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Comments by TommyRogers1979

The Rose and Crown, Tooting Bec

Reborn as a trendy craft beer pub, and though I would normally lament such a development I have to say it is very good. Loads of beers on (mostly of the American pale ale variety), good vino for the ladies, and 2-4-1 pizza on a Monday, could become a regular haunt!

10 Jun 2017 18:16

The Nine Giants, Llanishen

A bit of a bargain basement food and booze factory, but it does it prettty well. Had a nice enough lunch for not much cash with elderly auntie and uncle, and it does feel a bit like gods waiting room. Great garden out the front thoug, and we will go back for a summers afternoon sometime soon!

10 Jun 2017 18:12

The Thirsty Bear, London

Our work local and we love it. Burgers are awesome, loads of beers and ales available and stays open laaaate. Sometimes a long and tedious queue for the bar and it sometimes gets a bit crowded downstairs, but very good all round! Have woken up with many a sore head from the bear!

10 Jun 2017 18:10

The Sportsman, Goddard Green

Went in today with the Mrs and the outlaws for her mums birthday. Great spread, and a good range of ales on. Had a couple of pints of the mosaic pale ale after being invited to taste a couple before buying. Friendly staff, will def go back.

10 Jun 2017 18:06

The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo

Utterly ruined now it's been taken over by the trendies. My two mates prefer it now but it has none of the charm of the old place. What is wrong with this Country?!

29 Aug 2016 21:38

The Three Crutches, Strood

Looks lovely from the outside, but once you enter you see a sign reminding patrons swearing and shouting will not be tolerated. All goes downhill from there. Had a decent enough fish and chips and the Mrs has a sausage baguette, surrounded by tattooed locals smoking fags while holding their babies. Truly grim clientele, won't return, not even if starving and dying of thirst.

29 Aug 2016 21:35

The Dukes Head, Tadworth

Excellent pie and chips, stroganoff could've done with a bit more rice though!! Great pub for Sunday lunch though, ales not sampled but plenty of locals enjoying a Sunday pint or five. Busy in the car park, with plenty of tw4ts parking 4x4 across two spaces...!

31 Jul 2016 22:34

The Freemasons Tavern, Hove

Sister in law had her 40th birthday in here last night. Excellent welcome from the staff, great spread, and great selection of beers on offer. Will go back in for a few Brighton gins next time we're in town!! Recommended!

31 Jul 2016 22:29

The Bolingbroke, Battersea

Leg three of the latest pub bike tour. A delicious pint of unspecified ale (hywel was in the chair) and sat outside chatting to a Tarquin who lived nearby. Would definitely go again.

30 May 2016 10:26

The Lighthouse, Battersea

Always wanted to pop in. Made the mistake of ordering a large that they only 2/3 pints, seriously?! Full of what looked like ex public school estate agents and their braying other halves. Wouldn't bother again.

30 May 2016 10:25

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

A bit too right on for its own good. But nice ales and a friendly welcome. Don't know what my problem is really, other than a general sense of unease at the self satisfaction oozing out of every pore of staff and punters alike,

25 Mar 2016 22:14

The Asparagus, Battersea

Mixed feelings, a nice pint of Guinness on paddys day, but I'm not sure why so many of my fellow patrons thought that a wetherspoons makes an ideal after school club. Depressing numbers of kids in school uniform in there with parents chugging a few pints.

25 Mar 2016 22:12

The Marquis, Covent Garden

I love this place. Me and the missus always pop in before and after trips to the national gallery. Four good ales on and lowenbrau. Have a filthy hangover this morning though, and I blame it on the lowen! Great boozer and the food looked good too.

21 Feb 2016 16:50

The Famous 3 Kings (F3K), West Kensington

Pub grub for two with drinks for twenty quid, in London. Say no more, ace, ale not sampled but good selection, will be return.

6 Feb 2016 23:02

The Rising Sun, Isleworth

In a state of extreme hunger, and not wanting to either get ripped off by youngs or share the dining room with a million screaming brats, we ventured in, on the grounds it looked like a "proper pub". Extremely warm welcome and well kept ale, but the less said about the roast the better really. Overlooked veg decomposed into an indeterminate mush very quickly, and the "roast chicken" had clearly been nowhere near an oven (other than the micro variety). I feel quite queasy thinking about it to be honest. Bleugh!

Still, what do you expect for 6.95 in London I guess. At least the barman (who was a dead ringer for Jim Bowen) told us a joke. Got the feeling he's been using same gag for years.

1 Nov 2015 17:45

The Inn On The Pond, Nutfield

changed hands recently from independent to Shepherd Neame. While this means the food is substantially cheaper, it's now also much lower quality. shame, as this used to be a great destination for Sunday lunch. Not much more than another chain pub now.

6 Oct 2015 15:29

The Castell Mynach Inn, Pontyclun

Decent feed, hit and miss service. Wouldn't go out of my way to revisit.

26 May 2015 22:45

The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo

Great old mans boozer, good ales, friendly staff and good outside seating. Will definitely return!

26 May 2015 22:42

Flora Sandes, Thornton Heath

Went in with the boys on match day. Good few pints of cheap lager, no bother, and friendly staff. Would return if in the area, definitely a reasonably good example of a spoons!

26 May 2015 22:39

The Elsinore, Whitby

Loved the welcome, the beer and the marine memorabilia on the walls! Would have loved to have lingered but curry was calling.

18 Apr 2015 09:56

Golden Lion, Whitby

This was over favourite watering hole in town. Good selection of ales, although I was on the lagers so didn't sample. Vy friendly welcome and the communal seating arrangement facilitates a good bit of banter with strangers! Would definitely go back.

18 Apr 2015 09:54

The Board Inn, Whitby

Blimey. The decor of this place is somewhat reminiscent of the working mens club my Grandad frequented in the 1980s. Friendly welcome, but the average age of the clientele matched the age of the decor when we popped in. Worth a visit if thirsty from walking up the. Abbey steps.

18 Apr 2015 09:52

Duke of York, Whitby

A bit of an odd one. Beer very tasty and good views over harbour as others have noted. But an overpowering smell of bar food, which really put us off from dwelling. Much better than gods waiting room next door mind.

18 Apr 2015 09:49

The Endeavour, Whitby

Everyone in Whitby raved about this place but I'm not sure what all the fuss was about. It was certainly full. Decent ale, bit for me worth heading across to the fleece instead.

18 Apr 2015 09:46

The Raynes Park Tavern, Raynes Park

A great little find! Popped in before a wedding in the area and had a delicious large fish and chips, jacket spud, vino and pint of bud (forgive me!) all for twenty quid! Bonkers! We lingered for a couple more we liked it so much. Cheap but very cheerful.

18 Apr 2015 09:43

The Elephant and Castle, Elephant and Castle

Probably the least bad of the three pubs around the roundabout. But that's probably the best that can be said for this place. Would you like fosters, fosters, or...ERM...fosters? Pint of fosters it is then. Less imminent sense of violence than in Chaplin's or the Rockingham though.

29 Mar 2015 14:36

The Rockingham Arms, Elephant and Castle

Together with the nearby elephant and castle pub and Charlie chaplins , the Rockingham arms makes up a trio of horrific booze factories around the e&c roundabout. Had some decent ales and a standard wetherburger, but Jesus h Corbett, the clientele are a mixed bag. Only go if in the company of several large men and not easily intimidated.

29 Mar 2015 14:32

Charlie Chaplin, Elephant and Castle

I can't compete with Alex wards epic review of 2013 below (a must read!) but just to confirm everything he said is still true in 2015. I thought places like this only existed in ken loach films. Unremitting horror.

29 Mar 2015 14:16

Kings Head, Mayfair

What a great find! A nicholsons pub, so expected to smell of brown food, but to be fair it was beautiful inside and food looked great. Lovely pint of trumans and a good vino for the lady. Will be back if in the area.

15 Feb 2015 22:09

The Friend at Hand, Bloomsbury

Typical Taylor walker place with the smell of brown food and bleach aroma wafting out of the bogs. Plenty of ales on though, as well as excellent portobello lager. Wouldn't rush back though.

7 Feb 2015 17:46

The Calthorpe Arms, Holborn

Went in for a couple last night after watching the rugby at the nearby london welsh centre. Lovely couple of pints of meantime and sat at the bar for a chat with the friendly staff. Can't remember much else about the place though as I'd had several pints of brains' during the game! Would def go back.

7 Feb 2015 17:44

The Manor Arms, Streatham

My third review on this place (it keeps evolving in our view!). We went in for the quiz last week and it was ace. Great rack of ribs too. Always a wide selection of ales and the keg shipyard IPA is....amazing. Becoming our local!

26 Jan 2015 22:23

The Grasshopper on the Green, Westerham

Well the girlfriend reckons it's her new number one for a Sunday lunch out. I'm not totally there but at the same time I can't think of anywhere we've been recently that tops it. Great big piece of cod with loads of chips and peas (and not in a Poncey ramekin!). Excellent homemade chilli for her. Sat upstairs in busy restaurant and enjoyed excellent service. Great pint of Churchill, would have loved a few more but was in the car. Roaring log fire, will be back for a pint and sandwich downstairs with the footy as soon as the nearby Quebec house is open again for the season.

26 Jan 2015 22:17

The Beehive, Marylebone

Went in yesterday prior to a visit to the nearby Wallace collection. Excellent range of meantime beers and a nice Kalternberg hells lager. Food looked spot on too. Will def go back. Much better than the dross pubs south of oxford street.

11 Jan 2015 10:20

The Red Lion, St James

Popped in here for a quick pint after a long wander in search of a watering hole. Good ales and lovely decor as others have noted, but the whole place smells of stale beer. Others might find that authentic, but it makes it hard to persuade the other half to stay in such circumstances.

4 Jan 2015 18:02

The Red Lion, Mayfair

Spent a long time mooching around the area trying to find a watering hole and in our desperation ended up in here. Ale was good and the decor is authentic, but the whole place smells of stale beer, which might be fine if you like that kind of thing but difficult to persuade the other half to linger in such circumstances.

4 Jan 2015 17:57

Oxford Retreat, Oxford

Had our office Chimbo party here and I have to say I loved it. Plenty of good ales on and a nice atmos and decor. Maybe the copious amounts of free company booze adds a rose tint to my specs though!!!

4 Jan 2015 17:49

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush

Refused entry after a recent footy match because we could not prove we were home supporters. Seems a bit bizarre. The gorilla on the door wasn't having any of it and in the interest of our health we moved on to the nearby belushis. Looked alright as far as a pub in a run down shopping centre goes mind.

4 Jan 2015 17:47

The Albion, Blackfriars

Good for ales (just taken on by youngs it seems) and great for watching sport. But don't bother with the food, unless you like farcically small pieces of haddock with a massive pile of extremely chunky chips. Worth a few post work beers though.

4 Jan 2015 17:43

The Victory, Hamble

Mixed feelings. Good selection of ales and the girlfriends lasagna was ace. But the I've had bigger goldfish than the cod I was served and we had to stand up for 5 mins as soon as we'd finished eating so the waitress could write up the specials board. Maybe it's 'locals only' these days or something. Will try the nearby bugle next time. Hamble waterfront is lovely mind.

4 Jan 2015 17:41

Belushi's, Shepherds Bush

Went in with the boys after swans qpr a couple of days ago. Good value lagers and biltong, and great spot for watching live sports. No ale though, but I guess you can't have everything....

4 Jan 2015 17:37

The Coach and Horses, Covent Garden

Great little place with top notch Guinness. However, I cannot say the same for the nobs at the bar who seemed to regard the whole place as their own and refused to get the hell out of the way for people looking for a drink. Would def go back though.

17 Nov 2014 21:42

The Devereux, Temple

We love the deveruex. Great spot for a pint of (well kept and varied) ale after a wander around temple inn next door. If on the strand and tempted to go into the infinitely inferior George, go in here instead.

17 Nov 2014 12:48

The Hamlet DJ Bar and Restaurant, Streatham

As duchyjim noted its a wine bar not a pub as such. But with draught morettii I think it is worth a visit, always warm welcome (reflected in a service charge....) and good tunes. Great place for a couple of Friday night drinks before visiting the nearby pukka brasserie curry house.

5 Oct 2014 09:01

The Hung, Drawn and Quartered, Tower Hill

Mixed feelings about this place. Decent pint of seafarers, but the food is as overpriced and under portioned as you'd expect in tower hill. So I suppose you pay your money and takes your pick. I can't say I'm eager to eat here again, but worth a stop for a pint or two if visiting the sights nearby.

5 Oct 2014 08:59

The Cart And Horses, Stratford

The birthplace of iron maiden, and plenty of great memorabilia to inspect while supping a pint of trooper. Warm welcome and good ale, only shame is no food so had to move on to the king Edward in town centre as were hungry. A proper old boozer with an interesting twist, recommended!!

5 Oct 2014 08:50

The King Edward VII, Stratford

Went on with the boys after football yesterday, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Couple of decent ales on, and though the pie and mash was over a tender, it was generously portioned. Not bad, and will return if in area.

5 Oct 2014 08:48

The Cadogan Arms, Chelsea

Now we are talking. Excellent couple IPAs here, in a nicely decorated bar with pleasant fellow punters. Best pub on kings road IMHO.

20 Sep 2014 22:46

The Sporting Page, Chelsea

A bit of a hidden gem. Went in after the football, to a lively (occasionally menacing) crowd. Good Camden lager at not shocking prices though. Would def go back if in area.

20 Sep 2014 22:45

The Hurlingham, Fulham

Popped in for a pint prior to a match at nearby Stamford bridge, wish we hadn't bothered. Some kind of kids table tennis tournament was occupying the bar staff, so eventually the chef came and provided us with two pints of criminally expensive lager. Will not go back.

20 Sep 2014 22:43

Wilfred Owen, Oswestry

Converted office but reasonably tastefully done for a spoons. Good cheap ale, friendly crowd, would go back if unfortunate enough to find myself in Oswestry again!!

25 Aug 2014 22:04

The Old George, Stony Stratford

Nice old boozer with a friendly batman. Had a pint of oxford ale, very tasty. Would return.

25 Aug 2014 22:01

The Vaults Bar, Stony Stratford

I loved this place. Had a great pint of scrumpy, and two of the ales. All superb. Footy on large screen but not too intrusive if that's not your thing. Amusing bunch of inbetweener type local youths making plums of themselves but not offensively so. Very good!!

25 Aug 2014 21:59

The White Swan, Whitchurch

What a great place. Ham egg and chips for me and veggie moussaka for the lady, washed down with excellent vino and a pint of summer ale, all under 25 quid. Sat outside in huge superb garden watching a fairly ropey husband and wife duet run through some love songs. Excellent place and will definitely revisit if in the area. Would love to have the place as our local!!!

25 Aug 2014 21:57

The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon Common

Nice little boozer tucked away down a side street. Good couple of pints of doom bar or some other ubiquitous ale, and friendly batman. Food looked great but phenomenally expensive. That said, ale not too pricey. Good for a pint or three if in the area.

25 Aug 2014 21:54

The Telegraph , Putney Heath

Only sat outside but had a very pleasant summers evening pint here the other day. Would be a bit of a bugger to find but a mate knew where he was going on our bicycle pub crawl. Good ale, big interior, and looked like they'd know what they were doing food wise. Will go back one sunday lunch to sample the fare!!

25 Aug 2014 21:52

The Wellington Inn, Welshpool

Unsophisticated but cheap and friendly, much like the town itself.

17 Aug 2014 17:38

The Angel, Welshpool

Pretty lively on the Friday night we went in. Cracking value during happy hour too. Had a very nice three tuns xxx pale ale, although a few of my fellow drinkers were indulging in the locals' bizarre taste for hooch alcoholic lemonade. Great curry house next door too.

17 Aug 2014 17:36

The Windhover, Northampton

I'm biased cos my mate runs the place but I think this is a great boozer. Three well kept ales, massive piece of fish for fish and chips. Friendly staff and a great garden out the front. Sorted!

17 Aug 2014 17:33

Pratts and Payne, Streatham

update to my review below - menu has been completely poncified. there's a burger on there but you won't get change from 11.50 and the other dishes are all of the "pistachio encrusted swordfish" variety. Still a great quiz and excellent selection of ales though.

14 Aug 2014 07:15

The One Tun, Farringdon

Went in for a meeting of my football league committee the other day. Nice pint of Adams lighthouse, but when I asked for a pint of water alongside to slake my thirst the barmaid said she wouldn't trust the water enough to drink it! Strange place. Food looked nice, but not sure id eat it if the staff don't even want to drink the water. Don't miss the big picture three women urinating in the upstairs function room. Not a bad spot overall.

9 Aug 2014 17:44

The Five Bells, Eynsford

Great little place. Cracking Harvey's and a nice vino for the lady. Beautiful garden out the back with loads of space. Will deffo be back.

9 Aug 2014 17:40

The Plough (Harvester), Worcester Park

NO ALES! Unless you count john smiths draghtflow.

Nice rack of ribs mind. Odd that they weren't serving grub in the beer garden though. Lovely big area out the back completely empty despite it being 32c.

Weird place all round. Wouldn't rush back.

27 Jul 2014 16:47

The White Hart Hotel, Hampton Wick

Dropped in for a Sunday lunch today only to discover they only had roasts on. Nevertheless very friendly staff and would head back another time to give it a whirl. Nice outside patio area.

27 Jul 2014 16:39

The Antelope, Belgravia

"Time spent leaning could be time spent cleaning" my old boss at the roof in Bridgend used to tell me. The staff at the antelope could do with learning that. Would rather be chatting to their mates sitting at the bar than serving drinks or doing anything useful. As a result, large clouds of barflies gather in various pockets of the place. Nice pint of IPA, but not the cleanest boozer I've ever been to.

27 Jul 2014 16:36

The Mitre, Holland Park

Had a nice pint of noble English lager here yesterday to slake a summers afternoon thirst. Looked like a good selection of ales, staff friendly and plenty of respectable punters going about their business. Not particularly worth seeking out but certainly worth a visit if in the mood and in the area.

27 Jul 2014 16:32

The Hope, Wandsworth Common

Not a bad spot at all. For respite from the road go around the side where there's a few tables facing the side road. Nice selection of ales when I've been in, although a weird queuing system seemed to be in operation like a post office.....

26 Jul 2014 11:45

The Waterfront, Wandsworth

We love this place. Always been excellent range of ales on when I've been in, and the food is very good and generously portioned even if a bit on the expensive side - then again, you are in a very nice part on town with a great riverside location. Don't understand why others prefer the ship nearby given the utter pretentiousness of the crowd there. Recommended. Ps Park across the main road by that row of terraced houses!,

26 Jul 2014 11:43

The Rocket , Putney

Fantastic spot on the river, but as others have noted very popular with a 'younger' crowd. Nice couple of doombars for six quid or something very reasonable but you pay for it in your fellow patrons. Questionable as to whether the cash saving is worth it....

26 Jul 2014 11:39

King William IV, Westminster

More of a backpacker hostel than a pub. No ales, fizzy tasteless lager, in attentive staff. Nice flowers outside though.

26 Jul 2014 11:35

The Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

Went in last night with the girlfriend while we waited for her parents to come out of watching Dolly Parton at the O2. I had a lovely noting hill blonde IPA, accompanied by a scotch egg and chips. Vey good all round (although pretty stingy on the chips side). Great pub, comfortable and friendly staff. Almost deserted on a Saturday night though, which is sad.

29 Jun 2014 10:11

The Well House Inn, Mugswell

A cracking find. On way back from day out in the surrey hills and drove past. Popped in for a swift one and will be back. Excellent selection of ales and my solitary pint was very well kept. Food looked great, and portions generous. Looking forward to an opportunity to revisit.

23 Jun 2014 22:30

The Kings Head, Bessels Green

A nice pitstop after a visit to either chartwell or ightham more nearby. Excellent pint of copper nob, and a few other ales on too. Didn't eat but saw a bloke happily tucking in to an enormous piece of fish, so looked good. Popular with families but not to the detriment of a relaxing drink as the garden is pretty big.

8 Jun 2014 19:32

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

Decent selection of real ales, but a serious problem with flies inside and out. Also struggled to contain my rage at the absolute ineptitude of the staff, none of whom seemed to speak much of the queens and few seemed to understand which drink was which.

29 May 2014 22:46

The Kings Head Inn, Warwick

Good pub and friendly welcome. Had a nice pint of everards and a decent French bread pizza. Would like to have stayed longer but a visit to the castle beckoned.

29 May 2014 22:43

The Regal, Cambridge

A good example of the better type of spoons: airy, period features, good food and friendly staff. Not too many losers. Definitely worth a lunch stop on a day out or a few early evening drinking before heading somewhere more upmarket/lively.

29 May 2014 22:40

The Pickerel Inn, Cambridge

Great boozer just down the road from a very serviceable curry house, a winning combo. Multitude of local cask ales and a couple in barrels behind the bar too. Didn't try food but it looked good. Friendly service and great place to watch Cambridge going about its business..

29 May 2014 22:36

The Zetland Arms Hotel, Warwick

The kind of place that makes you want to move town. Great selection of ales, friendly old duck behind the bar, and great airy room. Big fireplace too, although not necessary on a warm spring day. Would be my local if I lived up there. Highly highly recommended. Would be a 10 if the telly had been working for footy (although I know that's not to everyone's taste).

29 May 2014 22:33

The Queens Head, Byfleet

Went in on a glorious spring day to have a quick pint en route home from a national trust visit. Good selection of well keep ales and a decent rose for the girlfriend. Can't say as much for the clientele though, one of whom gave me a filthy look for daring to order drinks ahead of a local who had just arrived at the bar. Weird that so many people would sit indoors with horrendous music on full blast on a beautiful day when there is a decent garden out the back. As we left the police had just arrived and entered the premises.... Would go back, briefly.

29 May 2014 22:27

The White Lion, Warlingham

lovely pint of wadsworth and rose wine this afrernoon in the sun outside. freindly barmaid and food looked pretty good too. will go back when in the area!!!

8 Mar 2014 22:43

The Mulberry Bush, Lambeth

A converted shop unit in a row of social housing. Smells of stale beer ground into the carpet, and the friendliest patrons are the flies that buzz around your pint if you put it down for more than 5 mins. Pricey by the area's standards too. Only a fool would pass by the excellent Studio6 or Thirsty Bear to get here.

26 Feb 2014 17:12

The Kings Head, Tooting

went in with the girlfriend yesterday to watch arsenal-man utd. great place to watch the footy, and lovely pint of hogsback lager. but 11 quid for a burger was ludicrous - would have been alright if it was your clapham style freshly ground organic mince with a olive ciabatta, but it was your bog standard burger van effort. a good pub, but will think twice before splurging best part of 25 quid on two fairly average burgers again.

13 Feb 2014 10:03

Sam Jacks, Newcastle

I thought this place was great (if youre expecting it to be civilised with a good range of ales then you abviously havent paid any attention to the exterior). Plebty of lager, bucking bronco, dancinf girls on podium, great for a lads night our!!

8 Feb 2014 16:15

The Akenside Traders, Newcastle

What a strange place. On the surface a great place to get together and watch the sport. Until you taste the lager (apologies, I was on a stag weekend) that tastes distinctly watered down. Dodgy. Then you go to the gents and see the toilet attendant selling packs of chewing gum for a tenner than need to be 'consumed' in the cubicles... draw your own conclusions. I wont be going back, plenty of better places.

8 Feb 2014 16:11

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

feels a bit like you're in anne boleyn's boudoir! great little place for a few winter evening's beers although I imagine the queues are horrendous on a friday with all the city boys there after work. well kept gales beers.

11 Jan 2014 18:16

Garlic and Shots, Soho

went in last night with the boys after a comedy night at the nearby soho theater. no ales at all, and only carlsberg draught, stella and san mig in bottles. then again, you know this place isn't really for the ale drinker. it is however, great fun, with a very friendly barmaid in the downstairs bar. have yourself a garlic beer and a chilli bloody mary shot as a chaser. then get the hell out of there for a proper beer in a "normal pub". a great place and well worth a diversion for something different, but you're probably not going to spend all night in there!!

11 Jan 2014 18:10

The Woolpack, Banstead

Went in today after the tadworth run at epsom. Excellent poachers moon ale for me and good vino for other half. Great log fire too. See what other posters mean about the number of kids but to be fair the family section and non-kids section were quire well separated for dining. Good food. Would def go again next year after the run.

5 Jan 2014 15:33

Crown Posada, Newcastle

Id echo everything others have said. A blast from the past, in a very good way. Howay the lads!

30 Nov 2013 21:34

The Tudor Rose, Marylebone

Went in today with the girlfreind after an unpleasabt couple of hours up and down oxford st. Tried a few other places en route but they were all rammed with northern tourists and stank of cheap pub food. This place was an oasis of calm and good beer.EExcellent pint of pride (so good we stayed for another). Slightly surly barman but quite frankly id prefer a grumpy old sod like him than some spotty teenager handing you change on a plate. Great little place, will be back.

30 Nov 2013 21:15

The Zetland Arms, South Kensington

Pretty indifferent boozer in south ken. Decent pint of rev james but relatively surly barmaids. Not much else in the area though.

9 Nov 2013 23:07

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

A great little place, went in after a trip to the museum. Excellent range of ales on, and the place was festooned with hops as it was a month long festival. Food looked excellent, but wed already eaten. Look forward to returning soon!

9 Nov 2013 23:04

O'Neills, Kingston Upon Thames

Went in today to watch the footy with the girlfriend and have a burger. Weird vibe, half the place given over to what looks like a pizza express type setup. Good guiness and food.

2 Nov 2013 23:45

The Wentworth Arms, Mile End

Love this place. Go in here for beers after playing footy down the road. Great pair of ladies behind the bar and the fattest old pussycat wandering around the pub like he owns the place. Excellent selection of food - if you like pork scratchings, scampi fries and crisps. Long may this place thrive.

2 Nov 2013 23:40

The Lion, Waddesdon

Had lunch in here while en route to the nearby waddeson manor (which was superb by the way). Had a delicous pint of breakspear, and gf wine was tasty. However, unless youre on a diet dont bother with the food. Had the smallest piece of fish I have ever seen, and since when did it become necessary to serve chips and mushy peas in small ramekins rather than just splodged on the side? Only reason is to give you less for your ten quid. Disappointing! Landlady waited until wed left before clearing the plates as I think she may have overheard my thoughts to gf.

24 Aug 2013 19:09

The Copa, Oxford

Now the wig and pen. Good food and excellent prices. Friendly staff and buzzing niceky on friday evening. Well worth a visit for a no-nonsense few jars if in town. Real ale enthusiasts will prob prefer grapes next door though.

24 Aug 2013 19:03

The Grapes, Oxford

A top quality boozer that hits the right balance between authentic pub that you can swill a few with the lads in and an upmarket stop on a night out in town with the ladyfriend. Had one of the bath ale ciders, which was excellent. Food looked grsat, and staff very friendly. Not to be missed.

24 Aug 2013 18:56

The Four Candles, Oxford

Cheap as chips - excellent brains s.a. and a g&t for less than a fiver. As wetherspoons go it really wasnt too shoddy, the fact the other half only realised it was spoons once the barman told me how much drinks were says it all really. That said, the wig ans pen up the road isnt much moee expensive ans has a bit more atmos.

24 Aug 2013 18:50

The Manor Arms, Streatham

I noticed the coren review laminated on the wall in gents on my visit last night. Coren rated the food a 5 and the child friendliness a 9. The fact theyre happy to show this on the wall underlines where the priorities lay. That said I had a great pint of sambrooks last night about 8ish and by that time it felt more like a pub than a playgroup. Theyve got sky sports now too, which resulted in an interesting crowd last night, half made up of the kind of guys whod go to the old place and the other half thr balham wannabees who've colonised the new place.

18 Aug 2013 10:50

The Sun Tavern, Covent Garden

Went in today with the girlfriend - what a find. Was looking for a watering hole orior to a trip to the transoort museum nearby. Excelkent food, delicious wainwright ale and good wine. Friendly staff too, and while others may regard the decor as having been tarted up I just thought it was was a good pub should feel like. Excellent, will be back soon.

20 Jul 2013 23:05

The Plough Inn, Badbury

went in for lunch today en route from the land of my fathers back to the smoke. was feeling a little tender after a wedding party, so was unable to sample any of the three arkells ales, but looked like the kind of place that would take care of it. had an excellent fish and chips though, which like the girlfriend's lasagna was home made, generous and tasty. very friendly welcome too, although we were suprised to be the only diners at 3pm on a hot sunday afternoon. we will return for lunch next time we're on the M4.

7 Jul 2013 19:37

The Gregory, Harlaxton

Great place for evening ales or food. Only two ales on when I was in by they were both excellent, local Pale ales and something called flying Scotsman. Friendly enough welcome and live jazz band on when we were in.

1 Jul 2013 23:14

The Chequers, Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir

Stayed here for two happy nights recently. Excellent ales, delicious food (and 7 quid a main before 7pm!!). Freindly welcome and the garden would have been ideal for evening were it not for the rain!

1 Jul 2013 23:11

The Gordon Arms, Orton Longueville

Went in yesterday for a swift pub lunch on way home from wedding in Grantham. We'd already driven around Peterborough for what felt like forever and were therefore desperate. As it seems were the rest of the clientele! Horrendous food eaten by the morbidly obese and lager swilled down by burly looking men in vests. Have felt grim ever since I left. Not the worst pub I've ever been to but not far off.

1 Jul 2013 20:53

The Paris House, Hove

Promises much from the outside, with a great renovation. Wine and ales inside continue the good work (Harvey's v good). Why then have a bob Marley reggae di blasting out his bass laden nonsense on a Saturday evening? Not many of our fellow punters looked that impressed to see him set up, and once we finished our drinks we scarpered, which was a shame cos it was the best place we went to all night.

16 Jun 2013 10:05

The Green House Effect, Hove

Now this place has a bit of character about it. Went in last night as second stop on a tour of hove. Not really a pub, more a hippy bar, but none the worse for it. Good music, cold lager and as we were leaving the 'Croakey karaoke' was setting up. I would have hung around to belt out a few rock classics but the girlfriend wanted to continue our walkabout so we headed on. Good stop on a night out!!

16 Jun 2013 10:01

The Station Bar, Hove

Went in with the lady last night to kick off a night out around hove. Limited selection of sales but plenty of varieties of foamy continental lager if that's more your thing. Popped in later on way home and had a great pizza. Friendly staff, some slightly ropey clientele! Not one to write home about but pleasant enough.

16 Jun 2013 09:55

The Albion, Hove

My favourite pub in town, and a welcome respite from the mother in law's! Good selection of ales, friendly staff and locals, and as noted elsewhere the fish add a touch of class. They even put Wales rugby on one tv for me one evening. Recommended.

14 Jun 2013 00:01

The Rose and Crown, Southwark

A beautiful place on the backstreets, great garden for a sunny afternoon. Excellent shepherds neame ales and cold asahi. Sounds great. Except if you go in when its busy
And the gap toothed landlady sitting at the end of the bar tells the staff to serve the regulars before the occasional punter. Sour taste left in otherwise excellent masterbrew.

13 Jun 2013 23:44

The Goose on the Broadway, Stratford

Went in here recently to watch the champions league final with my footy team. Was rammed but a reasonably good atmos, not much menace as far as I could see. Cheap lagers, chea (and grim) chicken wings. Did the job, you know what to expect.

5 Jun 2013 17:46

The Castle Hotel, Hope Valley

Great lunch in here with mate and the ladies. Huge portion of cod and a delicious farmers blonde ipa. A great place to fuel up for the clim to peveril castle!!!

5 May 2013 12:00

Nursery Tavern, Sheffield

Surprised theres no reviews of this place for last 5 years, very much still up and running when we went in! Good pint of old Rosie, minimal ale selection as far as I could see. Jam packed with students watching football but a friendly enough atmos. Not one to write home about but a reasonable enough place to slake ones thirst.

5 May 2013 11:48

Nursery Tavern, Sheffield

Surprised theres no reviews of this place for last 5 years, very much still up and running when we went in! Good pint of old Rosie, minimal ale selection as far as I could see. Jam packed with students watching football but a friendly enough atmos. Not one to write home about but a reasonable enough place to slake ones thirst.

5 May 2013 11:48

The Old Horns Inn, High Bradfield

Great selection of ales in beautiful hilltop setting. Food generously portioned but mixed grill a bit on the overlooked side! Girlfriends chilli excellent though. Well worth a visit if in the area, especially on a hot spring day to enjoy the views.

5 May 2013 11:43

Crown, Liverpool

Great place with a good selection of ales, authentic gin palace decor and very freindly bar staff. Unlike the jdw down the road there were no heroin addicts begging or selling knocked off perfume in the crown. Good stuff!!

7 Apr 2013 14:40

The Slug and Lettuce, Cheltenham

Two good guest ales, otherwise entirely predictable S&L. Worth visiting if you're ultra thirsty or chasing students, otherwise best to find more interesting watering holes.

31 Mar 2013 15:21

The Nagshead, Longhope

A pub of contrasts - from the outside it looks like theyve spent a pile of cash modernising and making it some kind of gastropub. Get inside and it looks like it's held together with sticky tape! No worse for that though, great ale and wine, (reasonably) friendly south african landlord, and two roaring log fires. Pretty good really!

31 Mar 2013 15:10

The Rose and Crown, Severn Stokes

An absolute gem. Friendly locals and a beautiful tudor building, complemented by a good selection of ales and vino. Warm log fire. Food not sampled but looked and smelt great. Worth seeking out if in area.

31 Mar 2013 15:04

The New Inn, Gloucester

Chelsea on tour has it spot on! depressing that such a nice place is ruined by unfriendly locals, a massive 70s carvery trolley and the smell of nursing home. Excellent Betty Stoggs though, and the food to be fair was both keenly priced and tasty. Could do much better though.

31 Mar 2013 15:01

Bentley's, Cheltenham

Good spot for a couple of drinks of an evening, although very light on the ale front, bottles only. Not that kind of place though I guess. Good music for the more mature and discerning patrons, and not too townie when we were in - unlike the wetherspoons across the way with a bunch of hoodied gents chugging fags in the sub-zero temperatures!

31 Mar 2013 14:57

Copa, Cheltenham

good for an evening drink - although a bit short on the ale front (green king IPA......!!). Had to resort to a strongbow. Free of chavs when we were in there, and music not too deafening. Girlfriend enjoyed her vino, would go back!

31 Mar 2013 14:55

The Wheatstone Inn, Barnwood

Went in last night. Ubiquitious doom bar and marstons on pump, but pleasant enough. we'd only been inside 5 minutes before the waiters started hassling us to order food, so not the most relaxing atmos. Had an extremely disappointing mixed grill and paid £15 for the privilege. Best avoided if you have any other option, not recommended.

31 Mar 2013 14:52

Ye Olde Kings Head, Epsom

Had a very warm welcome at the olde kings head. Food very simple but tasty and extremely generous portions. Only had a Guinness, which was excellent. Would return if in the area.

9 Jan 2013 19:40

The Butcher's Hook and Cleaver, Smithfield

Went in for a couple of jars today after a nose around the market. Great pub with very well appointed interior. Only had the guiness as am not a fan of fuller ales, but was nice enough. Worth a visit if in the area.

27 Dec 2012 22:15

The Cockpit, Blackfriars

Had an excellent pint with ham egg and chips in here today. Freindly staff and fellow punters, well worth looking up if in the area. Even the bar flies are friendly!

27 Dec 2012 20:56

The Red Lion, Cricklade

This place must be a victim of its own success. Excellent selection of beers and beautiful inside and out. But don't risk it on a Sunday lunchtime unless you really like queuing for 20 mins to buy a drink, or enjoy getting half the food you ordered because the kitchen is out of its depth. Food pricey.

18 Sep 2012 18:45

The Red Lion, Bonvilston

Just been in for burger and a pint on way to Cardiff. Excellent brains ipa, friendly staff and lovely spaniel mooching around the place!!! Worth a visit!

2 Jun 2012 15:24

The Builders Arms, Kensington

Lovely old pub in a secluded corner of kensington, a great find. No ales on this afternoon though, which was disappointing, had to have a heineken instead, boooooo! If you find yourself being dragged around the shops on kensington high street, nip down here for your lunch (food not sampled but looked good)!

12 May 2012 19:19

Pratts and Payne, Streatham

Went into the new place last weekend and I have to say I was very impressed. Great wine and ale (very reasonably priced too!), lovely decor and a good atmosphere. Well done to the new management. Going again tonight and hoping to try the food!!

12 May 2012 19:15

The Stamford Arms, Lambeth

Refurbed and called the thirsty bear. Full of trendy young bar staff running back and forth doing lots of things except for pouring drinks, and tradesmen sitting at the bar clearly hacked off that "their" local has been tarted up to attract local offices. Mixture results in a peculiar atmosphere - at least you knew what you were getting in the old place!! Ale was good (when it eventually arrived) mind.

14 Mar 2012 13:33

The Victoria, Bayswater

Went in with my folks and girlfriend for sunday lunch last week. Excellent pie and good beer. Decor in the downstairs bar is top notch, while the dining room upstairs is very cosy. A little bit pricey, but I'll be going back whenever I'm in the area. Recommended!

9 Sep 2011 13:42

The City Arms, Coventry

Went here last night for some beers with friends. Excellent ales and the cider festival was great too. Good atmos for a spoons on a Saturday evening. Went back for lunch this afternoon. Big mistake - food was utterly horrendous even by spoons standards. My mixed grill tasted like the meat had been cooking for a month. Great place for drinks but give the food a miss!

24 Jul 2011 22:35

The Manor Arms, Streatham

As someone who thought the old place could do with a lick of paint I was excited to see the manor reopening. Unfortunately though it's not clear whether it's been reopened as a gastropub or playgroup. I could barely hear the funky jazz piped through the stereo system above the wailing of small children, and ones path to the bar was often impeded by a dad crawling across the floor behind his little dears. None of the numerous staff seemed to think there was anything odd here, which leads me to suspect they may have limited experience of running a pub. Even when I raised this on exit the barmaids seemed genuinely surprised. The beer was superb, as was my girlfriends wine, but it will be a while before we go again, maybe when they've decided what the place is supposed to be. Then again, I see the Bedford park is being refurbished too.....

19 Feb 2011 17:29

The Bec Bar, Tooting Bec

Used to like this place, but the bar staff seem to have got really sniffy. I was told last night by one member that the head on my pint (about an inch and a half) was what the landlord had told them to do. This was without me saying a word! She then truly went off on one. Used to like this place, but they can shove it now, it's in the middle of nowhere anyway. If you're passing and dying of thirst, fine go in. But if you want to watch footy there are much better places in Tooting, Streatham and Balham. Nice house red wine, shame about the staff.

3 Dec 2010 16:31

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