food, (my wife thought that the sauce on her kedgeree was unexpected, but tasty), they have a large seating area (inside and out) and do barbecues as well - but there are loads of restaurants in Wimbledon village so the competition for eating must be fierce.

As far as the hotel part of the pub is concerned, the rooms are very good (despite being over the pub, it was very quiet) and the breakfasts are excellent.

24 Jun 2005 16:23

The Jolly Porter, Exeter

The Jolly Porter is 'Closed Until Further Notice' according to the sign on the door. (Good job too, considering the way it's deteriorated in the last couple of months).

24 Jun 2005 15:49

The Regency Tavern, Brighton

I visited here (for the second time) after hunting around Brighton on a Friday evening looking for a place where I could drink good beer while sitting down. Seats were available - not surprising when you consider that the price of a pint of Early Bird is �2-80 and a pint of Bishops Finger �2-85! Quality of the beer was good, they still do the Birthday celebrations, the decorations are the same - a 'must visit' - but to me the prices are as over the top as the decor.

5 Jun 2005 20:18

The Royal Oak, Ifield

I always go here when I've got a flight from Gatwick - It's near the B&B that I stay in. Friendly crowd, good beer (usually 3 real ales) and good pub food. My only complaint was that the last time I visited (Fri 22/4/05) it was busy with the 'Friday evening drink after the office' crowd and was incredibly smokey - made my eyes water and I smelled like a kipper when I came out. They need some good ventilation near the bar.

2 Jun 2005 13:01

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